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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  September 17, 2016 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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can hack into the dnc or gmails, or into the county clerk in ohio, and change a few votes here and there. >> no, it's very possible. you know, a lot of people say it's pretty difficult because a lot of voting machines are still paper. it has to do with electronic votes -- or electronic counting. but you can still back that counting up with paper ballots. but you have a number of states that permit internet voting for a select category of people. all you need to do is shift a few votes in one area or another. but the issue, are they trying to influence the election, or are they trying to influence world opinion about the fact that the greatest democracy in the world is having issues as to the accuracy of the results in an election. that's a pretty scary thing, too. >> the headline in the "washington post," russian hacking, an issue of revenge and respect. to your point, mr. levin.
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we'll see if the u.s. enforces any respect the other way or takes any revenge for this. appreciate you coming on, sir. >> thank you, sir. have a great day. >> all the best. liz? >> after the break, a violent night for police officers in two major cities. why our brothers in blue all over the country are praying for a speedy recovery. congress gets ready to grill the ceo behind epi pen's eye bopping prices. we'll have a preview of the hearing coming up next.
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he was later killed and left a note saying he was angry with police. in ft. worth, texas, two officers responding to a suicide call found a victim on the ground with a gunshot wound to the head. when they went to a nearby shed to talk to an alleged witness, they were both shot and wounded. officers, we're told, were able to kill that gunman. no more word on the motive there. some american families got good news this week as household income rises. that's a little bit more later in the show. there are still a lot of families stretching their paycheck. one of the biggest reasons, spiraling health care costs, including prescription drugs for the epi pen. this is eye popping. families are now paying more than $600 for two of these life saving pens, up from $300. congress wants answers.
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the ceo heather will testify before the house oversight committee on wednesday. caitlin owens is a house reporter, following the story from the very beginning. we did a little bit of a background there. let's fast forward to wednesday. what can we expect to hear from her on wednesday? will that result in anything? >> well, obviously we're not sure what she's going to say. what we've seen so far is mylan highlighting the cost assistance programs and the introduction of the generic to the public. i think you're going to see lawmakers angry and wanting to get to the bottom of why the price hike from less than $100 in 2007 to now, more than $600 for two. >> when she says it's for research and defendant, i know we talked about this, i feel confused, because how has the formula changed? what research and development? is this a more effective epipen, or a different formula?
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>> i think they've made some changes. the drug is the same, the device is largely still the same. this is the argument the pharmaceutical company makes, where the prices they charge on their drug needs to go into research and development for other drugs, and that's how we get new cures and medicines on the market. >> what lawmakers done so far? is anything introduced this week? >> there's been a lot of legislation introduced, or talked about over the past year. but one bill we saw this week was bipartisan and bicameral. in the house and senate. it would require drugmakers to give hhs advance notice of price hikes of more than 10%. and so while this would not give the authority to stop the price hikes, the idea is it would add more awareness and transparency. >> there was an article out this week saying there are a number of protesters that want to put this particular medicine on a preventive medical services list. it would basically mean the government would pay for it. that doesn't take away the fact
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that the pen is still $600. the company is still making a ton of money. in in other words, we're still paying for it, taxpayers are paying for it, right? >> so if it went on that list, basically it would be free to consumers. either insurance companies or the government through medicaid, medicare, they would be paying for it. they would pay the full price of $600. even with the generic being less, but even with reducing cost sharing and adding assistance, the bottom line is the drug is still $600. >> what gives? what can change? we look at the hearing coming up on wednesday. we see legislation being discussed. what can change to reduce the cost of this medicine? >> i think you're seeing a lot of consensus around the idea that there just needs to be more competition. the issue with the epi pen as of now, it doesn't have any competition on the market. that means it can charge whatever it wants, as people
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need epi pens regardless. i think there's going to be a conversation how to you get more generics on the market so they don't have a total monopoly on it. and what do you do with the bad actors which is what they're starting toen known as. >> we'll obviously see what happens on wednesday. i hope to follow up with you. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> a lot of outrage out there. hope there's change. thank you. >> thank you for having me. leland? republican vice presidential candidate mike pence just released a letter from his doctor. we'll tell you what the doc is saying about the indiana governor's health coming up next. plus, paying the ultimate price, when a pickup truck plowed into a driver in texas. we'll tell you about what the authorities are weighing in on to figure out what went wrong. five days into a very fragile ceasefire in syria, whether humanitarian aid will finally reach the youngest victims of this war.
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to turn us back on. and up. presidential nominee mike pence is getting high marks from his doctor. he examined the running mate. he says he's in excellent and general cardiovascular health. he can maintain his physical programs without limitations. he's been his doctor since 2013. a very tragic end to a fiery crash in houston early friday morning. police say a male driver in a pickup truck was heading the wrong way on the interstate and slammed head-on into the car. it flipped the vehicle over a buyerier and it burst into flames. the driver of that particular driver kas killed at the scene. police are awaiting results of a
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blood test of the pickup driver right now. no charges have been filed. while u.s. and russian diplomats argue over who is breaking a new ceasefire in syria, certainly rebel groups are taking the fight to the strong holds. ben, nice to see you. >> you, too, leland. >> when you think about these numbers, you've got a couple of dozen guys teamed up with the turks. you've got another 100-plus or so inside of syria, operating mostly on bases, training these rebel groups and providing some kind of support. is that enough to make a difference? or is this just a drop in the proverbial bucket? >> well, leland, look, the fact of the matter is these are the best we have in our armed forces. will they make a difference for that unit so the turkish soldiers or the kurdish or
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syrian rebels? the bottom line is yes. i wouldn't want anybody to at least control a lot of the air assets than our guys. but i think the real issue here is two-fold. one, do these guys have the support necessary and two, are we ever going to have this president call what this is, and it's combat. i actually considered borrowing karl rove's white board today. i started drawing who all the players were on this battlefield. and it got so messy, it got to the point that my 7-year-old daughter said, daddy, nobody's going to understand that. >> we're going to have to buy you a much bigger white board. >> yeah. it's true. look, here's the thing. you've got american special forces now with turkish troops. you've got american special forces with kurds. well, the turks don't really like the kurds. you've got rebels, you know, the free syrian army that just kicked out some of the american special forces that we've trained and fueled. you know, this isn't a fog of
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war. this is a tornado inside of a category 5 hurricane war. and the fact of the matter is, president obama and his administration has refused to call this combat. now, it was just months ago that another special operator, navy s.e.a.l. charles keating was killed. he was there in an advise and assist role. >> he died in iraq, right? >> yes. but my point is, i don't know any special u.s. operator who is advising. that means we're training, you're living, fighting, eating, these guys become your friends. i don't know any special operator who's not going to actually leave a base and get into the gun fight when he sees that his guys are getting pinned down. so right now it is a quagmire. our friends are unknown. our allies are unknown. enemies all around. and you've got the giants like turkey and russia. >> there's two words there you used that i can't let go by. one is advise, which is what the initial u.s. troops in vietnam
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were doing. the second word is quagmire, which is what vietnam became. is that where we're headed? >> well, look, i think so. but look, at least in vietnam, you had the viet cong, you had the north vietnamese. even that was complex. but here you've got, you know, rebels that their main focus is all they've wanted to do is remove assad. we've got rebels that we somehow were able to figure out who the moderate ones were, and funded and trained them and gave them weapons. >> i've only got 45 seconds. i want to get in one last question about the name you said which is assad. by our count it was 1,661 days ago since the president of the united states said assad must go, and, quote, assad's days are numbered. have we lost sight of that now, now that we have this morass that you described on the white board that your 7-year-old daughter, and perhaps the rest of the country is pretty confused by? >> absolutely we've lost sight of it. i mean, at every stage we've
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just given in. let's not forget, this is the same president that drew a red line with a crayon in the sand when he said if assad ever used chemical weapons, which he has. but the fact is we left that power vacuum of vacuum of choice. at this point we're doing everything we can just to appease the russians and i'll tell you, it's going to have some serious consequences because syria as a country is not going to recover for at least another 40 years if ever. >> if ever and when you see the pictures there it's heart breaking and to think of the millions of people who are truly caught in the middle of this that are innocent civilians that you worked to hard to save. appreciate your time as always. >> thanks. >> good to see you. >> any minute now donald trump takes the stage in houston. he's speaking at the first annual conference for families of loved ones killed by illegal immigrants. we'll have a report at the top of the hour. >> and remembering the life of one of america's finest play wrights. taylor and her oscar wi
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moments from now donald trump will take this stage we see right there at a national conference advocating for families who have loved ones killed by illegal immigrants. this coming on the heels of controversial comments calling for hillary clinton's secret service detail to quote, disarm and see what happens to her. good saturday to you. a very busy saturday when it comes to news. >> welcome to america's election headquarters from washington. let's go straight to peter who was live at the remembrance project in houston with the very latest. hi, peter. >> reporter: hi, elizabeth. and busy is right. trump has a very busy schedule
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today. he's in texas, oklahoma and colorado a little later after a big event in miami last night where he told the crowd that got fired up that he thinks there's a double standard from his opponent hillary clinton because he says that she's he's till toward gun owners except the ones in her own security detail. >> i think that her bodyguards should drop all weapons. they should disarm. right? i think they should disarm. immediately. what do you think? yes? yes. take their guns away. she doesn't want guns. take them and let's see what happens to her. take their guns away. okay? it would be very dangerous. >> reporter: trump later followed up on twitter with this "crooked hillary wants to take your 2nd amendment rights away. will guns be taken from


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