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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 17, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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today. he's in texas, oklahoma and colorado a little later after a big event in miami last night where he told the crowd that got fired up that he thinks there's a double standard from his opponent hillary clinton because he says that she's he's till toward gun owners except the ones in her own security detail. >> i think that her bodyguards should drop all weapons. they should disarm. right? i think they should disarm. immediately. what do you think? yes? yes. take their guns away. she doesn't want guns. take them and let's see what happens to her. take their guns away. okay? it would be very dangerous. >> reporter: trump later followed up on twitter with this "crooked hillary wants to take your 2nd amendment rights away. will guns be taken from her
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heavily armed secret service detail? maybe not. and today's visit to the lone star state comes the day after trump brought a major player in this state on board. lieutenant governor dan patrick was named yesterday the texas chairman of the trump campaign and that is very interesting because patrick once had that same job at the cruz campaign and he now has a message for some of the hard core cruz backers who may not be sold on trump just yet. >> all the ted cruz supporters out there, i'm a long time friend of ted. i was his campaign chair in texas. it's time to come on board. we have to defeat her. you have to put everything aside and focus on that supreme court. >> reporter: so any minute from now here in houston trump is set to address the first ever luncheon of the remembrance project. that was established to remember the innocent american victims of murders by violent illegal immigrants. that is an issue that many
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texans we've spoken to say is of real concern here and signals as well a return to his signature issue which is immigration. elizabeth? >> peter, thank you so much. and as trump is on the campaign trail this weekend a brand new national fox news poll shows that the race between donald trump and hillary clinton as you can see on your screen there, virtually tied 46-43 margin of error plus or minus three points. here to weigh in prior communications director for american cross roads, the washington director for move it is nice to have you both here with us. no question, it has been a good couple of weeks for donald trump. the poll numbers certainly indicate that. the question for you ian, does this come -- and about hillary clinton and her secret service detail change things? is this a major moment or a blip is this. >> we'll see. right. >> he made it on a friday.
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you have the weekend to let things lie. if we end up talking about this or we end up talking about the birther issue for the next five days or six days, yeah, it's going to be a problem. i think mitch mcconnell said it best a couple months ago. donald trump needs to be more boring. you see what happens when he's boring. hillary clinton has been the one with the focus on her. first you had the health scare and her campaign less than transparent reaction to it and you also had her saying essentially 25% of likely voters are deplorable. when hillary clinton makes news her numbers go down. when donald trump makes news his poll numbers go down. so really it's not who's going to lose the election. that's the question. >> interesting analysis. you agree? >> donald trump gets bored when he's boring and we've seen this happen again and again. if he doesn't make news, outrage people, cause divisions. >> he said that about himself. he said if i act presidential it's going to be boring. something along those lines. on the other hand, conway has
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been able to control him. he's been incredibly disciplined vis-a-vis his normal self over the past few weeks and it's been working. >> there have been two-week periods where he's managed not to horribly offend or threaten large groups of people or his opponent. that's happened a few times and then it all falls apart again. you just cannot control himself. he doesn't have the temperament that can fit into the box that a candidate is supposed to be in to not freak out the country that's supposed to elect him. >> hillary clinton has been on the air waves spending millions of dollars on tv going after donald trump which has gone largely unanswered. here we are seven weeks before the election and it's tied which tells me that the candidate that runs the best campaign, that's not who's going to win. it's the candidate who has the worst two weeks leading up to the election on the news, that's the candidate that's going to lose and the other candidate will end up walking into the white house. >> it could come down to the last two weeks. what happens on twitter in the last seven days before this
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election could decide things. you mentioned tv ads, something donald trump hants dosn't done of. hillary clinton has done more of and a hit back to birther issue. >> you don't still question if he was born in the united states, do you? >> i have no idea. >> do you accept that president obama was born in the united states? >> he released his birth certificate. >> if you believe that that's fine. >> so it's great fodder to play it back and forth and he said this on this date and that date. does that stuff matter anymore or has it all become just a giant fog? >> right now it's a fog. i think it does come into focus in those last two weeks as you're saying and i think what we'll see in that moment is it's not just twitter. that's the moment when all the organization and planning for election day that the campaigns have been doing or one of the campaigns have been doing will actually come to bear fruit. one campaign will help them get out to the polls, make its most powerful closing arguments, will close its case. the other one i don't think --
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>> that was a very thinly veiled shot that donald trump does not have a massive ground game. he doesn't have staff in dozens of states. he doesn't have dozens of field offices. is that a problem? >> i think if you look at the states he has to win, florida, pennsylvania, ohio, one of those things in common is top tier senate races so a lot of money is going to get to those states to bear out the senate races. so it's going to be an interesting situation where down ballot races ground games is going to help the top of the ticket where you don't usually see it that way. >> it may prove trump's theory that he doesn't have to have this infrastructure because somebody else will pay for it. >> i like that he's making that bet. there are also democrats running in the senate races that are also getting a ton of focus. >> more in ohio and florida? >> this race is far from over. volunteers on the ground and knocking on doors and we'll see
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whether there's a role for the public in this democracy. >> i think something you guys both agree on, we will see. all right. thanks, guys. appreciate it. liz? >> now we are still awaiting donald trump as you know he will be speaking at the national conference advocating for families whose loved ones were lost by illegal immigrants. you can see someone else is speaking at the podium but as soon as we see donald trump we will take you to that event live. in the meantime, one of the lawmakers this week wants you to know there's new fallout as many hold irs officials accountable. we'll face the house judiciary wednesday to answer more questions on whether or not he lied under oath about the destruction of irs documents. some house republicans say that could lead to his impeachment. the allegations of misconduct date back to his tenure in june
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of 2011. the irs was under fire. we all remember this. almost two years later at the height of the obama care debate learner admits to tea party groups that they did receive extra scrutiny when applying for nonprofit status. one year later all of learner's e-mails had been preserved and nothing had been lost or destroyed. that turned out to be false prompting lawmakers to initiate impeachment proceedings for lying under oath. last week, gop leaders halted the vote putting any decision off until after the election. instead there will be a hearing on wednesday. one of the lawmakers who will be questioning him joins us now live. >> happy to be with you. >> a lot of our viewers sitting at home saying what are we going to learn on wednesday? >> there was an impeachment
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resolution that was going to come up on the house and a lot of members were concerned that the impeachment resolution would be voted on before he was able to give his side of the story. this hearing in front of the house judiciary committee will be his opportunity to tell his story and provide him with the due process all americans deserve and have a constitution nool right to. >> within the republican party there was a fraction -- there was some lawmakers who wanted to see that impeachment hearing last week and some who wanted to have the hearing. which one did you want, sir? >> i'm a due process kind of guy. i'm a believer in the constitution. i think he does probably need to be impeached but he's entitled to tell his side of the story. >> all right. so how does the gop come to this decision though? like i said, there was certainly a fracture there. >> i think you're going to need all the republican votes if we move forward on an impeachment and you said that the impeachment was lying to congress. it was also not notifying congress that the records were destroyed and not complying with
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the subpoena to stop the destruction of records. he was subpoenaed and told to preserve all the records and the backup tapes and the irs didn't do it and they're his responsibility. >> that's what i wanted to ask you because some folks are saying listen, we saw lernor go down and what did he do that is wrong. >> right. so he lied to congress. he didn't comply with the order to preserve the e-mails and when he determined that they were lost, he didn't come back to congress and tell us. so those three are the biggies. but it's an overall problem right now and people are not complying with congressional subpoenas and feel like they can get away with doing anything to congress right now. we saw it last week with the state department official who maintained hillary clinton's e-mail server that didn't show up at the hearings. congress has got to be able to enforce their oversight power. >> okay. two sides to every story. i have to play devil's advocate here. i want to play a sound bite from
10:11 am
former speaker pelosi. i want you to take a listen to this and i want to get your reaction. >> i had no idea what the republicans would do. it's so totally irresponsible that even some of them know that they should not be impeaching the irs commissioner. but -- and that's probably why they kicked the can down the road this week. but to even continue the conversation in committee is something that if we were going to do it we should have voted to do it. >> okay. you hear her say totally irresponsible. you also have critics say listen, we have a cr. we have a zika possible epidemic that we need to be spending money on. why are we focusing on this? >> well, listen, congress can do more than one thing at once. that's why we've got the committee structure. but i think actually having the hearing is the fair thing to do for him and it probably pushes the impeachment vote to after the election which desplit sipo
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sizes it and they've got to be able to hold people who lie to congress accountable. >> thank you so much for joining us. we'll keep an eye out for that testimony on wednesday. thank you so much, sir. >> pleasure being with you. any time. >> a fox alert as we go back to that pipe bomb explosion on the jersey shore. no injuries so far reported, but authorities in the town of seaside park as you can see there about halfway up the jersey shore have evacuated nearly 30 homes next to where that explosion took place. that explosion taking place along a charity run route and you can see a picture of the trash can where the bomb exploded and we can say what is left of that trash can. the fbi and department of homeland security are also investigating a suspicious package along the 5k race route in that same town, so you can
10:13 am
imagine the fear that is there in that town that if there is one device there may be more. the first explosion occurred at the start of a kid's fun run. as we said no one was hurt. the race as you might imagine has been cancelled. we have a crew on the way down there. obviously we'll get more information from our sources and bring you any developments as they unfold. and coming up any minute now donald trump will be taking the stage in houston. you can see the live picture there. he'll be addressing the first conference advocating for families whose loved ones were lost by illegal immigrants. we'll take you live there. a speaker is already on the stage. and some new economic numbers could tip the scales in the voting booth. what those numbers say coming up. and the families of three young men grieve after their loved ones' bodies are returned to the united states. devastating. >> he said i am first and foremost an american. he was a guy with a huge heart.
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taiwan has seen some of the nastiest winds and flooding in decades just this week. today the north eastern coast is likely to see more of that typhoon as it makes landfall.
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authorities have already issued land warnings and the army has been evacuating folks from the coastal villages. this is the second storm to hit taiwan just this week. just two days after a different typhoon killed at least 15. very sad news. a bodies of three young americans who died fighting isis have been brought home. they were not members of the military. the young men voluntearily traveled to syria to fight alongside kurdish forces. >> hi, elizabeth. the three men were among an estimated 300 civilian foreign fighters who have joined the battle against the islamic state. two of arrived in denver yesterday. the families of the men were there to receive the bodies. the men were all killed in separate incidents in northern
10:19 am
syria over the past months. two were both from the suburbs of denver but didn't know each other before leaving for syria. neither had any any military training but their families knew what they had signed up for and were proud of their sacrifice. >> i am first and foremost an american. i'm here for my country. isis is in america and i'm here because they're there and i'd rather fight them over here than have everybody else have to fight them over there. so he -- he was a guy with a huge heart. >> the third man killed was william savage from maryland. homicide body is headed to north carolina where his father lived. he wanted to join the military but wasn't allowed to because he had a seizure when he was a boy. most joined a force of some 30,000. they fight in northern syria along the border with turkey.
10:20 am
nearly all of the foreigners are from western countries and are only given food and lodging and whatever weapons they need. while the american men killed were given military like honors the u.s. government does not support their actions. the u.s. state department has put out a training advisory concerning syria which says private u.s. citizens are strongly discouraged from traveling to syria to take part in the conflict. the number of civilians killed fighting isis now stands at five. >> thank you so much. so sad when you hear these stories because we've seen this in historically in years past where men have gone to fight for a cause and not necessarily with the military and they've lost their lives. >> you reference back as one of our producers was talking about back to world war ii and the flying tigers, american men in the military here who went before the pearl harbor attacks to fly for the chinese and fly there and obviously a huge
10:21 am
number of americans who went over to fly for the british before the u.s. entered world war ii. they wanted to protect the country that they believed so firmly in. we're proud of them all both in and out of uniform. meantime inside syria there's still american special forces fighting isis as well. foreign policy obviously a big topic on the campaign trail. isis, the fight against isis may or may not come up when donald trump takes the stage in just a little bit. he's there in houston getting ready to speak. some of the warmup speakers there at the first annual conference advocating for families whose loved ones were killed by illegal immigrants. so we're going to go live to houston when donald trump takes the stage. also, this election is testing long held voter loyalties. just ask anybody of your friends about who they're voting for. so who will win over america's working and middle class?
10:22 am
voters think trump will handle the economy better than clinton but just ahead we'll look at new income numbers that may help the democrats actually at the ballot box. >> we have such potential in this country, but to accomplish them we must replace the present policy of globalism which has moved so many jobs and so much wealth out of our country and replaced it with a new policy of americanism.
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in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp, an organization serving the needs of people 50 and over for generations. remember, all medicare supplement insurance plans help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. we are still awaiting donald trump. as you can see the cameras getting ready there at the remembrance project there at houston, texas, a group that talks about those who have been killed by illegal immigrants and honors and supports their families. the first annual meeting of that group. donald trump will talk about his
10:27 am
signature issue, immigration and building the wall coming up here in a little while pt he's a little late as expected at 1:00. we'll bring you his speech as its starts. well, some american families and democrats up for election got a bit of good news this week. something in the economy is working according to new census data. median household income shot up 5.2% last year. the largest yearly gain since the late '60s. the number of people living in poverty fell 13.5%. this proves donald trump's doom and gloom picture of the country isn't quite reality but there are nuances to some of these numbers. the news editor for the wall street yournl -- journal.
10:28 am
are there economic indicators that can sort of give us maybe a predictor of how the race could go? >> certainly, i mean, the good economic number, gross numbers that came out at the beginning of the week very good for democrats, very good for the clinton campaign m you heard her talk about this, not a lot from donald trump. so on the one hand, a very good piece of news for hillary clinton in that incomes are going up this week. but when we dig in and we start to look at the swing states. >> yeah, let's put that graph up for our viewers. this is research that you guys have done in particular. >> we did. the elections are going to be decided about 13 states that are in play and let's go back to 2008 and that's kind of how the last nonincumbent election and we were really surprised by what we found. >> look at nevada. >> very strong picture showing that swing states have seen much
10:29 am
lower income growth. nevada, georgia and arizona, and this is just a more challenging picture for the democrats. >> okay. but given two examples where that may not be the case and i thought that was interesting. >> exactly. so we see, you know, nevada at the bottom but then georgia and arizona so these are two states that have been republican strong holds for at least two decades and yet just now the polls are showing they have come into play. they're much tighter than people expected. so i think what we have is like many things in this election it's unpredictable and the demographic forces that are happening there and changing those states, they may be as powerful as the issues, so for example, arizona, huge influx of latinos there. georgia has also become a lot more diverse. african americans moving from northern states back to the atlanta area. also a pretty big growth in the asian population there too. so those are states where you just i think the kind of people that have moved into the state
10:30 am
may be as big of a factor as anything. >> do you have any really interesting tidbits when you look at urban areas and sur urban areas? >> there have been some patterns over the last couple of years. urb urban income growth has outpaced until now. but interestingly enough, suburban income -- so for years suburban areas where the places where people really went to, you know, you started making money, you bought the big house, the big yard and the pool, not happening anymore. the strongest income growth has been in the core urban areas. core city, large to medium sized cities. >> does it have something to do with millennials? >> i think it does. increasingly young americans, they want to live in the cities. they're also delaying having kids so they're staying in the cities for longer periods of times. in the suburbs have seen much weaker income growth.
10:31 am
>> fox news did a recent poll who was trusted better to handle the economy and clinton at 44%. trump at 51%. does that sort of go with the trend with when i look at the graph where you see all these states that aren't necessarily seeing that much growth, maybe they want -- they want someone who's not the status quo in office. >> i think when what this tells us is that people -- you know, an interesting wrinkle to the income number, yes, they were good for 2015 but incomes are still down below where they were before the recession. so a lot of people, they just don't feel like they've gotten ahead. and so to the extent they're looking at another democratic administration, they don't have a lot of confidence that it's going to get better under another democratic administration. i think you have to -- there are the numbers and then there are how americans feel and so it's certainly a plus for the clinton campaign that they can point to these policies that they can make the argument that things are getting better but a lot of
10:32 am
americans don't feel that way. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> this is really interesting especially when you break down some of these states. >> absolutely. yeah. >> thank you. we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> and fox news alert speaking of the election, we're still awaiting donald trump in houston, texas. obviously there he's going to be talking a lot about illegal immigration and building the wall, but he may or may not touch on the economy, something he has lately. back with his speech live as it happens. plus this. college basketball causing headaches for north carolina's governor. so is the state's controversial bathroom law about to disappear and why? a lot of money at stake. and never a dull moment when it comes to louisiana politics. how unsolved murders of prostitutes are affecting this year's senate race. with the right steps,
10:33 am
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a points of a controversial bathroom law in north carolina are seeing hopeful signs for a possible repeal. they could act to overturn the lgbt law. but fir the charlotte city council has a meeting on monday and the issue is sure to come up. it comes just days after the ncaa and the ncc cancelled a number of college basketball events taking a big financial toll on the state. in louisiana the senate race includes, get this, a former ku klux klan leader, a congressman
10:38 am
accused of ties to dead prostitutes and of course some regular politicians. 24 people are running for the seat now held by republican david viter. among them, nine republicans, two sitting congressmen, white supremacist david duke and eight others. jungle primary, if nobody tops 50% in november, the top two go up against each other in a runoff. to break it down for us, mark ballard of the advocate joins us now from new orleans. it almost makes it nostalgic for the days of long. >> i love that jungle primary. for me it's the way we've always done it and i think the -- the olden days when long, it was a different sort of actions that we had and those actions have changed icht's a one party state and it's now a republican
10:39 am
one-party state snoochlt you say it's a republican one -party state, but the governor is a republican who ran unsuccessfully for president. is there any chance the math works out such that you end up having a democratic senator there which would mean have huge implications for the balance of the senate? >> well, the one thing you need to remember about john bell edwards is that it was a perfect storm for him. there was a lot of angst about giving vitter the keys, if you will and he was a different kind of democrat. there is a possibility this time around particularly if david duke makes it into the runoff, that is a possibility on the outside and i know the democrats are staying up late every night praying for just that kind of an outcome. also there's a -- >> we've seen the republican disavow david duke pretty strongly. in fact, in words that no one ever heard from the rnc so that would make things quite
10:40 am
complicated if that happened. any chance of that of david duke becomes one of the two in this runoff? that seems like it's outside the probabilities. >> it is outside the probl probabiliti probabilities, but it is possible. he has a certain segment of the vote that will vote for him. they will come out and vote for him where as there's not any big exciting candidate among the other 23, and it could -- if it's a low turnout election, his vote turns out, he gets into a runoff with 10, 12, 14% of the vote which is possible in a low turnout election. and he will be many the runoff. then we'll be hearing a lot from you guys. >> yeah, boy, what does it say that there's nobody exciting out of 24 people running for senate other than a former leader of the ku klux klan? i'm not -- there is something that sociologists will say about that sometime. i'm not sure what it is, but on that point though, this isn't completely without drama, save david duke. there's this whole issue of these dead prostitutes and one
10:41 am
congressman saying that he has nothing to do with the scandal and he never visited any of these dead prostitutes, not that he had anything to do with their deaths but he never frequented them. on the other hand a statement saying we have nothing to do with this scandal coming out, but here's all the information about it. >> yeah. i love that statement. it was, oh, this is terrible this is all coming out. we're going to pray for the family and by the way, this is a link to the book in all these arguments about it. this is a book that was published on tuesday. and basically, you know the standard operating procedure on these things. the politician shuts up, waits for the evidence to come out because you don't want to be saying i never saw that woman and then a photograph shows up and yet the evidence turns out to be there they apologize and seek treatment. this is different. we were looking into this before the book was published and from the very beginning the congressman from lafayette was saying this is wrong, these are lies, i don't know any of these
10:42 am
people and then his wife came out with the e-mail and then we found that the -- that kennedy campaign was sending out texts that basically said you know, boy, we don't know what this is all about, here's the link. >> one statement from kennedy which seems like he knows a lot about it, i want to be very clear. kennedy, this is one of the guys running for the senate seat and i think actually one of the -- not the leader in the polls. correct? >> yes. yes, he is one of the leaders. >> i want to be very clear that my campaign played absolutely no role in creating this story allegedly his sexual relationship with prostitutes that were later murdered. it doesn't sound like he's giving the congressman the benefit of the doubt in that. >> and i talked to him about congressman boustany was basically skured for spreading this story around. he's a respected journalist and a prestigious publisher, and
10:43 am
it's a question that's raised about character, and he said i'm not going to stop talking about it and i'm not going to, you know, be ashamed of bringing this up. everybody is talking about it. that much is true. everybody is talking about it and he said i'm not going to be ashamed about bringing it up. i guess that's left for the voters. >> there's some history down in louisiana to these kinds of things. you go back to edwards who once said the only way i can lose this election is if i'm caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy. is there an idea that simply kind of the suspicions and the illusions in this book that possibly this congressman had something to do with one of these prostitutes is enough to knock him out especially in a place where there is a value voters segment of louisiana although one could question given the current situation how big that segment is or if they have somebody to vote for. >> well, we've been very forgiving for these kind of things in the past, that quote from ed win edwards is a good
10:44 am
example but we also had lbob livingston, but he chose on his own to leave. we've been forgiving for those things in the past. >> and forgiving of vitter himself. >> except he never really addressed the issue. it became an issue during the campaign last fall. he never really addressed it until the very end. and really what brought him down was jefferson parish republican establishment saw a chance to pounce and they did and -- but it's because he never really addressed the issue. boustany on the other hand has addressed it from the get-go. >> we'll see if the louisiana voters are are forgiving as they have for so many others. there's probably another book to write on this. thanks for coming with your expertise. >> thanks for asking me to come. >> all the best. liz? >> all right. president obama addresses the
10:45 am
united nations general assembly next week. looming over the meeting is north korea's growing nuclear program. a preview of the president and how he defend his foreign policy. >> liz, good afternoon. this is a report card moment for the president. you'll remember there were a lot of high hopes and expectations seven years ago when president obama first addressed the u.n. he talked about ending the wars in iraq and afghanistan, fighting climate change and curving the proliferation of nuclear weapons. fast forward to today, varying degrees of success in some of those areas and very little progress in some others. despite the president's promise to end the wars and bring our soldiers home there are still thousands of u.s. troops on the ground fighting the islamic state. but in his final address othe u.n. before he leaves office, white house officials say the president will attempt to define his legacy as one that made the
10:46 am
planet safer and more prosperous while still acknowledging the major problems the world continues to face. >> on the one hand there are numerous positive indicators in the world today in terms of economic growth, the ability of cooperation on difficult issues like lie chat change and there's also a great unease about a range of issues. >> that strategy has not worked when it comes to russia which among other moves has unabashedly threatened ukraine. there's also the growing threat of north korea as a nuclear power after it recently conducted its fifth nuclear test and continues to openly defie international pressure. president obama will also inherit the ongoing refugee
10:47 am
crisis. the president is hoping to address that on tuesday where the u.s. and other countries are expected to announce new commitments to accept additional refugees. >> thank you so much. >> you got it. coming up, what could be a crucial question this election. how do you reach a voting group that doesn't even use cars? yes, we are talking about the amish. how to do voter research for just those folks. plus, in germany, what do you get when you mix tourists, rain and beer other than elizabeth's favorite idea of a saturday, it is oktoberfest. we'll tell you why the big day is now bigger than ever. >> not at all. not at all. i'm not bothered with the rain. it's -- i'm ready to have a good time.
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a fox news election alert. you're looking live at houston, texas. donald trump taking the stage there in a couple of moments talking about immigration and
10:52 am
remembering those killed by illegal immigrants. back to houston when mr. trump takes the stage. well, the united states pumpkin spice latte may signify fall. in europe it is beer. thousands of descending on munich for oktoberfest. despite increased security, and weather, nothing could or should stop the party. the original party took place in the 1780s, making it as old as the u.s. constitution. bet you didn't know that. in two major battleground states as we return to election news rather than liz's favorite story, one of the hardest voting blocks to reach may be the most coveted vote for republicans on the ballot this year, talking about the amish.
10:53 am
>> reporter: are you registered to vote? >> i do not. >> reporter: ben walters and ben king are working to mobilize voters for battleground states of ohio and pennsylvania where over 140,000 amish live. it is an uphill battle. most amish leaders discourage voting because they believe in separation from the modern world. >> we will have folks who will say i don't vote but i pray. and you know, of course, their prayers are helpful but we need votes, we need the prayers and the votes. >> reporter: super pac outreach director king who was amish until three years ago knows how hard it is to reach a community that's not allowed to use computers or televisions. the pac raised a modest $60,000 to purchase good old fashioned newspaper ads and billboards in amish lancaster county, pennsylvania, reading vote trump, hard working, pro-life, family dedicated, just like you.
10:54 am
having never read a trump tweet nor seeing the former reality star on tv, the pac sells him as a successful business owner. >> they really appreciate the fact that donald trump is not a politician. >> it's really not just about trump. i talk more about the party platform perhaps that he's running on and issues that will effect amish voters. >> reporter: in 2004, president george w. bush had success. they saw him as a religious, humble man. they don't expect the same this election because trump is not bush. >> the amish would normally ex-communicate someone divorced, they would ex-communicate someone that was potentially a failed business owner, who declared bankruptcy. >> that was brian yennis reporting. john kerry to put numbers to the story, john kerry won
10:55 am
pennsylvania in 2004 by #00,000 votes. the super pac whose leaders believe this election is different and think just a couple of thousand amish votes there in pennsylvania, also perhaps n ohio, could make the difference here between a trump victory in pennsylvania or ohio or clinton victory. more on that to come. liz? after the break. from bedridden to pumping iron. how one man overcame major adversity. i may have a disability but i'm not disabled.
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doctors said he would never walk, but he did not let that stop him. he became a body builder. he is inspiring people after a video of him competing was posted online. he trains under the motto i may have a disability but i am not disabled. a lesson perhaps to all of us. a big happy birthday to the u.s. constitution. 229 years ago today delegates for the convention signed the document in philadelphia. the law establishing the holiday was passed by congress in 2004. very happy birthday to the u.s.
11:00 am
constitution. >> you have to think what those back then would think about us. and what they might think about those running for the presidency. donald trump coming up next from houston. we will see you soon. the blast happening earlier today in seaside park as thousands of runners prepare to start a 5k benefit for marines and sailors saying multiple devices were wired to a pipe bomb in a trash can. only the bomb went off. no one has been injured. police cancelled the race and evacuated 30 homes in the area. we will keep you posted on further developments. and with just


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