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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  September 17, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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to sub for him. but i'm sure we'll get good tape on that. i don't to want miss it. again, thanks for watching tonight. i am bill roy riley. the spin tops here. we're looking out for you. right now on justice. >> donald trump focuses on core issues. >> they've warned that hillary clinton's plan would put the entire country in grave danger. >> while the attacks fly in in from every donald trump. >> donald trump nothing more than a two-bit, racial arsonist. >> tonight, my live interview with eric donald trump as the campaign gears up for the first debate with hillary clinton. >> i think it's important any commander in chief needs to be in great physical shape.
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>> just how important is a president's health and stamina? i get physical to find out. it's tonight's street justice. to be commander in chief, you have to be able to lift the big ones. >> justice starts now. >> hello and welcome to justice, i'm judge jeanine pirro. eric trump is standing by to talk with me in a moment, first my opening statement. this week, hillary's all better and she and her surrogates call on all americans, all but us deplorables, that is, to stand up and repudiate donald trump's divisive rhetoric. >> how? through their own divisive rhetoric. >> for five years, he has led the birther movement to
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delegitimize our first black president. >> donald trump is nothing more than a two-bit, remarkable arsonist who for decades has done nothing but fan the flames of bigotry and hatred. >> donald trump, however, begs to differ. >> hillary clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. i finished it. i finished it. you know what i mean. president barack obama was born in the united states, period. >> reports are those that hillary's surrogate sydney blooming than, a chief campaign strategist and others actually started the birther business, and hillary apologized to obama for that. so, wouldn't that make hillary
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the racist? but what's race got to do with this anyway? the birthplacement president is a constitutional issue. hillary clinton is so desperate for the black vote that she insists on creating race issues. zblurnd the gays of outreach to african americans, trump has stood up in front of largely white audiences and described black communities in such insulting and ignorant terms. right now he said you can walk down the street and get shot. >> you know hillary, isn't donald trump speaking to the problems of the minority community in the inner cities? maybe your recent health issues have prevented you from grasping
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the reality of inner city crime. like that on the south side of chicago. where young kids drop out of school because they have no hope of a future. join gangs, get guns, and engage in all out war. and what have you and barack obama whose policies you promised to continue done for that community in the last eight years? where african americans have a higher unemployment rate than when he started. a predominantly black city that has just experienced it's most violent month in nearly 20 years. where are your law enforcement efforts to stop this carnage? your economic efforts to improve the quality of life in that community. no, you choose to create division. you look for a target, police, donald trump, a common enemy, and then you promised world. and you have the gal toe
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actually say, "imagine someone who distorts the truth to fit a very narrow view of the world, imagine a a president who sees somebody that doesn't look like him, doesn't agree with him, and thinks that person must not be a real american." hillary! that's exactly what you said last week when you called us deplorable because we didn't agree with your vision, we were not america. now i know you have double vision and problems with your memory, well documented by the fbi, and that you short circuit frequently, your hypocrisy is stunning. you're the hater here, you're the one planting the seeds of dwiegs. you're the one calling the kettle black. i know you have memory problems with the blood clots, the dehydration, whatever, but you're the one who said, we're
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above all that. you're the one who wanted to be the inspirational candidate, the one who said, we're stronger together and you do nothing but spend all your time savaging donald trump. fight with republicans led by republicans who were antislavery and the democrats whoed to keep their slaves. >> thinks they're going in the wrong direction. and you've got nothing but more of the same to offer. what do i mean? a few facts with, the economy sucks, but you're richer thanks to your foundation. we now face the greatest danger in the form of isis, you know, the one that grew under your watch. and you're curer. you're going to get more
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intelligence. our allies can't rely on us, some of whom have had to go to russia to buy arms because understood your state department, they couldn't get them from us. or, maybe they didn't make the appropriate contribution to the foundation. our enemies don't fear us because we give them billions. you guys to want hate putin, but you're the one who did the russian reset. hillary, you got a one-way arrow pointed backwards that slaps on your forehead. but i don't blame you. you're not even remotely up to the job. you don't even know how to say the classify document. your own state department lost $6 billion and you don't have a clue where it is. and even if you did, i wouldn't believe you because you're a liar. and while we're at it the, hillary, tell your surrogates to stop pouncing on the fact that my friend, donald, is 15 pounds
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overweight. at least he admits it. and that's my open. tell me what you think on my facebook page or twitte twitter, #judgejeanine. and jiening me now by phone from the trump campaign is the executive vice president of the trump organization, and donald trump's son, eric. good evening, eric. >> good evening, judge. >> all right. neck in neck, it's a horse race right now. and here we are, just one week from the debate, what is the most important group that the trump campaign needs to attract that the point? >> i think, i think hard working americans. the people my father focussed to this entire election cycle. they've been totally left behind by washington, d.c. in the last 15 years in the nation, we've lost one-third of all of our manufacturing jobs in the country. we have 100 million people out of the work force in the united states median income hasn't gone
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up in 16, 17 years. meaning, people are making the same or less money today as they were 16, 17 years ago, it is so, so sad, we're losing all of our jobs, people are working harder, working and taxed more. all of our jobs are going overseas, it's a very, very sad thing. our father is talking to hard working americans left behind by the policies of the clintons and the policies of the obama who have really just forgotten about the american people. >> you know, eric, there's been a lot of talk about the ground operation and the fact that trump campaign doesn't have the ground operation, and certainly not that it's expected to given the fact that hillary's been running for years and years for president. but that it seems though that the swing states actually had an increase and actually signing up or registering to vote. >> in a huge way.
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you look at voter registration all across the country and especially in the swing state williams it's skewed heavily towards republicans. i find it ironic, hillary spent her life even in l.a. or in the hamptons doing $100,000 fundraisers. bill clinton had a fundraiser until every person donated $250,000. we know where that money is going. my father is out there three or four times a day doing rallies in front of 25,000 americans who are excited and thrilled behind their movement. he'll raise hundreds of thousands of dollars and run smear ads, not about what she's established in 30 years in the politician, there's a very dismal track record, instead trying to smear my father. he's taking his message to the american people and he's getting in front of the american people and working hard and that's why
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we're going to win. >> i think there is a startling distinction between your father's campaign and the issues that he's talking about. whether it's the economy or child care or immigration or foreign policy or what he did with the some of the gold star fathers that we heard from this week. and she is not talking policy. she's just it seems that she is now in a position she really doesn't have anything to talk about. >> that's right. listen, she's sitting out there saying we're going to put coal miners out of business and obviously very anti-law enforcement. she turned her back on her law enforcement. she's turned her back on the military and then time and time again, she turns her back on the american people at the same time, she's profited hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars on the american people
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through the scandals. and it's just really, really horrific. most deplorable thing in the world. >> i want to get to the debate prep. we've got just over a week before that first debate which is going to be huge, and it's one that i think will turn a lot of people. and since there's a small margin that both camps have to try to convince, how's your dad preparing for it and you know, hillary clinton i can't imagine ginn the fact that she has said so often that your father is unfit, she's got to get to the him and make sure that she the american people that he doesn't have the temperament, is he ready to blow that off when it comes? >> oh absolutely. my father's preparing and he's preparing hard. he doesn't do it by memorizing down plates, but he does it by formlating great plans. you want to look at what's unfit. unfit is calling half of all hard-working americans that.
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unstabilizing in iraq, egypt, every other middle eastern country. unfit is allowing our servicemen to die on a roof in benghazi because, you know, they want to keep cover for themselves and they wanted to lie to the american people and quite frankly, they didn't to want make a tough call. unfit is lead deleting 15,000 e-mails and lying to congress and lying to the fbi and everybody else. unfit is running one of the largest ponzi schemes in american charitable history. and you know, i think her record is a toxic record. and i think everybody understands that. and i think my father will be spending a lot of time talking about that. >> okay. and very quickly. ghaichb your father is all over the place, i mean, he goes from one state, one event to another, and she's very quiet and kind of behind the scenes, your father is prepared, is he doing debate
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practice, eric? >> absolutely. absolutely. and it's very important he realizes it'd be very important, but he does it his way. again not memorizing two cards, he does it by talking to great people and surrounding himself by great people and he'll certainly be ready and he's done a phenomenal job and i have no doubt that he's going to do amazing come next monday. >> we all look forward to it. eric trump, thanks so much for being with us this evening. >> take care, judge. >> with me now, my political panelist, mary-ann marsh, republican strategist and chairman matt. good evening, it is, as i'm sure you both said, mary-ann, you certainly haven't from the beginning, it is a horse race. it is neck and neck. the debate is just over one week away. and that right now both of them preparing for the debate. mary-a mary-ann, how does she get under his skin? matt, is he in her head? i'll start with you.
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>> inch first of all, we've never seen anything like it. never had a woman by the nominee for any party for president, never seen the likes of donald trump, and this is the first time every voter in america and many people around the world are going to see them on a stage, side by side, take their full measure. i think the challenge for shint, she's a very good debater, but donald trump's a great performer. and we've seen that throughout this campaign and certainly in the republican debate us. i think for him, she's got to get under him and ask him questions on policy. i mean, really specific questions. and he can't just blow them off by saying, believe me. big time. going to do it. trust me. the american people to want hear more than that. >> and i think that some of the speeches of late are part of the reason that his numbers have gone up and we just saw the fox news poll, he's up one. matt, how does he get into her
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head? >> well, she doesn't seem to like him very much. and i think that's going -- i thinkest that going to play to his advantage. i think one of the things both of these candidates have are obviously high necktives and hillary clinton is not exactly a warm and cuddly figure. and i think she has to somehow come across to the american voter out there that she's not this kind of cold, heartless, 25-year government bureaucrat who's gotten rich while she's served. and i think she has to come across as someone who is empathic and people who know me tell me she's likable. and i think she's got to be able to do that in order to put this race away. and i don't think she can. >> but he also has a difficult position, being a man. competing with a woman. matt. >> yeah, that's right. george h.b. bush faced with this with jerry, and at in several points back, you know, she chastised him several times for,
6:17 pm
you know, talking down to her and patronizing her. she used that word. that's a card that a woman can play. very deafly, and i expect hillary clinton to try to do the very same thing. >> and michelle, i mean, how do you expect hillary to handle that? i mean, i am sure donald understands the parameters as it relates to her given the lazio from years ago, that mess-up. >> well look, i think as much as donald trump has a fine line to walk with hillary clinton, if he's dismissive of her and gives her the heisman, hillary clinton on the other hand has to pick and choose her spots. voters want everyone who's going to be president of the dwriets stand up for themselves because if they don't see you defend yourself. then they think you're not going to defend me. and i think for hillary clinton as a woman, that's a fine line to walk as well. that's why this whole debate, we can all try to predict what it's going to be like. none of us now because we've never seen anything like it before. and that's really the -- has to be the exciting and also the unnerving thing for both of these campaigns. >> oh yes. that first debate will be huge.
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mary-ann march issue, matt, thanks for being with us this evening. >> thanks judge. >> all right. and next, the case against hillary clinton is very much alive. congressman jason chaffetz, chairman of the house oversight committee sits dwoun me to talk about who he subpoenaed to testify this week. and why the e-mail case could still cause some big havocs for hillary. and then -- run for office, and you have to be able to take a beating. you also have to be able to give a beating. and then it hit the gym for street justice to ask americans how important a candidate's health and physical fitness really is. let's pump some iron as justice rolls on. >> do you think either of the candidates are really in good physical shape? >> no. >> why do you they? they're doctors say they're in good physical shape. >> they're old. (announcer vo) that's right, keep rockin'.
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this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again. we are monitoring breaking news right now in new york city. reports of a large explosion at the section of the city. on the west side. all we know right now is that the new york city fire and police departments are on the scene and are tending to possible victims. there are unconfirmed reports
6:23 pm
was up to 14 people injured in this explosion. again, this is in the chelsea section of manhattan. we're monitoring this and we'll have the latest from manhattan as details become available. in the meantime, i'm joined on the phone by the former police commissioner of new york city. good evening, are you there? bernie? okay. we'll be back in a moment. we're going to continue to follow this and try to get bernie on the phone. we'll be back in a moment.
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i take pzero heartburn!h morning for my frequent heartburn because you can't beat prilosec otc: the #1 doctor recommended frequent heartburn medicine for ten straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. this is a fox news alert. i'm jackie in new york. firefighters are on the scene after a loud explosion was heard in downtown amanda.
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it happened in the neighborhood of chelsea. there are local reports of injuries as well as building damage. fox news is working on getting that confirmed for you. right now it's unclear what caused the blast or how serious the injuries are. the incident in new york city comes after a pipe bomb exploded in the jersey shore town of seaside park. that happened just as some 5,000 runners were preparing if a scharty marathon for marines and sailors. it went off in a plastic garbage fan causing the race to be rescheduled for tomorrow. no damage or injuries have been reported. the fbi is now investigating that incident. now back to justice with judge jeanine for all of your headlines. you're watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. we are continuing to monitor breaking news right now in new york city, reports of a large explosion in the chelsea section of the city.
6:29 pm
that is on the west side and i'm now joined on the phone right now by bernie, former police commissioner of new york city. bernie, what can you tell us about this explosion? >> well, it appears to be some kind of ied that was placed inside a dumpster. we'll figure it out. looked like it may be multiple injuries. the police have closed down seventh avenue at 34th street. so there's no further traffic going southbound. they're closing the traffic-going east from the west side and from west to the east side. so they're basically trying to solidify that block, that area
6:30 pm
at 23rd and 6. they set up a temporary command post so to speak in a building down the block. we'll see what happens. what this is all about. >> when you talk about a device that exploded. we're talking about something that was planted. this is not like, not a furnace, we're talking about an actual improvised improvised to be exploded. it did explode you say there are reports right now and we're looking right now at the screen of what i understand was a dumpster? >> yeah. that's what i'm seeing too. some kind of dumpster, garbage dumpster. >> you know, jeanine, the thing that bothers me about this, today in new jersey and south jersey, down the shore, they had a 5k run with the marine corps, and somebody placed an ied in
6:31 pm
some kind of garbage can, and -- >> that was in seaside park, new jersey. >> seaside heights, right. and now you have this thing in manhattan. which is just i don't know kind of curious to me as to what's going on. >> well, you know, the jersey shore and then you've got this area in manhattan, and let me just say is that the area in chelsea avenue is unlike most in manhattan for those not from new york city. very, very populated. you know, big apartment buildings there, there are a lot of people. but if it's in the dumpster there, if it was placed there, and that dumpster -- the trunk to that side, it must have been a huge explosion. and the people that were injured, do we know were they people walking on the street, were they people in the building? do we know how injured they are? do we know what time this happened? >> no reports as of yet. honestly, it only happened about
6:32 pm
i don't know, 20, 25 minutes ago. i got calls from the scene from people that live next to that building. two minutes after it happened. so you probably 20, 25 minutes ago. >> you know, bernie, i have to tell you, my daughter lives in that building. as soon as i heard, i called. which is kind of frightening. but she's okay. and not there. but you know, when you talk about what happened on the jersey shore today, there was something in a -- not in a dumpster, but what was is it in? a trash can of some sort on the -- >> it was in the garbage can that was right there in the area where the race was supposed to begin. >> right. >> and i'm looking at the fbi's notification, all seaside park residents can return to their homes now. the area's been cleared. you know, it's -- it's just kind of curious to me. these two things happening in
6:33 pm
the same day, within hours really, within 10, 12 hour period. >> bernie, you and i know both know, there's no such thing as coincidence in law enforcement. but with this kind of explosion and certainly we'll learn soon enough with all of the agencies that i'm sure are involved, you know how much or how big -- not just the explosion, but what was used and what kind of device was used when you're talking about this kind of improvised device, and whether or not on the streets, bernie, do you know whether or not there'd be cameras on the street corners there? >> listen these guys, you know, i don't know about that specific corner, but in manhattan, you know, it's pretty much midtown is pretty much covered all over. and you know, as you know, you know, everybody's interested in security these days. and a lot of those buildings have outside cameras. they have internal cameras.
6:34 pm
there are street cameras. i would not be surprised if the police department and the fbi -- i'm sure joint terror task force will take the lead on this at some point. i'm pretty confident they'll get to the bottom of it. and i think it'll be a part of that. >> we're getting word now that fdny the fire department that there are up to 15 injuries that we're aware of. weir not aware of this the severity of the injuries, but certainly transportation to area hospitals are being conducted as we speak. but, you know, this large explosion, and i'm stunned at the size of that dumpster, that dumpster, when you look at the guy's hand next to the dumpster, i mean, that's just, it's blown to bits, literally. >> and think about it, i mean those things are pretty sturdy.
6:35 pm
you're bounced around by those big trucks. you know, pretty well. you know, and think how it's been mangled up, whatever was in there was pretty strong. >> all right. >> it's going to be interesting to see what the outcome is. >> all right. well, what we're going to do, we're going to stay on top of that. we will come back to you, former police commissioner bernie. we thank you for being with us and we're going to continue to cover this story. and ladies and gentlemen, we'll be back in a moment. ♪ some relationships you stick with.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (whispers rocket) we are continuing to monitor breaking news right now in new york city. reports of a large explosion in the chelsea section of new york city. i'm joined on the phone right now by former nypd detective
6:40 pm
thomas ruskin and we are awaiting the fox news reporting about to be on the scene. detective, what can you tell us about what's been going on there? >> well, shortly after 8:00 tonight, it appears that some kind of explosion occurred in front of the associate housing for the blind in a dumpster which you've been showing in the last segment with commissioner kerik. and at this point in time, they don't nose what caused the explosion, other than it appears to be some kind of device that was put into that dumpster. for what you're showing or what you've shown, it appears to be a pretty large device to mange that will dumpster as bernie eluded to. that's not an easy thing to mangel to the way that that twitter feed is showing you. and it appears that they've pulled fire departments slightly out of the area because there's no risk of fire at this point in time to allow the police department and the bomb squads
6:41 pm
to appropriately assess the area for a possible secondary device. >> when you say possible secondary device, what do you mean by that? >> well, we know that in past attacks, people have put a secondary device in the area so that if they're looking to hurt people and mangel people other than the people that they did with the original device, they look to potentially hurt first responders. so a secondary device could go off like years ago in the boston marathon bombing by people responding to the area to try and help the injured. most of the time first responders. >> and you know, one of the things that we're finding out now and rarely are the facts really perfectly correct in the beginning, but we hear there are up to 15 people that have been injured and we're not aware of the severity of the injuries, but do you have any idea or have you heard anything more about
6:42 pm
that? >> i have heard what's been reported from the about 15 its to 23, but as we know from other incident was this nature. people have a tendency to bring themselves to the hospital. so people who are necessarily at the scene aren't maybe the only people who are injured. other people may walk into hospitals like bellvue and other hospitals in the area and self-admit themselves. so the 15 injuries may just be from the scene. >> right. do we have any idea whether or not with this explosion was -- is there broken glass in the glass come out of the apartment buildings? were there accidents there with the explosion? what accompanied this large explosion if you know? >> well, i don't know firsthand, but from my experience when you have an explosion of this nature, and you can see some of the chars and some of the debris from that container that you're showing on the screen, you know,
6:43 pm
it's possible the different facades could have been damaged from it, windows probably were brown out, not to mention things on the street. cars parked along the street or cruising the street could have also had damage to them. >> right. and we really don't know the location exactly of where that dumpster was in registration to the building itself. i mean, what we do know is that sixth and 23rd is a very well-trafficked area. and there certainly would not be a dumpster there. i mean i'm quite familiar with the location. so i'm curious as to where exactly that dumpster was that might have been right behind the bui building. >> i heard it was in front of 135 west 23rd street, which is the associated housing for the blind. so i don't know if it had any relationship to that building if it's been put on there but
6:44 pm
that's where the housing for the blind is. >> right. >> i don't know if it had anything to do with it. i do know this, i know the subway service sl passing 23rd street is operating, but passing 23rd street and all vehicular traffic and pedestrian traffic is stopped in the area. >> we've got fox news reporter brian leanis is on the scene, brian, are you there? >> reporter: yes, judge, we hear you. i am on the scene. we just arrived about ten minutes ago. this is what we know. the fdny tells me that there are 25 injured. two civilians that were actually on the street. i don't know whether that means 23 other people but what we know right now is that 25 civilians -- 25 people are injured due to this explosion. what you are looking at right now is 24 between 24th and 23rd.
6:45 pm
you've got the fdny right now. they had their gear on. seems like they're taking it off. they have about two or three fire department trucks as you can see. they were apparently looking at what looked like a dumpster here, i don't know, this is not where the explosion happened. the fdny tells me that the explosion took place on 23rd and sixth avenue. i have an eyewitness here with me. if you can come over here. thank you so much. what was your name again? >> my name sl solie, can you tell our viewers exactly what you saw. you were on a bus, you had just gotten off a bus. and then this happened. explain everything from start to finish. >> i just got off the cross town 23rd, 23 bus on seventh avenue. i went in to get a back stable. i came out, and i heard boom, boom, and everything started shaking. and there was big mounds of smoke, and people started running. and i started running with them. down seventh avenue. and that's what happened.
6:46 pm
>> anybody injured around you? what did you see in terms of a big plumes of smoke. >> people frantic. people were frantic and they were just running, running, and people on this street, 24th street came running out of their apartments, because it shook them in their apartments. and some people were at their jobs. >> explain to people how loud this was. >> it sounded like -- the fire works, but a thousand times stronger and it shook everything. it was boom, boom, like, like, like if i was in iraq and a bomb dropped. that's what it sounded like. >> so you walk, you walk out of the convenience store at that moment -- >> on 23rd. >> and you look to your left, which is towards sixth avenue. >> yes. and it was just big mounds of smoke. and i just gotten off the bus. i was walking up that block. god it good. i just got off the bus. and i was coming up from sixth avenue. and i jumped on the bus. >> reporter: you said your ears
6:47 pm
were ringing -- >> my left sere still very foggy. and it's, it's hitting me now. but people were panicking. they were running all the way down the street. >> reporter: did you see any injuries? anybody -- >> reporter: i didn't see anybody injured. >> you did not? >> i came over to whole foods because i felt safe there. because i go there every day. >> reporter: how long was this blast in this sound that you described here? i know it's tough under the circumstances, but how long were you hearing that sound? >> i expected it to stop, and it didn't stop. it just kept going. and that's when things started shaking. that's when i knew it was serious. and that's when the people started running from the block. from 23rd street around to seventh avenue.
6:48 pm
an sploesks some sort. >> i can see that you're shaking a little bit. >> because it's really hitting me. i mean, it just got off the bus. it's hitting me now. and i was walking from the east side, and i happened to get on the 23rd street cross town bus. >> do you remember approximately what time this was? i know it's tough -- >> about an hour ago. >> yeah, about an hour ago. that i recall. and then i saw so many fire trucks and things were going down the street. so there's many more down there. >> reporter: okay, so that's solei, she was an eyewitness. she heard an enormous boom. it threw you off your feet, almost? it did, huh? >> it was shaking. it was not normal. i've never felt that before. >> reporter: again, that is just one eyewitness account we have here right now. we're going to take you back to the scene. we have helicopters that are in the air right now. some search lights going on some of the buildings.
6:49 pm
you've got the fdny that are g, but tanding, i don't know again, we are on between 24th and 23rd on seventh avenue. 25 people injured. the fdny told us two civilians on the street, which i don't know what that means in terms of whether or not the other 23 where they were injured. that's still what we're trying to get answers to the questions, judge. >> brian, i don't know if the solie is still there, but i'm curious about this dumpster. now, i've been getting some information that is certainly not, you know, confirmed, that there's talk that the dumpster had some -- that they were doing some construction. does she remember the dumpster being there? >> reporter: from what she sold us, if you can come back in,
6:50 pm
judge jeanine wants to know, if you remember seeing the dumpster. because i know you were down the block. >> no, i did not see a dumpster. i just saw the smoke and i saw it as it was going boom, boom, boom, i saw the smoke coming out. running. and i started running with them down seventh avenue. >> reporter: down seventh avenue. >> and i came here to whole foods, because i felt safe, because i didn't know what was going on. i sounded so abnormal. i've never been involved by anything like that. and i had just gotten off the bus. so it just dawned on me, i would have been there. so, it's now hitting me. >> brian, how close to the building itself was the smoke? >> reporter: so how close to the building itself was the smoke? >> to me it didn't look -- to me it didn't look like it was a building. it just looked like something in the middle of the street. >> it looked like it was in the middle of the street? >> yes, for me. it didn't look like the building, it looked like there was just --
6:51 pm
>> it didn't seem like there was a building that had caught fire. >> i didn't see any fire or anything from here. i saw big clouds of smoke. >> from the street. >> like it was in the middle of the street. >> it just went up. >> judge, i was just actually coming back from seaside park, new jersey, where we obviously had that explosion. now, we don't know about any connection to that be wi, but i know if you have any other information as to perhaps that dumpster explosion. i see a photo that is circulating out there about -- that shows a dumpster, but i don't know if you can fill me in with anymore information about that. but from what we're getting on the ground, this is the best we're getting here. >> what we've heard so far, brian, is that dumpster, which is, you know, it is -- it looks like it's been blown to bits, literally, given the comparison of it to the size of the hand that's in that photo. you know, must have had a pretty big ied or improvised explosive
6:52 pm
device in it to be crushed to the extent or blown up to the extent that it is. and i'm just curious as to where that dumpster was, when it was blown up. >> reporter: right. >> and you know, the irony, brian, is that today, as you just said on the jersey shore was the ied in that garbage can, where that race was planned on the jersey shore. >> exactly right. >> reporter: we haven't heard of any kind of connection. remember, we were there on the jersey shore all day today, reporting on that pipe bomb, what's been described as a pipe bomb, that was put into a garbage can in seaside park during the middle of what was a 5k charity run to support our marines and sailors. the fbi and the joint terrorism task force was there and still investigating. they gave no further details as to who that was or -- they said it was still investigating, that
6:53 pm
it was an active investigation. and therefore, we haven't heard anything about a connection to that here. but obviously, the fact that this is an explosion, preliminary reports coming from a dumpster, it's got to be concerning at the very least. >> right, right. and as they indicated, with the closure of all the streets and the closed traffic there, they are continuing to make sure that there aren't any additional problems. no confirmation of any other information as it relates to possible other devices, but certainly, they are on the lookout in the event -- >> reporter: we are getting -- we've got bomb -- if you look over hear, we've got some bomb-sniffing dogs that are going by, judge. they're still very much searching this scene for anything that could possibly be -- any possible ieds or other explosive devices. you can see that right there, right next to our camera crew. you've got people and the media, as close as we can get, but this dog is going by everything right now. so, yeah, an active crime scene,
6:54 pm
they're looking and trying to see what -- whether or not there is anything else. but, again, the fact that they've let us this close is a good sign at the very least that they've got somewhat a control on at least this block, at least this area. >> all right, brian, we're going to come back to you in a couple of minutes. and we are -- we're beginning to let you try to find a little more out about what's going on there on the scene. and we'll be back to you in a couple minutes. >> okay, judge. >> thomas ruskin is back with me, former detective, nypd. all right, you heard what brian has said. you know, with the explosion, apparently, a huge, we're hearing now possibility of up to 25 injuries in this explosion, continuing crime scene investigation with the bomb-sniffing dogs, what else have you heard, if anything? >> the only thing i've heard is
6:55 pm
that the background you saw of the live shot is looking for the possibility of a secondary device. now, we should keep in mind, it's a little premature to determine if it really was an explosive device that hurt people or blow that dumpster up. but we can remember that about a month ago, two months ago, in central park, it was the gentleman who jumped off the rock on to an improvised device and bust his leg. so it's not uncommon or out of the ordinary to believe that it may have been an explosive device that was put there, but it's still a little bit premature to determine that. >> to determine what? it was clearly an explosive device. you think somebody was just throwing something away and it blew up by accident? >> well, if there was construction, if there was construction materials that were put in there, possible flammatory type of liquids or other things, it's possible that someone threw a cigarette in a
6:56 pm
container and blew it up. it would take a pretty large explosion to mangle a container like that, but we don't know if it was a device purposefully put there to explode or an accidental type of explosion. >> well, i guess they would be able to tell that forensically in the very near future pip mean, what the device was made of and, you know, based on things like the shrapnel and, you know, how it actually exploded. i'm sure they'll find that out. >> well, the bomb squad, as soon as the area is safe, will move in. they will take samples from the dumpster and the shrapnel, as you alluded to, and they will then test it to see if it was a flammatory -- you know, inflammatory device or if it was liquids or chemicals that may have been spontaneously combusted. >> well, that would be very interesting, that -- to see what
6:57 pm
exactly happened. but i -- you know, as i spoke with commissioner kairk, i don't believe in coincidences, and i don't like the fact that on the west side of manhattan, we have what appears to be a pipe bomb and an ied going off within, what, 12 hours of each other. one at 9:00 this morning and one about 9:00 tonight. very disconcerting. >> exactly. i think -- listen, on all appearance, it doesn't appear to be a possible improvised explosive device, yes, it does. but i think it's too quick until the bomb squad, you know, really denser if it was what the cause of the explosion is. but it is suspicious. you have one in jersey, you have this. but no one's taken, you know, credit for it from everything we know thus far. >> well, you know, the fact that they're not taking credit for it is not unusual, as we know, with
6:58 pm
a lot of these organizations, al qaeda in particular, they take a while before they do. or it may be an indication, tom, that there's more to come and they're not ready to take credit. >> that's right. >> and i say that with absolutely no basis or reason to say it, but you know, until we know the facts, that's the problem with these, you know, on the scene report iing. all we know for sure is there was an explosion in manhattan on the west side in chelsea in the area of 23rd and 6th. 25 people that we know of, fdny reporting, have been injured and taken to area hospitals. traffic is closed between the east and west side, from 34th street. temporary command center has been set up and right now bomb squad, bomb dogs, a lot of security there until they find out what exactly is going on and until they can clear the area
6:59 pm
for commuters and people in the area. so we're going to continue to follow this and until we go off the air. and now, you know, one of the things that we think is to have great concern, of course, is the counterterrorism department in the new york city police department. there's been a lot of discussion of that, tom. i don't know if you can speak to it, but, you know, when commissioner -- or when mayor de blasio came in, he had a lot of feelings about the counterterrorism squad, and wasn't quite sure whether or not he was going o tto keep it. >> right. and bill bratton, who just retired the other day, and now james o'neil, who became police commissioner less than 24 hours ago are going to continue -- >> all right. right now we're going to go to eric shawn for continuing
7:00 pm
coverage on the explosion in new york city. eric shawn, next. i'm eric shawn in new york with the very latest on what appears to be some sort of explosion that has we have been reporting tonight on the fox news channel. on 23rd street in the chelsea section of manhattan. at least 25 people have been injured. this supposed device, not yet confirmed it was an ied at all, in a dumpster, apparently went off earlier this morning, and injured 25 people. i want to make it very clear and responsible that there is no confirmation that this was, indeed, an ied of any sort, but certainly someone could come to some type of conclusion considering the history and record of bombs


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