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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  September 17, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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in a few moments. we're continuing our coverage of what would be a new chapter and a very chilling and sad new era in the war on terrorism against us, bombs on the streets of our cities. >> hello, just after midnight here in new york city. just three and a half hours ago an ex-plowsive of some sort went off on 21 street in manhattan, injuring 29 people, thankfully, mostly only minorly injured. one seriously, we're told. the mayor says this was an intentional attack. there is no evidence of a specific connection to the pipe bomb that went off in new jersey this morning or saturday morning at 9:30 in the morning that targeted a 5 k run being held to benefit our u.s. marines. authorities in new york say this
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was not a gas explosion. someone put something inside of a dumpster on 23 street between 6th and 7th avenue. that is mayor de blasio and commissioner o'neil. this comes as we have reports here at fox news that a possible pressure cooker has been found in the second site. that coming if our peter doocy. this would race speculation that we have a situation that is a copy of the jahar tsarnaev brothers, way to early to determine if that is exactly what it is. but if a pressure cooker was
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found, in the second site that would give authorities more clues in order to try to figure out who did this this evening. this does, in a sense raise the new possibility that terrorism has been ratcheted up in our country for bombs on the streets of new york aimed at killing innocent people. we have been reporting from the scene of the first device. authorities haven't told us, what exploded on 23 street now. >> hi, eric. well, just need to tell viewers we may lose connection because of our live use situation. if we do, we'll be back on as soon as we can. we've been here for a half hour of the second location where the second possible device is and our peter doocy has been reporting is it a pressure cooker? we have not been able to verify that. this is when we see.
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police cordoned off 27th street between 26th and 27th. on 23 and 27th, people have been able to move between. between 27th and 26th, police have cordoned that off. we've seen explosives leave this area just about five minutes ago. the kind of vehicle that can protect and put an explosive inside of it. it's round and you can put an explosive in there and that vehicle pulled in and about 15, 20 minutes later pulled out and left the scene. but the people are still here, right now, nypd is here on the scene. what we heard from the press conference, this is set to be intentional. no connection to terror. let's go back to what else mayor
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de blasio said. there was no smell of natural gas. our witnesses said they didn't smell it either. te said it was an intentional thing and happened outside of a building not inside of a building. our witnesses were saying they saw the explosion outside of a building. large plumes of smoke, a fireball says one woman, buildings shaking for blocks. people were inside of their apartment buildings, when that happened, one woman said the noise was like a thousand fire works going off. something she'd never heard before. people running and wiping their eyes and terrified given the explosion as they saw outside of this building on 23 between 6 and seventh avenue. right now, again this, is the site of the second possible
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device just four blocks over. it's important to reiterate in the blocks between, it seems to be they have people going up between sixth and seventh. >> we have technical issues sometimes. reporting from the site of a potentially second side of a garbage can. let me layout this scene. chelsea. 23 street. chelsea hotel just an icon with punk rock and you've got a lot of -- that is the scene where it says explosion on the screen. that is the street between sixth and 7th avenues. you can see just walking north up sixth avenue and that is the site of the possible second device. the one our peter doocy has been reporting. sources telling him it's a pressure cooker. and that the jahar tsarnaev
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brothers used. that is the active scene we have in new york city raising a spector there is someone putting bombs in the streets of the city aimed at us to try too kill people. mayor de blasio said there is no evidence of connection to terrorism but if you put a bomb on the street, no matter your aim, that is terrorism. peter merino, thanks for joining us. no evidence of a terror connection. they won't have one, necessarily. could it be a kook? >> regardless of what it turns out to be, whether terrorism or a copy cat or hone wolf, however you describe it, i think there is a common issue here that is necessary. that is intelligence gathering. i think people have to recall that recently, intelligence
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gathering capacity of the nypd has been curtailed. not to say they're not trying their best, but it's a balance between civil liberties and safety. and i think that we really need to focus on that as previous experts had spoken about. >> it is still early. a lot of that had to do with the activity focusing on mosques. that is one of the reasons bill de-blasio was able to get into office. that appears to be the bomb robot. they're running it. peter sorry to interrupt you. >> it's all right. i understand. it is very early on in this investigation, i do believe it's important to understand that as your previous experts mentioned
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we need to use, to unite as a country and understand that there is a balance here when it comes to liberty and safety. >> and faln terrorist bombings, france's tavern, la guardia bombing that killed 11 people. palestinian terrorist group putting bombs on the streets of new york. that is 1973. we haven't seen this for years since radical revolutionaries were throwing out bombs there. this goes out in the modern times to 1920 with a bombing on wall street aimed at jp morgan. you can still see the pot marks of that bomb on wall street. >> yes and i think my colleagues in the public safety community
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have often stated, you know it wasn't a matter of if. it was when new york city would with targeted again. this is one way it would materialize. one of the reason we haven't seen such instances is because we had a robust intelligence gathering network. it wasn't just in the mosques it was all over. and today, social media has been blamed for terrorism and able to distribute terrorist thoughts. however, i argue we'll need to take advantage of focus them. >> that would be considering tonight, potentially a needle in the hay stack.
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one guy is putting bombs on the streets of new york and they'll say an air conditioning -- ready for this, folks? you work in criminal court building in manhattan. the guy comes to fix your air conditioner. turns out he is the assassin who shot a man to death. turns out the guy who was supposed to pick him up to get him away two years later charged and convicted of bombing the world trade center. they were all part of a cell. how do we track this back? it's the same thing. 26 years later and we're dealing with the same thing. one incident. they're going to try to track it back to a potential cell. >> law enforcement has to be right all the time. and perfect all the time. a potential terrorist only has
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to get through once. you're correct it's impossible to prevent all and every incident. there are precise monitoring capabilities that i can't do into. i think this is a wake up call. we need to support our federal and local tournament. >> i'm going to let you go now. thank you for your time tonight. >> thank you, sir. >> we're dealing with potentially someone putting bombs on the streets in new york. authorities have not confirmed it was an ied and this evening, before they said that donald trump getting off his nifty 757 he said a bomb went off in new york city. he said, quote, we've got to get tough, folks.
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we've got to get tough. this terrible thing going on in our world and country and he spoke with a need to be smart and diligent. that being reported by the washington post. so mr. trump may have noted early on, hillary clinton may have spoken on her campaign plane. here are some of mrs. clinton's remarks. >> i have been briefed about the bombings in new york and new jersey. obviously we need to do everything we can to support our first responders and to pray for victims. and have to watch the investigation unfold and be in touch with various officials including the mayor's office in new york to learn what they are discovering as they start this
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investigation. i'll have more to say about it when we know the facts. >> that is hillary clinton speaking on the phone now with the democratic congressman of that era the west side manhattan congressman. congressman, thanks for joining us on our fox news channel coverage just after midnight. what have you been told? do you believe this was a terrorist act aimed at us? >> well, i haven't been told anything that the mayor hasn't announced already. this is what we know is that it was an intentional act. whether it was terrorists, meaning an organized group, we don't know yet. we'll find out in the next few days. right now we have to make sure there are no other explosive devices around. luckily, no one had a life threatening injury. we know it was intentional. >> authorities say there is no
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connection to the pipe bomb in new jersey. and we've been there a long time. what does this tell you? you remember in the 70s with those bombings and returning back to those days, potentially with this. or just one guy? >> we don't, we don't know. we'll find that out in the next couple days if it's -- if it would be terrorism or not. it's pointless to speculate. the mayor is right to say don't know yet. we'll find out.
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>> what do you think congress can do? a lot of controversy about the surveillance and nsa and this sort of thing. what do you expect? how congress will react to this new development? if you're dealing with bombs on the city streets? well, i don't know. police and fbi have power and authority. maybe more funds would help. i think they have ample authority right now. we have not heard from the police or fbi they have further powers. >> we thank you. thank you for your service for many years here in new york city and our fox, and our prayers, frankly are with you and with
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your constituents and everyone in our city. especially in the west side, having to deal with this tonight. it's been pretty shocking. congressman, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> absolutely. that is one of the main points. you're dealing with a chelsea neighborhood as we've said this evening, bars are restaurants, and this device is put there. authorities sayxd there is no evidence that the explosion was terrorism, no evidence there is a connection to terrorism and they say there is no specific or credible threat that someone is walking on those blocks. see the word explosion there? that is what the explosion went off. 29 people have been injured. eight minor injuries one serious injury. then, whoever did this just probably walked or maybe drove north on sixth avenue up to 27th street. where he or she placed a potential other explosive device
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in a trash can that is being examined right now. our peter doocy telling us that that is a pressure cooker. you know what that means, of course, the tsarnaev brothers used in boston. so how do you protect a city? someone will put an explosive device in a garbage can, aimed at killing innocent people? kind of a chilling evening. your thoughts? >> it's a scary evening. i was on 23 street just a few avenues west of where the explosion took place.
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this happened i was having dinner with a friend. i started getting a series of text messages from constituents who didn't live in the immediate vicinity but blocks and avenues away. said did you hear that explosion? which i did not. and i was at 7th avenue and it was a scene of pandemonium. and police were shutting down 7th avenue and 23 street and there is speck hags about what occurred. still, you know we have to have a thorough investigation here. that block and surrounding blocks being treated like crime
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scenes. this is to provide context. chelsea is a mixed-use neighborhood. it's a residential neighborhood but a neighborhood with small businesses, with offices and so on a warm saturday night, this was a bustling area. this block is two lane block and this building is a 210 unit home for the blind. >> tell us about that and what you saw. we're told the bomb was put in the street. may have been in that bic, industrial commission for business integrity which raised a possibility maybe it was chemical material.
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what school is that? what is it like? what did you see? >> when i got to the scene, immediately been cordoned off. this were fire engines and the area started to get locked down. >> i have to interrupt you. stay with us on the phone we have new information from brian on 27th street. brian, what do you have? >> just minutes ago, nypd came over and rushed media the left. they said out of sight. we heard a boom sound come from 27th between sixth and seventh. we don't know if it's something planned but they pushed media to the side and we heard an explosion or boom. it wasn't ter bhi loud but we heard it from here.
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the nypd moved the media and we heard that sound between 27th street and we know our peter doocy saying sources tell him it's a pressure cooker. nypd moved the media. we heard the sound, now, we're waiting to see. the fire department came here and blocked our view from this side. they came in rather quickly and were insistent on moving people regardless of whether or not they're live and we heard that sound as nypd came and moved us down. 27th and 7th. >> can you pan left to show us the scene a little bit? >> yes. sure. this. >> this could have been a controlled explosion. when there are suspicious
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devices found, the bomb squad can have a controlled explosion but as of now -- brian you have no confirmation that there was a device there and we have in other official confirmation from authorities it was a pressure cooker beyond what peter is telling us? his sources tell us? >> exactly. the only thing that i can report is what we saw in this moment. nypd came and moved us and we heard a sound that sounded like a bomb. timing would indicate it seemed to be a boom. >> we'll get an update from authorities, brian. thank you. there are reports that there was a pressure cooker found in that
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site. but authorities were not sure if it was a pressure cooker bomb or just garbage that someone threw out a pressure cooker. what are the chances of that? i mean honestly. what are the chances of someone throwing out a pressure cooker in the garbage. it could happen but in light of what we're seeing tonight so, brian we're going to go back to cory johnson, a city councilman from that area. so councilman, september 11th. we lived through that. the bombing of the world trade center. on and on. now we have this. do you fear that there is a potential that we've entered a new era tonight on september 17th, just last night, of terrorism against our country when someone puts explosive devices, potentially on the streets of a maimer american
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city to try to kill us? >> well, i hope not. you know, the world trade center, thousands of people lost their lives. tonight, luckily there were no fatalities. i would just say that you know, a few years ago in the middle of times square, there was a series of strange events. a few months ago a gentleman lost a limb in central park who stepped on inimprovized explosive device. it's hard to know if it is related to terrorism. owe the mayor and commissioner are saying that is not the case at this point. i just want to provide a little bit of context so folks know this is a residential neighborhood. this is not times square. this is not downtown of a major
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metropolitan city. a big commercial district. this is the heart of a residential neighborhood with bars and restaurants, clubs, small businesses. subway lines. >> that is what the terrorists want. that is what they did in tel aviv and in jerusalem of the they want to strike at unprotected and want to make us fear them. that is the goal of terrorism. in fact, the bombers in the world trade center, their first goal was going after the hassidic neighborhood. >> i just want us to be responsible and not to juch to conclusions before we have full evidence. the fbi is on the scene. the nypd is there. it's my hope that tomorrow we're going to get more information about whether or not this is
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lengthed to terrorism. and so we'll see as we've seen in other instances of lone wolf who's do crazy things. we have to wait and see. >> you mentioned lone wolfs. we have had that in new york city. you mentioned central park explosive device. authorities said that was fire works. they thought it was wet fire works from the night before. i heard that. i was driving to work and i heard a loud boom and i stopped and it was quiet. there was nothing. no smoke. that has not yet been solved. you have the bicycle bomber we
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have have had odd, lone wolf type things which are not radical islamic terrorism. and it could be aimed at the military. and dealing with troubles in northern ireland. what do we tell new yorkers monday morning? going to be walking on the streets. what should we do? >> we need to not to sound corny but if you see something, say something. there are packages or brief cases or things being left unattended those should be reported and people should call 911. i think it's important and i think the president said this. president obama and president bush before him. this mayor and previous mayor
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and mayor rudy giuliani, we cannot let terrorism interfere with living our lives and enjoying our freedom and continuing to be the united states of america. that is what terrorists want us to do. people should be safe and on alert. people should report things immediately if they see something sis spushus. >> the mayor saying it was an intentional act. no evidence of a connection to terrorism right now. that does not mean it's not terrorism but if someone is putting something on the streets of new york, no matter what the motive, whether political, irrational, insane, it's terrorism. because it raises a very frightening prospect for us. which we hope we have not
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reached. i thank you councilman cory johnson. you and your constituents are in our thoughts as we continue our live coverage here on the fox news channel throughout the evening. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> absolutely. >> well, there you have it. we're continuing our coverage at the moment. let me bring you up to date with the latest. one explosion 8:30 eastern time, some type of device. authorities not saying it's definitely a bomb saying there is no connection to terrorism at the moment. a second possible device found four blocks north of a explosion we're told is a pressure cooker. that, of course raising a chilling prospect trying to kill innocent people on a beautiful fall evening on a saturday
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night. we'll continue this investigation here in the city of new york. >> we're continuing our coverage of the explosion here in new york city that injured 29 people. most minor injuries, thankfully and no one was killed this evening. there, the explosion on the bottom of the screen. now, an ongoing investigation continuing four blocks north of 27th stret of a possible second device. we're told peter doocy of reporting it was a pressure cooker. and authorities not sure if it was an intentional pressure cooker bomb.
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or if it was something that someone thu out a piece of garbage a controlled explosion at the 27th street scene. and a device unable to be used. steve rogers rejoins us. what are the chances someone thu out a pressure cooker tonight? >> exactly. now, i'm concerned because of what i heard the congressman saying. with all due respect to them, sharing with us that well, we know there could be a problem. we don't want to offend people. police have an increased asset. that is the problem we have. we seem to be in this country we're more concerned about
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offending people and i was astonished when the congressman stated police haven't asked for more assets. they've asked for these assets and they asked for equipment. >> someone is actually putting bombs on the streets of new york how do you find that? how do you deal with that? that is one of the challenges of terrorism. >> that is right. and getting back to what the councilman said, trying to describe a profile we have created for terrorists. terrorists are not just going after big crowds now or times squares of the world, they're going after neighborhoods. so what we need to do as has been said repeatedly from our experts and some political people is that every single
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american now has to beaged in the war on terrorism and has to get involved. if something on the internet is being displayed and gets your gut you say there is something wrong, make the call. >> what can someone do, have done tonight for example? it's night time. it's 8:30 at night. there is a dumpster. that happens 10 million times a day m this country. >> the reality is that nothing could have been done tonight. there is probably going to be more situations like this, probably a lot of things cannot be done. at least some attacks may be stopped. some people may be stopped from committing these acts. we're not going to prevent every terrorist attack.
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we can do our best and has been repeated over and over again. what can with done is increased intelligence connection. that has to go down to the local government level. and new york is the best in the country. >> and when i say we, i mean the city of new york because i'm a proud new yorker. just astounding. >> what we've seen there in israel is someone putting a bomb in a garbage can. this guy for 16 years put bombs in theaters and libraries and grand central station. radio city music call.
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15 people were injured in that. thankfully, no one was killed but steve, i mean, it brings a new era in the war on terrorism if someone is doing this. what do you think you're dealing with? a bomb in a dumpster if front of a school for the blind. another 14 blocks north. the guy would have just dumped 14 blocks? how do you think this scenario played out? who do you think is responsible? >> well, forensics are going to tell that story. okay? we need to get forensics done. aanalysis on the bomb making material done in new jersey and new york. there may be no connection to new jersey. >> i just want to say. new jersey means pipe bomb that did go off yesterday morning
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saturday morning just before 5 k run. no one was injured because by the grace of god, no one was running by. this is a target to try to kill innocent american who's support our military. >> exactly. and we might find out there may be a terrorist connected to that. the mayor saying there may be no foreign terrorist connection. in my view, the pressure cooker on 27th street, i believe in my view just on what i'm seeing and hearing may have a connection to the ' on 23 street. sounds like they had to control that detonation in in that bomb. it's good they got it full at that point. they're going to have more evidence that wasn't destroyed in an explosion.
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but the whole point of this has to be what are we going to do to address this problem? we have to be very, very pro active and give our local, federal and state law enforcement agencies every tool they need to fight this war on terrorism. >> it is a war against us. whether we want to admit that or not. shots were fired by a radical islamic terrorist on november 5th, 1990. authorities tried him as a lone gunman, found out he was part of a wider cell. we don't know any connection. no official indication that this is radical islamic terrorism or
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domestic terrorist attack but certainly it is terrorism if you put a bomb on the street of a city and it goes off. steve rogers thank you. if you stay with us i want to go to a special guest. joe conner joins us on the telephone. i have a. >> george washington bid farewell to his troops. represents what we stand for and believe in as americans and there, the faln, the radical revolutionaries detonated a bomb. that bomb killed joe's father, frank, only 32 years old at the time. joe conner has been at the front of dealing with this issue as a victim and advocate against terrorism and he joins us tonight. joe, thank you for calling in. do you fear that we're on the
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cusp of a potential terrorist attack and bombings of the sort that claimed your father's life? >> the way the world is looking now resembles like it did in the 70s. if you recall groups like the weather underground, faln of course that murdered my father, black panthers. there was a wave of cop killings and attacks against police in this country. and at the same time, there was a wave of bombing. we got to a point there were thousands of bombings a year in the u.s. and some were not lethal. and that killed four people in 1975. could have killed more, meant to kill a lot more. but the bomb was moved before it went off. my dad was murdered that day. but we're kind of, it is reminding me of what the world
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was like at that point. it's not a good place. there are a lot of parallels going on here. >> it's very unhinging. to evening, expressed that we used to have bomb drills in my school in the 60s. they'd call in a bomb threat and we'd stand and wait. you mentioned bombs. 1969 to 1970, ready for this? there were, ready? 4330 bombings in new york city. not new york city. >> united states. >> united states. >> like 600 in new york city at one point. 43 people were killed. we have had a state of bombings but immune now, it's come back. >> there is a book called days
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of rage. a bomb went off in a movie theater. the people didn't want to leave. they wanted to watch the end of the movie. so they were becoming immune to bombings. now, we've become opposite. we need to focus on these groups and you know, black lives matter, their connections seems to be a patron saint, she murdered a new jersey cop. >> there is no indication that any group, any political group, black lives matter anything else responsible for anything that happens in new york city tonight. >> that is true. >> as you know, or radical islamic terrorism but sit terrorism. chesamar fled to cuba. someone sells in cuba now. his name is willy morales.
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he lost two hands when putting this bomb together in the bronx. >> he was in queens. >> queens, thank you. and he is under protection of the castros and our president has gone there to cuba and everything is kumbayah. the state department says there has been discussions about extraditing them. do you think this could or would get them back to the united states to face our american justice? >> i hope so. something has got to bring them back. they're down there. morales built the bomb that murdered my father. his comments were released by the clintons in 1999 when hillary was running for senator from new york. >> incarcerated faln defendant. >> yes. yes. so look there has to be a focus on fighting a war, not only on islamic terrorists but all
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terrorists. whether they're puerto rican or muslim. it's not a war against muslims. it's a war against terrorists. terrorism is an idea. an act. terrorists are the people that do it. we need to focus our war against the terrorists no matter where they are. if these people turn out they were terrorists, how many lone wolfs become a pack? we need to give these police all of the tools. we need to allow cia and fbi to talk to each other more and need better information schaeffering and need to be able to have surveillance not only people who committed murders but on suspicion. that includes the mosques and
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they knew morales and carlos torres but they weren't allowed to surveil them. >> that is very controversial. mayor de blasio was elected in part because of that. and if you're targeting a group on religion that is wrong. >> but it's not based solely on religion. these plots are hatched in those areas. a and the people in the mosques know who the bad actors are. we need to be able to talk to those people and find out. it's not a suicide pact here. there are serious people that want to kill us and they're doing it. i don't understand why they're giving considerations to would
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be terrorists before worrying about the safety of the american people. it has to stop. >> joe, final thought. you talk about they want to kill us. someone did tonight. did you think we'd be seeing this again? >> you know, in the last few months and years i would say with cop killings, that is kind of what made me start thinking about it again. that is what started it back then. this was a war on the police. and we're seeing the things, the pigs as they called them. and these bombs. if we don't eradicate these actors they'll come back again. that is what happened. >> joe conner, thank you for coming on tonight and thank you for what you've done through the
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years. you're a victim of terrorism by the faln who killed your father when he was only 33 years old. and i thank you for coming on tonight. >> no need to thank me. i'm just doing what is right. >> bless you. thank you. >> take care. >> brian eunice is on 27th street. where a reported pressure cooker was found. brian, you've got new information? >> hi, eric, yes. about six minutes ago, all cell phones here went off and rang and emergency alert that read suspicious package residents on west 27th stween 6th and 7th stay away from the windows. this is an emergency alert, this is an alert we'd get on perhaps a amber alert or flash flood warning. telling people to stay away from their windows.
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at the time the nypd rushed media to the side here and it sounded to us like a boom. we don't know what that was. given they sent an emergency alert, telling people to stay away from the windows it could mean the bomb squad is there. whether or not it was controlled or not, the fact they're alerting people would presumely lead one to believe they knew there was a suspicious package there. a pressure cooker. whether or not it was an explosive, we do not know. from what peter doocy has been reporting we know the second possible explosive is a pressure cooker. the alert goes out. telling people to stay away from windows. we heard a boom before that alert came ut. we saw an alert on twitter, too. a very active scene here on 27th street. this is a residential area as well. people do live here in the chelsea neighborhood.
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it's a fair point to say that this is midtown manhattan. we're 15 blocks south of times square but there are cafes and pharmacies and bars here, people were enjoying their saturday night. we're now talking about an over four-hour affair that began with an explosion atñi 8:30 p.m. on and sixth four blocks south of here. we have folks that described a loud explosion with smoke and said somebody said they saw a fireball. at 11:00 we're alerted to a apossible second device here on 27th between sixth and seventh. police have been here. an explosive containment vehicle showed up, came in, and then, came out. and the containment vehicle is designed to be able to hold an explosive device, to be able to hold the force of an explosion. we don't know whether or not
9:49 pm
there was a device inside but we do know it went in and minutes later, it left. >> brian, there are now multiple reports that there was a device that it appeared to be, include a cell phone. so you're dealing with a remote controlled device that could be controlled with a cell phone. that is classic terrorist type of device that is manufactured. whether that is part of a pressure cooker peter doocy reported or the device before, some type of device with a cell phone, that certainly would indicatororist -- indica indicate terrorist implications. >> wow. that is incredible information that there was a cell phone there. exactly. the fact they sent out this alert they wanted people to be aware of that here.
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it was interesting to give people a sense of secured area. the four blocks around this area, people were able to walk up and down here 27th on 7th avenue but it is a walk up and 7th avenue, so clearly a suspicious package of some type, they believed, they pushed people away from the windows. what we're seeing on the scene here, because this is what we have got, it's just vehicles, i think they purposely put them there to block our view, but this is where it's happening right now, and the police are just standing here at this opponent. we don't know anything more than what you are reporting here on the ground. only that we did hear that sound, 25, 30 minutes ago at this point when they moved us. >> let me point out from -- engine 44 lost one of its
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firefighters on 9/11. now these brave men and women are back dispatched at the site of a another potential terrorist attack here in new york city. kevin berry joins us on the telephone, he's a former head supervisor of the bomb squad in new york city. when you hear about a report of a pressure cooker, multiple reports of some sort of device with a cell phone attached. walk us through what that is, what it means and the significance of this. >> i think we seed the trend at this point to be international terrorism. it certainly has the earmarks of it. the cell phone, the pressure cooker, certainly bring us into the international realm at this point. >> and while you say that? because that's the pattern that they use? >> the pressure cookers are used
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overseas very rededly. as common as cell phones are to the u.s., pressure cooker device overseas are that common in that market over there. we have not seen that here since i don't think since boston, since the bombing at the marathon. >> did they use, the they use a fire -- >> they used a commercially produced firework, there's the capability of using that with an electronic debt tornatonation, s the potential for the power of the explosion. >> earlier today, saturday morning, there was a pipe bomb,
9:53 pm
there was a confirmed people bomb in new jersey that targeted the marine 5k run, that could have been a pressure cooker, we were told it was a pipe bomb. any connection based on your gut? two different types of devices, potentially? >> totally two types of devices. is there a connection? there's always a possibility. could there be different cells activated remote by the internet, very good possibility. but the fact that you also have the bomb squad bringing the total containment vessel, there's a possibility they may have removed something already that was suspect. >> what do they do with that? that's a part in the bronx, where they would take a bomb and detonate it. why would they have controlled
9:54 pm
detonation on seventh street, does that destroy all the evidence? >> what they're doing is using a controlled explosion, which means is low in place, that is to disrupt any electronic circuits, if there were cell phones involved, they could have used jamming which they have the capability of doing. >> when you see a pressure cooker rigged with wires and a cell phone, this is what al qaeda has put out there on the internet and put up in their magazine "inspire." potentially anybody can do this because you can go out to your local hardware store and get these type of materials. is there any way to prevent a guy at night putting a pressure cooker bomb in a bargain can? how can we stop it?
9:55 pm
>> it's very difficult if not impossible to stop it. we have to go back to that phrase, if you see something, do something. they have been doing that in the uk in britain for the past 40 years, they used to have advertisements there on the subway there, the metro in london. if you see something, say something. the public in the united states has to be aware of that. and hopefully that will bring us to a break in a case or a possible plot and prevent it. >> how do we crack this, they have the service video, they put out what they see and maybe they get a phone call? >> they have a lot now since 9/11, the capabilities have been enhanced since 9/11, there's a good possibility of that. but the forensics, for the recovery of the scene at the device, the components, all that will come into play. >> what all are they looking
9:56 pm
for? as the former head o bomb squad. >> i wasn't the head. i was a detective there. they're going to recover everything besides video forensic evidence, evidence about the device, fingerprints, dna, anything that they can regarding the construction of the ied? >> will a bombmaker use gloves? will will will willie morales. didn't he actually shave down his fingerprints? >> they actually had him in the bomb factory and making the devices and that led to his arrest. the sad situation is that two detectives in new york were seriously injured in 1982 on new year's eve.
9:57 pm
they are still suffering from their injuries and the people involved in that event were actually pardoned by the former president of the united states. >> you're talking about the filn conflicts and their released during bill clinton's race. he's been very outspoken about that. just a couple of minutes left. >> it just so happened, with my induction to major bombings in new york. >> major bombings in new york. i have raised this earlier this evening, if they don't catch who did this, i don't want to be too alarmist, but we've got to be careful, and we have got to be aware, the '70s are back and we have got this kind of stuff. >> this may be a wave, new york
9:58 pm
as you know, is the capital of the world when it comes to international bombing. >> we thank the men and women of the bomb squad. think about this, you see something on the street, it's a bomb. who comes in that vest and the protective helmet in order to try to not have it detonate on the street of new york, but to take it apart. it's the brave men and women of the bomb squads across the country, we thank you for your service to try and protect us from this as we have seen tonight. recapping tonight in our coverage, an explosive device obviously, reports say a pressure cooker has been found with wires and a cell phone attached, indicating that a terrorist or terrorists are now targeting us to kill us by putting bombs on the streets of our cities.
9:59 pm
here's new york city mayor bill de blasio earlier this evening. >> there's been a very serious incident. all elements of our first responders have been a part of the operation here. this was an intentional act. all hands are on deck, injuries are significant. there is no evidence of terrorism, no threat against new york city at any point in time from any terror organization. a second site as we speak, is being treated by nypd. >> well reports now say as you've been reporting, that second site found a pressure cooker, potential bomb with a cell phone attached, a controlled explosion, possibly taking that out. again, potentially two explosive devices, on the streets of new york, on a saturday night, bringing back the bombings of the flan, the bombing in '85
10:00 pm
that killed 18 people. that killed this way of life ushering in a new era of terrorism. thank you for joining us. i'm greg gut felt, now with it's original scent. the polls are tightening, things are tightening. what are we protesting these days? let's get started america, i'm breaking in a new sponge tonight.


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