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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  September 18, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> james because scannen? is that who you are going with? 1856. >> is that a hint? i will take it. that is all time we have, check out our podcast. >> hello, everyone, welcome to "inside america's election headquarters." >> hello, everyone, topping the news this hour the search for more clues and suspect who put two bomb on the streets of new york city with the aim to kill. who did it? why? now the intense focus for investigators as 24 hours later that manhattan neighborhood is getting back to normal. all the blast capped a day of scary scenes starting in new jersey, a pipe bomb exploded as thousands of runners were set to stream past. in minnesota isis-related media
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now claiming a role behind the terrorist stabbing spree in a mall this. three attacks in the span of one day, and we have all the latest on the developing stories. >> we start with fox news alert a massive investigation is underway at this hour here in new york city. after a bomb rocked a bustling neighborhood last night, injuring 29 people, in the chelsea area of manhattan. authorities later using a robot to remove a second device, discovered only blocks arm. the mayor de blasio vowing to leave no stone unturned. >> this was an intentional act, i reaffirm what i said, we do not know the motivation, we do not know the nature of it and we are not take any opening off the table the i want no one clear. all possible theories of what has happened and how it checks will be looked at. >> brian is at the scene with the latest.
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>> arthel, as an exam of show you how active this crime scene is, moments ago to my right you see a subaru vehicle. about 5 or 10 minutes ago police went to the vehicle and alarms were going off and taking photos and they put yellow police tape around it. we are a third of a mile away from where the blast happened unusually, the only blast, on 2 23rd tweet 6th and 7th. we saw two fire trucks go by with firefighters the search for clues, showing you how active the crime scene is where the bomb blast occurred last night. we will also have video, as well, the new video from 39th and madison, this is a vehicle that the f.b.i. and new york police department counterterrorism units are look at a toyota camera with tlc or taxi license plates. it looks like the vehicle is
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just under worked, problemmen glass, accidents on the side of the vehicle and we cannot independently confirm with authorities in the vehicle in what way it was attached to the investigation but clearly it is of interest. it looks as in it has the shrapnel wounds and the hallmarks of a vehicle that clearly looks like it could have been hurt in a blast. we do not know. they were speaking to spun but we do not know who or how they of involved. again, examples of just how active the crime scene is. they saw photos and we were showing photos of the dumpster where the device was placed last night, and to see the slap neither and the glass, businesses through, remember, this explosion was so loud that people from blocks away felt it and heard night their apartments, a deafening sound, and mayor de blasio and officials are saying they do not know what the motivation is, whether it is political or what not but the governor came out
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and said he believes this is a terrorist act in some respect. take a listen. >> it depends on your definition of terrorism. a bomb exploding in new york is obviously an act of terrorism but it is not linked to international terrorism. in other words we find no isis connection, et cetera. >> no signs of international terrorism and a quick thing the second device felt, the pressure cooker is scheduled to be detonated between north 30th at new york police department firing range, a will control detonation, the power cooker found between 6th and 7th an active crime scene in manhattan 24 hours, then, since the blast. >> arthel? >> you are right. i happen to be three blocks arm and i heard it and i felt the
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explosion, as well. >> thank you for the great coverage. terrorism strategics right here at home. all the file in the heartland said the knife attack that left nine injured is a possible act of terrorism. the attacker witnesses was asking one of the victims if he was a muslim and went on a bloody stabbing rampage at the cross roads mall before he was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer. this is isis who has been claiming responsibility, and claiming that the suspect was "a soldier of the islamic state," and federal investigators are digging into the background. here is much more from our west coast bureau. >> yes, isis related media chairman responsibility in the knife attack in minnesota according to counterterrorism officials, the source has been credible in the past but what is unclear in there was contact with islamic state or was it just inspired by isis. the file will not go this yet
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saying only this is a poe material act of terrorism. the joint terrorism task force is doing the session with the st. cloud police department and they have located the suspect's car and searched two apartments concluded to him. we know he was dressed lick aist security guard and armed with a knife. once in the crossroads mall he pulled out the knife and starting stabbing people and he asked a victim if he was a muslim. witnesses also told police that the attacker said something about allah. he lived in st. cloud but only a few contacts with police and now his entire background is being reviewed. >> we are currently investigating this as a potential act of terrorism. i do say potential, this is a lot we do not know and we do not at this point in time know whether the subject was in contact with, had sectionor connections with, was inspired by a gone terrorist organization.
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>> the suspect stabbed nine people before an off-duty police officer just doing shopping shot and killed him five minutes after the first 9/11 call with seven men and two william injured, and seven are in the hospital and the officer are is hailed "hero," as the attacker lurchinged at him three times. >> truly not for his actions it would have been worse. i had an opportunity to speak to him half an hour ago and he clearly prevented adele injuries and potential loss of life through the heroic actions. we can tell you in minneapolis, it has been the center of recent investigations, several looking at the large muslim somali community. a few months ago three were convicted of terror-related charges getting a total of nine con voices. sit has done a last recruiting in minneapolis area and it trends to be seen to there is a
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connection. >> thank you. they will find out about all of that. >> arthel? >> all of beaches have now reopened in the new jersey shore town where a pipe bomb exploded. officials say that the device went off in a plastic garbage can in seaside park on the route for the charity race benefiting marines. no one was injured. new jersey governor chris christie speaking to fox news sunday about what three believed was the motivation. >> it is clearly an act of terrorism and we do not know who is responsible. is it domestic source? foreign source? we do not know the but it was done intentionally. to try to terrorize the people of new jersey. >> governor christie saying that state police have promising leads but no suspect. yet. all the bombing in new york city street is getting a lot of attention from the u.n. the u.n. is preparing to host leaders from around the globe for the
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annual general assembly meeting. the bomb went off less than a mile away. they are always assessing security in the complex and point out the security outside is the responsibility of host country, that mans us, the new york police department and federal authorities. this is while president obama is preparing, we are told to touch down soon at new york's john f. kennedy airport right this hour ahead of the u.n. meeting. he will speak tonight in a democratic fundraiser before he makes the final address at president to the general assembly and that is set for tuesday. of course there is a range of issue from syria and isis, terrorism, and, of course, north korea is continuing their nuclear tests. >> the candidates for the white house remarking last night were on the bombing in new york as police seven for a motive and a suspect, hillary clinton and donald reflecting their personal and
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particular still. donald trump telling what he thinks the first chance he got, what he thought. >> i must tell you that just before i got off the plane a bomb went off in new york. no one knows exactly what is going on. but, we are living in a time we better get tough, folks, get veries very tough. it just happened. >> hillary clinton more measured in her reaction but she quickly hit donald trump for getting ahead of the investigation and saying we need to learn more. >> it always is wiser to rate until you have information because we are just in the beginning statements of trying to determine. >> she followed up remarks with a statement that condemn the the attacks in minnesota, new jersey
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and new york and praising first responders. >> syrian war planes and special forces were regaining ground against isis after united states coalition airstrikes mistakenly targeted assad's government troops and what it means for fragile cease-fire and our forces in the region. >> right now investigators are work non-top to find out who did this, and why. multiple exploded bombs to provide clues and we will have the latest details on the bombings in new york and in new jersey straight ahead. >> i came out and i heard, boom, boom. and everything started shaking. there was big mounts of smoke and people started running and i started running with them. at safelite, we know how busy life can be.
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>> from america's election headquarters the race for the white house was nearly tied and several key swing states. hillary clinton and donald trump are nearly tied for favorability and that according to the latest fox news poll. look at that, it shows 45% of likely voters hold a favorable view of mrs. clinton and 54% do not. 44% view donald trump favorably and the same number, 44% do not. we breakdown the number from the washington bureau. >> well, this gives you an idea of how tight race is, with the average donald trump and hillary clinton dead even at 44% with 51 days until election day but despite the surge, there is
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underlying voter attitude that tend to favor hillary clinton. curing to fox news polls released this morning, 61% of likely voters say she qualified to be president and only 45% say trump is qualified and the issue of temperament, 54% say she has the right temperament to be effective as commander and only 38% say the same of trump. and they are both off the trail but this morning their running makes were front and center, and mike pence tried to put the birther issue to rest saying it is over. flatout. >> this is not what the american people are talking about. donald trump put this issue to an end yesterday in washington. all the democrat tim kaine told fox news sunday, that it is not over and he had several questions for donald trump. >> what i hope someone will ask, when did you that for 45 -- five years did you believe that to be
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true? then how gullible are you? how bizarrely con spire forial are you? >> hillary clinton tomorrow is in pennsylvania and donald trump is in florida where according to a new reuters polls donald trump would win in the electrics -- election were held today. >> thank you. there is no evidence of an international terrorism connection with this incident. but it is very, very early in the investigation. it and just starting. >> nor governor cuomo there and making remarks regarding the explosion that realitied the new york city neighborhood as investigators work to find out who was behind the blast, surveillance video from the business capturing the moment of impact as people scrambled for
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cover. formals have not fond any link yet between the bombing and international terror groups but are not taking any options off the tail the video a former c.i.a. operative. mike, what kind of early concludes have you put together as a former c.i.a. operative? >> well, the first conclusion is, unfortunately, what i reach after any time this is an incident like this, it is that the public unfortunately is becoming accustomed to or desirous of immediate answers and that is now how these things work. right after the explosion in which will see, last night, there was to desire to immediately say, okay, is it isis? al-qaeda? what is going on, and the truth is you have to let the vehiclive process play out and that taxis some time and it is not
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satisfying for most people who are coon to know impact what is going on. >> as we let that investigative -- investigation play out, what be the f.b.i. and new york police department and joint task forces search for? >> right after the incident, obviously, they seal off the area and it budgets a very heavy lift. you have bomb people and friends evening people and people from the bureau and others and they are this and what are they doing? picking up every possible piece of evidence the you are gathering up any trends of the possible explosive device, you are checking anything that could have residue, collecting all of the footage that you can get from the area. you are getting witness statements. shrapnel. whatever it can be. as first responders, at the same time, taking care of the wounded.
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you do that. all that work, you cannot replace that. you cannot rush. every investigation is built on a firm foundation. you always have to work from, what do we know? you build up from there. you do not start with speculation. all that work will tell us would the purpose trailers are, what their links are, is this a connection to international terrorism, is this domestic terrorism or a not job who is pursuing a delusional idea? again, it all comes out of those investigations. you look at the material from the explosive device and what can that tell you? it can tell you the points of origins, the items where they purchased and you can be led to the people who purchased items with certain credit cards and this has continue the upon. >> we will do a re-cap, mike, of what happened this past weekend, last from days. last night, 8:00 people, stabbing of nine people at
3:22 pm
crossroads mall in minnesota and inspired by isis, isis cameing him "a soldier of the islamic state," and we have a bomb spreading at start of a 5k charity race benefiting marines in seaside park, new jersey, at 9:30 on saturday morning and of course last night, 8:30 p.m., a pressure cooker with components indicative of i.e.d. according to the new york police commissioner. what is the implication on fight of terrorism, whether it was separate or in they end up being somehow related? >> in they are related and the common thread is that all of the perpetrators are claiming allegiance to the state or to muslim extremist and jihadism, whether there is an al-qaeda element, obviously, that is that thread. we have the indication from the minnesota stabbing incident, where at left there is some
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claim of responsibility, and that needs to bevicted and that is what they are doing. but as far as the pipe bomb in new jersey and its relationship to the explosion in chelsea, again, it would be wrong of me to speculate and get ahead of ourselves on this. all i can say, in it is of any comfort to the public, unfortunately, the local state and federal authorities is a great deal of experience at this stage in carrying out the investigations. there are no better people capable doing this. the new jersey and new york forces in particular, have a great deal of expertise. we will gettances but it is not satisfying when we want the answers immediately. >> mike baker, we leave you this. >> a m ago we talked about the polls and we will tell you more about those, what do voters take of the presidential candidates'ing with for the oval office?
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we look into what people want, and what they do taught want and we will break it down. the america city right now, tone, a thousand state police and national guard members are on patrol. added to the police force, to prevent that from happening again. this is the new new york city police commissioner and you know it is his second day on the job and reassuring the public this attack will be solveed. >> new york city residents can rest assured we will get to the bottom of this. we not discounting anything at this point. we are in the process of a complex investigation to determine who did this and why they did this.
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>> more activity in the investigation of the bomb. and now, down the block from where the bomb exploded last night. what is going on? >> yes, we are on 23rd and 5th it explode between 6th and 7th and half an hour ago we told you the police starting gather an interest in a subaru, green outback, 30' behind me. what you see now is not the subaru but what is an new york police department fat bed tow truck with a fancy cover over it with the black cover so you cannot see. it theres or appears they could be putting that vehicle on to the flatbed. the vehicle of course was close to where the media is. they have not pushed the media back so it is showing you the kind of active scene we are seeing. they are leaving no stone
3:30 pm
unturned as they look for the type of evidence for clues as to who is responsible for the blast. we will bring you more developments and the outback looks like it is about to be put on a flatbed in the last half hour. an active investigation. >> i know that it is mcing the subaru but could you see in a new jersey plates on the subaru? yes, they are new jersey plates. yes. >> that potentially could be significant. >> it could, yes. >> exactly because of bombing at 9:30 in the morning yesterday, and following this and we do not want do draw any specific conclusions but authorities obviously have a great interest in the vehicle for some reason so we will get back to you as soon use get some more. >> we continuing with the story, federal, state and local law enforcementment involved in a massive investigation to find out would planted the bomb in
3:31 pm
addition to the second bomb that was unexploded pressure cooker type device that was just a few blocks away. peter doocy is covering that part of the story from one police plaza new york police department headquarters. what do you have peter? >> we know that people or the person or the people responsible in the bombing last night is still out there. somewhere the lawmakers in new york are concerned enough about the possible of a repeat of another bombing or bombings that the governor cuomo announced starting tomorrow he is sending the national guard to protect the soft targets. >> to err on the side of caution we will deploy close to an additional thousand new york state police and national guard people to police the bus terminal, armies and subway stays.
3:32 pm
again. just to err on the side of caution and i want new yorkers to be confident when they go back to work on monday. >> this new supreme court posture is after weekend spent analyzing an unexpected i.e.d. that was detonated in a controllen environment by authorities who also pours over surveillance video from a pair of crime scenes in manhattan neighbor last night. police sources tell us yesterday that shortly after the blast that sent 29 people to the hospital, someone placed a suspicious sunday -- 9-1-1 call i am looking at the explosion there will be more and that does not mean in the eyes of authorities there is an official claim of responsibility, yet. >> right now we do mutt have enough information to make any no one am concludes.
3:33 pm
>> and political and social motivation but we had a bombing last night at 23rd and street and a suspicious device at 27th street. all the fire department did not find any structural damage in the building near blast but there was certainly a lot broken glass a lot of people were freaked out and an area witness who specific to reporters said she spent time in iraq and when she heard last night in chelsea sound like something she heard in that country a few years back. >> thank you, pier, for the -- peter, for the update. eric? >> now, america's election headquarters and brand new fox polls. they reach beyond the race between hillary clinton and donald trump. digging into the voters more personal beliefs. offer all they appeared to want new leadership but they are uneasy about trump. for example, when asked would they feel is the most qualified, 61% said hillary clinton and 43%
3:34 pm
said donald trump on would had the temperament to serve, 59% said hillary clinton and 38% say trump. what does it mean? we have seen your writer joining us. the temperament issue is weighing. >> it is huge. it should be an election year for donald trump and half the voters want a change from a democratic administration, that would be a republican candidate, a change would be someone who is an outsider like donald trump or perceive as outside are like donald trump and he has not been a politician before. but, as you mentioned, those are two critical issues not seen as qualified, a large majority of voters do not see him as qualified or as having temper meant to be president and they see that in hillary clinton. that is detrimental to donald trump and it is hard to imagine not impossible, of course but
3:35 pm
hard to imagine someone where 60 % of voters say the person does not have the temper meant to the president getting elected. that is a battle for trump. >> say have said that he is a new trump since kellyanne con way has come on board. is that working or according to the positives maybe not? he seeps to be softer. >> it is tightening the race according to questions of temperament but the polls have tighted since kellyanne conway and he is more on message but it is hard to keep it consistent the we had the presidential front runner, the candidate on the republican side, donald trump, tweeting negative things about a new york times we columnist which is not stay on message or the temperament you would expect in a presidential candidate. it is hard to keep donald trump focused entirely. kellyanne conway has done a good job, has done the best one can
3:36 pm
to do try to keep trump on message but trump be donald trump and when the weekend coulds along he will be tweeting what he wants to tweet. >> on the other side, hillary clinton, a lot people are tired of the clintons, according to the fox news poll, 47% are tired of former president clinton and his wife. >> what does thai 10? >> that should be an advantage to the republicans and this is no question that almost any other republican would be able capitalize on that and probable would be leading but donald trump's issues as we have mentioned are not appear to be qualified or having right temperament, and that has mitigated the anti-clinton feeling so he should be able to capitalize on it and it is not clear he is able to. the image he left that he is unqualified and does not have the temperament, that is an issue he has been fighting the
3:37 pm
entire general election. >> as you now, he would say high has the temper minute but can he convince the majority of people according to the polls? >> so far, he hasn't. i have not seen the numbers change. maybe he can do this in the last six or seven weeks but that is hard to imagine. people's image is baked into the cake at this point so we will see. >> we will see. >> thank you, jimmy, always good to see you. just a few more weeks to go. >> in the campaign, election fraud has become an issue on both sighs of the aisle especially after the suspected habs this summer of voting systems in arizona and illinois and we will look at the possibility of hacking of voting machines. we show you the professor who took this four dollar computer chip and showed us how he was able to change the votes in a voting condition in a test. election officials insist it can not happen in real life because of machine security but prefer
3:38 pm
disagrees saying he swapped owe the computer trip for the one he programmed. >> i hacked the advantage voting machine, you open the door, you unscrew end screws, you pry out a memory chip you put in a new memory chip, screw the screws back in, and and it took seven minutes. you watch and decide. the company said it is not reliable. it is 8:00 people on special "special report," right here. >> we will watch for that special report. all the united states expressing its regrets for a coalition air streak that mistakenly killed dozens of syrian troops. and what it noons for the fight against isis and the shaky cease-fire brokered by the issue and russia. plus, fox news is bringing you continuous coverage of the bombing here in new york city and investigators still
3:39 pm
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3:44 pm
navy captain bob wells federal advisor to dick cheney vice president. >> the united states defense officials saying the strike appears to be intelligence failure. let's start there. a lot of information is gathered and the question put it clearly putting -- looking at it for some time. an isis area, east of aleppo or damascus, and these things occur were we do not know exactly where the syrian forces may be, and that is a little bit of the fog of war with regard to target ing and the president in materials of regret never likes to see the loss of life that is not something that is good and, also, it was unintentional, the united states doesn't target allies or combatants that are
3:45 pm
still working for the same objective we are to defeat isis. >> russia already is using this accident as propaganda and it seems as though russia was okay with a coordinated fight in syria and now, russia is questioning whether washington is helping isis in their for it against the assad government and proposing that the airstrike was designed to derail the deal, the cease-fire we are talking about the agreement in this civil war there in syria. having said all of that how much more complicated did this situation just get? >> it complicated things with regard to the relationship of the russian federation and the broader syria effort. it is an should proposition, the russian federation on man different legals, they are testing us and this is another example of a test. they difficulty cleaverly, and they have the u.n. and a
3:46 pm
competent diplomat a leader at the russian federation that called this emergency, u.n. security meeting, last evening and our ambassador smoke well with regard to the absurdity and the russians have been doing this the last two months, particularly, and most recently with the g-20 and most recently two weeks the cybersecurity and they are looking for a way to chip away the american influence. >> is it working? >> it is not working with regard to american resolve. the united states has to look at a future strategy chinese, iranians and north koreans and the counter terrorism effort and isis all part of our ongoing military strategy and the russians back, and we have to have our "a" game and we have to
3:47 pm
play power politics, we have to think of the chess game opposed to the check are game that comes with the russian at the u.n. security council the last couple of days. so much that the president...who knows in the president address this situation you just played out in the no one am address before the u.n. general assembly come on tuesday, or, perhaps, in the private meetings he will have here in new york. captain wells i do have to will be threat and i appreciate your time, sir. >> thank you. >> arthel, new york governor cuomo today said that, yes, the bomb here in new york city was terrorism. the new york mayor deb will not use that word and calls it crime fall. coming up, what investigators are looking at as some wonder if we are running to the unsettled er amount of terrorist street bombings carried out in the name of radical causes.
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[ clock titime. ] you only have so much. that's why we wanna make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all... we should fit into your life. [ laughing ] not the other way around. [ clock ticking ] the bottom line on this is, number one, whoever placed these bombs, we will find and they will be brought to justice. period. >> that is new york governor andrew cuomo saying the explosion that injured 29 people
3:52 pm
here in new york city was an obviously, he said, act of terrorism. but he adds there appears to be no evidence yet linking it tonight terrorism. police have set said it was a pressure cooker bomb detonated like the device during the boston marathon that killed three people and wounded more than 260 three years ago. so is last night the work of a terrorist self radicalized or part of a plot. joining me part of the new york anti-terrorism task force who has been on this beat for a couple of decades, bob. >> a few decades. >> we've covered this for years. but in this case, there is a wealth of evidence recovered. we have the pressure cooker from the garbage can on the street and what does that mean and what are they looking at? that could really help authorities. >> they are trying to tie and make sure there is not any
3:53 pm
connections. rule things out. and so far they have cell phones that are similar and they could trace those back and look at exactly what the bombs were made of, the ingredients and things they purchased and could they track back to identify where they were bought. so they are going to look at each of those forensically and individually and then try to tie them together. >> they also talk about the powder, like the black powder leaves a white smoke. why is that significant? >> well, because you could only buy that at a certain location. so that is one of the things that is going to be easy to identify when you look and see where it was purchased, when it was purchased and how it was purchased. was it cash, was it online? and that is a good investigative lead for the police. >> could they track back some powder? could they analyze is chemically and figure out what it is and where it came from and when it was made? >> absolutely. and that is what they did already in this short time and they are able to track it to the company that manufactured now, now they have to track it to the person who bought it. >> what does your gut say about
3:54 pm
this, or is it too early to tell? >> it is too early to tell. but i could tell you, things are changing. we've moved away from the institutional bombings, the huge events and taken it to another level, the smaller and one-offs that are at remotion locations. this is thisn't penn station or port authority, need are side streets in new jersey in a quiet area that is very difficult to get to. it is actually an island. there is only a few bridges to get over. the good news is you could rerun the cctv and talk to the witnesses and put together a pretty about picture. and you're going to see exactly who was there at that time. and hopefully both in the city and in new jersey, they'll be able to back-track and identify who was involved. and again, whether it was related, who knows. but it was in the same day, 80 miles apart and there is an awful lot of coincidence here. >> and do you fear or is there a
3:55 pm
possibility that we're returning to the era of the street bombings. remember back in the 60s, 70s and 80s and flan and the france bombing in 1975 or so, the bombing at will yla gartia airpd we had bomb scares and is there a return to that era because we have been so immune. it has been so rare to have a bomb go off in a street in an american city recently. >> eric, you remember, when we were kids we had the bomb drills and we go under the desk or outside. and i think what is happening, is we're very different now. remember the ring of steel. that is in lower manhattan. so you have cct cameras all over and it is difficult for someone to place a bomb and get away with it today. even all over the city you have cc tv in private sector and alleys and you could track down individuals and identify them. so from a law enforcement
3:56 pm
perspective today, it is difficult and harder. >> that is good news and hopefully they'll get a break in the case. bob stran. >> good to see you. >> and we'll be right back. every day starts better with a healthy smile. start yours with philips sonicare, the no.1 choice of dentists. compared to oral-b 7000, philips sonicare flexcare platinum removes significantly more plaque. this is the sound of sonic technology cleaning deep between teeth. hear the difference? get healthier gums in just 2 weeks vs a manual toothbrush
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i'm eric shawn. >> and i'm arthel neville. thanks for joining us but stay right here. harris faulkner is up next with "the fox report." we begin with a fox urgent -- three scenes of terror and news unfolding on all of them at this hour. i'm harris faulkner and this is "the fox report." new york, new jersey and minnesota and explosions and mass stabbings a surreal mass of violence in the last 24 hours. let's begin on the east coast where fox news is told the explosive device found in seaside park and new york city are believed to be from the same person. the new york police department commissioner said investigators are leaving no stone unturned. >> right now we're not discounting anything at this point. and again, we're in the process of acomplex investigation determine who did this


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