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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  September 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> and i'm arthel neville. thanks for joining us but stay right here. harris faulkner is up next with "the fox report." we begin with a fox urgent -- three scenes of terror and news unfolding on all of them at this hour. i'm harris faulkner and this is "the fox report." new york, new jersey and minnesota and explosions and mass stabbings a surreal mass of violence in the last 24 hours. let's begin on the east coast where fox news is told the explosive device found in seaside park and new york city are believed to be from the same person. the new york police department commissioner said investigators are leaving no stone unturned. >> right now we're not discounting anything at this point. and again, we're in the process of acomplex investigation determine who did this and why
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they did this. >> next, in minnesota, about an hour's drive outside of minneapolis where a knife-wielding savage went after people at a popular shopping mall. a claim of responsibility by the islamic state terror army, but police are telling people not to draw any conclusions as they work to gather the facts. here is what we know. that suspect had encounters with police officers on three different occasions, minor traffic violations and they did not arrest him but they had met him before. we have fox team coverage on all of this. dan spring ser standing by with the latest on minnesota. but first to bryan llenas and bryan police are looking at connection between the explosions in two locations. >> reporter: that is exactly right. our rick levin thall reports that a law enforcement source tells him that the same person who put that bomb inside of that trash can in seaside park two hours south on the jersey shore is the same person who put the bomb just down this avenue right
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now. but just to give you a sense of where i'm at. i'm on 23rd and 5th avenue, an avenue away from where the blast happened and this is an active crime scene. they are still looking for the person or persons involved. and let's go behind me. you are now seeing an nypd flatbed, that is a tow truck and behind that was a green subaru outback with new jersey license plate. we've seen investigators that have been looking at shrapnel wounds on that car, puncture wounds on the car and investigators have put on their white investigative crime scene unit suits in the last five minutes. they've been looking at keying in on that specific vehicle now for the last -- i would say about the last hour. that is what we could bring you from this crime scene. before that, earlier this afternoon, a black toyota camry, the fbi looking at a black toyota camry parked on 39th and
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madison. that vehicle had shrapnel on the left side. presumably from the explosion. the fbi and the counter-terrorism units were at that vehicle interviewing somebody but we do not know who that person was. again, more evidence of how active this crime scene is just about less than 24 hours from when the explosion went off. we also know that governor andrew cuomo and the mayor have been touring the scene earlier this morning. they saw the dumpster in which the explosion took place. the explosion to powerful that people heard it from blocks and avenues away and shock their apartment and glass everywhere. and the mayor bill de blasio did not want to say jump and say they knew the motivation but all he said it was this was an in tensional act and did not want to taye they knew anything -- stay whether or not this was terrorist-motivated. but governor cuomo said this about perhaps the motivation behind this bomb. >> now, it depends on your
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definition of terrorism. a bomb exploding in new york is obviously a act of terrorism, but it is not linked tonight terrorism. in other words, we find no isis connection, et cetera. >> reporter: that second device found on four blocks away from hereby, the appreciapressure co been detonated in the bronx at an nypd range. harris. >> on this last weekend of summer people have big plans and events going on but jittery nerves here in new new jersey, minnesota and all over really. so is there anything that they stepped up to keep everybody safe? what is different at this point? >> reporter: a thousand plus of national guardsmen and police authorities are now all throughout the city as a precaution. the governor said that new yorkers should go about their daily lives but be vigilant. we are seeing hercules teams,
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men that are heavily armed and the united nations general assembly is happening this week already the most secure event of the year in new york city and the mayor said expect this to be the most secure and the most nypd presence that new yorkers have really ever seen. harris. >> bryan llenas, thank you very much. and let's move on to the attack at a shopping mall in suburban minneapolis, minnesota. a man with a knife put nine people in the hospital and was reportedly making references to allah and asked one victims about religion. are you muslim. an off-duty police officer became a hero in that. in the city of st. cloud, here is the mayor. >> to me, in watching it, it looks like a training video for the law enforcement, what law enforcement should do. clearly he made a decision and if not for him being there, clearly this would have been much worse than it was. >> dan springer is following this investigation from our west coast news hub.
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and dan, the latest now on the investigation and decidedly they are saying this officer really saved a lot of lives. >> yeah, absolutely, harris, good evening. isis has claimed responsibility. the fbi and the joint terrorism task force is taking the lead. this is being called the potential act of terrorism. and they have impounded the suspects car and searched two apartments connected to him. the attack happened around 8:00 at the shopping mall in st. cloud, minnesota, about an hour outside of minneapolis. witnesses say a man dressed as a private security guard took a knife and stabbed people, as many people as he could. he managed to injure nine people, seven men and two women before an off-duty officer shot and killed him. that officer being called a hero tonight because he took down the suspect as he was being lunged at three times. >> truly, if not for his actions, things would have been worse. had an opportunity to speak to him about half an hour ago. he clearly prevented additional
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injuries and potentially loss of life through his heroic actions. >> reporter: and three of the victims are still in the hospital. their conditions are said to be nonlife-threatening, harris. >> so what about the suspect? what do we know? >> reporter: well police are not releasing his name. we do know that he lived in the area. he did have three separate contacts with law enforcement, all minor traffic violations. the islamic state is calling him one of their soldiers. they released a statement through isis-related media. counter-terrorism officials say the source has been credible in the past but it is increasingly taking responsibility for attacks which really have not been direced by isis but rather just lone wolf attacks inspired by radical muslim. and they wouldn't say if the knife attacker is on a terror watch list but they are digging into every aspect of his life. police aren't confirming that he is part of the large somali community in the area but leaders of that community held a
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news conference to denounce the act. here is what they said. >> the news of the st. cloud mall was shocking to the friends and relatives and the community of the deceased. >> reporter: the fbi has conducted several terror investigations into the minneapolis area because isis has done heavy recruiting there. in fact, three months ago three somali men were found guilty of terror-related charges. >> and that adds to a long list there. thank you very much, dan. we move on. the presidential candidates are reacting to all it. hillary clinton and donald trump delivering swift comments right after the explosions in manhattan injured people last night. >> just before i got off the plane, a bomb went off in new york and nobody knows exactly what is going on. but boy, we are living in a time -- we better get very tough, folks, we better get very, very tough. >> we'll do everything we can to support our first responders,
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and pray for the victims and i'll have more to say about it when we actually know some facts. >> and as the investigation in three states now continues to come together, hillary clinton's team released a new statement a couple of hours ago and here is part of it and notice the nuance here. i strongly condemn the apparent terrorist attacks in minnesota, new jersey, new york. i pray for all of those who were wounded and for their families. one again, we saw the bravery of our first responders who run toward danger to help others. their quick actions saved lives, end quote. trump reached out with a tweet. would you like to express my warmest regards and condolences to all of the families and victims of the horrible bombing in nyc. joining me is john rodgers and a retired lieutenant commander for the office of naval and good to see you and i want to start with hillary clinton's statement because i mentioned the nuance
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and i didn't get to it. she went on to say, with what happened in minnesota, isis has claimed responsibility for the attack in minnesota and this should steel our resolve to protect our country and defeat isis and other terror groups. i have a plan -- a counter-terrorism plan to do just that. does she have access to something that maybe we haven't heard about yet. that seems to be a shift? >> i don't believe so. look, she had her opportunity when she was secretary of state to deal with isis. we know about benghazi and all of the problems in the mideast. she simply made a statement that was a political statement. you compare that to donald trump and i've got to tell you, he's been consistent and made it clear the way we deal with terrorism is through strength. so you contrast what she said which was kind of weak compared to what he said which has always been from a position of strength. >> we'll step away from the politics and started there because we were coming out of her statement. when i travel to minnesota in late june, reporting on this very program in june revealed a new trend in the twin cities
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where the fbi has opened the fourth counter-terrorism and we have seen another man charged there and they are calling the latest an incident, not terrorism yet or maybe not at all, but they are not investigating this in a vacuum. what is significant about the trends we're seeing in that particular state. >> well first of all, you have nearly 20,000 or more somali migrants in minnesota. half of which are young men. now al shabab is the terrorist group dominated somalia and as you know, harris, that means youth movement. so i believe that these terrorist groups and particularly the ones out of somalia are targeting young people, recruiting young people, probably more so than in any other state right here. because that is why you are seeing a bit of a spike in this -- in this state. but keep in mind that our nation is under siege here. we're under attack. and these terrorist groups are going after young people who are
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very, very disenfranchised for some reason for fr this country and have a problem. so we'll see more of this and we better wake up. >> and we're waiting to learn owl of the demographics and details about the suspect. and in each of these situations, i want to move now to new york and new jersey, and just talk with you about what is likely going on behind the scenes because you have worked these counter-terrorism cases before. what are they doing? >> well you have the greatest law enforcement in the world on this. and what they are doing is going through -- through forensics and looking at and very successful as we can see in comparing -- doing a comparison analysis from the bomb in new york and new jersey. and saying that, it is important that they commit the person or persons who committed this act alive because that is how you find the motive. right now we have someone out there and we don't know if they are connected to a international terrorist organization or given
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execute orders or we don't know if one person is involved. someone could have drove this person to different locations. but that is what is exactly going on behind the scenes. an absolute manhunt nationwide, maybe internationally, to find this individual before they strike again. >> before i let you go, and news conferences today we were hearing the words, just like text book, like a training exercise, all three of the states reacted so well and you saw the one off-duty police officer in minnesota and we are learned a lot but what with r we lacking, what gap is there that you see. >> there is always a gap when it comes to intelligence gathering and i've said tor two years the department of homeland security has to fund local police department and the street cops and they know the who, what, when, where and why and they could give us the intelligence we need and fill that gap. >> steve rogers joining us with his expertise, we appreciate you
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for your time. thank you very much. a hard fought cease-fire seems to be crumbling. fighting ramps up again in syria and russia pointing a finger at america and why they are accusing the u.s. of -- get this -- helping the islamic state. and a trip for one college football team ends in tragedy. their bus slammed into an overpass bridge. what police are saying about the possible cause of the deadly accident. this is "fox sunday news." stick with us. i've been taking fish oil from nature's bounty to support my heart.
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♪ take on any road with intuitive all-wheel drive. the nissan rogue, murano and pathfinder. now get 0% apr for 72 months, plus $500 bonus cash. want to check in now on the nation where the islamic state savages are nesting like scorpions in the back drop of a civil war, syria. latest on the cease-fire is that it seems to be unraveling. the united states and russia put together that deal as you know. but fighting is once guenin creasing in syria. conner powell is live in jerusalem now with more. >> reporter: harris, the
4:18 pm
cease-fire is crumbling as fighting is increasing. the agreement had reduced violence across the country significantly this week since the truce went into effect on monday night. but saturday the pentagon admitted u.s. and coalition jets mistakenly bombed a syrian military outpost killing more than 60 syrian troops. pentagon officials said the u.s. jets thought they were striking isis fighters. russia, however, dismissed the american excuse, calling the attack intentional and accuse the u.s. of helping isis. the diplomatic rowl comes as forces in violation of the truce have once again began to strike syrian forces in aleppo. as part of the agreement and the sign between the cooperation between the u.s. and russia, the two countries were to set up a joint intelligence center in geneva but with the cease-fire crumbling that looks in jeopardy. harris. >> and back here at home, an
4:19 pm
update on a crash scene involving college students. federal investigators want to examine the tires on a bus that crashed. four people died, including the bus driver and a ten-year-old. 42 people were injured and on board a college football team from south carolina on the way to play a game in north carolina. it happened near rockingham. a front tire blew out and sent that bus into a guard rail before hitting a bridge column. well president obama is gearing up for the last go-around at the united nations as president. his final address to the general assembly this week. the president will also be holding some talks on the sidelines, we're told. so what is going to happen with those? and brand-new numbers are out, about the people vying for his job. fox news polling asks which nominee is qualified to be the next president. what it all means? 51 days until the election and the first look at likely voters in our fox news polling -- a difference. stay with us. r...
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the count down. right there it is. 51 days and the dug on the screen to go until the new voting day. 61% say hillary clinton is qualified to be president and flip it, the opposite true of donald trump, nearly 54% say he is not qualified. christen fisher is reporting live from washington. the bigger picture though, i'm curious to dig down to see what voters attitude are toward the candidates because they are basically nationally in a tie. >> yeah, i mean what the polls show with only 51 days left in the race, neither candidate has made much progress in terms of reversing the public perceptions about the biggest vulnerability. most people still say clinton is not honest or trustworthy and
4:24 pm
most people say trump doesn't have the experience or the temperament to be the commander-in-chief and you could see that 59% of likely voters think clinton has the right temperament and only 38% said the same of trump. things even out on the next point. only 34% say clinton is honest or trustworthy and trump fairs five points better and polled dead even according to the average of polls and he's become very competitive in battleground states like florida and even ohio. >> the trust worthy number, the kind ever closeness they have wiped away what hillary clinton has in other categories. it is interesting to watch. >> for sure. >> both clinton and trump were off the campaign trail today but their running mates were talking. >> they sure were. harris, they made the rounds on the sunday shows and on fox news sunday tim kaine said trump was inciting violence with his comment on friday that clinton's
4:25 pm
secret service should disarm and then let's see what happens to he her, i believe it is an incite or whether violence will occur and this is a pattern repeated over and over again and i think it doesn't belong in any race, much less a race to be president of this country. >> but mike pence defended his running mate by saying any suggestion that that comment was to incite violence is quote, absolute nonsense. >> we'll get into it with the insiders later. but for now, a fox fast forward. and the president is set to make the final u.n. address on tuesday. the white house is announcing two side meetings with world leaders so we'll watch for that. ahead of that on monday the president will meet with the chinese premier to talk about aggression from north korea. he returned from the g-20 meetings in china recently. on wednesday he will meet with benjamin netanyahu to discuss a
4:26 pm
recent defense funding agreement and that is interesting to watch. reportedly their relationship, as you know, categorized as chilly over the years. we'll see how that goes. the new york city mayor chose his words careful after a powerful explosion shook his city. watch. >> we're going to be very careful and patient to get to the full truth here. we are not going to jump to conclusions. we know there was a bombing. that much we do know. we know it is a very serious incident. >> another elected official with some stronger words, saying there is no doubt the explosion was an act of terror. this, as investigators work tirelessly to figure out who is behind of all in the most populated city in our nation. and millennial voters could play a role in the presidential election. it is looking like many of them may back a third-party candidate. what happens then? yeah, so mom's got this cold.
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4:31 pm
chelsea neighborhood hours after a pipe bomb went off 90 miles south in new jersey. peter doosey is live outside of police headquarters in new york city. has anyone claimed responsibility for the attacks in new jersey and new york, peter, the way we've seen it happen so far in minnesota? >> there has not, harris, been an official claim of responsibility. but there has been a threat of more bombings by somebody who placed a very suspicious 911 call here in new york minutes after the first explosion. we heard -- we first heard about this call from law enforcement sources last night. now the new york post is reporting that the caller said, in part that, quote, i'm looking at the explosion down the block. there will be more. and we are told there is a lot of video surveillance footage from the area where the bombs were planted and there is more evidence authorities have that we don't know about that they are trying to keep it quiet as not to tip off any potential suspects. at this hour, though, they are
4:32 pm
not ruling out anything. >> we don't know what -- if there is any political or social medvation but we definitely had a bombing last night at 23rd street and we had a suspicious device on 27th street. >> reporter: the mayor bill de blasio thinks it is still too soon to know if this is motivated by a personal problem. but the governor andrew cuomo, a lot more direct. he said any time a bomb explodes in new york city, it is terrorism and just to be safe, to make sure that does not happen again, or at least to make it harder for somebody to do something like that again, the governor cuomo is deploying the national guard to some transit hubs starting tomorrow. harris. >> you talk about just how people feel and the safety factor and all of that. those moves like what you just described mean a lot to people here because you have so many gathered on this last weekend of the summer. how many have investigators, peter, been able to learn about the dom bomber from -- the bomber from the devices left
4:33 pm
behind. >> the second devase w -- devic something they looked at. and finally this afternoon they destroyed it in a controlled demolition at a facility but they had a long time to look at it and forensic experts are telling us that authorities should be able to learn a lot from the device because there is hardly ever such a substantial and in-tact piece of evidence after a bombing. and that is the reason why jim cal strom who used to run the fbi new york office doesn't think it will take very long for investigators to figure out who the bomber or bombers are. >> so tayou are talking about o device and many pieces at the different crime scenes. peter doosey, thank you very much. and i caught what you said in terms of what they know that they may not choose to share. a lot of people okay with that. just so you are doing something, you don't have to give every detail. peter, thank you. the clinton campaign is putting renewed focus on a particular segment of voters,
4:34 pm
millennials. a growing number of young people are going third party. why is that? gary tenant has more. >> reporter: recent polls raised a lot of red flags for the clinton campaign because last month she held a huge lead among the millennials. at the time, hillary clinton was a whopping 27 points ahead of donald trump and fast toward to today and see a much different picture. in the latest poll released today, that 27 point lead has almost vanished and ahead by only nine points, almost within the poll's margin of error. and clinton now leads trump by a single point and the clinton campaign realizes that losing millennials has played a role in that so they are putting on a full-court press to win over young voters dispatching surrogates that play well to that demographic like bernie sanders, elizabeth warren and michelle obama. this morning on "meet the press," tim kaine laid out part
4:35 pm
of the campaign's pitch to millennials. >> we got to win them, check. and let me lay it on the line. do you believe in climate, science or don't you? millennials do, hillary clinton and i do. donald trump doesn't. so look, it is on our shoulders to make the case. but on at least five litmus test issues, the significants are vast. >> tomorrow hillary clinton will make a speech at temple university in philadelphia highlighting her plans to offer free community college and to make debt-free college available to everyone. harris. >> interesting. thank you. kind of sounding a little bernie sanders like there. new polling shows the 2016 race is tighter than a tater in a tailpipe. that is for you, mom. neither nominee has been able to break out with just 51 days until election day. what will it take? to pull away from the competition for these two candidates? the fax news political insiders are here and we love it when you grab your other devices and tune
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prilosec otc: the #1 doctor recommended frequent heartburn medicine for ten straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. well terrorism at the forefront of american's minds today after everything that has happened. the fbi investigating at tacks
4:40 pm
in new jersey, new york and minnesota and with 51 days until election day, voters are wondering who could keep us safe. doug shown, former strategic adviser to bill clinton and now a fox news contributor. john, former field director for the ford in the '76 campaign and held office here in new york. pat caddel, adviser to jimmy katrina and a fox news contributor as well. good to see you. i've been talking about how tight the race is. i made a southern quip but it is tight. you call it a tie. >> i would stay it is a statistical tie. there is probably a slight, slight advantage for the secretary of state in the electoral college but that could be debated because all of the movement in the last week or so has been to donald trump. >> we'll get more into that next block but i wanted to start there because sometimes foreign policy and keeping us safe at
4:41 pm
home together could make the difference for the candidate. is that what is about to happen? >> i think it could. we've seen that -- we saw the impact after san bernardino. >> sadly. >> and the effect on the presidential race -- >> in orlando -- >> and orlando. and this is a possibility. you have a very deep division in which the republicans and donald trump are willing to identify the more likely aspects of this, which is terrorism and islamic extreme terrorism. democrats and others seem to be reluctant -- they still don't want to use those words and they keep saying it could be anything but it always ends up being the same, like in minnesota. but you know what, people have got to ask, i was here in new york last night, near that place after it happened, walking. you know, it is a shock to you. because you got a bomb, then you have another one that didn't go off. you have the one in new jersey, which was forgotten for a while
4:42 pm
down there. >> on the shore down there. >> and the three bound together and didn't go off. so they are not quite getting the bombing together. but you have to think these are not isolated incidents unless you think, boy, that is a big coincidence. clearly the one in minneapolis, isis claims credit. it is a soldier. that is the way they do it. people have got to say, this is happening again. and we have all said all along, this is the kind of event that can influence a race for trump because i think he's probably viewed as much tougher on the stuff. >> interesting. so earlier in the hour, john, i shared with everybody, we saw hillary clinton's comments right after the explosions last night. but then today, just about three hours ago, issued a statement, isis has claimed responsibility for the attack in minnesota. it goes on to say she has a comprehensive plan to take out isis. and again, we don't know all -- what is happening in new york and new jersey. but what do you say about the question of who keeps us safe? >> well, i guess it is in the eye of the beholder.
4:43 pm
the trump people already think he'll keep us safe. the hillary people think she will. we're here talking about 15% of the voters, i think, that are either undecided or soft and could -- >> is that a big number to you. >> yeah, it is a big number. 20. call it 20. >> secretary clinton doesn't want to be behind the curve. asking out loud what happened when it is pretty clear, as pat suggested, that there is -- >> so you think that statement was political. >> i think the second statement was definitely political because she is scared to death to be behind the curve. >> the first statement was terrible, i thought. it was her going, on the one hand and donald trump came out and said it is a bombing and everybody watching tv knew, hey, those explosion and people hurt and that is a bombing and he get as tack by the media saying oh, he jumped to conclusion. no, he seems to be ahead of the curve on it and that is why they are trying to catch up.
4:44 pm
>> one thing is for sure, the facts that we do know are both candidates are getting national security briefings. >> right. >> right. so they are going to see things that the public don't know about or don't know if it will have with regard to anything happening in the last 24 hours but certainly in total. >> let me go back. i don't think that we've had leon, paris, san bernardino here at home and now this thing here, i don't think any of these have altered the race. i don't think trump has gained at all after those incidents. i think what has happened in this race is they are each shooting their feet off and that is what changes the race. hillary has three bad weeks where all of the lies about e-mails and the server come out. this -- this horrible comment about a basket of deplorables, she goes down. trump has repeatedly shot his feet off and yet -- >> you are referring to the birther comment. >> over the course of the last year. there have been things that he said that interrupt his own momentum. >> by the way, i look at -- >> everybody wants change and he
4:45 pm
harnesses the change and he rises a little bit and then says something and stops his movement. it hurts -- >> and this is my question. because you know, you may look at it negatively, but he controls the news cycle a lot of times with the things that look like he's going to have to clean it up. >> as the birther thing on friday was bad. >> how did it go for him, do you think? >> bad. >> badly. because he is back and forth -- >> you don't think he put it to bed facing a new week? >> no. >> will it come up again this week. >> today it was on all of the shows and they were all about birthers. >> they may not want to talk about terrorism. >> well, but they -- >> i don't know who you mean by "they". >> the mainstream media shows. >> and the question is, it is a week away. i would be surprised if -- i think it is -- >> if lester holt doesn't raise it, but if that happens it is a detriment for trump. >> it is not the message making,
4:46 pm
politics necessarily out of what has happened but the question is who keeps us safer. >> i guess. >> and trump and hillary both have to develop a coherent narrative. >> and answer to that question. >> and what you are saying, when trump goes off an a tangent, he weakens that argument. >> and then he's had now, let's make it clear, there are several times when he came out of the public convention and had momentum. >> we had to go. we'll come right back. the fox news political insiders. stay close. whoa. what's going on here? oh hey allison. i'm val, the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. val from voya? yeah, val from voya. quick question, what are voya retirement squirrels doing in my house?
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i want to start off right now with viewers on twitter and
4:50 pm
facebook. janet petersonson said trump will litter to his military leaders to keep us safe. before the commercial break i asked american voters, to look at who keeps us safer, particularly after what just happened in three states. who does hillary clinton listen to? >> we don't know. we don't know. >> you know her. you worked for her when she was a senator. >> i did. and you know what, we don't know who will be her key people, who will be her national security team and how she's going to make decisions. see, i think if trump could focus on keeping people safe, without the side bars, he has a chance to move, as pat suggested, in the next weeks to come. >> i'm liking tweets as i go along. i see a little bit of a double standard because i remember when donald trump had to lift exactly what he -- list who he listened to and who was telling him what and you are saying that hillary clinton doesn't have to do that. >> and she's been secretary of state and a senator and donald trump has never been -- >> and that is somebody telling her what to do. she worked for the president. and now she's going to be making the decisions based on who she
4:51 pm
chooses -- >> those are the big questions. >> so let's look at the brand-new fox polling and what the election comes down to, pat. you say are two issues. let's look at how they did with trustworthiness and honesty. what do you see in the numbers? >> well they are both on the downside, on the negative on trustworthy. but hers are about 10 or 11 points worse in margin than trumps and that is showing up on other questions like who will tell the truth and things like that. he's not in great shape. but it is important. she has, as you talked about earlier, experience. the favor ability ratings are very even. the race is hanging on, as doug said, who will grab the narrative. who -- is this a race about who should be president, personality-wise or is this about changing the country. neither of them have seen -- >> i've given up, pat. we have sat here, the three of us -- >> over and over. >> for a year and say grab the positive narrative and take the
4:52 pm
country along with you, we won't do it in the last seven weeks. so here is what i think it is. which one of these people is going to destroy themselves more in the next seven weeks with stupidity and badly-run stuff, crazy statements that make no sense. how could they do the things they do. it makes no sense. >> you know, it is interesting, doug, because your friend hillary clinton and her husband, who you worked for six years in the white house. >> i did. >> you would think with all of their experience, they wouldn't be at this point, and equal in the polling nationally across so many different polls and now starting to see some of that in the battleground states. >> and that is the problem. because this election ultimately is a -- a rare friend of mine, the incumbent and secretary clinton. when they talked about the trump hidden vote, there is a vote of people who are saying never hillary. and if the race is as it is now, deadlocked, the fear in the
4:53 pm
clinton camp is the undecidedond declared we will move to trump. not because they are for him, but they are against her. >> and that is because of the incident the last several days. this happened after the convention, after the convention and he was on a rising numbers and he gets into the khan controversy and puts himself in the pits, politically. and he does it now -- well why, because he's been disciplined and doing substance and very well-received and it has helped him some. and then all of a sudden he's back to tweeting to people in the middle of the night, attacking bob gates and then doing the birther thing. all of which revives -- and it may go to your point, maybe it is the candidate, every time they get in the news, it is negative. if they dominate the news, it is negative and they go down and the question is who will be the last person negative in the news going down and the second thing is the debate. the debate which we'll talk about next week. but it is the game-changer. >> all right. so earlier this hour, we had
4:54 pm
garrett tenny who was reporting on the millennials and how particularly hillary clinton is trying to court them. why? is she in trouble there. >> they are obviously so young they don't remember bill clinton who was popular even at his worst ploemmoments, he was a po president. >> and that is bad for her. >> and they only know her in a negative context of what we put on the screen, dishonest and they love bernie sanders. >> why isn't she embracing him more. why haven't we seen him. >> he has campaigned and been in ohio. >> and that is not the same on the stage. she just got back on the trail after being sick. >> that type of thing. and the problem is, it is bernie sanders who basically pointed out, she's the candidate of big money banks and whatever. his supporters keep riding him about his unwillingness and saying, well we have to accept all of that because she'll be better. and young people are saying -- i don't have to do that. >> this gets to another point
4:55 pm
we've been making -- >> they are tired of it. >> -- if donald trump could embrace corruption and change as court neems, some millennials will come with him because they believe that but it will be a frame for the election that will give a narrative and an argument for people who are otherwise -- as you said -- >> it is getting late for him to do it. >> very late. >> that is what i wanted to ask. the timing -- >> it is very late. >> voting has begun in two states and in another week and a half they are voting in 30 states. >> and we saw in the past that barack obama then candidate won in early voting. right? it wasn't what happened from election day forward. it was what happened -- >> a third of the vote was cast in 2012 before election day. >> yes. >> and there will be more this year because there is more -- >> and hence the democrats have a better early voting operation than the republicans. they get people to the polls, particularly minorities, there is a real emphasis on getting people who are in churches and in civic groups.
4:56 pm
>> do you think he's in trouble with people coming to the polls. >> she won't get the turnout that obama got. >> is that more about hillary or donald trump. >> it is probably more about hillary at this point. >> but there are so many turned off voters. >> great to see you guys. thank you so much. we'll be right back. hold onto your forks.
4:57 pm
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saw some sort of fright and loss here through terror acts. we're watching all of it for you here on fox news. that is our fox report on sunday september 18th. thank you so much for watching. see you tomorrow at noon eastern. and now bret baier. an explosion in a busy new york city neighborhood. 29 injured. >> everybody that i saw was stunned. >> reporter: a second bomb discovered nearby. a home made improvised explosive device. >> whoever placed these bombs, we will find and they will be brought to justice, period. >> the fbi investigating a bomb hidden at a charity rice and now a stabbing rampage at a minnesota mall. nine victims. >> we are currently investigating this as a potential act of terrorism. >> the attacker rep


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