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tv   On the Record With Brit Hume  FOX News  September 18, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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that's it for tonight. we will try that map again next week. we're going to get it right. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for special report. the podcast. wait until you hear what they have to say. >> welcome to perino and style, co-host of "the five," and i am chris, digital politics editor. you can subscribe to our pod cost, we are bringing to tv and nothing like breaking news develop on our first podcast tv show. >> our first day but a lot to talk about. >> lot is coming up a tightening race and a lot on news from the campaign trails as well, but, first, peter doocy is in downtown manhattan with the latest on the new york city explosion.
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pete? >> yes, dana, right after the i.e.d. exploded in chelsea neighborhood of manhattan they get a suspicious 9-1-1 call from someone claiming to have put the bomb there and now the new york post has a quote from the 9-1-1 caller where the person said and i quote, "i'm looking at explosion down the block. there will be more." there is a ton of surveillance video near each crime scene and a continue of forensic evidence since the unexploded device was discovered intact and currently is sitting in an nypd laboratory. >> right now we do not have new information to make any final conclusion. we had a bombing last night on 23rd street and a suspicious device on 27th street. >> the bomber or bombers are
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still out there and authorities are racing to catch them before they can do it again. now to our west coast newsroom with the latest on ain't tack in minnesota. >> yes, chris, investigators are tightlipped but the islamic state is not. isis-related media quickly took responsibility in a knife attack this morning, and the attack happened last night, the statement said that the executer was a soldier of the islamic state and carried out the operation in response to target the citizens of countries belonging to the crusader coalition at 8:00 last night at crossroads maul in st. cloud minnesota wearing a private security guard uniform. he pulled out a knife and stabbed nine people before an off-duty police officer shot and killed him. one victim was asked if he was muslim before getting stabbed. the attacker mentioned allah and the f.b.i. will only say it is
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possible it was a terrorism attack and they have impounded the man's car and searched two apartments in st. cloud. the suspect lived in the city with only minor contacts with police, an hour away from minneapolis home to the largest muslim community in the united states the focus of the feds in recent years who said isis recrews heavy early in the area and we will know in the knife take has any relationship to that. chris? >> the big story is how the two major presidential candidates react to the stories. look at this. >> before i got off the plane, a bomb went off in new york and known knows what going on but we are living in a time. we better get very tough evening, folks, very tough. ait is important to the facts about any incident like this. that is why it is critical, important, that first responders
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and the investigators who are looking into this, trying to determine what did happen. i think it is wiser to wait until we have information before we can move forward. >> chris, what you have to expect during a presidential campaign is we have 52 days left, you have to expect the unexpected you would hope against terrorist attacks but that is what we are looking at a reminder whoever wins in november is going to inherit a situation with a generation alward evolving tactics that terrorists are go doing use especially with the new technologies. >> that is reassuring, dana: >> it is true, there is donald trump's version on how to react and there is the hillary clinton version. >> could hardly have a more of a study in contrast. donald trump is telling you he doesn't know anything, with the
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hat, on plane, we have no idea what is going on, but i'm talking about it. you have hillary clinton who waits all that time, and she comes out and looks like someone hit her with a blow dart, see date, and calm. >> she so calm she is barely seeming alert. she is, obviously, trying to be a somber and presidential as much as possible, and trump is trying to be trump and succeeding and i don't know whether her version is the most effective because it doesn't look like, she doesn't look like she is with it because she seems so down. >> it work after the orlando attacks. the terrible attack and remember polling at time, showed that maybe people thought trump's reaction was a little bit over-the-top. >> back when we had our pod cost and we did not believe anyone was listening. >> unlike now? >> we did talk about that. and the truth is we can't tell
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what the filter is going to be for people on this. after the orlando orlando attack which was in the middle of june, we saw a precipitous decline for trump's poll numbers. i attributed more than others to response to the orlando orlando attacks not because hillary clinton handled it particularly well but he had a rough spotty thing with the n.r.a., and so on. i want you to see this, because this is worth talking about, actually, we have fresh numbers from the fox news poll that are so good. here is who is qualified to be president and that is hillary clinton, 61% to trump's 45% and then we look at the other one which is probably even more important in this question, has the temper meant to the president, 59% for clinton and 39% for donald trump. hick my have had the temperament of a drugged zoo animal but it
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was more presidential and calmer than trump which she would have to hope for. >> that poll was taken before yesterday. >> we did not conduct that president overnight. we did not do this overnight. that is true. the point is when bad things happen, the people who support trump item say, only as trump said, only trump can fix. the people would support hillary clinton say only hillary clinton can fix. there are undecided numbers, by elimination, that have to be undecided voters that feel more comfortable with hillary clinton than trump. so head to head it is tie but fur hillary clinton you hope when there is bad news, difficulty, you are at an advantage. >> but could donald trump benefit from being the candidate from the out party? in people think, do we really want another foreign policy, four more years of obama. that is what hillary clinton basically is saying let's stay the course, and the question on this, what terrorists want to do
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is they want to change your way of life, they want to instill fear and have doubt and she is trying to be very calm and donald trump is saying i will do something about it. i don't know what they can do. >> in there was an effort by president obama that was successful, in terms of communication and political communication it was getting americans to expect less on this question. american use will recall when you were in the house, what was the line? we have to be right every time, the terrorists only have to be right once. in the time of lone wolf domestic terrorism, americans in this era, we talk about dwayneing deviantscy down, it is now the new normal every six months every so often and we do not know the facts. >> what is troubling, the new york police department has said in the past few hours the five bombs that went off in new
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jersey yesterday, are related, to the ones that went off here in new york. .would do you that? a dry run? the unidentified male caming sunday saying there will be more, my point on this the politics side, is that donald trump had a choice, really, he is the outparty candidate, he will be different. how much different can he be that would actually affect change and protect people? >> how much hay did obama make not four more years of bush. >> eight years out of that? >> right. as president of the united states. as it turns out. the best position from which to run for president, america, is the position in which your party is not in the white house and you on the outside. because you can say anything. you can -- president obama could say, there was never foreign policy before 2000. everything since 2000 was wrong
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and everything after will be right. >> you are saying john mccain had a similar problem and hillary clinton has the problem now. >> in spades. of course with john mccain he had iraq war to defend. >> not to mention the financial crisis. >> you mean --. >> let's not go down memory lay. >> i don't want to relive that it has taken me eight years to recover the highs are just now going down from expect of 2008. our panel joins to break down the brand new polls and much, much more. i thought i married an italian. did the ancestrydna to find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. [ rear alert sounds ]," [ music stops ]on ] ♪ on the road again ♪ just can't wait to get on the road again ♪
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this is a fox news alert. an update on a early report surrounding that bomb blast that rocked chelsea saturday night. at 8:45 p.m. the fbi and new york police department conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle of interest in the investigation of the bombing in manhattan. no one has been charged with a crime. the investigation is continuing. a later statement from the fbi
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emphasized no arrests have been made in connection with the bombing and previous explosion in new jersey. investigators are still trying to determine if they're related. we're talking about that other blast that took place in seaside heats park during a marine run that happened before that run. no one was injured. at the same time, we're receiving word that amtrak and new jersey train have been suspended between north liberty international and elizabeth station in new jersey. a suspicious package has been found. amtrak travels that and it's all the hour bringing between washington, d.c. and new york. some trains are held while police investigate the scene
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there. this is triggered just days before world leaders are scheduled to converge for the un general assembly. president obama will be among the visiting vips and the city will be teeming with extra police officers and 1,000 state troopers and national guard. city investigators will be scanning surveillance tapes from new jersey and new york city and a third device that did not go off are being examined in virginia. we should point out 29 people were hurt and all have been released from the hospital. and we'll to watch developments of the story and bring you additional information as it becomes available. that is a fox news alert at this
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hour, back now to perino and stire walt. trouble of most likely not over to the other side. for the third that support donald trump they say, only donald trump can fix. for the third that support hillary clinton they say this is only fur evidence of why you scant have donald trump be president. how do you talk to the governing -- those who do not have a horse? >> in august we saw the hillary clinton working on that side of the ledger. they put forward a message about, who is competent, who can do this, who should have their finger on the trigger they clearly had double digit leads in august. when we got off talking about that and talking about maim seveners and self inflicted wounds and lack of truthfulness about illness, everything goes back do where the country was the last seven elections. i argue a third in the middle is really not a third but it is 10% with seven weeks to go, we are
9:18 pm
down to 10s and i argue they are just paying attention to stuff that happened like picking a president the how they behave in the last 50 days will matter a lot to the final 10%. >> in the state positives we saw, a.b. and the national polls it is tightening you, a point or two of each other, and with their -- how difficult is it for hillary clinton to say, this isn't the kind of president that would different without offend ing president obama who she need to have on campaign trail. >> charlie is right, she is in status quo corner so when there there is is an attack that makes us more frighted and the anxiety is the highest since 9/11, she has to defend status quo and say that she is going to van an intelligence surge and comes up with new ways to sound like it is going to be a new idea and a new program but she is now departed from obama the on some anyones she does, no-fly zone in
9:19 pm
syria that he has not supported but people do not want to hear that, they want to hear how they are going to be safe in the united states so that is when donald trump said we will stop donald trump said we will stop he makes the promises the streets will be clear and everything will be great and people want to cling do that his people will cling to whatever he says and the undecided not with hillary clinton, they do not like either of them. i do not believe this actually has persuade them or will persuade them. they are look at a hot of issues. they do not like either of them. they do not trust their leadership. i don't know that their reaction to these attacks this weekend is going to sway the undecided voters either way. >> we have not heard from gary johnson. >> that goes back --. >> going back to the polls you showed in the first segment showing the temper meant,
9:20 pm
obviously, i think this is probably true, a lot of machines are actually in the mood for a president who -- they want a not who does not have the temperament. >> that is not what the poll said. all the poll doesn't but i was going to ask, chris, how do you justify looking at the poll, how do you justify the closeness in polling across the country and the only answer could be the people are in the mood for someone that does not have the temperament for president. >> we will not let you steal all of our future segments but i say the real number that we are talking about here is about on% the it is really about 20% of the people where you have either undecide or voting for a third party candidate. for those folks, this is what we are talking about at end. were else is spoken for. >> i don't think they are only voting for third pert but whether to vote at all at top of the ticket. but we will have more because
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vice president candidate tim kaine raised eyebrows on fox news sunday with these comments. >> he is using language that is incitement to violence or encouragement of violence or at least being cavalier and reckless about violence. stay tuned. ♪"all you need is love" plays my friends know me so well. they can tell what i'm thinking, just by looking in my eyes. they can tell when i'm really excited and thrilled. and they know when i'm not so excited and thrilled. but what they didn't know was that i had dry, itchy eyes. but i knew. so i finally decided to show my eyes some love. some eyelove. when is it chronic dry eye? to find out more, chat with your eye doctor and go to it's all about eyelove, my friends. redid you say 97?97! yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's
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this is a fox news alert in new york. update on early reports surrounding that bomb blast that rocked new york city saturday night. amtrak and new jersey train were suspended between north liberty international airport and elizabeth station in new jersey where a suspicious package was found on one of the train tracks in elizabeth. some trains are being held while police pick up their investigation. the fbi and nypd conducted a
9:26 pm
traffic stop and no one has been charged with a crime. the investigation is continuing but we have learned ta the people in the vehicle were from elizabeth, new jersey. this is amid heightened security throughout the region days before world leaders are scheduled to converge or the un general assembly. president obama will be among the visiting vips and the city will be teeming with additional state troopers and members of the national guard. we'll be watching the story throughout the morning and bring you additional information as it becomes available. now back to perino and stire walt. it but he has done it before. this notion he has done it before, hick gets elected maybe 2nd amendment people have to take care of the situation or the comment on friday night, or his statements and rallies i
9:27 pm
would like to punch the guy in faces he is using language that is an incitement to violence or being cavalier and reckless about violence, no place in any election especially in election to be commander in chief. >> i am curious, regardless of what tim kaine believes, did they would out democrats find they are energized by saying that donald trumpen wants to inside violence? >> it is important to stipulate what he said was inciting violence he did not organizing 2nd am people to vote for me he said they would take care of it and the campaign did put clan it up, they left it hanging like that for days and days. >> wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. that wasn't incitement, that was...he was a violence analyst saying maybe hillary clinton and
9:28 pm
civil unrest he did not say i want you to engage in civil unrest but he said if you like hick this could be a rebel beyond or revolt. >> no he left with the impression that -- he said night his words at his rally and no one asked the question. he came up with it. >> i say theoretical violence analyst. >> we have a soundbite when he talked about hillary clinton's security detail. take a listen. >> i think that her bodyguards should drop all weapons. they should disarm. >> this actually...people say this when someone in hollywood wants to support gun rights, really, you have armed guards. >> of course it is talking about bad things happening and that is why she is not going to drop her bodyguards and why bloomberg isn't going to give up his armed security. it is because -- that is the point they are making it is
9:29 pm
valid. >> i agree. the 2nd amendment thing we have talk about, i thought it was a truly terrible thing to say and i don't know where it came from. >> he -- i don't think he meant for say it. he was talking. >> he is a master of imprecise language. he was in a corner and this is one of the things that people like he comes out shooting and does not apology and you --. >> talking about potential assassination of your opponent is not good politics. >> it is terrible but that is not what he was talking. if i said that we would not make to the street. it is clearly, they come get you. >> do not run the cordite test on charlie.
9:30 pm
>> have you seen the wife and pet dog? the springer? it was cute. >> an interesting topic, but several years later the issue of birther and whether rebound was born in kenya and trump on friday, again, said, he was born in the united states, okay. good enough to put it to bed. >> all of the campaign people said he had to do it and he was saying, well, i don't want to talk about it now. so he came out and said, per, and after he sort of buried it. >> he got results when hillary clinton couldn't and he lied that hillary clinton started and it all of this stuff. look, watching people on the show backing him up today was a disgrace. all trying to back him up including chris christie and reince priebus saying hillary clinton started it. she my have had people bored tempted to go that way and we
9:31 pm
have ought read about this. trump trouble owns it. it is his pet project in 2013 with an interview with abc7 he said this made me very popular this is his thing he did not want to drop it a week ago and was forced to drop it by the campaign and everyone wants him to apologize but he did this for a reason, he was forced to back off. >> but, michael, when he talked to jonathan carl it made him popular, yes, with a certain population he will get 40 million people to vote with him. why does he keep trying to rewin the primary. >> the hotel he is try to get publicity, and talking about birther thing and everyone will run with him. >> and he cannot help himself. the pen memo where he implied he was not but he compounds
9:32 pm
everything. it make no sense. >> i don't understand why president obama doesn't come out and thank him for putting this to rest. >> he finally got to the bottom it. >> i thought that they were talking about kenya was a town in west virginia or something and i was doing it wrong the whole time the. >> ever been there? >> there has to be a kenya, west virginia. there is a toad, west virginia so there has to be. >> got to go. >> we have more with the panel with "i'll tell continues but, first, here is what you need do, go to you will have all of our product casts at your fingertips and you will sign up for our free daily politics newsletter that is full of great new information.
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>> it is time, there is a little of misinformation about polls. duh. but when you look at real stuff, the track record over our history is, especially in presidential elections has been remarkably good. we will talk about what make as good poll. what make as -- make as bad poll and how we make our own. polling averages control for the coil outliar and the lines are smoother. a polling average is like a delicious slim jim polling meats mixed together the ought best podcast ever. >> we will look into what is going into our survey slim jim and what we leave out.
9:38 pm
the ten biggest polls in the national race, it is close. but some of the polls here are. suspect. for example, you cannot rely on what we call robo polls because they are not allowed to call people on cell phones and a third voters are cell phone only so we can drop out gravis and rasmussen. >> and those that are internet-based polls, they are not to say there is not a great future for internet only polling but access is an issue for poor votes and individuals like every human being that do not feel comfortable responding to online poll. we can drop a poll from the economists or reuters and nbc survey monkey. >> you do not like it survey monkey the. >> if you want people to believe it, why call it survey monkey? what everyone in america has? a telephone. the business of opinion research
9:39 pm
has been fortunate for the last 60 years, with broad and deep saturation into american households and proven remarkably reliable for gauging public opinion. yes, in the time of call are i.d. it is harder to get people pick up the phones but it is the best and most reliable way to do business. pollsters would blew the brexit vote in britain, or the online hybrid poll blends that brock over the 2014 midterm elections here, only human callers using a mix land lines and cell phone can camp the right mix, and our wonderful poll, and and cnn, and we do not want do reach back too far, but it is only those, five most recent polls from the wholesome, deliberate, pollsters, and there is the polling average, hillary clinton is one or two points ahead nationally. that is how you make a slim jim. >> i loved the slim jim
9:40 pm
analysis, everyone get that what he means? he asked my on the podcast when the last time i had a slim jim as if i had one last week at gas station, and --. >> when is the last one? i am a woman of the people but i have not had a slim jim, probably... >> 25 years? probably. >> are you kidding me? >> i was a countries music deejay, colorado springs. >> slim jim but the good news is the slim jim that did you not eat 25 years ago are still good. what did you make of data dive and real clear politics. what do you think of that average? >> i understand there is stinky meat in there and you have to take them out and hillary clinton has a slim jim of a lead but it is a tied race.
9:41 pm
absolutely. look there are too many polls with the same results. can you find some outlying, and from trump loves "los angeles times" that helps more than others but, this is obviously, search coming and finding the same data, essentially. it is a tie. and battleground states are jump ball. >> on the "los angeles times" polls i want to say something. >> i am just riding shotgun. the "los angeles times" president is not a president it is a focus group, the 3,000 same people going glue polling them again and again. it is useful, interesting but not a snapshot of public opinion. they make the same slim jim. >> back to the experience in the 2004 election, and it was close between george w. bush and john kerry, not to rub it in but how much did the daily poll numbers drive you crazy? how do you stay focused on the
9:42 pm
picture like hillary clinton said we have a plan and there is a poll number that gives a lot of anxiety? >> one point would change the mood of the meeting and you are so exhausted at this point in the campaign, the one point, and on election night we had reporters congratulations, you wrong florida it is over, and we were like, really, it is florida and 5:00 and they are not done voting. >> we took off from... >> on plane from wisconsin and john kerry was next president of the country and we landed and people, well, we got problems. >> when we were in the white house press office, we were the junior birdman and left behind so waiting around and remember the exit poll it came out and everyone was, like, talking about grim faced and there is one network reporter who still is with that network but not in
9:43 pm
the united states but reporting for them from overseas and he came in to the lower resolution office and was, i am so sorry, i am so sorry, and then he was high fiving with his friends, george bush was out of here and we were miserable and a couple hours, and, wait, no, no, we are good. >> i rome you this. we will be before this is done, tell you how the exit polling works. >> we have to say that is the hot slim jim. we will be, before the election, you are making money for the slim jim corporation right now, it will be in an ad in a truck stop next week. >> what is your favorite accompaniment with a slim jim? >> i wrote say the... >> barbecue fritos? >> the hot cheese, little
9:44 pm
packets of hot cheese. >> i have a list on my ingone i keep notes of everything i cannot eat after a certain age we will come right back we have something fun for you if you have not seen it on follow news a new quiz.
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test test test test test needs
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to put a stopgap in place so he can avoid a government shut down. is that october 1st? friday at midnight? january 1st? within 24 hours of the government reaching it's current borrowing limit? >> that is a pop quiz. >> september 30th. >> she's right. she's right. right. >> i still don't think -- >> right. she didn't mean it. from the rest. final question for michael.
9:50 pm
the rio olympics bronze medal wrestler made headlines for doing what for the national anthem when being honored against the university of georgia. a, turned his back and bowed hi georgia. he turned his back on the flag, covered up the flag on his jacket with black tape or he was the one who performed it? >> it's all rigged. >> hug a cup. >> the correct answer is he sang the "national anthem." in front of a >> the correct answer is d. he sang the national anthem in front of a packed house there at the university of missouri. he did a good job. good for him.
9:51 pm
>> well done. >> they called it a pop quiz. >> i am literally going to jot this down. >> you mentioned gary johnson because there is a miss understanding about who gary johnson is taking votes away from. clinton or trump? >> the machines and donald trump had the most at risk from a broader support for the libertarian candidate. week after week after week, it is hillary clinton who gary johnson is doing the most harm to. it's hard to say why. there are limits to the size and how much data we have. >> the dope smokers don't answer the phone.
9:52 pm
>> you can vap, not here, but yes. it's a group of people who are either young, millennial, potential democratic voter who is voted for barack obama, but too untrustworthy. >> with the poll we saw, 77% of millennials think she is not trustworthy. >> and don't trust the man. they are white men with college degrees. they are the linchpin, i guess since the 50s really. these are people who would normally be republican voter who is can't bring themselves to vote for the nominee or hillary clinton. the election can get decided. trump can say i am trustworthy and safe enough or can hillary say he is a place.
9:53 pm
>> does barack obama have any sway with the voters? >> he did in 2012, but is there 20 more million millennials that registered to vote in his reelection campaign and that is a total unknown. i think it's odd that the governor from new mexico and massachusetts are holding up a ticket that can hurt hillary clinton. i agree on paper, but i think you are right. i'm not for johnson or trump. >> transferring support from barack obama whether you like him or not, he is an optimistic-sounding appealing and hopeful campaigns he ran. >> tell that to mitt romney. >> to transfer to hillary clinton. >> mrs. obama had an interesting speech on friday where she made the case that every single
9:54 pm
precinct in the state was swung by 7 or 30 voters and just a handf handful. how close it was and her husband lost. people didn't know it would bed with, they are going to try to use with al gore to make the case to the voter who is are not born here. >> i find it amazing that the team sent bernie sanders and elizabeth warren to try to drum up support. >> you have to stay with us. we will talk about finding america and also a trivia question that we do on every podcast and now the show. the antacid goes to work in seconds... and the acid reducer lasts up to 12 hours in one chewable tablet. try new duo fusion.
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♪ on the road again ♪ like a band of gypsies we go down the highway ♪ [ beetle horn honks ] no matter which passat you choose, you get more standard features, for less than you expected. hurry in and lease the 2017 passat s for just $199 a month. >> welcome back to perino and stirewalt. it is time welcome back. i will tell you what. it's time for, it must be trivia time. it's late in the show. mustn't it be? >> we want to take a minute to share something with you. where people find america. we take a step back to explain where it came from. chris was telling me about when he went to the football game. we don't have time to show you that because we ran out of time because we were having so much
9:59 pm
fun. there pictures of people finding america. is there one from hawaii? i love this one. that's a good one from world war ii, i believe. >> that jeffrey said i find america researching the services and those who fought alongside time, some of whom died. >> i'm the director of the ministry and this is somebody who goes and helps people recover from disasters. that's where he finds america. trivia. are you ready for this? we do trivia at the end of every show. where is the question? who was the most recent president to have held the title as secretary of state? the most recent to have held the title of secretary of state. >> this is going to be humiliating. i can tell.
10:00 pm
>> whisper in my ear. >> james buchanan? >> sure. if that's the hipped, i'll take it. >> . this is a fox news alert. an update surrounding the bomb blast in the chelsea neighborhood of new york city friday night. you are looking at video of a suspicious device found a short time ago in a trash can near a train station in elizabeth, new jersey. as a result, amtrak and new jersey train service has been suspended along the northeast line. >> at 9:30 this evening, two


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