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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  September 19, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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terrorism. >> and now the terrorists are threatening to plant more devices in the city. a 911 call reportedly placed minutes after saturday night's explosion and published by the "new york post" includes the following line -- quote, i'm looking at the explosion down the block. there will be more. that is a frightening pledge allegedly coming from someone capable of making a few blocks of manhattan feel like a battlefield. >> i heard boom, boom and everything started shaking, like if i was in iraq and a bomb dropped. that's what it sounded like.
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>> investigators spent sunday poring over surveillance footage. on 23rd street where it sent 29 people to the hospital and shattered nearby glass windows and doors and on 27th street where a similar pressure cooker device left on the sidewalk failed to detonate. >> right now we don't have enough information to make any final conclusion. we don't know if there is any political or social motivation. but we do definitely had a bombing last night on 23rd street. >> if -- the fbi is sending some evidence to their lab at quantico in virginia. and the nypd bomb squad carefully analyzed the unexploded bomb in their facility and this gives them a major advantage in the manhunt because there is not that much evidence left behind after a bombing. >> we think back to lockerbie when the forensics and the technology wasn't anywhere near where it is at. and in this crime scene they found this dingy thing with a serial number on it and traced it back to a place in germany and solved that case.
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>> since no arrests have been made yet, new york leaders are taking no chances. >> we will be deploying close to an additional 1,000 new york state police and national guard people to police the bus terminal and airports and subway stations. i want new yorkers to be confident when they go back to work on monday. >> we've spoken to the woman who found the second ied and called it in. her name is jane shrivner and she's 66 years old. she saw a pressure cooker and knew it could be used to build a bomb and her call that got a bomb squad there within minutes likely saved a lot of people from serious injury or worse. bret. >> we'll follow this investigation closely. a lot of video cameras in that area. and we'll see what investigators have. but have they, peter, directly discovered a connection between the bombings in new york city and new jersey earlier yesterday? >> not yet, bret.
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there are obvious similarities in proximity. a two-hour drive between the blast locations. and timing, just about 11 hours apart, but there are differences as well. in new jersey it was pipe bombs and here is was pressure cooker bombs and at this hour we still do not know if there is a common person at the two locations or if there is anything that links the town in new jersey to the spots in chelsea. bret. >> peter, thank you. 1200 miles to the west of new york city, the motivations behind the stabbing seemed to be immediately clear. isis-related media are claiming the minnesota attacker was one of their own. and fbi investigators are viewing it as an act of terrorism, home grown and inspired or otherwise. dan springer has been following this investigation. >> bret, it had to be five chaotic and terrifying minutes inside that minnesota mall. now the fbi says this is a possible act of terrorism.
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the joint terrorism task force is conducting the investigation along with the st. cloud police department. isis-related media has claimed responsibility putting out this statement. the executor of this attacks in minnesota yesterday was a soldier of the islamic state and carried out the operation in response to calls to target the citizens of countries belonging to the crusader coalition. it happened just after 8:00 last night at crossroads small in st. cloud. a man wearing a security guard uniform pulled out a knife and started stabbing people. police say one person who was attacked was asked if he was a muslim. others heard the attacker reference allah. police found the attacker's car in the parking lot and have conducted two property searches at nearby apartments. the suspect lived in st. cloud but had only a few contacts with police for minor things. nothing more serious than traffic violations. they have not released his name. >> we are currently investigating this as a potential act of terrorism. and i do say "potential."
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there is a lot we don't know. we do not at this point in time know whether the subject was in contact with or had connections with or was inspired by a foreign terrorist organization. >> we now know nine people were stabbed, seven men and two women ranging in age from 15 to 55. three victims are still in the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. police are crediting an off-duty officer for saving lives. jason faulkner was shopping when he saw the commotion. he ended up shooting and killing the suspect in heroic fashion. >> we are a strong community. we are a united community. and there is, in this individual, evil acts, unjustifiable in any means -- it will not shake the resolve of this community. >> st. cloud is just an hour drive from minneapolis which has been a major focus of federal terror investigations dating back years. it's home to the largest muslim so maly population in the u.s. and the fbi said isis and al
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qaeda have done heavy recruiting in the area. in the last year nine somali men have been convicted of terror-related charges. we'll have to wait and see if this knife attack is in any way related. bret. >> dan, thank you. this weekend's incidents are just the latest examples of why many terrorist experts in and out of the government are on high alert in recent weeks. kristin fisher is here with historical perspective about the issue of homeland security. >> good evening. if what happened in minnesota does indeed turn out to be inspired or directed by isis, it would be the fifth attack in u.s. soil in just under two years. and when you add in similar attacks in europe, that number more than doubles. here at home, the fbi said it has close to a thousand open cases in all 50 states focused on people who are at some stage between consuming the poison of the group we call isil or isis and acting on that poison. at the same time the obama administration has just announced plans to allow an additional 110,000 refugees into
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the u.s. next year including an unknown number from syria. critics like retired general and trump adviser mike flynn are deeply concerned. >> you have got the director of the fbi that said we have a thousand cases going on in this country in all 50 states. i mean, what's going on? so we have to pay attention to the refugees that are coming into this country. we have to pay tension to the undocumented or the illegals in this country. >> last week on the anniversary of 9/11 the secretary of homeland security said the u.s. is safer but challenged by a different kind of attack. >> we are safer now when it comes to another 9/11 style of attack but challenged when it comes to the prospect of the lone wolf actor. the home grown violent extremist. and that requires a new whole of government response. >> and while we still don't know who was behind the bombings in new york and new jersey, investigators say they do fit the profile of a lone wolf attack. bret.
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>> kristin, thank you. from new york to talk about the uptick in violence is wisconsin republican senator ron johnson, chairman of the senate homeland security committee. senator, thanks for being here. >> hello, bret. >> you know, it is disconcerting obviously for people over the weekend to hear about these attacks. and to hear about the people injured. there is the question about connecting all of these and if that is happening with investigators. what can you tell us? >> well, just in open news reports, it sounds like the new york city police have connected the new jersey and the new york bombings together. but bret, what is so disconcerting is these are three attacks in literally 24 hours and you start seeing attacks in st. cloud, minnesota. when i travel around wisconsin, i often ask audiences have you ever heard of sami mohammed hamza. very few have. in january just of this year he told police and fbi informants that he'd be 100% happy if he
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could slaughter 30 people at the masonic center in wisconsin. we're finding out that the terrorist attacks are occurring far too greater frequency and all over the country. no place is safe. >> we've heard, senator, isis is claiming responsibility or applauding the efforts in minnesota. and we don't know ab bombings in new york and the device in new jersey. but we do know that home-grown terrorism inspired by isis seems to be on the minds of intel officials the most. knowing what you know, is that your biggest fear? >> it is. it's the inspired lone wolf. but let's face it, bret, we're now talking about wolf packs that are directed by isis. that's what we think happened probably in brussels and istanbul. and we've seen this occur in far too many places. in san bernardino and orlando and, again, a foiled plot in milwaukee, now st. cloud, minnesota, new jersey, new york.
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we have got to defeat isis. it has been over two years since president obama laid out america's goal toward isis, which was to defeat it. and we may be nibbling around the edges and doing some damage, but the analogy i use is a beehive in your backyard. we know what you need to do. you need to take out the hifb. president obama in effect is poking the hive. doing some damage but he is stirring up the nest. they are spreading. isis is metastasizing and evolving and spreading. and you don't just believe me, you can believe the cia director john brennan who testified before the cia -- the senate intelligence committee about a month ago. he said that our efforts have not reduced isis' terror capability and their global reach. they remain a formidable and large lin intact enemy. that is not very good after two years of effort. >> your party's nominee is very concerned about syrian refugees specifically, refugee over all being accepted into the u.s. what is your level of concern, first as homeland security
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chairman in the senate, but also as a republican running for re-election? >> in terms of isis operatives coming into this country, i'm more concerned about them coming in through the porous southern borders. but that is my concern. but it is a legitimate concern to be wary of refugee that are not fully vetted. so the first thing we need to do with any refugee is we need to set proper criteria. we can't let refugees in with zero risk. and what i've said about syrian refugees, why not set criteria, for example, women and children relatives of syrian-american citizens who have the financial wherewithal to support them. if there is any question, you don't let the refugee in. i'm the sponsor of the safe act in the senate that would require the department of the homeland security and fbi director and head of the terrorism center to certify whoever we let in poses no risk to america. and we really can't vet people that well. just take no risks. >> senator, you are up there in
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new york, to be part of the united nations general assembly as an invited guest. do you expect security to be increased exponentially because of what we've seen over this weekend? >> it will be increased. there is awful lot of security and barriers set up but this bombing obviously occurred outside of that security zone. and so no, i'm sure there is heightened security but we have to remain vigilant. if you see something, say something, is not just a trite phrase. americans have to be wary unfortunately because we have not addressed islamic terror. we have not been relentless in tracking them down and defeating them and what we have to do. first and foremost and we have to defeat isis and syria in iraq and then we've got to track down islamic terrorists wherever they may have taken up safe haven anywhere on the globe. >> senator last thing, i would be remiss if i didn't ask you the question. and i alluded to donald trump and what he is saying about refugees, but in wisconsin,
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donald trump trails hillary clinton by three to five points. most senators up for re-election, republican senators are outperforming the nominee in their states by a number of points. you're roughly down to russ feingold by about three to eight points. what is happening in your race in wisconsin? >> well, i think the race is definitely tightening. most wisconsinites enjoy their summer and they turn their attention after labor day. that is why you see the race tighten. i feel good about the race. i'm a citizen legislator, a guy with 31 years in manufacturing and i'm chairman of the homeland security and gotten results and running against a 34-year career politician who has very little to show for it and i think -- wisconsinites see two individuals, senator feingold actually believes hillary clinton is honest and trustworthy. so i think they'll make the right choice and i actually feel good about the election. >> senator johnson, thanks for the time tonight. >> have a good night. >> up next, the vp nominees take to the airwaves on the sunday shows setting up a busy week
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ahead to come on the campaign trail for each party nominee. we'll have the latest. plus new fox polls. first here is what some of the affiliates are covering tonight. fox 46 in charlotte, north carolina, where four people were killed including a 10-year-old in a charter bus crash on saturday near rockingham. the bus blew a tire before sideswiping a concrete bridge column there. 42 riders were taken to a local hospital with injuries to from critical to minor in nature. wsvn in miami with new nontravel-related zika cases in miami beach. mosquito eradication efforts are ongoing as the local transmission area has expanded to 55 blocks. there are now, as of tonight, 93 nontravel related zika cases in florida. and this is a live look at philadelphia from fox 29, our affiliate there. the big story is one of the two police officers wounded in a friday night shooting rampage is now out of the hospital. a note was found on the shooter who was killed by police in that shootout expressing hatred for
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law enforcement and a probation officer. police believe the gunman acted on his own and not part of a group. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway in this outside the beltway in this "special report."
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fits. today his surrogate beat back headlines about his friday event about where president obama was
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was born. >> this started with hillary clinton's campaign, number one. let's move on to creating jobs, defeating radical islam, rebuilding our inner cities. >> it is those issues, jobs, national security, economic opportunity that trump's campaign team wants to be the focus of that first presidential debate on september 26th. the biggest concern, is the candidate continues to provide juicy quotes ripe for the picking that have nothing to do with any of that. >> john roberts outside of trump tower. thank you. the recent polls are not positive for hillary clinton and the race does look very close. senior political correspondent mike emmanuel is in philadelphia with the clinton campaign ready to go on the attack, we understand. good evening, mike. >> well, bret, good evening. with hillary clinton post convention bounce now gone, her running mate acknowledges they have a fight ahead even after calling donald trump a bigot and unfit to be commander in chief.
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>> obviously we've got a real case to make between now and november 8th that our vision of stronger together -- [ inaudible ]. >> so we're having some technical difficulties with our report, but bottom line is hillary clinton is coming here to philadelphia tomorrow. she is going to make the case to millennial voters at a speech at temple university and philadelphia is worth noting because this is where she received her party's nomination to be the nominee for president of the united states. and so there was a lot of back and forth about this attack in new york city. donald trump took a lot of heat for using the word "bomb" in the aftermath of that attack. but it is worth noting that hillary clinton used that language as well. her campaign rushed her out to talk to campaign reporters and let's see if we could go back to the video right now. >> obviously, we've got a real case to make between now and november 8th that our vision of stronger together is the vision that americans should embrace going forward and we have confidence that we will. >> some of the negativity in the
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campaign has backfired after hillary clinton called trump supporters a basket of deplorables and irredeemables. and clearly appearing uncomfortable with the suggestion, those backing trump are beyond redemption. >> you know, that is not a word i would use. i wouldn't use it. i think -- i think we would be unrealistic to think that some people are going to fundamentally change their view. >> last night just hours after an explosion in new york city injured 29, there was clearly an effort by the clinton campaign to have the candidate look presidential by reacting to the breaking news. but when clinton tried taking questions from a small group of traveling reporters, she sounded cautious and didn't have many answers. >> i've been briefed about the bombings in new york and new jersey and the attack in minnesota. i think it's always wiser to wait until you have information
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before making conclusions because we are just in the beginning stages of trying to determine what happened here. obviously, we'll do everything we can to determine who was behind the incident. i don't think it is time to think about -- i don't think we know. and i think it would not be appropriate to speculate. >> it is worth noting over the past 24 hours donald trump has taken a great deal of heat for using the word "bombing" in the immediate aftermath of the manhattan attack but there in the piece you heard hillary clinton use the word "bombings" as well at a time when national security and terrorism become front and center issues once again in this campaign. >> mike emmanuel, nice job with the tape gremlins there. now let's look into the state of the race including the fox polls. joining me from new york,
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co-host of a new show "i'll tell you what" dana perino and co-host of "the five" and fox news digital politics editor. congratulations on the first show. i'll tell you what, it was pretty good. >> it is fun -- to hear you say "i'll tell you what." >> i'm so confident. >> who came up with a name like that? >> i'm so confident that the gremlins are gone and we're here at the wall and i'll do my best, bill hemmer, that is how confident i am. i want to do the electoral votes. it takes 270 to win. this is where it stands right now, as the polls are -- the states that are in clinton's column, 217, and the states that are in trump's column, according to fox news. obviously this could change. but we are looking at states that could go one way or another. let's just play a little bit if you will with me and i'll have you comment. if we go and give florida to donald trump and georgia -- chris, the democrats say they have a chance in georgia. do they?
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>> well sure, they have a chance. and if hillary clinton is doing well enough to have won in georgia, she will be winning a smashing election with a huge electoral votes but we do see arizona and georgia as states we have to consider in play this cycle. >> but let's say for our what if we give it to dd onald trump, right? >> presumption. >> south carolina and north carolina, what do you think? >> i think south carolina is going to be solidly for the republicans and for donald trump. north carolina, i think, is where hillary clinton and barack obama are going to try to make a stand and try to keep that -- or get that back in the blue column and that was a heartbreak for the obamas last time. i think they are going to try to get it. the demographics in north carolina are very similar now to virginia and president obama won that handily the last time around. >> so we're going to give south carolina to donald trump. and north carolina. even though that could go the democrats' way and they feel more confident. but the polls still have trump up. okay. what else? iowa, let's say he's up in iowa. let's say he takes nevada out west.
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but let's talk democrats here. pennsylvania is a stretch for donald trump, right, chris? >> yes. we have new polling out this week that her lead there remains by almost ten points. >> and we'll give that to hillary clinton. and we'll give colorado and new mexico to clinton. you think? >> i think that's right. i was just in denver visiting my mom and my sister over the weekend. there's this mix there. certainly not just going to be a runaway for hillary clinton, but i think the democrats feel pretty comfortable that colorado is for them. >> and michigan, it is back and forth, chris. but really heading blue, right? >> yeah. i think -- i think big blue ain't just university of michigan. i think michigan stays in the blue column this time so far. >> so now we come to ohio. obviously a key swing state. >> always. >> and for our purposes, let's say the polls are heading the
1:30 am
right way and donald trump takes ohio. now, these are the -- this is the math. these are the electoral votes. notice here 267 to 267. there is one state that is not filled in here. it is the state of maine. four electoral votes in maine. but interestingly enough, it is one of two states that does two for the statewide vote, the popularity vote and one electoral vote per congressional district. so chris, it is conceivable that maine and the other state that does it is nebraska could split up their electoral votes. >> bret baier, i like how you are thinking about the most diabolical possible thing that we'd have to do on the decision desk election night. you have conjured the decision desk horror story where we're counting out votes in each state. my goodness, that would be exciting. >> we have maine up here and this is new hampshire.
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and let's say new hampshire goes to the "d." but you are talking about four electoral votes potentially, dana, in the scenario that could come down to a race that close. >> and there is some pretty tumultuous politics in the state of maine with the republican governor not being the most, i think i can say he is not popular. can i say that? >> you can say that. >> they have a little bit of problems. and so i think that new hampshire and maine, those are ones to watch. interestingly, this past week we saw that kelly ayotte, the senator from new hampshire, in a tough re-election race, looks like she is able to stick it out. and right now if the election were held tomorrow, she would win. so that actually bodes well for donald trump, obviously. >> okay. and obviously we should point out, any of the states could go the other way. and one state goes the other way that has significant electoral votes and you have a scenario where donald trump can pull this out.
1:32 am
so it is really interesting to see. and just a quick look back to 2012 and how the map looked in 2012. the real question for us now is whether the 2012 electorate is going to be the 2016 electorate? >> that's right. when we looked at polling in ohio and fascinating polling last week and said what if it is like the 2004 model instead of the 2012 model and what if millennials stay home? what if african-american and hispanic voters don't come out and mobilize for hillary clinton like they did for president obama? and then donald trump could stand to do well with white populations and large blue-collar voters and you are right to talk about new hampshire and maine that could be bellwethers for donald trump performance. >> and we made it through. this is new hampshire and maine. and it was already blue so my finger did a little clicking while we did it but it wasn't the tv gremlins. congratulations on your show and we'll be tuning in next week.
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>> okay, thank you. what one criteria is most important to you in deciding who will get your vote in november? let me know on twitte twitter @bretbaier. and use the # specialreport. we could use it later on in the show.
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the investigation in new york is only the latest reminder of the struggle to protect the country while at the same time preserving people's freedoms. rick leventhal has our report on the evolving fight against terrorism since 9/11 and how american law enforcement officials are learning from israel's model. >> we are stronger against another 9/11 style terrorist directed attack from overseas. >> reporter: a vote of confidence from the secretary of
1:37 am
homeland security on fox news sunday on the anniversary of 9/11. how much has security changed since that tragic day? in 2001 there was 35 joint terrorism task forces and today there are more than 100. since 9/11, the number of fbi special agents assigned to national security has nearly doubled. also, since 9/11, the nypd has formed the nation's top counter-terrorism division with more than 1200 cops and analysts. near ground zero we met with the nypd's head of intelligence and counterterrorism john miller and bill bratten who just stepped down as the new york police commissioner. with the kind of job that you could never rest because the threat always exists. >> it is going to be here for our lifetime and probably for the lifetime of our children, unfortunately. and what's critically important is cost and collaboration, something that was not there before 9/11 between the federal agencies and themselves and certainly not with the locals. >> collaboration matters to help
1:38 am
identify and catch the terrorists before they act. but aggressive tactics such as the new york stop and frisk raised concerns over profiling to identify potential suspects. civil rights advocates forced the nypd to revise the program. are your hands tied in any way at this point? >> i would say there are those constraints. but i would say they are necessary. counter-terrorism comes with intelligence and when you are collecting intelligence in a democratic society, if you don't do it within the strict set of rules, you're going to end up on the wrong side of democracy. >> but you are still able to do what you feel you need to do? >> it was a major issue that we have talked about that is still subject to incredible debate. and that's the issue of, in spite all the gains of technology with technology that are beneficial to us, there's a new trend over the last several years interestingly just as isis began to expand its use of social media, and that's the encryption debate. >> if you look at the garland, texas, attack, those individuals
1:39 am
communicated with an individual working for isis in syria over a hundred times in the 24 hours before that attack. that same individual for isis in syria was communicating with people in new york city over the same channels. so that is a tremendous challenge. >> we went to israel to find out how that country deals with the constant peril of terror that threatens its very existence. in jerusalem we caught up with law enforcement leaders on a fact-finding mission. we asked the orlando police chief his thoughts about the israel approach to terrorism. >> one of the things i learned over here, not only the police by civilian security and then also the general public just has a sense of awareness, probably more so than in the united states and i think that is probably where we need to start heading. >> and we spoke to the prime minister benjamin netanyahu, a former israeli elite forces commando, about combating terrorism. >> the way you fight terrorism is you fight the terrorists. you don't say, i can't do anything because i have to
1:40 am
defeat their ideas. yeah, you will defeat their ideas but first defeat them. you didn't say i'll fight the nazis by first defeating their ideas. first we defeated them. it doesn't mean that you can't have these forces of radicalism reappearing in europe or anywhere else. of course you can. but you have to keep weeding out these weeds. if you don't weed them out, they will overtake your garden. >> israel's critics accuses the nation of abusive tactics, but they recognize you have to strike a balance between security and civil liberties. oftentimes security wins out. some believe the next president may want to heed netanyahu's advice. rick leventhal, fox news. >> when asked in our latest fox news poll, americans are split on whom they trust to do a better job on terrorism. hillary clinton has a one-point advantage in this poll, but that is obviously within the margin of error. the clock is ticking as the bill that would allow the victims of 9/11 and their families, the families of the victims of 9/11,
1:41 am
to sue the government of saudi arabia for possibly supporting terrorism. it is really gathering dust on president obama's desk. it overwhelmingly passed the house and the senate. last week white house officials made the president's stance pretty clear. >> the president is going to veto it and i don't want you to leave you with the impression that somehow the decision is up in the air. but the president will make -- will veto it within the next ten days. >> but nothing has been done yet. senior capitol hill producer chad pergrum is here to explain what is taking so long. good evening, chad. >> good evening. it is an issue of the calendar. per the constitution article one section 7 and the president has seven days, sunday excluded, to veto, if he doesn't, it automatically becomes law. they could try to override it and it takes a two-thirds vote to override it for a veto in congress. and what the president is trying to do here is maximize the time. congress is trying to finish this interim spending bill,
1:42 am
maybe include some zika funding and maybe get out some time in the next week or so. so thursday the 22nd is the key. that is what we're watching here in terms of the timeline. >> chad, do they have the votes for an override? it seems like both houses -- or the house and the senate passed with overwhelming numbers. >> yeah, those were overwhelming numbers because there was no recorded tally. in other words, there was no opposition. i want to put a fine point on this though. in the senate it was done by unanimous consent, meaning nobody objected. in the senate, it was a voice vote, so there was no recorded tally. for the constitution, you have to have a recorded tally to do a veto override here. and that is a big challenge because there are members of congress who are for this bill but there are some others who don't want to be on the record against it. and what president obama might do is try to postpone the veto override when there is a recorded vote on that until after the election. >> and you could tell we are 51 days away from that election. chad on capitol hill, as always, thank you. hacking is a significant part of the presidential
1:43 am
election with e-mails from colin powell and the democratic national committee being released. and talked about. but could a hacker actual change your vote? federal officials are adamant that would be nearly impossible. but is that correct? our senior correspondent investigates. >> can a machine be hacked? >> i have demonstrated how to hack the abc advantage voting machines that we use in new jersey. >> he is the bane of election officials because princeton university professor andrew lapel says the touch screen voting machine, the type used in about ten states, can be tampered with. >> i unlock the back door. >> in 2008, he demonstrated how as part of an election lawsuit against new jersey officials. while he notes there has been no documented case of a machine actually being hacked this way in a u.s. election, he said it could happen by simply swapping the machine's computer chip for
1:44 am
his own. >> and i just have to replace this one chip with a fraudulent computer program. >> he was able to change the votes the machine counted. >> i figured out how to make a slightly different computer program that just before the close of the polls shifts some votes around from one candidate to the other. i wrote that computer program on to a memory chip like this. and now to hack a voting machine, you have to get seven minutes alone with it with a screwdriver. >> our experience here in this office, we all concur that we have not seen one documented case in machines being compromised. >> the deputy superintendent of elections in hudson county, new jersey, insists in real life it cannot be done. he points to multiple redundant safeguards that protect machines. they are locked in secure areas under camera surveillance and broken security tape on vital parts would show any violation. >> i don't know how you could
1:45 am
possibly do that to 500 machines and get the secrecy and the time to do so. i don't believe that is possible. >> but the professor insists it is. >> the good news is, it is not something you could easily do from russia. >> but the bad news? >> but the bad news is it is really possible to do locally. >> the voting machine company, dominion, told us the demonstration is not a realistic assessment, not a credible test because it was not an actual election. but the professor says he's exposed a weakness and shows you should vote on machines with paper ballots for proof. by the way, here's the chip. it costs four bucks. >> amazing. we'll continue your reports next week. and up next, a panel joins me to talk about homeland security and the latest from the campaign trail. and security and the latest from the campaign trail.
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i've been briefed about the bombings in new york and new jersey, the attacks of minnesota. obviously we need to do everything we can to support our first responders. >> just before i got off the plane, a bomb went off in new york and nobody knows exactly what is going on. but boy, we are living in a time -- we better get very tough, folks, we better get very tough. >> investigations into the bombings in new york and new jersey and the stabbing in minnesota as this night continues. but as you see, the two candidates weighing in on both major parties and the latest fox news poll on the issues, as you see them laid out here, economic, government and corruption and terrorism the third one down, clinton holds a one point lead in the latest fox
1:50 am
news poll that is within the margin of error and you see the rest of the issues there. the issue will take a heavy prominence in not only the debate coming up but in the election coming up but in the election in 51 days. let's bring in our panel. political reporter for time. former national security council staffer and tucker carlson, host of fox and friends weekend. the attacks here obviously raise the prospect and the spectrum that we are dealing with this all the way from now on. that's what they are leaning towards at least in minnesota. >> absolutely. they have eliminated the possibility in new york of this being connected to an international terrorist organization at this time. that doesn't mean that in the case of new york this is not a terrorist attack either. we still got the very real possibility of domestic terrorism as well as lone wolf
1:51 am
terrorism by which i mean an operative who is not officially affiliated with an international organization like isis but is really in tune with the radical ideolo ideology. this is terrorism when people talk about the third wave. this is the future we are seeing spread globally, europe, africa, asia. >> you see the candidates deal with it differently. donald trump comes out hard and then gets sort of criticized for saying it was a bombing before we knew it was a bombing. it turns out to be a bombing. and hillary clinton seems very measured and toned down on the plan. >> if i were advising donald trump. i tell her it is better to wait before you make a comment on it. what he said wasn't that different substantively. what basically saying the same thing saying these were bombings in these three different places. i think if you're trump you want
1:52 am
to project this strength and he does that every time. i'm not sure voters will be terribly upset that trump is getting out in front of this and seeming to project. >> is there a sense that this is what the country wants? >> it is certainly the way we saw donald trump respond. all throughout this campaign voters are responding to the way that donald trump talks about terrorism. that is a large percentage of the country but is it a majority? if terrorism gets back on the front burner as we get closer this may be a referendum on which style of leadership you want in the white house. >> aren't there independents and moderates who are also sick of people saying not saying what it is even though you know what it is. like using different words or being very cautious almost to the point of political correctness cautious about this.
1:53 am
>> euphemisms erode trust in the speaker who deploys them. we have seen a bunch of police shootings and paoliticians drawing criticisms. trump is being held to a different standard here. he is the only person, this is the key in my view, the only person who is suggesting that maybe there is a root cause to address. minneapolis didn't have terror problems 30 years ago. there are 35,000 somali refugees there with children and now it does. maybe there is a direct connection between immigration policy and terror problems. why is he the only one saying that? >> the map didn't go as planned with the different states. i know the difference between new hampshire and maine. bottom line is the overall message was it is close and some states are within two or three points. this whole thing could shift based on that one debate if it
1:54 am
goes three points one way a lot of those electoral college votes will change. >> you talk about october surprises late breaking developments that reshape the way the race breaks. it will be close within a few points. the polls show seven or ten points. we don't know which way it will break at the end. four years ago mitt romney had the great debate and then barack obama came back to win. the first mattered at the time. it will be consistency through all three that will probably show the trajectory. >> there is almost certainly going to be additional external events. something big will happen whether an attack or economic down tourn. we have seen this with the dui in the last couple of days of that race. we saw the "new york times" trying to eject this weapons
1:55 am
depot which didn't work for them. we saw in 2008 the economic collapse. and you always have almost a dynamic changing event in the last two months. i think that is in addition to debates what will determine the outcome of this race. >> back to the map. colorado will be blue likely. arizona will not be blue. it will be red if you go by history. the polls are close but history suggests that arizona will head towards the republican way. national security how much in the final days do you think that that focus is going to be on this? >> i think an incredible amount. really the latest fox poll on this is that they are neck and neck when it comes to who to trust on terrorism. donald trump i think really took a risk last night. he shot from the hip. he didn't have the information when he made the comments and went for it. i think he really connected with people emotionally. history will judge him probably kindly for calling this a bomb,
1:56 am
the risk for him becomes not so much in the days between now and november but if he is elected president and does make these kinds of leaps, how are the american people going to respond because eventually he will be wrong and that will be very risky for him. >> thank you. hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. you won't see these folks they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue.
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as usual i will be here 6:00 p.m. monday through friday this week. next sunday the show goes on the road. we will be live from hofstra university, the site of the first presidential debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. our usual time 6:00 p.m. and then live again with a whole new show 8 p.m. two special reports next sunday night. extra special on sunday night. if you can't join us set dvrs and get your political fix. that's it for tonight. we will try that map again next week. we're going to get it right. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for special report. we'll se >> it is monday september 19th. america under attack. breaking overnight another bomb explodes just outside of new york city.
1:59 am
investigato investigators scrambling to find out if it is connected to the blasts in new york and new jersey as five people are taken into custody. we are live with the breaking developments. the mad man who went on a stabbing spree was a soldier of the islamic state. >> what we have learned about the attacker and the growing terror threat to the home land. >> he is on the campaign trail with quick and differing reactions to the candidates. >> before i got off the plane a bomb went off in new york and nobody knows exactly what's going on. >> i think we should withhold judgment until we know more and what happened. >> "fox & friends first" starts right now.
2:00 am
>> good morning yef one. you are watching "fox & friends first." i am n it's not the weekend. i am clayton morris. >> i am heather childers. thank you for having us. >> we begin with a fox news alert. a busy morning already. another bomb exploding overnight. this time at a new jersey train station. >> it comes hours after five people with links to the new york city blast are taken into custody. >> let's get to rob schmidt live for us in chelsea with brand new details unfolding. >> we are talking about elizabeth new jersey. multiple bombs found in a backpack in elizabeth near a train station about 13 miles away. twol men calling in police reporting wires and a wipipe coming from a package in the crash trash.


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