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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  September 19, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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christie's accused of shutting down the bridge for political revenge. nice to have you. >> thanks for having me. i loved it so much. "fox and friends" starts right now. bye. good monday morning to you and your family. it's september 19th. i'm ainsley earhardt. a fox news alert. another explosion overnight. this time it's in new jersey. as a backpack filled with pipe bombs goes off. we're live as the northeast is on edge. >> it meanwhile, that coming just after the feds take five people into custody tied to saturday night's new york city blast. this morning, the fbi trying to figure out the cases are all connected. they could be. >> wow. breaking news in that mall attack in minnesota. the other attack. we've just learned the suspects
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born in somalia shouted allah and asked people if they were muslim as he went on april slashing spree. thank goodness for an off-duty officer and taking him down when he didn't even have to. fox and friends starts right now. yep. that was just a couple of hours ago. we start with a fox news alert breaking right now. another bomb exploded overnight. this time at a train station in elizabeth, new jersey. >> it comes just hours after five people with links to the new york city blast are taken into custody. >> i know it's getting confusing, there's a lot of bombs sadly and a lot of facts that need to be talked about, about what happened. this just happened, as steve mentioned, a few hours ago. let's get to rob schmidt live in
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chelsea with new details as they unfold. >> reporter: we're here in central manhattan at the chelsea scene. the 23rd street bomb that went off and injured 29 people. we're going to start in elizabeth, new jersey, where we just saw that video. let's show you one more time of that bomb unintention ally going off. that bomb going off and how destructive that was, how scary that was. one of five bombs found in a backpack in a trash can. this one unintentionally went off as the bomb squad was trying to disarm it. thankfully, nobody was hurt. two men had called police stating wires and a -- in the trash. the mayor of elizabeth had this to say after that bomb went off
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overnight. >> there were multiple devices inside that backpack. one of the devices was being cut in order to disarm it. as you all heard the explosion occurred. the other devices, i don't know what the fbi and the state police are doing at this point. but they're trying to remove them. >> reporter: certainly those were live devices as well. this caused train delays in and out of elizabeth overnight and this morning. it's going to be april messy monday morning and a rainy commute at that as well. back here in chelsea, surveillance video led police to make quick leads in this case and actually the fbi pulling over a car in brooklyn on the belt parkway overnight that had five, at least five occupants inside. all are considered to be persons of interest in this case. so we'll see where that leads. those five are being interviewed at police headquarters in lower manhattan. none of the five had been charged at the time but just of interest. so much video has surfaced,
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we've been able to see this from every possible angle. after 9/11, cameras all over new york city and especially in neighborhoods like this. you can see people terrified running from the scene and incredibly with the power of that ex motion, you can see that on camera, nobody was killed in these bombs, 29 were hurt. witnesses reported seeing a man they described as not being around the area. maybe somebody that didn't belong in the area dragging a duffel bag. surveillance video shows two other men taking a bag out of that bag that may have contained the one pressure cooker bomb that did not go off. police looking into that. the timing of this could not be worse, united nations convening this week. this is one of the busiest times of the year for security in the area. the nypd adding 1,000 more
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officers. here's andrew cuomo calling this terrorism. >> it depends on your definition of terrorism. a bomb exploding in new york is obviously an act of terrorism. but it's not linked to international terrorism. in other words, we find no isis connection, et cetera. >> reporter: you hear the clarification there. the governor saying it's terrorism. our mayor will not go that far. thank you rob smith. >> the headlines this morning are there was another explosion last night in elizabeth because these two guys found five pipe bombs and they tried to disarm one of them. it detonated. the rest have gone off. the other thing as they stop five guys going to the airport. they were fraul elizabeth which is where they found these pipe bombs. joining us now is dr. sebastian
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gorka, works at the institute of world politics and the author of a book called defeating jihad. especially on mornings like this. good morning doctor. >> good morning. >> the governor of new york, he's saying it is terror. by definition, i would assume it would be if bombs go off in new york. you have the mayor of new york city saying it's too soon to say that. what do you say? >> you don't usually set off pressure cooker ieds on the fourth of july and i think fourth of july was a while back, wasn't it? it's absurd. of course this is a terror attack. >> so yes, a terror attack. we're going to be speaking with the governor a little later. let's look at the bombs in particular. they're different than the boston bombs because of the detonator. one was used to use remote cars. this one is used with a flip phone. what does that tell you? >> twoef wait.
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the huge aspect of this incident is getting one of the devices intact. you know right now that second pressure cooker is being examined thoroughly by the fbis bomb technicians. it will potentially a treasure trove of evidence. the shoe bombing, if you recall 13 years ago, we were anyone to identify one of the people who assembled those devices for richard reed from a palm print inside the device. hugely important. let's not forget also in the boston bombing, it wasn't just pressure cooker bombs that were used when the tsarnaev brothers were being chased by the local law enforcement. they actually threw pipe bombs at them. there's another potential jihadi connection there. we've seen this modus prand i in boston.
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>> apparently the news outlets down here, the pressure cooker bomb along with the other things were packed with nails and ball bearings so that when they explode they could inflict the maximum amount of damage. what's interesting is apparently the bomb that was found on 27th street, the pressure cooker, there was a handwritten note apparently inside. a portion of it in arabic. also we noah parentally that apparently the explosive is tannerite. what is that? >> it's called a binary explosi explosive. it's not really a high-speed explosive. it creates a shockwave when it is hit by a projectile traveling at more than the speed of sound. so if used for recreational purposes, if you fire a rifle at a little -- it creates a big boom and a big cloud of smoke. it's not like the ammonium nitrate ied, the
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fertilizer-based explosion like we've seen in the plant. this is a commercially available substance. somehow it's as if i were able to turn it into the primary. >> if this isn't fact-inspired or directly sponsored by isis, among people who have said this shows the progress we're making against breaking up what was supposed to be a caliphate between syria and iraq. shows what we're doing over there because we see small devices here. tim kaine is among those who said that. >> no, absolutely not. i look overt last two years and see the islamic state fighting a two front war. they're using in iraq and syria and libya to consolidate and expand the territory they hold. and through their magazine, through their propaganda slides, they are promoting a tax on the
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soil of the infidel. look at paris, look at brussels. look at the horrific attack in nice. look at orlando, look at the priest who was practically beheaded in his church. this is guerilla warfare. low development. very cheap with high yields. that's what we've seen in new york and new jersey this weekend. >> dr. gorka, we want to ask you about minnesota also. for the folks the at home if they aren't familiar, tell them the details of what happened in the mall. isis claiming responsibility now for the stabbing rampage inside the minnesota mall. the attacker asking some of his victims if they were muslim before slashing them. he has been identified as a 22-year-old, his name is -- he was born in somalia moved to the united states 15 years ago as a child. he was a junior at st. cloud university just three miles from the mall. he was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer. three of the nine victims are
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still in the hospital but they're all going to be okay. dr. gorka, what do you make of this? he grew up in minnesota. there were a lot of so mali refugees growing up. where isis has recruited more people from that area than anywhere else in the u.s. >> correct. this is a real hotbed of jihadi recruitment in the last 50 years. let's not forget that the israelis have suffered scores and scores of knife attacks. they call this the knife -- we may be seeing this coming to america. and this attack that was used to try to identify if you're a muslim and give you safe passage, this is something we've seen already. we've seen this in mumbai and in the dakar attack in bangladesh. anybody who says are surprised by the attacks doesn't know what they are talking about. we have seen all this before.
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pressure cooker bombs, knife a tx, pipe bomts of. this should surprise nobody who follows national security issues. >> apparently the guy with the knife told his parents he was going to the mall to buy an iphone 7. not true. the law enforcement over there, dr. gorka has said it was lucky there was an off-duty police officer who had a gun and was able to take this guy out. >> where were the other officers in the mall? >> it's always the same. you can only stop a bad guy with a weapon with a good guy with a weapon. it is a blessing that that off hchb duty officer who i understand is not from that jurisdiction was inside that shopping mall and neutralized this. >> a politician wedding has people down. here's governor mark dayton. a democrat out of minnesota. in 2015 saying this about the complaining about their community. >> st. cloud, everybody has a right to be here as much as anybody else and if you can't
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step in, find another state. >> clean up that community first. >> no comment. you don't have a right to be in a community if you're a terrorist. if you're a threat to this nation whether a jihadi, whether you're fascist and you're going to use violence, then you are a threat to this nation. unfortunately, politics is trumping national security yet again. >> in the coming days, we'll find out whether or not this guy was in touch with isis or simply isis-inspired. dr. sebastian gorka, thank you for joining us on this very busy monday. >> he walked into that mall with a uniform because he served part time. how does that happen? we'll talk more about that who did a great job in new york city. straight again, one week from the presidential debate. terror thax shape.
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>> the explosion in new york city on saturday night spurring different response frs the presidential candidates. the recent polls shows them nearly tied when it comes to the issue who handles terror best. who is here to debate, republican paul -- democratic pollster jessica -- good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> kristen, let's start with you. in the republican primary there were terror hits on the united states and trump's numbers actually went up. why? >> well, you know, this is one of those things that surprised a lot of people. myself included. i think part of the reason why trump's numbers went up is that he was projecting strength. he was not somebody that was mincing words. he was somebody that was saying, aren't you sick of this happening, we need something dramatically different in order to prevent this from happening again. l wisdom is that people want a steady hand when they feel they're under threat. this may be a moment when voters
3:19 am
say i don't necessarily want a steady hand. i want a different course, which is what donald trump will provide. >> donald trump has been tweeting overnight. here's one he put out. he wrote, under the leadership of obama and clinton, americans experienced more attacks at home than victories abroad. time to change the playbook. jessica? >> i think it's a very smart tweet to put out there. i also don't think there's any chance he wrote it himself based on the crazy tweeting we saw this weekend. when over 50% of americans want a change in direction and that's what poll after poll says, this is a smart move on donald trump's part. i think that we always talk about obama's approval rating as an outlier when 65 to 70% of americans want a change in direction. it is odd that he has over 50% approval rating. i agree with what kristen said. i think this is the right approach for him. it will be interesting to see if people who get in the voting booth, we'll go in, in a very
3:20 am
close election and choose the steady hand and someone reliable and has the experience. >> real quick, kristen, you know the whole thing -- the mayor of new york city doesn't want to call it terror. it's terror. people are scared. >> if you remember watching the republican convention, it was much more convention that was focused around sort of fear, anxiety, speaking to americans who really feel that things are dramatically off on the wrong track and want to see something different. the democratic convention was more upbeat. i think more of the terrorist attacks can play into the message the gop has been pushing. >> jessica, the final word. >> i agree with that. i think it was doom and gloom versus optimism. many people on both sides of the aisle reflected the sentiments that the democrats coe opted -- they had military families out there. ka zero khan.
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fox news alert now. several breaking developments overnight surrounding the explosions in new york city. now, police are taking a handful of people into custody. as many as five who appeared to be tied to the blast. one blast in chelsea, the other one stopped before it could blow up. then more devices were found in a backpack near a train station in elizabethtown, new jersey. that happened about 1:00 in the morning. the fbi is on that case trying to figure out any possible connections and some say there are. the potential terror ties are
3:25 am
now being investigated. >> at this time there's no evidence of an international terrorism connection with this incident. but, but it is very, very early in the investigation. >> does it matter what kind of terror it is. we want to find out who did it. here to discuss our law enforcement panel. viola group. the international group. former police detective steve cardigan is here and former secret service agent he have i pom porus is joining us for this. the one that just happened at 1:00 in the morning in elizabethtown, two guys walking through and saw this back, something of value. they open it up, see the wires. put it down, walk across the street to the police station. they come by. the robot blows it up by mistake. what do we think about a linkage? does it matter who is behind it? >> absolutely, brian. one point to be clear on, there's a lot of discussion
3:26 am
aboutser, is this international, domestic? the answer to that is, it doesn't matter. the similarities and the methodology being used right now from new york to new jersey, the composite of device, compared to what happened in -- clearly, there's a link to the internet and educating people how to create these devices. whether the group is domestic, linked to isis, doesn't make a difference. >> steve, what do we know? >> this report from leventhal, they believe there's a connection between new jersey and new york last night. governor christie didn't think so. but now things progressed. >> you have to go into that presumption. you have a terrorist act. you don't believe your city or tri-state is under siege, you're not thinking outside the box. if you're not thinking out the box, you're not thinking. you have to go under the assumption that these are connected. >> you go under the assumption that there's a link? >> you can't put it off to the side and discard it. you have to go under the
3:27 am
assumption that there's a possible link to all these. look at the timing. look at what happened in minnesota. look at what happened so many times in new jersey and what happened in new york city. the timing is -- it behooves you. >> the flip phone detonation method. want to bring you something that's breaking right now. there's a raid going on, on the -- right near the train station where -- in elizabethtown where a backpack was found. turned out to be a bomb. let's look at the pictures. this is the best we can see right now but they're inside the shop as you see and the apartment on top of the food shop. that's where they're focusing on. we're trying to find out who is behind it. doesn't surprise you guys and you evie to see law enforcement move quickly. there's been five people rounded up and questioning on the belt parkway in brooklyn. our own geraldo rivera, said they're -- >> they should be able to -- one
3:28 am
happened the day before and one in new york. now new jersey. you want to get on this. let's not forget, we have the united nations going on right now, president obama is coming in. we have too many things going on to really sit back and relax. then these are such crude devices that seem to be very easily made in some way that there could be other ones. we need to put this in perspective and get ahead of it and being extremely aggressive. >> people say you see something, say something. that's exactly what happened with this 66-year-old photographer who goes on 27th street after the 23rd explosion and says this is like a weird science project. i'm going to call somebody to make sure it's not a bomb. turns out it was a bomb, paul. >> this is an excellent point. this is something that we all need to be cognizant of. to her point about this, look what's going on. this is the busiest week in the city every year. this isn't by accident. this isn't a strange coincidence. think about something for examp
3:29 am
example. if you go to london and think about this, put a backpack in a department store and walk away. they'll clear the store. you do it here in new york, either someone will steal it or pick it up and bring it to you and say hey, you forgot your backpack. we have to reengineer our -- >> i'll take that.. steve and evie real quick. we know there's cameras on every block and everybody who is a true terrorist knows we have this covered. this is wide open. we have -- we see somebody pick it up, drop it off at 23rd to 27th. might have eyeballed somebody who was the same person. does this show you i want to get caught or a lack of sophistication. >> a lack of sophistication and the fact that the nypd is so diligent. if you're in times square, they could be reading your blackberry or iphone when you're typing on it. it's that specific. yes, the amount of cameras that are in place are there for a purpose. they have solved countless crimes. >> i have to say this. when it comes to terrorism, i
3:30 am
also think that they don't care. they don't care. they're ready to die and go to jail. they believe in what they're doing. they're thinking, you know what, i want people to know i'm doing this and i want them to know the cause. yes, it was me. in some ways you're correct but also on the other side, they don't care. this is their beliefs, this is what i want everyone to know. they're proud of it. >> you're right. >> thanks so much for you guys bringing your expertise. continuing to watch the arrest of the five, stopping any other bombs and of course, what's happening right now while we were speaking. that's the raid on top of that food shop. the fbi is conducting a raid. the fbi in charge. that's where the backpack of explosives was picked up about 1:30 in the morning. we'll have the latest on that when we come back and with terror investigations happening in all states, tim kaine says that's a sign we're winning the fight against isis. >> we're waging a punishing war to defeat isis on the battlefield and it's shrinking
3:31 am
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i'm retired. i just sit here, watching nothing. if i were you, i'd work as long as you can, son. work as long as you can. thanks. (vo) get nfl sunday ticket only on directv and watch live games anywhere. that was another bomb. it was detonated last night near the elizabeth, new jersey, train station. a couple of guys were leaving hector's place restaurant and saw a backpack on top of a garbage can. took a look inside. realized it was five pipe bombs. called the police. the police then tried to detonate one of them. they did. unfortunately. apparently four others preserved on their way to quantico. >> the robot cut the wrong wire. >> sounds like that's what happened. meanwhile, let's go live to
3:35 am
elizabeth, new jersey, where a raid is under way. right there. >> that's right. there's an apartment above this food shop right here where police are inside. for some reason, we're not sure what happened inside. but they got a call to raid that apartment above that food shop in elizabeth, new jersey. >> steve, you know this area. is this an area you might imagine have cameras or is this open? >> this is a very urban area. there are obviously cameras. this particular image is from wabc. the other thing you need to know since you went to bed, police stopped five people apparently going to the airport, the newark airport, they nabbed them as they were getting off the verrazano narrows bridge overnight. the five men from elizabeth. is it related? >> could be. >> they are not suspects, they were taken in for questioning to see if they were connected to the explosions in new york, what happened in new jersey. this is the third incident
3:36 am
happening in the elizabeth, new jersey, area which all five of those guys are from that area. >> of course, the similarities, seen the new jersey prior to the one with the robot blew up where all the bombs were fitted to bow up with flip phones. they're looking at that as a key similarity. democratic senator chris coons has been here. president obama nominated him to be the democratic representative to the u.n. general assembly. got a series of big meetings. thanks, senator, for stopping by here first. >> appreciate it. >> i'm sure you didn't expect to talk about this, this morning. what is your reaction that you're able to tell us? >> i'm so grateful for the men and women in law enforcement. for the talented and capable folks at the fbi now following up on the lead you were just describing. the men and women of nypd all over the center of this city. i think we will get leads during the course of the day. i don't have any classified, of course, that i could share or open source briefing that adds to what you just covered. i do think we're looking at
3:37 am
three distinct incidents. there may well be ties between the one in new jersey and new tion under way. we can't lead to conclusions about this. >> we want to ask you about hillary clinton and tim kaine saying the terror strikes in our cities means that we're winning abroad. he said they, meaning the -- they're losing ground. take a listen and we'll get your reaction. >> we are waging a punishing war to defeat isis on the battlefield and it's shrinking their space. however, they are looking as other terrorist groups are, okay, we're losing our ground, they're looking for opportunities to engage in terrorist acts in cities. that's what they're doing, whether in europe or the united states. how do you stop that? that's not primarily military. it's primarily intelljens and the sharing of intelligence. >> we're not sure if what happened is connected to isis in any way. it's a little alarming when he's saying that, that they're winning abroad when we've just
3:38 am
had all these attacks over the weekend. >> what senator kaine is saying, senator kaine with whom i served on the foreign relations committee. we have in fact shrunk the amount of territory isis holds by 40%. we've made progress in iraq and syria. the coalition is taking the fight successfully to isis on the ground. because isis relies on its popularity, the misperception that their twisted goals are advancing, for them to attract recruits, they're being more and more aggressive in reaching out and calling on folks who they don't control or train or support to carry out attacks. the attack in minnesota may well have been inspired indirectly in some way by isis. there's no evidence that any of these attacks were coordinated, funded or supported by -- >> let's be clear, there's no evidence that isis knew who he was beforehand, provided him any material or support. he may have been a twisted individual who decided to carry
3:39 am
out a horrible knife attacks in a mall. isis is claiming responsibility for him. but what we've seen in the lone wolf attacks, earlier this year, is that just because some sick individuals carries out a horrible attack doesn't mean isis successfully rejoined them. what snofr kaine is saying is sharing intelligence with allies is -- we're looking for someone who hasn't been overseas or trained, who isn't getting equipment. who is just a twisted individual looking to carry out their own individual attack. >> sure. and because the guy was relatively success in minneapolis, minneapolis st. cloud. he's going to glom on to it and say that. donald trump was tweeting last night. he wants to be president. he's from the other party. he said -- >> i picked up on that. >> i know. he said this. under the leadership of obama and clinton, americans have experienced more attacks at home than victories abroad. time to change the playbook. he also tweeted out, saturday's
3:40 am
attacks show that failed obama/hillary clinton policies won't keep us safe. i will make america safe again. the whole idea of it error is to scare people. people are scared. i was talking to my neighbors yesterday, they're scared to send their kids in to work today. >> they shouldn't be. frankly, our law enforcement and intelligence and military has done a better job in getting ahead of this challenge and the fact that we have a few small incidents that we have no evidence or directly coordinated, funded. >> but it just takes one to scare the crap out of you. >> that's right. one of my kefrns is not to needlessly scare the american people. some of our best responses is when we pick ourselves up and go back to back to make sure we live -- they're trying to feel us more at threat. >> people of new york and new jersey, we get it. but what really concerns me is that we don't capture and interrogate anymore. we've captured three people in 7 1/2 years. we're not on the ground in order
3:41 am
to get the intelligence to stop the next attack in noorks. >> we're, in fact, killing senior leaders of isis. >> i love the idea of a dead terrorist. >> makes me very happy. >> what's better is a terrorist that talks. that used to be the gitmo, the loudest to reconstruct the entire al qaeda operation. we don't even go into their pockets anymore. >> to respond to what donald trump said in his tweet, just last month, 50 senior republican, former leaders in national security and in intelligence and homeland security department said that they don't believe donald trump has the -- >> we're talking also about bringing in the refugees. this guy in the mall in minneapolis, he was a somalian refugee. he's been in this country for 15 years. these are the types of people america is scared to let into the country for these reasons. >> we're not letsing anyone into the country without lengthy, vetting.
3:42 am
>> how are you doing that? >> done by the united nations and by u.s. intelligence. >> how do you do that? >> we have only let in a few thousand compared to turkey which is holding millions. our best strategy, frankly, is to provide the support in lebanon and jordan and turkey for syrian refugees to be supported and cared for while we work to stabilize the -- >> does germany have it right? they let in tens of thousands and last weekend, they kicked out six isis terrorists already. we saw the random explosions and stabbings happening on those streets. people are concerned we're going to do the same thing that germany was doing. >> i'll tell you what we shouldn't start doing is saying we would block an entire religion from the united states. >> i didn't say that. >> no. saying -- >> slow down. he since amended that. i was saying you, representing us, should understand that america doesn't have anything against anybody. but we should actually worry about who is coming here because your main goal should be
3:43 am
protecting us, not worrying about the perception of how we look. >> last year i visited a bipartisan to -- to u yan i can't, he is stone i can't -- they pushed back on we're accepting refugees and why aren't you? they raise pointed questions about donald trump and what he was saying about the nato alliance and our will necessary to honor the treaties was true. many of the things donald trump has said have deeply unsettled our treaty allies in europe. as tim kaine said, it is the sharing of intelligence, it is the furthering integration of our work to vet refugees that's most important. >> let's walk a lot of that back. >> we'll have donald trump with us in 20 minutes. we'll talk about all things with him. >> great to see you. good luck in the meeting. straight ahead, we continue to follow the breaking news. a raid is under way right now in elizabeth, new jersey, hours after yet another explosion rang out overnight.
3:44 am
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this time at a new jersey train station. >> it's happening right now. a live look at police conducting raids and the very same town. that steve is the name of the restaurant. >> first american fried chicken. al more a and litton avenues in elizabeth. >> wtxf in philly is live in elizabeth, new jersey, where it's raining right now, jennifer? >> reporter: it is raining here in elizabeth. there's a lot going on here now. we're a half a block from the train station where service has resumed a short time ago. we know that the new jersey transit trains have suspended service for the last several hours as this investigation into the explosion continues.
3:49 am
we can also take another live look at the fbi raids currently going on and we are awaiting a press conference from the mayor of elizabeth. it was said to have -- it was expected to happen at 6:30, however, we've not seen him in this area. as we know, the fbi has their hands full right now with that investigation also going on in elizabeth right now. we don't know whether or not that is connected to the pipe bomb explosion here at the elizabeth train station. fortunately, no one was hurt. that explosion occurred as a bomb squad robot was attempting to disarm the suspicious materials, including a pipe and wires found inside a backpack near the train station. so, again, we are awaiting a press conference from the mayor of elizabeth as we can sort out all of these details. we'll send it back to you. >> all right, thank you very much for the live report. a lot going on in elizabeth, new jersey. >> which is next door to newark.
3:50 am
if you've ever flown into newark, it's on the border there. >> we should point out that new york city police stopped five guys from elizabeth overnight en route to the airport. they were all from that area. is it related? could be. >> another reason maybe to thank new york traffic. iftraffic. because if you were on the belt parkway, you never get anywhere. >> fox news alert it is, the suspect in the minneapolis mall attack just identified as a somalian who shouted allah as he slashed people. pete segeth. and also donald trump. how he would handle it if he becomes president. advil liqui - gels work so fast you'll ask
3:51 am
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3:54 am
fox news alert. isis now taking credit for a stabbing attack at a mall in minnesota. >> the suspect in saint cloud was born in somalia. there's his picture right there on the left-hand side of your screen, moved to the united states 15 years ago as a child. police say he's 22 years old or was 22. he was shouting allah and asking his victims if they were muslim. so is the somalia refugee crisis now a terror crisis? >> fox news contributor pete hegseth lives in minnesota has been looking into this. sadly, pete, this does not surprise you? >> no, it doesn't. i was in saint cloud actually on saturday. familiar with that community and if you live in minnesota, you are familiar with the somalia muslim population that has grown here. refugees who came here in light of the civil war here. minnesota is a very welcoming place. the problem is a lot of those communities have not assimilated the way we would want them to in rochester, minneapolis, saint
3:55 am
cloud. there's an incubation. there's some raddle mosques and teachings. as we've seen, there is a terrorist recruitment problem in minnesota and much of the somalia population in minnesota is denial it aboutit. the ie deloling looks to be isis-inspired at the very least. they call him a soldier of the caliphate. this is a terror problem in minnesota and our leaders are not anywhere to be found on it. >> you are not the only one made on -- made these observations. the governor of minnesota, mark dayton heard that before. he had this to say a few months ago regarding trouble there. listen. >> saint cloud, everybody here has a right to be here as much as anybody else and if you can't, then find another city. >> the message to mark dayton if
3:56 am
you can't control this problem we need a new governor. the reality is the citizens of minnesota should have the ability to make sure their families are safe, their schools are safe, their streets and malls are safe and if people are here they have an allegiance to our state and our country. it's just like barack obama and hillary clinton and angela merkel who says anyone can come in. there's a very real problem here in minnesota with that assimilation. both sides can do more with it, but the reality is we need more from the somalia muslim population calling out the radicals saying you need to get out. but voters don't get a say where the refugees go. breaking right now there's another raid going on in new jersey and an apartment above that restaurant right there. donald trump is going to join us
3:57 am
live. we'll be talking about that in the next hour.
3:58 am
4:00 am
it's monday, september 19th, i'm ainsley earhardt. major breaking news here on "fox & friends." a raid under way right now in elizabeth, new jersey, hours after another explosion rang out there overnight. that happened overnight. that was a backpack filled with pipe bombs. we're live there on the ground with all the details. >> that's not good. meanwhile here in new york, the feds taking five people into custody reportedly of afghan descent according to gerardo rivera. now the fbi trying to connect the dots. donald trump here to react to all of the terror coming up in two minutes.
4:01 am
>> and we're not done talking terror. breaking news in the mall attack in minnesota. we've learned the suspect was born in somalia, who shouted allah and asked people if they were muslim before he slashed them. eight people were slashed. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ a fox news alert breaking right now. another bomb exploding overnight. this time at a new jersey train station. >> right now, the fbi, the fbi is conducting raids in that very same town right over that shop. >> leland vittert is live there. >> reporter: good morning, guys. as of now, not only is the fbi here, but the fbi joint terrorism task force is now on the scene. the street behind me, we're
4:02 am
about a block away from the apartment over a little restaurant that the fbi, atf and new jersey state police are raiding. they are also taking bomb dogs all along the streets here, checking out the trash cans and also looking at a number of the cars here that are on this street. we don't know if this is related to the explosions in elizabeth, new jersey, and in new york, but suffice it to say the fbi doesn't normally come out to get coffee on a rainy monday morning at these kinds of apartments. taking you where we're at, we're a mile away from the train station where that explosion happened overnight and there was a couple of guys out late last night and they saw a heavy backpack inside a trash bin. they picked the backpack up and when they realized it had wires coming out of it, that is when they called the police. that was eight hours ago. the police come. they look at the backpack. they call in the bomb squad to look at the backpack and the mayor describes what happened next.
4:03 am
it doesn't look like we have the sound bite from the mayor, but there were five separate pipe bombs inside of that backpack. during the time the robots were looking at that backpack, one of those bombs exploded. four other bombs, though, are being taken to the fbi's lab in quantico, virginia, to be examined. the other issue here that we've seen break overnight is the arrest of those five separate suspects in one traffic stop. it may be in connection to this but they have not been charged with any crimes as it relates to any of the explosions either in new jersey, down in seaside which we came from an hour away and then here in elizabeth or what we see going on in new york. obviously, guys, now, we just wait and see what the fbi and joint terrorism task force brings out of that apartment. back to you all. >> all right. leland vittert live in elizabeth, new jersey, where it's really coming down. thank you very much. let's head to donald trump.
4:04 am
he's joining us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> i know on saturday night, i saw you on tv, you said a bomb went off in new york, we don't know much about what's happened. we've gathered a few more facts. observation of what's going on in the big apple. >> well, it's a mess, and it's a shame and we're going to have to be very tough. i think maybe we'll see a big change over the last couple of days. i think this is something that maybe will get -- will happen perhaps more and more all over the country. >> what do you mean, more terror strikes? >> yeah. because we've been weak. our country has been weak. we've been letting people in tens of thousands. i've been saying you got to stop it. just last week, obama said you got to let more people in. 100,000. hillary clinton wants to increase what he's led in. he's let in thousands and thousands of people. they can't be properly vetted. i spoke to the best people in law enforcement. they say there is no way of vetting these people, so he let
4:05 am
in over 100,000 additional people, and now hillary clinton is raising it by 550% and this has been going on for a long time. thousands of people are pouring into our country. we have no idea what we're doing. our leaders are -- i don't even say weak. i say stupid. >> hillary and tim kaine said that isis strikes on our cities means we're winning abroad. >> yes, i guess that's the way they figure things. they figure things. if we would have taken them out, we wouldn't have it. they are very strong. they are in 28 countries right now. these were started by hillary clinton and her policies and obama, when they got out of iraq, this is what happened. this is the remnant of it and it's much more than a remnant. look, they started in a small area. now they are in 28 countries and i listened to obama say, well, we're winning the war. we're not winning the war. they are winning the war. >> you said over the weekend too it was time to get tough as you
4:06 am
got off the plane. just before you know, the bombs were full of ball bearings and shrapnel. >> bbs. >> that was going to be maximum carnage. we have 29 people, just because they got out of the hospital doesn't mean they are okay. what do you mean we have to get tough? specifically, donald trump, what is the policy in donald trump's administration to getting tough? >> first of all, we have to -- these are sick people. okay. these are sick, evil people that want to destroy this country, and the way we coddle them and the way we're afraid to say anything and we're afraid to say what the problem is and who they are and they don't want to say radical islam. they don't want to talk about radical islam. obama won't even say the words. neither will hillary clinton. >> what do you mean by getting tough, though? >> you have to hit them much harder over there and we're going to find out -- you know, our police are amazing. our local police, they know who a lot of these people are, they are afraid to do anything about it, because they don't want to
4:07 am
be accused of profiling, and they don't want to be accused of all sorts of things. in israel, they profile. they have done an unbelievable job, as good as you can do, but israel has done an unbelievable job and they will profile. they profile. they see somebody that's suspicious. they will profile. they will take that person in and check out. do we have a choice? look what's going on. do we really have a choice? we're trying to be so politically correct in our country and this is only going to get worse. this isn't going to get better. i've been talking to you guys for years, and i've been saying. >> you have. >> this is only going to get worse. you have to stop them from coming into the country. >> of course, that's one of the primary tenets of your entire campaign about immigration in the country. >> and it has been. this isn't just something i developed overnight because of this. i knew this was going to happen. >> you've been talking about it for a very long time. you were busy. you were tweeting over the week. last night you sent this out. under the leadership of obama and clinton, your tweet reads, americans have experienced more
4:08 am
attacks at home than victories abroad. time to change the playbook. okay. change the playbook, how? >> we're qog to have to do something extremely tough over there. >> like what? >> like not the knock the hell out of them. we have to get everybody together and lead for a change. we're not knocking them. we're hitting them every once in a while. we're hitting them in certain places. we're being very gentle about it. we have to be very tough and you have other countries who are getting devastated far more than we are. it's called leadership. they have to fight. they have to fight the battle. the battle is over there. we have to fight the battle and we can't let any more people come into this country and when we have bad ones -- we have people going over fighting for isis and coming back and we know they are fighting for isis and we take them. once you leave this country, you fight for isis, you never come back. >> the problem is hillary clinton has already ruled out ever putting troops on the ground, yet we don't get any
4:09 am
intelligence, we don't arrest anybody. we shoot people from drones and planes. would donald trump put people on the ground if necessary? >> the fact that she even said that is a terrible thing because when you say that, you are giving the enemy -- you are giving the enemy heart. you are saying to the enemy we're not going to do it. even if you are not going to put troops on the ground, you should never say it. she's saying that because she's desperate for votes. all you have to do is look at her poll numbers, look, if you want weakness, she's weak. i watched her in the airplane over the weekend talking, and i couldn't -- i would hate to see for mour -- forgetting about me. i would hey to see four more years of those kind of answers. >> you mentioned our leaders are not calling what it is. funny you say that, just after all these attacks over this area, the mayor of this city, bill de blasio he's not calling it terrorism. a lot of people are saying isn't it terrorism if people bombing areas of new york city. isn't that the definition itself
4:10 am
of terrorism? he won't call it that. >> it's incredible. hillary won't say it. president obama gave a press conference talked about why he wouldn't call it terrorism. he should talk more about how to getting these people. you never saw the problem if you are afraid to use the real name. this is radical islamic terrorism. the guy in minnesota is going around, screaming his words, slashing people, knifing people, viciously slashing people. it's crazy how they came into the country in the first place is beyond belief. this is going to be like the trojan horse. we're letting tens of thousands of people flow into this country and they are bringing in in many cases this is cancer from within. this is something that's going to be so tough and you know they stay together, so nobody really knows who it is, what's happening. they are plotting. they keep plotting, and this has
4:11 am
been going on for so long and everybody knows it and the good law enforcement, we have such great people. that's the best thing we have going. great law enforcement. they know about it. >> donald trump, speaking of great law enforcement, we're looking at members of the atf and fbi. there's a live raid right now out in elizabeth, new jersey. is it related to the five guys who were arrested coming off the bridge last night. >> who were from elizabeth. >> from elizabeth going to the airport, we don't know at this point. from folks at home, something is wrong with our ticker down below. that's old news. we apologize for that. when we first started the interview, mr. trump, we had not heard from you since saturday night when you came off the plane, saying a bomb went off in new york. nobody knows what's going on. then you were hit by mainstream media by using the word bomb before the authorities confirmed
4:12 am
the attack. yet, hillary clinton referred to the bombings in new york and new jersey but cnn edited that out. what do you make of that? >> cnn is disgusting and they are disgraceful. i love watch it. and sometimes fox doesn't treat me okay, but that's okay. >> we're fair-and-balanced. >> that's okay. i watch cnn. how about bill clinton's statement last week where he talked about her sickness and said something, it happens all the time or something -- >> frequently. >> he said frequently. and he said oh, i meant it only happened -- in other words, she only gets -- she gets sick all the time or frequently, and then he goes, oh, i mean, just every once in a while. >> and then they edited it out. >> they took it out. do you think if that happened to me, do you think they would take it out? they not only take it out. it feels like they add things. these people are the most dishonest people. cnn is so disgusting and
4:13 am
dishonest. they call it the clinton news network. if you saw her in the back of the plane and she used the words bombs also, by the way, i heard, i didn't see it. i heard i was criticized for calling it correctly. what i said was exactly correct. i should be a news caster because i called it before the news what i said was exactly correct and everybody says while he was right, he called it too soon. okay. give me a break. but hillary clinton used the word "bomb" shortly thereafter and nobody said anything about it and somebody said somebody of them edit that word they took it out rveth they did. >> folks, it's a rigged system, and i've been saying it for a long time, and the news is as dishonest as anybody there is. >> why do they care so much if they use the word "bombing" or not. we're talking about a terrorist attack. why is that? >> because the authorities had not officially released that it was a bombing. >> that's not really the reason. the reason is because my poll numbers are so good that they are so worried.
4:14 am
they will do anything they can to stop common sense. it's common sense, but they will do anything. think of it, hillary clinton wants to allow hundreds of thousands of these same people that are, they have such hatred and sickness in their heart. it's sickness, but -- it's sickness and it's hatred and she wants to allow -- she wants more to come in. thes trying -- she's trying to prove she's more liberal than bernie sanders. she wants hundreds of thousands of people to pour into this country and we have no idea who they are. >> we're watching this video because above the first american fried chicken store, evidently, there's apartments and there's a raid going on right now that might be related -- >> near to an elizabeth, new jersey, bomb, that was found and blown up by a bomb robot that lost its arm in that bomb, so they need a new robot, but good news, no one is hurt. i got to ask you, donald trump, among the people who got blowback for an interview was jimmy fallon. evidently, he was heavily
4:15 am
criticized because he humanized you. what's your reaction to that? >> well, i heard that and he also got tremendous ratings that night, so he's smarter than all of them put together. i heard that and dr. oz has had the highest rating shows in years. i'm happy for them. you know what, i was happy to do his show. he asked me to do his show. i asked the emmy's and there was so many skits about trump. we had a great time. it was fantastic. he got really high ratings for jimmy fallon. >> are you worried about that? if someone does an interview that comes out good, that their career could be hurt? >> i'm going to be treated very unfairly during the debate. matt lauer was very fair and he did a very good job and everybody said i won that debate, if you call it a debate, the one on nbc last week, the town hall. they said that that was a -- the forum. they said that that was a -- an
4:16 am
event that i won, and matt lauer was badly criticized, and i think, you know, i'll be honest, i think that system is disgraceful. >> do you know who this moderator is going to be? >> it's going to be lester holt. >> are you going to be lester holt is going to be unfair to you now? >> well, you know, i have a set of things that i'll be doing if that's the case. i think he -- i always found him to be fair, but, you know, the system, as i said, it's a very, very dirty system, and it's a very unfair system, so we'll see what happens, but, you know, i feel very confident going into the debate. i have much better solutions to problems. we have plenty of problems. you look at what's going on. but now, a new problem comes up and that's these people that are pouring into our country and we have to do something about it. we have to stop it. >> okay. >> we have to stop it and we have to stop it now. >> and in all relates to terror,
4:17 am
you say. abc news, mr. trump, is reporting that the fbi is going to be putting out a wanted poster later today for a 28-year-old suspect in the new york city bombing. abc news has just learned. also, one of the things we've learned -- one of the things that's going on here in new york city starting today is the u.n. general assembly and we have heard, mr. trump, that after hillary clinton said last week that she was going to be meeting with the president of egypt, president al sisi, that you will be meeting with him as well. >> i don't want to comment who i'm meeting with. i will say that with all the folks being in new york, i've had a lot of calls from a lot of different people on the basis that i'm doing well and, you know, they seem to think it's important to maybe meet but but i don't want to comment specifically on who but a couple of people are coming over. i've already met with a couple. >> you've already met with other world leaders. >> i just don't want to comment
4:18 am
specifically on who they are. >> were you eventually? >> yeah, i think so. yeah, i think so. but we will see. let's put it this way, it will be a very interesting day or two. >> can i ask you this? when you sat down with these world leaders, did you have to disabuse them of how you've been labeled? did they have questions for you because there has been international concerns, we had a senator from delaware saying the world is uneasy about your candidacy? >> well, maybe that's a good thing, not a bad thing. right now, the world has no respect for our country. they have no respect for our president whatsoever. you see this kind of stuff happening. the world takes advantage of us on trade. they are stealing our jobs. they are moving to mexico. china is treating us like we're a child, the way they do. you know, they charge tax but we don't charge tax. you want to do business in tax -- in china, you have to pay a lot. you want to do business here, the chinese, no problem, come on in. do whatever you want to do. it's a totally unfair and very
4:19 am
foolish system. >> you only have about a month and a half left in this race. it's hard to believe that. what's your plan going forward? what can we expect in the next few weeks? >> well, we're having big rallies today i'm in florida and we're having rallies where we're getting 25, 30,000 people this week. i think we have one we're trying to get a large stadium as opposed to where we are. we have an 8,000 seat venue in ft. myers and we're trying to get an open park or a venue of some kind that will hold 35, 40,000 people because we're being inundated. the word is out. i mean, this has been happening with me from almost from the time i went from june 16th -- it's hard to believe. we're right. we're talking about a such short period of time. june 16th is when i announced last year and here we have with not much time left. >> reince priebus said yesterday the former candidates who refused to get on board the
4:20 am
trump train could be looking at some sort of penalties for withholding their support, in particular john kasich and ted cruz and things like that. mr. kasich said we're not going to be bullied by reince priebus. do you know these guys are going to jump on board before it's too late? >> i really don't care. that's up to them. they signed a very strong pledge. they signed it because they wanted me to sign it. you remember that very well. everybody wanted me to sign it because they thought i might run on a different party or whatever, which i don't think -- it's not happened. but they all wanted me to sign and they all wanted me to sign the ledge. it's no outs. i will agree to run. you can get the best lawyer. you couldn't draw it any stronger. on top of that, they sign another agreement where they have the right to use all of the millions and millions of dollars worth of data from the rnc.
4:21 am
so that was like consideration. now then there were three or four of them that did not honor it and the reason they didn't honor is because they got beaten so badly. i beat kasich so badly that it was unbelievable. i won, you know, 42 states and he won one and by the way didn't win it by much. that was ohio. i'm right now leading in ohio by a lot. we're getting along great with rob portman who is doing well. we're working together. we've endorse ds each other. we have a great relationship, but kasich isn't on board. the only reason he's not on board is he got beaten so badly. he got beaten as badly as anybody can get beaten. he stayed in the race and he kept staying, saying, he would go to a race and practically no votes and on to the next one. by the way, there were many people who did much better than kasich, the only difference when they saw they weren't going to win, they got it. kasich stayed there forever. i don't mind. if kasich doesn't endorse me,
4:22 am
that's fine. i will say this, he and bush and all of these people signed pledges, ted cruz, there are four of them, i guess, the rest of them came on board. ben carson endorsed me. he's a big part of our campaign, as you know. we have chris chris si. we have most -- most of them have endorsed me and that's great. you also know how well it's going. >> donald, do you think there should be retribution and they should not be allowed to run again? >> they sign a contract, brian. the contract is so clear. it said i will endorse the person that, you know, wins the primaries and i won -- not only did i win, i got 14 million votes. i got more votes than anybody in the history of the republican party. i have nothing to do with this. i didn't even know this. reince priebus is doing a very good job but it shows he's a tough cookie. he doesn't like it when you sign a pledge and then you use their data of which cost them millions and millions of dollars to -- because of the fact you signed a
4:23 am
pledge and then you violate it, look, they signed an agreement and the agreement says without question, it says i will -- now they are violating it and nobody talks about. they say what wonderful people. nobody talks about the fact that they violated a pledge. >> mr. trump, with the politician, with anybody, you are only as good as your word. is anybody going to trust these guys ever again? how could they possibly run for president or anything else? >> you know what it is, they got beaten so badly and they didn't expect -- i mean, jeb expected to win. kasich, i don't know how he expected to win, but i guess he did, but he certainly got very few votes. he would go to these states and he would bomb in every state, but he was stubborn. he says i'm going to the next one. i remember one of the reporters asked him well, you did very poorly here, are you getting out of the race? no, sir, i'm going -- he just stayed in. i don't know why he stayed in because he had no chance, but what they do is these people all want to run in four years, right? if i were the head of the republican party, i would say you can't do it, but what do i
4:24 am
have to do? in the meantime, we're either tied or leading. we're doing very well and it would be nice to have their support, but i don't -- at this point, i don't really even care about their support, whatever happens. >> can we get back to what we're seeing right now on the screen. it's the fbi raiding an apartment above the first american fried chicken in elizabeth, new jersey. this happening after there was an explosion in the middle of the night at the train station in new jersey, and then we also had some explosions over the weekend at satisfyside -- seaside park in new jersey. we understand that governor cuomo is going to be on with us a little bit later. soon, i sudden say. he's saying there is a foreign connection here. there may be a foreign connection. >> i think there is. i think there's many foreign connections. i think this is one group. this is one group. but you have many, many groups, because we're allowing these people to come into our country and destroy our country and make it unsafe for people. we're allowing these people to come in. we don't want to -- we don't
4:25 am
want to do any profiling. if somebody looks like he's got a massive bomb on his back, we won't go up to that person and say, i'm sorry, because if he looks like he comes from that part of the world. we're not allowed to profile. give me a break. >> donald trump, the problem is you do not need to go to syria or iraq or anywhere. you can get -- become a militant on the internet by watching some of these so-called charismatic islamic extremists believe it or not, like alawaki, he's still radicalizing these people even after his death. how do you stop it? >> it's called freedom of the press, where they buy magazines and they tell you how to make these same bombs that you saw. people will go crazy. trump is against freedom of the press. i'm totally in favor of the
4:26 am
freedom of the press. how do you like magazines that tell you from step one, go to the store and buy such-and-such, right? simple, simple, stuff and it's devastating. you look at that with the nails inside. they tell you about the nails. what kind of nails to buy. what kind of -- what manufacturer to buy. they tell you how to make bombs. we should arrest the people that do that because they are participating in crime. we should arrest them. instead they say oh, no, you can't do anything. that's freedom of expression. >> why do they allow the websites? you can go online? >> that's the same thing. those people should be arrested because they are inciting violence. they are making violence possible. they should be arrested immediately. they have websites that tell how to make bombs, how to make all sorts of things that are totally destructive, and you know where they are coming from, and yet we don't want to touch them because of freedom of speech. >> is there a connection to the
4:27 am
explosions in new york and new jersey to that building that we're looking at right there? there's an fbi raid under way for the folks who are tuning in. the fbi is going to be putting out a wanted poster very shortly. it features a 28-year-old suspect, and so we're standing by for that. i've got a question for you, though, and we've been talking for the last 20 minutes with donald trump. mr. trump, yesterday the mayor of new york city, bill de blasio would not call it terror. he said it was intentional. it was violent. it was certainly a criminal act. it was a bombing. would not call it terror. the governor cuomo said it was terrorism. what's up with de blasio? clearly, it's terror. >> well, i was with the governor the other day and he understands the problem and he's calling it right. i will say that until very recently, hillary clinton wouldn't even say radical islamic terror. i haven't heard say that by the way. she's very loathe to say the
4:28 am
term. this is radical islamic terrorism. we have a president that refuses to say it. nobody understands why. they have thought process. but nobody understands why. we have a president refuse. and then we're supposed to be fighting people and our leader refuses to say what it is and who it is we're fighting. >> governor cuomo got blowback, he was talking to you and was nice to you at the 9/11 ceremony. >> oh, i didn't hear that. he was very nice and we had a great talk. i didn't realize he got blowback. i'm probably not surprised. look, it's a badge of honor. i'm doing this because we're going to make america great again. we're going to make it strong and we're going to make it prosperous again. we're not going to let our trade. you have to see our trade deals. i've been studying trade deals over the week. can you believe this is what i'm doing now? i used to have a good time over the weekend. but i've looked at trade deals. i actually enjoy doing this.
4:29 am
i look at trade deals that are so bad, this natfa is a one-way street right out of our country. our jobs go right out of our country. our companies, it's a one-way street for our companies and our jobs to get out of here. nobody comes in. did you ever hear of natfa coming in and bringing jobs? did you ever hear of like natfa, a new company is opening in upstate new york because of natfa? it is a terrible situation. >> they talk about prices being low because of it, but max is not happy here and that's -- >> no, they are happy. mexico is happy. theograp the gravy train will end. we'll have our jobs -- if i get in, because our jobs are coming back to our country. >> all right. mr. trump, thank you for joining us this morning. >> okay. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> it's an exciting week but it's a hair-raising week because what you are seeing is a series of bombs and bombing attempts. >> it is 7:30 now here in new
4:30 am
york city and as people go to work, they are on pins and needles because of, for instance, what happened last night. last night, about 9:30 over in elizabeth, new jersey, a couple of guys were leaving a restaurant, saw on top of a garbage can this knapsack. wondered what that was. looked inside. it was bombs. they picked it up. they looked in it and the bomb squad tried to defuse it and they detonated it by accident right there. >> right now, they are raiding an apartment above a restaurant there in elizabeth, new jersey. five men have been arrested with connections to elizabeth new jersey. we're not sure what's going on inside that raid but we're joined now by the governor of new york, governor cuomo. i understand you were on another network, you were calling, you said there was a foreign connection, is that true? >> well, when we had spoken yesterday about the incident, i said that i believed it was clearly an act of terrorism by
4:31 am
definition. it was dangerous for human beings. it appeared designed to intimidate or coerce. so it was terrorism. we don't know if there was a foreign connection and i said that we're going to have to wait and see. maybe there's a group that will claim ownership or we'll find out who was behind it. as the investigation has proceeded and as you've reported, the investigation is now focusing on one individual, and that would suggest by this individual that there is a foreign connection to these acts. >> governor, first of all, is there a name connected to this 28-year-old whose picture i understand is going to be released very shortly and also could you update us on going on this morning? >> yeah. in terms of the name, i would leave it to the fbi and the joint task force to release the name. i'm the former attorney general in new york. i was involved in a lot of
4:32 am
investigations. i understand the public has a right to be informed, but we also don't want to disrupt the investigation itself, but it's fair to say a young man who was of foreign descent and i'm sure the name will be released shortly because they need the support of our law enforcement to try to apprehend him. in new york, we're getting back to normal, and i believe that's very important because i believe the fundamental goal of these acts are to disrupt our life, right? disrupt freedom. disrupt democracy. and we're not going to let them do that. this happened yesterday. we had an unprecedented response by law enforcement, federal, state, and city. we were seamless. we have the subways open, we have the roads open. we are back to business. we have the u.n. general assembly coming in this week, starting today.
4:33 am
i brought in another 1,000 state police and national guard. we'll probably have the greatest security presence ever established in this state, and our point is we're going about our life. we're living our life, and they are not successful, and they are not intimidating and they are not coercing. >> governor, a couple of things going on. i love for you to clarify for us. there is strong reports overnight that prior to the elizabeth discovery and detonation that there was -- you guys were going on a link between both bombs in chelsea and the bomb in new jersey as there are so many similarities, you believe it might have been the same person or the same cell. can you advance that story? >> we have been coordinating with the state of new jersey. i contacted governor christie yesterday morning, and after his
4:34 am
situation, and we've been coordinating since. there are certain commonal its on the way the bomb are constructed. certain elements are the same. certain pieces of technology are the same. they are not identical but they are similar which would suggest that you could have had a common mastermind in the construction of the bombs. and that is a piece of information that i think it's fair to say has informed the investigation going forward. so while there are a lot of options, do i believe it's possible that you are going to find one individual or one group behind all of these bombings? i think that's a possibility. >> governor, what did you make of mayor bill de blasio not being on the same page as you. you were calling it terrorism. he was not. >> i think what happened
4:35 am
yesterday is you had a -- almost an argument over semantics and politics. let's be honest. we're in the political silly season. it's even heightened this season. i've never seen a president shat election like it. it's the political crazy season, and what did hillary clinton call it, what did donald trump call it and how does that inform people about their political predisposition? prosecutors and, again, i was a former attorney general, prosecutors will be careful because they want to make sure they have the elements of a crime before they define it. but two bombs go off in new york. was it a terroristic act? yes. terrorism by definition is an act that targets innocent civilians to coerce or intimidate and that's what two bombings are. now, was it -- did we know if it
4:36 am
was an international terrorist attack? yesterday, we had no evidence suggesting an international terrorist attack stimulated by a foreign presence or foreign body. today, i believe we're going to find out that it was targeted by a foreign body, but yesterday, i said it was a terrorist act. i believe it was a terrorist act. today, i believe we're going to find out that it was influenced by foreign forces. >> governor, can you shed any light on this fbi raid that's going on right now in elizabeth, new jersey? >> there is an individual, a person of interest who is being targeted, and there is an effort to now apprehend a particular individual of interest. >> governor, i have to say you could have -- >> i'm going to leave it that as
4:37 am
you can. >> you could have skated about ten of those questions. you were candid. we appreciate it. >> thanks for coming on with us, governor. >> no. my pleasure. look in a situation like this, especially in a state like new york, i don't believe it helps anyone to sugar coat the truth. people want the truth. they want to know what they are facing, what they are dealing with, and what we're doing to respond, and we have more security forces than we've ever had, live your life, go about your business. don't let the terrorists win. at the end of the day, new yorkers are tough. we've gone through a lot of tough days and we'll get through this. >> governor, stay tuned for just one more second. the fbi has just released the image of the 28-year-old suspect. we're going to put the picture up on the tv screen. the fellow's name is ahmed khan is the 28-year-old suspect. can you tell us anything else about this guy?
4:38 am
>> i can confirm that that is the -- you are correct, that is the person of interest who they are looking for, but i would rather not advance the investigation beyond that. but that is the person they are looking for, and that again would suggest a foreign connection to the situation. >> okay. >> thank you, governor. we want to bring in lieutenant general michael flynn who is the former defense intelligence agency director under president obama. gorpg -- good morning, general. >> so that's the guy they are looking for. suspect right now, the image has just been released by the fbi. 28-year-old ahmed khan. there's his picture right there. >> first of all, i think we are so lucky that no one was seriously injured. it's unbelievable, with the stabbings, the bombings. it's unbelievable. [ multiple people speaking ] >> i think the people that were injured here in new york city
4:39 am
here, we're lucky. this problem, when we talk about -- it's not over there any longer. this problem is right here. so this rise of radical islamism and i really -- i really do appreciate governor cuomo's candidness. i saw his interview yesterday when i was up here. i listened to your interview with donald trump. i mean, this is a very, very serious national security issue and national security is not just a foreign policy and how we deal with the threats and challenges that we face overseas, but it's national security is also homeland security and these things are so -- so linked together, these days, and we have to be much more serious about what it is that we're facing, and i think that the component of the interview that you did with donald trump about illegal immigration, refugee flow into this country, i mean, what is it that is going on?
4:40 am
that's the big question, that's going on inside of this -- inside of this community that is inspiring these people to do these types of thgses, and -- things. and when we say we're winning over there and it's bringing the problem over here, that means we're not winning. we're not winning. there's one thing i disagree with everybody that i've heard talking this morning or certainly what -- something that governor cuomo just said. we're not winning. we're not winning. and we have to face the fact that in order to defeat this enemy, we're going to have to take other measures and some of those measures include a whole range of activities, whether it's military, whether it's going after their -- i mean, they have something called the islamic cyber army. i sent you something that, you know, as your time permits, brian to read, lessons learned from nice, france. it's stung -- stunning. in that lessons learn that they put out to their group of people, it talks about exactly what we just saw. >> you mean they have what they learned -- >> the enemy constantly learns
4:41 am
and then they put out lessons learn. they publish the lessons learned. they have a new magazine that's published in about eight different languages, english, russian, yughir, pashto, fremple -- french, arabic. >> think about minnesota, what happened in the mall. you have a guy who was a refugee here from somalia, 15 years ago. then there were no officers there in the mall protecting the individuals. this was a guy who had -- he was off duty and he had a gun on him and he was the one who killed the guy with the knife. that was the only man who died in that situation. but we have all these rules now. all these people speaking out against gun control, if it weren't for this guy with a gun, this guy would still be on the loose. >> and the metaphor, look at the four of us, we're on the edge of the seats of this couch and america is on the edge of its seat -- edge of seats of their wits, because people getting on trains, going to the mall, like
4:42 am
i said yesterday, these guys published a week ago, go attack children. this is not a jv team. this is not an enemy that we can take -- we must take this enemy very, very seriously, and we have to reach out to the muslim world. we must reach out to the muslim world in a much different way. and i will tell you a lot of leaders in the muslim world, they are scared. they are afraid and they know that they have a problem. >> general, we've got -- for folks who are tuning in, the fbi has released an image of a 28-year-old suspect who is wanted in connection. it is on the left side of your screen. his name is ahmad khan ramahi. he does relate to the address on the right side of the home. it's link to a person with a similar name. it looks like he's the guy they are looking for. they have gone to his house --
4:43 am
>> do we know which bombing he's connected to? >> we don't. they can be the same. >> so general, i'm very curious to see -- is we remember what happened until texas, when those guys showed up to take down the draw mohammed situation. they leave from phoenix and they get gunned down by security. i'm scurs if he's on anybody's radar. i'm curious if we were tracking him to begin with and trying to find out -- were we just lucky 7 1/2 years ago and have we changed our tactics now because the number of terror attacks are almost impossible to keep up with. >> i think for the law enforcement community in our country, federal, state, local level, they have to be allowed to do the job that they are very, very capable of doing, and when their hands are tied by political correctness and all this madness that we talk about, you know, it's treshl. it's treshl.
4:44 am
and you tell your law firm community that you have my full -- law enforcement community that you have my full support. >> general flynn, thank you so much. >> a lot going on. picture up of the suspect. 28rds -- 28 years old. we have more in just a moment. he's from new jersey. of your allergy season. claritin provides powerful, non-drowsy 24 hour relief... for fewer interruptions from the amazing things you do every day. live claritin clear. siriusxm's free listening event that's might be over,ckin'. but now you can turn us back on with packages starting at $5.99 a month, plus fees. just call 855-874-7743 to keep hearing all the things that make you love taking the long way home. ♪
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>> this is a fox news alert. an fbi raid is under way right now near a new jersey train station where pack backs -- back packs with explosives were found. this is as we learn that a manhunt is going on for ahmad khan rahmi, screen right is the home where a person by that name is listed. >> joining us now is congressman jason chavez. all this breck overnight. what's your reaction? >> this is where you need people in new york and new jersey do
4:48 am
their thing. someone knows who this person is. they need to go help law enforcement. you know this person. let's find him. >> talk about the level of cooperation between new york and new jersey. they have kind of a rivalry between new york and the fbi. >> i hope when the governor says it's a seamless separation that it is. but no turf battles right now. and by the way why are we starting with the mayor talked about yesterday trying to be all politically correct. that's not where he should have started. we should assume from day -- you got an explosive device, why don't we start with the premise that it might actually be a terroristic type of event and walk it back there. let's say it might be terrorism and gok from interest. >> the whole idea of terrorism is to scare people. there are people scared today because people got to go to
4:49 am
work. they are worried are there other pipe bombs or pressure cooker bomb. they have got the u.n. general assembly in town. it's a scary time. >> you hate to see this. but we got to get serious about finding the guy on the screen right now. >> we have the big pushover the last few years, about the nsa. how dare you listen to our phone calls? we're not. we're trying to spot the next terrorist attack before it happens. there's also put it to the hero status, guys like edward snowden that outed our ways and means our methods to get the information. >> the government has severe limitations, should not be prying into your information. i want to make sure that if you are suspicionless. i don't trust the federal government with this information by the way. they always say for security reasons, we want to get this information and that information. secure it.
4:50 am
when there's an operation like this, hey, he's a suspect. go get him. >> you want to be able to pull out his wire taps. >> he's 28-year-old. naturalized from afghanistan. five men were taken into custody and asked -- they were questioned about the things that happened in new york, and it is reported they were from afghanistan. the gall -- guy from the mall is from somalia. letting a lot of people in. donald trump said we need to profile. what do you think? >> we need to have severe background checks. i mean, we have got to look at who these people are. >> extreme vetting. >> we have to make sure that we understand who they are. i wouldn't do it solely based on religion. if you are going to come from certain areas of the world, you are going to get extra scrutiny. how did these people get into this country. >> thank you, thank you very much. >> thank you. meanwhile, right now, you are looking at the -- a terror
4:51 am
suspect perhaps linked to the chelsea bombing. police say he could be armed and dangerous. we'll have the latest on this manhunt coming up next. before taking his team to state for the first time... gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. more cash back for the things you buy most. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. audi pilotless vehicles have conquered highways, mountains, and racetracks. and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the audi a4. with one notable difference... ♪ the highly advanced audi a4,
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4:54 am
>> this is the fox news alert. you are looking at the bombing suspect. you are looking at this man. he is ahmad khan who has a las used there. we don't know where he is there. that's why the fbi has a wand poster out. there's a raid going on in new jersey which is the second floor of a strip small in new jersey. >> this is a link to a person connected to this name. >> you can see the fbi agents
4:55 am
looking through his apartment which is above a restaurant and we've been talking about that for the last hour or so. >> this is what the fbi is saying on their website. he, ramami. i got an emergency alert about a lookout for this guy because he should be considered armed and dangerous. my phone is going off. >> so is everybody's phone going off in the building. here it is. this is the -- the this is the picture and the image from the fbi seeking information. it says he should be considered armed and dangerous since he's a 28-year-old citizen of afghani descent. he is about 5' 6" tall and weighs approximately 200 pounds. he has brown hair, brown eyes and brown facial hair. >> they started searching for him. we just got this picture
4:56 am
released a few minutes ago. he started -- they started the apartment above the restaurant. overnight, we learned about the explosi explosion. there were some men that were eating. they saw a backpack on top of a trash can. they picked it up. they thought maybe some valuables were inside. she took it with them. they took it under a bridge, opened up, thinking they were going to see valuables inside but instead they saw wires. they immediately dropped the bag. they run to the police station. they notify the authorities. the authorities come. they bring a robot to the backpack and they detonate the backpack. >> they had a little problem. >> just one other thing from the fbi regarding why they want him. they want him for the explosion on september 17th. so the fbi sees some sort of a connection to what happened down on 23rd street.
4:57 am
>> not to be confused with how we opened up the show, gerardo rivera confirming that there were five people taken into custody. >> breaking news is going to continue. stay with us.
4:58 am
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dr. scholl's massaging gel work insoles absorb a hard day on your feet for comfort that keeps you feeling more energized. dude's got skills. dr. scholl's work insoles. >> we begin with a fox news alert. breaking right now, another bomb exploding overnight. this time at a new jersey train station detonated a bomb robot. >> that's right. and right now a manhunt under way for this man by the fbi wanted for the new york city bombing on saturday night that left 29 people hurt. we're talking about the explosion down on 23rd street here in new york city. >> leland vittert is live in elizabeth, new jersey, where we think this guy lives in that apartment above the restaurant. what do you know at this point, leland? >> reporter: ainsley, good morning to you. heavy fbi presence. the atf is here, new jersey
5:01 am
terrorism task force. most of the activity is in the apartment above that restaurant. you can see fbi bomb dogs going car to car, trash can to trash can, just the past 30 minutes we got a picture of ahmad khan rahami as a person of interest. be on lookout as he may be connected to the bombing in manhattan and the explosion there, the fbi very much wants to talk to him. we're in elizabeth, new jersey, just about a mile away from the train station, where overnight two men found a backpack when they saw wires coming out of that backpack, they called police. the police showed up. bomb robot checks out the backpack and something in the backpack explodes. that was one of five pipe bombs snieled that -- inside that b k backpack that went off. nobody was hurt here in elizabeth, new jersey, although
5:02 am
it certainly hurt the morning commute in new york as much as the train service has been shut down here in northern new jersey. the investigation continues now in a number of different places, whether it be in new york, manhattan. obviously, they are looking for ahmad khan rahami and behind me here at this apartment where we got the fbi, the aff -- atf and the new jersey state police all out. atf has will ds also brought their evidence collection lab as well. so far on the streets, very quiet here as this neighborhood wakes up to the presence of the fbi and everyone else storming above this fried chicken joint. >> leland, i'm very curious to see. i know you are new to the area. very curious to see what kind of area this is. what are the types of people that are there? do people know them? were they suspicious of anything? were they keeping to themselves? >> reporter: all great questions, brian. as we got here, we did talk to a couple of people, hey, did you see anything suspicious?
5:03 am
do you know anybody around here, do you know anybody who lives down the street as we were trying to figure out exactly where the fbi was focusing on and nobody really seemed to say anything or arise any suspicions. it's basically a working class, lower middle class neighborhood here in elizabeth, new jersey, just south of new york city. you get a sense of streets. wuf got a bodega and apartments and houses, beauty salons. residents are going to be facing a lot of questions in terms of who did you know, what did you see, what did you see it. as people wake up this morning, we have a lot more folks to ask. as we have the picture from the fbi, it will be interesting to see if they recognize this guy as somebody they ever saw. >> we should point out as we look at the image of the fbi and that's the mugshot, the wanted poster. >> the man that they are looking for. >> ahmad khan rahami. i've had a smart phone for many, many years, i have never gotten one of these from the fbi. it went off five minutes ago.
5:04 am
everybody in the studio got the same emergency alert. it says that this guy is armed and dangerous, could be. it says he's 5' 6", about 2 hundred pounds. i wonder why they would put out an emergency alert at 5 minutes until 8:00 in the morning. >> he's so dangerous, and you have to hand it to our law enforcement officers. this all could be a different story this morning. over the weekend we had two things going on in new york. we had two things going on in new jersey, and now officers are already raiding this guy's apartment. they know exactly who he is and they are showing us his picture. >> last night, they were bringing us all the latest news. bret joins us now getting set for special report. bret, this is something that's unfolding now. we do know know -- not know how this ends. >> good morning. we're following it closely obviously and the fbi putting out that alert for be on the lookout for this man is significant. also he is a u.s. naturalized
5:05 am
citizen from afghanistan. 28 years old. and may be working with others. we have some sources saying that there were videotapes showing other people in and around there, so i think that this investigation is going to move quickly and we'll learn more throughout the day. the tie to new jersey, whether it was similar or not, and obviously all of the connections all happening in the same weekend as the minnesota stabbing, i think people say, experts look at this and say it's not all connected yet, but sometimes these events trigger other events around the country. >> bret, brian earlier in the show was talking about how important it is to interview these individuals and ask them questions and we were told that there were five men from afghanistan that were interviewed, that were taken in. they were interviewed. they weren't suspects, and they were asking them questions. we don't know what they said to the officers, whether or not they told the fbi about this guy or if this guy was one of those five. actually, we know he's not one of five. those five are in custody and
5:06 am
now we're looking for him. but it's so important to ask questions and for people to step forward and come out with any information they know about this individual. >> we don't interrogate. >> if you see it, looks suspicious, call it in. that's part of the deal. the new york police department is one of the best in the country to be able to follow up on this along with the fbi. they are well-positioned, and i bet you are going to see much more security presence on the streets with the in town. >> there were two pressure cooker bombs. one exploded on 23rd street in new york city, the one on 27th street did not. apparently, according to some of the local news outlets here in new york, bret, apparently there's a handwritten letter near the unexploded one, a portion of it was written in arabic, which makes you wonder all sorts of things. we have the governor of new york state on the program earlier and asked him about the possibility of an international connection and this is what he had to say.
5:07 am
>> today, i believe, we're going to find out that it was targeted by a foreign body, but yesterday i said it was a terrorist act. i believe it was a terrorist act. today, i believe that we're going to find out that it was influenced by foreign forces. >> influenced by foreign forces. what does that mean? you know a lot of politicians. what's that mean? >> it's tiptoeing through the semantics of what is terrorism, and i think that this is one of the things that donald trump has tapped into, is the talking about these acts that seem cut-and-dry and sometimes politicians being very hesitant, especially the obama administration and what we've seen so far from hillary clinton, and it takes them a while to get to terrorism. i think that the governor got there very quickly, and now he's saying that there may be a broader, a bigger, kind of directive from some group, isis,
5:08 am
al qaeda, somebody, in this case, and if that is the case, it takes it to a different level than home grown and inspired isis attack. >> very true. couple stats. there have been 100,000 i understand somalis in our country since 2011 and one out of five have been settled in the new york area. by definition, we do not have a proper screening process to get them here. however, donald trump earlier was with us and we were talking about the different response. like it or not, politics plays a role here because people are trying to see if their next president, how their next president would handle a terror attack. here's donald trump on what he saw from hillary. >> even you are not going to put troops on the ground. you should never say it. she's saying that because she's desperate for votes. all you have to do is look at her poll numbers. if you want weakness, she's
5:09 am
weak. i watched her in the airplane over the weekend talking and i couldn't -- i would hate to see four more -- forgetting about me, i would hate to see four more years of those kind of answers. >> so they are posturing, right, bret? >> yeah. listen, he's bold. it's worked for him throughout the primary and the election so far, saying it like it is, and hillary was trying to tone things things down, it seemed, on that plane, talking to reporters and being very, very measured in those first remarks. i do think that she had to clean up when she said no more u.s. troops. the next day, if you remember, she had a news conference in which she said i'm for special forces and trainers and facilitators, but just not major ground forces. that was from that commander in chief forum. so this will be an issue, brian, in the debate one week from now. >> absolutely. >> we had the governor on earlier, bret, and he was
5:10 am
talking about how we can't make it political. he called it terrorism right out of the gate. the mayor refused to call it terrorism and you have tim kaine and hillary clinton saying isis strikes in our cities means we're winning abroad. >> yeah. it's a tough argument to make. it may be accurate that they are being forced out of certain areas overseas, but it's tough for people at home, how they feel about the threat of terrorism. that's where it stacks. it is very high up there. terrorism and national security, and right now as you mentioned, it's tied between the two candidates. there's politics in everything, but the most important thing is that they get these guys and protect the streets of new york and new jersey. >> absolutely. and it is curious that they would put out the -- the fbi would put out this alert, went off on our phones here in the studio. my wife just sent me a message. she's over in new jersey. did not go off in new jersey. >> nor here. >> did you have your volume up? >> mine didn't go off, but i didn't have my volume up.
5:11 am
>> it's regional. it would suggest we're looking here in new york where we're sitting and not new jersey. >> got it. >> i know you covered this kind of stuff on your program. that is the first time it's from hillary clinton she was talking about what had happened and she referred to the bombings in new york and new jersey, and then i think it was cnn and some other news outlets called out donald trump for calling it a bomb before it happened, and then cnn actually took her comments and edited her saying bombing out, which seemed like one of those things you probably shouldn't do. >> yeah. you know, in the early stages here, it's interesting to see how both candidates deal with it, and how news organizations deal with it, and i think that that is pretty interesting when the first comments involved her saying bombings in new york and new jersey. >> we know. you wouldn't know that watching cnn p. thank you very much. >> have a good day. >> i think the thing that stands
5:12 am
out most, ainsley, since the donald trump been nominated, all these networks used to beg him to go on and treat him in a certain way. now they can not be treating him worse. all of them. >> and "the new york times" does a different expose every single weekend on what's wrong with donald trump. >> what does that say? >> there's a fear that he could win. >> i'll tell you what, though, he predicted it. he absolutely did predict it. >> imagine if they treated him fairly, what would the pom numbers look like now. >> that was a good point. >> of course, we'll never know. >> true. >> all right. meanwhile, if you are just joining us, waking up this morning, the fbi has just put out an image, a 28-year-old guy who was born in afghanistan, he's been in the united states for a number of years. his name is ahmad khan rahami. the fbi says he could be armed and dangerous. 5' 6", 200 pounds, they are trying to find this guy. here to weigh in is jim
5:13 am
hanson. he conducted counterpa investigations and former fbi assistant director ron hosko. there was a report from maed gomez who says we're at a level of alert that new york city hasn't seen since 9/11. do you agree? >> sure. you have an ied go off in manhattan and a second ied be discovered inman and you don't know with certainty who did it for a period of hours, so you can understand that this rachets up what's going on in new york city and certainly in the northeast after the seaside park incident and now in elizabeth, new jersey. >> jim, what's your reaction to all of this? >> think think it's amazing that law enforcement has manage to get a suspect in play this quickly. given the fact that the new york police have been forced to stop doing surveillance in mosques and actually looking at the
5:14 am
community in which these individuals are operating. you know, the somali attacker from the mall, cair, came out with a press conference yesterday said this is just an individual. it's got nothing to do with islam. no, he's an individual muslim. he's conducting jihad and he's saying allah abu akbar. we need our law enforcement community to look at these things before these things happen. >> what does it say to you half an hour ago the fbi sent out this picture and sent out a notification of an alert on everybody's smart phone. look out for this guy. he can be armed and dangerous. does that suggest to you that he might have planned something that could be coming up very shortly? >> not necessarily. you know, in these cases, and the boston marathon bombing was another example of it. there is a tension going on within these organizations, law
5:15 am
enforcement, to determine is this our subject, can we put our hands on him with stealth very quick quickly, and if the answer to that is no, then there is a perceived duty and perhaps an absolute duty to notify the public and say we need your help. here is who we're looking for because of the potential that he's out there running around for 12, 24 hours a week, and bringing other harm. >> jim, if you look at the fact that this is chelsea. this isn't really nestled in a remote area of new york city. the fact that it was done twice in an area on a saturday night, we're pretty much well stock. the fact they are trying to hit northern new jersey at the same time, there meaning behind the places they are doing it? is there meaning behind what they are doing? the choice of bomb, the choice of material, the choice of detonation? why not now, why now then and why where it was hit?
5:16 am
>> the why is because jihad is commanded. so they are doing what they are supposed to do according to radical islam. the question about where and why those particular locations, chelsea is a prominently gay area. i think there's a decent chance this might be another attempt to attack a gay community. the train station in new jersey, mass transit is something so many people use that it's a way to strike terror and fear and the fact that they used pressure cookers allah the boston marathon bombers, who learned that from al qaeda, their jihadist magazine. >> what does it tell you about the fact that the first bomb did go off in the chelsea area, no one was killed, thank goodness, does it tell you that they are lone wolves and they are learning how to make these on their own? because they weren't effective? >> i suspect they have tested
5:17 am
these devices for their effectiveness that there was a darker plot, certainly. i cannot envision them wanting the second pressure cooker device unexploded to be recovered by law enforcement. that gives law enforcement a tremendous exploitation opportunity. look no further than the cell phone on top, where was that cell phone purchased. what provider was it? was it -- was there a call to test that device, and that call goes right back to the person we're looking for right now. this little device here can tell us a lot about a person, about their network, about their tactics. so i don't think they intended that second one not to detonate. >> not to work. >> let me ask you this, ron, because they did put apparently in the second one they found ball bearings and bbs to inflict the maximum shrapnel damage to people. why would they put it inside a dumpster? >> well, good question.
5:18 am
we're going to have to figure out or learn from law enforcement why the answers. maybe they believed it was powerful enough to create additional shrapnel from the dumpster exploding and that's going to have that effect too. you see where some of the shrapnel penetrated this dumpster. the first one. >> people say too, experts in bombing i saying one of the big difference is the detonation. they did flip phones. the other ones used remote control from -- basically remote controlled car. the other is the material used. the idiots from the boston bombing used black powder. these guys used tannorite, we it's intended to detonate when shot by high velocity bullets, why would they use that type of material and is it easy to get? >> i'm certain that these guys looked at their tactics, prepped for it, understood exactly what they were doing. the fbi over a dozen years ago started a component called the
5:19 am
t tdat. it's down in huntsville, alabama. the government has been taking this off the battle field and studying them. terrorists do the same thing. >> whoever did this also used christmas lights as the fuse and that's what the fbi is looking at. jim and ron, thank you very much for joining us live. >> thank you. >> sure thing. we're back with another fox news alert. right now, continuing coverage. a manhunt under way for this man, wanted for the new york city bombing on saturday night that left 29 people hurt. we will have more live from new york city and new jersey in two minutes. with hydrogenated oil...
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5:23 am
eastern seaboard together. that being the explosion that we had down in seaside park, new
5:24 am
jersey, the explosion in chelsea and manhattan on saturday and then the explosion overnight here in elizabeth, new jersey. the mayor saying that the raid that is going on by the fbi is linked to the manhattan explosion. if you follow that logic out, it links all three back here to the fbi activity behind me and we've had a number of fbi agents, the joint terrorism task force out all night and into this morning. they have some bomb dogs that they have been going car-to-car with here in elizabeth, new jersey. a working class neighborhood here as they try to figure out what might be in that chicken joint and then above the chicken joint as well. back to you guys. >> okay. so leland, just to recap, also there was -- they found five pipe bombs over at a rail yard not too far from where you are, but they have been raiding that place since before that happened, weren't they? >> the timing on this, steve,
5:25 am
we're a little unclear about about exactly which happened first in terms of the explosions over near the elizabeth train station and the raid here on the chicken joint and the apartment above it. what's interesting to note, though, talking to the mayor, and we've gotten a little bit more about the devices involved in this, is the devices in seaside new jersey and the device in chelsea and then the exploded device in manhattan as well all had cell phones attached to them. so electronic that were going to trigger or detonate the explosives. the five pipe bombs. one that exploded, four that did not in elizabeth that were found in the backpack near the strain station -- train station did not have any electronics attached to them. the mayor speculating that perhaps that the person was holding the pipe bombs of trying to ditch them perhaps as they pled in the hours late yesterday afternoon or evening. back to you. >> all right. leland vittert with the latest.
5:26 am
he's referring to the chicken joint. the name of the place is first american fried chicken. thank you very much. let's bring in our law enforcement panel. you have paul violis, steve cardian, and evie pomporus. thank you for sticking around. we were going to bring you oun today and talk about something totally different and the events just unfolded. with your experience, is this a much bigger deal than what we first thought? you got this guy, now international, from afghanistan, could involve more than one person. >> i don't think it's a surprise. we were just discussing it earlier. to us, this is just like -- this is the new norm, and, of course, there's going to be other people associated. one person cannot do this by themselves. you are talking about getting the resources you need to do this, the equipment you need, the apps that you need and this is going to be beyond what we're dealing with here and i think we
5:27 am
really need to just adjust and understand that this is our new reality. we have to change our mind set and just -- this is what we're going to be seeing from now on. i want to say this, i'm not saying this to panic people. i would like people to be prepared, and a lot of that preparation comes from having our psychological mind set adjusted because we're living in a different world right now and i don't think as americans we're quite there yet. >> not even close. >> any chance this is a dry run, just to see how we're going to react? >> most certainly. think about it for a second, ainsley. history is the cause effect cycle. it constantly repeets itself. it you -- if you look at the first and second attack on the world trade center, they did penetration testing. they are planting devices to see what our response time is and how they are going about the investigation, and how long it it's going to take and who is getting involved. it's a smart business play on their part and one thing to
5:28 am
piggy back, the one thing we must do is we must embrace the fact that we're in the embryonic stage of a holy war, we need to realign our thinking so it matches theirs. >> is there any way this guy was open the fbi terror list? they got this picture quickly this morning. >> he may very well may have been. the authorities worked very quickly to make this arrest, and back to the point and paul, this could be a part of a bigger picture. this could be a dry run. i mean, we've got the general assembly meeting. we've got the president of the united states in town. there's a reason why these things are being done at this time. >> what would happen -- dry runs happen all the time. just so you know, the public doesn't know or at the white house, people come and leave packages, they do things, they just want to see how we respond. this isn't new.
5:29 am
this is normal. >> is there a cell here in this area, you think? >> i would -- i'm not with the fbi and their intelligence teams, but it would be very naive of us to assume that there are no cells here, obviously, in the united states or new york. there most certainly are. they are being investigated, monitored. >> there's absolutely no question that we are inundated with growth cells all over the united states. >> a thousand investigations by the fbi alone into terroristic activity in the united states. a thousand investigations. >> we've got watch lists. we've got no-fly lists. we've got all sorts of lists and law enforcement agencies are doing everything they can to watch everybody. they can't watch everyone. it's difficult. >> thank you so much for being on with us this morning. a fox news alert, another attack. isis taking credit for a stabbing spree at a packed mall in minnesota. where the suspect was shouting allah. we're live with the investigators on that case coming up next. i'm claudine and i quit smoking with chantix. by the time i was 30, i said "that's it,
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5:33 am
legal help is here. we are back with the fox news alert. right now, a manhunt under way here in the new york city area, wanted for the saturday night bombing that left 29 people hurt on 23rd street here in new york city. >> police say he's 28 years old are. his name is ahmad khan rahami. he could be armed and dangerous, and is wanted for questioning. this as another bomb explodes overnight in new jersey. >> that was detonated by robot. that blast at a new jersey train station. five pipe bombs were found in total and all morning long, police, fbi, atf have been raiding an apartment atop a restaurant a few miles away. it's unclear what if any connection that bomb has to that
5:34 am
the new york blast. there was another detonation in the bronx on purpose to find out about the second bomb that did not go off. they had to blow that one up as well. >> that's not the only attack being investigated right now. isis taking credit for a stabbing that happened on a minnesota mall on saturday. >> this as we learn the 22-year-old slasher in that case was born in somalia. has been here for 15 years. was shouting allah while asking his victims inside the mall if they were muslim. joining us live with the latest on the investigation is police chief william mayor along with mayor, david clies. thank you for being with us. >> good morning. >> what's the latest information? new information for our audience. >> nothing new at this particular time. of course, our investigation continues and we're trying to learn as much about the suspect as possible. we're working in con junction
5:35 am
with the fbi and we're working with the medical examiner and there are a lot of moving parts right now but our investigation continues. >> mr. mayor, we know he's a 22-year-old somali. came here as a young kid. isis is taking credit for him. says he's one of our soldiers. what could you tell us about that? >> i can tell you there's no justification for the evil that was the intention of this individual and if not for the bravery of an off duty police officer, he could have had additional victims and potentially loss of life for those, but fortunately the officer was able to take him down and prevent that from happening. we'll allow the investigation to take place, but clearly he had an evil intent and he was taken down by somebody that happened to be at the right place at the right time. >> he was at the right place at the right time, mayor. oftentimes we hear people say you got to take guns away from
5:36 am
people. this is one of those instances where there could have been a lot more people hurt had this off duty police officer not been there with his gun which he knew how to use and take care of the guy. >> that's absolutely true. i had an opportunity to see the videotape that was of his taking down the suspect and clearly to me, it was like a training video for police. the attacker came -- lunged at him three separate times. the first time he actually identified himself as a police officer. told him to go down. as he went down, he lunged forward and less than a second, went 20 feet, if not for the officer's action, the officer's life certainly was in danger, but the endangerment of the rest of the people in that mall was clearly there if not for his swift action. >> that was off duty police officer jason falconer and he had a gun. do you believe that we should be doing something more especially with the mauls you guy have in your region by putting armed
5:37 am
officers in there? >> well, we've actually increased security presence today. the mall will open up today. we'll have officers in the mall. additional security will be out talking. it's a situation not only for the victims that were actually attacked but people who work at the mall, people who were there, young children that had to witness this horrific act, so we're going to make sure that they understand that we're there, and we'll have additional presence there in the mall today from our law enforcement. >> good. donald trump running for president, he was on our program, guys, just about an hour ago, and we were talking about the stabbing at the mall. he had this to say. listen to this. the guy in minnesota is going around, screaming his words, slashing people, knifing people, viciously slashing people. it's crazy how they came into the country in the first place is beyond belief. they are here. i've been saying this is going to be like the trojan horse.
5:38 am
we're letting tens of thousands of people flow into this country and they are bringing in in many cases this is cancer from within. this is something that's going to be so tough and you know they stay together, so nobody really knows who it is, what's happening. they are plotting. >> so chief, as you listen to donald trump talking about, of course, he would like extreme vetting going forward. i know there are close to 6,000 somalis who live in the saint cloud area. do you share his concern about who is coming into the country? >> well, first of all, my job is public safety. it's not immigration policy. i can tell you that the vast majority of all of our citizens, no matter their ethnicity are fine, hard working people and now is not the time for us to be divisive. we already have a very cohesive community and i expect that this
5:39 am
will draw us even closer together, but at the end of the day, our job is public safety, period. >> chief, how do you work with the somalian community there? do you stay in touch with the imams, since 2007 more than 202,000 men who -- 2,000 men have left minnesota to fight with the islamic state in iran? how do you fight this? it's a mentality that they are learning behind closed doors. >> we actually work very well. not just with our east african communities but all of our communities. you know, we meet regularly with any number of people, whether they are advocates for specific ethnicity or different cause. it's one of things that makes saint cloud a wonderful place to live and i know that might sound
5:40 am
corny, but it's the truth. we have established and maintained a very good rapport with our east african community and our community at large. >> all right. chief, mayor, thank you very much. we know you got a busy day. thanks for stopping by and telling us your story. >> thank you. >> thank you. you bet. 20 minutes before the top of the hour. here in new york city, our breaking news coverage continues as police hunt a suspect. that man right there, tied to the explosion in new york and now we believe new jersey as well. we're live both places coming up next. and how should the u.s. be handling these threats. lieutenant general michael flynn straight ahead. for lower back pain sufferers,
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5:44 am
hurt. [ explosion ] >> this is as the fbi investigating another bomb exploding overnight. this time at a new jersey train station which you just saw but no one was hurt there. that was blown up by a robot trying to deactivate it. >> defuse. >> rob schmidt joins us live from chelsea here in the city with the latest on these investigations. good morning, rob. >> good morning, guys. we're at the location of saturday night's bombings and it's so much damage in this neighborhood it shook everybody up. injured 29 people. but let's get to that photo that police want to look out linked to the bombing here in chelsea. 28-year-old ahmad, khan rahami. afghan descent wanted in connection with these bombings here in chelsea and the other one set to our north on 27th street. live look, fbi agents raiding his apartment in elizabeth, new
5:45 am
jersey. this is a mile away from bombs were found in a backpack overnight at the train station. you just watched as one of them was set off accidentally by a police robot trying to disarm it. you saw the power of that blast and how much destruction that could have been done had people been around. thankfully nobody was hurt. fbi agents pulled over a car or a truck in wrook lynn -- brooklyn last night that was driving on the belt parkway that had a number of occupants inside of it. as many as five and maybe more. they are being questioned downtown at police headquarters and possibly those five occupants in that car are what gave them that name, that named, ahmad khan rahami. we're looking into that as well. there's so much video of that explosion that happened where i'm standing, that chelsea explosion. you can see people running for their lives. these were serious bombs, pressure cooker bombs. 29 people hurt here in chelsea.
5:46 am
thankfully, no one killed. and witnesses reported seeing a man that didn't look like he belong in the area that very well could have contained that one pressure cooker bomb that did not go off. the timing here terrible with the u.n. convening this week on the city's east side there in midtown. everybody coming into town. the president coming into town. all these dignitaries. so it's a very terrible time for something like this to happen and already the nypd overwhelmed with trying to secure this city and now adding this to it, adding a thousand more police officers to try and keep people here in new york city safe this week. back to you. this morning, we've been talking how last night police arrested five guys from elizabeth, new jersey, presumed to be somehow connected to everything. we're now learning from one of guys over at wabc that apparently the five guys were family members of this guy who is wanted in connection with the
5:47 am
saturday night bombing, however, he was not in the car. >> which is why they are looking for him. >> that's why the fbi put out the alert at about 5 minutes before 8:00 this morning. >> think about this. they had to know the type of car and the family of the guy, the bomber, that means they must have on some level knew about this guy and might have been watching him. >> there's so many questions here. one being how should the u.s. be handling all these terror threats. we're talking top lieutenant general michael flynn. he's going to be here next. there he is in the hallway. come on in. [ "on the road again," by willie nelson ] ♪ on the road again [ rear alert sounds ] [ music stops ] ♪ just can't wait to get on the road again ♪ [ front assist sounds ] [ music stops ] [ girl laughs ] ♪ on the road again ♪ like a band of gypsies we go down the highway ♪ [ beetle horn honks ] no matter which passat you choose, you get more standard features,
5:48 am
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5:50 am
>> there is an active manhunt under way and alerts coming if in from the fbi. they need to find the suspect
5:51 am
quickly. they are asking for all eyes and ears coming in when a weekend of terrorism hits three states and shocks the nation. so what is happening? how can we stop this? we'll talk to the white house this morning. lots of live coverage from experts coming up when bill and i see you at the top of the hour. fox news alert. a massive manhunt for this guy right there. he's tied to the explosives that were found in manhattan and in new jersey. the fbi warning the 28-year-old afghani is considered armed and dangerous and here to weigh in on what the u.s. needs to be doing is lieutenant general michael flynn. good morning, general, thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me back. >> any chance he could have gotten "plane. there are reports that the five people questioned over the week were his family members. they can't find this guy. >> a couple of things. i don't know where he's at, but you know, was this guy on our radar prior to this? and do we have the right kind of rules of engagement, if you will, within the homeland,
5:52 am
within our law enforcement community, to be able to go into these communities and frankly, you know, this whole notion of islam phobia, that is absolute nonsense. this is about securing our nation, making the people feel safe on the streets of new york. wherever they are in this country. we're talking about three states. and the likelihood of having more attacks in this country will continue until we get very, very serious about this. >> absolutely. it doesn't seem like we are and if you are you could get labeled as somebody -- as a problem with muslims. josh earnest was on another network and asked about this. he says this is a war of narratives. a war with isis is one of a war with narratives. >> so what's our narrative? our narrative -- what i believe right now is we're losing this war. okay. that's what i believe. and the problem is -- >> their narrative is it's working. >> their narrative is attack where we live. that's what they just put out a
5:53 am
couple of days ago. attack where we live. where the enemy lives. that's us, and it's whether it's in europe or whether it's in new york city or in minnesota, they put that word out. these various individuals are following this on the internet, in their communities. this is not about islam phobia. this isn't about racism. this is about securing our nation in a time where we have a vastly different enemy that we are facing. globally, globally, this is in many countries right now, so, we have a problem. we have to get serious. i will tell you that i believe that there are components of how we can actually beat these guys. if there's one thing that's i know. there's no enemy that's unbeatible, none. we can beat them, but we have to decide that this is an enemy, first, and we're being accused of all sorts of -- all sorts of name calling. >> you are in particular.
5:54 am
>> oh, absolutely. this is crazy. i mean, look at what is happening. so people that are getting on trains today, people that are -- i mean, just standing on a street corner and you are looking at a garbage can. is the damn thing going to blow up or not? i mean, we are in a war. they have declared war on us. >> here's what donald trump who you would like to see as our next commander in chief -- >> 100% actually. >> he was busy tweeting as we look at the ongoing fbi raid over in elizabeth, new jersey. trump tweeted under the leadership of obama and clinton, americans have experienced more attacks at home than victories abroad. time to change the playbook. he said. he also said this live on our program in the last hour. thousands of people are pouring into our country. we have no idea what we're doing. our leaders are -- i don't even say weak. i say stupid.
5:55 am
these were started by hillary clinton and her policies and obama, when they got out of iraq, this is what happened. this is the remnant of it and it's much more than a remnant. look, they started in a small area. now they are in 28 countries and i listened to obama say, well, we're winning the war. we're not winning the war. they are winning the war. we're trying to be so politically correct in our country and this is only going to get worse. this isn't going to get better. i've been talking to you guys for years, and i've been saying. >> political correctness kills. it will cause death and we can't have that, and donald trump is right. the only -- i would be a little bit more precise. instead of these people are pouring in. they are actually being poured in by the white house and by the policies that we have for accepting refugees from places that we don't really understand, from people that we really can't vet in a way that we can understand what's happening and they are not assimilating in these various communities that we are pouring them into. >> general, what about the muslim leaders? you bring up a good point. >> i think this is a really important issue. not only internationally the
5:56 am
muslim leaders, but the muslim leaders in this country. where are they to sit on this couch this morning? who are they? what are they saying? this is -- you don't have -- i'm going to be very candid here. you don't have a lot of people yelling jesus christ, putting a knife at somebody's body or putting a knife in somebody's head. >> no. >> this is a different enemy. it's an enemy that we have not frankly understood in a couple of administrations and we definitely don't understand them right now. >> it's really important for them to know they are losing like they were with the surge. the war website out. -- went out, they are losing. >> general, thank you. we're going to step aside. the manhunt continues. america is looking for that man, ahmad khan rahami. 28 years old. could be armed and dangerous. new york city is trying to find him right now. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece
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right there. he is a wand man. this released >ram.bill: an active manhunt unr way for a person of interest in the explosions in manhattan and new jersey. the f.b.i. want to speak with this man, ahmad kahn rahami. this is the scene in new jersey where there is a heavy f.b.i. presence. next to where five more explosive devices were discovered last night. there are a lot of moving parts on this story. martha: the entire new york city area is on edge after five more devices were found at a


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