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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 19, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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terror events. we heard hillary clinton earlier this morning. this is his chance to respond. this is going to be a big issue on the campaign trail going forward. thank you for watching us this hour. here's shep. >> shepard smith reporting live from the fox news desk. >> first, there is no evidence that a terror cell is operating in new york city and the new jersey area after the bombings over the weekend. that's the word from none other than the fbi official in charge. at a news conference earlier this afternoon the new york city may yo mayor says they are not serc searching for anybody else. they captured this man after a shootout in the streets of new jersey. a witness said it sounded like a war. police say officers chased the suspect in a running gun battle as they put it in the street.
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other witnesses told "the times". they saw the suspect lying on the pavement. his body still smoking from the gunshots. the mayor says it broke out after a bar owner reported the man sleeping in a business doorway. when police investigated the suspect started shooting. a prosecutor says two officers were hurt in the shootout, but their injuries are not serious. the first explosion happened on saturday in the new jersey shore town of seaside park. there a pipe bomb went off in a trash can before a charity 5 k race. nobody was hurt in that blast. later that night a bomb exploded in the chelsea neighborhood of manhattan. that one injured about 30 people. a witness described it as a deafening blast as the explosion shattered store windows and sent clouds running. blocks away somebody found an unexploded pressure cooker. then yesterday police say five explosive devices turned up in a
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train station in the town of elizabeth, new jersey outside knew wor newark. one of them blew up when a robot tries to disarm it. video caught that. again, that kind of happened by accident. no reports of anybody hurt. we're hearing the suspect left behind a key piece of evidence. the law enforcement official tells the new york post that investigators found his fingerprint on an unexploded device. now politics in the mix, donald trump scheduled to hold a rally in florida shortly. it'll be his first appearance today. we've heard from hillary clinton who blasted donald trump and called him a recruiting sergeant for the terrorists saying donald trump has only helped the islamic state by portraying the terror issue as a kind of war against islam. which it is not. we'll bring you donald trump's comments when he begins
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speaking. no now team fox coverage. in linden, new jersey, in the chelsea neighborhood on saturday night, and rick levin thal is there. >> it appears the fbi's evidence response team may have finished the recovery. but others are hear clearing the debris left behind by the explosion that rocked this block on saturday night. one of four locations which explosive devices all believed connected to the man now in k custody, ahmad khan rahami, now a naturalized u.s. citizen. sources are saying authorities tracked him from significants left on the devices including his fingerprints. the fbi raided his home last night in elizabeth, new jersey, but he wasn't there. this morning roughly three hours after his picture was released by the fbi calling him a person
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of interest and likely armed and dangerous. linden police engaged in a shootout with officers hurt but rahami? custody. >> they put themselves in harm's way to protect others. this started on saturday. >> reporter: that's the nypd commissioner who was officially sworn in today. a rude welcome for the next and newest commissioner of america's largest police department. >> and the mayor here said investigators are not looking for any other suspects at this point. >> reporter: and i did speak with a member of the joint terrorism task force who confirmed there are no known additional suspects. he says based on the circumstances of all four events, he said it's likely he had support. no idea where i might have come from, but they are pursuing the
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possibility that he did have some kind of support or help. >> thank you. the suspected bomber apparently lived with his family in elizabeth, new jersey, about 15 miles south and west of new york city. officials in that city, elizabeth, say the suspect worked and lived above his father's fried chicken restaurant. a resident who eats there tells the associated press he appeared to be a friendly guy. team fox continues in new jersey where they caught the suspect a few hours ago. >> reporter: we've been pushed back from where the police had the shootout from rahami about four or five blocks away from the scene. and throughout the investigations over the past 48 hours police have been consistent. they're worried about secondary explosions or other kinds of devices that might be left behind. police are saying we've been pushed back, quote, for our own safety. a couple of hours ago, rahami was on the ground here in new jersey. this is in about a five mile
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radius from his house to the location of the train station where those devices were left last night to, of course, the shootout here today. and there was an alert bar owner who told police that he saw a man sleeping in a vestibule here and when an officer went to investigate, that's when rahami, allegedly opened fire on that officer and began a sort of running gun battle through this working class neighborhood here. it's still with a lot of shops and people. and thankfully no innocent bystanders were hurt. a couple of police officers were hurt in the shootout that ended with rahami then in handcuffs in custody and on his way to a hospital along with those police officers as well. >> the fbi raided the family's home and restaurant earlier today to what end? >> reporter: we don't really know what they got out of this. we do know the fbi is pretty confident they're not out looking for more people. we were outside first american fried chicken, make of that name
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what you will. that's the family's restaurant. they live wabove the restaurant. they've had a number of fight with code enforcements and the city. law enforcements over their opening hours and people making too much noise outside of their restaurants. those kinds of things. the fbi, though, wentwe saw thea lot of bomb sniffing dogs sniffing cars. at least two cars were towed. residents we talked to were stunned saying they knew this guy well. had no idea he was different from anybody else. even one saying he's just as american as you or i are. clearly, if the fbi has it right, they missed some signs. >> thank you. now to a former fbi assistant director. good afternoon. >> good to see you. >> good morning. it was a good morning. >> yes, it was.
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it was a good morning. >> your thoughts on where we are now, a level of concern, what needs to be done? >> you know, i have a high level of concern. if you take all the events of the last few days and look at it in minnesota and in new york and new jersey, we may have reached a turning point, a tipping point where we're going to see actions of apparent either lone terrorists or very small groups. we don't know the answer to those questions yet, acting as je jihadiists will act. but striking at us in ways that really a serious, attacking a mall in broad daylight and injuring them. that's a turning point. that could change very dramatically the way americans conduct themselves, the way our lives are shaped. and certainly setting off explosions in midtown manhattan
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speaks for itself in terms of the potential there. it's worry some that these things are clustering. >> in your line, people have been in my conversations with them, expecting this sort of thing to happen, expecting it to happen before now and expecting once it does, we'll be able to handle it. >> you're right on all counts. but being able to handle it doesn't diminish the impact. it's not going to bring down our country, but in terms of changing how we live and impact on society, just look back to the last 15 years and now life has changed in america because of the threat of terrorism. we'll be able to handle it and get through it. we're resilient, but it's worry some. it's something we need to concentrate on and be aware of. >> a lot of work about to be done on his contacts, his social circle both online and in the physical realm. that could be along with
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speaking with him, real valuable. >> yeah. all that is going to be done. exhaustively and thoroughly. i listen to your reports, and i'm not persuaded that the new york and new jersey situation is the work of one person. could it be? it certainly could. and maybe they're not looking for anybody right now, but as they get into the investigation and do the forensics and everything you suggested, it's certainly possible, if not likely, that there may have been other people involved in this kind of attack. >> largely because so rarely do people have no communications. even if someone knew, that person would be of great value. >> you've been talking all day about the see something say something. that's critically important in this day of this kind of terrorism. but more than that, our entire criminal justice system, our entire law enforcement system is based on the concept that american people will come
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forward, will cooperate, that there will be websititnesses an report things and be on juries. if we don't have that, we're in keep trouble. not only from terrorism but from violence in the streets. some of the high homicide rates in the cities are because people won't come forward and testify and cooperate and identify perpetrators. in totalitarian governments and countries, you tend to have huge law enforcement apparatus, because they know the people won't koorcooperate. we don't have that because the basis is people will see something and say something, and that's important. i know you've been noticing that all day, and in this case, obviously, it worked. >> steve, the former assistant director of the fbi, friend of the program, steve, thank you. >> yes, sir. >> ahead unraveling the intelligence on this bomber.
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what more we've learned about the man police caught this morning, and the forensics clues that helped the cops track him down. that and a lot of developing news today from the fox news desk on a monday afternoon. a donald trump rally scheduled to begin moments from now. there's a speaker up there. donald trump will be up in a minute. you know he'll have something to say. we'll replay what the rest of the politicians said and here's the reason. how would donald trump or hillary clinton react in the face of such a thing on his or her watch? it matters. and it's coming.
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ready for a new chapter? talk to your rheumatologist. this is humira at work. more on the suspect in the bombings in new york city and new jersey. fox news learned authorities were aware of ahmad khan rahami, but he was not on any terror watch list. our chief intelligence responsibility in washington now. katherine? >> reporter: that's right. fox news was told he was not on the terror watch list, but there were previous contact with authorities according to two sour sou sources who provided no additional details on who it was. as we heard this morning, there had been a report of domestic violence, but it was not pursued. >> there's nothing to indicate that currently he was on our radar. we had a report of a domestic incident some time ago. that was the allegations, they were recanted. i don't have any other
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information. >> reporter: a member of the house homeland security committee said this morning that forensic evidence in the bombs tie the suspect to the locations in new jersey and new york, and the components suggest they were made by the same person. >> the bombs in chelsea and the bombs in jersey appear to be constructed by the same person, it was all identical, the christmas lights. >> fox news was told the pressure cooker bombs contained something used to create shooting targets. the bombs were not sophisticated for more efficient and suggested the work of an amateur rather than someone who had formal bomb making training. >> all right. katherine, what's the latest from jeh johnson? >> reporter: the homeland security secretary has been
12:17 pm
receiving regular briefings and told fox this morning that when they say there's no specific or credible threat, it's not entirely the whole story. >> when we say no specific credible threat to the homeland, it doesn't fully address the current environment we're in. and this is not a comment about this weekend's events, but we have to be vigilant concerning the lone wolf actor, the self-radicalized actor who can strike with little or no notice. >> he said as recently as last week in most of these cases now the person who is the first line of defense is the local cop or someone who sees something in the street and tips them off to one of these individuals. >> katherine, thank you. we'll get back to you as the news events warrant. ahead, we'll speak live with a colorado friend of the terrorist suspect who says that he was shocked to see ahmad khan
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now that the suspected bomber is in police custody or at least in custody medical care and then to police custody, he could face charging including terrorism and use of a weapon of mass destruction. he shot at cops too, apparently. so there's that. >> there's that. assault is up to 20 years and the use of weapons of mass destruction. that's up to life in prison. you also have the new york city bombing which is also up to 35 years. frankly, if he is convicted of al al all chargcharges, he'll never se
12:22 pm
light of day. it will be criminal court. most of it is because he travels from new jersey to new york city and that's why the federal jurisdiction will step in. >> that's why the fbi is involved? >> exactly. >> even though there's a jttf, and everybody works together. once you cross state lines, you're a fed person. >> exactly. >> that would be the first district in the lower manhattan? >> undoubtably. >> yes. those would be the prosecutors down. as prosecuting of terrorists go, they have a good record. >> and a great budget and fantastic lawyers, and then you're pulling jurors from new york city. the big issue is who wants to sit on the jury? it will take months to get a jury. >> it won't find months to get a defense attorney. everybody wants to defend this sort of person. it's part of what you agree to do when you sign up for the job.
12:23 pm
but more than that, you want to prove our system is for everybody, no matter what you've done, you deserve protection. >> i mean, it's really tough for defense attorneys. you'll have defense attorneys say i believe in the constitution, but i can't believe in it to that extent. i'm sorry, i can't do it. you have to be anned advocate. if you can't, you can't take that case. >> when you put a bomb in a dumpster and put shrapnel if it, is it a foregone conclusion, can you jump to he was trying to kill people whether he killed them or not? >> absolutely. they're going to say let's say had it detonated what would have been the harm. thank god to no one was killed. but frankly, that was by the grace of god. it was designed to cause maximum harm and death and it didn't happen. >> stay with us nature childhood
12:24 pm
friend of the terrorist suspect who says ahmad khan rahami underwent a shocking, as he put it change after a trip to afghanistan. he went over there a couple of years ago. he's a u.s. citizen but from over there. the friend is flee jones. he was on the line with us. you say when he got back from this trip to afghanistan that he was a new guy in many ways. >> yes. when i saw him for the first time two years ago, he looked totally different. >>. >> are we on speakerphone? if so, can you take us off it? and what do you mean he looked completely different? >> like, his whole entire -- how he was more quiet, and didn't talk as much. >> did he say anything about what he did while he was in afghanistan? just curious. >> no. he didn't. we never talked about nothing over there, because i don't really, like, have no caring about what's going on over there. >> right. i only ask that because, flee, if you were my friend and you
12:25 pm
went to italy, i'd ask you how it went. i just wondered if you heard well, you went to afghanistan, how was that? >> well, i heard it from his little brother, because one day i went to the chicken shack to get food, and i asked his little brother, where your brother been, he said he was on vacation and went to afghanistan, and that was basically it. so the next time -- the last time i seen him was two years ago, and we never even talked about nothing about afghanistan or his trip or it was just basically, like, hey, what's up, how you been, and he said he'd been good, working on cars and stuff, and then i got my food and left out. >> but you did notice there was a change in him? >> yeah. i did. his whole attire and appearance was different. . >> tell me what you mean. >> like the way he dressed and. >> what changed? how does he dress now versus back then. >> he was more into dressing for
12:26 pm
his religion, and from back then he dressed like a normal person, like regular. >> so he wore the robes and more traditional muslim garb? >> yes. >> did he become more active in his mosque? >> i really don't know, because i only seen him that one time. after that one time i seens him, i haven't seen him again. >> i know they had problems and they wented to keep the chicken restaurant open 24 hours a day. >> yes. his father was having people sign a petition to open it for 24 hours. >> yeah. i understand the economics and understand why the neighbors wouldn't want it, but i was wondering if after if he had a bad way about that. if he felt people were being discriminated against. i read he thought his parents were being discriminated against because they were muslim. >> i didn't know about that. i was reading today about how
12:27 pm
they had food delivered there about something being anti-muslim and discriminated on the culture and religion and stuff. that's what i was reading about today. i never really even knew about that. >> what kind of family were they? it sounds like they were businessmen and women. >> yes. >> how else would you describe them? >> they was nice, helpful people. they never gave me or my friends or family members any problem when we go there. say we didn't have money for food, they'd let us get food off credit and never ask for money back or pay them back. they was before good samaritan people. they was real nice. i never seen nobody get angry or mad or anything. >> so it's not like a bunch of people were all mad at the world and hanging out over there at the chicken shack? >> yeah. >> it's not like they brought in people who were all screaming about this injustice and that injustice and wanting payback.
12:28 pm
i'm trying to figure out if he harbored ill will that maybe we should have heard about? >> i don't know that. every time i go to the chicken shack, it was basically we'd get food and if we'd play basketball all day and get food coming from club or lounge or anything, and they was just nice people. the father is a nice person. the other two brothers that i know, they nice people. they always joked and laughed when we was young. it was just a shock. i wouldn't never expect to see him doing anything like this. it was just crazy. >> flee jones, a childhood friend of ahmad khan rahami who is now in custody. flee, it's nice to speak with you. i appreciate it. >> definitely. >> part of what will go on with everybody he ever knew, i would guess, like everybody, knew him digitally or otherwise, that's going to happen over and over again? >> over and over again. this is a different person than i knew. he was a nice guy.
12:29 pm
and then suddenly there was a transformation. we don't know where it came from. we knew it was after he visited afghanistan and started behaving and dressing differently. it's going to be all over the place. and obviously this man became radicalized, allegedly, and you'll start to see a flurry of individuals who come forward before his life became different and say this is not the person we knew. >> one of the experiences i've heard about from people who are from there. you go there and look around, there's no jobs. there's poppy fields. the crops have been destroyed because the taliban came in and did this. there's no way for a young man to work. you can't get ahead. and there are these radical voices that seem to give you some sort of hope. i'm not saying that's what happened here. but i've heard this story and over and over again. >> that's what's frightening. we don't know when it will be triggered or changed.
12:30 pm
this individual had a business. people say he was a great guy. he was wonderful we talked about all sorts of stuff. the change happened and now he's in the center of this controversy. >> i want to find out who he met with, what he did while in afghanistan. that's going to be key. >> that's key. and it's going to depend on whether his lawyers will allow that type of conversation. because the lawyers are going to say to him, if you want to talk, we're going to have to have an agreement with the u.s. attorney's office. >> set rules. >> exactly. and have a prover, and whatever you say, you can't be prosecuted. get the deal on the table first and then speak to the u.s. attorney's office. the u.s. attorney's office is extraordinarily aggressive. they are so on it. they will squeeze you and squeeze you until you're like i guess we'll have to plea for something. they're aggressive, and that's why a good defense attorney has to step in and make sure the parameters are set forth. >> and they're aggressive with a goal, and that goal is to find out everything they can.
12:31 pm
because they want to know if anyone around him had any similar thoughts. we talk about a terrorist cell. that's a phrase of our own making. it could be a bunch of people with the same idea. someone else in the cell might be someone who thinks i'm going to pick up where he left off. >> who did you talk to? who else is planning 24 this? who did you speak to? who did you speak to in afghanistan in these things are come down. it's what you said. you need to get to the group and find out who is in the center of his universe. >> this joint terrorism task force works closely with the u.s. prosecutor's office. if it's gettable, they'll get it. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> ahead we'll go to the hospital where the suspected doctor underwent surgery for a gunshot to the leg. and also we'll get the latest from the presidential campaign. donald trump's event is running a little late.
12:32 pm
the local speaker told the people that he's in the building and he'll be out soon. the mood lighting is set. i'm guessing the music is playing. i'm hillary clinton andi approve this message. i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices?
12:33 pm
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when they can have a slice of 100% real. natural cheese slices from sargento. we're real cheese people. a fox report now. a ceremony in paris to remember the victims of terror attacks in france of the country remains under a state of emergency. hundreds gathered as people read the victim's names out loud including those from paris and nice attacks. the president laid a wreath in memory of the victims. >> this is a pipeline company in alabama working on a leak. triple a reports gas areas in some areas of the southeast have jumped more than $0.10 a gallon since last week. and health officials say it's okay for pregnant women to go to miami again. they lifted their strongest
12:35 pm
warning because they haven't found any locally transmitted cases of zika since early spring. we continue right after this. you push
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so visit us today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here. we've seen the images of the bombing suspect bloody loaded onto an ambulance after the shootout this morning. that was captured a lot. he was captured alive and the fact that he was is a big coup for law enforcement. doctors treating him along with the officers he's accused of wounding. they're all at university hospital in newark, new jersey, and we are live there. what do we know about the wounded officers first? >> reporter: these two officers do not have life threatening injuries. we're told they're both going to be okay, but this could have been a very tragic shootout that took place on the streets of linden, new jersey. that's about 15 miles from here. a short time ago the union
12:38 pm
county prosecutor described the injuries of the two officers. listen. >> one officer was struck in the abdomen into his bullet proof vest. the other had glass that struck his forehead but not into his skull. >> reporter: we're told that a couple of other officers also received medical treatment. they were treated for high blood pressure. they also got a thorough checkup, and one other thing worth noting, a source tells us now that the suspect is likely to be charged with attempted murder in union county, new jersey in connection with the firing on those two officers. >> that makes perfect sense. what is his condition, the suspect, if you know? >> reporter: according to the union county prosecutor, again, he was shot in the leg. she said she believes he's undergoing surgery. there are reports, and you've
12:39 pm
seen it if you've seen this videotape, it appears he was bandaged on the shoulder. we don't know the extent of the injury. and lastly, as you mentioned, there is just a bit of irony here that in this hospital of 500, it seems now that one patient, that being the suspect, rahami is now accused of killing two of the other patients here, the two police officers who we, again, are told are going to be okay. >> thank you. donald trump today suggested law enforcement should racially profile arab men the same say israel because. the republican nominee made the comment on this network in response to the terror incidents in new york and new jersey. we are in florida south of fort myers. largely a retirement area, not
12:40 pm
entirely, probably leans right. what do you know, john? >> reporter: a lot of people here. it's standing room only. newt gingrich arrived a short time ago shaking hands with the crowd. this is a heavily retirement area, but there are a lot of young people here as well today. donald trump, when he said this morning on "fox and friends" saying maybe we need to adopt racial profiling to try to root out terrorism, this is something he's said many many times over the course of the primary campaign. i think the first time since the general election, but he believes the country is too politically correct when it comes to going after terrorist. even though racial profiling is unconstitutional, he thinks we might have to resort it. and he dismisses that it doesn't work, pointing to the success israel has had with the open racial profiling. >> israel has done an unbelievable job, and they profile.
12:41 pm
they say somebody suspicious, they'll profile and take that person and check out, do we have a choice? look what's going on. do we have a choice? we're trying to be so politically correct in our country, and this is only going to get worse. >> reporter: donald trump is going to put terrorism front and center at this rally. he's going to go after hillary clinton and barack obama on a number of fronts. just in from hillary clinton, his campaign rhetoric is giving aid and comfort to the enemy which would amount to freezen. also the white house says we're in the battle for the narrative with isis as opposed to a war with terrorism, and the fact that it was discovered this morning, 858 people were slated for deportation and instead were given american citizenship. a lot for donald trump to chew over this afternoon, and tonight he'll be meeting with egypt's president, a conversation which will be dominated by terrorism. >> and the rally will start in a
12:42 pm
few minutes. as we continue to look at the wide shot of the place, a little more on the back and forth between clinton and trump. it's of note. secretary clinton says what they want -- what they have said they want, the terrorists themselves say they want in their own publications, if their own rhetoric, what they say to us is we want this to be a religious war. because they believe they can win the religious war. now, the united states does not fight wjs religious wars. this is not a religious war. this is a war against people who have, as an afterthought, or as an aside, taken the mantra of this religion using some of the tools to carry out this jihadi, this takeover of land, this takeover of people, this reclamation of an entire region. they want it to be a religious war. we want it not to be a religious war, because if it's a religious
12:43 pm
war, they're going to win it. among other things, we don't see this as a religious war. donald trump, however, see this is differently. he sees you need to profile the is.7 billion muslims as they come in the country, and as john roberts put it, you can't, because, well, the constitution. he says what choice do we have in well, we have a choice not to do that. this particular man who is responsible for today's activities, according to joint terrorism task force, that's an american citizen, and he'd been living here. he was not on a watch list or anything. was able to travel to and from afghanistan. is there more they could have done? clearly, they could have done something,ere more? we don't know. donald trump will get into more this as his rally begins in a little while. he and hillary clinton are out for hearts and minds, i suppose.
12:44 pm
a good monday afternoon. suspect in custody. terror alert, well, lower than it was a little while ago, and that's good. stay with us.
12:45 pm
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♪ kellogg's frosted flakes gives you the sweet spark to go all in and let your great out. they're gr-r-reat! hillary clinton says she understands how to fight terrorism. that donald trump's words are being used by the terrorists to recruit more fighters. which they are in their ads. we know because we've seen them. clinton spoke today about this weekend's attacks saying america must say vigilant. the democratic candidate called for increased coordination between the feds and local authorities and tech companies. she says the attacks are a reminder we need steady leadership in the country. >> reporter: like her opponent, donald trump, hillary clinton plans to meet with the egyptian president tonight here in new york city before the u.n.
12:48 pm
general assembly. she has been quoting the former head of the national counterterrorism center who has said that he has observed in social media postings by isis in recent months and weeks that they are in favor of what a donald trump presidency, because they view what he says about muslims in terms of separating out average muslims from the american population. hillary clinton spoke about the terrorist attack here in new york city. she called it a terrorist attack. here's what she said. >> i am absolutely in favor of and have long been an advocate for tough vetting for making sure that we don't let people into this country and not just people who come here to settle but we need a better visa system. remember what happened on 9/11. these were not refugees who got into airplanes and attacks our
12:49 pm
city and our country. >> reporter: with tightening battle ground polls forcing hillary clinton and her campaign to redouble efforts to appeal to the so-called obama coalition, hillary clinton took her message to temple university in philadelphia, addressing millennials who so far have not shifted their support from bernie sanders. >> i worked with bernie sanders on a plan. [ applause ] >> we came up with a plan that makes public college tuition free for working families and debt free for everyone. >> reporter: hillary clinton acknowledged she is not a showman like her opponent, donald trump. back to you. >> thanks. there's worry the family of the suspect in the terror i said de incident over the weekend sued
12:50 pm
the police in new jersey. they accused them of discriminating against them for their muslim religion. we'll have details on that and more coming up. at safelite, we know how busy life can be. these kids were headed to their first dance recital... ...when their windshield got cracked... ...but they couldn't miss the show. so dad went to the new safelite-dot-com. and in just a few clicks, he scheduled a replacement... ...before the girls even took the stage. safelite-dot-com is the fast, easy way to schedule service anywhere in america! so you don't have to miss a thing.
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and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all... we should fit into your life. [ laughing ] not the other way around. [ clock ticking ] seven minutes to the hour now. the family of a suspected bomber once filed a federal lawsuit against the elizabeth, new jersey police department accusing officers of discrimination and harassment. we have senior news editor at "the daily mail." can you tell us specifics of what allegations were? >> the allegations are that the city as well as the police department, the police chief, discriminated by harassing their restaurant. they owned a restaurant
12:54 pm
called -- oddly enough -- america first fried chicken. they were made to close down at 10:00. they wanted to be open later. they felt police were harassing them because they were muslim. >> it was my understanding that the specific complaints about noise and public gathering and that sort of thing came through that sort of community board system. the locals complained. >> exactly. the local businesses, residents complained. they were very unhappy with the noise. they were rowdy. urinating in the streets. they were very unhappy. they felt the -- the family felt they were being harassed because they were muslim. other businesses in the area were able to stay open past 10:00. they finally came to some agreement that they could stay open until 12:00 or 1:00, not all night the way they were. >> so they reached a compromise. >> they did. >> for people that live in other
12:55 pm
areas, this community board sort of thing is not unique to this region but it's a big deal here and community boards have a lot of power. >> they do. they do. they have a lot of power. in this case, they were able to be instrumental in getting the police to come in and shut them down before they were ready to so there was a lot of pressure put on the police and the, you know, local government, to keep a lid on this restaurant that w -- >> a lawsuit makes sense. you let someone else decide but community boards almost always win. they are -- if this was a union analogy. if you have a union as a group of organized workers, the union would go fight. in your neighborhood, your community board goes to fight for you. if i go to my community board and say i can't sleep because so and so over in 32d, they'll fix 32d.
12:56 pm
>> in the end the family loss the lawsuit and they had to comply. >> we'll see if that factors into all of this. they use the complaint they were harassed because they're muslim. i'm sure that's something authorities will look into and we'll have some clarity. nice work. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> the trump rally is coming. it's late. it's a little late. doesn't mean it's not going to happ happen. doesn't even he won't say all kinds of stuff. we'll be there for that. from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. more cash back for the things you buy most. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america.
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>> a lot to come. the donald trump rally happening in southwest florida. that's new york city. there we go. that's sort of south of cape coral and ft. myers, north of naples. a big crowd there at the hockey arena where they have a local hockey team there for southwest florida. so neil will take you there. final bell is ringing on wall
1:00 pm
street as we speak. and the dow has been all over the place. a fickle beast, that thing. it's down about five points at the moment but that could change. neil will update all of us. trump is coming soon. i know where he is. he'll be there in a second. thank you. we're waiting for that. look at the right of your screen. this is new york's times square. a live shot of times square. a heavy police presence. keep in mind this is about 20 blocks north of where they had that chelsea explosion, that pipe bomb explosion less than 48 hours ago. if this shows a city on tender hooks, it has a funny way of showing it. the fact that ahmad khan rahami has been captured has eased some of those fears. traffic is ground to a halt here long before these violent


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