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  The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 19, 2016 5:05pm-5:23pm PDT

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to set up the terror target and punch it out. anger is growing. that's the memo. now the top story tonight. earlier today i spoke with donald trump who is in fort meyers, florida. >> so i have your statement on the terror over the weekend. going to read one sentence, quote: i will bring an end to the senseless acts of violence wrong to say we are in a fight about narratives. these terrorists pose existential threat to our country our values and way of life. i don't know if anybody can bring an end to individual acts of i have lens. you know? i don't think it's possible. am i wrong? >> well, one thing you have to do is degrade. what's happening is they are going around. they feel emboldened and they feel wonderful. and all of these young people in our country and other countries are looking up to isis. because isis continues to taunt the united states. they started off on a small area. they are now in 28 countries. bill. 28 countries. think of it this is during hillary clinton's tenure.
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28 countries it was just reported. that is disgraceful. you have to bring them down and you have to bring them down fast. i know, the young people in our country and other countries. they are looking up to these people. they have respect for these people. it's like -- let's put it this way they are getting good public relations because it looks like they are beating the united states or certainly like the united states can't beat them. >> right. and it certainly is a psychological war as well as the physical war. but western europe hasn't really helped out and i mean that's going to be a part of the equation for the next president because mr. obama really doesn't -- mr. obama said today, i don't know whether you are aware, that his strategy is fine. you know, just wear them down, wear them down. we don't really need any more action. what he is doing. it's the -- we defined here, the strategy of acceptable losses. now, another thing you said that was very controversial is that you want to profile. you want to profile arab or muslim men. how would that work? >> well, we have no choice.
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look, israel does it. and israel does it very successfully. >> they do it at the airports. >> well, they do it. they do it. and when they see somebody that they would like to talk, to that they would like to look at, that they would maybe like to open up their sachel and take a look inside they doom it. you have a woman 87-year-old in a wheelchair from we have kennel. we have to come lat oher. look at somebody else. it's ridiculous do you have a vision of profiling would work? >> it works. we see somebody that we think there could be a problem. at airports and other places. you talked to them and you see what's going on. >> but i think they do that now. >> we don't do that. >> the alleged bomber here in new york lived over a chicken stand his father owns in new jersey. come on. the guy out in minneapolis, or in ther with saint cloud he is a 20-year-old college student.
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so he needs to just people who are loons. they lose it and i don't know if we could ever stop that. the guy over the chicken stand brought litigation a lot of litigation against different people. and i bet you that's why he was on the list. they don't want to get sued. they don't want to get sued so they left him alone. who knows what the reason is whatever the reason is it's no good. we have to end. this it's horrible and one thing i would say. i they have gained great respect for ice sith sis and the lords of isis and you see it all the time. and they are becoming becoming being radicalized and bill, it's going to get worse with this administration certainly with the way it's gone with hillary clinton. so i get a kick where hillary clinton says i will this, and i will that. what's she been doing for the last 30 years. remember when she voted for the war. what's she gotten doing for the last 30 years. >> i would like to know how it departs for president obama. she said today because of
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your profiling comment. she said that you are a, quote, sergeant of recruitment. muslim fanatics that once they hear you say we are going to come get you and profile you and doing it. then they want to sign up. how do you answer that. advertising agency. spending hundreds of millions of dollars. i mean, tremendous vast amounts of money in advertising against me. they are using, talking about my strongest thing is my temperament. and talk about my temp: put things on the board. go after temperament. strongest things for the people that know me best. i won't even say it myself. >> i want a little more definition. when you say my strongest suit is my temperament, what does that mean to you? >> well, i know how to win. i know how to win. i have been winning. i do win. even in sports.
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i win. we don't win. our country doesn't win. we don't win at trade. we can't beat isis. you can imagine general douglass mcarthur or general patent. you can imagine they are spinning in their grave right now when they see the way we fight. we announce we are sending certain people over here at a certain time. everything is political. it's very, very sad. then we bomb the syrian troops. you saw that over the weekend. we bombed, i guess we killed more than 80 troops. and now russia is absolutely furious at us. but we bomb the wrong people. i mean, we are like the gang that couldn't shoot straight. our country, with this leader, is the gang that couldn't shoot straight. that's what it is. >> all right. that's an old jimmy breslin book. final question in this segment and then i want to talk to you about the debates. when you say that you're going it profile certain muslims, are you ever worried that the peaceful muslims, and there are millions of american -- you know, we don't have a big problem here with muslims like they do in europe and
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france. we don't have that big problem where they are ghetto wise and they don't like their country and police can't go. we don't have that. you say these things like peaceful muslims will be the victim of backlash, victim of people just lumping everybody into the terror jar? i never said that they were muslims. you said that but to in to profile people that look suspicious. i didn't say they are muslims. >> how do they look suspicious? >> i don't know. these are experts. that's what they do. they profile. you go to israel and they should study it because israel has done a phenomenal job about this. they profile. they are not happy about it but they do it. people aren't complaining about it but we have to profile. >> almost 100 percent of the terrorism now is muslim fanatics, almost 100 percent. you are not going to be profiling leather jackets with blue eyes at this point
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honestly whatever it is. i'm not using the term profiling. we will have to start profiling. i don't know if it's that bad. but certainly it's not a wonderful thing. but, we have a country to keep safe. and we're not going to keep our country safe. you see this happening. and you know and i know it's going to get worse. >> all right. we're going to hold mr. trump over against his will. >> >> it's i'm president. >> we'll hold him over against his will to talk about the debate. one week from tonight. big night. right back. also ahead, krauthammer on america's retreat on the terror patel field upcoming. take the zantac it challenge! pill works fast?
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in the impact segment tonight would you continue with donald trump who i spoke with from fort meyers, florida a few hours ago. >> all right. one week from tonight, you will be on stage hofstra, university, long island, new york. five miles from my house. and it's going to be probably the most watched debate in the history of this country. because people want to see if you, donald trump, are going to take hillary clinton part in a very personal way. are you? >> i have absolutely no idea. i think this, if she treats me with respect, i will treat herr with respect. it really depends. people ask me that question oh you are going to go out there and do this and that i really don't know that you have to feel it out when you are out there. she has got to treat me with respect. i will treat her with respect. i would like it start off by saying that because that would be my intention. >> o now, if she baits you into trying to say something appropriate or explosive or
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controversial, are you aware that that might happen? >> hey, i went to the best school. i was the best -- i was a very good student. bill, what kind of a question is that? if she baits me. yet. she can bait me and can i bait her and we will see what happens. hey, bill, let's see what happens. >> so, say she. >> strategist. >> i'm hillary clinton, okay? and i say you know, in trump, you're not qualified to be president. you have never held any office and you call women bad names and muslims bad names and mexicans bad names. and you are just not qualified. and i mean, i don't want your answer now. but, that could absolutely happen. sure. and i can talk about her deleting emails after she gets a subpoena from congress. lots of other things. i mean, can i talk about her record, which is a disaster. i can talk about all she has done to help isis to become
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the terror they have become. ewe will go back and for the. she has a lot of baggage. she has been there a linger time. we need change in this country. she has been there, bill. a long time. when i hear her talking about what she is planning to do, why hasn't she done it for the last 30 years? >> well, she watched -- she had to work for president obama. i'm curious about this. if she comes after you for, for example, on the women's card, would you go in to her marital history and things like that? is that going to happen. >> well, you know, the "new york times" wrote a story about me and women. and it turned out that it was a false story. and honestly, we're going to take that up with them a little bit later date. we'll get rid of this first. we will go through this little process first which i think is going to end very successfully on november 8th. outside here, i'm in florida. we have thousands and thousands of people lined up outside the arena which is probably 8,000 or 10,000 people is packed to the rafters, something is happening, bill, what is
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happening. "new york times" wrote a story about women. women called up to the office we never said that dr. donald trump. they quoted women and they never even said it and it was on the front page centerfold massive big color picture. it was disgraceful. they are so dishonest. i will tell you what. there is nobody that respects women more than donald trump. that i can tell you. i will help women, because we have the women's health problems. we have a lot of problems. and i will help a lot more than hillary can. that, i can tell you. >> now, you skillfully dodged that question. that was a really a good dodge. would you go into the marital arena if she hits you with the women thing? >> i don't think i'm looking to do that bill. i don't know what i'm going to do exactly. you know, it depends on what level she hits you with. if it's fair if it's unfair. but certainly i'm not looking to do that. >> okay. all right. lester holt, you know him, he is a debate moderator. you know lester? >> i do. i do. i have respect for lester. >> good, because i worked with him at channel 2.
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i don't know if you remember back then but lester and i worked together there in new york. i think he is a fair guy. i think he is an honest man. i don't think he is coming in with a ax at all. >> well, i mean the only problem is matt lauer is a pro. and he did a great job. we ha debate of source. they called it a forum. and that was on monday night. and i think matt did a fantastic job last -- this last week. i'm sure you read about it. they came down -- matt was very tough on me and he was tough on her. but i thought he was equally tough. maybe even tougher on me. they hit him because i won that debate. everybody said i won. the polls all said i won. i won the debate. they hit matt because they say he should have been much tougher. he couldn't have been much tougher. they are gaming the system, like games the ref. they are also going after lester. they are trying to intimidate lester. i think the world is going top watching that. >> he is not going to be intimidated. he is not like me obnoxious
5:21 pm
and he is not going to come back and debate you hike i kind of debate you and secretary clinton. he won't do that. >> i would say that, nobody is obnoxious like you. i would have to agree with that no, no. >> i think that's a bipartisan schroll but lester is not going to do that. i want to get. >> no, lester is a professional. we will see what happens. i think it's unfair. >> all right. now. >> i think it's unfair what they're doing, bill. >> you have two kind of partisan people though. the next debate martha raddatz at abc ohio worked with in boston. brilliant journalist. she is a democrat. and then anderson cooper, i think he does a dejent job over there is he a democrat. you have two democrat. are you showing up for that or what are you going to do? >> and by the way, lester is a democrat. >> i didn't know that. >> look, it's a phony system. lester is a democrat. i mean, they are all democrats. okay? it's a very unfair system. look, i've worked pretty well within the system.
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i guess by a lot of polls i'm leading many of the polls. most of the polls. cnn just came out with a poll i'm leading nationwide by 2. i'm leading a lot of the states. i'm leading florida where i am now by 3 or 4. something just came out. a poll just came out. i'm leading it by 3 points or four points. and, you know, i think i'm doing well. leading ohio. leading in north carolina. i think we are doing very well. >> that will change and then you will see. >> the system. >> raddatz and cooper. are you okay with them or no. >> no, not really. i'm not okay with anderson cooper because i think he treats me very unfairly at cnn. i think he is very unfair on cnn. cnn they call it the clinton news network that's why the ratings aren't doing very well. >> they have to compete with msnbc. that's why they may be doing that. you say you are unhappy with it you are not going to boycott it like you did the fox thing. >> no, i will show up. gaming the ref. that's what they are doing. >> last one is chris wallace. he is fair, right? >> is he fair. is he tough. he is fair. i don't mind.
5:23 pm
as long as he is fair. and i have done a lot of work with chris. and i have never had a problem with him. >> all right. good. okay. well, we always appreciate your time. again, hillary clinton has been invited and invited and invited on this program and she says she is going to come did. you know that? her people told us she is going to do the interview with us. we are hoping that they keep their word. and we'll talk to you, i hope, after the debate. good luck, you know, that's going to be quite something. don't get nervous though. are you nervous? are you going to get nervous? >> well, i don't think so. i'll be a little bit. you have to be a little bit. but i understand the ratings will be comparable to yours. so i do your show. what's the big deal. >> you can get by that all right. donald trump, everybody. there he is. >> thank you. >> directly ahead, rea