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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  September 20, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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don't forget bill o'reilly is up next with donald trump in person. good night. welcome to "red eye." hello, i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levey at the "red eye" tease deck. andy? >> coming up on the big show. the war on isis is a wharf narratives. see how many ways our panelists can find to call it dumb straight ahead. and during her emmy acceptance speech she chanted topple the patriarcky, topple the patriarcky. your days are numbered, shop shillue. and the latest political ad out of missouri. it is also a weekend get away
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with ambassador bolden. let's welcome our guests. she is bubblier than a advertisey drink. he looks good in sigh suit, hearts, diamonding spade -- diamonds and spades and clubs. she is a tony voter. wonder if she voted for robbins or danza. and he was a recess appointment in the bush administration. i believe that put him in charge of tether ball. next to me, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations and fox news, contributor john bolton. let's start the show. the terrorists are listening to what we say, and they find donald trump very rude. that's according to hillary clinton who on monday accused trump of putting the u.s. in danger with his campaign rhetoric. in the aftermath of bombings in new york and new jersey clinton said the gop nominee has helped isis frame their
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attacks as part of a war between islam and the west. >> a lot of the rhetoric we have heard from donald trump has been seized on by terrorists. in particular isaac. they are looking to make this into a war against islam. >> clinton then implied trump has committed treason. >> the kinds of rhetoric and language mr. trump has used is giving aide and comfort to our adversaries. >> on monday trump toned down his rhetoric. not really. he suggested our law enforcement should racially proy file air -- profile arab men. they will profileful they will see somebody that is suspicious and they will profile. they will take that person and check out. do we have a choice? look what is going on. do we have a choice? we are trying to be so politically correct in our
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country and this is only going to get worse. >> ambassador, let's talk. first about hillary. she used the words deliberately, aide and comfort. is trump giving aide and rhetoric? >> it is not only silly, but an act of desperation on her part. it rests on the assumption that trump is condemning all muslims. i don't know how many times he has to do through this when he says radical islamic terrorism. he is not talking about all muslims. maybe she does president -- she doesn't understand that. there is utter disdain for muslims around the world. nobody knows more than muslims who are the principal victims. king ab dull law call -- ab -- abdullah says it it is good enough. >> will this help her electorally? >> well i don't know what it
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is going to do. i think in that same speech she called donald trump the recruiting sergeant of isis. in the past he called her the founder of isis. that leaves gary rejohnson with, what, the head of hr? none of this helps squish isis. we need to squish them, squash them and kill them. none of the discussion actually does that. so i really don't see where any of this moves the ball forward when it comes to eliminating the threat. the great point about the israelis is they have always said human life before human rights. they are a democracy, but they will do that. they will look at certain people who are bound to be more inclined to do something like that and check them a little more carefully than anybody else. >> getting back to the idea of profiling, why is it such a dirty word? isn't that how we caught the criminal profiling? >> well, it is because people
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are always assuming there is a racially discriminatory or religiously discriminatory aspect. let's take something different. when somebody comes into the country to immigration and he is from columbia, do you wonder maybe a little more if there is potential for drug smuggling? as opposed to somebody from iceland, let's say? i think this is what the israelis do and they are rigorous on anybody. i always have trouble getting into and out of trouble. they look for people that could potentially cause trouble and why shouldn't they? >> you actually profile icelanders as well, don't you? >> you have the a-team here today, tom. >> you are part of it. >> imagine that. >> this happened in new york. >> it was right down the street. >> 23rd street. you and i used to hang out down there.
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but did it change the way you went about your day in new york? >> it does. we talk about hysterical stuff, but this is a sad day. i don't think the in fighting does anything to defeat isis. it is like mom and dad bickering when all i need is a hug. if you are going to debate the issues layout how you will hate hate -- defeat isis. i understand that's how we run toll -- run politics for thousands of years with the fighting and the debating, but we need to be united and the contempt and hatred between these two. >> you need a hug if you call hillary and trump mom and dad. >> my mom and dad will love that. >> what was your home lifelike? >> there used to be a cooling off period.
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they said we are all in this together. is it because we are so close to the election if. >> it is because we are so close to the election. i think the candidates need to realize anything can be used. to keep pointing at each other and saying don't say anything negative about isis because they will use that as propaganda. they hate us and they will continue to hate us. let's focus on a plan. >> is that off limits? anything that is said will not change isis so why not stop saying it? >> this is part of the larger debate about whether there is a real threat of terrorism as an assault on western civilization. and therefore the war they have brought against us or whether it is a law enforcement matter which has been the policy of the obama administration. it is something that is endemic in our uh -- in our society. the notion that we will fight a war against it is northbound over over re-- it is an over reaction. it is the over reaction that causes people to become
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terrorists. that's a fundamental divide in your world view and if trump seized on that and forced hillary to defend her role in the administration more completely it is a debate worth having. >> these two candidates have been accused of trivializing everything. but we have to look at how to deal with terrorists, correct? the obama administration is different from trump's view, correct? >> so let's not look back with obama. let's look forward. are we really going to have to put boots on the ground? i talked to the generals and you have spoken to big people in the military and they say you cannot just say not our problem. let's keep the u.s. safe. they are in here and they are cells. by the way, it takes just one. one lone wolf, but a bunch of lone wolves equals an entire pack of wolves. they are here already. does it mean we have to go
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there? >> look, let's talk about the domestic problem. curt schilling got in trouble because yesterday he said that these people should be treated like enemy combatants. i didn't think that was that radical of a thing. if we treat people as combatants report people with isis combatants? >> it goes to the conceptual divide. are we in the law enforcement paradigm or the war paradigm. once you decide it is a war it doesn't mean no law applies, but it means it is a different structure. this is something we dealt with in world war ii with the german espionage agents coming on to the american shore to try and infiltrate. there is a long history and there is a way that does it that does not infringe on american civil liberties will we lost sight of the basic problem. hillary said no boots on the ground. there are already boots on the ground of the there are 5,000
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americans in iraq and an unknown number in syria. the question is are we prosecuting it effectively and speedily to reduce isis's capability to carry out these terrorist attacks in the united states and western europe? >> what do you think? i will go back down to the end of the table. what do you think? >> this election year both candidates are trying to say we are not going to put boots on the ground. that seems to be what the american people -- they are anti-war at this point. they are war weary as they say. >> i would hate to be accused of being a hippie on this network. i do not think soldiers should be on the ground. get them out of there, peace and love. we have to pull these people out because we punched a bee hive. we pissed so many people off at this point we have to try to take back a lot of --
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>> what do you mean? retreat? do you think we should get out of there? >> go to the ambassador on that one. >> i would think you say no to that. >> get the boy some flowers for his hair. >> am i on the wrong set? is this "meet the press"? >> i will defer to the wife of george clooney. she is also a successful humanitarian. >> i will keep calling her the wife of george. >> she says bombing or speaking out against isis is not as effective as teaching people and exposing their brutality and corruption and insteading more people become recruited teach more people what they really are. >> that's what i said. >> taking the heads off journalists. that's not enough to teach people these are horrific individuals out there? >> i don't know if they are listening to our lessons.
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on monday morning before 8:00 a.m. new york city residents received a long blaring emergency alert on their phone related to the bombings in the area. it read, wanted, ahmad khan rahami is wanted. the message coincided with bill de blasio realizing the name and photo to the press. the national wireless alert system is only used for amber alerts and alerts from the president and alerts involving imminent threats. monday was the first time it was used on a suspect. a writer for new york magazine called it remarkably ill advised adding it essentially deputizes the burr -- burrows. welling i don't know what's -- well, i don't know what is wrong with that. i like the feeling.
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>> i am driving across the bridge with my two kid and taking them to school. all of the phones went off. a lot of those people beyond new york and new jersey do not know what this is like. apparently on trains and everywhere the alert came through. except i understand you slept through it. >> i did sleep through it and i am not sure why. it didn't go off. it didn't make any sound on my phone. >> you must be the only one. you talk to anybody in new york and they immediately deputiz de, okay that's what you want to call it? two million people in new york and new jersey to say, okay, that's who we are looking for. it is like an electronic wanted poster and i thought it was brilliant. >> a few hours later the guy was caught. maybe this helped a little bit? >> the reporter who argued about it was saying it is only supposed to be used for alerts involving immediate threats to safety. how is this not an immediate threat to safety when he is leaving bombs all over the place and they didn't know how many more were still out there? that's what this alert was for
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and it is used in that way and i am happy to be deputized as well. >> when donald trump talks about political correctness is hurting us, we have these people like this, journalists that say this alert is a bad idea because we may be profiling someone which is exactly what we need to be doing. >> the great motto new york developed after 9/11 is if you see something, say something. it makes a lot of sense. we know in the case of the time square bomber and a number of other efforts that they were thwarted. people spoke up. and now you have people we heard in the case of san bernadino who are afraid to say something because they will be denounced as racists. ii think you have to get past the political correctness and look at reality. it is not ta world of -- it is not a world of dog whistles. people are at risk of being killed or wounded. we need to focus on what the harm is. >> there you go.
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the people -- there were some people who saw suspicious activity and they reported it after the bombs went off. if more people were vigilant at the time they would have gotten to them sooner. >> and this is effectively getting the word out, but the language needs to be tweaked and improved. we are looking for a muslim. google him. >> you wanted a picture? >> why not send a picture. call 9-1-1 if seen. i called 9-1-1 and said yeah, i got the text. i got the text four times. my phone made a sound that i never heard before. i thought i was in trouble. they said we are looking for a muslim man. call 9-1-1 if seen. did you try to go back to sleep between the messages? >> i did. but i had dogs in the apartment. it is too much. >> keep the alerts up, but
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take johnson off your list. >> what if happen of the people who got it are like i don't want these alerts anymore. i almost did that of the. >> is it voter registration? >> almost every got one. did you get the alert? >> no, but i'm from bethesda.he. >> new york and new jersey, whatever you call it then you got it. that's about two million people who got it at 8:00 a.m. simultaneously. you make two more million people aware. >> and i get the alerts when there is extra wind in the area. i would rather get it in the case of terrorism. i like these things. coming up, did last night's emmy award winners use their speeches to thank god or hate white men? the unshocking answer next.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm kelly wright. good morning. the metro new york bombing suspect is in custody. it was following an intense shootout with police in lyndon, new jersey. >> go! go! go! [gunfire]. >> two officers and a suspect ahmad kahn rahami and two officers were injured, but all expected to survive. rahami, an afghan immigrant who remains hospitalized, is on $1.2 million bail. he has been charged with five counts of attempted murder of a police officer, but no charges have been filed yet in connection with the bombing. a witness to the shootout said it was is surreal. >> it was like one of those movies. he never stopped shooting. he reloaded and kept shooting. he was trying to get him. it was crazy.
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>> crazy indeed. surveillance video and fingerprints lead them to rahami. he is suspected of planting bombs in new jersey and new york city. one of the blasts injured 29 people. a sad day for humanitarian efforts in syria. airstrikes hitting a u.n aid convoy as the syrian military said a u.s.-russian broker failed. the attack killed 12aide workers workers and truck drivers. the convoy was carrying aide for about 78,000 people. federal health officials say they are making progress in the fight against zika. because of a you are y'all spraying -- because of aerial spraying it is no longer an active transmission zone. i'm kelly wright. now back to "red eye.
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>> the emmy awards went off without much of a surprise. they showed an even hand in their political jokes. they were balanced with a pro-hillary one. and all men take notes. in accepting her best director emmy a woman had this inspired message. >> topple the patriarc key. topple the patriarchy. >> the phrase started trending on twitter. you go girl was the general message. here is my question. what patriarc key? is there any patriarchy around? y these guys didn't win any emmys. these guys did. i prefer the elites ofester year with their top hats and cigarette holders looking down on the rest of world and laughing. this hollywood crowd is at the top of the heap and looking
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down and they are still complaining. they still think they are the victims. we need to bring back the patriarchy so they have something to complain about. jill these are your people. >> these are my people. >> a lot of fun. >> i was happy to go in with whatever they told me. i don't know how to do it and don't know what to do. >> she should layout a plan. she seemed to be doing it in fun. i thought she was joking. the way she said it it sounded like this is silly and people smile. people took it so seriously and this is a great message. i am crying and i am weeping. johnson, what is going on? you came of age when the patriarchy was just leaving. >> i was hoping you would come
12:24 am
out next and win an e78 me. it is sad for me, but i was conflicted like, yeah, i suck, men suck. i support her rights to say this, obviously and i thought there were nice, genuine moments like this when she seemed very pleased to win and off the cuff with her thoughtful speech. >> you thought that speech was off the cuff? >> a little bit. she seems unemotional when she wins. she was played off with the music. >> well, what do you think, liz, do you agree with me? i don't see any patriarchy. >> shu is singing topple the patriarchy, but how about a fashionist. the string tie thing is semiokay, but the whole thing is call iendz of crazy.
12:25 am
>> it is too much. >> she is winning and you are still complaining. you are doing just fine and no one is holding you back. it is a great show. but come on. >> do you like transparent? >> you usually like watching the emmies while drinking white wine. >> this is the umpteenth year in a row i don't watch the emmys. i am glad because as left wing as she sounds the more she worries about that the less i worry she will have any real influence. where are we now? i feel like if you believe that the patriarc key should be stop pelled, i feel like your work is doning am i correct? >> pure feminism is the best person for the job, get it.
12:26 am
she has done quite well. topple the patriarchy? i just wanted to give them outfits. >> is there any better example of the new world order than this controversy, matt leblank or as i call him in english, the white matt. he openly admits he likes naked women. here he is talking about amilia clark. >> are you a big "game of thrones" fan? >> i saw the first season and then fell -- fell out of touch with it. and i guess that's when she started getting nayed it -- naked and i need to catch up. >> they called him creepy. cos ma toll tin -- cos ma toll law tin called it a gross moment. this from a magazine who photographed 36bulges.
12:27 am
call me when the patriarc key tumbles. "game of thrones" you watched it. it is pretty much all scenes with naked women. >> and he says he has never seen a naked woman? >> he says i haven't seen the show, but i'm horny. heil ea have what he is sag -- i'll have what he is having. he was wasted. >> she was laughing. >> she is probably used to hear hear -- not used to hearing. >> it was like saying it right to her. yes anyone who has seen "game of thrones" has seen her naked, but you don't need to say it to her. >> she is naked and on fire. she said it was empowering to be naked and she talks about
12:28 am
it, but he can't bring it up. a guy who loves naked women. >> i interviewed her and did not bring up her nudity. >> he is joey from "friends." how you doin? >> how you doin? >> i think she was the creepy one. she was all fan girl of his. >> she is the weirdo. >> will this cause you to can sell your cub subscription of in style. >> i just think it would have been a different take. it would have been just as controversial. >> andy levey returns with the award segment. subscribe on i phones and
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welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levey. hi, andy. >> hi, tom. thanks for trying to learn my name. [laughing]. unbelievable. presidential candidates wharf word over terror. trump suggested our law enforcement should profile the arab men as they do in israel. >> yes. >> to be fair he never said arab men and israel is strict
12:33 am
on on everyone. they do what is known as behavioral profiling. >> i see. do you think trump was talking about behavioral profiling? >> i don't think he was and i know you won't believe this, but i don't think he understands what the israelis do. am i wrong about this? >> you're probably wrong. i think he unders, but it is the reason it is hard to explain to people that you are not profiling on the basis of race or sex or something like that. you are looking for people who are shifty and they are not cooperative. that's what they are going after. >> you mean behavior of a profiling. >> that's right. that's what i said. >> you were wrong about trump. >> that's a real come back.
12:34 am
>> ambassador you don't know how many times we have to go through this we are to not talking about all radical -- all mud limbs. >> if you acknowledge that distinction that there is no international war on terrorists. >> you see you are right on that one. you are 1-1. greg you said all of the fighting does not help the country and you just need a hug. just move to sweden. >> done, thank you. >> really that easy? >> that easy to move to sweden? >> to get you to move to sweden. >> i'll do everything you say. >> before you move to sweden give me a million dollars. >> i have about 60. >> tom you asked what is the deal about profiling? i believe we caught him because they had him on
12:35 am
video. the guy across the street said there is a guy over there -- somebody called in. >> act is suspicious. >> he was sleeping, wasn't he? >> yeah. >> in a hallway. >> of the bar. >> you said isis would hate us regardless of what the candidates say. i find it weird how you can understand that and i can understand that and a presidential candidate can't understand that. >> they think we don't understand it and they will try to confuse us into vote voting for them. >> where is the straight talk express when you need it. >> i have i have a question for ambassador, but i don't like his attitude. >> try it anyway. >> i am skipping it. tom you don't see a problem with curt schilling's view to treat people like the new york city bomber with enemy
12:36 am
combatants. >> i think i will let the ambassador answer this one. >> that is the definition of treason. it is a prosecutable offense, but it is something you can treat as being at war. it is the mether zone between the paradigms. >> i am not going to argue between the mether zones and the paradigms. there are a lot i will do, gut nothing for those. >> they said that is not enough out there to teach people who they are. it is enough to convince them, but there will always be people drawn there. >> a tiny percentage. i think it is extraordinarily obvious what they are doing
12:37 am
and how they do it and how horrific it is and i can only hope that the thieves -- people who may be disaffected are either looking at that and thinking maybe not. we have to get on ut there and stop it and figure out how to squish it. that's the word i use, squish, kill, destroy, like a bug. >> in the nether zones. the emergency alert. i just want to say i got the alert at 7:50 a.m. and then went back to bed and checked twitter. they caught the guy. the point is the decision to go back to sleep was justified. >> you were part of the solution. >> i was. >> the language needs to be tweaked. it said see media for pic. you said why can't they include a picture? believe it or not they don't have the ability.
12:38 am
it is limited to 90 characters of text only. >> i can text a picture. not to brag. they can include a picture and more information. >> why not ask anthony wiener? he will teach you.. >> the emmy stuff, you said you love the show. >> it was pretty good. >> jimmy kimmle was great. he came out and said topple the patriarc key. is that good for me? a good laugh for a white man. >> you said you support the right to follow the fatriarchy. >> i'm sure jill is watching. >> the whole crew is watching. >> liz you said holloway is
12:39 am
top of mind. if you look at the statistics, they are overwhelmingly men. that's what she is talking about. >> it used to be how most directors were all men and so she is out there and one of the ones at the forefront. take it and say i had some smart bail executives who gave me a shot. again good for her and congratulations. i wonder how many women she has reached back and said let me give you a leg up. >> you don't sound sincere in ta -- in that. >> oh, congratulations. >> you talk about 207 pell the patriarchy stuff. >> it was so old i didn't want to repeat it.
12:40 am
boring. lastly you brought up amilia clark and you didn't bring up her. we laughed, we cried. >> gotta go. tens of people in. >>ed it. >> the most shocking video you will see all day. 5 democrat who knows how to assemble a gun. >> hello, "red eye" faithful. we discuss how terrorism could pivot the election and i will learn cia spy survival training. love it.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm kelly wright. here is what is happening. the man accused of terrorizing new york city and new jersey during a weekend bombing spree is facing five counts of attempted murder. the charges against rahami stem from a satout with police moments before his capture yesterday morning in linden, new jersey. two officers and the suspect were wounded in the gunbattle. >> this is another example of what law enforcement does. regardless of the risks and this all started on saturday. >> saturday morning was when the first bomb went off. a second blast injured 29
12:45 am
people in manhattan. a number of other devices planted failed to end proceed. the suspect will likely face federal charges and he remains hospitalized this morning and is being held on a $5 million bail. more rattling for north korea. they claim they successfully carried out a ground test of a new engine for a space launch. that could mean the rogue nation is on the verge of carrying out a long-range missal launch. yesterday president obama met with china's premiere at the u.n to discuss ways of better monitoring the nuclear program. last week they conducted their fifth test. they have a handle on the. zika outbreak. it is no longer considered an active transmission zone thanks to widespread
12:46 am
spraying. pregnant women are being warned due to the threat to unborn children. that's a look at your news. now back to "red eye." >> a missouri democrat has released an ad showing him assembling a rifle blind folded. typical democrat. he is running for senate against the gop candidate here is the ad. >> i am jason candor. he has been attacking me on guns. in the army i learned how to use and respect my rifle. i volunteer to be a convoy. in the state legislature that is important. i also believe in background checks so the terrorists can't get their hands on one of these. i approve this message bus i
12:47 am
would like them to do this. >> the nra is not impressed. they tweeted he is not the first anti-gun poll session who thinks he can fool voters into thinking he supports the second amendment. it is true. i played the ad backwards and he dismantles the gun and reveals his true intentions. >> then i will dismantle your guns. >> it is amazing what you find out when you playthings backwards. >> i watched this add eaferl times. who ever put it together it is smart. he has served and he can do this things you learn to do in the military. i thought it was great. good for him. i don't know why the nra is upset. back to 1999 we covered this. i don't see the issue here. >> yes, well the issue is --
12:48 am
what is the issue? it is the specific background check that this guy is in favor of is and the nra is not. >> it is also not the first time they have had democrats using weapons. remember joe mantion firing a rifle a bill that would regulate coal in west virginia. you are pro-coal and pro-gun at the same time. it gives the strength and the feeling of the pro-gun lobby. they need to try something else. he can get a knew profession and put things together blindfolded. >> he said i would like to see blunt do this and i don't think blunt can do this. >> he was president able to -- he was able to speak well.
12:49 am
most of us ant -- can't do it. >> he didn't have a teal law prompter. >> he can speak and assemble a gun and he has served. it sends a lot of messages. >> greg if he wanted to be mac ho he should have used a ban -- a bandanna. >> how could somebody anti-gun be able to do that? that was the craziest video. >> as you entertainment people know in "true grit" the difference of the size of the fabric he could see through it. >> she just said when you people know. >> i think you guys remember true grit. he can see through that. i see. so do you think this guy was cheating? >> yes and he should.
12:50 am
>> coming up, the never ending stomach ache.
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coming up tomorrow on the
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next "red eye" crawled well and jessica tarlov and paul otto. >> olive garden's never ending pasta bowl promotion is back. i'm sure the restaurant chain does president want this to get out, but the unlimited pasta passes are so in demand. they are selling on ebay for $pouter 5 hundred. $4500. olive garden who was founded after its owner gavely olive put 25 passes up for sale for $100 a pop and they were sold in two seconds. each entitled you to the never ending pasta bowl and then they showed up on ebay selling for $200 to $4500. ambassador why are you selling your pass for $4500. jay i have never been to thal live -- to the olive garden.
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does this apply to your family. if you have 10 kid can you take the whole family in with one card? >> i believe it is per person. >> you just sloth and shuffle in. >> olive garden i love it. this is great for a guy like you on road. >> you have to spend $90 a day to justify it. this makes no sense. >> you did the math. >> how did it sell out in two seconds. and buying an o garden pass? that makes no sense. you p put the things on sale and it is the internet and these things can keep trying. >> they are doing this with adele and the entertainment world. it is not cool, bot. let us by what we want to buy. >> if you go in there and you
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wolf down the t pasta -- it ised to drop $100 at a -- >> or for using the trowel without a union card and shoving it in. i looked on ebay at other things that you could spend on. a vintage rolex or a used cellulite smoothing machine. >> used? >> yes. i mean olive garden pasta bowl is over in seven weeks. >> i don't know why you have never been there. it is a cellulite what? >> a smoothing machine. sometimes it is a great thing to bring at a party it may be worth the $4500. write it down. >> you don't want to do your own smoothi. >> or it said or past offer.
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get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. this is a fox news alert. welcome to washington. new details tonight about the man police say is behind the weekend bombings in new york and new jersey. a weekend of terror coming to an end with a shootout in a new jersey street. the suspect ahmad khan rahami was shot by police. a witness said he was sleeping in a hallway. two officers were wounded in the gunfire. after a day of not using the words, new york city's mayor says they now have every right to believe the attacks were and act of terror. we have fox team coverage tonight. kevin cork is


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