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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 20, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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bond. he had his booking note toe t--o taken at the hospital. a shoot out jed and charges on the bombings whether it be in manhattan that injured 30 people the bombings on sea side park new jersey down on the jersey shore and also the five bombs in elizabeth new jersey his home town those will be coming from the federal officials sometime later. what do we know about rahami's background learning more about if he is putting the puzzle together about why he is doing this. he took a trip to his native afghanistan. people reported he came back from the trips a changed person. exactly how changed we don't know. his high school sweetheart describing him as a dead beat dad who had a dislike of america. although she said she didn't think it would ever come to this. he also said he hated gay
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people. his dad confronted yesterday after his son's arrest said he had no idea something like this would be coming. >> when you hear he is accused of something like this do you believe it? >> i am not sure what's going on. >> you are not sure? >> i you are not sure? >> i think it is very hard right now to talk. >> rahami's family was well-known in their town of elizabeth for this place, the first american fried chicken. make of that name what you will, the fbi raided the fried chicken joint and the rahami residents up above the fried chicken
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place. we are told there are number of issues operating hours of people being drunk and belligerent outside of it. the family sued the city saying they wanted to be -- what kind of inspiration or help did rahami have? if he h did he have any help toe these different types of bombs and did he have any idea of where to place them after 50 hours on the run. >> perhaps hanging out in the taliban in pakistan was how he
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learned how to make bombs. >> they kept a note using the terrorist. >> this could have been a dry run for the next attack. >> good morning. guys. not since 9-11 hadz the city been targeted and attacked. now 15 year the later much has changed including cameras. now these cameras are equipped to catch any one trying to complete history. this weekend they did. the cameras had been added since 9-11. they have plenty of evidence in the black-and-white image of the explosion. what also led investigators to
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kr ca ahmad khan rahami was pictures of he and his family. it made note of the bomber responsible for the boston attacks which had homemade pressure cooker bombs. rahami was eventually shot and captured police in len done new jersey by a hero cop after bar owner reported saying someone sleeping? the doorway. >> the officer responded attempting to wake the individual and realized that was the individual that was wanted. within seconds that individual began firing. thank god our officer had a vest on. >> the hero cop angel padea. rahami shot in the leg and
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raised on the spot. thankfully none of the officers suffered life threatening wounds. thieves are responsible for nabbing the site. two thieves found the bag that contained that pressure cooker the unexploded bomb. he they took the bomb out took the cell phone out left temperature on the street for investigator to find and took off with a roller suitcase. a lot of investigators wondering what kind of thief leaves behin. in elizabeth new jersey in the train station there were two homeless men that discovered a bag containing five explosives never meant to be detonated. seems the suspect left it there to low it out and hide his evidence. they found these unexploded devices. they contacted authorities and were able to put the pieces
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together. >> it is like a movie. >> the topic is here now dominating the campaign trail. blaming the crisis on democrats immigration policy while hillary clinton steals a page from trump's own e-mail book. we have the latest from washington. >> with this election getting closer and closer america under attack. national security front and center in this campaign. donald trump surging in this battle ground state was in florida yesterday also did an appearance on o'reilly factor where she failed in her
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policies. clinton on detail now die declaring she wants to smash isis. she shifted her talk on borders sounding a little bit like trump as she talked about tough vetting from those who come overseas. >> we have seen how failures to screen who is entering the united states puts all of our citizens in this room in darrening. immigration, security is national security. >> these are not refugees who got on airplanes and attacked our city and our country. let's not get diverted and distracted by the campaign
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rhetoric we hear from the other side. >> volatility is the last thing the party in power wants. think about the financial crisis for george bush. that was mccain's failure to beat barack obama in that race. now we will see how much the impact of the national security crises have on this campaign. >> donald trump blaming president obama and clinton for bringing terrorism to the united states. >> the administration everything from the failure to name islamic terrorism to their continually saying that everything is fine because we have killed bin laden to their devotion to the narrative rather than the facts fiddling around with the facts
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to fill in the they're tive. all of that is really part of the problem. we didn't fight world war ii that way. >> donald trump and hillary clinton's approach to national security. who is most effective right now. log on to "fox & friends first" facebook page use the hashtag keep talking. >> terrifying moments to tell you about on the tarmac where a plane packed with people blows a tire. from los angeles to nashville forced to turn around minutes into the trip all 142 passengers forced to evacuate right on the runway and then take a bus back to the terminal to wait for a new plane. they arrived in nashville finally four hours behind schedule. >> the country facing grilling on capitol hill. they are accused of opening millions of accounts without
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knowing. company has since fired 5300 workers and refunded customers more than 2 million bucks. ceo john stump expected to sell senators he's deeply sorry and takes responsible for it. >> they are raising their fists in the air for the game against the chicago bears last night. malcolm jennings says it is a statement against social injustice. some bears fans had a message for the players around the league who are protesting holding up the signs that says stand up. >> from the gridiron to the diamond fans flocking to see tim tebow make his day bow. the to 07 heisman trophy winner signing a minor league deal with the new york mets earlier this month. they are now back in blue and orange with number 15 mets
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jerseys. they are already the top selling jersey on mlb's online store from the phan natick's web site. >> i remember michael joer began playing baseball. that lasted about a season. we will see. >> i would like to see -- i am not a mets fans. i am a phillies fan. >> the time is about 11 minutes after the top of the hour. pokey monday m go. you remember that? >> of course. i was playing it before the show. >> it is dangerous. >> lazy pokeymon player. >> be careful. the terrifying moment a player is mugged and the whole thing is streamed live online. >> new fears about the suspected bomber and his repeated trips to the terror hot spots hanging out with the taliban in pakistan
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hey, jesse. who are you? i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. orange money represents the money you put away for retirement. over time, your money could multiply. hello, all of you. get organized at >> authorities conducting a lone wolf investigation into ahmad rahami. >> they are looking at terror
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groups he is connected to. is it too early to tell? ryan, good to see thank you morning. >> loan roll of. what does that even mean? presumely he got help from somewhere. you don't learn how to make bombs by yourself. >> here we go again. it is the reflective answer when people have questions how does this happen? you say lone wolf that is the answer people go to that is easy. we later find out that's not really the case. you have someone helping them or at the least someone radicalizing them. an older brother attacked a cop because of a dispute or a restaurant they are running or went to afghanistan after his arrest. if i am looking at patterns that's where i am going to start
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my research. >> those are a few red flags working back and forth between afghanistan, pakistan, his brother fleeing to afghanistan. also he attended this mosque in new jersey. the community of new jersey mosque. that has been under the radar as well. should we be taking a closer look at that? >> yes, one of the fundamental problems with our strategy is we focus too much on a specific group and suicide bombing. the mosque in new jersey a family friend of the bomber said he attended has a link to a group called the islamic circle of north america. they condemn isis. they don't support isis. if you look at their teaching guide i have a copy of you see xhanz to pursue a construction of the a caliphate. talk about jihad. even if you condemn isis, if you are teaching mouse limbs they are supposed to pursue an islamic state, don't be
2:18 am
surprised when they join a group named the islamic state. >> right. it's not a surprise. >> you mentioned patterns, ryan looking at these patterns trying to put together the pieces. this type of thing wasn't supposed to happen bombs being built under the eyes of the neighbors. he wasn't on any kind of list. he spent time in pakistan. he's over in afghanistan. yet we didn't know. >> if you are focusing on the last stage of the radicalization process if you start putting together a bomb or start trying to attend a terrorist camp those are the type of things that are difficult to detect at the last moment. if your strategy is based around combatting islamism, the islamist ideology those pursuing the islamic state or caliphate, things like that organizations linked to the pus limb brotherhood or people that adopt those type of extreme beliefs fit into that standard for surveillance or further
2:19 am
research. >> should they be under surveillance would that allowed them to not have gotten to this point? >> it is just even having surveillance on the sub sites now is a problem for the federal government. it can be an indication of where to look further so you can judge whether further surveillance is necessary. >> what about the family there's no evidence he received military training. friends say he became noticeably devout. when you look at the family the father seemed surprised everything. >> the information we are getting isn't surprising. norm little the people being called lone wolfs they were radicalized by a close friend or family member. when you hear about the brother in pakistan it makes sense fits
2:20 am
the consistent pattern we have seen. >> it sounds so familiar just from the orlando terrorist attack we have heard about. >> time is now 19 -- 20 minutes after the hour. jim kerry breaking the silence last night vowing to fight a lawsuit against his next girlfriend. there's more before you dig in.
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>> a man who went on a rampage
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inside of a mall is believed to have acted line. there's no evidence somali immigrants is part of a charger skr -- larger cell. they called him quote a soldier of a state. his father said his son is involved in terror and was killed by an off duty officer after stabbing 10 people. >> a terrifying moment a pokeymon go player is mugged in central park and it is streamed live. catching a robber even running off with his phone. >> police using the video to pr track the man down. >> jim carrey getting serious over his former girlfriend's suicide.
2:25 am
katrina catriana white accusing jim carrey for buying her the drug she used to kyill herself last year. he says quote i will not tolerate this heartless attempt to exploit me or the women i love. the suit claims he brought the drugs under an alias. carrey and white broke up one week before her death. >> the u.s. government fou paiing the way for self-driving cars to have commonplace on the roads but not after rough safety. >> from google to uber to ford. >> the u.s. department of transportation requires technology to meet a 50 point safety assessment. it will limit the deployment of
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experimental vehicles and the government will be working on a set of national regulations. they invite the industry to comment and they want the public to be safe. kmart is closing 64 stores across the country as the retailer continues to struggle financially against competitors like amazon. parent companies say it will not only close kmarts but sears stores. liquidation sales again for this weekend with final closing set for december. analysts say sears and kmart don't have enough cash to save business. and you need to let go of your ego. they are being recalled over fears of listeria contamination. it is the 10 count box with the best used date september 21st and 22nd. there's no reports of illnesses but the company is issuing the
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recall just to be safe. good you knew this before breakfast time. >> always surprised the highly processed breakfast food would be recalled. shocking. >> 27 minutes after the hour. the war on terror front and center on the campaign trail. >> immigration, security. >> we need a better visa system. let's remember what and on 9-11 these were not refugeerefugees. >> national security on the agenda after the first presidential debate. what to expect live in washingtonment fox news team coverage continues up next. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today.
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2:31 am
$5 million. >> 28-year-old ahmad rahami was captured after the massive manhunt in the dramatic shoot out with police. (gunfire) >> dramatic stuff there. good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this tuesday moaning. i am heather childers. >> i am clayton morris. >> as the of course bi beg -- f begins building their case we are learning more including a note he left near the bomb. >> we have team coverage for you this morning. we begin with leland vittert in new jersey. leland? >> ahmed rahami behind me at the hospital held $5.2 million bond attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. that was from the shoot out that wounded two police officers and he was wounded as well. he felt well enough to have his
2:32 am
mug shot taken. he is being held under armed guards. still trying to learn more about his various trips to afghanistan and pakistan who he met with was he inspired the taliban there. was he perhaps trained by the taliban there. also from his former high school sweetheart learning he was a dead beat father, didn't like america and didn't like gays either. learning more about his family and their views about america. check out his brother's facebook post. here's a picture from the facebook page, i bring the man who desired death azar dentally as you desire life from khalid bin walid. they never connected them. >> we reported a domestic incident some time ago. that was the allegations were recanted. i don't have any other
2:33 am
information. >> lots of focus on this place first american fried chicken. make of that name what you will. it is owned by rahami's father. he apparently worked there and lived above there. they raided that place and had bomb dogs. so many unanswered questions. even though the fbic says they are not looking for any one else, big questions here, did he have any help planting these devices, did he have any help making these devices? what inspired him online? was he communicating with terrorist groups about these bombs he planted up and down the eastern sea board. >> still a lot of questions. they say he is not talking. won't even give his name. >> not happy after being shot i suppose. >> the investigation is far from over as we were discussing. there are now growing fears that could have been a dry run for even bigger attacks. julie banderas is live from new york city with that angle.
2:34 am
>> it is a puzzling question whether this would be a dry run. it is almost like he wanted to be caught. not taking into consideration the modern technology that has changed since the last attack here on 9-11. 8,000 cameras added on new york streets giving investigators plenty of evidence nabbed in a black-and-white image in chelsea on saturday night. what ultimately led investigators was a handwritten note and a cell phone left behind found near one of the unexploded bombs sunday. the note made mention of the bombers responsible for the boston marathon attack which also involved homemade pressure cooker bombs. rahami was captured in linden, new jersey. a hero cop saw the suspect after
2:35 am
a bar owner had someone sleeping in his bar doorway. >> the officer responded attempted to wake the individual and he realized immediately this is the individual that was wanted and within seconds that individual began firing. thank god our officer had his vest on. >> the officer, age padea shot in the tore so. rahami shot in the leg and take tone the hospital not before he fired off rounds injuring two other officers thankfully didn't suffer life threatening injuries. two thieves found the unexploded bomb and two homeless men finding a bag in elizabeth and reporting them to investigators. >> even thieves get the message if you see something say something. >> on the campaign trail donald trump lean to go crisis on
2:36 am
democrats immigration policies while hillary clinton once again calls trump a recruiter for isis. ed henry is following latest from washington. >> good morning, he had. >> good morning, clayton. you can see with less than 50 days until the election terror may be scrambling an already tight race between donald trump and hillary clinton. trump who was surging in the polls anyway is trying to gain even more ground by pointing out he has been ahead of the curve calling for suffer politougher policies. clinton former secretary of state in an administration that has been accused of underestimating that terror threat. trump playing off the charge that half of the supporters are a mra basket of deplorables while clinton is leveling a new charge. >> let's ask hillary clinton how many people who subscribe tho islamic views and nonbelievers
2:37 am
would you call deplorable or ir redeemable or are those words reserved for hard-working americans who truly love our country and want to make a statement. >> a lot of the rhetoric has been ceased on by terrorists in particular isis. they are looking to make this into a war against islam. rather than a war against jihadists, violent terrorists. >> clinton cheerl glearly getti nervous these attacks could you are the hurt the party in power. she is in favor of what she calls tough vetting of immigrants. sounds a little bit like trump's call for extreme vetting for immigrants. >> we will see it all played out at the debate. the time now is about 20 minutes until the top of the hour. open the door to terror. how in the world did nearly 1,000 illegal immigrants from
2:38 am
terrorist countries just get citizenship to america? >> 49 days until the election and polls showing a tight race in the all important battle ground states. could donald trump win the white house if he doesn't win pennsylvania. we will be mapping this state out next. >> do you remember this 9-year-old trespasser sneaking into his neighbor's garage and what might be the cutest surveillance video ever? why he no longer needs to break the law. when my doctor told me i have
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>> welcome. welcome. thank you so much. (laughter) >> let's talk about -- >> i am not contagious. just for your information. >> 49 days to go until the election and donald trump and hillary clinton are in a race to win the battle ground states. the recent poll showing clinton up five points in the key state of pennsylvania. so what is at stake in the keystone state? here to help us break it all down is the president of rasmussen media group scott
2:43 am
rasmussen. >> good to see you. >> let's talk about pennsylvania. >> first we have to put it all into context. we talk about the battle ground states. the truth is, donald trump has to win states that barack obama won four years ago. mitt rom neeneded up with 206 electoral college votes. you see that down the corner. he has to pick up the 50 states obama won. let's take a little closer look. california, washington, these states are not going to go for any republican. there's 131 electoral college votes that are potentially up for grabs in the battle ground state obama won four years ago. >> it is all about the numbers. virginia seemed to be key last time around. this time it seems to be pennsylvania. >> that's right. the reason is if you look at this number 131 of these votes
2:44 am
for for grabs touch needs about af of them 64. last couple of weeks we talked about florida and ohio. if donald trump were to win those two states all of a sudden he's at 253 electoral votes he only needs 270. that's getting close. of all of these remaining states there's only one that can put him over the stop. >> that would be the quickest path but not the only path. >> not the only path. this is a tough path. democrats have won pennsylvania for the last six elections for donald trump to win here it would be an upset. we are assuming the race will remain close. there are the debates and the attack this past weekend. pennsylvania is one of the states that obamacare is seeing insurers fleeing the market. >> similar to ohio trade issues and blue collar workers that will be the key. >> while it is ab uphill battle, what i am calling the trump
2:45 am
democrats they will be a part of the potential for uphill battle. along the border with ohio you have these disaffected workers barack obama called the bitter players and bill clinton called the coal people. they ghaif up their democratic affiliation and swarm the polls and vote republican. >> the primary in ohio some of them did switch over. >> but will they actually do it in big enough numbers? will you see a surge in turnout in this area? will you see donald trump do better than the 57 percent of the white vote mitt romney got. the other area down here around philadelphia, the city of philadelphia, the county of philadelphia is clearly going to go heavily democratic. four years ago if you took philadelphia out of the mix mitt romney won the rest of the
2:46 am
state. but the suburban areas around there can donald trump make inroads to hold down. >> how would he do that? >> he's talking about maternity care issues. i think donald trump is also counting on the fact that the national security issue, the talk about immigration is going to resinate in some way with the voters. despite all of that it is a tough road for donald trump to actually get 270 votes. you start in florida we talked about. ohio. if he wins pennsylvania he's at 273. he's just over the top. if he wins pennsylvania he's going to win the white house and he will pick up some other states. there's another side to this story. >> one more quickly. >> we are going to fwoerg yaw
2:47 am
ne -- georgia next week. that's a state donald trump can win if donald trump cannot wifrn ry state mitt romney wins the election is over. >> we will see what happens. we will be back on monday. >> on monday talking about georgia and the debates. >> what is coming up next? >> let's check in with brian kilmeade and see what's going on? >> what's going on, clayton? >> you tell me. >> no, no, you ask first? >> you guys have an interesting interview coming up today. >> the bar owner that found the terrorist sitting in his doorway and what ensued after is flat out out of a movie the shootout that took place the wild shots as the terrorist ran away. what was said which was an expletive when he got woken up. they were quick to understand that was the guy the fbi was looking for. what went down, the exclusive story we will be here as we bring the bar owner right to our
2:48 am
very couch. it will be fun. we have a guest larry stabenow, curious to see what he thinks will happen to the race now that terror is in forefront. good to see you up so early. >> i got up to see you then i forgot to ask you a question. >> good to see you. you toss to break. >> you decide. >> a department homeland security. is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner
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welcome back. 51 minutes past the hour. major oversight on the part of homeland security could be opening doors to terror. the agency granting citizenship to hundreds of illegal immigrants who should have been deported. they somehow got through because their fingerprints were never
2:52 am
scanned into the government databases. >> let's figure out a system we can feel confident, really recognizes who comes in and they are who they are. >> an internal audit finding at least 858 illegals who got away with using different names or birthdays to apply for citizenship, all of them from countries of high national security concerns. startling new statistic on syrian refugees just revealed. the state department says that nearly 20% of refugees have settled in the new york area. the figure is coming days after multiple bombings which may have been dry runs for future attacks. president obama still calling on 110,000 refugees to be let in after he's out of office. right now, 364 refugees are in pennsylvania, new york has 165. new jersey 158, connecticut,
2:53 am
118. the clinton foundation from bill clinton himself. i said donors probably did give money to get access to the state department. >> when you've been doing this kind of work for as long as we have, you know the people who are the major players. it was natural for people that have been our political allies and personal friends to call and ask for things. i trusted the state department wouldn't do anything they shouldn't do from a meeting to a favor. >> clinton planning to step down if his wife is elected president. ivanka trump has her very own secret service detail. prior to this, she only received protection while near the republican nominee. her brothers, donald jr. and eric still don't have their own detail. the secret service started guarding chelsea earlier this month. >> how would you feel if you were the brothers? >> do i matter? i'm cute.
2:54 am
i'm cute. i'm cute. i'm cute. >> you're beautiful. >> i'm cute. oh, okay. >> i'm cute. >> and beautiful. >> the girl's morning pep talk in the mirror is going viral. she was pretty excited about her outfit. >> you don't do that every morning, do you? >> every morning in the mirror. i'm cute. i'm adorable. the time is 54 minutes before the hour. the accused bomber being held on $5 million bond. what's next in that investigation? >> to be grossly general is particular. you could put half of trump supporters in what i call the basket of deplorables. >> what facebook just did that has trump supporters all fired up.
2:55 am
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two minutes to the top of the hour. here's what's happening today. the man suspected of planting bombs in new york city and new jersey, being held on more than $5 million bail. ahmad kachb rahami remains in the hospital after being shot by police. they're trying to uncover his motive and determine if he had any accomplices. the president will push world leaders to do more to help refugees displaced by war. it is your turn to own a piece of american history. some of president ronald reagan
2:59 am
and nancy reagan's personal items hit the auction block up for sale. needle point pillows, photos and jewelry and evening a thanksgiving turkey platter. it's time for the good, the bad and the ugly. the 9-year-old trespasser caught on camera stealing hugs from the dog because he didn't have his own. well, now the louisiana boy can stop breaking the law. his mom finally caved and got him a puppy. a black lab named blake. in other news, the mom is still taking the dog out because the boy said he would take him out because he said he would do it and he's not. >> madison bumgarner and dodgers outfield yelling at each other the other night after he was thrown out at first base. there was a lot of shoving but no one was ejected. the ugly. the trump supporters outraged that facebook is not allowing them to use deplorable in their
3:00 am
name. they asked it to change to a name they are known by in everyday life. false personal information are stated. the control you get on twitter, you have to use your real name on facebook. >> how do t if you are? >> "fox and friends" starts right now. >> bye. good tuesday morning to you and yourly. tuesday is tuesday, september 20th. i'm ainsley earhardt. the mother of his child says that he hates america. and that is not all. we're live on the ground. >> yep, there he is. it's he said, she said after terror strikes again. he's blaming bad immigration policy and she's touting her experience. what are we talking about? >> let me state very, very clearly, immigration security is national security.


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