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tv   The Real Story  FOX News  September 20, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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thank you for joining us, everybody. "america's election headquarters" starts right now. this is a fox news alert, new comments from bombing suspect ahmad khan rahami's father about what he was doing in 2014 and also more on the tense moments before he was taken into custody. look at this surveillance video. you see him trying to run away from police in lyndon, new jersey, yesterday. those are the sounds of shots being fired between police and the suspect before he is captured. two officers from that exchange were hospitalized. both have been released and now rahami's own father speaking about his son's dangerous and destructive past saying he tried to tell the fbi his son was a
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terrorist. we're live in new york city at the scene of the latest explosion. >> we're at the exact location where the pressure cooker bomb was placed. you see bark was blown off, there is holes in the sheet metal here, and windows were blown out across the street. many more businesses and residences up and down this block, and one of these dumpsters on front of this construction site was blown clear across the street. the suspect, ahmad khan rahami was caught on video leaving the pressure cooker bomb here. including his fingerprint on that device that did not explode allowing investigators to trace it back to him. they believe he drove the
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devices into the city using his driver's suv. they thought he might be trying to flee the country, but he was not in the vehicle. members of his family were, but he was caught in the shootout yesterday morning in new jersey. he is still in the hospital and he has now been charged with five counts of attempted murder and he will face federal charges as well. >> now the focus turns to scrutiny about how he became radicalized. what is the latest you're hearing on that? >> they taking a very close look at the multiple trips he took to afghanistan and pakistan where he spent nearly a year, and they're revisiting the phone calls his father made to authorities back in 2014 after a domestic dispute when the father apparently told agents he believed his son had turned.
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>> they checked -- i tried to say he was a terrorist. a law enforcement source says they recanted the domestic abuse allegations against rahami, but the fbi continued to investigate because there was suspicion he was leaning forwards a radical way. and our sources say that rahami was not deemed suspicious at that time. thank you for that. we're getting a look at new eyewitness video from the night of the downtown new york explosion. you see a police robot securing the second pressure cooker device, just a few blocks from the blast that sent 29 people to the hospital. reports of rahami and his wife's
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travels also sparking concerns. there is a report that his wife left the u.s. for pakistan, or the united arab emirates days before the bombing took place, is that true? >> that's my understanding, and we're looking at the three trips he took to pakistan and afghanistan, three separate trips. when he came back he had radicalized. >> let's talk to bill stanton. thank you for coming in. how essential is the wife to the investigation? >> i think she is a pivotable point here. we're starting to see a pattern as the profile of the terrorists are changing -- it used to be a group of men, now we're seeing men with their wives. it's easier to go under cover
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and blend in. do i think it is a coincidence she disappears right before the bombing just like in san bernardino? she evaporated. it's a pattern that is not good for us. >> this woman is the in united arab emirates. he took at least three trips we know about to afghanistan and pakistan. on one of the trips he met her, she was pregnant and she had to wait to come back to the united states. that story sounds very familiar to what we read about the san bernardino bombers. >> and believe me, they're always trying to be one step ahead of us, so now you see coming into the country a man, a woman, pregnant, you're not as apt that this is a happy family, not a terrorist cell, so the fact that the wives are getting out of dodge right before a
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bombing, it's not a coincidence. >> his father and in his father's reports. he father may have fought for the soviet union against the united states. he reports his son, not to the police, but to the fbi. nothing comes of that, it seems, what do you make of that? >> i think things are getting lost in the shuffle. there is so much information being processed and it is very hard. we have limited manpower. it sounds cliche, see something say something, and stick to the point. if you see something you're suspicious of, hammer away. >> people called and said something and it was ignored. in this case you say lost in the shuffle, perhaps they looked at it and said i don't see anything
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here. what did work were the people who said i see a bomb, i see a thing -- it was more the citizens that worked out in this case more than anything else. let me talk about what they found with the phones at this point. >> can you say in this case he received help from joeoverseas >> we can at this point in time. the cell phones are being analyzed for what is called encrypted communications, contact, computers being analyzed for conversations he would have had with operatives. >> they are not just criminals, but enemy combatants.
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if you make a bomb overseas against our men in uniform, or to plow up citizens, you're not a general, that's an act of war. donald trump in the battleground state of north carolina holding several rallies and visiting a civil rights hue seem. making a pitch to small town voters firing them up for election day. john roberts is live in north carolina, what are they saying about immigration and refugees? >> he is saying a lot. in north carolina, also here in kennon's vil. laying the blame for what we saw over the weekend, and some of the deadly terror attacks over
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the years. hillary clinton and barack obama, for what he calls failed immigration policies that allow people to come into the country that have nefarious intent. here is what trump said a few minutes ago. >> they were made possible because they properly vet or screen the individuals coming into the united states. not screening who comes into the united states puts our citizens in great danger. >> stopping immigration from countries where people cannot be properly vetted from a system of what he calls extreme vetting. interesting to note as well that hillary clinton talked about the
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language of vetting to some degree. talking about it frequently in the interviews over the last few days saying the country may need to adopt a regime of profilinep. donald trump did not "he simply said profiling and it is an appropriate part of any regime. >> i area there are also new adds backing trump running in key battleground states. >> yeah, they threw about $10 million into the race before labor day weekend. now they're out with a brand new ad. ricket and her push for gun control and what that might mean for people's safety. watch this. >> she keeps a firearm in this
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safe for protection, but hillary clinton could take away her right for defense, and with supreme court justices, hillary can. don't let hillary clinton leave you protecting yourself with nothing but a phone. >> this afternoon, melissa, they said this ad is particularly timing right now because of what happened over the weekend and last week he called out hillary clinton for wanting to implement new gun controls. >> speaking of guns, we have a brand new comprehensive study on gun ownership. a surprising trend of the super owner. what that means, coming up. what states have moved from lean
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our youth. spurring anger against innocent immigrants and the world is too small for us to simply be able to build a wall. our identities do not have to be made by putting someone else down, but by pulling someone else up. editor at large for let me talk to you, he talks about innocent imgrans. do they think about the bombers in san bernardino, have we been stupid about the issue?
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>> unfortunately by leading the democrats they lump all of this into one impact and americans are very open to legal immigration. i miss the days duh now he stands in front of dictators and countries with no basic human rights or democratic policies and criticizes our own republican nominee for president. this was a shameful display. >> you mentioned baskets, i don't want to go down that road, but what did you think about the president's speech. >> i thought he sounded like ronald reagan. he made an impassioned plea for
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open trade, and i think it was a sign of how far the republican party really drifted. it sounded distance to what they used to talk about it. >> larry, did it sound distant from those things or where we're living right now. it would be great to be open and embrace everyone from all countries. they have been burned a lot lately and it makes it very difficult. >> yeah, i would love to live in the utopia that he is lecturing about. but we're not the ones who deserve the lecture.
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there is a horrible problem going on right now. why is the solution western europe and the united states of america. >> let me give simon the first crack at this next topic. colorado and new hampshire, those are states that hillary clinton held big leads in. in the meantime, minnesota moves from solid dem to lean dem. iowa going from toss up to leaning republican. those are four big moves. what do you think? >> there is no question that the race has tightened in the last few weeks. donald trump is pulling together the coalition that he struggled
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to do before. he made significant as advances. if the election was held today, hillary clinton would win. she should win the collection, but frankly hats off to the trump campaign and kellyann conway for the trieds they have made in recent weeks. >> if it were held today, it does look like she would win, but she also starts out with a monster lead, and as time goes by, whoever her opponent is, barack obama, bernie sanders, donald trump, they close all of the way in and it is a question of time. is there enough time, what do you think will happen? >> as simon knows, he has played the game for a long time. trends are very important and it is definitely going against hillary clinton. and the picture you just painted
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is very accurate. the voters get to know who she is and they realize they don't like her. that she is the most intelligent experienced person. this is thomas jefferson in a pantsuit, she can't beat donald trump, it doesn't look good for her. >> are you counting on the debate? the pressure is on him more than her. >> gentleman, thank you to both of you. unveiling the true state of gun ownership in the united states and a new term emerging, the so called "super owners" what does that mean and who are they? before taking his team to state for the first time...
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a new survey on gun ownership found the era of the super owner has arrived. the guns are in the hands of fewer people, the so called super owners that have an average of 17 guns each. >> the study was done by
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harvard. they were giving to the guardian use organization. own ownership has gone from 129 million to 265 million today. but the number of owners has gone down from 25% to 22%. that is a 10% drop among women and a 3% increase in ownership hung women, and that is ig any if is a fundamental shift in gunownering attitudes. now americans get their guns mostly to protect themselves, their families web and they're communities. the bottom line is that people are more afraid, and they say the survey is unique for a
11:27 am
couple reasons. and second, instead of asking if you own a again, they ask how many guns do you own, and that led to findings of what you called the so called super owners. each owner has a average of 17 guns from some having eight to some having 165. some gun advocates worry it will lead politicians to rain in the super owners. and in the last 20 years, they have steered away from rifles and towards handguns. as long as they don't ask me about how many shoes i own. new information about the
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new york and new jersey bombing suspect and his father is speaking out. and 850 people granted citizenship by accident. could this lead to a government shut down? we're going to explain. (announcer vo) that's right, keep rockin'.
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a fox news alert, the suspect of the new york and new jersey bombings is still in the hospital. the two officers injured in that shootout are now home. rob, what is the latest on the injured officers as they leave now? >> yeah, melissa, police telling us that officer peter hammer was just released here. we are not allowed on the property, but we can hear a roar of an applause. he is getting out and getting into the vehicle. that motorcade that passed right by us here as we were waiting outside, ten or 12 escorts taking hammer. he was injured to the forehead by a bullet fragment in that
11:33 am
shootout yesterday. both injured officers have now been released. inside the hospital, 28-year-old suspect ahmad rahami is in critical but stable condition. he is charged with five counts of an attempted murder of a police officer. his bail is set at a hefty $5.2 million. we're state waiting terror charges from the fbi. he was found sleeping outside of a bar in new jersey on the run as the fbi was searching his home. >> what can you tell us about the bar own near found that suspected terrorist. >> that is another incredible story. he owns a bar and a store on the same block. he approaches them and earlier
11:34 am
today he talked about that surreal moment when he realized who it was. >> pushing back, and i could see his face, and i was washing the news on my laptop. his photo was right there on the screen, and i said oh my god, he looked exactly like the guys they were showing on the tv. >> and what a moment that must have been. ahmad rahami charged with five counts of injuring a police officer. turning now to eyebrows raising, more than 080 immigrants facing deportation were granted
11:35 am
citizenship. there was a gaffe in fingerprint records and record keeping highlighting a looming show down in congress. doug mckelway is live with the details on this one and they are very disturbing. >> yes, it was released on friday and confirmed many of the administration's critics worst suspicions about the refugee program. and now they want to get involved to suspend the program and the resolution for the government. they were speaking last night about this. >> it says why many members of congress said let's put a pause on this, let's figure out a system where we can feel confident and recognize who we're allowing in, and if they're the person they claim they are, they actually are. >> on the house side, republicans are moving faster. 37 house members have signed a
11:36 am
letter written by brian babbot of texas. this later calls for a moratorium from immigrants from syria, the middle east, and northern africa. also that refugees be monitored over the long term, and that no taxpayer money be used for refugee travel or welfare benefits. this is coming from the conservative wing of the g.o.p., many members of the house caucus agree it is not likely to go very far. they spoke out against any reimaging of the refugee program. >> there are millions of law abiding peaceful muslim americans in is the kind of challenge that law enforcement
11:37 am
can be and is prepared to address, namely going after anyone who would threaten the united states. >> and given that very, very sensitive negotiations between republicans and democrats are going on right now over this continuing resolution, keep in mind the government runs out of funding on september 30th, the last thing that a lot of republicans want to do is gum up the works by adding a rider, you know, that resettles the refugee program. one source from the g.o.p. leadership said this has zero chance of going anywhere in congress. >> let's break down some of the numbers they were talking about there. 858 people received zip by mistake. they got jobs in secure areas at airports. only two of them have since been
11:38 am
investigated for ties t-- activists. a bureaucracy that blunders so badly and doesn't take our national security seriously. joining me now is mic fisher. president and ceo of scorpion services. i was drilling down on how this could have possibly happened. it looked like in some of the cases it was separate deportation. they reemerged with new names and identities, but they had not saves them digitally. when they came back with a different name they didn't know they were set for deportation. >> thank you for having me again. there was a period of time when, as a government, we switched from rolling the fingerprints
11:39 am
with ink, and when technology came in around 1994 we started capturing them digitally. so there was a period of time where we started adding digital fingerprints into the government system, but we did not retro actively go back and start adding the rolls fingerprints into the system as well. so it seems like you a certain segment of that population who, at a later date tried to come forward for zcitizenship, and their fingerprints were not in there. >> there is another batch they say are suspicious, and they're looking in there to see what they are. you have people like mike mccall saying stwhiel a threat, the
11:40 am
concern is the threat here at home, listen -- >> i was briefed on the new york intelligence, and they're saying less and less come to syria, now they're saying stay where you are and kill where you are. this is disturbing from the ohm land security standpoint because more and more of the individuals will most likely try to conduct acts of terrorism here in the united states. >> on the threat that we in this case now, it is very dynamic and it will change. we always tried to adjust our tactics and procedures. nothing more important than protecting the citizens of this country. it is difficult at times in identifying people, 100%, as they migrate and move, and they will have to continue to look. fortunately perhaps at times
11:41 am
mistakes expose vulnerabilities. >> mike, you know people at home right now are really concerns and worried watching everything going on around them. in your opinion, what is the number one thing we should be doing right now better today? >> i still think it is doing counter network operations in the counter terrorism agencies. we have made great strides. we need to continue to do that with task forces and recognizing that the threat was always going to migrate and we have to understand that and be on guard. >> some people think we have too many agencies, gary johnson is one of them and he is coming up in a little bit to talk about it. should they be revaeted as enemy
11:42 am
combatants? we're going to ask gary johnson coming up. plus a big break in a pipeline causing gasoline shortages and price spikes across the southeast. i said oh my goodness, the gas is going up. >> i heard about it the day before yesterday, but i didn't realize it would go up this much.
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it's scary when the lights go out. people get anxious and my office gets flooded with calls. so many things can go wrong. it's my worst nightmare. every second that power is out, my city's at risk. siemens digital grid manages and reroutes power, so service can be restored within seconds. priority number one is keeping those lights on. it takes ingenuity to defeat the monsters that live in the dark. more ahead on the missed warning signs on the accused terrorist bomber. there is word that the police arrested him, but a grand jury let him walk even though one officer said he was dangerous. and how the fbi handled
11:46 am
warnings from the suspect's father. trump saying it is take to take the kid gloves off for handling men like ahmad rahami. terror suspects here in the justice should be treated as enemy combatants. >> we must use whatever meths are available. and congress should pass measures to ensure that foreign enemy combatants are treated as such a. joining me now is gary johnson,
11:47 am
thank you for joining us, what do you think of those comments? >> we do have due process here. this is a u.s. citizen, this was a crime committed on u.s. soil. constitutionally he will be tried in federal courts, and a lot of that has gone on. i do believe he will receive due process and he will be brought to justice and certainly there is no questioning that, you know, that he did fire these shots and did wound police officers. >> it's about the idea of getting information from him that will save others lives. people come in and they commit these acts, citizens are concerned and he is in custody now. we're hearing he is not saying anything and that is frustrating to a lot of people. how do you respond to that? >> the alternative is what?
11:48 am
kwiing without an attorney? torture? what are we talking about? and we want to throw out the constitution when we point to one individual, but that is you and me tomorrow. are they going to throw out the constitution with regard to you and me tomorrow? and we're going to be -- it's an open question. is it about being able to question him without an attorney, or are we talking about you and i. >> it is at we see so many things going on. i heard you defend this and you sate it was the fbi's job. tell us about that. >> nothing new was created.
11:49 am
you report on it all of the time, business deals that go bad. why did they combine the different aspects of the business and it didn't work out. why don't we ever second guess the government? they don't do anything wronger? i think the agencies were, in effect, doing their jobs. so i'm a fiscal conservative in this race. i think we need to balance the budget. but i get there will be benefits that only i will be able to get. ? thank you for coming. we make all kinds of mistakes. >> and i thought your thing on the shoes was really funny. >> thank you. >> thank you, at least someone did, you win points with me, governor, thank you.
11:50 am
a gas shortage after a major problem with a pipeline. >> i have good news on that hint. it may be behind me. full story when we come back. in just a moment. they feel good? no... you wouldn't put up with part of a pair of glasses. so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with part of a day? these are not useful. live whole. not part. aleve.
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a ruptured pipeline in alabama sending gas prices in the southeast shooting sky-high. jeff lock from the fox business network is tracking this for us. he is live at the bp refinery in indiana. jeff, what can you tell us? >> reporter: i have good news to report to you melissa. apparently the worker round on the pipeline rupture in alabama has been completed. it is a bypass, they hope to
11:54 am
test it and get it back online tomorrow. take a look at prices. specifically in the state of georgia. up four cents in the last day. up 27 cents in the last week and 32 in the last month. huge price spike as well as some other states. in in georgia they are rationing gas. take a look at the picture on instagram posted of a station in athens' georgia saying gas being limited to $11 or five gallons per customer. understand that until the pipeline is functional this is necessary. it's been described as the jugular vein of gas between the gulf coast and east coast but hopefully gets back on track. behind me though the bp refinery. this is the largest refinery in the u.s. and they have got issues, too causing them to have to shut a lot of it down. we might have problems here. to follow. everywhere you look. plenty of oil.
11:55 am
not enough gasoline. >> those two problems together, how long are analysts saying this could together go on for? >> they think the alabama thing once it gets pumping it will back off. this one is down the road. it could be a while. gas prices have been ticking down. they may start to tick back up again nationally. >> not good news for the consumer. the ceo of wells fargo apologizing to customers for the more than two million fake accounts opened in their names. john stump grilled today on capital hill. massachusetts senator telling him he should resign for the scandal and be criminally investigated. he argued that the recent fraud was not the true culture of wells fargo. hmm. a story of hollywood true love coming to a surprising end.
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take care of our own. look at this. a group of people delivering pizza's to police officers in manhattan and a starbucks employee brought down coffee and food for the officers as well. that's so nice. i'm melissa francis. the new york bombing suspect repeatedly traveled to afghanistan and pakistan before attacking america. but no red flags raised? how about when police accused him of stabbing somebody? nothing. how about years ago when his own father reportedly told the feds he was a terrorist? still nothing was told. on this tuesday the missed signals and what we have learned about that man who dropped explosives, thirsty to kill. a poll showing donald trump is making move in florida. we have the numbers. a government screwup. the feds were supposed to deport hundreds of illegal immigrants, in


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