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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 20, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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we learn that the new york bombing suspect according to the fbi did get assessed by them in 2014. they deemed he had no ties to terrorism even with all the trips to afghanistan and more. here's neil. glad he's back. all right. thank you, very much. we are learning a lot more about about ahmad khan rahami from his father that is unsettling. how the fbi now and when they knew it and president obama taking part in the u.n. refugee summit in very hour and occurs on the same week that we are learning despite the president's saying we are extra vigilant and very cautious, the way we go about accepting refugees, we learn that 800 brought into this country by the standard immigration procedure shouldn't have been here at all.
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ri rickleventhal with the latest about the terror suspect. rick? >> reporter: we're hearing more about ahmad khan rahami's travel. he went to afghanistan and pakistan and friends and family saying after one of those trips a few years ago he came back a changed man. he ditched the western garb, wearing more religious clothing and more violent according to his father who says that he called the fbi in 2014 telling them his son hit his mother stabbed his brother and had been radicalized. >> reporter: law enforcement sources are telling fox that the family dropped the complaint but
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an investigation into the alleged radical leanings went forward and then came up empty and now of course investigators are reexamining his travels, who may have helped him. numerous papers reporting that rahami's pakistani wife left this country. a few days before the bombings this weekend and she was apparently intercepted in the united arab emirates and being held. the mother of the older child told fox he hates gays and western culture and a deadbeat dad and confirm that he had a handwritten notebook with him with references to osama bin laden and other radical ramblings according to sources, neil. so this guy apparently was showing signs of his radical leanings but those signs were somehow missed. >> wow. rick, thank you very much. all right. we have got donald trump's foreign policy adviser, contributor withalid ferris on
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this. there's a lot there. telling the fbi directly his son had terrorist leanings. trips to afghanistan, pakistan. increasing rantings over the last couple of years. how did we miss it? >> neil, every time we look at a case like this one, after a violent action has been taken place, then we start finding clues suddenly. we asked the fbi and the intelligence community to tell us, we are following a thousand case or say cases in all 50 states. so my question, the same information that you and i could be discussing, if it's before action, if it's before that violence, jihadi violence, how can we handle? my question is what would the defense say if we say, well, he is radicalizing, doing this, do you know what would be the counter charge before violence? islamophobia. racism. we have to find a way, the actual measurement to know and to prove that a person is
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radicalized. that's missing in the debate. >> apparently the fbi in this case, walid, did get the fbi to look into this after hearing about the dad concerned his son was acting more crazy and a terrorist. and they thought, no, no. you're wrong, pops. he is okay. >> well, that's the problem. what's the substance of the other cases that the law enforcement in the united states are following all 50 states? what is it? if it's an action, something as an action, yes, we understand. but if it's individuals showing sign -- how can you, you know, criminalize this? that's the biggest question of the day. >> it occurs at a time where we worry about private sy rights, going too far, and casting a broad net over everybody. i can see that and the judges worry about. isn't there a way to keep it targeted to a list where, again, i talk about an algorhythm or cite pakistan, afghanistan, dad says he's a terrorist, said, you
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know, crazy things, was brought up on charges. anything like that that winnow that list down and then do your search. >> you said one of all of that list you mentioned, said crazy things. i would stop there. what do you mean by crazy things? well, in the arab aworld and europe, it's indoctrination. regardless of their social behavior, then you have a pool. that pool is not basically a pool that you can arrest from or you should at all. this is an expression of ideas. but at least you know that they are radicalized. that's what we lack at this point in time. >> thank you very, very much. i want to bring your attention to the president wrapping up a discussion about getting more refugees in the united states and all western countries to take in more refugees. saying that in this country, they're thoroughly vetted and make sure that no trouble enters this country.
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still occurs in the same week that 800 through the normal immigration process were mistakenly made u.s. citizens and that's the normal process. count new york republican congressman lee zeldin worried. how did this happen? >> this is proof that the system is flawed. when the president and secretary of homeland defense and others in our administration are tellitell ing us they're properly vetting the refugees, we are ignoring the fact that bashar al assad is providing the documentation to assure the syrian refugee is who he says, ideologically, as well. we need a program, a refugee program, that isn't going to be coopted by terrorists. and unfortunately, right now, we have significant vulnerabilities
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despite what this administration is offering. >> there is a small risk the administration says that what you say happens could happen. but that the overwhelming evidence suggests those who want asylum here or a home here are going to be just fine and there's nothing to worry about. you say what? >> if you allow 100 terrorists, 100 refugees into our country and 1 of those people are going to be carrying out a terrorist attack, you can't let the 100 refugees in. so if the system is not yet where it needs to be, you can't just take that vulnerability and actually what -- as far as domestic politics trumping national security, we are seeing right now from colleagues on the other side of the aisle and the presidential nominee is they don't want to just continue what we're doing but increase it by 550%. when's most important is national security. you take that oath, there's one mandatory function of the federal government to provide
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for the national security so if you allow 100 in, 1 carries out a terrorist attack, you can't let 100 in. for a humanitarian victory, that is to eradicate that cancer right there in the middle east because if you want to talk about syria, post-assad, these refugees, these are the people who need to run the country after assad is gone so the better policy is allowing these people to stay there more secure. >> the president to be arguing for the refugees when, in fact, we let 800 slip through the cracks using our conventional immigration system. so, no sooner do we talk about fixing leaks in the refugee area than we discover gaping, flexing holes in the traditional system. >> yeah. and as we're going through the appropriations process here over the course of the coming months and voters are going through the process of selecting the next president, you know, if you asked the average person in the
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district what's filibuster, clotu cloture, they aren't familiar with the terms but we need enough support in the senate and a partner in the white house to reform these programs and not be funding a program that's fundame fundamentally flawed. that's important for members of congress, most importantly for the american voter deciding who should be in the white house come january. >> i think this is beyond politics left and right. we have to button the process up here. something is terribly wrong. congressman, i appreciate it. >> thank you, neil. all right. with all the news this week on terror and everything else, is it helping donald trump or is it hurting hillary clinton? it's two sides of the same coin if you think about it but karl rove says there's a fascinating development here, after this. ♪
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ah, false alarm. hey! you guys are gonna scare away the deer! idiots... providing global access for small business. fedex. all right. you are looking live at cannonsville, north carolina, an event for donald trump. he's been devoting a great deal of time there which indicates the importance he's placing on the battleground state and leading of late in the polls. latest one out a little while ago shows the race as tight as a tick but with the two essentially tied. that is, in a statistical tie. 44% to 43%, trump over hillary clinton. karl rove former deputy chief of staff of george w. bush on what he makes on the tight poll numbers and swing and trend has been donald trump's friend.
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what do you account for that? >> well, i think, first of all, she had a really bad august and then it got worse in september. in august 7th in the real clear politics average, leading by 7.9 points. as of this morning i think it is about 1.2. maybe closer than it actually is. he's wiped out nearly 80% of her lead in the last five weeks, six weeks. >> what do you make of what's going on in florida separately? i know as you often remind me the polls are volatile, particularly tight polls are really volatile an it's a toss-up after donald trump was leading or at least kind of consistently leading by a couple of points. not now in this latest monmouth poll. how much stock do you place in that? could she be reversing the trend? >> i don't believe it's been reversed. we have -- these polls will trade within a range. that's why you sort of like to
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look at an average and happening in more than one poll, it affects the average. i think he's got a really good shot to carry florida. it's a geographic anomaly. only state in the union in which the further south you go, the further north you are and out there in southeast florida, a lot of people retired from new york and new jersey. and connecticut in the northeast and who sort of view him at one of their own. a place in mar-a-lago and palm beach and broward counties and republicans lose handily, he'll lose, as well. not as much in my opinion because they view him as one of theirs, a homeboy. >> let's ask you about the terror. i don't know if the polls especially the ones in north carolina and florida covered the period where this terrorist scare in new york and -- >> yeah. they didn't. they didn't. >> how does that play out? >> well look. i think my view is whenever the campaign is talking about
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terror, it advantages trump. now, he used to have a big lead on the issue of who was better able to deal with terror. i think he had 57 or 8-point lead on this question. now it's essentially flat. the dynamic of talking about terror, he's very good of punchy, short, explaining it. he has a message of how we're not safe, a message about we're going to have to change. and until this most recent incident, whenever she talked about terrorism, she sounded like the status quo. she sounded light everything's okay and don't worry. we'll just keep doing what we're doing. in reaction to the weekend, she had a very specific statement saying in essence we need to do new things and here's the things including a surge in intelligence and i thought smart on her part and recognition she couldn't -- >> aggressively vet those trying to get in here. >> exactly. >> let me get your sense of the establishment republicans, many
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of whom peeling off now and aligning themselves with donald trump and not george bush sr. and told right now inclined to vote for hillary clinton. do you believe that? >> no, i don't. in fact, look. kathleen townsend-kennedy visited him and put it up on the facebook page. no. i think president bush 41, whom i have known for a long, long time, is resolute in his desire to keep mum about what he's going to do. he's earned the right the sit on the bench and watch. >> so, she wouldn't lie about that, would she? he's not happy about the way his son was treated by donald trump and not be a big stretch to follow the likes of mitt romney. >> i won't say she's lying but she may have read into what he said, what she wanted to hear and inappropriate to take a private conversation with a former president of the united states and take it upon herself to broadcast it to the world. he's got better ways of doing it than kathleen townsend be his
1:18 pm
mouthpiece. >> and george bush said which way do you think he'll go or opt out of the election? >> he said he's not commenting and one thing is when he says something, he does it. >> he's told you. you're just not telling me? >> i want to welcome you back. you look fantastic. really good to see you again and -- >> you're so good. >> exactly. >> so good. so good. all right. karl, thank you very, very much. i'll get you next time. >> no, you won't. >> i don't know. i tried. all right, meantime we have the anti-iran protests outside u.n. this happens every time, every year the people, you know, get very, very angry that iranian leader allowed here. but he is. and he's coming and so are the protests. get ready. this is about to get interesting.
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you can time it almost by the calendar and this time of year every year anti-iran protests building at the u.n. today ahead of president rowhani's speech and visit on thursday. this guy has a vested interest in following this closely, pastor sabadina, the freed hostage of iran better part of three and a half years and telling the pastor i remember vividly the calm demeanor. i would have been crazy. i mean, you were very, very cool about it. you don't believe that we should be welcoming the iranian president here. why not? >> no, i don't believe. because as i was speaking in front of u.n. today, i told people, thousand people there to gathered his coming to u.n. imagine what isis is doing right now, beheading christians,
1:23 pm
killing so many people. after 30 years, they're going to come to united nations and all the leaders of the world start shaking their hands. we saw that bloodshed that they're doing. they did the same. president rowhani has a person in the cabinet was part of a group that kill so many people, 30,000, 30 years ago in 2 months and they just continue on this execution and bloodshed. they don't stop it. last several months about 2,000 people got executed and there is at least thousand young people to be executed. so this kind of like execution in iran is continuing, continuing and never stop it. so that was a reason that i went in front of u.n. and speaking out. >> what kind of reaction did you get? >> i was very good. it was so many people gather from across the country. thousand people, most of them iranian american so we were trying to be a voice for people they don't have any voice. >> you know, pastor, i haven't
1:24 pm
had the pleasure of talking to you. three and a half years. unjustifiably imprisoned and on the yo-yo effect whether you're going to live or die or rot forever. how did you get through that? >> my faith made it easy. you know? make it so easy. actually. every time that i've been heard that they -- they told me you will be executed and kill you here, i just went back to solitary confinement and praying and god put in my heart and with holy spirit that you will testify for me one day. they cannot kill you. your life is in my hands. the only person i had and clinging to and stick to is just god there. and he was with me in solitary confinement. >> i'm sure there were times telling you to drop that, we might think twice. >> yeah. >> and you didn't. >> no, never. >> let me ask you a little bit, pastor, about the release.
1:25 pm
finally released and you and the other hostages, there was this confusion about when you would be formally released and then we were told you were on a plane, a plane with more cash. explain. >> when they escort from the prison to the airport, they told us in 20 minutes you will get to the new plane from switzerland and then fly out from country. but when we got to the airport, it took 20 hours. they just keep us there. we stayed there. we slept there, actually, in airport. >> really? >> yes. and then it was a guard that he's kind of like center of all intelligence policing in the prison i was for about two years. when i start -- i know i will be freed and i share gospel with them. i said about my faith and i said about jesus, that lord, you know, of our flesh come on the earth and the punishment of --
1:26 pm
>> you hadn't been formally released yet. you were playing with fire. >> i know that they can't letting me from iran. >> how were they explaining the delay? >> when i was sharing the gospel and good news with him, he open up his heart. i said jesus wants to go to your heart and save your life, clean all of your sin because he went on the cross for you. so he said, he open up his heart and he said, we never let you go until another plane start coming to iran from switzerland. and until that plane doesn't take off, we never let you go. >> did you surmise or tell you he has cash on it? >> trying to memorize. i couldn't sleep for nights and so tired, he told me actually but that's a kind of like thing that we learn, we never trust intelligence police. they always trying to play with your psychologically. i thought this is the, you know, playing games with me. >> what were they saying? >> they said to me, it is another plane with the money to
1:27 pm
come. so my mind, in my mind i was like, maybe he's talking about prisoners but he said -- >> were the other hostages saying, hey, there's something -- they're waiting for some cash? >> yeah. actually he said about money and came to us, i saw the hostages trying, prefer to stay in united states. >> you were all in separate areas and you couldn't talk to each other at that point? >> me and marine were together but not with the washington reporter. >> others had deemed the reason why you're here now talking to me is because we paid ransom to get you out. what do you think? >> as i said to that interrogation, actually, when he said there's another plane with money, i said, i never -- our government going to give you money for releasing us and i never thought it happens because i believe, you know, because i born in iran, i grew up in iran. i know about this history of this money and i believe this money is for iranian people and not the government and 90% of iranian people against the government. they don't like the government.
1:28 pm
we saw -- >> you think 1.7 billion, whatever it is, will get to the people? >> no, never goes. it goes to palestine, against israel, execution. >> do you think if the iranian government never got that cash you would be out right now? >> i don't think so. that if never -- if they didn't get the money they never let us go. as they told me. >> you think in the end that it was ransom? >> i prefer the politicians to answer this question but it seems like that. >> the fact that it was cash, pastor, that raised a lot of questions because why would they need cash? we have been told it's hard to get wire transfers into iran and the cash is all the more important to the iranians because they wanted cash. you know, foreign currency particularly swiss francs, very few u.s. tldollars and they wand that. >> cash to north korea for nuclear --
1:29 pm
>> where do you think that cash went? >> i believe they never used this money for like starting orphanage or helping people. that's what i believe. i know that they're going to use it for security, for, you know, shutting down the protests, doing what they do with the hezbollah group and maybe you find it out and north korea, you know, for the nuclear site there. they can use the money everywhere they want for their purposes. they never change their purposes. that was the last talking with them in airport about israel and so serious about attacking israel, more than we think. i believe iran government is more serious about what they say than we think they are here. >> we have signed, you know, a nuclear agreement with them. you're a man of god but do you trust them? >> trust who? >> iranians? >> people of iran? or government? >> the leadership that signed that agreement. >> no, no, no. how can we can trust them? never. >> what do you fear? >> they say they never change
1:30 pm
their announcement. still they're sayi ining they w to remove israel, make the whole world muslim and supreme leader of iran is still saying in 20 years no israel and they don't have any -- they don't do any -- let any activities like christianity or judaism or we have so many muslim in prison when i was in political prison. they have so many muslims. so many christian, we have every -- from every different kind of like level of society. you can see people. even some people that are like musician. filmmakers. i saw one of the filmmakers that he was in prison. so from different people, from different aspect, from different, you know, they just -- >> you have your dout doubts o whether they'll honor that agreement. are you bitter? three and a half years of your life. >> i believe it's been counted
1:31 pm
for me in heaven so all the hard thing i went through, because i believe in eternal life and bible teach me all the sufferings that you go because of preaching the gospel is account for you in heaven. i didn't lose anything. maybe my best time of my young age or especially with my relationship, my children has been growed when i saw them, they were just 4, 3 years old. now they're like 9, 10. i miss that time. i never can get it back. but i believe that i'm going to get it back in heaven. >> you never disavowed or dialed back your christian beliefs. there was temptation to. did you ever feel tempted? >> honestly, yes. i had so many ups and downs and so many times and what i learned during -- it wasn't the first time i got arrested. like number 12 i got arrested and interrogated with the government. >> wow. >> so my walking with god i learn to just cling to word of
1:32 pm
god and his promises. not, you know, focusing on my feeling or my situation. you know? i want to look at my situation, the most powerful person of iran's leader of iran is an execution. you know? for like muslim became christian. and i got the death sentence. but i never look at, you know, my outside world. i look in my heart, praying with god, god told me, you're going to be testifying one day for me and that day came. >> you did that and we all were on best behavior when you came in the studio. this bunch in here, they have salty language, pastor. very, very good seeing you. remarkable story. just a remarkable story. pastor, a former iranian hostage, stayed tough through a tough period. more after this. has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees
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you are looking live in north carolina where donald trump is ready to address the crowds and hillary clinton, well, she is off the campaign stump. preparing for that big debate. back in 60 seconds. that's it. we need really tight temperature controls. engineering, aerodynamics- a split second too long could mean scrapping it all and starting over. propulsion, structural analysis- maple bourbon caramel. that's what we're working on right now. from design through production, siemens technology helps manufacturers meet critical deadlines. i think this'll be our biggest flavor yet. when you only have one shot, you need a whole lot of ingenuity.
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all right. well, another crowd in north carolina or trying to, hillary clinton taking the day off of the campaign trail to study up for the big debate and prompted this tweet from donald trump. hillary clinton is taking the day off again. she needs the rest. sleep well, hillary. see you at the debate. reaction now from patricia lee and jessica -- democratic strategist first, jessica, what
1:37 pm
do you make of that, that -- >> well -- >> donald trump is zinging her there. >> only kind of for donald trump. reminding people about the pneumonia issue and the low energy and now things aren't going as well as they were for him. new polls have her up 5 in florida and nationally. i expect this race to stay incredibly close and working for trump. a healthy hillary on the campaign trail -- stories about his charity, funneling other people's money to charitable causes, not giving himself. that's hurting himself. >> i don't know. i think not all the polls that we have been seeing -- >> no, just today. >> covering the period in question. i do want to ask you about, obviously, this shows the tight nature of the race and leads go back and forth but is the terror incident, and the way he's responded to it, maybe the way she's responded to it, how do
1:38 pm
you think that plays out? >> it's going to be those important issues. i mean, americans are reading how these candidates present themselves. not just as being -- as on the issue, you know, what they think is right course of action but, you know, how presidential are they? do you feel trusted? their emotional eq sort to speak and resonate with the american public in the ability to be a strong leader in this case and still waiting to see what both bring to the table. >> all right. well, they both have high negatives. i haven't seen the latest numbers and generally trump's are higher than hers. do you ever look at this, jessica, thinking that a debate is defined not on the issues of which your candidate is very, very strong, policy and all of that but on issues she is not so strong? she readily acknowledges that. >> right. >> but i'm wondering if she is built up trump to be such a monster that all he does is have to show up, breathe and smile and he's won. >> yeah. i mean, i think that this is an
1:39 pm
issue that democrats are definitely worried about. the bar has been set so low. i don't know what that says about republicans happy to have a candidate with a low bar saying fantastic, he showed up and he should win but i think it's a struggle for hillary clinton. you know, on iq, i think that she is, you know, by far and away succeeding at the debate there just because of how much -- >> that's what they said about al gore, too. >> i know. i remember back to this. >> different color outfits. >> but there is a chance though that donald trump could stand up there and offend a lot of people. >> so she could, so she could. >> we talked about that her being stiff and wooden in that way. she has a lot of practice and she is prepping, i believe, more seriously than he is. he talked about having burgers with rudy giuliani and chris christie. >> i think you get ahead and not make a fool of himself and ronald reagan did that with jimmy carter in 1980. days before the election, that turned the polls around in a big
1:40 pm
way. there are other factors, of course. john kennedy just had to prove that as young as he was, he could share the stage and that did the trick. when's donald trump have to do? >> he's got do what -- to connect with the audience. i loved in 1992, bill clinton won a town hall simply because he was able to answer a question by connecting with the person who asked him that question. the same question was asked of george bush at the time and he wasn't able to understand the plight of that individual woman who happened to be a black female and asking about the national debt and how it impacted them. so, i mean, either candidate and -- >> little things matter. wasn't that with senior looking at the watch? little stuff like that. we'll see, guys. >> it is but both of the candidates are widely disliked and all the previous elections we haven't had the high negatives and a lot of times you have to show up and know what you're talking about and hillary clinton knows what she's talking
1:41 pm
about. donald trump has likable moments and said what's happening to me? i like him for ten seconds but over a longer period of time answering deep dive questions and fact checked and people push back, goes for both candidates. he doesn't do well when pushed. >> we'll see what happens. thank you both very, very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. all right. this is probably under the category, what not to do when you testify before a committee on capitol hill. you risk losing your job, after this. (announcer vo) when you have type 2 diabetes
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do you know how much money, how much value your stock holdings in wells fargo gained while this scam was under way? >> first of all, it was not scam. >> have you resigned as ceo or chairman of wells fargo? >> the board, i serve -- >> have you resigned? >> no, i have not. >> i'm asking if you have fired senior management. did you fire -- >> no. >> any of those people? no. you squeezed your employees to the breaking point so they would cheat customers. you should resign. you should give back the money that you took while this scam was going on. and you should be criminally investigated. >> okay. that went well for the ceo of well s fargo in the hot seat explaining the thousands of bogus accounts and pleaded
1:46 pm
ignorant. and here to remind us, it wasn't only democratic liberal senators asking the tough questions. virtually all of them were. charlie, what is the fallout of this? >> this is a bipartisan beatdown, sort to speak. democrats and republicans. this is behavior that's very hard to condone and, you know, you -- you know, it's just -- let's face it. this is a bank, a bank that made a lot of money since the financial crisis. it basically made some of that money based on cross selling certain products and pushing out certain products aggressively to its bank customers. these aren't -- these are mom and pops, not sophisticated traders and really rich people. these are bank customers and it also on top of all of that because people were so pressured to basically ramp up production, also a lot of people stepped over the line doing that and lower level employees created fake accounts or not fake accounts, accounts opened up
1:47 pm
apparently 2 million accounts opened up in other people's names, people's names that the people didn't take out and they didn't really sell so people were getting billed and they were getting -- getting a credit report screwed up based on this activity which, you know, looks like it's fraud on its face. >> what was interesting, too, didn't the line of questioning -- we were covering this on fox business at a time. what did you know and when did you know it? and the guy really couldn't win. the issue here is if he knew about these bogus accounts and whatever incentives were in place to get workers there to get people to sign up. he is pleading ignorance here that he didn't know that's what they were doing to meet those quotas. >> i bet he didn't really know. >> if he did, if he did, does that enter criminal territory? >> that's a huge if. i believe he didn't. i just can't imagine the ceo knows about this. this -- >> then what does that say if he
1:48 pm
doesn't? >> that's the problem here. listen. here's the thing, neil. i'll tell you this. since the financial crisis we had a lot of regulations under the thing of dodd-frank financial reform. do dodd/frank that ramped up fees and made it difficult to lend to small businesses hurt the economy i think. also, had some other unintended consequences, made banks very big, allowed them to be big and unmanageable. no one can manage the size of jp morgan. >> do you think that this brings back something of glass/see the gel? >> if donald trump is elected, you have a shot at that. i do know that i have spoken with people that are in part of the trump camp saying two things. donald trump hates dodd/frank and also hates the notion of banks so big and he likes the notion of a banking system pre
1:49 pm
when glass-steagall was about, that's the deposits from the securities side, from the wall street side and i think if he gets elected there's a chance. if hillary clinton is elected -- >> what happens to wells fargo? cast a black eye on did banking industry. i don't know if that's fair or right. people paying attention to the whole industry again. what do you think? >> i think more investigations and more fines and i think there's a good chance mr. stumpf, he's in a bad position. under oath, all the investigations out there. i get it. you know, you can't answer every question and he came -- he seemed unprepared on basic stuff and seemed to booted a bunch of questions and -- >> didn't they go through drills on this stuff? this is going to come up. >> you would think so. jamie dimon faced the same
1:50 pm
trials and answered it well. my guest is mr. trump doesn't survive, this bank does because they're too big to fail. >> the irony is the stock up on the day. of course, hammered earlier when the revelations came and maybe anticipating his departure. if that woman goes down -- mr. president, really? d pull up. that's why she takes the time to season her turkey to perfection, and make stuffing from scratch. so that you can spend time on what really matters. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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now i know how the president
1:54 pm
will handle a possible hillary clinton loss. quoting the president from a new york fundraiser in manhattan this weekend. there's a reason we haven't had a woman president. we as a society still grapple with what it means to see powerful women. and it still troubles us in a lot of ways. are you kidding me? hillary clinton looses and it's because we have a problem with powerful women? could it be if she looses we have a problem with this woman? we don't have a problem electing women. there were 84 in the house, 20 in the senate, six women governors. don't forget the 21 women who are fortune 500 ceo's. could we have more? absolutely. if we have a problem with powerful women our country has a funny way of showing it.
1:55 pm
why would he say a woman president troubles us? maybe baz it troubles him and what it may say about him and his policies. it's not because she say woman candidate but because she a bad candidate. they had senators, women and men and bad governors, women and men and bad anchors. you know what i mean. we live in a country where few think twice about the sex of the competition. but for a man who proves voters are more core lor mind. is he saying those who didn't vote for him a racist and by extension those who don't vote for hillary is chauvinist? what is with defining how we vote with who we are.
1:56 pm
greek voters, michael one of us. a lot of women won't vote for a woman because she a woman and a lot of men who won't vote for trump because he say man. martin luther king says we should judge someone by their character. i always thought it is character, not chromosomes that count. why, mr. president, lecturing americans who you seem to be urging back into that? how many times can you use the race or gender card? all i'm saying is if you can't stand the heat of the campaign get out of the kitchen. don't assume people only want women in that kitchen. all they know is a good man didn't think and a lot of them
1:57 pm
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major developments in new york and new jersey bomber rahami. they overlooked another warning from his own father. katherine has the details. >> thanks. the suspect's father told reporters he warned the feds about his son two years ago.


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