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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 20, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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doing a town hall, focusing on issues that will affect african american voters. we'll see you tomorrow night from cleveland. good evening from washington, i'm bret baier in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. let's get right to our top story. new details and disturbing questions about suspected new york and new jersey bomber ahmed rahamis. his father making revelation that he reported his son to authorities back in 2014. >> being check almost -- almost-
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>> he also says the fbi dropped the ball. but today, the bureau released a statement confirming they looked into ahmed rahami two years ago and came up with nothing alarming. on the campaign trail both presidential candidates are making their case to voters that they would be the better terror warrior. >> i'm the only candidate in this race who has been part of the hard decisions to take terrorists off the patel field. what i have laid out is a bath forward that will keep us safer, protect our country, and go after the terrorists to finally destroy them. >> in the 20th century, the united states defeated
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fascism, naziism, and communism. now we must defeat radical islamic terrorism. >> joining us here with reaction in washington, sebastian gorka, author of the best selling book defeating juwaad along with david that fury human rights attorney and former state department official here in washington. thanks for being here. sebastian, first to you, should the fbi have seen this guy? >> given his travel records, we now know he was visiting qwetta. qwetta is the hot bed of vaudism. qwetta is based there. the fact that we have reports that he made anti-american statements here and homophobic statements, i think an interview or two would have been very, very wise. >> from everything we can tell, david, the fbi did not interview him back then. as sebastian mentioned he it
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travel overseas to afghanistan and pakistan. obviously they tracked this guy down very quickly. but there seemed to be red flags along the way. >> yeah. there is amazing similarity between rahami and the orlando bomber mateen. both were disaffected muslims. both were homegrown terrorists. both came on the radar screen for the fbi. the fbi investigated both. but apparently the fbi concluded after investigating both that they did not think either of them were a threat to the u.s. that's where the fbi made a mistake. the fbi can't get into the minds of these homegrown terrorists but we would hope the fbi will change its procedure and look at threats like this more closely. >> was it because there is a sensitivity like an egg shell tiptoeing around about this issue? >> there are several possible explanations why balls are being dropped in terms of national security. one is simply a manpower issue, the director of the fbi himself has said there are 900 cases they are
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investigating linked to isis alone in every state of the union. that's a huge labor intensive exercise. secondly, we have seen that there are certain sensitivities, certain political matrix being forced upon our operators, our investigators, which isn't really often from the fbi. if you dig doper in these cases where something was spotted and people are pushed back from the investigation, you saw this with nilgd hasan the fort hood shooter. the nexus of the political correctness that is pushed down is usually from the department of justice itself. and from the civil rights division. so, it could be a case of somebody getting in to the fbi's protocols and saying, no, we are not going to focus on this right now. >> what about the political fallout here. this comes, we should point out that we believe that he came as a child at some point from afghanistan. but it also comes in this back and forth about what to do about refugees. and it also comes a day after the department of homeland security ig report
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that says some 858 people who were scheduled for deportation were actually given citizenship. today we find out that is up to 1800 individuals that the did. hs gave -- that the citizenship was given to 1800 plus individuals. what about the political fallout here? >> there is some political fallout. you have to look at refugees. none of these homegrown terrorists refugees as far as we know. they did not come here as a part of the refugee resettlement process. and, in fact, no refugee so far has committed terrorism in the united states. but, let's specificallylike at the syrian refugees who are a pot button political topic right now. no syrian refugee resettled in the united states has committed terrorism. that doesn't mean that the u.s. government hasn't made mistakes with respect to immigration. and you pointed out a very important one, which we have allowed over 1,000 people to go from a list where they
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were supposed to be deported so somehow a different list and row applied under a different name and mistakenly admitted. that is a significant error that needs to be corrected. luckily the u.s. government has identified it and hopefully correcting it very quickly. >> but it shows the weakness in the system, sebastian. and it, i guess, reiterates or kind of backs up some of the things that donald trump talks about on the trail. >> yeah, absolutely. so, again, just go to the chief law enforcement officer who has talked about this. director comey said when you have people coming from a war zone like syria, that is not friendly to us. on the contrary, we are bombing them. there is no way to vet individuals from syria because there is no database to vet them against. the sir i don't knows aren't going to give us the data. so what's the other alternative? my parents were refugees. they escaped the dictatorship during the cold war. there was no way to get information about who they were. so what happened? they spent weeks in a refugee camp undergoing counter intelligence interrogation to prove their
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bona fides. again, incredibly labor intensive protocols, perhaps we don't have the capability. >> quickly, are you saying that you shouldn't be afraid of refugees coming in here in large numbers? >> no. what i'm saying is we need to have a significant vetting process for refugees. i'm glad sebastian pointed out is he a refugee. refugees have contributed a lot to this one can i interest. donald trump talked about how he defeated fascism in world war ii. part of the way we deet feed feeted it we had refugees contributed to the nuclear program helped us get out of world war ii. refugees contribute so much. so far refugees have not been a source of terrorism. that doesn't mean we shouldn't continue to vet them significantly. the refugee resettlement program has a significant vetting process. 18 to 24 months to come here as a refugee. there are multiple interviews. there are background checks and so far it has worked. >> politically, it seems like it's a hot button issue in this election. sebastian, david, thank you very much.
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fair and balanced argument there directly ahead, president obama takes some not so thinly veiled shots at donald trump during his u.n. address today. republican vice presidential no, ma'am into mike pence joins us to respond. that i stay tuned. if you've gone to extremes to escape your nasal allergies... try clarispray. from the makers of claritin. clarispray provides 24-hour, prescription strength relief from sneezing, runny nose, and nasal congestion. return to the world. try clarispray today.
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the back of my mind. i think it was the best decision of my life to go to cancer treatment centers of america. it feels good to get your life back. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn how advanced genomic testing is changing the way we fight cancer at appointments available now. in the impact segment tonight. president obama getting political in his final address to the united nations general assembly. the president used the occasion to take some not so subtle shots at donald trump. >> today a nation by walls with only imprison itself. there appears to be a growing contest between aauthor terrorism and liberalism right now. i want everybody to understand i'm not neutral in that contest. i believe in a liberal political order. it's no surprise that some argue the future favors the strong man.
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a top down model, rather than strong democratic institutions mike pence, thank you for being here. >> you bet, bret. >> donal the president didn't say donald trump's name but he was clearly talking about him there. your reaction to that speech. >> the president's speech before the united nations, again, not just being critical of donald trump, but, again, criticizing people in this country that take a different view on a range of issues, particularly border security. on the foreign stage at the united nations, it's pretty typical for this president throughout his presidency he has been willing -- willing to be critical of the american people and on the foreign stage and i think that's unfortunate. the quote that i prefer comes from ronald reagan who said a nation without borders is not a nation.
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even when donald trump visited mexico city and visited with the mexican president, they both agreed on the scenario nation to borders and border security. when he donald trump talks about building a wall and row stabbing the southern border of this country strongly enforcing our laws, reforming our imforeign relation system that's what he is talking about. and it's not about isolating the united states from the world. it's really about ensuring the security of this nation and that we are a nation that can uphold our law sphwhs i heard you talk today about the investigation into rahami and the new york, new jersey bombings. do you think the fbi dropped a ball there? >> well, it's really hard to know. i think we just have to follow the facts in this case. it was -- obviously we were all shocked this weekend when we heard word of bombs going off in new jersey and new york. leave aside the terrorist attack that took place in minnesota. i give law enforcement a lot
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of credit for less than 24 hours apprehending mr. rahami. but to find out that his father had reported to the fbi several years ago that he thought his son was a terrorist, and his son was apparently not put on a terrorist watch list and not given more additional attention is really, it's really frustrating ghorch look at the polls around the country and some are very close, look at the marginal of error. electoral college map hillary clinton and tim kaine have more paths to 270. the number of electoral votes needed to win. what is your strategy as a team and where are focused? >> well, we're just going to continue to draw contrast in this campaign, bret. seven and a half years of the leadership of hillary clinton and barack obama, which hillary clinton wants to continue at home and abroad has weakened america's place in the world
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and stifled america's economy. donald trump and i have a message to make america great again by rebuilding our military. restoring the arsenal of democracy. restoring relationships with our allies. hunting down and destroying those who inspire violence against our people or bring violence against our alloys and fence our nation. and here at home, instead of raising taxes as hillary clinton would have us do, donald trump and i will cut taxes, release american energy, repeal obamacare, that contrast and that choice is what's drawing more and more people, a close race here in virginia, according to the most recent polls, all over the country we are seeing more and more republicans, independents, and many democrats rallying to our cause because they know we can be stronger. they know we can be more prosperous and they know in this election that will take electing donald trump as our next president. >> governor, i want to ask you quickly about something you said this weekend. take a listen. >> i frankly hold dick cheney in very high regard. his role as vice president and. >> that's the kind of vice president you would want to be? >> well, i think a very
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active vice president. vice president cheney had experience in congress as i do. he was very active in working with members of the house and the senate. >> you know, that's what you said on abc, governor pence, vice president cheney was arguably the strongest vice president in our history. is that what you're looking to be? >> no. you know, i was asked the question on the tarmac on the way out to a campaign vent. you know, i had the privilege of working with vice president cheney when i was in republican leadership on capitol hill. and the analogy that i saw there that frankly i see from our last three republican vice presidents is that i hope i'll be able to bring to our new president the experience that i have had, the relationships that i have on capitol hill. to help turn this country around. i mean, donald trump has got a vision for america of row building our military. we storing strength and reviving our economy through the same principles that ronald reagan advanced in the 1980s, president kennedy
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advanced in the 1960's, having a constitutional conservatives appointed to the supreme court of the united states. >> you know, governor -- >> -- my hope is like our last three vice presidents that i will be able to work closely with our new president and leaders in congress to take his vision and turn it in to practical policy that he will be able to sign. >> you know that mr. trump has said some aggressive things about vice president cheney in the past, including on this show. about getting into the war in iraq and about his role as in that administration. well, look, i hold vice president cheney as an american poor his service in this country in a variety of capacities in high regard. but, i would just tell you, i think the last throw republican vice presidents, who i have had a privilege to know individually, have all served their presidents well. and my ambition, if i have this great privilege, bret,
8:18 pm
is to take donald trump's vision to make america great again. and to call on those relationships that i have with members of congress and, frankly, with governors across the country. translate into the kind of policy that will really result in a stronger america at home and abroad. >> last thing very quickly. former vice president who became president george h.w. bush reportedly is not voting for your ticket. your reaction? >> well, again, his service in uniform his long service to this country, his service at our 41st president, i hold president bush in the highest regard and i respect his opinion, but i respectfully and strongly disagree. and i will step out from here in this room and go out to a rally here in williamsburg, virginia and stand in front of people who are -- who know we have got to make change in this country. who know we can make america great again. and hillary clinton. who is determined to continue the that have weakened america on the world stage, of
8:19 pm
stifled america's economy. have walked away from the constitutional principles of the foundation of our judicial system. it's just simply the wrong choice. so, i'll respect the right of every one in my party and every one in this country to make their own choice. but for me and for more and more americans every day, republicans, democrats, and independents, donald trump is the right choice. and when we make him president, we'll make america great again. >> governor pence, woe thank you for your time. we will see you down the trail. >> thanks, bret bret. >> coming up, hillary clinton bringing race back to the forefront of the campaign following the police shooting of an unarmed black man. later the first presidential debate less than a week away. how is donald trump gearing up for the big showdown? trump campaign manager kellyanne conway enters the no spin zone coming up.
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pra paragraph in the personal story segment tonight, politicizing race in the presidential campaign. the issue returning to the forefront following the police shooting of an unarmed black man in tulsa, oklahoma on friday night. the situation is under investigation. but hillary clinton is pouncing. writing on twitter today, quote. another unarmed black man was shot in a police incident. this should be intolerable. we have so much work to do. #terrence crutcher h. clinton also condemned the shooting during a radio introduce today. >> this is just unbearable, and it needs to be intolerable. and so, you know, maybe i can, by speaking directly to white people, say, lock, this is not who we are. we have got to do everything possible to improve policing, to go right at
8:24 pm
implicit bias. we can do better. we have got to rein in what is absolutely inexplicable. >> meanwhile over the weekend, president obama tried to drum up support for the democratic party among african-americans. >> if i hear anybody saying their vote does not matter, then it doesn't matter who we elect, read up on your history. it matters. i will consider it a personal insult, an insult to my legacy, if this community let's down its guard and fails to activate itself in this election. you want to give me a good send off, go vote. >> joining us now from new york, juan williams, a fox news political analyst and, of course, co-host of the five. juan, i will tell you what, you hear the president there and it seems like they are seeing some polls that there is not a lot of excitement in the african-american community perhaps for hillary clinton. >> yes.
8:25 pm
i think there is anxiety right now on the democratic side. and largely, remember, race is central to this campaign about 90% of trump voters are white. about a third of hillary clinton's supporters nonwhite. and what you see right now is with the polls tightening, there is a great deal of concern about whether or not the latino vote and the black vote are sufficiently energized for hillary clinton or whether, as you heard the president say, they're saying oh well, who knows what hearts and can clinton match obama's numbers in the latino and black community? >> she is clearly under performing president obama's numbers in both elections. but, can president obama, who is going to go out on the trail, maybe two days a week, starting next woke, kind of transfer that to hillary clinton? that excitement? >> yeah. that's the big challenge. and he is going to be -- i have written a column. i have said in some ways with his high approval rating right now. we had one poll that him up
8:26 pm
at 58. he may be her big october surprise. her numbers are so strong. you have got to remember on an issue like the tulsa shooting, hillary clinton is out there trying to excite her base, bret. because it's a legitimate issue. it's the number one political issue right now in black america and so, when people talk about police shootings, police abuse, you think of occupy -- i'm sorry, you think of black lives matter, this is something that really reaches out. at the convention she had mothers of the movement. trump, on the other hand, with the birther stuff, he is trying to excite the white base. so the politicization of this presidential election, no question about it. although he has also done some outreach to african-american communities in recent days as well. juan, thank you. >> you're welcome, brit. >> next on the rundown, stakes couldn't be higher for the first presidential debate. you can believe it? we will get an inside look we will get an inside look with kellyanne con
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i'm raph. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here. this is a fox news alert. a chaotic scene in charlotte, north carolina. this is livido on the screen. the crowd is protesting the police shooting of a black man. now, the protestors have been throwing bottles toward police officers and going after police cars as well. so far, no word of any arrests. we're hearing one police officer has some injuries. according to police, the
8:31 pm
shooting happened when they were serving an outstanding warrant tuesday afternoon around 4:00. they say the shooting victim got out of the car, and had a gun on him, however he was not the man they were looking for. scott's family denies the police accounts saying he was unarmed. we're hearing police saw him get out and he had a gun and allegedly got back in the car. police officers approached the car and he then got back out owe, allegedly, had the gun. they believe there was a threat to police officers and that is when they shot him. they pulled a trigger, that officer who had that -- who pulled the trigger is on administrative leave tonight. the crowd profitesting the shooting that grew around 8:00 tonight. going on about two and a half hours, you can see the spotlight on the protestors and police officers in riot officers as well. they're here, it started with 40 people. local media saying there are hundreds of people some of which you can see here, a chaotic
8:32 pm
scene in charlotte, north carolina, a large crowd is protesting a police shooting of a black man. his daughter was on facebook, a facebook live feed for an hour, she claims her father was sitting in the car, reading a book waiting to drop a son off at school. that is not what police are saying. we'll continue to see this video coming out of north carolina there for you. stay with us for more on the developing story. now back to "the o'reilly factor", already in progress. in, giving us some love yesterday. >> let me ask you about debate prep because we are six days away. and we have heard a little bit from the candidate himself about this. but, specifically, what is happening? we see him on the trail. we see him at these events. he kind of jabs hillary clinton on twitter today for being off the trail and working on debate prep. what is he doing specifically?
8:33 pm
>> he is doing many things. i mean, he prepares all of the time because is he preparing all the time. taking in different information and weighing consequences and options. you saw him in the commander in chief forum two weeks ago, brit, where in all the post forum polling he clearly won. according to nbc's polling, other polls, independent polls said he won that forum and why? well, because i think his answers are very concise and confident. he gave answers to all the questions matt lauer asked him. he got 16 questions or 13 questions or so. hillary clinton received 7 because her answers are so lengthy. so lawyerly. worry not even sure if she has answered the question when she is done. or what in the world she is apologizing for, explaining away. i think the commander in chief forum was a very good preview for what you are seeing. mr. trump takes the debate very seriously and he is preparing in his own way as are we all. >> he was on this show last night and he told bill that
8:34 pm
the moderators and debate process is, quote, an unfair system. i mean, is he trying to work the refs here. >> we think that perhaps the refs are being worked after matt lauer was taken to the wood shed apparently by his colleagues but certainly by his colleagues in the broader mainstream media i was shocked that they would blame matt lauer as if he was the one who set up a private email server in the closet as if he was the one who said i'm dead broke leaving the white house and now worth a quarter of a billion dollars not hitting the power ball. having a foundation set up and being the secretary of state getting speaking fees for speeches. he watches tv as we all do and see the way we are routinely treated ryu too muchly by other journalists and tv station. we read the lower third and kyrons. had you cnn yesterday. somebody inserted the word racial based on his word with bill o'reilly he never said the word.
8:35 pm
let us insert it there for ratings and good measure. we certainly hope he will be treated fairly. if the questions are fair and people and voters are expect respected, bret, with questions about issues that they tell pollsters including fox news' own pollsters about what they care about and what they expect and deserve from these two candidates think i think it will be a great debate. >> hopefully, a lot of policy we will see. "the washington post has a story in which it says, quote, donald trump spent more than a quarter million dollars from his charitable foundation to settle lawsuits that involved billionaires for-profit businesses according to interviews and a review of legal documents. it goes on from tax records to doe tail exactly what those payments were. what is the reaction to this story and specific allegation that this may have been illegal? >> right. so in the second paragraph of that story, bret, you will notice that the journalist does say may have and later on says the irs or the authorities may look into it. so there is a lot of
8:36 pm
conditional language there. i would point out very quickly for the viewers. in the one case mr. trump was being fined on daily basis by the city or county of palm beach, florida because he dared want to raise the flag at 80 feet. >> way past what the limit was. so he was penalized for that. and the city settled and said, gee, if you just write a check for $100,000 to a veteran's charity, which got that money, from the foundation, then the lawsuit will go away. so, let's make very clear to the viewers a veterans charity received $100,000 because of that. i'm sure that they benefited from it. and i want to make it clear because this is in direct contrast to the clinton foundation. there is no one in the trump family, including in trump, who takes a salary or benefits from the trump foundation. there is no permanent staff. there is no overhead. and that foundation for years, for decades, for many, many years, the only donor was mr. donald j. trump. >> we have got to run here,
8:37 pm
kellyanne. >> i just want people to have the facts. >> yeah, we appreciate you addressing it. thank you as always for acoming on. donald trump's path forory in bd states grows brighter as hillary clinton loses some ground. we will analyze some twists and turns in just a moment. i work 'round the clock.
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thanks for staying with us. i'm bret baier in for bill o'reilly. and in the factor follow-up segment tonight, the battle for 270 electoral votes. donald trump's recent surge in the polls paving a stronger potential path to victory against hillary clinton. according to the fox news electoral score card, just out today, a handful of states once leaning toward clinton are now up for grabs. but does trump have enough momentum to win them outright? joining us from new york to analyze david rothschild and communist at microsoft research and here in washington kristin, a pollster. if you lock at this map, it has changed, it has shifted. it is significant enough that the paths increase for
8:42 pm
donald trump to 270. >> he certainly has more paths this week than he did two weeks ago on certain states like north carolina, which had previously shown consistent sizeable leads for hillary clinton have now come back to where it's a pure toss-up. states like ohio and florida remain states that i think are very winnable for donald trump. so his path to 270 has improved though it still is a hard uphill battle. >> david, talking to his supporters they don't buy all the polls to begin with. the clear thing if this race shifts 2 to 3 points in some of these states you are talking about an entirely different electoral map. >> the 2 to 3 points has happened. this would be a very large shift. it's not necessarily going to correlate with every state along the way. i have new hampshire and colorado is still pretty strong democratic at plus 5 in polling average and about plus 4 in polling average for clinton respectively. and in order to reach 270, he is going to have to take all of those toss-up states
8:43 pm
plus either new hampshire and something else or colorado, wisconsin, or pennsylvania. these states are all still four or more points in hillary clinton's favor. and in order to sweep through all of those states, is he going to have to overcome the fact that there is a lot more gotv get out the vote. she has big advantage on ad spending. these will effect the difference between polling averages and ultimately what happens on election day. >> how much difference does enthusiasm make compared to this year money and get out the vote as david mentions? i mean, you see the enthusiasm numbers, exponentially in trump's favor. >> an enthusiastic vote counts the same as an unenthusiastic vote at the ballot box. the question though does it effect turnout. do one candidate turn out higher numbers than other. democrats had a harder time turning their voters out than republicans who have benefited from older voters
8:44 pm
who have a history of voting. they are used to going to their polling place which havhave is could i democrats have invested so much get out the vote efforts. it is going to be important for democrats to boost the enthusiasm on their side to get those less frequent voters to turn out in the same numbers as trump supporters. >> david, to that point as i talked about with juan that is why we are going to see the president out on the trail for two days a week until the election. is he trying to get that coalition ginned up, can he get there and transfer to to hillary clinton. >> that's definitely going to make a big difference. i should point out that a lot of the swings in the poll that we have seen recently have come from the changes from a registered voter model to likely voter model where republicans are a little more likely to turn out was kristin was saying. woe have seen trump consolidating his support among republicans. and we have seen some nonpartisan nonresponse which says that some democrats just weren't answering the polls as much. that is the kind of enthusiasm that ebbs and flows and does not translate
8:45 pm
into election day. in order for trump to get all the way to 270, he needs to overcome a lot of obstacles when it comes to winning all of these toss-up states and getting some of these extra close, democratic states. >> and ten seconds. you guys look at the same polls and came out with different results in one state. >> yes, that's right. so the "new york times" upshot blog, they gave four different pollsters the same data set from a survey they conducted in florida. they said come up with what result you think this poll should show. each pollster picks its own weight and models for what they think the electorate look like. david's numbers came back showing trump up by one in florida. my firm showed clinton up by one. other firms showed clinton up pyes much as 4. the pollster does have a lot of lad tuesday in making assumptions who will and will not turn out. >> there you go. thank you. when we come back, the feds throw the book at bombing suspect ahmed rahami. our is it locally duo breaks
8:46 pm
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in the is it legal segment ten, new developments in the case against bombing suspect ahmad rahm, just a short time ago, federal prosecutors filed a string of charges against rahm including use of a weapon of mass destruction and bombing a public place, men time senator lindsey graham wants rahm to be treated as an enemy combatant. joining us from new york attorneys and fox news analyst attorneys kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. least, we are just getting word over the wires that federal prosecutors in new jersey added six new charges which is normal. your thoughts on this case. >> brings it to 10 federal charges after the five charges and state charges in new jersey. i have the 13 page complaint here from new york, the
8:50 pm
southern district of manhattan. those charges were using weapons of mass destruction, bombing a place of public use, destruction of property by means of fire and explosives. use of destructive device. all of those charges together carry multiple up to life sentences. you take on the other six charges in new jersey, they are talking 'multiple, multiple, multiple piling on of up to lifemultiple, multiple, multiple piling on of life charges. he's never going to see the light of day. if i was the prosecutor i would be talking to him right away, i would use the public safety acceptance, a lot of talk of enemy combatant. you don't need to use that. use the public safety exception. i want to talk to you. there may be other bombs out there, other coconspirators, i'm going to use that exception to say i want the talk to you. you tell me whether or not there's a coconspirator out there, you tell me whether or not there's another bomb out there. now if you ever want to
8:51 pm
potentially even see the light of day. >> kimberly, this is not how this administration has pla operated. >> no. >> and they're not listing him as an enemy combatant because that's now how they do it. >> no. they're not base odd f this being multiple acts of terrorism. they could do the enemy combatant way or you could use the public safety exception and say yes, there with circumstances and we have an obligation to try to protect people to make sure there are no other intentional devices, explosive devices that go off in other areas. and there's ample evidence to suggest that that could be a possibility. and from the reporting of katherine as well, perhaps as someone who did not act alone, the fact of the matter is that this is someone who is radicalized, had some serious contacts and things in question here in terms of family members reporting about him. so there's a lot to be learned
8:52 pm
here. this is an information and intel rich environment and i don't know why they wasted so much time to begin with. >> the mother and the cyst apparently left. i think it was the moth and the sister left before this incident over to the middle east. we've heard about the father. are there any other possibility charges? >> absolutely for the family, whether they're covering up for other family members. we're hearing breaking news today is a lot of premeditation, that he had been covering up, he had done some dry runs potentially, looking at going interstate for the dry runs, going online shopping. this wasn't a spur of the moment. >> a lot of premeditation. >> exactly. that's going on. they're looking into this and they're moving fast. but i -- >> not fast enough. >> and kimberly and i agree, it stretches our imagination to think this is just a lone wolf out there. >> last word, kimberly. >> the world is watching and we need to show that we're
8:53 pm
aggressive and yes all of the law in face of the acts of terrorism conducted in the america and today was a missed opportunity because this came too late. up next, u2 frontman says that donald trump is the worst idea that's ever happened to america. we're taking a poll. what do you think? should ♪ our parents worked hard so that we could enjoy life's simple pleasures. now it's our turn. i'm doing the same for my family. retirement and life insurance solutions from pacific life can help you protect what you love and grow your future with confidence. pacific life. helping generations of families achieve long-term financial security for over 145 years. now that fedex has helped us we could focus on bigger issues, like our passive aggressive environment. we're not passive aggressive. hey, hey, hey,
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and the road you're on. the 2016 c-class. lease the c300 for $369 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. in the back of the book segment tonight, celebrities and the presidential election. it's no secret that many of them are not on the trump train. but bono may have outdone all of his famous colleagues. >> look, america is like the best idea the world ever came up
8:56 pm
with. but donald trump is potentially the worst idea that ever happened to america potentially. it destroys us. america is an idea and that idea is bound up in justice and the equality of all, you know. he hijacks the part and i think he's trying to hijack the idea of america. and i think it's bigger than all of us. i think it's -- this is really dangerous. >> joining us now from new york with reaction, radio talk show host mike gallagher and with me here in washington, david goodfriend, former aid to bill clinton. mike, first to you, listen, celebrities have freedom of speech, they can say whatever they want to say. what about this and what we saw at the emmys just over the past couple of days? >> there's tremendous irony in a guy who wasn't born in the united states lecturing americans on how to be good americans. the other irony is that donald trump is the quintessential
8:57 pm
america. donald trump has had tremendous success in the private sector. the history books are going to be filled with this incredible year and this crazy year. but for bono or any celebrity to put themselves out there in that way, you know, i think all of us wish they would perform their music. it's hard to criticize bono. i don't like to because he's done tremendous fill land tlfil call work. but he's denouncing someone that has achieved a stunning american story. >> i would disagree. when ted nugent who is a support are of donald trump goes out publicly and says i'm against hillary clinton, that's fair game. he has his rights to exercise his freedom of speech. but what's interesting about what mike said is you didn't play the rest of what bono talked about.
8:58 pm
he said i'm not attacking trump supporters. he was careful to say that. i understand why a lot of people in the united states would feel that kind of frustration. that was a key distinction between what bono said and what hillary clinton said. and number two, i do think it's interesting that a nonamerican would say this. i don't think that's a bad thing. what he was saying is we, the rest of the world, we look to the united states for leadership in the idea of inclusiveness and freedom. and when you extinguish that you hurt your standing around the world. >> do you think donald trump is extinguishing freedom? if anything these supporters are expressing their freedom by saying they choose this guy instead of the establishment. >> let me ask david real quick. >> i'll make this quick because i want you to jump in here too. but i think what bono was talking about were the comments today about how some immigrants maybe shouldn't have the right to counsel. you know, i'm a proud american and i love the constitution. i carry it with me. this is my -- see my initials
8:59 pm
right there np right here in the sixth amendment it says you get counsel in a trial. that's what he's talking about. >> it's a nifty trick to try to say that it's a distinction that bono is attacking trump open not his supporters. a record number of republicans elected donald trump. he is the duly elected republican nominee. he is the republican party whether bono, a guy from ireland likes it or not. ult may what donald trump has done has been extraordinary and people on the left and hillary supporters don't like it one bit. you can't change what has happened this year. and again it's a good attempt to try to dwishs between trump and his supporters. it's one in the same. deplorables thing and americans resent it very very much. >> mike, david, thank you very much. before we go, please remember to check out bill's brand-new best seller "killing the rising sun" which is number one by the way right now on amazon. that's it for us tonight. thank you for watching.
9:00 pm
down here in washington, i'm bret baier in for bill o'reilly who will be back tomorrow. 6:00 p.m. eastern for special report tomorrow. as bill says, i this is a fox news alert. a shooting victim got out of his car, however he was not the man they were looking for. scott's family says he was unarmed. the officer that pulled the trigger has been put


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