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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 20, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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preview of to tomorrow's ""new york post"" cover for you. that is jennifer an stone purportedly laughing at the end of the marriage. she's not actually. i don't know. what are you thinking? >> tonight hillary clinton talks tougher about my supporters than she does about islamic terrorists. >> donald trump is turning up the heat on the campaign trail against his rival. laura ingraham and herman cain are here tonight with reaction. >> the world is by many measures less violent and more prosperous than ever before. then president obama ignores the growing islamist threat and claims the world is less violent than ever before. >> we must have speedy but fair trials, and we must deliver a just and very harsh punishment to these people. and trump says america needs to get a lot tougher with
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terrorists. judge jeanine pirro and jay sec sekulow weigh in. plus a preview of to tomorrow's town hall. >> welcome to "hannity." tonight the general election is 49 days away, and donald trump propelled by a wave of positive polls. he is campaigning harder than ever in all of the key swing states. earlier tonight trump was in north carolina. let's take a look. >> we have to, and we don't have a choice, replace a very failed and very corrupt establishment with a new government that serves you, your family and your country, and that's going to happen. hillary clinton represents insiders. she represents the donors, the politicians, the big banks, the multi-national corporation goes and everybody getting rich off a very rigged system, and we know that.
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she represents everyone responsible for the decades-long squeezing of the middle class, the middle class in this country has been treated so unfairly as jobs and wealth move to other countries. hillary clinton is the chief 'emmisary for globalism and i'm not running to be president of the world. i'm running to be president of the united states. >> hillary is all of a sudden going to get tough. the debate comes and she will say, i want strong borders. i believe she made the term extreme vetting. where did you hear extreme vetting? from me, i made up the term. i said, we need extreme vetting to come into our country. all of a sudden, all of a sudden she's got extreme vetting and she's got all of these terms.
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folks, it is not going to happen. and the reason it is not going to happen is because there are special interest donors, they like it when our businesses move out because they own businesses, they move to mexico. really, lots of advantages for them to do that. no advantage for our country, no advantage for our jobs. >> here with reaction editor in chief of life zed, laura ingraham and fox news contributor, also a nationally syndicated radio host, herman cain. look at this. if you go back 18 days ago, reuters and others were predicting a landslide for hillary. now 18 days later they show the votes for donald trump, literally 243 to 242 in the electoral college by the polls to back it up. where does it going? >> i think pramatism is winning
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the days. hillary's health stumble didn't help. the more we get on the private server, the grasp on the clinton foundation leads voters to conclude, we've had enough, more of the same, we are sick of politics as usual. let's switch things up with a businessman with maybe a less ideological but more pragmatic way of handling difficult problems. i think at the end of the day a lot of the voters might be swinging in that direction because of the common sense that is involved in thinking things, like things about refugees, when we know many of these displaced because of failed policies of this administration, and we are supposed to take in 100,000 plus people and think it is going to work out well. many are hesitant to do that, and trump is speaking to concerns such as that. that's beginning to resonate. >> one of the biggest there is where we have seen a jump,
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herman cain, is among machlt and hispanic voters. one poll had him at 19 percentage points for black americans voting for trump. it will be with him at a town hall, predominantly black americans, he is reaching out. polls show hillary's black voters are switching to trump. that was an article in the "new york post." obama came out and said he is personally insulted by black americans who support trump. trump doing better than romney with hispanics. what has changed here? is it the fact the last eight years have not been good to the minority community? >> absolutely. in addition to what laura said, there's one other thing that is happening. some people are afraid to go from hillary to trump so they're undecided. but the american people are not stupid. black people are not stupid. that's why you see a surge in those numbers, and that is a good thing. people are not believing president obama when he says if you showed in a previous clip that we're safer and people are
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more prosperous. no, we are not. they are not stupid. they're not falling for it. as a result, that's why you see a surge in trump's numbers, not just nationally but also among blacks and hispanics. >> let's go to next monday, sick days from now, laura. hillary clinton vows to come out swinging against donald trump. okay, i don't know what that means, but she says she is not going to take any insults lying down. why do i suspect the insults will be coming from her? >> don't you half expect, sean, the democrats are following around david duke with a go-pro camera hoping he says something that's pro trump so they can put it in one of their ad campaigns? oh, the kkk likes trump. the whole thing is so obvious. for anyone who cares to spend five minutes thinking about this, when you don't have a record to run on, when you have no record of accomplishment, when your record is checkered with dishonesty and misrepresentations and ethical
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problems, then what do you have? what do you have to do? you say, well, i sat down in the situation room and i flew around the world and the whole world is in flames, at least in the middle east. what does she have to say? she has to say donald trump is this, that and the other thing. >> basket of deplorables, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islam owe phobic. >> back to the debate, trump has to remember the great moments for reagan in these debates. when they tried to do similar things to reagan, they used he was stupid, he wasn't smart, he has to be like, there you go again. is that all you have? really? that's the debate here, hillary, i'm a bad person? >> see, i agree because hillary is going to do this, and i don't think it is hard to figure out. i would anticipate this. she can't run on libya, she can't run on egypt, can't run on iraq or iran or afghanistan or putin or north korea, china. okay, then she can't run on obama's economic policy which
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she says she is going to continue. she can't run on honesty and trustworthiness. what is left? attacks. what she said, basket of deplorables, that will come up. the key tore trufor trump, herm she pokes and prods and and tries to irritate trump, she is going to try to get him -- get a reaction, get him to roll his eyes like al gore or get him to huff and puff. i don't think trump is going to fall for it. if he does, i think he would be very foolish. he needs water off a duck's back, an impenetrable shield, nothing she says can bother him and he comes out a winner. >> she is going to come out swinging, but the only thing that she comes out swinging with are names, name calling. you're right, he doesn't fall for it, she's going to look very weak because he has put more substance on the table in the last several months than she has ever talked about. so, yes, it is only up to name calling to try to provoke trump
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such that he comes after her, and then the liberal media will try to turn it into a sexist attack. i don't think it is going to work because i don't think trump is going to fall for it. >> god forbid donald trump walked over like poor rick lazio and try to hand the poor woman a piece of paper, the woman couldn't handle the stress of somebody getting in her space, in her grill a little bit, which is absurd. do you agree, laura? i would think with all of the speeches and interviews trump has done, he doesn't need a lot of prep. i think to cram his brain with facts and figures would be a bad strategy. >> yeah. the gotcha question, you know what i would say when they pull the gotcha question? you know, the secretary of defense of poland, you know who that is, right? he needs to say, look, i'm sure hillary knows all of the names of all of the government officials of all of the countries on the planet because she is probably flying around on
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our dime asking for donations for the clinton foundation. she knows all of the minute things i can learn with my staff. i can solve the problems of america. she can pass the pop quiz but i'm going to pass the most important test which is leadership and competency and delivering results for the american people. he can't get sucked in to say i don't know. if they try to pull the pop quiz, he can turn it on them easily. >> i agree. we will come back with more herman cain and laura ingram ham. >> we should all understand ultimately our world will be more secured, we are prepared to help those in need. >> that's obama at the u.n. earlier today, ignoring the growing islamist thread and said the world is safer than ever before. he also was talking down the u.s. he's going out the same way he came in. later tonight. >> we must deliver a just and very harsh punishment to these people.
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donald trump saying it is time for america to get tougher with dealing with radical islamic terroristss. judge jeanine pirro and jay sekulow weigh in on that. more on "hannity." sergio garcia
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. this is a fox news alert. i'm jackie evanz in new york. a tense scene in charlotte, north carolina where the crowd is protesting a shooting of a black man. you are looking at live pictures on the right-hand side of your screen. the protesters have been going
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after police cars and throwing bottles and rocks at police officers. police in turn fired tear gas at the protesters. one of the officers was hit in the face by a rock. no reports on how many protesters were arrest. police say the man who was shot was armed, however his family denies that claim, saying he was reading a book while waiting for son. the officer who pulled the trigger is on administrative leave for the time being. the crowd protesting the shooting grew quickly following the shooting. there are hundreds of people now. stay with fox news on this developing story. now back to "hannity." welcome back to "hannity." during his speech to the u.n. general assembly earlier today president obama gave himself a big pat on the back and said the world is safer than ever before. really? that's not all. he also said countries would be more secure if they accommodated more refugees.
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watch this. >> we've taken away terrorist safe havens, strengthened the non-proliferation regime, resolved the iranian nuclear issue through diplomacy. a quarter century after the end of the cold war the world is by many measures less violent and more prosperous than ever before. we have to open our hearts and do more to help refugees who are desperate for home. we should all understand that ultimately our world will be more secure if we are prepared to help those in need, and the nations who are carrying the largest burden with respect to accommodating these refugees. >> we continue with the editor in chief of life zed, fox news contributor laura ingraham as well as fox contributor herman cain. laura, what is interesting is this is front and center because big choices on this issue. do we want a president that will say the words radical islam?
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trump will say it, hillary won't. do we want a president that will vet refugees from countries that have values that directly conflict with our constitutional values? hillary wants a 550% increase, he wants extreme vetting. huge difference. also, do we want -- hillary says we need to not build walls but bridges. trump wants to defend our borders, hillary wants open borders. big differences and distinctions here on this one little issue. >> it is a big issue, sean. we now know, of course, france is building a wall to stop the spill-over of refugees that might be making their way into the u.k., that was reported. we know only 36% of americans according to that big poll that was done in august support allowing these refugees to enter the united states. so, once again, obama is thwarting the will of the american people in an attempt to live up to the ideals of the global community. i think the speech at the u.n. today was really -- really
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bizarre. it is completely out of touch with what is happening in western europe with the rise of the populous movement and completely out of touch with the sentiment of the american people. i think that crosses party lines on endangering american lives by allowing people vetted by the u.n. when even our cia director a few months ago, john brennan, said the refugees population will be used by isis to bring terrorists into western europe and then into the united states. he said that before congress. >> by the way, not just him. our fbi director, our assistant fbi director, house homeland security committee chair, mike mcall, special envoy to defeat isis. >> but obama does not care. he does not care. >> that's the point. herman, they're willing to gamble with the lives of american people and ignore top intelligence officials. that to me is unacceptable. now, we can have sympathy for people who are victims of a civil war like in syria.
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but what about a safe zone trump supports where you provide food, safety, medicine, baby formula, cots and blanket and and supplies and they can move back into their own country eventually? why not that? why is that not compassionate? >> that is compassionate. the people of this country care about helping those in need. look, the comments made by president obama say this, he thinks he is the president of the world when in fact he is the president of -- he is a failed president of the united states of america. we care about helping people, but we're not going to be suckers. you know these bridges he talks about building and hillary talks about building these bridges? the problem with those bridges is that they are all coming one way, over here to hurt us, to kill us, and take advantage of the generosity and the compassion that the people of this country have. >> all right. let me play obama. he came in apologizing for america and he walks out apologizing for america. boy, the radical, true-to-form, never grew in office.
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>> right. >> the same leftist he was coming in, the same guy going out. watch this. >> yes, in america there is too much money in politics. too much entrenched part sanship, too little participation by citizens, in part because of a patchwork of laws that makes it harder to vote. the united states worked with many nations to curb the excesses of capitalists. we made our share of mistakes over these last 25 years, and i have acknowledged some. we can only realize the promise of this institution's founding to replace the ravages of war with cooperation if powerful nations, like my own, accept constraints. truly, we can rally our nations to solidarity while recognizing equal treatment for all communities, whether it is a religious minority in myanmar or an ethnic minor or a racial minority right here in the united states.
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>> the only thing missing, laura, were the terrible deeds done in the name of christ. >> yeah, well, i think obama once again really -- he pushed the issue of the prophet mo' mohamad cartoon, bringing that up. he speaks rarely about what happened to the christians in the middle east. he will speak generally about -- >> there's general side. we are doing nothing, there is genocide. >> the christian population is suffering so greatly. they've been displaced from their ancestral homeland. >> we took in, what, 52 out of 11,000? 99 point something percent muslim. nothing surprises me. you hit on the important point. despite his track record of failure, obama took a victory lap today at the u.n., completely disassociated from reality and having learned apparently zero in eight years in office. he has learned nothing about this country, nothing about what concerns us, and apparently his
10:21 pm
view of the world is things are safer and more prosperous than when he came into office. >> it is pathological, it is like a cognitive disonance with this guy, herman. >> yes. look, president obama doesn't understand two things that other countries respect us for. donald trump understands these thing. hillary clinton doesn't and obama doesn't. two things, our economic strength and our military strength. that's what they respect. all of this feel-good stuff does not matter to the rest of the world. this is where president obama and hillary clinton get off track, and all donald trump is saying is let's get back on track. let's have our economy growing as fast as it can grow and let's rebuild our military. that's what the rest of the world will respect and that's what the rest of the world respond to. >> last question. >> when we try to increase the strength of the community. >> predictions, who is going to
10:22 pm
win the election in 49 days? herman cain. >> donald trump. >> laura ingraham? >> trump and he's going to win states that republicans haven't won in decades. >> i hope you're both right. thank you both. coming up next tonight right here on "hannity." >> we must deliver a just and very harsh punishment to these people. so after a wave of attacks here on u.s. soil donald trump says we need to get a lot tougher with these terrorists. judge jeanine and jay sekulow are up next with reaction. also tonight. >> the schools are failing, the jobs are leaving and millions are trapped in poverty. so to the african-american community i say, vote for donald trump, i will fix it. i will fix it. >> donald trump continues his outreach to african-american voters. we'll have a preview of our big "hannity" town hall tomorrow
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with the gop nominee from cleveland, ohio. that and more coming up straight ahead. ♪
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and take control today. we have caught this evil thug who planted the bombs. thank you, law enforcement. thank you, police. he will be represented by an outstanding lawyer. his case will go through the various court systems for years, and in the end people will forget and his punishment will not be what it once would have been. we must have speedy but fair trials, and we must deliver a just and very harsh punishment to these people. >> donald trump talking about how we need to be tough on terrorists. here now the author of the brand-new book "unholy alliance, the agenda, aroon, jihadist," chief counsel for the american center for law and justice jay
10:26 pm
sekulow and justice with judge gentlemen neen. i think you are right. if you look at the alliance, iran, russia, radical jihadists, two of the census anyway they want to advance a caliphate that's world-wide domination and islam is the main religion, and it is convert or die. how does putin fit into that, jay? >> well, here is what you've got. you have an alliance that hasn't existed before and that is russia and the working together. you had russia launching aircraft out of iran into syria which, by the way, violates the iranian constitution which i have in the book "unholy alliance." there's an interesting aspect, and i think donald trump got this correct, the russians historically -- you go back to benjamin disiraeli, prime minister of great britain, who said the russians understand power. he said, look, diplomacy can be
10:27 pm
power but there has to be power behind it. we're not projecting power, thus the russians, iranians look at our weakness and project their strekt. they're working together and that's where the unholy alliance, including syria involved in that as well. there's a lot of different parts moving, but i think on the jihadist issue we are probably the worse in our lifetime, worse than 9/11 with the level of this. >> it is interesting. judge jeanine, this happened with reagan. he compared himself to carter. carter had shown weakness. the iranian hostage crisis obviously the most prominent, and the world had the feeling if ronald reagan won the world would change dramatically and american wouldn't be weak and timid anymore and the world was safer as he built up our military. >> absolutely. i think that's what americans are feeling right now and that's why you're seeing the polls changing dramatically and how donald trump is staying strong and how he is starting to possibly turn a previously blue
10:28 pm
states red. americans are fed up with this. they're fed up with hearing the fbi knew about someone, the fbi knew this guy stabbed someone and the grand jury didn't indict, nothing happens to these people. these wives disappear. we never hear about any of this ever again. you know, the whole justice system, the military system, americans are disappointed. it is time for a change. i don't think we've ever been more -- >> i honestly think that the issue of not saying radical islam, jay, and there's such a difference between hillary and donald trump, the issue of vetting refugees and allowing people that come from cultures that clash, directly clash with our constitution, that americans fundamentally understand that we have to know if they're coming here to become american and assimilate or do they want to bring their value system, which is the opposite of ours, with them. i also think the issue of the wall, i think it is now clear to americans that there is a clear and present danger with radical
10:29 pm
islamists. how many more incidents do we need to prove it? >> well, i mean, look, the israelis utilized both, as you said earlier, they used profiling, successfully by the way, and they have a wall. they have a wall to protect their citizens. here is the issue, sean, i think is front and center on thchlt i think you are exactly correct. i think what the judge said was absolutely correct, and that is if you talk to even young people, people just starting their families, young kids, their number one issue, the issue they are thinking about is can i walk down the streets of my town without worrying about a jihadist attack? can i go through an airport not worried, looking over my shoulder, i have to be prepared, where are the exit ways? when i go into a movie theater, these are the things people are worried about. >> a mall. >> a mall, right. >> think about this. look at the last eight years of barak obama's leadership has done to the middle east and to our country. i shoulder to think what eight more years would be. >> watching the governor of new york, the mayor of new york,
10:30 pm
com raud bozo debraus yo, this was an intentional act. >> i have sat in criminal justice before, and no kidding, you think somebody who put together a pipe bomb that blew up. >> they're riding this razor's edge that is twisted and con torted. >> it is like benghazi is do to a video. it is like it has nothing to do with the terrorism coming for us. in order for them to protect their positions they have to say we're defeating it, it is just a little of this and that. >> it sounds insane. >> it is insanity. >> it is. >> when we have these guys beating their wives, you have domestic violence, you have them hating gays, and we are bringing them to this country. >> they're killing them. >> we think they're going to assimilate. >> and the father -- >> they are not. what we have to do -- >> this is -- wait a minute. >> they have to lose their citizenship. >> it is a clash of culture. >> exactly. >> we either want to be a constitutional republic or we don't. if you are coming from a
10:31 pm
country -- >> that's it. >> if i was married to you, i could tell you how to dress, tell you whether you can go to work or school. you can't drive a car. >> right. >> by the way, gays and lesbians get killed, christians and jews get persecuted, but hillary takes money from those countries, tens of millions. >> she doesn't believe in the constitution. she doesn't believe in the first amendment. look at u.n. resolution 1618 where they can limit your speech about someone's religion. obama last spoke at the u.n. but started by saying no one who criticizes i thi criticizes islam should be allowed to be a leader of the future, whatever the line was. we have people who hate us, we are suckers. >> i can see 9/11 commission report after the next big attack, and you know what they'll mention? they will mention new york, san bernardino, chattanooga, fort hood and orlando. they're going to say, they were at war with them. we weren't at war with them. we are making the same mistakes
10:32 pm
we made in the lead up to 9/11. we have a pre-9/11 mindset. >> we have the paradigm, it is absolutely backwards. the president and his administration start with the proposition these are not acts of terrorism, they're intentional acts. no kidding, by the way. it needs to be turned around. when these incidents happen, a bomb going off in new york, assume it is terrorism and work the facts. that's how you have to do it, but the entire paradigm has to shift. until we acknowledge -- and i say it in the book "unholy alienls" until we acknowledge we are at war with islamic jihadists we will lose this war. we can win it, but we have to call it what it is. >> good to see you both. up tonight on "hannity." >> the schools are failing, the jobs are leaving and millions are trapped in poverty. so to the african-american community i say vote for donald trump. i will fix it. i will fix it.
10:33 pm
donald trump continues his outreach to african-american voters. up next we're going to have a preview of our town hall with the gop nominee tomorrow night in cleveland, ohio. you don't want to miss that. stay with us.
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be, in fact, the rebuilding of our inner cities. nearly four in ten african-american children live in poverty, including 45% of african-american children under the age of six. think of this. the schools are failing. the jobs are leaving and millions are trapped in poverty. so to the african-american community i say, vote for donald trump. i will fix it. i will fix it. >> that was donald trump earlier today at a rally in north carolina. tomorrow night i will be in cleveland, ohio with the gop nominee doing an hour town hall focusing on issues that impact the african-american community. now, we will be doing that event tomorrow and we will have guests at the church at the buckeye state. joining us is ceo for the national diversity coalition for donald trump, the reverend darrell scott, and also senior adviser for african-american outreach for the trump campaign.
10:40 pm
omarosa is on my show. i can't believe it. you only have one name, everybody knows you as omarosa. and fox news contributor deroy murdock. since obama has been president, 58% increase of black americans on food stamps. a 20% of black americans out of the labor force. these are real people, real suffering. our fellow countrymen. democrats play the race card every year. will it work this year, pastor? >> i don't think it will. you know, americans are not stupid and black americans are not stupid. we hear hillary, we hear donald trump, and what donald trump is saying makes more sense than what hillary clinton is saying. she is trying to zealous sell ue type of fantasy of utopian society, while trump is saying
10:41 pm
we need to deal with the world the way it is and not the way we wish it were. the democrats, hillary clinton try to make it a personal choice rather than a political choice. you know, she will say, women, don't vote for trump because he is a miss og giogynist, blacks vote for him because he is a racist. it is not working. we don't have 19 different voices to hear, the field is clearer. there are two candidates left. we are able to hear what he says and she says and we're able to process it. what he says makes more sense than the crazy stuff she is talking about. >> omarosa, you will be joining us tomorrow. look forward to seeing you again. what are your thoughts on all of this? >> i think it is important to note that the african-american community has been extremely loyal to the democrats, but, unfortunately, the democrats have not been loyal to african-americans. among those statistics you mentioned we also saw homeownership among african-americans drop significantly. when you look at a city like chicago where 60% of the young african-american men are either
10:42 pm
unemployed or not in school, we are failing the community, and donald trump wants to bring change to the inner city. >> and he is reaching in deep. he keeps giving speech after speech in black church after black church. he is saying, i want your vote, i will fix the educational system. >> he is willing to earn it. he is not going to take the african-american community for granted as the democrats continue to do. >> i like he is asking for those votes because republicans, frankly, in the past have not done enough outreach. >> that's exactly right. somebody asked me what is the secret, why is trump increasing support among black voters, according to one poll up to 19.6. if it is true, it is astonishing. >> that was the pew poll. >> simplyr pl, he is asking for black votes. that usually doesn't happen. >> what about obama saying he takes it as a personal insult. >> really an astonishing comment that somehow we owe -- we are his property and we are supposed to do as our master says or something like that. that is just appalling. i think that trump is doing the right thing. he is going out and asking for
10:43 pm
black votes, which is unusual. he is doing some on specific issues like school choice, for example. he is very specific about school choice. he wants to have a block grant to give states, i believe, $20 billion they can use for school choice initiatives. you look at hillary and she is a tool of the teacher's union. >> after the attacks of this past weekend, had -- we will speak with two imams straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. once i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot.
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our local police, they know who a lot of these people are. they're afraid to do anything about it because they don't want to be accused of profiling and they don't want to be accused of all sorts of things. you know, in israel they profile. they've done an unbelievable job, as good as you can do, but israel has done an unbelievable job. they will profile. they profile. they see somebody that's suspicious, they will profile. they will take that person in to check out, do we have a choice? look what is going on. do we really have a choice in we are trying to be so politically correct in our country, and this is only going to get worse. that was donald trump yesterday reacting to recent terror attacks across the country. is it time for americans to start surveilleding mosques here in the u.s.? in other words to find radical islamists. here with reaction from the
10:49 pm
islamic center immall muhammad siddeeq and from the islamic house of wisdom imam mohammad ali elahi. are you hear for the u.n.? >> yes. >> what are you doing? >> probably meeting with president rohani of iran tonight. >> you want to meet with the number one state sponsor of terror, iran, the number one state sponsor of terror. >> that is a big lie. >> that's a lie? >> i'm not representing iran. i'm not spokesman of iran. >> let me tell him i want to interview him. >> they are fighting isis. what about that? real people who are on the ground and fighting terrorism. >> they have been fomenting terror, killing americans during the iraq war. they have been fighting proxy wars against isis rea-- israel. they called for the destruction of israel repeatedly, rohani and
10:50 pm
auk ma din jaub. when did president netanyahu call for destruction of iran? don't talk over me. i have heard rohani, both call for the destruction of israel. name we one instance where prime minister netanyahu called for destruction of iran. name one time, when? >> when has rohani asked for destruction of any country? >> they said repeatedly. they burn american flags and chant death to american in iran. >> i'm talking about the president who is a man of wisdom, a man of peace, a man of rationality. >> am supposed to laugh now? you tell him i want to talk to him. >> you know, he is the one who brought this resolution the the
10:51 pm
united nations just last time against terrorism and extremism. you know, sean, two months ago when i called you in your office, i said, 3,000 of us muslim community in the united states, we are in front of the saudi embassy demonstrating against isis and marshalliching the white house. the only difference is the name. >> listen, i'm not a fan of the saudis. by the way, let me ask this and we will get to imam siddeeq. why is it that under islam -- and i don't care if it is shia or sunni, that they kill gays and lesbians in irans, they kill them. they do. there was a recent article two weeks ago, they killed a gay guy. >> maybe you say -- >> women are -- >> they have right -- >> you have a right to tell women how to dress, in saudi arabia women can't drive. christians and jews, are you
10:52 pm
allowed to build a jewish temple in iran? >> of course. they represent even in parliament, more than 40,000 jews live in iran and they have friendly relationships. >> in saudi arabia you can't build one. let me go to imam siddeeq. how are you, sir? >> thank you, sean, for honoring me to come back. >> you are very honored. why is it we don't have radical catholics and radical jews and we don't have -- why is it in america and the world, why do we keep facing radical islamists? is it because of -- is it a direct interpretation of the koran that says take eithneithe christians or jews for your friends, talks a lot about jihad, holy war and infidels? >> no, it is because evidently somebody is reading the stats wrong. have you seen the stats where there's more extremists and terrorists among the jews than among the muslims according to -- >> according to who? >> according to the fbi report -- >> the what report? >> right here, the fbi report
10:53 pm
from princeton university, 6% for muslims, 7% for jews. >> i have no idea to what you refer. i will say this, the greater victims of hate crimes in america are jewish americans, not muslim-americans. >> i'm not trying to say who did what. i'm trying to tell you these are the facts. >> let me hear you say this. i don't hear you saying radical islamists are highjacking your religion. why won't you say that? are they? >> there's no such thing as radical -- >> in the name of your prophet. >> you want to call -- >> necessary are told they get 72 virgins when they kill innocent men, women and children. >> that's not in there. >> sean, that's not true. >> that's not in the koran. >> jihadists aren't promised 72 virgins? >> that's not in the koran. wait a minute, who is he going to talk to? i don't want to talk over, but that's not in the koran. >> okay. >> there's no such thing. >> okay. but that's what they're promised. that's just a fact. >> they're not promised that. they're not promised that. see, sean, what we need to do --
10:54 pm
i keep trying to tell you, let's you and i sit down and have some coffee and have a one-on-one. >> let's have a beer. do you drink beer? >> no. >> you don't drink beer. >> i have no beer. >> sean, somebody who doesn't want to beer, you can drink but you cannot impose it on me. >> never had a beer in your life? i'm offering to sit down and have a beer. >> can drink coffee or something that both agree. >> i have to let you both go. when we come back we need your help. our question of the day, an important one, is straight ahead. tired of re-dosing antacids? try duo fusion! it's two in one heartburn relief. the antacid goes to work in seconds... and the acid reducer lasts up to 12 hours in one chewable tablet. try duo fusion.
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mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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. welcome back to "hannity." time for the question of the day. up until 2014 new york city had a program where they had surveillance at mosques. what do you think? should they continue that? go to
11:00 pm, @sean hannity on twitter. we will be with donald trump at a town hall focusing on issues that impact african-american voters. we will see you tomorrow night from cleveland. hope you have a great evening. >> this is on the record. shows an uptick for hillary clinton with her lead up to 1.3 points in a two-way race.


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