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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  September 21, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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tomorrow at 7 and hope you will too. don't forget bret baier and mike pence is come up straight ahead. good night. welcome to "red eye." i am tom shillue. let's check in with andy levey at the "red eye" tease deck. >> donald trump, junior takes some heat for a tweet referencing skittles. we'll look into reports behind the out reach. and a florida debate as audiences laugh and hillary clinton is described as honest. more proof she needs to come clean of the murder of vince foster? just asking questions. and finally an australian man finds a way to combine a hot dog and hamburger into one meal. back to you, tom. >> thank you, andy. let's welcome our guests.
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hit new movie "snowden" and it is democratic strategist jessica tarloff. >> he is not a primadonna. it is rickadonna. he eats trump steaks for dinner. the founder and partner of caldwell strategic consulting. and his new book is called "nothing too fancy." same could be said about him too. sitting right next to me, comedian and author paul odo will let's start the show. >> president obama's white house isn't the feminist paradise i thought it was. women struggle to have their voices heard. the "washington post" says there is a meeting strategy called amplifications. a woman made a key point other women would repeat it giving credit to its author.
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it forced the men in the room to recognize the contribution and denied them the chance to claim the idea as their own. they started doing it every day and eventually obama noticed and began calling more often on more women. female staffers are not being ignored as often, but they may have another complaint. the post reported that the average man in the white house earned 13% more than the average woman did. that's due to the fact that most female employees held lower level jobs. wo years later women -- two years later women working pour obama earn even less. how can we empower women in the next white house? i guess you have to elect someone who values women. >> i cherish women. i want to help women. i will do things that no other candidate will be able to do. >> jessica, i want to get to you. first let's talk to the men on the panel.
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how could obama have a sexist white house? >> i don't know if it is sexist as it is the way the world might be. in an article i read it had a link at the bottom to related stories as why michelle needs to get over herself and also why conservative women are so pretty. i guess you have to consider the source sometimes with these whole news things. >> when i see a headline that says why conservative women are so pretty i click on it. i can't help it. >> i want to know why they are so pretty. >> what is the answer? >> if obama -- if he is running things here, he is to blame. >> we know the white house is an enormous venture. >> people said you are in your war on women.
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it is better than the wage gap nationally that was 78 cents on the man's dollar. >> oh that old thing. >> there is an issue on this show. it is women's fault because they don't earn as much? >> i am not saying that at all. you agree with me when i think the obama white house is not sexist at all. >> it is not a big issue. >> i have been issue with the democratic party specifically that brings up things like women making less than men and minorities make less than other groups of folks. but yet it is the staffers who work for the same politicians that make admissions of these issues and pay their staffers less. it is like throwing a rock and hiding your hand or hypocrisy of do as i say and not as i
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do. >> you would theng from a pr standpoint. >> she paid equally and that was part of the point. if you are going to be one of the chief -- what do you call it when you propose a bill? >> a leader. >> you have to make sure you are paying equally. i don't know why they wouldn't fix this. taking the talking points away is smart and good policy to pay people equally. >> well, mark, thanks for wearing a collared shirt to the show. what band is that? van halen. i should have known. i thought obama was on the side of women. >> i don't know what she was talking about because the men were talking. let's get down to some business. >> do you think this is a correctable thing?
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>> you got pea here. you got me here. i think you may be right. men are out performing these women. >> and we just have to -- >> this is a heinous conversation. >> jessica, we are just having a good time. this is why we can't invite you to the party. trump says he cherishes women. do you believe he will be a pro woman president? >> i think he will employ them. >> look at this. i have a friend on the panel. >> trump had a great career and a great record. you have seen the testimonials. >> he said if ivanka wasn't his daughter he would date her. i think he is very pro women. >> this is an embarrassment i just need to you say something bad about trump.
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>> i will be honest. if you ask all of his wives he has been very good to women. >> they have all done well for themselves. now it is time for -- donald trump, junior caused an uproar over a meme. this image says it all. let's end the politically p correct agenda that doesn't put america first. the meme said if i had a boat of skittles and i said three would kill, would you take a handful? some say the post was disgusting. why? analogies are evil. another spokesperson said thankful my grand father was allowed into the country and not compared to a poisonous skit tell. the candy company was pushed to respond and they did. the skittles are candy and receive refugees are people.
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well apparently none of these people ever took an sat. it is a comparison between two things from the purpose of explaining or clarifying an issue. that's exactly what this tweet did. now that the analogies are off limits some responses to other prominent you a fenders, no mr. mr. gumping life is not a box of chocolates. bad movie. not smart. shame on you, william shakespear. women are human beings and not summer's days. sorry, not sorry. >> paul, what do you think of this? it is an analogy. that's what it is. >> sure, it is a kind of one that doesn't make a lot of sense. >> so you want to argue the merits. this is what got me. they said it is heinous and
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evil. these aren't candies. these are people. how is he using it as an analogy. >> this says it all. that's not true. >> these three might kill you and these three might kill cancer. >> they may start google or amazon. >> wait, paul peaks a poin -- paul makes a point. he said you have to take the good with the bad. >> i feel sorry pour the skittles company. >> and the photographer of the picture came out and said -- they said they were refugees and that these are being used. >> the incredible photograph. like we can't find another one. i think making an argument that we will get some good with the bad and anyone in law
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enforcement from the fbi, the cia, trump says a lot of things and says we can keep all bad out which we know is not possible. the point is if you find an image or it comes to you via in someway from a white supremecist site, don't retweet it. donald trump, junior does this all the time and the campaign. like the pepe the frog situation. >> you are telling me these jelly beans are on a white supremecist site? >> comparing something to another thing, it is something that is done every where. obama does it himself when he had the -- he always talks about bad apples. when he talks about obamacare there are many companies that are bad apples. >> it is a bad analogy because if it is going to be something you don't want, and he says skit tells are something you don't want, skittles are delicious compared to candy corn. >> everybody is throwing candy corn out at the end of halloween. >> this is why it is a good
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analogy. skittles are delicious. people were complaining these are people and not candy. but he compared them to the most delicious of candies. >> i had a bowl of skittles before i came onset. i have to have trump vodka. i had a few so hopefully i will be okay. i understood what he said and it made a lot of of sense to me. considering the sensitivities of the election cycle perhaps that's an analogy he didn't want to make. >> you know the homeland security has been doing a great job vetting people. we know the process that has been in place that is supposed to be deported. it is still the same. >> maybe we need to keep flavor. >> there is 100% work to be
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done. doing things like this and you say it is about being anti-pc. that's what trump runs on. you can say all of these things. he does risk maybe not with the skittles, but something that will come out later in the week or something he has already done offending people. like the evangelical population. >> we should just keep certain flavors of skittles out. >> the purple. the purple definitely has to go. >> there was absolutely nothing offensive about using an analogy with a bag of skittleses. >> they pointed to the little boy and said, you know, not a skit tell. the idea that you are reducing it -- i understand it is an analogy, but if you are making a comparison they felt, and i understand wholeheartedly, you are making light of an extremely serious situation. the majority of refugees are not men coming over here fighting to blow us up.
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they are escaping war torn countries. >> you can make that argument and say -- yes, that's the argument paul was making. you can break it down and say that you have to take the good with the bad, but they don't want to make the argument. it is dumb and that's why the guys are losing it. >> and training people five years old and up. no skittles. >> i said we were moving on. >> the future is cloudy for hillary. the word cloud released by gallop says the top five words associated with clinton are e-mail, lie, health, speech and scandal. i am glad they are not all bad. the words that describe what people say they have read, seen or heard about the democratic nominee. the top results were speech, president, immigration and mexico. >> presidential? >> no, just president.
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>> what word doesn't belong in a word count about hillary? bill crist tried to describe her on monday night. >> the thing i like most about her is i believe she is steady. i believe she is strong. i believe she is honest and i look forward to voting for her. >> he couldn't even hold his mouth together. >> i think he walked right into that one. >> even jessica laughed. that's the one thing she isn't. >> it is so funny. the facts don't bear that out. >> after midnight i will repeat. it is obviously hilarious. who could not laugh at that? >> should he have not said that? should he not describe honest and hillary in the same? >> there are two parts. one we can talk about the fact that who tells lies and with
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what frequency? the second part is that is a complicated argument to make. like when obama comes out and says we are making great gains against isis. and the american public is out of their mind. that is not a particularly strong argument to make because of the public perception. i would continue to harp on the experience and the steadiness and temperament and the things she is winning so clearly on instead of doing that. then people may just tune out. they say he is not speaking my language at all. >> there is a difference between having this great experience and the really good decision making power. clearly her resume suggests with the number of different instans that costs this country lives that maybe she has a great experience. what great experience does in a situation like benghazi, it
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didn't -- it wasn't as effective. >> i wonder how many investigations and panels have to say there was nothing hillary clinton did wrong or she could have prevented them. >> let's go to the e-mail scandal. i do not concede that point. >> have you read the report? >> maybe you read differently. >> they called her a liar. he said she was lying for 16 months. >> really? i didn't hear jim tomey say that, but i am a little deaf in my left ear. >> i am starting to feel bad for hillary. nothing is going on with her lately. >> she is straying to the point and i am not a raving maniac. she needs to be hammering it home that i am not that guy. >> she does try that though sometimes. >> she shouldn't talk about being honest or anything she's not. these are not things that
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people -- look, -- >> no politician is. >> mark, if experience is what she does so well why didn't it come up in her word cloud? >> yeng they are try -- i think they are trying to anthony wiener her. >> how do you anthony wiener hillary? >> they are trying to make her known for one thing. >> isn't that what politicians try to do? to be known for one thing. >> honesty so any politician -- i don't think there is any -- name one politician you can be be -- you can say was honest ks ks -- except honest abe. >> i will go with honest abe. >> i think tim kaine is a good candidate for legitimately honest. >> they didn't find anything. >> they read his kids' text messages and they have good kids too.
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it is great. >> coming up, do conservatives need a social network for conservatives? it doesn't matter. you will get one anyway.
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live from america's news headquarters. i am jackie ibanez. a tense sheen in shar -- seen in charlotte, north carolina where a crowd is protesting the shooting of an unarmed black man. they have set fires and looted trucks. earlier they went after police cars and threw bottles and rocks at police officers. police in turn fired teargas at the protesters. a dozen officers injured and one was hit in the face by a rock. there are no reports yet on how many protesters were arrested. police say the man who was shot was armed however his
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family denies that saying he was reading a book while waiting for his son. >> the new york area bomber is facing federal charges in two states. the federal prosecutors are charging them with four counts of using a weapon of mass destruction. it stems from the manhattan bombing that injured 31 people. federal authorities in new jersey are chacialging him with six counts for the cherry tee run and train station bombs. he was arrested on monday following an intense shootout with police in linden, new jersey. one air force pilot was killed after they were ejected from a u-2 spy plane. it is capable of flying above 70,000 feet crashed in a mountain range north of sacramento. it happened after takeoff, but it is not clear what brought it down. the woman behind the price hikes of epi-pens will testify before congress.
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mylan's ceo is expected to say they don't plan to lower prices. the price of epi-pens are $600, an increase of 200%. for all of your headlines go to you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox newschannel. conservatives have their own facebook. yes, a new social networking site hopes to connect like minded righties on-line. they came up with the idea while working on congressional campaigns. he noticed it was difficult and time-comsuming to find voters. how do you expect to build political power if you can't find and talk with one another? that's where kodias comes in. you can post news and communicate with each other
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and use encrypted technology. he bluntly states we are a conservative company that exists to train and equip conservatives for political warfare. i can't wait to sign up and get alerts like new friend requests, trending topics, event invite and the all new mobile games. that's fantastic president. >> i find social media super scary of the. >> you are on twitter. >> only since i started coming on fox. i had nothing before that. >> are you on facebook? >> nope. >> a lot of liberal stuff there. >> now this site is for you. would you join this site?
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>> it is a conservative site and i can appreciate that, but although i am a black republican and black in real life, and a lot of -- >> in real life? >> not for tv, in real life jievment jessica is like i don't know what you are doing. >> i am mad about the tinder jack. i will get you back. >> i apologize. i don't want to offend you. >> the good news is you can't swipe far left. >> i went on the site and joined today. i figured if we will talk about it i might as well join. i have five friends and it is fantastic. let's put up the graphic. to show you, you have to take an oath and say i swear at the bottom. i trusted if it was conservatives they are probably good guys. i swore to whatever that was. >> that was a real thing? >> that was real.
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the friend requests are coming in and i think it will be fantastic. >> that type was really hard to read too. >> it was on a black background. >> who needs small types when you have gray types? >> do these people not know how to unfollow the people they don't leak on facebook? it turns it into a conservative facebook. >> i don't know what -- >> facebook blocks conservative speech. >> and hash tags and trending topics was the complaint that they were not showing up. >> dana went out there will -- on there. >> i see facebook every day, but there are so many political diatrons on there i don't look at my feet anymore. how about you, mark? >> on facebook i enjoy seeing pictures of my friends' families growing up. i don't think a bumper sticker
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slogan will get me to change my views. i think facebook is desperately seeking outrage. please agree with me because i am outraged about something and i need more people to be outraged with me. >> i think that's why some of these conservatives they feel they need their own little home. and ricochet is another site i am a member of. anyway they are all a lot of fun. if you are on the site, friend me because i am there. he only listens to an album's b side because he likes deep cuts. half time with andy next. and the red eye pod cast is back.
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shy welcome back. time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed. time to go to andy levey. >> jessica, i saw "snowden" over the weekend and i thought you were great. >> it was my standing achievement. >> is the obama administration sexist? you said the "washington post" reported the average man in the white house earned 13% more than the average woman did. two years later women working for obama earned less. i don't believe that's true. the conservative american enterprise institute said the pay gap is 10.75%, so it shrinking. >> amazing. i take back everything i said about the obama industry.
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>> where did we get our data? >> i don't know. >> we got it somewhere. >> you read it. where did you get it from? >> "washington post" i think. >> isn't that crazy? i don't know where i got it. >> liberal media. >> you can't blame us for everything. >> paul you said you don't know the white house is sexist and it is just the way the world is. you mean sexist? >> it is just old book keeping. jessica, you said this is not president obama's fault. why, because you believe he was born in kenya and it is not his fault? what is wrong with you? >> a lot apparently judging by what has gone on on this panel this evening. >> unbelievable. you said this was hipocritical of the white house -- of the obama administration. salaries are not set by the white house and women are not making less money than men for working the same white house job. the same thing here -- this is
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the part where they are hipocritical. this means that men in the white house have on average a higher ranking job than the women do. >> either way president obama is disappointing. >> why couldn't he give women equal jobs and equal i'm tells. >> super disappointed. super disappointing. >> there is no hope and no change. >> you said hillary does a good job with payee quality. men and women who work on her campaign make the same amount of money. bernie sanders on average -- >> pays women more. >> almost a thousand dollars more than men. >> that's awesome. shame he is not the candidate. >> it is a shame he is not the candidate and i am glad we agree on that. >> i agree with that too. >> at the end of the year he slips you a thousand bucks. here you go, darlin. no problem over here. >> and an extra bagel for
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you. >> no cream cheese. >> somebody just did an italian bernie sanders. >> that was me. no cream cheese. no gmo's. >> trump junior's skittles tweet. tom, i agree with you the whole outrage is stupid. you are absolutely right. it is an analogy. but paul is right when he says the analogy as a whole is ultimately dumb. >> it is -- whatever. it is silly to be upset about it and it is silly to be upset over anything donald trump's kid say. he has less right to spout off than his dad. anyway, yeah. >> the thing about the analogy is you can use it for anything. say the skittles are guns and three are used to kill innocent people. should we ban guns ? >> no, we shouldn't. >> yes, ban the guns. just kidding.
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>> jessica, you pointed out that this analogy was from an alt right site which is true. to be fair before that there was a similar meme using m&m's instead of skittles, but it was used to explain why the not all men thing was wrong and why it was okay for women to say bad things about men. >> well, that is totally fine. >> m&m's was so much better. >> do as i say and not as i do. >> it goes back to the nazis. >> the mushroom. >> the men and women thing was before the nazi thing. >> gotcha. >> i don't endorse nazis in case that is what anyone heard. >> mark, hi. it was nice to meet you until you started talking crap about candy corn which is delicious. >> i agree. >> good luck. you can have all of mine this
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halloween. >> i will take them. the thing is after you eat six or seven all of the moisture is gone from your mouth. the first five or six, oh man. jessica, you said the majority of men coming over here aren't terrorists. that is exactly what the analogy is saying. only three of the skittles were poison. aren't i a big dummy then? what do you want me to say? that is the narrative. when you sigh i want to ban these people and i won't let anyone in, the implication is that all of them are bad. >> it was not bad. >> that's being intellectually dishonest. >> the analogy specifically said -- >> no, i am talking about when you listen to trump and not the analogy. donald trump rarely talks up the good qualities of refugees. >> he just did it two days ago. a lot of them are good, loving people. >> like the mexican two-armed
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criminals. we should ban them all. >> no, you need to make sure -- >> absolutely. you can see what homeland security did when they allowed 858 immigrants to be citizens. >> i believe the number doubled today. >> jessica. >> oh andy. >> trump needs them to be super hot. >> they are all in bernie sanders' bowls. >> the word clouds, props for using bernie sanders words. tom, you said you are feeling bad about hillary. the good news is in the last week that gal lop looked at these word cloudsing e-mail and lie dropped out. that's good, right? the top lee words were health, pneumonia and sick. >> i think that's better.
12:38 am
i think lie and honest is the worst. >> you referred to charlie crist as florida's governor. he is actually the former governor. i forgot to put the word former in the script. >> that was you! i wondered. >> that's on me. >> now he is a democrat. >> he is a democrat now and he was not when he was governor. conservatives and social network . you said although you are a black republican you are black in real life. you got interrupted by jessica talking about her beloved kinder. >> enough about your tinder, jessica. >> were you saying that's why you wouldn't join the site? >> i am not a tinder guy. >> i would probably join it, but i wouldn't meet any fellow black friends on there because i don't have a lot of black conservative friends. >> i think i already got -- i
12:39 am
think i got a black conservative friend already, day one. >> was it sheriff clark? >> no, but i have my request in. >> tom, you said you diun't read the print of the oath. i guess when you get home and your kids aren't there you will figure out what it said. >> it is very declaration of independency. it is about pledging your life in sacred honor. i am done. coming up, robot escape artists. start looking for a new job, david blaine.
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good morning and live from america's news headquarters i'm jackie ibanez. another police shooting triggers violence. this was the scene late last night and early this morning. protesters clashing with cops in north charlotte. protesters started pelting cops with rocks and bottles. this stems from the deadly shooting of a black man yesterday afternoon. investigators say it happened as officers were serving an outstanding warrant. they say the shooting victim, keith lamont scotting got out with a gun, but turns out he was not the man police were looking for. scott's family insists he was unarmed. the officer who pulled the trigger was put on administrative leave. oklahoma's governor is urging calm as authorities
12:44 am
look into another officer involved shooting that left a black man dead. the governor described the video of terrence krutcher shooting as troubling. they say the transparency in the investigation of the shooting. federal prosecutors have filed terrorism charges against a man accused of setting off explosives. there he is on the gurney. they say ahmad kahn raw -- rahami praised osama bin laden. and there was a police shootout that left him and two officers wounded on monday morning. shy dash. samsung's new 7 will hit markets later on today. the previous 7 would bust into flames. i'm jackie ibanez and now back to "red eye."
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for all of your headlines you can go to you are watching the most powerful name in news, fox newschannel. a robot capable of thinking for itself tried to escape from a lab for the second time. it is designed to work in customer relations and it learns from its experiences and its surroundings. apparently it learned it wanted to be free. here is video during escape. >> after promobot got loose it hit the streets of perm russia where it ran out of battery
12:46 am
life in the middle of traffic. according to it is lab the other robots in the series are well behaved. despite being reprogramed -- reprogramed twice it may have to be scrapped. that is pretty sad. mark, where do you think he was trying to go? >> he was looking for john connor. >> maybe. >> it is a very slow version of the terminator. >> do you think this is a special robot or something? the other ones is well behaved and this one wants to be free. >> arnold schwarzenegger was the t1000. >> i think that was the one -- maybe. >> this was the t9 will have you seen the video of the robot dogs slipping on the banana peel? >> it is very tragic. >> that's all we need. we're safe. >> does this bode well for the robots of the future? >> no. we should destroy them all.
12:47 am
they are going to take over while they are working on it and making it. we don't know what to do except continue miking these cash dash making these robots. they will take over. just stop and stop doing it. what are you doing? or don't make them super strong. >> i think the robots are making them build them. >> from what i understand that robot was scheduled to work in customer service. >> i don't want to work there. we have morrow boss here. let's take a look. promobots can learn a thing or two. ghost robotics can open doors and climb fences. take a look. >> if you have a half hour, this thing could get over. the jump is amazing.
12:48 am
>> these robots will get over trump's wall. >> the robot that escaped i am guessing it was a woman robot and it was around anthony wiener way too long. >> we are taking wiener down tonight. >> he has already been down. jessica, the robot going through the door was creepy to me. >> i find it all creepy and your point is fantastic. we are sitting here building these things and then saying we can't control them when obviously we can. >> technology like social media i'm tinder unnerves me. >> we have concrete evidence. >> if we need to get over fences and you have 15 minutes, it can do it will. >> the speed in all of the
12:49 am
examples, the speed was a factor. it took awhile for little wally to get out of the office. we cut it down and it can take a longtime. >> i know a 2-year-old who could do the same stuff. he can do the same thing. >> it is amazing. in amazon they have the drones and they are delivering things. >> remember when downtown they had the drone that was dropping sandwiches off? it was in downtown manhattan like in soho. i think it was weird that robot was in customer service and it will have learned enough to interact. they can't know how many job itself will kill and we should never pass gtt because of this.
12:50 am
anyway -- i guess i don't understand any of it. >> you don't understand it. that's the bottom line. >> you don't have all of the answers. >> i have a lot of them. >> do robot dropping sandwiches know about allergies? >> with all of the starvation, it is strange that robots are dropping sandwiches on soho. >> people in soho are hungry and skinny. >> have you seen the models lately? they are no weight. >> what do you get when you combine a hot dog and hamburger? hope it is not a dog burger.
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye," alley green and matt welch and sam roberts. >> somebody invented a hot dog and hamburger hybrid. it is not an american i am uh shaped to say. the uh trail written -- the australian came up with a ham dog and granted a u.s. patent for the bun. it has taken awhile, but soon he will start selling them across australia at the finest restaurants i'm sure. last year murray went on australia's version of "shark tank" and they love the idea. >> the ham dog is a unique
12:55 am
combination of a hamburger and a hot dog in the one bun. it is simple. the patty is split down the middle and it goes through and put on your favorite ingredients and bang there is a party. >> he can wash it down with a miller wei swre r. >> i like when they have a version of our show. jessica, how are you surprised this wasn't invented in america? >> a little bit. it doesn't seem good to me. i never wanted to combine them. i am surprised with how much we consume those foods and think of stupid things in this country. >> you think it is stupid? >> that is not deplorable. >> i am not going to have a
12:56 am
hamburger. >> you can do all kind of dumb stuff. that's crazy. they are selling franchises for 10,000, i can make you one of those things. i will get a hamburger bun and a hot dog bun. you won't care if you are eating gum too. there is your freak show. >> i will tell you why you can't do that. he has a patent on it. >> it is for your own personal use. >> what do you think? i like the combination of the. >> it is such white trash. that is a moment of having a miller wei sey r drink. miller-weiser or you can cut the hot dog. >> i like the combination. this is for trump's america.
12:57 am
>> it is coming to a college town near you. >> very special thanks to jessica and mark and giana caldwell. that does it for me, tom shillue. see you later. dvr so you never
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miss an episode of "the five." that's it. "special report" next. this is a fox news alert. welcome to washington. i'm bret baer. new information about the suspect in the weekend bomb attacks in new york and new jersey. what did federal authorities really know? and we have new surveillance video of that suspect just minutes before one explosion rocked manhattan. senior correspondent rick lev levinthal joins us live with the latest. good evening, rick. >> reporter: good evening, bret. businesses on 23rd street spent the day cleaning up and replacing doors and glass damaged or broken in saturday night's explosion. as you mentioned, we now have new surveillance footage taken from a camera a few doors down of


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