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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 21, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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september. you are watching "fox & friends first." i am abby huntsman. >> i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day with us. we have breaking news now. let's get right to the fox news alert. dozens of people injured after rye olts explode in charlotte overnight. this disturbing video showing an officer hit in the head with a brick. looters setting fires and storming stores all after police shot and killed a man they say aimed a gun at them. >> jackie ebb ban nez with the details unfolding right now. >> they have been taking over the crowds hours after police shoot and kill a man they say aimed a gun at them. looting cargo trucks and setting things on fire. right now police are standing guard behind a wal-mart
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surrounded by shattered glass after looters take over the store. rioter cop cars kicked and destroyed with large rocks. they were trying to control the crowd by standing in line. after it escalated they were forced to use tear gas. one hit in the face with a brick. a reporter also hurt in the chaos. it happens hours after police shot and killed 40-year-old keith scott. they were looking for another man when they saw scott get out of his car with a gun. scott's sister claims he was a disabled man waiting for his son to come home from school. >> they jumped out their trucks. hands up. he got a gun. he got a gun. pou, pou, pou. he ain't had no gun. >> they say no gun.
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the family said he was holding a book instead. the officer who pulled the trigger is on administrative leave this morning. no word on how many protestors were there overnight. >> that's my home town. i tried to make some calls. a lot of wchaos there right now. >> chiming surveillance just in a terror suspect dragging a suitcase moments before a bomb went off in new york city. ahmad khan rahami had a tabled family web. how much they may have known about his ladies and gentlemened plots. good morning, brian. >> ahmad khan rahami now faces 15 federal and state charges including a weapon of mass destruction attempted murder and
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we know how crucial surveillance was in capturing ahmad khan rahami. rolling a suitcase on 27th street in chelsea, manhattan. moments later he's seen walking without it. this is the second pressure cooker bomb that went off saturday night. that contained finger prints watching to one of rahami's family member. another relative's cell phone contains a video showing rahami laughing while igniting a device two-days before the bombing. he made his bombs using materials bought on ebay. he also kept a handwritten journal of anti-american radical americans. rahami's wife seen months before the bombings in pakistan and has
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been detained by authorities in the united arab emirates. his mother left and has not come back. rahami made frequent trips to afghanistan and pakistan. rahami's demeanor began to change he grew a beard and began praying in the back of the restaurant. his father feared his son had been radicalized. his son turned violent hitting his mother and stabbing a brother. >> the fbi interviewed rahami's father and other family members. sources tell fox they did not interview rahami himself. sources say they scrubbed his travel history and no red flags came up on that.
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rahami is in a hospital in newark new jersey. he is in critical condition. >> did he have any help point? >> going now to the race for the white house both candidates hitting the campaign trail hard today in several swing states with the first debate five days away. garrett tiny with the details. every day matters at this point. >> anticipation is building for this debate. the crowds brawn for the super bowl. both candidates hard at work preparing for that. even that event which could have a significant impact on the election. clinton took the day off to prep for this debate. donald trump took to twitter to take advantage of that saying hillary clinton is taking the day off again. she needs the rest. sleep well, hill ry. trump's campaign manager kelly
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ann conway gave us a preview of how trump is preparing himself for the debate and how his strategy will be. >> cares all of the time because he's a brilliant businessman who is always taking different pieces of information, weighing consequences and options. we saw him in the forum where he clearly won. why? because i think his answer is precise and confident. >> what makes it crucial it has been narrowing in many of the key swing states. until florida clinton's lead slunk to 5 points leaving trump within the poll's margin of error. trump was campaigning hard in north carolina where he hit clinton with other attacks.
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>> she calls the patriotic americans who support our campaign many cops and soldiers deplorable and ir redeemable? has she ever talked that way about radical islam or about those who oppose and murder women and gays overseas? knee no. >> trump heads to ohio. hillary clinton will head down to florida to keep her lead from shrinking even more. >> those debates will be huge. president obama taking a jab at donald trump making a speech to the u.n. general assembly. >> the answer cannot be a simple rejection to integration.
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>> the president urging leaders to accept an additional 110,000 refugees into the u.s. they have a moral obligation to crisis. interviewing documents from clinton's tech team. >> with the advice of council i respectfully refuse to answer. >> i assert my constitutional privilege. >> two of the players keeping quiet. some are en grajed thinking they helped the secretary of state keep thnational security in jeopardy. they have until monday to respond. john stomp apologizing to millions. >> i accept responsibility for
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all unethical sales practices. >> the millionaire exec was trashed by lawmakers who say they should be among the thousands of employees fired for opening the accounts for opening sales goals. >> you should rezine. a cashier who steals a handful of 20's should be held accountable. >> bank has been fined $180 million and fired 5,000 employees. now to a fox business alert. samsung finally offering replacements for those exploding phones. ca cheryl casone with what you need to know. good morning. >> good morning. you know the samsung replacement devices are finally available today in stores across the u.s. replacing 1 million devices being recalled because of batteries catching fire.
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offering up updates through wireless carriers. they will know if their samsung is safe or if it needs to be turned into. 25 percent of galaxy 7's have been returned so far in the u.s. that changes today with the availability of the new devices. >> drivers listen up. if you have been getting premium gasoline for your car because you thought it was better for your vehicle you might have been wasting your money. american drivers wasted more than 2.1 build dollars by using priceyer premium grade gas in cars when they would run on traditional fuel. mcgriddles mcmuffins going to be available at all 16,000 locations. hard to believe it wasn't offered every where. lucky for us it is now.
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>> yum, yum. >> i am surprised it wasn't that lo /* -- it took that long to figure out everyone wanted breakfast all day long. >> he comes inches from losing his head. >> national security on the agenda at the first national debate. why our next best says donald trump has a leg up. >> the bombshell breakup. stunning hollywood and a whole lot of other people. why angelina jolie just filed for divorce from brad pitt. >> weather across the country first. people always say let's just get a sandwich or something.
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>> 48 days until the election and less than one week out until
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the debate between donald trump and hillary clinton. the topics are set. america's direction achieving prosperity and securing ameri . america>> where will will the candidates come out strong? thank you so much for getting up early with us this morning. >> good morning to you. >> we went through the three areas of develop: let's look at the rasmussen poll that came out only 31 percent of america seems to think we are examinigoing in right direction. with that topic coming up first who will do better? >> this will concern hillary clinton the most. the direction of the country. this is a changed election atmosphere and what they need to do is tie into the wave. what hillary clinton has to do on the other side of this. there is fitness for office.
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they have been going after that with reckless abandon with commercials and everything. the direction of the son replays on everything. national security 47 clinton 47 trump. with the economy trump continues to beat her. 51 percent to 44 percent. this is what you have to focus on, right? >> if you were doing a job interview for president and you were talking about the economy, you are probably going to defer to someone who has been hands on for business and created jobs and been responsible for paychecks. you would think it would be an advantage for donald trump. what he is trying to do is play the little guy card the normal class warfare democrats pos late
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agains republicans that they are standing up for those who don't have a voice. little guy against the system. i don't know where that comes down but it should favor donald trump because of background in business and success and the fact that again it ties into the referendum on the system piece where the gap is increasing. that will be an interesting part of the debate. >> that will develop as we approach the debate that is the issue of national security and security at home. we had the terrorist attack at the minnesota mall. who will fair best and what do they need to tackle when it comes to the final topic which is security? >> every time isis sends us a message or a dose of terrorism is a good day for the challenger. in this case donald trump. what secretary clinton will have to do is not defend a record the
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americans increasingly find as suspect in terms of controlling domestic much less international terrorism. she is going to have to bring it. she is going to have to show she will be no nonsense, strong and unwavering when it comes to taking this out. anything less than a rational for explaining what is simply not working in terms of creating confidence among americans and security as well is going to be in favor of the challenger. you might say intellectually the outsider has the advantage. we all know this debate which is like monday night politics is determined more as much by style as it will by substance. >> how exciting, though. can you imagine the size of the audience watching the debate. >> it is about 18 minutes after the top of the hour. flag furry.
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a teacher who stomped on an american flag while teaching. why he said he did it. >> don't forget to wipe your feet. the store owner has a message to for colin kaepernick. relook.
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>> outrage in a military community after a shocking photo shows a teacher stomping on a flag in a classroom. you can see there on the floor. he even asked his students for a lighter or scissors. it was all part of a less sob on the first amendment. >> i put the ground i put two steps with my right foot i said this is an example of freedom of speech. >> north carolina school is 12 miles from fort bragg. many people want francis fired including one mother who has a son at the base and a daughter in the school. >> as a military family to have someone do that, thank goodness she wasn't in that class because of her personal experiences with having friends not come home. >> he is on leave and is set to meet with school officials
2:24 am
tomorrow. >> should the flag be desecrated and should it be protected under the first amendment? join the conversation on our facebook payabling p. >> you may remember the washington high school coach who was fired for kneeling but for a different reason. >> a legal set back for the praying coach. the judge says the school doesn't have to rehire him. he was fired for refusing to stop praying for players after the game. he is suing the district for violating his relaying gus liberty. colin kaepernick says he welcomes protestors. if someone follows through on their threat it would only prove their point about racial injustice.
2:25 am
tim teeb bow weighing in says he will keep his feelings to himself but there's a right way and wrong way to stand up for what you believe in. feel free to wipe your feet. >> one way to get your message across. >> a christian school in alabama now apologizing after students combined about this pro donald trump banner as a player of briarwood christian school running through the paper that said make america great again. it created a hostile environment. signs don't represent its biblical principles. >> the time is 25 after the hour taking a donald trump slamming hillary clinton's terror talk. >> hillary clinton talks tougher about my supporters than she does about islamic terrorists. >> the debate press less than
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>> it is wednesday septembe september 21st. violence after a deadly police shooting and at least a dozen officers injured one hit in the face with a brick as hundreds of protester destroy cars. >> weapons of mass destruction, the accused bomber who terrorized two states facing federal charges. the investigation is far from over. the fbi now questioning his wife. >> the news leaving hollywood totally stunned. brad and angelina's bomb spell split, the lying, the spying,
2:30 am
the cheating claims. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> yesterday is far away. today is the day. good morning to you. welcome to "fox & friends first." i am heather childers. >> it is 30 after the hour. we want to get right to breaking news. a long and dangerous night hours after police kill a man they say aimed a gun at them. >> 59 are at least a dozen officers are injured including one hit in the face with a brick. >> jackie ibanez is live with more. >> it can only be described as absolute chaosment 100 people taking over charlotte for hours.
2:31 am
they took down cargo trucks and set things on fire. shattered glass as looters take over the store. rioters jumping on top of a police cruiser. officers forced to deploy tear gas on the crowd. reporter also hurt in all of the chaos. the protest broke out hours after police shot and killed 43-year-old keith lamont scott. officers were looking for another man what they saw scott get out of his car holding a gun. >> as they engaged him, he is armed with a hand gun that we found as well, made some eminent threat to them and because of that at least one of our officers were shot. >> the family claims he was holding a buck not a gun and he is disabled. the officer who pulled the trigger is on administrative
2:32 am
leave this morning. >> such an unsettling night. thank you for that. >> another fox news alert chilling new surveillance video showing a terror suspect dragging a suitcase moments before a bomb went off in new york city. ahmad rahami with a tangled web in his family. good morning. what are you hearing? >> good morning. he faces 15 federal and state charges including weapons of mass destruction and tame presidented murder charges. it showed him rolling a suitcase and moments later another video you see him walking without it. we have learned that pressure cooker bomb found on 27th street that did not go off contained 12
2:33 am
fingerprints matching rahami and cell phone matching it believed to be rahamis in which they were favored. another cell phone shows him laughing while igniting an incendiary device two-days before the bombings. federal court papers showed had he made his bombs using materials bought on ebay. he kept a handwritten journal. his wife left the bomb country a week before. rahami's mother reportedly left for turkey three weeks ago and has not come back. born in afghanistan the 28-year-old made frequent trips to afghanistan and pakistan. he grew a beard and started
2:34 am
praying in the back of the restaurant. his father called said he feared his son was feared to be radicalized. he struck his mother and stabbed his brother. >> you called the fbi and told them he was radicalized. what did they say? >> the fbi opened up a guardian file. sources tell fox they did not interview rahami themselves. the question is could this have been prevented and did he get help and was he directed by a larger organization to do these bombs. >> brian is life for us. candidates causing key swing states with the first debate
2:35 am
five days away. garrett tenney with a preview. >> it will be the most watched presidential debate ever and could draw as many viewers as the super bowl. the timing is significant as well with the polls showing this race is clearly tightening. hillary clinton will be campaigning today. donald trump is clearly within the polls margin of error. while clinton was off the campaign trail to prep for it saying hillary clinton is taking the day off again she needs the rest. sleep well, hillary. you have to debate. trump also went after clinton's refer gee policies during the rally of the key swing state of
2:36 am
north carolina. a oo my opponent has the most open borders policy as any one ever to seek the office of presidency. hillary clinton's plan would bring in 630,000 refugees in the first term alone with no effective way to screen or vet that. >> last night trump's campaign manager kelly ann conway gave us a preview of how trump is preparing himself for the debate and what the strategy would be. >> he prepares all of the time. he's a brilliant businessman taking in pieces of information weighing consequences and options. he saw where in the polls he won. his answers are concise and confident. >> trump heads to ohio where he leads hillary clinton by one point in the fox news poll. hillary clinton tries to keep
2:37 am
her lead from declining>> the time is 37 after the hour. more on that fox news alert. violence in charlotte. protestors throwing bricks at cops. we are lye outside the wal-mart next. >> plus rules of the road for self-driving cars. what the feds are doing to avoid more crashes like this. if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one. ♪ the highly advanced audi a4, with available virtual cockpit.
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2:41 am
wal-mart where out of control protestors looted a store. >> that protest ended up happening and spilling on to the interstate. that is when the police department stepped in and used tear gas to get people off the highway and off the expressway. they have headed to this wal-mart. this was a couple of hours ago when this happened. let me step out of the way so you can see what's going on at this time. protestors headed to the wal-mart. it was closed at the time. they busted the glass windows yees have now cleaned up. i spoke to one employee who said they took the technology. i saw a flat screen being carried from the parking lot back to the store. glass was broken they placed the
2:42 am
wooden pallets here. they were used to secure this wal-mart. you can see grocery carts now. they are using this to create a barricade so any one traveling any one trying to come to the wal-mart they would be able to use a barricade and send a clear message they are closed. a few minutes ago there were police out here dressed in riot gear. they were the first form of defense for wal-mart. they have been sent home. i spoke to the deputy chief of the police department. she was telling us she wanted to send them home since things seemed to be quieting down around the city. there weren't any protests going on at the time. sheep wants them to prepare for another day. she wants them to be able to prepare for 12-hour days tomorrow. she wants them to also be preparing for the night.
2:43 am
obviously the city hoping for a peaceful night. however they are bracing for the worst this morning. that is the latest as you can see this wal-mart doing test best to secure itself. thank you so much. >> the race for the white house not a good look for the clintons 47 days until election day. the clinton foundation honoring the wife of a convicted terrorist. from pal stain speaking at the global initiatives dinner last night abouter had, would as a teacher. her husband served ten years in prison for helping to make bombs that killed 6 innocent israelis back in 1980. donald trump's campaign releasing this statement saying in part. the don't significance to honor the wife of a terrorist by the hillary clinton foundation shows a complete lack of judgment and cal lolousness that should disqualify her from holding the
2:44 am
presidency. >> getting an unexpected laugh. crist asked if he couwould voter hillary clinton. >> the thing i like most about her i believe she is steady and strong and i believe she is honest. (laughter) >> you can hear there that crowd laughing after he called clinton honest. >> speaking of things that are interesting. the government ready to hit the road with new rules for driverless cars. will it speed up or slow down the new technology? >> brett larson from fox is here to explain. always good to see you. >> always good to be here. a few months after the safety of driverless cars after an accident caused by a tesla. the administration and white
2:45 am
house rolling out the rules for awe tan -- autonomous cars they can communicate on the road and they are safe for you and i to be behind the dash board since we are not going to be behind the wheel any more. >> we put forward the first federal policy on automated vehicles. taking us from the horseless carriage to a driverless car. >> he referred to the policy as a living document. it ensures the government doesn't get left in the rearview mirror as technology speeds along faster than law americas ks keep up. there's a 15 point safety assessment letter that needs to be submitted to explain the technology and address safety issues including siesh security. this is an interesting note here. with so many hacks into our phones and e-mail imagine what
2:46 am
your car can tell hackers it is post gazette saying they have potential for safer more accessible driving and roads he added we have to get it right. >> headlining the news this morning is how in the world the terrorist in new jersey slipped through the fbi. it is not the first time it happened. maybe 10 incidents. >> a lot of dots were not
2:47 am
connected regarding the guy out in jersey. the president is made it clear at the united nations we want more immigrants to come in. more refugees and things like that. in the last two years, end time terrorism slipped through the u.s. immigration process. we have a map that shows you where some of the people who have had isis connections had come into the united states. the big question is, if the administration wants so many people to come into the united states, are they sure that these people are not terrorists. the answer is, not 100 percent. >> it is alarming stuff. look forward to that segment. see you guys soon. >> all right ladies. see you. >> i saw a stat yesterday where for the first time the number of muslim immigrants coming in is more than the number of christian immigrants coming in. >> wow. >> we will be right back. stay with us. {off-line}
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♪ well, this may be a fitting song. it's the breakup that broke the internet and stunned hollywood yesterday. brangelina kaumg it quits. >> just a little hint. rumors of cheating and drug abuse swirling. fox news headlines. sirius xm 115 here with the latest. what happened? >> this is bumming me out. >> i know. >> for more than a decade, they've been hollywood's hottest couple. but brad pitt and angelina jolie broke the news that broke our hearts. announcing their hollywood love affair is over. >> she was mesmerizing.
2:52 am
she was unpredictable. now there's no mystery. >> this huge space between us that just keeps filling up. >> as news that angie filed for divorce quickly consumed the nation, so did rumors that it was because of brad's substance abuse. he's even accused of having an affair with his co-star marian coe dard. jolie hired a private investigator. they're saying the rumors are not true. the split may not be as amica e amicable. jolie is seeking full physical custody and joint legal custody of their children citing irreconcilable differences. the situation is already starting to take an ugly turn. according to tmz, brad is furious with angie for making news of their split public and the a-lister accusing their soon
2:53 am
to be ex-wife putting their kids in danger by attracting a whirlwind of paparazzi attention. the other big question, how is jennifer aniston taking the news? this cover of the new york post seems to say it all. brad left jennifer for angelina jolie back in 2004. the split was not a pritt one. >> she said she's not surprised. what she's surprised is that they lasted this long. >> well, the couple is insisting their split is just about the kids. saying there is no one else involved and there are no plans for brad to go to rehab. >> #winning for jennifer aniston. she looks pretty good right now. this is a big shocker. they were solid for over a decade. >> married two years ago. >> maybe it's the romantic in me. but he was married to jen anderson when he started seeing angelina. they deny it. on the set of a crime drama.
2:54 am
now he's accused of cheating once again with a co-star on the set of a crime drama. >> joint physical custody, carly, that's an interesting sign. >> that means that she wants the kids to just live with her. she is grant -- she's allowing visitation rights for brad pitt but that physical custody, you're right, is a pretty big deal. >> the six kids should be the focus. >> george clooney was surprised about it. he didn't even know. he's one of their best friends. >> we'll see if george is next. >> i hope not. >> never know. >> wool over your eyes. >> five minutes to the top of the hour. a close call caught on camera, the heart stopping moments a stunt pilot comes inches from losing his head. and some breaking breakfast news. mcdonald's finally making changes that you've been waiting for. constipated?
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before you leave the house, here's what's happening. the mayor of charlotte, north carolina, calling for calm after a dozen officers were injured in violent riots overnight. more than 100 people looting stores, shutting down roads after police shot and killed a man who they say pointed a gun at them. the mylan ceo who jacked up prices of the epipens is going to testify before congress. joe manchin will explain the
2:59 am
increase to the u.s. house of representatives oversight committee. mcdonald's, all-day breakfast goes nationwide. griddles, mcmuffins, hash browns and more a available at all 16,000 locations day and night. it's time to do the good, the bad and the ugly. >> a little boy a hero for saving his grandfather from a heart attack. he fell asleep earlier nan usual. his 4-year-old grandson jumped on him to wake him up to play. thankfully, he did because he wasn't sleeping. mother nature crashing a wedding. >> an enormous tree sending a bridegroom and guests running for cover in kentucky. no one was injure ugly. some pilot narrowly escaping death at an air show in reno. >> the pilot seconds away from
3:00 am
hopping out of his formula one plane after engine problems. another jet missed red warning flags to stop. but he will be okay. that's a look at what's happening. now time to take it to "fox and friends." have a great day. bye. good wednesday morning to you and your family. it's september 21st. i'm ainsley earhart, we have a fox news a lefrmt protests in charlotte, north carolina after a deadly officer-involved shooting. [ bleep ]. >> they were thrown with rocks and a brick in the face, setting fires and shutting down for hours. we're live with the breaking developments. meanwhile, new details about this terrorist. he had a jihad journal as we get survei


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