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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 21, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> see you back here in an hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. harris: we begin with this fox news alert. chaos in charlotte, north carolina, after a black man was shot dead by police. officers used tear gas to try to break up the violent demonstrations while people hurled bottles and bricks at police. at least 12 officers hurt. cars destroyed. trucks looted. interstate was shut down. some in the black community tying it into strength of deaths of black people at hands of police. how to heal america divided this is "outnumbered." host of "kennedy," fox business's kennedy. democratic strategist julie
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roginsky. gillian turner, today's #oneluckyguy, iraq and afghanistan war veteran, pete hegseth is outnumbered. >> thanks for having me. harris: as i heard what we are opening up the show with. we have a lot of hard news. >> let's get to it. harris: let's get to it. the city of charlotte is on edge. city leaders pleading for calm, violent protests broke out after shooting after black man by a black police officer. the family of 43-year-old keith lamont scott say he was not armed. police say he was armed and refused their commands to drop his weapon. what happens in charlotte on heals of another controversial police shooting in friday. outrage at killing of 43-year-old terrence crutcher by a female police officer, who says she thought he was reaching for his pocket if carrying a weapons and refused to follow her commands. turns out crutcher was not armed. jonathan serrie is in charlotte.
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jonathan? reporter: i'm standing in the driveway of the apartment complex where the shooting went down. on the pavement you can see markings showing exactly where the shooting took place. officers why requiring to serve a warrant on an unrelated suspect when they noticed this man, keith lamont scott. the police chief says his officers felt threatened, listen. >> mr. scott, as i said, exited his vehicle armed with a handgun. as the officers continued to yell at him to drop it. he stepped out, posing a threat to the officers, and officer brently vinson subsequently fired his weapon striking the subject. reporter: that shooting sparked a whole sires of protests. they began peacefully. some protests got out of hand when some demonstrators began throwing rocks and bottles at police. at least a dozen officers were injured. protesters are upset what they
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say is pattern of police using excessive force against black citizens. in the charlotte case the police officer identified in the shoot something actually african-american. protesters say that does not mitigate what happened. >> you're exactly right. and it don't matter, whether black or white, he was in blue. reporter: at one point the protesters block ad portion of interstate 85. police had to temporarily shut down the interstate. they managed to clear protesters well in advance of the morning rush hour. city leaders are calling for calm dialogue to replace last night's violence. the protesters say they will be back out near city hall and police headquarters this evening but they say those demonstrations will be peaceful. harris? sandra: jonathan, thank you very much. as we come out to talk about this, kennedy i want to start with you. there was a news conference in charlotte. i don't know if you caught some much it off the top. nation of islam leaders were there.
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there was a question that was asked, at least when you looked at black media is there a divide knit black community, what do we do about that because this police officer was african-american? kennedy: brings up one of the most interesting divisions. what we saw with the police chief in dallas talk about. instead of taking to the streets, come to the department and there are a lot of black cops in this country. when they are involved in shootings like this, there is a divide, they are placed in a completely different section. it is no longer, you know people of the same color and the same community reaching out, trying to do a better job of policing perhaps neighborhoods they grew up in. now if you are a cop, and you are involved in one of these shootings, people extremely vocal like some of the people at the press conference, then you are now part of the blue squad. harris: right. it's the blue now. >> well, yeah, and it should be. it shouldn't be about black or white. it is blue.
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you have to put yourself in the shoes of that police officer in that moment, that black police officer, that female police officer. effectively what they have are non-compliant individuals, who are suspected one reason or another. that is where the black community, the motive because they're black they're suspected. you can't get inside of the head of police officer. in contentious situation. another one they had a gun. much larger suspect than a female suspect is going towards a vehicle. these police officers make split-second decisions every single day. to hear community leaders call for more rioting, protesting, that was last night it was lawlessness. harris: is that what you heard? >> nation of islam leader talked about a economic boycott and more violence on streets. the black police officer, said he with will enforce the law. black people deserve it just like white people. harris: this is my criticism with the colin kaepernick and hashtagging all of that gone on
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leading up to these points now. the real issues, gillian are not being dealt with. if there are questions about certain police officers and how they deal with things, are we focusing on getting unity together or are we just hashtagging ourselves? >> that is the key. i don't want to sound like a care bear here, but unity is the key. what happens in the wake of these incidents the focus is not on what actually took place but on looting and on lawlessness in the streets of these small towns. on cars being stolen. really, people have to at a certain point hear the community leaders stand up and say violence and looting and going out into the streets is not the answer. that's going to undermine all of your objectives when it comes to trying to bring about racial inequality if you're the "black lives matter" movement. harris: the black president we have right now has waded into some of these issues along the way. what should president obama do now, julie? julie: he should echo exactly
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what gillan said, no matter how outraged violence is not the answer, looting is not the answer. violent protests are not the answer. i find it interesting in some quarters people are more outraged about colin kaepernick taking the knee then they are about an unarmed black man being shot in tulsa. >> that is false narrative. >> i don't know this narrative is false. you're suggesting the narrative -- >> been false in many instances in the "black lives matter" movement. the truth doesn't matter. hands weren't up. that should matter. >> in some instances they were born out to be right much. so the point here we all need to wait and see what happens. we don't know what happened in tulsa. tulsa was more complicated. it was unarmed black man. this police officer -- harris: female. >> she felt he was reaching forge something. he wasn't reaching for a gun. >> hold on. you can't let that go. if she is telling him to stop and this is big dude, black or white, big dude, walking back to his car and saying stop and he is walking backward --
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>> that is narrative. >> there is videotape. i watched it. harris: kennedy. kennedy: quickly, because it seems like, you know, first of all, we have to be able to separate these instances. as rational observers we have to be able to say what happened in tulsa is different than what happened in charlotte. different circumstances. there were different victims. there were different police officers involved and here in tulsa the problem that i have is the bad communication between the officers because if one is using lethal force and other is using a taser or stun gun, then they're not talking to each other. >> can't get inside the police officer that view -- kennedy: they have to get inside each other's heads with bert communication. we have to be able to have the conversation. >> people perceive threats differently. julie: cop pulls me over and doesn't assume i'm a threat and shoots. you assume every time -- >> put their lives on the line
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for us and you can't relate unless you have been there. doesn't know what he pulled out of the car. julie: getting shot with absolutely no compunction -- harris: speaking to that issue, statistic more whites are shot and killed by police officers. let me finish than blacks are. >> if cop tells you stop, stop. if you don't stop and reach into the window. that is problem. julie: that is cop's assertion. >> a pretty zare assertion. kennedy: you don't think police officers are trained to communicate with one other using force? >> i do as platoon leader people presume threats differently. you can't get inside everybody's head. harris: put a button on this. you bring this up. we have a lot of members of our military coming back. some of them choosing to serve in different police departments. some of that tactical strategy and information sharing will be something needed in the police department. >> we can do better. harris: not just to fight
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terrorism, exactly what kennedy is doing, make sure you're watching your six and watching your neighbor in front of you an knowing what everybody else is doing. we don't know what happened in these instances. wait for the evidence. kennedy: for the record -- fox news alert. we're getting new information on the man accused of planting bombs around new york and new jersey. federal authorities filing terrorism charges against ahmad khan rahami. the criminal complaint he raged in a journal as what he viewed on american attacks for muslims. he looked for guidance from people like radical cleric anwar al-awlaki, killed in a drone strike in 2011 and usama bin laden. his arrest marks four attacks carried out since last september by american citizens that spent time in afghanistan, pakistan or saudi arabia. rahami visited afghanistan and pakistan several times. the orlando nightclub shooter went to saudi arabia and philadelphia police attacker and the san bernanadino killer.
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obviously, pete, this is something that all of these terrorists have in common. so, what can law enforcement do? what can the fbi do better to figure out the motivations and possible radicalization? what can they do to get to the heart of radicalization before these events take place? >> first of all all of these underscored how overwhelmed our intelligence agencies truly are the volume of information, volume of travel and the volume of threat. because somebody goes to saudi arabia, could be part of a hajj, doesn't mean they will be a terrorist. but you make multiple visits to quetta or afghanistan -- >> what if you're from there? >> we don't know where they go once they get there that's the problem, if you're from there. what i heard from a lot of fbi agents and others people talk, sounds like a talking point, political correctness ties hands of law law enforcement official. that they may be accused being
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islamophobic. harris: citizens feel that way too. kennedy: say hypothetically that this terrorist's father called the fbi and said my son is up to no good. he is stabbed my other son and he hit my wife. julie: says hypothetically the fbi said, hypothetical is the word. harris: tell our audience that -- julie: we're all laughing because it is not hypothetical. what makes no sense to me not that the fbi didn't do due diligence and investigated that he is not a suspect but to your point, pete, we are overwhelmed. so many people travel this way. so many people go back to the homeland. he is from afghanistan. he was seven-year-old immigrant who came here from afghanistan. his father had fought on the side of mujahadeen which trained a lot of terrorists but was on our side when the mujahideen was in existence in the '70s and 80s.
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what do you do with somebody like that. he is entitled to due process. if you profiled him what could you have done? to me the question is you're not radicalized and not a terrorist until you commit a terror attack. harris: just to kind of complete what you're saying, he was radicalized to the point people were noticing it when he was coming home. you are radicalized when you are. the question when do you take action? there is a news conference going on right now. the fbi is distributing the following poster. pop it up. i hope we got it together. seeking information on two individuals spotted on surveillance camera recordings along one of the streets where that unexploded device was here in chelsea, the chelsea neighborhood of manhattan. their advisory notes that these individuals re moved the unexploded pressure cooker device from a piece of luggage. leaving behind the device and taking luggage with them. it is not immediately clear if they are associated with rahim my.
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that is information. we're watching news conference happening right now in in new york city. they start to release information we'll bring it to you live. this is really interesting, pete. >> it sure is. you don't pull a pressure cooker out of a piece of luggage and not say something. we have a see something, say something problem in the muslim community, that is what ask comes down to. if people saw the red flags, this guy is plotting something or saying something, that is problem. sandra: if they called the fbi -- >> seeing it in real time, call that out in real time. if america is your country and your allegiance is to america -- kennedy: maybe our national security apparatus is overrun we're spying on too many people and not focusing on bad guys. perhaps the net is too wide. what is not wide? the length and width of the time making up how many days we are away from the first presidential debate. that is five days. now reports hillary clinton is pressing for a tale of two donalds.
9:15 am
two donald trumps. wow he is hitting her on her stamina once again. what could we expect monday night. protests outside of the white house. family members of 9/11 victims calling on president obama to sign a bill that would let them sue saudi arabia for the attacks. he plans to veto it but should he? after the show, join our live chat, click on overtime tab at i did it. you can do it. go to of course you can tweet us. we will see you there.
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♪ harris: the first presidential debate just five days away. hillary clinton reportedly lightening her load on the campaign trail to prepare for the race-off against two
9:20 am
donald trumps, two. i thought we only knew of one? "the wall street journal" explaining quote, hillary clinton is preparing for two different foes in monday's presidential debate. on message, disciplined donald trump, and, a free-wheeling more provocative donald trump. in mock debates and closed-door sessions that last hours we're told, mrs. clinton and her top advisors are prepping ways to use mr. trump's own words against him. meanwhile, trump is tweeting hillary clinton is taking the day off again. he means yesterday. she needs the rest. sleep well, hillary. see you at the debate. in factual fairness mrs. clinton had a bought of pneumonia her staff said. she was off the trail for several days. she worked four or five. she had taken yesterday off. you get that tweet. he is furthering that narrative of what? >> the unfit narrative which he has, hasn't directly -- harris: physically,. >> unfit what do you mean? unfit to be, perfect con flash
9:21 am
shun. what are you fit for. hillary clinton is smart to prepare for two donald trumps. we have seen two donald trumps at different debate. i wonder if he uses "crooked hillary" straight to her face. that's what i want to know. harris: have we seen more the former, is he far more disciplined? kennedy: he is far more on message since hiring new team. we talked about this on the couch. the teleprompter speeches are a little bit more boring and helping him in the polls. she is not doing herself any favors. i think, she, it will take her a herculean feat in order to over come the health questions buried in people's minds. people sit at home, wonder, huh? maybe something really is wrong with her? i heard that conversation from hillary supporters. i heard that from democrats who still plan on voting for her, but the seeds of doubt have been planted. harris: we heard from hillary's
9:22 am
own mouth donald trump, as she describes him as a man can be taunted with a tweet, i'm paraphrasing her now. does she concentrate so much on provocative donald and not enough what kennedy said, the one we've seen most of lately, disciplined. >> say five days before the debate, donald trump will be declared winner of this debate on monday, because all he needs to do not fall down on his face, media look at donald trump he is doing so well. >> i don't believe that. harris: because he is not a politician? >> because the bar for him and expectations him for him is so low all he has to do clear little bar. harris: he hasn't done this before? >> he did it 100 times during the primaries. harris: not the same going against hillary clinton. >> why is it not the same? he had a ton much practice during the primary. harris: one of them was their party's nominee. she is supposed to be at top of her martie. >> he had pretty good people debated and chris christie and marco rubio. he cleaned up with them. >> he has to prepare for two hillarys. look at the response she gave
9:23 am
saturday in the midst of chelsea bombings here down the street. i remember, i think she gave her, she spoke to the press on her plane right between the 23rd and 27th street devices going off. she was very, her tone was, well, let's wait and see. we don't have any facts. next day after she had time to mull it over, came out guns blazing for first time we're going to get isis. harris: she has a plan to get isis. >> she will vet refugees now. >> not exactly a sure thing what he will get. kennedy: he is accusing her of copying him on tone and even some visuals as she puts her hill force one behind her. that remains to be seen. i think race has plenty of pendulum swings left in it. i think debates will be critical. >> we'll find out monday how worried they are. how offensive she goes and plays four corner offense and delay. harris: doug schoen, one much our fox news contributors, worked in the white house for
9:24 am
six years and knows the clinton very well, he said that switch you saw and her response to the bombings here in new york was indicative of the fact she is looking at the message that is first out by donald trump and making a shift. that is his opinion. we'll move on. be sure to tune into "hannity" tonight, i always do, sean host as townhall with donald trump focusing on the republican nominee's outreach to black voters. mr. trump will take questions from the audience. there will be some special guests. tonight 10:00 p.m. eastern, right here on fnc. your night is made. pop your corn. many democrats predicted donald trump would be taken down by this point in the election cycle. a new poll shows hillary clinton is slipping in some key battle states, battleground states as the race tightens. her campaign strategy, is it working or falling short. new allegations of pay-to-play after a report found clinton gave state department appointments to nearly 200 political donors. more next.
9:25 am
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♪. kennedy: welcome back. you are enjoying "outnumbered." we're enjoy having you. we're awaiting a hillary clinton campaign event in florida where new poll shows her lead is shrinking in the crucial battleground state. monmouth poll shows the democratic nominee ahead by five points, 46-41.
9:30 am
that is down from a nine-point lead. that was just last month. polls show other swing states tightening as well, raising new questions about clinton to stick to traditional playbook. that strategy didn't work fork trump's gop rivals and not working for her. former aid to senator ted cruz everybody in the primary at one point or another take donald trump down. the way you take someone down says absurd things, none of them worked. she is trying to do more of the same, more of the same isn't working. julie, this is what you do for a living. julie: it is. kennedy: you are a democratic strategist. if hillary clinton called you right now on the julie roginsky bat phone, what would you answer, what would you say. julie: i'm on the air, take your phone call this is discussion is better than any advice. keep doing what you're doing because of reasons you're talking about last week. campaigns are about two things. one is about message. she and trump are keeping on message effectively.
9:31 am
she is running incredibly negative ads against him. he is saying negative things about her. less crucial is sexy is organization. that is where her organizing advantage really works, in the sense they have identified their voters. they know who those voters are and they have mechanism to get them to the polls. that is a lot harder to do than people think. and that is something that the trump campaign i know kellyanne conway who is very good, i've known her for a long time. if she had one wish in the world, not speaking for her, would be to have the money and resources to have started earlier organizing in those states. harris: money he is not spending, going to rubber chicken dinners, down time he has, sometimes he spends it tweeting whatever, could very well make the difference for a woman who is obviously struggling now, a, physically, and b, spending millions an millions of dollars in negative advertising which he is hasn't having to pay for, constantly on tv. >> correct. harris: he has a different bully
9:32 am
pulpit he has. his is free a lot of times. he figured out one thing she can't do, is own the room, over and over and over. my question for you is, when does she change strategy? right after the debate? >> i don't know that she is changing strategy. i would advise her to stay more positive. she is doing ton of negative ads. harris: you say negative works. julie: negative works. kennedy: i think it works to his advantage. that is one of the things about this race, to your point, yeah, they're using a tried and true playbook. clintons love the '90s. i think sometimes with organization like that she has been running for president essentially since 2008, it becomes too much after bureaucracy, they're so weighed down they can't afford, they don't have the resources to be spontaneous. julie: answer that question real quickly to harris's point. not just message you're talking about. i'm tooking about modeling voters on the ground. >> every professional you talk to right on left points to data and ground game advantage hillary clinton has. no doubt.
9:33 am
kennedy: is that enough to win? this is different election. >> bring football analogy because my team is two-0, shameless plug to minnesota vikings. seems like your team, democrats is ahead been putting in prevent defense. donald trump is marching down the field. you might feel good you have a small lead. anxiety you're playing on your heels. if you sit on the old playbook, eventually pick a part offense. julie: i love you. don't use football analogy on me. i have no idea what you're talking about. harris: he is inside the red zone all the time. >> of course. all he has to do punch in a few. harris: on the goal line. >> i wouldn't want to be a team playing prevent defense. >> doing necessarily purposefully. he would like to have the money in the bank. i love the idea should he become the president, this set as great new precedent for race to the bottom. once someone can take the presidency for half a billion instead after billion dollars,
9:34 am
who doesn't love that. julie: they can't though. >> hard to recreate donald trump. harris: julie sticking to it. hillary clinton, oh, look, there is more. facing new questions of pay-to-play, julie won't like this, over her time at the state department. "washington examiner" report finding that 194 of clinton donors were named to advisory boards while she was secretary of state. she gave money to either the clinton foundation, her political campaigns or affiliated groups. those donors are presented, here is the number you have got to watch for, nearly 40% of the total 511 advisory appointments that clinton gave. but the examiner points out, such appointments are not illegal or unprecedented. 40%, that number, nearly, 40, given to people who gave to the things she loved. does it matter? >> of course it matters. i think this is just part of the drip, drip, whether pay-to-play or email that will plague hillary clinton to the very end. later on we'll tell a story about word association. word association words we think
9:35 am
of her are email, pay-to-play, are foundation. this only adds to that. 40% of course. you donate you get what you want with the clintons. harris: gillian, you worked across two administrations. what the secretary of state does an how she chooses to do it, i would have imagine affect our national security? talk to me about that component and learning. >> of course it does and what i want to say now is that i don't want to be on the side of defending this because i'm not supportive of it but what i do want to point out is that we're kind of assuming an inverse correlation here, right? what if the people who gave money to the clinton foundation actually work on already and believe in the issues that they're promoting? so when she becomes secretary of state -- kennedy: like interior designer from arkansas ends up on the unesco board? >> you can parse it apart. kennedy: contrast paisley and stripes is critical for helping
9:36 am
those that need across the globe. >> all of those people we need a good demographic breakdown who the people are what they did. and we don't have. harris: what their backgrounds in. >> then the semblance much impropriety is simply that, a semblance. harris: optics of it. one thing they had in droves that the other perhaps of that list of 511 did not, julie, was access to her in the state department. that is really the optic, gillian, people have been most critical b they feel like if you pay do you get to play more with hillary? >> i don't think the wording of, political posts or ambassadorial posts tied to fund-raising is just limited to hillary clinton. harris: heavens no. just because other people do it -- julie: it is interesting, $258,000 of donald trump's charity given to settle his business lawsuits. that is illegal. that is illegal. that is not something that, you know, doesn't look good. that is a blatant violation.
9:37 am
harris: has he spoken about that? >> he refuses to address the issue. broke in the "washington post" yesterday. reality is, that is a violation of the law. you have a congresswoman from florida who just got indicted for the same thing. the question to me is, that's a violation of the law. what we're talking about here a practice none of us may support but happens consistently across administrations. let's not say -- kennedy: let me say something quickly to that you're absolutely right. he is not as skilled of a liar as the clintons are. julie: won't address it. kennedy: with this stuff, you guys are right. happens with other administrations. happens with both parties. >> not that is happens. that is the way everything works. kennedy: that is the way everything works, doesn't make it okay. i guess the difference with donald trump, the hope he started candidacy, finally you would have a candidate whose campaign was not bought and paid for by rich people seeking access. julie: but it. >> is that revelation it was not bought and paid for seeking access. he is businessman that does
9:38 am
things that businessmen do. julie: illegal. >> i'm not saying it is okay. in minds of voters look what hillary clinton did, more corruption. donald trump, businessman. julie: he is not taking money from donors? you're saying donald trump is not taking money from big donors. >> not changing his views. julie: let's not pretend the mercers huge republican donors are not expecting something in turn. he is paying for their vendor services. give me a break. harris: demanding that president obama sign a bill that would allow families of 9/11 victims sue saudi arabia over the attacks. the white house says that will not happen. and those families are not happy. >> the president looks like he is going to veto this bill and friday he has to veto. and if he does, he will show he is with the saudis instead of 9/11 families and the american people.
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♪ >> welcome back. president obama and congress are set for a showdown over the so-called 9/11 bill. families of 9/11 victims protesting outside of the white house yesterday calling on mr. obama to sign the measure. the measure would allow americans to sue saudi arabia for its alleged connections or connection to the september 11th attacks. saudi arabia was home of the 15 of the 19 hijackers and home of wahibi form of islam emanated from there as well. some accuse the saudi government supporting them directly or indirectly. some supporters would say it is powerful deterrent against terrorism. president obama said it could dangerously undermine united states interests worldwide. congress may override the veto and some democrats are showing cracks in the support for the measure. there are two powerful sides.
9:44 am
white house saying it could underminus. victims say saudi had a role. how do you look at this? >> the way i look at it is a big deal in congress. senate will stay in session until they get it done. because this is so emotional on the one hand, everybody sides with the victims of 9/11. we all want them to get redressed from the saudis but the problem with this legislation is the long-term impacts and president obama's position which i happen to agree with in this case, this set as bad precedent. actually in the long term will make americans more vulnerable to foreign lawsuits. that opens up can of worms we can't control. >> unpack that, americans vulnerable to foreign lawsuits. not just whether americans can sue -- >> that there will be reciprocity here. if we do that in foreign countries the same will happen here. let's say you served in the military, do you want to be sued for something that happened on battlefield 10 years ago by afghan, pakistani? there is rolling consequences here is the problem. harris: one of the things that
9:45 am
our government does to make sure we don't get into these situations where people are able to sue companies and countries and so on, so forth because of what happens militarily when we hit a village, we know this dating all the way back to vietnam, there is remuneration happens right there instantly. we may rebuild, may compensate families. we know this happened. you served. >> of course. harris: that prevents some blowback if you will legally from families who may have gotten droned accidentally or whatever might have happened. the problem with this that really gets complicated we were hit in unprecedented fashion. this isn't like there was some mistake that was made and we can go into a village to try to do a make-good, which there is never is. kennedy: you're absolutely right. the intent behind that is so clear. i look at these families and i look at saudi arabia and i think we should be so dubious of the kingdom of saudi arabia and they certainly don't have our best interests in mind and you know,
9:46 am
what more are we going to put these families through as country? to appear we're not supporting them. i think there is something vastly different between actors on a battlefield and a country and, there are people there who have been shielded from real examination by these administrations and this government for whatever reason, and it is unacceptable. >> who draws that line going forward? julie: let me second what kennedy said. before we talk about any lawsuits the government needs to be very clear what saudi arabia's involvement was. we still do not know. it has now been many years. harris: how about the 28 pages not redacted? could we learn from that, those classified pages we should see? julie: it is 15 years since the terrorist attack took place. time the government let the american people know exactly what saudi involvement is, and we could talk about a potential lawsuit or not depending what the saudi role was. the problem for me continues to be, the previous administration and this administration in very bipartisan manner shielded very
9:47 am
bad behavior of kingdom of saudi arabia. harris: why? >> because they're an ally. but at some point, but at some point you have to acknowledge that your ally is export more terrorism than your enemy, iran or anybody else ever could. saudis are on par with iranians exporting terrorism. harris: this administration decided redacted but you can't see everything. >> this administration has been a lot tougher on the saudis than its last predecessor. president george w. bush, i commend him for had a personal relationship. i traveled with him to the kingdom in 2008. we all saw first-hand with king abdullah the way they interacted. that was a partnership we had then. today i think president obama is chafing under the legacy of that. >> also emboldened iran in the process. julie, i do like it when i agree with you. julie: excellent. >> outstanding. we'll move on to an eye-opening new survey that they associate words like email and lie with hillary clinton but words like
9:48 am
speech and president with donald trump. what these clues reveal how americans really view the two candidates. that's next. ♪ [ crowd noise ] whoa. [ gears stopping ] when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. try this. but just one aleve has the strength to stop pain for 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6. so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve.
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harris: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first to jenna lee what is coming up with the second hour of "happening now." hey there, jenna. >> fbi wants to question two men in relation to the weekend chelsea terror attack. we should learn at a news conference at 1:00 p.m. we'll have it live. 47 days to the election. both campaigns are in full swing. poles tightening. we're awaiting donald trump in an event in toledo, ohio. we're awaiting hillary clinton. she is off the trail doing debate prep. we're expecting her in orlando, florida. we have breaking numbers. and which party will control u.s. senate and we don't want to forget about congress. harris: they don't want us to forget about them either. they're persnickety like that.
9:53 am
jenna, thank you. >> new words like email, lie, health, speech, scandal, foundation dominate what americans heard about hillary clinton over past two months. by contrast words linked to donald trump, speech, president, immigration, mexico, convention, campaign and even obama are more varied. based on his campaign activities and his statements. while clinton has been attacking trump on character, the poll finds no specific words negative traits stuck to him way word like scandal and lie have to clinton. harris: because the conversation about the clintons has been going on for decades with those same words. they have stickiness on them. >> there is a lot of time for people, they're not just googling last two months. this is going on and on. harris: from what i've seen. >> thankfully that doesn't apply to the rest of us. if we had to dive by our google search terms. harris: i would be gangly. julie: thanks, wikipedia, i
9:54 am
don't know who wrote that but i will take it. harris: this is awkward for hillary clinton because you're spending how much money? northward of $50 million on negative ads of donald trump. they're like my favorite egg pan, no stick. for her lots of stick. kennedy: what is interesting though, people are actually much more influenced by the things that they seek out. on search engines like google as opposed to political ads that people have really grown numb to. and so it is interesting because after the 9/11 memorial collapse that she had, if you went online searching for video, she has a digital team that, they use something called search engine optimization, mco, very clever acronym. basically a way of controlling what people see about you on search engines. even with that, even with her team doing that and trying to move and delete things and move them way down in search posts people are putting things in
9:55 am
like health, and liar. >> do they offer a subscription service for private citizens? kennedy: for a few million dollars you could have couple of your people given immunity from prosecution. harris: what also fascinates me about this? you always hear the qualms about how much time republican candidates just in general, not just for president, how much time republican lawmakers get in the media and the type of press that they get. hillary clinton you could argue, has gotten very positive when you look on whole. email scandal has been covered but not nearly as much as her walking to chipotle and double rollout of her campaign. >> you really believe that? >> in general she receives overwhelming and fawning coverage. julie: i disagree. barack obama has. hillary clinton has not. >> barack obama got the biggest free pass any candidate ever said. julie: barack obama we agree. kennedy: for example, when the press loses patience with her, when they did after the 9/11
9:56 am
fall because she didn't tell them for 90 minutes, that's when they turned on her. julie: they lose patience from her since day one. she has been more maligned last 25 years than any politician. harris: take a poll. who do you think got most positive press? i will look at my phone. we'll be right back. stay close. the lights go out. people get anxious and my office gets flooded with calls. so many things can go wrong. it's my worst nightmare. every second that power is out, my city's at risk. siemens digital grid manages and reroutes power, so service can be restored within seconds. priority number one is keeping those lights on. it takes ingenuity to defeat the monsters that live in the dark. you're not a firefighter, if you don't fight fires. or a coach, if you don't coach.
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harris: thanks to pete hegseth being here. in my "outnumbered" instapoll, more positive press, trump or clinton.
10:00 am
right now clinton leading by 64-36. whoa. what did you say. >> should be 94. harris: okay. you and julie will be so much fun on "outnumbered overtime." click that overtime tab. outnumbered fnc. now "happening now."


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