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tv   On the Record With Brit Hume  FOX News  September 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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and "special report" online begins in seconds as well. we will keep this panel. you can ask questions. make comments and keep the computer on while you're watching brit. it's an amazing thing. hello and welcome back. with attention turning increasingly toward monday's debate the real clear politics polling tonight shows hillary where a lead of 1.9 points in a two-way race and 1. a points in a four way contest. both of those numbers notably up for her from yesterday. the betting odds slightly in trump's favor up 1 percentage point yesterday and she is down about the same. three new fox news state polls out tonight contain good news for mr. trump. he now leads in nevada, north carolina and ohio as you can see. for a sense of how this effects the all important electoral cej, here is fox news correspondent shannon bream. >> brand new fox news poll shows donald trump now enjoying modest leads over
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hillary clinton in nevada, north carolina, and ohio, let's take a look for other changes all across the country as we review our electoral college map where 270 remains the magic number to win the white house there have been some shifts. let's talk about those first and then tally up the nationwide total. both new hampshire up here and colorado out west. they have shifted from leaning democrat to toss-up, now meaning they could go either way. this also brings a shift in iowa where trump has been polling well it goes from a toss-up to leaning republican. and finally a change in minnesota. that moves from solidly democrat to leaning democrat. so where does that put us overall? the solidly democrat and leaning democrat states are the ones in dark blue and light blue they total 260. down 13 votes from last week. this week the toss-up states the yellow ones all over the map, they are at 108 vote that is up from 101 last week. and that's the red states they are viewed as solidly g.o.p. you see them through the heart of the country. that total there is 154,
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it's the same as last week. the leaning g.o.p. total is up from 10 to 16. you take the combined solid and leaning g.o.p. tally from last week, 164. this week it goes to 170. based on these numbers alone, clearly clinton has more avenues to getting to 270. for now the trend is moving in trump's favor. so we will see if that continues after the first debate on monday. >> shannon, thank you. this new fox news poll also asked about the senate races all through those states, nevada, north carolina, and ohio. the republican candidate now leads in all three. in nevada g.o.p. congressman joe heck is up 7 over former state attorney general catherine cortez masto in taking over for the retiring harry reid. in north carolina republican incumbent senator richard burr is 6 point lead over his challenger former state representative deborah ross. and in ohio rob portman has opened up a double digit lead over former democratic
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governor ted strickland. it was not long ago democrats looked almost certain to take control of the senate with only 10 of their seats up this year compared to 24 for the republicans. but that seems to be changing. for more on, this we turn to my old friend, professor larry sabato, director of the university of virginia senator for politics. hi, larry. >> hello, brit. >> what are you seeing out there as you look across at the map of as where they there are senate races in play? >> well, you summarized it well. what was once thought to be a pretty good shot at a minimum of 50/50 for the democrats. they are at 46 seats right now. 50/50 if they won the presidency and vice presidency would enable them to control the senate. i think it's much less certain. i agree with the poll that senator rob portman in ohio is all but safe. i think he will be reelected handily. senator richard burr in north carolina. there have been some polls
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that have had it tied. i have watched him for years. he finds a way to win. i think he will, again, even though north carolina is very competitive in the presidential contest. nevada, i would put a question mark on that one. simply because i have learned over the years you have to watch the size of the latino vote and often it doesn't show up in preelection polls. so, i would keep that personally a toss-up. but on the whole, right now, democrats do not have the 50 seats they need or 51 if they don't get the vice presidency to take control of the senate. >> you know, larry, going back to nevada for a moment, if you would, our polls showed when we asked voters out there to say what party they identified with, it ended up 40 democrat, 40% republican. there are people, i think, who would question that saying the nevada -- it's hard to imagine that republicans are tied with democrats just in terms of their shear numbers in nevada. what do you think about that? >> yeah.
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i would agree. except for one thing. your polls in ohio, north carolina, and nevada, essentially show the same thing. a tie close to a tie in party identification. go back to 2012, when president obama won his second term, the democrats had an edge in those three states of between 6% and 10%. in other words, a big democratic edge and that's one reason why obama won two of those three states. now, look, i think this is another indication that democrats are having a hard time, at least right now, energizing their activist, their base, that is the democrats' number one problem, that he something that hillary clinton and her team are going to have to work hard to correct between now and november 8th. the trump people are already energized. that's showing up not just in the state polls but also in some of the national surveys. >> yeah, that should really,
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obviously effect turnout. let me ask you another question. you often see polls criticized because, you know, readers look at a poll and they look at how many democrats are in it and how many republicans. and if it doesn't appear to correspond to their idea of what those states look like, they say the poll must -- the sample must be off. but that's not necessarily true, is it? >> no. no, it isn't at all. there is a very good research that suggests that the party that is not enthused will have fewer respondents to a poll. think of it this way. if you are a football fan, when you watch your team lose, are you going to read the sports pages the next day and find out more about the loss or are you going to give it a pass? most people just give it a pass. they don't want to know anymore. they know the team lost. so that has something to do with the way these polls are turning out right now. as shannon just suggested,
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hot heck knows after that first debate with 100 million people watching? >> yeah. and there is also the fact, i think, larry, that sometimes party identification and party registration each, party identification in particular is kind of loose in america. so, people tend to identify themselves with the party whose candidate they are supporting, right? >> yeah. i mean, although you have to also say the reverse is true. they go for the candidate representing their party. they have a partisan identity. they automatically lean to that side. and, look what's happened this year. trump at first had a real problem with republicans. he was getting only 60-some% of them. now he is up to 86. in some polls it's 90. gradually over the course of a campaign, partisans return to their party nominee. makes sense. >> all right, larry, thank you. the first presidential debate is just five days away. and like most everything else in this wild campaign, donald trump and hillary clinton are taking very
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different approaches to debate prep. fox news correspondent jennifer griffin has been with the clinton campaign today in florida. and she joins us from orlando. jennifer? >> hi, brit. we're in the middle of a summer rainstorm here in florida. but, hillary clinton is going to be taking a total of three days off this week for debate prep. i spoke to her communications director, jennifer palmeri here in florida. she explained they are prepping the candidate for two very different donald trumps. >> he can come on with a relatively genteel persona that is calm and, as we saw when he did the commander in chief forum a couple of weeks ago or he could come in very aggressive and be aggressive in a way that you would not normally see a presidential, you know, republican nominee. but. >> do you think she is taking too much time off the trail to prepare?
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because she is losing some momentum this week. >> so, i think the evidence would show that we are not losing momentum this week. she is making her case to the american people, one of the last opportunities that she has to do it on a big scale. and haven't ever had the experience where she is side by side with donald trump. >> the campaign says it believes the upcoming debate is the most important moment in the campaign. it will not say who is standing in to play donald trump. the best kept secret since her pick for vice president. since clinton is taking so much down time to prepare, her surrogates are out in force. campaign manager robbie muck on the usually friendly m b. >> was she disappointed that the president didn't act when the line was crossed? >> i think you would have to ask her about that question how she would character rides. >> you are here to speak for her robbie. you didn't discuss that at all. >> you will have to ask her about that question. that's about her policy i will leave it to her.
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>> we love you, buddy, but what are you here for if you can't answer basic questions? i mean, i don't know if there's -- i mean, we may be tiptoeing gary johnson territory here. if you don't know the answer to that basic of a question. >> president obama's former campaign manager david plouffe responded in a twitter crying foul saying that campaign managers are usually asked about the electoral map not to prescribe policy. aids also tell me, brit, that they expect the debate moderators to fact check the two candidates during the debate, suggesting that they expect them to call them out if either of them are lying. brit? >> jennifer, very interesting. that business about fact check something a big subject these days. thank you. indeed, next monday's presidential debate could be the most watched ever. and there may never have been more pressure on the moderator than this time. there has been a raging
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argument about the proper role of the moderator. some say the moderator should be unobtrusive and neutral leaving the candidates to fact check each other. others are calling for more moderator. march ideal fleischer is here. >> thank you. >> i old fashioned view moderators say stay out of the way. one candidate up there and she or he is telling one falsehood after another. it's too much to ask the one candidate to clean up after all of thamplet that's exactly what you ask a candidate to do. that's the role of the debate. if one candidate is not prepared or able to take on the other candidate and have facts or knowledge at his or her disposal, that's their responsibility and blame at their shoulder. trump says the deficit is a trillion and somebody says 600 billion. if they try to step in to put their thumb on the stale
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debate without turning it to the other candidate, they will play polarization of america and they have tens of millions of people on poet sides of the aisle. >> candy crowley had a bad experience which when she interveneintervened in 2012 andd the facts wrong. >> exactly right. >> if someone suggests the deficit is whatever it is and wildly out of kilter, the other candidate, you know, my experience with candidates preparing for debates is yeah, they are going to debate the other candidate but they also have a set of things they are trying to get across. >> that's right. >> if they have to spend all their time arguing about the alleged errors in the other candidate's presentation, they are going to forfeit some of the opportunities they have to make their points. doesn't that suggest more responsibility for the moderator? >> absolutely it does. if you are a moderator you don't want people the next day or the next night to say this was a debate between hillary clinton and the moderator or donald trump and the moderator.
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give a quick fact burst and get back to the debated. if the moderator puts herself in the position of throwing a flag, turn to the other candidate. >> how do you draw that line? so,. >> with, most of the time when politicians say things that other politicians call lies, it usually turns out that it's a gross exaggeration, that it's hyperbole, a overstatement rough and tumble part of the politics forever. how egregious does a factual misstatement have to be to be worthy of moderator challenge? >> i think if it's quick and factual and it's like in football, if there is no possible way that it could be anything other than that, irrefutable proof, then the moderator can step in and just say it but if hillary says, for example, that i did not send any emails that were marked classified at the time, if i'm the moderator i don't say to hillary. >> the fbi found otherwise. >> james comey says otherwise. i turn to donald trump and says she says she didn't
4:14 pm
send any at the time. is that what you understand? that's up to trump. same thing if donald trump says i always opposed the iraq war from the beginning the moderator should turn to hillary and up to hillary to make the case. the moderator is going to fall into journalistic quick sand and antagonism of the country and diminish the value of the debate if they try to play too heavy of a role. >> do you agree the moderators are under more pressure this year than have you ever seen. >> absolutely. they are under pressure because of what hillary tried to do after the previous interview with matt lauer and her own supporters and many the media are trying to raise the heat on the moderators and because of social media today and just the way the society is. everybody is criticized for everything. >> people -- more people have more of a voice than they have ever had. i can tell you from the tweets i do from doing this program they are ready to be as unfriendly as they feel sometimes. ari, always good to see you. thank you very much. right now let's speed read
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other news of politics. the embattled irs commissioner general koskinen told house committee today it would be improper, as he put it, to impeach him. he admitted that he had falsely told the committee that no irs emails had been destroyed after congress began investigating the targeting of conservative organizations. but he said he was unaware of that fact at the time. committee republicans seemed unsatisfied but it is far from clear. they have the votes to pass articles of impeachment, let alone to convict him in a trial before the senate. corey lewandowski, donald trump's former campaign manager and current cnn commentator is still on the trump payroll. lewandowski still receives monthly a stipend of $20,000 which will continue until the end of the year. the money is said to be severance pay. but lewandowski also has a nondisclosure agreement with the trump campaign that includes a clause forbidding him to disapparentl disparage t. >> speaking of hefty payments the clinton campaign burned through $50 million last month
4:16 pm
combine that with what the democratic party spent in august and the total comes up to $78 million. that is clinton's most expensive month to date. much of that money about $10 million per week is going towards advertising. in august the trump campaign and the rnc spent about $47 million. clinton's polling lead over donald trump by the way dropped average 4 points to 1.5 points during that month. and this is a fox news alert. a suspicious package containing a pressure cooker has been found in new york city. fox news is hearing a pressure cooker has been found inside. local media reports say no wires or cell phone were found inside that guess. the nypd has sent the bomb squad to the area on saturday night, of course, the pressure cooker bomb exploded in nearby manhattan. maawad rahami is behind bars. we are days away from the 2016 election. he has to win over
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a night of violence and protest has charlotte police on edge tonight. shooting of a black man by police officers sparked outrage rain. the family says he was unarmed but police said he had a gun. >> both donald trump and hillary clinton spoke about the violence today on the campaign trail. here is donald trump.
4:21 pm
>> as you know, i'm a tremendous believer in the police and law enforcement because we need that for ourselves. i must tell you i watched the shooting in particular in tulsa. and that man was hands up, and this young officer, i don't know what she was thinking. i don't know what she was thinking. but i'm very, very troubled boy that. >> and here is hillary clinton on the subject. >> i've spoken to many police chiefs and otherenforceme as deeply concerned as i am and deeply committed as i am to reform. why? because they know it is essential for the safety of our communities and our officers. we are safer when
4:22 pm
communities respect the police and police respect the communities. >> this year police have killed 706 people and 40 police officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty. and do miss putney he will join megyn kelly. all of this will be a discussion that will continue through the election day and beyond. four years ago mitt romney got 93% of the republican vote but the republican party has been deeply divided over donald trump and his support within the party has been lagging. that's been changing. as of last week mr. trump stood at 87% support among republicans. nightly panel is here from "the washington examiner" byron york and from the federalist molly hemmingway. welcome to both of you. so, what's going on? what chance does trump have of reaching what we call the romney standard of 93%? molly? >> it is, i'm glad you pointed out, is behind where
4:23 pm
mitt romney is not just in this poll but this all polls is he lagging behind where romney was. >> he is lagging behind where romney ended up. >> sure. >> in some polls it looks like he is about where romney was. the question is can he get the rest of the way. >> you have in the past seen a lot of republican votes come back to the presidential candidate because the republican party picks a good vice presidential candidate that energizes the base. that's not really the case here. i don't think people are excited about either of the vice presidential candidates. what you are see something a really different candidate with dinner ideas. some of which are hostile to the republican party. i think people are actually starting to enjoy these ideas. they are enjoying the opposition to the status quo that donald trump represents. >> you mean immigration and trade i assume what you are talking about. >> i think it's not true that they enjoy miss economic policy so much but on immigration and strength with national security. an idea that we should fight wars with an interest in winning them and with an exit strategy. this is a message that is resonating i think with
4:24 pm
republican voters. >> byron? >> i think republicans are actually coming around. i think certainly at the end of the primaries and even in the convention we saw some of trump's republican support numbers in the high 70's, which was -- that was a big gap between what hillary clinton had with democrats. now, in this poll that you just mentioned that had clinton at -- had trump at 87% republicans. the same number had clinton 89% with democrats. it was roughly the same. i think as the race becomes more and more a binary contest. it's been that way for a while but it's becoming more so every day and will really be that way when people see just trump and just clinton together on the debate stage. republican partisan instincts kick in when they hear hillary clinton's aides destroying cell phones with hammers. >> do you think that's an issue of the republican issue? the republicans are always disadvantage for the media coverage that's been as true as long as anybody can remember.
4:25 pm
>> this year it strikes me it's deeper than that. >> it's reached an all-new level. that's one of the interesting things why republicans are coming back to donald trump here. everything that people are highlighting about the problems with donald trump, you look at who his opponent is, and he doesn't look so bad. they say oh donald trump is a liar. that's true he gives conflicting information on anything he talks about. literally running against hillary clinton who has a reputation with dishonesty and certain lawyerly approach how she talks about things doesn't make anymore seem like a particularly bad candidate. this week there has been a big push to point out problems with his foundation. that's certainly true that there has been very good reporting on this done by "the washington post. at the same time. >> just mention some of the specific things that have been noted that he paid, what -- >> -- there might have been something illegal about the purchase of a piece of art that then went back to the trump family or to trump interests. >> foundation money. >> there are a lot of questions about just how charitable donald trump has been, period. you compare that with the
4:26 pm
large scale levels of corruption and problems with the clinton foundation, you know, a global intrigue of how the clinton foundation was used to funnel money from al go garks and to help them get business deals. how people who donated to the clinton foundation got 40% at the appointments at the state department and how they got favorable treatment. these things are more interesting to people, if they are interesting, than somewhat pettier problems with the trump foundation, even though they are both problematic. >> byron? >> absolutely. the same thing. you have the sense of kind of dueling is bad no your foundation is bad. i don't even have a foundation. but i think that kind of evens out. kind of cancels out a little bit. one of the trump foundation allegations posted in "the washington post was that he built a flag pole for the american flag that was too high for city code in palm beach. he was fined a large amount. fines went up to $100,000.
4:27 pm
they settled with an treatment that he would give $100,000 to a veteran's charity which he did. but he did it through his own charity. with his own charities money and not with his personal funds. that's probably not going to set. >> people will be more excited about the higher flag pole dismrks patriotism. >> molly, byron, come back to you a little later. as we noted earlier another pressure cooker found in new york city. an update on that breaking news is coming next. stay with us. shop like a pro at bass pro shops with two big sales to gear up and save. like select bass pro ball caps for only $5. and a pursuit laser rangefinder for under $120 after rebate. bass pro shops. when a moment turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night.
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if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. this is a fox news alert. a pressure cooker has been found in new york cit. just moments ago though the new york city bomb squad gave the all clear. this scare, if that's what it was came days after a pressure cooking bombing in manhattan. catherine herridge has been business with her sources. what do you know? >> the good news is they have given the all-clear. the city is on a heightened state of alert. just today they issued a bulletin seeking information and the identification of these two men who were captured on surveillance video saturday night in new york with the pressure cooker bomb that did not detonate. it was in a bag. they opened up the bag. they left the pressure cooker and then went off with the suitcase. >> so what else do we know about that investigation? >> well, these men are described as witnesses at this point but not suspects. but what is striking to me
4:32 pm
is that the images of the men is so different than the leaks about them right after the bombing. they were described as homeless men who sort of happened upon the bag and seemed a little uncomfortable when they found the pressure cooker. but they do not look like homeless people to me. >> the idea this was just sort of an accidental thing that they hadn't seen the bag who knows what would have happened, right? >> that's right. at this point they are considered suspects -- pardon me, witnesses not suspects. fox news was able to obtain images from ahmad rahami's notebook. this was the notebook he was carrying when he was shot and captured on monday. what you see in the notebook are the bullet holes from the shooting. >> oh, wow, look at that we have it on the screen. wow. >> here's the big thing. there is a reference in the notebook to an isis leader, a very big deal and rahami writes how he was seeking justification for the
4:33 pm
killing of nonbelievers. when you look at the criminal complaint that was just released last night with the charges and the evidence, they talk about his al qaeda references but there is absolutely nothing about the isis leader. and this, to me, seems like a glaring omission because if you had included the isis reference, it would have strengthened the complaint. but by leaving it out, you kind of white wash the fact that he had these tremendous isis sympathies. >> do you think there is something political about that possibly? >> what i can tell you is that when you look at that page, brit, it's very clear it's not damaged by the shooting or by the blood. and when you look at the criminal complaint, they mention al qaeda, this cleric and then they kind of skip past that line and go on to another section of the journal. to me, it just does not make any sense. >> i suppose they could amend the complaint later to add that. >> absolutely they can do that. why would you choose not to mention that when it could strengthen the complaint. you mention everyone else that he was following but not isis.
4:34 pm
what i would also say to close out is that he was totally amped up on this jihadist propaganda. he was a real consumer of this radical ideology whether it was al qaeda or isis. this was not something that he picked up recently. he was reading everyone and it now appears for quite some time. >> catherine, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> many republicans opposed to donald trump have consistently argued that he has no chance of winning the white house. one exception is bill kristol, founder and editor of "the weekly standard." he has had a different view of trump's prospect for some time. hello, bill. >> hi, brit. >> nice to see you. it's been a while. >> it's good to see you. >> so you have been saying for a while, you have been warning some of your conservative colleagues that trump's chances look better than people thought. what tipped you off? what gave you your view? >> i was so wrong in the primaries. for one thing finally reacting to that. maybe overreacting. then "the washington post about three plus weeks ago, sunday "the washington post"
4:35 pm
had a front page story clinton team confident of winning planning legislative agenda. planning the drapes in the oval office. that's a good contrary indicator about to have a trump rally. he was down 6 or 7 points at that time in the consensus polls. he has rallied since. she has had a very rough couple of weeks. he made himself look more presidential and acceptable. i went to the 1992 election dan quayle. george h.w. was not a bad president, people wanted change. they were tired of the status quo. they were unhappy. there had been a recession. they hadn't appreciate what bush had done. when you are in a change environment people will excuse a lot of flaws of the change candidates. bill clinton had some flaws. ross perot had lots of flaws together they got 62% of the vote. bush went from a 4 to 38%. that left a mark on me losing that election so badly. but it really taught me something about in a change environment the candidate of change has a big advantage. the wind is naturally at his
4:36 pm
back. hillary clinton is the status quo candidate. her party has been in the white house eight years. she served in president obama's administration. and, most importantly, she has done nothing to advance an agenda of change. i really am mystified by her campaign. if you ask people, and i'm not saying this is in a mill way just analytically what change would hillary clinton bring about? what's the answer? >> yeah, that's a good question. also a good question what her slogan stronger together actually means. i mean, trump's slogan is make america great again. you might not think he can do it. you might think it's sophomoric or whatever, but it's clear. and it reflects a lot of way people seem to feel. i'm less certain about hers? what's your take on that. >> right. is he going to get tough on negotiation, renegotiate the trade deals. ramp up the military but not get us involved in wars. people can say what trump will do and he will shake things up. hillary clinton's expire message is donald trump is horrible. he's terrible. i'm not pro-trump so i'm not
4:37 pm
unsympathetic to parts of that message. you can't simply run for president by trying to disqualify your opponent. you can and he has certainly given more grist for disqualification for the typical opponent. it's risky. couple hours ago hillary clinton did video with labor conference in las vegas. you can't understand why she isn't 50 points ahead. the people she is speaking to union, supporters of hers they need to get the message out. what's the message in the next sentence look at what she said is in effect donald trump can't become president. it's too horrible. friends don't let friends vote for donald trump. she needs to have some positive message. you know, 198. think about the last time the party held white house for third straight term when george w. bush won as ronald reagan's vice president. he ran as a loyal supporter of ronald reagan. he also had agenda i'm going to change a few things. i'm going to focus more on education. i'm going to focus more on the ebb environment. i will be kindler and gentler. i was a reagan night.
4:38 pm
-- reaganite.i was unhappy witm here and i'm from the party that held the white house for the last eight years. people think the country is on wrong track 2 to 1. my opponent is so horrible you can't elect him. >> bill, thank you, always eager to hear what you have to say. >> thanks, brit. >> stay with us because our campus craziness segment is next. take to you a high school where teachers stomped on the american flag in a classroom full of students. that's next. i thought i married an italian. my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry, through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian.
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4:43 pm
offensive. the campus reform published emails from assistant residence director who told students the american theme was, quote, considered offensive and so we apologize but we will not be co-sponsoring with you. despite that email, that official -- that college denied trying to change the event. the email to fox news the college said it regretted what it called confusion over the email. the barbecue did go on but the name was changed. as massey hill classic call academy in north carolina. a high school history teacher was photographed stomping american flag. the flag was about a supreme court decision that said flag burning was protected by the first amendment. parents told the faithville observer that the high school history teacher also asked parents for a scissors and a lighter. the student has been placed on administrative leave pending outcome of the investigation. the school's principal emailed fox news and said the school doesn't condone the behavior.
4:44 pm
cornell university will join brown university in offering female hygiene products in the men's room. reported on brown's universities to stock men's room with free tampons. cornell students would vote on a measure take things farther. free tamp upons and feminine pads in men's room. the t. is expected to pass. told the cornell sun quote if passed this would be one step toward gender equality. the university declined to comment. speaking of brown university, descriptions of race and ethnicity may be a common way for law enforcement to describe criminal suspects but campus crime alerts at brown stopped mentioning race nearly a year ago. the brown daily herald first reported the story several students negotiated for the exclusion of alerts last year because they believe the descriptions led to racial profiling but even the executive director of the rhode island aclu expressed skepticism about the exchange telling the brown daily herald if the
4:45 pm
purpose of this identify suspects i'm not sure it makes sense to exclude race from the description. the university acknowledged the change but noted the practice doesn't reflect an official change in policy. if you feel strongly about any of these campus craziness stories, tweet me using @ brit hume and use the #campus craziness. if you have a campus craziness story you want us to look into email us and tell us about it campus craziness at we appreciate hearing from you. does jimmy fall lob the comedian have journalist when he has a presidential candidate on? as some suggest. some liberals are not happy with his chumminess with donald trump. how about hillary clinton? well, we have that next. stay tuned.
4:46 pm
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>> i will be gentle. i'll be gentle. new hampshire going to be an hour from now i hope they're going to understand,. >> say yes? >> go ahead. [ laughter ] >> yes! donald trump, everybody. >> some in the media have their feathered ruffled over donald trump's appearance on "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon. they point though that hair russell ling episode that say humanized trump. if you want to see the normalization of racism, it's the host of the tonight show introducing a racist
4:51 pm
demagogue without bringing it up. and the author and journalist mark harris tweeted quote i don't fault jimmy fallon for not being a journalist i do fault him for his willingness to serve as hell's court jester. byron york and from the feminist molly hemingway. this has turned into quite a thing on the left they are furious with jimmy fallon for, what, being a comedian. >> mainstream media. stories in the "new york times," "the washington post. samantha bee a comic on comedy central went to up to on this entry because she thought it was normalizes deplocialt. there is a reason why jimmy fallon is the top rated late night. and be. his job is to entertain people. she thinks her job is to affirm liberal viewers in whatever their views are
4:52 pm
this is not healthy to have a political climate where we have to have our comedy approved by progressive puritans before we can call it entertainment. >> i think the anger was sort of at fallon but it was also just sort of not having a monopoly of this segment of the entertainment world. late night tv is really an anti-trump zone with almost everyone making all sorts of anti-trump arguments and, yes, jimmy fallon is the ratings leader and there is probably a reason for that but this is getting out because if you look at some of the ratings, yes, they are somewhat low on people who are watching it live. but people watch television different ways. >> i must say that little passage we showed there, that's got to have been played thousands of times. >> exactly. they watch it live. they see it on youtube and mobile devices and social media so this sort of the anti-trumpism of late night does spread out pretty wide. >> and goes down badly, you think, molly with the public? >> it's interesting to remember that in 2008 and
4:53 pm
2012 comics said they just couldn't find anything to be funny about with barack obama. and now they are saying you are not allowed to be funny or treat donald trump as a human. so much policing of this comedy. people are getting fed up with it veto tall tarren impulse on the left to control discourse and control vows. >> i have been told on jimmy fallon's youtube page this hair tussling has been paid 7.5 million times. what does it say though that we keep hearing about humanizing of donald trump. there seems to be a view that he should be treated as subhuman. >> well, if you look in the world of journalism, let's just switch over to so-called straight news reporting there has been a lot of debating among journalists how they can actually deal with trump and they have to be more critical and shed more objective mind set they use to approach political coverage in the past. so, this something that you are seeing a lot with trump. and i think one of the ideas
4:54 pm
is that people, voters are reacting to all of this by actually wanting to vote for trump. byron, molly, thank you very much. coming up, i may have finally changed some minds but as always i can't please everyone. more mean tweets are next. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. whmade plastics that tmake them lighter?rs the lubricants that improved fuel economy. even technology to make engines more efficient. what company does all this? exxonmobil, that's who.
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4:59 pm
it's true you are dry and slow talkin talking. keep the feedback coming, folks, we want to hear from you tweet me at @ brit hume. that's about it for us tonight. "the o'reilly factor" is up next. bill is out on the west coast. we leave you with political quote of the day. this guy named larry hartman, i have no idea who he is. he is quoted as saying the word politics is derived from the word poly meaning many and the word ticks which means blood-sucking parasites. go set up a new recording so you never miss a show. we'll be back here tomorrow
5:00 pm
night at 7:00. we hope you will, too. don't forget bill o'reilly is up next from the west coast. that's it for us. good night. ♪ ♪ "the o'reilly factor" is on, tonight. >> trump is potentially the worst idea that ever happened to america. >> anti-trump hysteria growing as the presidential race becomes tighter. talking points will tell you is driving that chaos. [shouting] >> more racial unrest. this time in charlotte. police say a black man with a gunshot dead by the cops. if that's true, why the protest? we will give you the facts tonight. >> when dennis miller enjoys himself on o'reilly, there is nothing better than that. i haven't seen anything like this since megyn kelly was teaching frank luntz karate. >> come on, dennis, that never happened,


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