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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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night at 7:00. we hope you will, too. don't forget bill o'reilly is up next from the west coast. that's it for us. good night. ♪ ♪ "the o'reilly factor" is on, tonight. >> trump is potentially the worst idea that ever happened to america. >> anti-trump hysteria growing as the presidential race becomes tighter. talking points will tell you is driving that chaos. [shouting] >> more racial unrest. this time in charlotte. police say a black man with a gunshot dead by the cops. if that's true, why the protest? we will give you the facts tonight. >> when dennis miller enjoys himself on o'reilly, there is nothing better than that. i haven't seen anything like this since megyn kelly was teaching frank luntz karate. >> come on, dennis, that never happened, oh, no.
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bill. >> frank caliendo on miller on o'reilly. >> what the hell is going on over there. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone from california. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. reporting tonight from los angeles. thank you for watching us. hitler and donald trump. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the left in america dazed and confused by how tight the presidential race is just a few days before the first debate. the liberal media in particular in panic mode so they're breaking out the evil card, adolf hitler. writing in the "the washington post" this week crazy left columnist richard cohen banter's trump hitlerian disregard for the
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truth. basically cohen putting forth that trump is like hitler in his thinking because, quote, he thinks the truth is what he says it is, unquote. interesting. one point. according to most polls about two thirds of the american public believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. yet, president obama says his policies have put the u.s.a. in a good place. is that true? because the president says it is? paging richard cohen. by the way, if you access the hitler column online, "the washington post suggests you read other articles such as donald trump is a unique threat to american democracy. or this is how fascism comes to america. or, the theory of political leadership that donald trump shares with adolf hitler. finally, don't compare donald trump to adolf hitler, it belittles hitler. talking points is not making this up. check it out.
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now, the reason for that kind of hysteria, and that's what it is, has to do with voters not doing what "the washington post wants them to do. a brand new fox news poll out today has trump up in ohio, nevada, and north carolina, winning in those states. so, if enough deplorables show up on election day, trump can win the election. that would spell doom for the progressive movement and our increasingly oppressive p.c. culture. there isn't a man on earth less p.c. than donald trump. and for committed progressive folks he is a nightmare. >> look, america, he is like the best idea the world ever came up with. but donald trump is potentially the worst idea that ever happened to america potentially. it destroys. he hijacked the party. i think he is trying to hijack the idea of america.
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and i think it's bigger than all of us. i think it's -- this is really dangerous. >> now, bono really believes what he is saying. but what he and other anti-trump people do not understand is that demonizing donald trump is useless at this point. we have heard it. what most americans really want the next president to do is solve problems. most of us understand that ideology has divided the nation that led to economic and security hardship. so you can third reich it all day long but it's not going to matter come november. the candidate who best artic articulates security and economic improvement will win. it's that simple. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, joining us from boston columnist from the boston herald and nixon radio host on wpfw.
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mr. nixon, we begin with you. are you okay with the hitler stuff? >> not at all. i think it's a serious problem for two reasons. not the least of which being i believe whenever someone talks about hitler, slavery, the holocaust it's always a bad move. it's going to offend a certain amount of people. the other part is strategically as far as the democrats are concerned a bad move. politics are about contrast. and donald trump is mostly over the top. but when you compare him to hitler, he starts to look like mother teresa. it is of no value. it makes donald trump look better. >> start to feel sorry. aid degree anna, richard cohen is not your father, is he or grandfather? >> no, he is not. >> or the uncle you never see. [ laughter ] >> but "the washington post, you know, "the washington post is interesting because hard news wise they do a pretty good job. but this guy fred hyatt who runs the editorial section and op-eds and all of that this guy is so crazy because
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when you write a column, there has to be some kind of, and you are a columnist. you have to have some kind of measure, you know. you can't just be saying donald trump's hitler when hitler killed 55 million people because of his actions. you can't be doing that, can you? >> no. i mean, it's just absolutely outrageous. it's going to fall on deaf ears because it's so absurd. during the g.o.p. primary donald trump was hit with over $150 million in negative attack ads. it did nothing. and he won the nomination. and so all this defamatory attacks dependence him whether it's from irish rock stars or people on the left or never trumpers has fallen on deaf ears the fact that trump has gotten so far. if you look at the latest national polls he could actually win this. that's why liberals are so desperate, resorting to outrageous attacks on him like hitler references because they know they could
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definitely lose this race and they are panicking. >> well, there is no doubt about it and, you know, if i were running the clinton campaign, mr. garland, mr. nixon, i would say look, we're going to beat him on the issues. we have to have a stronger issue component than he does because, as you rightly pointed out, mr. nixon, if you're going it hitlerize trump you make him sympathetic. >> it was widely reported very early in the clinton campaign that the obama people were saying, look, you need a message, you need to get on a message the message that donald trump is a bad guy, to the people who see donald trump as evil or bigot or whatever the case may be, they already feel like that. you are not going -- you tonight need to change those people's minds. but what you do need to do is have a message to the independents, a message to people who are concerned about the issue of jobs. and the clinton campaign is
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in a tail spin and i think the only way they get out of it is with a message but they are not moving that direction unfortunately right now. >> all right. ms. cohen, are you surprised "the washington post is engaging in this kind of stuff? i am. are you? >> no, i'm not. i think they are left-leaning. they are biased, and they are in the tank for the dnc. they have not only been very biased in their reporting and going after trump unfairly, they have gone after his supporters, myself included. and so i think they are in the tank. they have very biased reporting. that said, you know, donald trump is not a racist or a zen phone or deplorable like hillary clinton says. he has a very successful businessman. is he a jobs creator. and he has had a very public life for, you know, decades. if he was a racist or any of these terrible things, we would have known long ago. my question for hillary clinton is if he was a deplorable man, why did you go to his wedding? why were you friends with him? clearly donald trump is none of these bad things it's just that during a heated
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political race they are maligning him desperate democrats want to hold on to power. that's all this is about. bill, if you look at the past elections, democrats malign on every g.o.p. nominee whether it's mitt romney, mccain, it doesn't matter who it is. >> it's true on the other side too though, ms. cohen, let's be fair. listen to talk radio and hillary clinton, i mean, she's the devil. i think you raise a very good point why would you go to his wedding? maybe the clintons gave mr. trump a birthday card. congratulations on your marriage mr. deplorable. i guess that could have happened. i don't think it did. all right, guys, we appreciate it good debate. next on the rundown, we will talk with a debate coach about what trump and clinton should never do on monday. then more racial violence. this time charlotte, north carolina. take a hard look at the situation as we continue from los angeles, california.
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monday hofstra university on long island. nbc anchor lester holt will moderate. jay townsend who has been a political debate coach since 1982. you have written a book call the 10 worst mistakes candidates make. let's look at hillary clinton first. what are the three things that secretary clinton cannot do in the upcoming debate. >> number one, she cannot lie. her negatives have moved into the stratosphere during the last month. it's been this email scandal that has consumed her. and it's -- her tendency to prevacate have sent her negatives to a ceiling how far she can climb now. she cannot cede that piece of her narrative in this
5:14 pm
debate. that's problem number one. >> let me stop you there. you know that she is being coached and so is donald trump. >> right. >> you know that hillary clinton has a memorized answer. >> right. >> to any email question or any benghazi question. >> right. >> she has got a memorized answer. she is going to say it over and over and over. so, you know, she cannot lie. i mean, the likelihood of her outright lying, you know, going out of the vetted answer that she has already got is inif infans at . >> >> >> when the candidate son stage they have call audibles things come up in the debate they did not practice. she gets trapped into that. the other thing here is if she says something in this debate that is wholly inconsistent with things said in the past, she may get an aftershock. >> but that's why i'm telling you she has got to memorize, she has got email
5:15 pm
memorized, benghazi memorized and probably two or three other things and trump should have them too. >> i would hope. >> what's the second thing that hillary? >> second thing she has got this health issue that's floating around. the pneumonia and stuff going out on the media about is she really healthy upstairs. i don't mean mentally. does she have a problem that goes beyond pneumonia? so she cannot get sick on stage and she cannot lose her place? that wouldn't be good. 90 minutes, right. you got to be robust. >> if she becomes confused about what question she is answering, that would cause a major problem. that's one thing that she cannot do. >> that would be for anyone, not just for her. i get your point. people are watching her healthwise. >> right. >> third thing real quick because i want to get to trump. >> third thing is, the book, the six pack is all there on
5:16 pm
her campaign platform. she is missing the plastic thingy that holds it all together which is what is she going to do for the country. if you ask somebody why hillary clinton wants to be president? what's she going to do? you still get a blank she is losing the. >> i know. >> she has to tie it together. >> she wants to help people. all right. she has to tie it together. >> trump, what are the three things trump can't do? >> he cannot lose his temper because people will expect that he is going to lose his temper and i expect that he has been coached and told by his team you cannot lose your temper in this debate. >> okay. >> second thing. >> and he can't make faces, right? he might make faces. >> part of his body language, yes. he cannot say anything that sounds remotely racist or sexist because he'll get burned very badly. the third thing and perhaps most important in his case, he cannot be condescending to mrs. clinton.
5:17 pm
he has to treat her with respect, treat her as an equal. if he is con dessending he ruins his chances of picking up these white college educated women. >> let me throw something at you. he has stated time and time again that hillary clinton is crooked. we don't expect him to say crooked hillary like he did little marco and lyin' ted. surely going to would that be condescending? >> you can do that without being condescending. when you are standing right next to her on a stage is condescending. you can raise this other stuff in a gentlemanly way. >> mr. townsend, thank you very much. police in charlotte, north carolina say they shot and killed a black man who had a gun. why then are some people rioting in that city?
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unresolved problem segment tonight, more racial unrest. this time in charlotte, north carolina. one quick comment before we get to the story. every american police officer should know that any mistake he or she makes involving violence toward a black suspect will now become a national story. therefore, restraint and caution should be the order of the day. that being said, this program generally supports the police because we well understand the danger involved with the job. last night in charlotte, hundreds of people protested, some of them
5:22 pm
unlawfully after police shot and killed 43-year-old keith scott. >> i can just tell you what i know based on what we have gathered through the scientific process of going through the evidence and we did find a weapon and the weapon was there and the witnesses corroborated it, too. >> despite that protesters set fire, looted and blocked interstate 85. some demonstrators threw rocks at police causing injuries. vigilante action was justified by an activist. >> what we are standing up for is our black manhood and black people getting gunned down in the street and we don't get no justice. >> also in tulsa, oklahoma, another troubling situation this time the black man shot dead 40-year-old terrence crutcher did not, did not have a gun. police say he was acting suspiciously, may have been intoxicated. however, crutcher's family, lawyer, benjamin crump says the man was no threat to the cops at awesome both local and federal investigators now examining the evidence.
5:23 pm
with us here now in los angeles leo terrell a civil rights attorney. let's take charlotte, first, if the dead man did have a gun and it seems that he did, the protesters really have no right to go out and do -- commit crimes themselves. i mean, i don't mind them going out and saying we are upset. we would like to know what happened. i would do that. but to throw rocks and to set fires and things like that, totally -- >> i agree with you throwing the rocks is wrong. just having a gun is not justification for shooting or killing this man. bill, we are assuming that this gun was causing a threat to the officer. i cannot believe the police chief version of the facts. the facts are not even in yet. >> wait, wait, wait, wait. if the police chief says. >> yes. >> which we all heard. >> he wasn't there. >> the man had a gun. >> yes. >> all right. and witnesses corroborate that, which he said, all right? then, in a society that is built upon innocence until proven guilty,.
5:24 pm
>> yes. you must, at least, consider that a credible source. >> wouldn't you conclude that's a rush to judgment before 24 hour -- before a trial, before a d.a. gets involved? >> i want to see this case investigated and evidence. >> yeah. but the protesters must abide or we have anarchy by the innocent until proven guilty adage. >> bill, let me tell you the fundamental adage. we talk about the carolina case first. you know why they can't say the thing thing about the tulsa case because we have a video. if we don't have a video in carolina that's why the chief gets the liberty of saying everything is right. i'm telling you there is a problem. there is no. >> you are suspicious of the chief. all right. i'm saying that he is entitled to the belief of what he is saying is true. but, even if you're right that the police chief isn't being straight, all right, the protesters have no right to go out and do vigilante
5:25 pm
stuff at all in this case. >> i'm not going to tough. >> there is reasonable doubt here. >> i'm not going to justify the vigilante stuff. bill o'reilly can't you agree that with cameras we have learned that police officers lie, they don't tell the truth? >> in certain cases that's absolutely true. >> why are we going to believe this police chief right now. >> you have to. >> it's a rush to judgment. >> no, it's not. you have to give him the presumption of innocence like you give any citizen. now, let's go to oklahoma. >> okay. >> all right. so in oklahoma, it's different. >> only because of a camera, mr. o'reilly. >> well, wait, wait, wait. it's a different situation because the man wasn't armed. it's not the camera. he didn't have a gun. and the police chief there says that. he didn't have a gun. okay. so now you have a dead american citizen, all right, with no gun, and obviously walking away from police, not confronting police, the thing will all hinge around a window. we are investigating this case. we are not going to try it on tv. have new information on this tomorrow. here, i agree that this is
5:26 pm
more unsettling and that if you wanted to protest here, you have a little bit higher ground than in charlotte. >> the only reason why have a little higher ground is because of that camera. we wouldn't even know. >> because he had no gun. >> you know what would have happened if there was no camera. police ongoing investigation, we can't release the information. that's the power of that video. >> no, it isn't. they could have said he had a gun in the car, reach not guilty car. could have been a whole bunch of things. the fact of the matter the police in tulsa were honest they said the man did not have a gun or deadly weapon. >> the police in tulsa have to be honest because they were going to be impeached by the video. i'm not justifying the crime or the damage. i'm saying to you that plaque people have a problem trusting the police and video has proven that officers don't tell the truth. i have a sister? law enforcement. >> some officers. >> it's 97% of the good officers that protect the 3% rotten to the core. >> if protesters know that these kind of aberrations, a, shouldn't be tolerated, i
5:27 pm
agree with you, if police are shooting down not only black but anybody for, you know, because they are drunk, i mean, you can't do that. but, on the other hand, the black community has to be somewhat restrained before it goes out and starts burning things down. >> let me give you one other point. >> quick. >> in that tulsa case, remember the audio, that guy looks dangerous why because that guy was black. >> looking suspiciously. they have a right to say he looks dangerous. they have a right to do that. they have don't have a right to hurt him. again, we have a follow up on this thing tomorrow. good debating you. >> my pleasure, bill. thank you. >> martha maccallum on the latest with the wounded terror suspect who allegedly planted bombs in new york city and new jersey. did he have a accomplices? and then miller, as has a debate preview for us. that should be fascinating. hope you stay tuned to those reports as we continue from los angeles, california. ♪
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5:32 pm
politics although he himself spent gazillions although he is wrong that it's hard to vote in this country. the truth is it's easy to vote in america. almost too easy. showing a i.d. at polling place not imposition on anyone. example number two at the united nations. >> an advanced economy like my own union's have been undermined and many manufacturing jobs have disappeared. >> that is fiction. jobs have disappearing because high tech is making manual labor unnecessary in many industries. and because some corporations have taking the game overseas. unions have little to do with unemployment although they can provide some protection for the worker. full disclosure, i am in the sag actor union. number three. >> so just as i pursued these measures here at home so has the united states worked with many nations to cuscurb the excesses of capitalism not to punish
5:33 pm
wealth but to prevent prepeted crises that can destroy it. >> here the president is correct. he did take action against the bogus mortgage securities industry that caused the great recession of 2008. capitalism is the best system but there must be government oversight. joining us now from new york city eboni williams and monica crowley. let's take the capitalism thing first, monica. do you disagree with me. >> yes and no, bill. i agree that capitalism does need checks and balances to prevent abuses against workers and taxpayers and other americans. that is true. the question is what kind of oversight? should it be basic rules of the road that allow individuals and businesses to flourish in the context of economic freedom? or should it be status rules, the kind we have seen from this administration since day one that really restrict the ability of businesses to begin to operate in this country. and i think, you know, when you talk about the 2008. >> absolutely. >> it's an overreaction. >> overregulation is a problem.
5:34 pm
>> correct. >> overreaction is a problem. but, you have got to admit that president obama came in and they put a clamp on these mortgage-backed situations and just today at wells fargo, that guy, the president of wells fargo, they were pushing bogus investments on their customers and both parties are hammering him. so, president obama was right in what he said essentially. >> but, wait, wait, wait, the question is treatment. >> monica. >> complete overreaction that actually didn't solve the problem. >> he didn't have anything to do with dodd frank. >> what are you talk about, bill, dodd thank came under his administration. >> barney frank and chris dodd. >> that was legislation that yes, obama signed into law. >> okay. let's go go to the voter registration thing which is a total myth, eboni. you have a situation where
5:35 pm
which is a voter i.d. card will be sent delivered handed to you with a bag of m&ms is now saying that's oppressive. you can't ask for that when voting. how insane is this. >> the fourth circuit and the united states supreme court many of those members would disagree with you that's a myth. they think with surgical precision they said it targets disproportionately targets black people. >> not pinheaded judges. >> pinheaded judges? come on, bill. >> do you believe, ebonik. williams, do you believe that asking for i.d. at polling place is oppressive and expresses voting? yes or no? >> yes, i think it can be overly burdensome, bill, i will tell you why i know that. >> just having an i.d.? >> because the things that you have to go through to get an i.d. not unreasonable request on its face. >> the states will come and give it to you. >> listen, bill, but, right, it will. i'm very suspicious, bill, that we have had voting rights in this country for many years why all of the sudden now do we have this new requirement?
5:36 pm
>> you know what i'm suspicious of, eboni? i'm suspicious of somebody who doesn't have an i.d. >> all people lose their ids, bill. come on. >> back to mondayca. you say with the dodd frank thing obama signed it. had to sign it that's his whole party. >> that was his whole agenda, bill. it was complete overreaction which didn't stop the abuses which are going on to this day. number two, it kills community banks and, number three, it restricted access to credit for almost every american. >> it doesn't kill community banks. what it does is stops them from lending money to people who wanted to start a business. >> regions with smaller community banks are basically extinct thanks to dodd frank. >> i have five in my town, monica. i mean, one is opening on my front lawn on the community banks. >> good for you, bill. but that's the exception to the rule. >> all right. real quick, you tonight think ids are oppressive, right? >> no, i do not. >> eb eboni did
5:37 pm
unions cause unemployment yes or no. >> of course not. up employment is because of a lot of other issues. unions i do take issues with you about they are not responsible for that. >> ladies, we you next week. come back from california miller time. d man with a debate preview moments away. what is success? is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more at there's no one road out there. no one surface... no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road.
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thank you for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. left's get right to the sage of southern california who is right up interstate a in santa barbara this evening. so, miller, what say you about the upcoming debated on monday? >> first off, billy, i just end to pick up my wet wetssell's takeout order and they needed an i.d. you should have to have an i.d. to vote. i like that girl but that's crazy for her to say that i see you are in california. offered you your own wolf man pentagram on the holiday walk of stars. congratulations. >> the day that i get the star of fame on that walk
5:42 pm
will be the day that l.a. woips out into the ocean. that's never going to happen. that's going to be the day. >> the day of the earthquake. >> i will tell everybody why we're here: go ahead. >> i won't be able to watch the debates because i'll be traveling. but i would encourage trump, you better push it out there pretty far. i think he has to be leading by 8 to 10 points at election day or let's just say there is a lot of prius out there being fitted with pneumatic shock absorbers to put all the fake ballots they can in the trunk. i think trump better push it out there pretty far because the closer he gets the more she is going to win by. that's the way i see it i do have ideas though to improve the debates, billy. may i lay them on you, my friend? >> certainly. >> all right. i think, first off, on their way to the stage, they should frisk both of them for a wire. because i think hillary might have a wire. i also think they should have to blow on a
5:43 pm
breathalyzer just to see. just curiosity on my part. i think that instead of real moderators we ought to have robot moderators. i have been watching the tee baits for the last year i see a lot of artificial intelligence up there. why don't we make it actual intelligence. throw in a 12 times table things. 12 times 11 that degrees me off. ask them to spell aardvark two a's. jeopardy thing. bring trebek. in then i think they should take skype questions from actual people on a big screen over their head. first one should be anthony weiner shirtless, stand go ahead there having a question with them. let's say if weiner does it we can say it's a more hands on approach to questioning. i don't think they should have bells or buzzers at these things. i think when they run up against their time you should hear a big disembodied voice say shut up now. no bells or buzzers, shut up
5:44 pm
now. lastly they should have ejector podiums like the astin martin in james bond film. if somebody is up there yanking us shoot them up there. >> somebody doesn't tell the truth, wham. they can be over water or bam, right in the water. >> you know this guy frank calcaliendo. he was on "fox & friends" this morning. >> when dennis miller enjoys himself on o'reilly there is nothing better than that billy, i haven't seen anything like this since megyn kelly was teaching frank luntz karate in the in star wars and then o'reilly will shut them down come on, dennis, that never happened. oh, no, billy, but you are saying in your head right now. it's crazy. [ laughter ] i'm tearing up like -- person. i don't even know who it
5:45 pm
was. reference in the history of western civilization. [ laughter ] >>: he has got you, miller. >> i'm honored, i'm honored. and he has cut through my very essence. i will tell you. and frank is the nicest -- >> --he made one mistake though. >> i am flattered to be in the crosshairs of the best impressionist on the planet earth. >> he made one mistake. he said that i called you dennis. he said i call you dennis. that never happens. >> once on my birthday four years ago you called me dennis, and you started to cry it hurt you so much. >> brutal mistake. there is miller. welcome -- >> -- brutal mistake. brutal mistake, billy. >> all right. kill his mike. martha maccallum on deck. new information about the alleged terrorist that planted bombs in new york and new jersey. then the factor tip of the day on not cooperating with the police. factor is coming right back.
5:46 pm
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back of the book segment tonight, did you see that? there is new information about ahmad rahami, the suspect in the terror mayhem over the weekend in new york and new jersey. >> a handwritten journal found on rahami at the time of his arrest talking about, among other things, jihad, pipe bombs, pressure cooker bombs and sounds of bombs heard in the street as well as laud tore references to anwar al-awlaki and usama bin laden. >> here now to explain further fox news anchor martha maccallum. are police looking for other terrorists in this case? >> so, bill, there were two other men who touched the second device, the pressure cooker device on 27th street, manhattan. it was in a suitcase, for
5:50 pm
some reason they are caught on cc 2-6r789 v. removing the pressure cooker from the suit away. right now what we're learning. they want to speak to them. they consider them witnesses, not suspects. so that's where that stands. they are definitely looking for these two people. >> all right. so those guys had something to do with it. obviously, if they were removing things from the satchel, the guy himself, rahmy, he is still in the hospital, and i understand is he not speaking to the police? >> he is in the hospital, he is in new jersey, he is attended by fbi agents at his bedside who are waiting for him to become coherent and not unconscience, which he is reported to be at this point. they are going to start questioning him as soon as he is available. he has surgery for injuries that he received in the shootout in linden, but they are going to be speaking to him, i would imagine, very soon. >> okay. so, not life-threatening.
5:51 pm
the guy was wounded in the shootout. >> right. this guy and his father were known to the linden authorities. there were lawsuits involved here. at one time there is a report that the father went to the fbi about the son. can you separate fact from fiction here? >> so the father did go to the fbi about the son. he said that he suspected that his son had been radicalized. that he was becoming a terrorist. the family had basically a huge brawl. the brother and the sister were stabbed, attacked, but at some point the family decided they weren't going to press any charges. they were going to drop the whole thing. never an official fbi opened in to this case that we can tell. the fbi moved on. they are going to be questioned about that. it looks in many ways very similar to the tsarnaev situation in boston. have you traveling back and for the to afghanistan. he went to qwetta.
5:52 pm
not somewhere where people go on vacation. definite concerns about his travel and intentions and what he was learning when he was there absolutely. >> tell me a little bit about this brawl where his procedure and sister were stabbed. was rahami stabbed. >> he clearly is the black sheep of the family and now even more so, obviously. but they did raise concerns about him at one point but then they dropped them and said they didn't want to press any charges and take it any further. he was definitely the one who was instrumental in the brawl that happened with their family. and, you know, the brother also has posted jihadist photos, calling people to jihad on a website. you know, i think it's too early to say that, you know, the family is tot separate from these activities. i have no indication that they are involved at this point at all. however, i would be very surprised if the fbi was ruling that out? all right, martha, as always, we thank you. factor tip of the day,
5:53 pm
americans who do not, do not cooperate with police. the tip moments away. ♪ like a human fingerprint, no two whale flukes are the same. because your needs are unique, pacific life has been delivering flexible retirement and life insurance solutions for more than 145 years. ask a financial advisor how you can tailor solutions from pacific life to help you reach your financial goals.
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factor tip of the day, cooperating with the police or not? but first woe are out here in los angeles, in support of killing the rising sun. tonight i'll be on the kimmel program. tomorrow i tape the ellen degeneres show which will be shown on monday right before the debate. now, this morning we got some great news in its first week out "kill the rising sun" sold more than a quarter of a million copies, an astounding total. if you become a bill o' premium member and you should, you get rising sun free of charge plus free copy of the constitution.
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if you would like me to sign killing the rising sun employees get those orders in now for christmas and other holidays, we are besieged we want to get them so you get them quickly. thanks for supporting the book. all the money i get from the website donated to the charity. bill, you left trump off the hook. you never pressed him. when he did not answer your questions, you are a weak interviewer. >> carol kelli, kansas, you are totally unfair to trump. you pushed him in to a corner. you should him no respect. once again those dueling letters indicate that partisans can never see things clearly and here is another one. kevin, san diego. donald trump should never tell you, krauthammer, or anyone else his plans for defeating isis. >> i disagree, kevin, voters should know what the candidates are going to do to protect them stefanie, adventureville, virginia. o'reilly almost threw up
5:57 pm
watching "watters world" tonight. what a stereotypical portrayal of italian ethnicity. mr. watters owes us an apology. no he doesn't, stefanie. the piece was afox new affectioe and funny. being oversensitive may distort reality: virginia beach, that "watters world" segment had me crying with laughter. great job, jesse. just finished killing the rising sun, amazingly well-done, could not put it down. hope many of the we visionist historians take the time to read it they will not, dennis, if you despise your country, you are don't want to read anything that counters that point of view. burt johnson, maine. i had to put down "killing the rising sun" tears streaming down my face. my father who passed away last year as he served
5:58 pm
marine in the pacific. he talked about. now i know why. i dedicated killing the rising sun to all world war ii vets. finally tonight, the factor tip of the day. here in southern california it was yet another high speed chase yesterday. cops say anthony hill in his early 20's was a suspect in a burglary. police tried to arrest him. he fled in his car driving 100 miles per hour on the freeway. predictably, the car went out of control and hill was killed in the crash. [screams] >> it was emotion and chaos at the intersection of long beach, boulevard and victoria. family, friends, trying to find out if it was their loved one dead inside the crime scene, just outside that white dodge. [screaming] >> oh, my femur. >> this man on crutches said to be a brother of the driver was taseed when he wouldn't go back to the other side of the yellow tape. he was detained, so was
5:59 pm
another man described as his brother. >> while everyone understands the anguish of family members when someone dies, this situation is quiet clear. if you are going to flee from the police, if you are not going to cooperate with law enforcement, bad things will happen to you. that is the truth. and that is the tip of the day. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from bill o' also, we would like to you spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. o'reilly at name and town, name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day do not be mordant when write together factor. tomorrow, i'm going to have some debate stuff in the talking points memo about big moments. remember the reagan-carter debate. and nixon-kennedy. we're going to go over that
6:00 pm
and what was really compelling and apply it to monday's debate. again, thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly reporting from l.a. please remember the spin stops here because we're definitely looking out for you. ♪ ♪ breaking tonight, an excompletion of violence on the streets of charlotte, north carolina, where moments ago our producers described what they called a melee in the middle of what had been a fairly calm protest march. welcome to "the kelly file," everyone. i'm megyn kelly. watch as we do what our cameras caught moments ago. [shouting] [shouting]


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