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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 22, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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it's unbearable. >> donald trump called for-judg? we report, you decide. >> brand new fox news polls showing who is pulling ahead in crucial battle ground states. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> you are watching "fox & friends first." thank you for being with us. i am heather childers. >> i am abby huntsman. >> let's get straight to this news. the national guard moving to charlotte north carolina. the city under a state of emergency this morning after a second night of violent police protests. rioters throwing fire on another protester. >> we have the breaking details. what can you tell us is happening right now. >> now is the calm after the storm. a pitched battle on the downtown streets of charlotte.
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different than any we have seen in any of the anti police rallies. a souvenir shop of what they call the epicenter. this is where the restaurants are, the hotels are, the clubs are and a number of the sports stadiums are as well in this downtown area. this is where the protestors turned to rioters. this is the ritz-carlton hotel. on the streets this will be something that folks who are thinking of playing a conference in charlotte they are thinking about doing business will realize. this is not something you see often. the police needed the sal carry. the government declared a state of emergency. they have started to deploy we are expecting to see them on the street in the coming hours. last night things got out of control.
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the police it seemed were pretty unprepared or didn't expect the kind of violence we saw break out around 8 or 8:30 after that protest started. as you saw what was happening on the street you also heard from police officers complaints that they were being told to really hold back and not get aggressive with protestors who turned into rioters and looters. it was much later until we saw arrests by police here on the streets of charlotte. the other thing to keep in mind as you watch the video is the tactics police are using in terms of firing tear gas out into the crowd. the protestors are incredibly angry. there was one shot by the rioter. despite all of that pretty much their justified. >> whether i am here, i am in school, i am in my car, you said a man got shot over here, right? you said why would i put myself in danger.
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i could be at work at school in my car. i could still get shot by the police. >> what sparked this a couple dayi days ago was the shooting of this man keith scott. he was allegedly sitting in his car waiting for his son to come home reading a book. the pictures circulating will prove is he had a gun with him there in that car. according to police he did not follow orders to drop the gun and then he was shot at that time. important to put this in a larger context where we are standing in downtown charlotte. the hornets play, the professional basketball team observed by michael jackson. their span looted overnight. is this a matter of no justice no peace or no justice no free
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sneakers that's really what the people on the street seem to be interested in. >> hurting the very community they live in. the last hour michael jordan donated to the naacp legal defense fund. he also donated $1 million to the international association of chief of police's newly established institute for community police relations. working hard to bring that community together. >> we have former homicide detective rob wheeler. how important is it for the police chief and others to be as transparent as possible. we couldndon't know all of the yet. how important is it to understand the facts here? >> very important. as a matter of fact if the chief of police continues to
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communicate with the community there what he will find is the community may calm down in terms of the protests. that is very important in a situation like this. you have to be very transparent. you have to communicate. you know what? the investigation must be very swift. now quickly. something that nobody has talked about is the actual young police officer that fired his gun. this police officer is going to be talked to today by the investigators there in charlotte. but i just learned the police officer is only a two-year veteran of the force. he is a relatively young officer. that is going to definitely have a significant impact in this investigation. >> what difference would that make only two years in? would they be less prepared? >> no. but their experience level is going to be lessened. as a result of that you have older officers more seasoned officers on the scene which we
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saw yesterday. the question is whether this officer should be released from probation which he would have been on probation a year before he was on his own. >> the officer well-known in the community before he became a police officer for the police department as well. >> little more on why the videotape hasn't been released yet. the governor of north carolina in july passed this law or signed it into law where video, also audio cannot be released readily. >> right. you know what? that video needs to be released. that is going to be critical in terms of keeping the community calmed down. if they have the video. the chief of police said yesterday they do have videos from body cameras not worn by the officers that did the shooting but warned by other officers. apparently those videos show where this individual did have a weapon in his hand where the
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officer fired the fatal shot yesterday. >> i spoke with one person who did see the video and confirms that is the case. thr pictures of the gun outside of the car. >> thank you for being with us this morning. appreciate it. >> breaking overnight for you the tulsa oklahoma police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man is speaking out for the first time. police found a vile of the hallucinogen pcp in crutcher's car. he failed to follow more than 2 dozen command saying she was forced to fire the tate tal shot when he stuck his arm through the window. tulsa police are standing by the officer's story. >> the recent police shootings in tulsa and charlotte sparking violence and anger across the country. donald trump is calling for
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action as hillary clinton takes sides. we are joined live from washington, d.c. good morning. >> it is interesting because this is all playing out in the course of the context of a heated presidential campaign. hillary clinton has been struggling to generate enthusiasm particularly among african american voters in the last couple of days. she has been calling in to african american radio shows around the country talking about these police related shootings both in tulsa and charlotte. it is something she is talked about throughout the campaign as a broader issue but particularly stepping it up now as she deals with potential turnout problems with african american voters. that's why she is trying to get more on the trail. >> trump having success with african american voters having some success with that with
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polls. he basically said when hillary clinton talks about helping african americans, from her and other democratic politicians, it is all talk. watch. >> you can't say never but it is one of the worst stages ever in the history of the city. it is so unsafe where you walk down the street and you are shot or your child gets shot. we are going to fix the inner cities. we are going to spend a lot of time. democrats have been running for 100 years mostly uninterrupted. you see what's happened. >> there is still much we don't know about what happened in both incidents. but we do know that we have two more names to add to a list of
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black men killed by police officers. >> the congressional back caucus are planning to go to the department of justice to march on that department, protest these recent police related shootings. clear sign, abby and heather this issue is not going away especially in a divided election cycle. >> days to go before the election. thank you. >> whose message on politics and race relations is best log on to the facebook page for a live de la bait using the hashtag keep talking. >> to another fox news alert for you. isis could be turning to chemical warfare to target our troops. a rocket with possible traces of mustard gas hitting a base housing u.s. and iraqi troops near mouse sell. they found car like black oily substance on a shell that landed
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feet from the base. initial tests turned out mixed so it is sent off for more testing. no one was injured. >> the new jersey new york bombing suspect is heading back to the u.s. for questioning. it comes as disturbing evidence emerges in the terror investigation including chilling new video of a test drug. you can see what happens. appears to be scorch marks in ahmad khan rahami yard. the journal making clear he was sympathetic to isis. law enforcement looking for these two key potential players in the case. they stole the bag one of the bombs was in leaving the bomb behind. they want to question them as web sites not suspects. he is in critical but stable condition and still refusing to talk. >> quoting an al qaeda leader in that journal. >> the time is 11 minutes after
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>> 47 days until the election. donald trump taking the lead in key battle ground states. >> trump topping it in nevada, north carolina and the all important ohio which could make or break his win. chef young is the president of islam public affairs and he will break it down for us. >> let's look at nevada. trump up 47 percent with clinton 4 percent and 4 percent voting for none.
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north carolina where trump is up 45 percent clinton 40 percent, johnson 8 percent. so trump, he's had a couple of good weeks. hillary clinton not so much. >> really, really good news for trump at the state level and at the national level. let's step back a bit. he came out of the conventions, he did not have a good convention. over the last three weeks he energized the base. the trip to mexico was key. crucial but pumping his base up. that is reflected at the national level. we are at a near tie. it is starting to manifest itself at the state level. >> if you don't win ohio you cannot go on to win the white house. this is a state everybody is watching closely. our latest polling trump up 42
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percent. 37 up six points now. you look at the trend there he is tipping up in that state. >> he does not win the white house if he does not have ohio. his message is on target the system is broken rigged against the common man. he is there to fix it. those sorts of themes system is broken theme as well as strong concrete economic objectives and messages really resinate with a rust belt state like ohio. >> similar demographic to pennsylvania as we mentioned also key if he should win the race. we talked a lot about virginia or pennsylvania. >> for me it is pennsylvania. needs to get vepennsylvania or
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combination of colorado, wisconsin and michigan. reinforcing the system is broken consecrating on economic policy will be key. i would usually sadie bates aren't that important. he does a good job keeping the momentum going. >> if he doesn't win ohio do you think he can win pennsylvania? >> i think if he doesn't win ohio it is game over. he needs ohio, florida and north carolina loon gnaw to stay even with hillary. either pennsylvania, colorado or michigan. >> 7 points in ohio he's up good place to be before the debate. >> anything can happen. >> anything can happen but the earned media superstar i expect will be doing a great job during the debate. i expect him to keep the momentum going from that point on. >> cliff young, thank you for
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being here this morning. >> thank you so much. >> we will have you back if you are right. >> climate change is the real national security threat according to the president. sparking national outrage after stomping on the american flag. it is all a part of the lesson plan. there's a big update on the story coming up. it's time for the can-am yellow tag sales event. get a cash rebate of up to $2000 on selected models. or get the outlander l starting at $5,599. don't miss out. visit your local dealer before october 31st. can-am, the ride says it all. make sure it's ano make a intelligent one. ♪ the highly advanced audi a4, with available virtual cockpit.
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>> her it guide may have gone out for help. now other they are ordering readity to bring back posts believed to be were technicians paul combeda.
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need to strip out a very vip e-mail address from a bunch of archived e-mails. basically they don't want the vip's e-mail address exposed to any one. >> president obama turning his national security focus to climate change. the commander-in-chief ordering 20 federal agencies to make a plan to protect the united states over the next three decades. critics saying he should focus on threats like terrorism. the obama administration claiming drought and extreme weather contributes to extremism. >> now to a fox business alert. the feds hinting to an interest rate hike in the near future. >> cheryl has what this could mean for you. >> investors got just what they wanted when the federal reserve left interest rates unchanged after a two-day meeting. higher interest rates may get more expensive to borrow money.
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the mar krets celebrate as the dow gains 163 points on wednesday. 30,000 children's booster seats are being recalled. even thouflo says some children a harness posing a risk to kids. it is being recalled. they received 27 complaints of kids setting themselves free. luckily. the company said packages of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream may have bacteria in it. so far no problems reported. they have taken the pumpkin craze to a disturbing level. they are selling chocolate chip
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french fries. they are drizzled with chocolate and pumpkin sauce. no word if u.s. locations will give it a try. back to you. >> i love chocolate. i love pumpkin. >> the time now is 25 minutes after the top of the hour. chaos in charlotte we have been following this for you. the state of emergency declared after another night of violent riots. >> what would martin luther king junior say about all of this. his niece joins us live with a you are poful message from the protestors next. with this level of engineering...
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>> this is a fox news lart. a state of emergency in charlotte after another night of violent protests. this time shots fired. >> we are live on the ground as the national guard moves in. >> presidential candidates weighing in on the violence. >> i would do stop and frisk. >> we have a list -- one more name to the list of african americans killed by police officers. >> was hillary clinton too quick to judge in we report, you
2:30 am
decide. >> the polls show who is pulling ahead. hillary clinton's team revealed her biggest fear heading into the debate. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this very busy thursday morning. i am heather childers. >> i am abby huntsman. we begin with the fox news alert. the national guard moving into charlotte, north carolina, the city under a state of emergency this morning after a second night of violent police protests. >> rioters taking over the streets looting and fireworks. what is the scene like right now. >> ladies, good morning. downtown charlotte looks not quite bliek a war zone but not like any downtown. tear gas is outside of the
2:31 am
restaurants and clubs. people areic with aing up this morning to news that their companies may be closed today. four police officers injured last night and the calvary is on its way in the form of the national guard now deployed. it will be on the street in a little while. last night a number of officers felt like they thought they were restrained about 8:30 or so. the protests truly took a violent turn to them. there was one shot fired that was heard. one person went down. that man is in critical condition fighting for his life. obviously there's a lot of different parts to this story in terms of what caused these
2:32 am
riots? >> know that all white people are devils. wall white cops are devils and white people. >> that was keith scott's brother. he was the man who was shot and killed by police. the social media narrative if you will is he had a book in his hand. according to police, he had a gun and they have pictures po back it up he had a gun in his hand. that was the spark and we are dealing with this on the streets of an american major city in downtown as the national guard comes out. the real question going forward is what happens to this in terms of the political fallout from this. north carolina is a swing state. we are less than 50 days until the election. >> leland vittert live for us on the scene. >> let's bring in the niece of dr. martin luther king junior and fox news contributor dr
2:33 am
dr. alveta king. thank you for coming in with us. >> thank you, heather. good morning. >> we have talked about some of the things that have gone on and transpired in the last couple of hours with all of this happening with the shooting and death of a 43-year-old man. when that first transpired the initial riot that happened there was one individual that said all white people are devils. you wanted to respond to that. >> across the country we have seen this outbreak and this fight over skin color. if my dad were here reverend ab king, it is not about the skin color. it's the conditions that are so oppress tive. so all white people are not devils. all black people are not angels. it goes so far beyond skin color. i can understand the frustration. you will respond to immediately what you see. that's maybe skin color but it's the heart that really counts. i hope that some of the leaders of america can get that message
2:34 am
across right now in charlotte. but every city that is trying to erupt into violence needs spiritual leaders, people with wisdom and stability to break through the problems. >> why do you think there seems to be this divide that is greater than it has ever been right now in america when it comes to race relations? >> well, the divide has been here before. i was in the 1960's i was a teen. i marched and went to jail over similar things when martial law was called and troops were called in. this is escalating because it is so fast with the social media and everything and everything moving so quickly across the communities. we can move faster by just showing, telling the scoop. i hope the media picks up on some of the leaders we are calling for calling for peace and stability and calmness. >> what about the issues with police specifically and the concerns that police target black men?
2:35 am
>> i really want the viewers to know i have really good friends in law enforcement myself various ethnic groups in atlanta, georgia. my mother's car was vandalized. the police department responded quickly and came to help get the community back in order. the police department are not the enemies. you have bad police officers and good ones. do not lump all law enforcement into one bundle. we have to allow them to do their job. >> as you watch soft the scenes unfold we have one individual protester shoot another individual another protester who is now in critical condition. we have all of this damage to all of the businesses in the very community where they live. >> there are african americans in communities across america to get up, who pray, go to work, go to school and all of that. we want our whole communities, the entire communities back to work, back to good schools and
2:36 am
that type of thing. when people are allowed to contribute to a csociety and hep it to be better there's less violence and crime. the crime is not due to skin color. the police brutality is never due to skin color. we have to go deeper with these issues and a spiritual matter. >> spiritual matter and economic. >> if people can go to work and school and have decent morals you have less crime. >> you have heard the two candidates we have running for president right now have comments regarding all of this. what do you think about their comments? >> i have been listening to mrs. clinton, i think she is right responding as quickly as she can. mr. trump hit the problem even with racism and skin color. he said bring the jobs back home and if we make sure people can contribute to the society and not be oppressed and robbed of the opportunity to have dignity. he's fair to black communities
2:37 am
latinos white, young, old. i think he's on a good track. >> do you believe him? >> i believe in the american dream that my uncle believed in. i believe that anybody that at least speaks it can remind us of it and introduce us to that dream again. >> finally you mentioned dr. martin luther king your uncle. what would he say about what is happening in america today? >> one of my favorite message we must learn to live together as brothers and sisters parishes full. we can live as one community. >> appreciate the positive message today. a lot of people need to hear that. >> thank you, heather. >> also breaking overnight the oklahoma police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man is speaking out for the first time. this has we learned police found a vile of the hallucinogen pcp
2:38 am
in terrence crutcher's car. he didn't follow two dozen xhants he was forced to fire a fatal shot when he put his arm through the window. the family claims the windows were closed. >> police shootings in tulsa and charlotte sparking violent riots all across the country. donald trump is calling for action as hillary clinton takes sides. fox news chief national correspondent ed henry joins us live with more on that. >> hillary clinton, you are right, jumping all over these police related shootings. she has been calling in to african american radio talk show hosts in various markets trying to say she would act quickly if elected quickly enact reforms to deal with police related shootings and try to prevent
2:39 am
that. doth has been aggressively quoti courting african american voters in recent days and saying hillary clinton is all talk and no action on this issue. interesting in a town hall meeting with our own sean hannity trump said these recent attacks from the clinton camp charging he's a racist tells him he's winning. >> when you start to win and win and win they have nothing to say and they can't stop you. they always start using the racist word. it is a very interesting phenomena. the word racist comes out. that means that you are winning and that's their last chance. i don't think it is working. >> we have got to do better. i know we can. if i am elected president we will. >> i know i don't have all of the answers. i don't know any one who does, but this is certain, too many people have lost their lives who shouldn't have. >> these police related
2:40 am
shootings in tulsa and charlotte reverberating in congress. also congress behind me the black caucus overnight planning to head over to the other part of the city to march on the department of justice to protest these police related shootings. gives you an idea heather and abby that this issue is not going away. >> ed henry lye for us. thank y -- live for us. thank you. hillary clinton just reve revealed her biggest concern. she thinks the moderators aren't going to be tough enough on her rival saying they will lower the bar for donald trump. >> sometimes they are not particularly hard or difficult but they are particularly aggressive. i think that's meant to make up for questions that he can get that could be difficult to answer. >> clinton xhaun indications
2:41 am
director says clinton will get more pointed questions and more policy specifics than donald trump. the two will face off monday. >> isis could be turning to xhem cal warfare to target our troops. a rocket with possible traces of mustard gas hitting iraqi troops near mosul. they found tar like black oily substance on a shell that landed feet from the base. initial tests for mustard gas those came back mixed. it is being sent off for more testing. >> the new jersey bombing suspect is heading back to the u.s. for questioning. it comes as disturbing evidence emerges in the terror investigation including new video of a bombing dest. we are getting new images of the bloody and bullet ridden vehihe
2:42 am
on him. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. did you see this? a teacher sparking national outrage after stomping on the american flag. he says it was all part of a lesson plan. there's a big update on the story coming up. >> protests raising overnight in charlotte. one man shot four officers injured as the national guard is rolling in. we are back live on the ground next. ♪ experience the thrill of the lexus is f sport. because the ultimate expression of power, is control. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> north carolina under a state of emergency as a second night of violence and chaos erupts in charlotte. nearly 1,000 rioters looting stores and blocking traffic. none of their injuries are life threatening. there is one protester on life support this morning. the protester was shot by another civilian. this after the aftermath had looters throwing shelves on to the floor. a 43-year-old man threat continued them with a gun. the family says he was unarmed and carrying a book. brand new details about the pilot killed after a spy plane came crashing down 17,000 pete in the air. he and another pilot ejected
2:47 am
during a training mission in california. the other pilot was injured but is expected to be okay. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. >> to chicago now where they are adding nearly a thousand officers to the force to combat a surge in violence. 970 positions being added over the next two years on the heels of a dramatic spike of shootings. the windy city reporting more than 500 homicides so far this year more than new york and la combined. rahm emanuel didn't say how the financially struggling city plans to pay for the new hires. >> the hero officer officer jason falkner returned to the gun range and training facility with a flood of well wishers thanking him for his bravery. he was off duty when he took down the 22-year-old terrorist. he really is a hero.
2:48 am
>> very, very busy day, busy overnight. let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> if the governor of north carolina is declare ago state of emergency we are going to be all over it. donald trump who would like to be our next president will be dropping by. also ed rollins will take a look at the controversial sound bytes so we can see who calm out on top whether it is hillary or donald trump. newt gingrich and rudy giuliani will be here. >> new polls to talk about, too. fascinating. >> we have three hours worth of stuff in three hours of time. >> look forward to it. thanks, steve. >> good news for donald trump. we will be right back. y dollar .
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welcome back to "fox & friends first." and parents are outraged after a teacher stomped on a flag in class. the north carolina teacher won't be charged because his actions are protected by federal law. he gave a lecture on free speech, and when no one had a response, he threw the flag on the ground and stomped on it. he's now on administrative leave. the brangelina break-up is making headlines. marion cotillard addresses the affair rumors and said, many years ago i met the man of my
2:53 am
life, father of our son and of the baby we're expecting. he is my love, my best friend, the only one that i need. brad and angelina split on tuesday. >> and hollywood has confirmed the wax figure brangelina has also split. >> i am surprised they don't have jennifer aniston with her reaction. and chaos in charlotte overnight. one protestor was shot, four cops injured. we are live next as both presidential candidates are weighing in. but whose message is best? your e-mails are poring in and we're going to read them, next. but first, here's a look at some weather across the country today.
2:54 am
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ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. we have a fox news alert and the latest on this second night of chaos in charlotte, north carolina. the governor declaring a state of emergency as nearly 1,000 protestors take to the streets looting, throwing fireworks and blocking traffic. >> wjgy is where logan is live
2:58 am
on the ground with the breaking details. logan, this is your hometown, have you ever seen anything quite like this before? >> reporter: yeah, good morning, guys. in my 28 years, i have never seen anything like this. and to be honest with you, it absolutely broke my heart. i got out here at 9:45 last night and stayed here until midnight. and then as well as my fox 26 crew, we started to fear for our lives and decided to go back to the station, hung out for about three to four hours and came back up here. and i've been here since 3:15 this morning. it's a completely different scene. police have retaken the city. we have highway patrol. we have the national guard here on their way to uptown charlotte. so it's a much safer scene than what it was about five hours ago. i'll step out of the way real quick, you can see this convenient store right behind me down on the epicenter, which is
2:59 am
restaurants, bars, things like that off the main street here in charlotte. a convenience store here was completely destroyed, looted, wine, beer, cigarettes and stuffed animals were stolen and stepped on in this convenient store. we haven't been allowed to go up to the main level of the epicenter. and i'll tell you one thing, there's a cvs pharmacy up there. one person took a table and threw it through the pharmacy window. scene we saw last night. but like i said, i want to reiterate, police have retaken the city. and right now it is safe. >> all right. this is heather childress, i grew up there as well. and my heart goes out to everybody in the community. >> logan, thank you for being with us this morning. the recent police-involved shootings are centering on the campaign trail. >> earlier we asked which presidential candidate's message is the best. duke says, i would choose the candidate that says "i can fix
3:00 am
it" and that would be donald trump. >> and william says neither. we need live streaming on social media so people don't make up the facts. >> and james says donald trump has the best message. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good day. good morning, it is thursday, september 22nd, and i'm ainsley earhart. we are live on the ground in charlotte, north carolina, with the very latest for you. and switching to politics with a brand new fox news poll shows donald trump is ahead in three important battleground states. what the numbers mean straight ahead. also, donald trump will be on the show. plus, he threw the american flag on the ground and stomped on it. should this teacher keep his job? you'll hear from a student in


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