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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 22, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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drive it. i'm gladly borrow it from you. >> thank you very much for joining us. tomorrow, gerardo rivera is joining us and the christian group crowder. bill: fox news alert on charlotte, north carolina after another night of violence in protest of the shooting of another african-american man earlier this week. one man shot by a civilian, that man said to be in critical condition. good morning and welcome to this edition of america's newsroom. i'm bill hemmer. martha: the victim in the police
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shooting that sparked the violence in charlotte ways a black man. the officer who shot him also was a black police officer. protesters took their age tore the streets in an enormous way last night. >> you could be assistantly tell us what we cannot do. we cannot kneel, we cannot march, we cannot stands, we cannot sing. so what can we do? where's the video? where's the video? >> whether i'm here, i'm in my car, you say a man got shot over here. so why would i put myself in danger. i could be at work or school.
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martha: that was last night on the streets of charlotte. we expect to hear from city leaders 10:30 eastern. so many unanswered questions as we hear from different sides of this story. the man's family saying he was unarmed. the police say he got out of that car with a gun and was coming towards them. the family says he was reading a book in the car. two different stories. bill: today we understand the family will review 0 of that body camera footage. the charlotte police chief told this to megyn. >> the version you shear from me is based -- you hear from me is based on evidence and testimony we get from the witnessed and the officers, and it's corroborated by the evidence on
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the scene. that's what we go by. martha: jonathan serrie live on the ground in charlotte. a fiery night the, what's it like now. >> a lot of business owners are coming back out to inspect the damage. a variety store at a shopping mall known as the epicenter. a family-owned store. the family inspecting the damage. they closed early because of the protest. fortunately they were not there when lookers broke in, so none of the family was injured. however, they say their more valuable items were taken in addition to all the damage and the shattered glass you see in front. just evidence of the violence that erupted overnight. it all began as a peaceful protest?
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uptown charlotte. when that rally ended, many of the protesters went peace any to a local church. but another group remained on the streets clashing with police and civilians. at least two journalists were attacked. we saw a cameraman from a local tv station carried away in an ambulance. march report investigation obviously cities ongoing. we do expect to get more information and something about these body cameras and what they show. right? >> the family of keith scott, the man who was shot in that officer-involved shooting tuesday, they are calling on protesters to be calm and peaceful. at the same time the flame is expressing scepticism about the police version of events. the police version is mr. scott
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was armed at the time officers were trying to approach him, trying to get him to disarm, and officers were being threatened. police say that they do have body camera video. they have yet to release it to the general public. but charlotte snare jennifer roberts tells fox business network the family will have the opportunity to review it. >> we want to have everything in place to complete the picture and make sure the investigation has the highest integrity. we are also following the wishes of the scott family. they want to see that video footage first, and they will be seeing it today, i understand. bill: i want to bring in the
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congressman who represents reprs charlotte's district. do you support the family seeing the video? >> it is a good idea. i believe the police chief. he's a veried a mirable main worked with for several years. bill: would you make other evidence more public to -- to others than just the family? is that a smart idea going into night three? >> i think it's a critical component, the video cam, what they saw at the time. i think the protocol. bill: you mention the police chief, how is he doing?
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how is the mayor doing? do they have what they need so far? >> i think have much so. the chief is an extremely capable individual as is our force. we have an incredible police force, very transparent, very accountable individuals, men and women. let me say, bill, when you look at the overall problem, this thing just happened two nights ago. this has been fess forking for decades. what was meant to be a great society turned out to be a disenfranchised society. they have been put on the welfare roles are and 70% of the african-american children are born out of wedlock. there are people look for jobs.
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this economic group that has been disenfranchised the most. bill: i understand the argument you are making for the future. that's tomorrow. what about today, sir. how do you restore the peace for the i you represent? >> where is the spirit of martin luther king? where are the leaders today? where are the pastors who are going to speak out? where are other leaders hole speak out and have a discourse with these individuals out in the street. i saw one individual. god bless him, you could tell he was trying hard to keep people back. follow the spirit of martin luther king. bill: thank you. martha: on the campaign trail, both candidates are reacting to the situations we have watched
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unfold in charlotte, and tulsa, oklahoma *. yesterday hillary clinton called the police killings of black men unbearable while saying our country can do better. donald trump advocating for a controversial policy that was made famous in new york. >> if they see a person possibly with a gun or they think may have a gun, they will see the person and look and they will take the gun away. they will stop, they will frisk and take the begun away and they won't have anything to shoot with. how it's not being used in chicago -- to be honest with you, it's quite unbelievable. the local police. they know who has a gun and who shouldn't be having a gun. martha: we'll monitor both campaigns for reaction. bill: this is becoming a national issue and it will come
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up monday night. brand-new polling from some of these critical battleground states, and one of them is north carolina. it is tight between clinton and trump. so what does this mean heading into debate number one? chris stirewalt is next with that. martha: authorities want to talk to these two potential witnesses. investigators think they may be able to shed light on the investigation and what they did with one of the suitcases. bill: house speaker paul ryan issues a scathing attack on secretary of state john kerry what he calls bending over backwards for iran. i don't just mean impacting like the tehran chamber ar of commere and paying ransom for hostages.
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get a 3-year brp limited warranty plus a $1,500 rebate. martha: hillary clinton is expected to spend part of the day preparing for the big debate monday night, while tim kaine campaigns in nevada. and donald trump is set to campaign in pennsylvania. the fourth battleground state for him in four days.
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mike pence goes to colorado today. >> we also have new fox polling that could play a big factor in the coming days. donald trump leading in nevada, north carolina, and ohio. she is at 201, he's at 164. this thing will change. take me to north carolina. you have got a 5-point edge for donald trump. you have got gender bathroom debate and the ongoing riots which is now a national story. they are living some of the issues on a bigger sense. >> good news for republicans in north carolina all around in this poll. not only do you see trump up with a comfortable margin in north carolina, which is a state they should win. they under performed -- they lost it in 2008.
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it was razor close in 2012. trump is a good fit for north carolina. based on the demographics of the state. this seems to be north carolina coming back into the fold. >> he doubles here in the state of north carolina. let's go from north carolina to ohio. we have an edge at 45-40%. she is up only 3 points among women. barack obama won women in ohio by 11 points. what's moving there, do you think? >> what is happening is there are a lot of votes that hillary clinton is struggling with. they are not trump votes, they are just not for her. these are especially among younger women. he won handily there and hillary clinton is so far not convinced them to be on her team.
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they are not moving to trump but they are staying undecided. these are mostly younger voters. she needs them to get back in the race in ohio. ohio generally tracks with the national outcome. and ohio is usually reflective of the final vote nationwide. bill: nevada i thought was a state trending democrat pick? what gives? >> the republican party found a way through donald trump to connect with working class whites, lower middle class vote horse had shunned the party, had traditionally been part of the democratic coalition but were in a political no man's land. nevada is load those kinds of voters. we have more than 75% of the adults don't have college degrees. you have a lot of working class white voters.
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much to the surprise of democrats, that had been a pretty solid state. in iowa, two states that are pretty solid for donald trump. bill: let's just say we put the electoral map in motion and based on the polling if you start at 201 in blue and 164 in red. let's say nevada, ohio and north carolina go for trump. then you see a scenario where the traditional states break republican and democratic. also arizona and the state of georgia. now you are at 230 and you are trying to find a path for trump to get to 270. he has an next iowa. you give him that. you pop down to florida and you are at 265. let's go to the democratic side. based on traditional votes now. let's say wisconsin breaks blue and so does the state of
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michigan. pennsylvania going back to 1988. now you are in a contest at 247 -- 227-265. maybe colorado isn't as red as some of the polling suggests. maybe she holds her age in virginia. and you remember what trump did in the primary season in the state of new hampshire. he swept the place. under that scenario, 269-269. >> you are damaging strips of delicious bacon in front of me. this is what we dream of on election tonight. you would be grooming the billboard. the decision desk is coming down to an actual tie and the house of representees working the case. i would love to see that. i would love to get to work that
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night. i'll tell you what, that's the truth. bill: i guess it's possible. martha: that was so interesting. great scenario. the clock is ticking as you can see. former hillary clinton aide is being questioned about the server as well. bryan pagliano. is he going to have to testify about the email server and what he knows? he set it up at her home in chappaqua. bill: we are learning new details about the suspected new york city bomber. who might have inspired him? who helped him. but first here is the house homeland security chair mike mccaul. >> it's clear from this journal that mr. rahami was receiving inspiration from the isis folks
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bill: republicans in the house are waiting to see if a clinton employee will show up to testify. he is a no-show the committee will likely move to hold number contempt of congress. martha: back to the rahami case. investigators are looking for evidence in the bombing that happened in new york and the explosives in new jersey as well. these two people found on surveillance video are two individuals the f.b.i. have much would like to track down and speak to. they believe they may be able to help them this case. surveillance shows they took --
6:25 am
this is the 27th street pressure cooker. they go up suitcase. they open a suitcase sitting on the street. they pull the pressure cooker out of the suitcase, they leave it there and take the luggage away with them. what were they up to? they say they are not suspects, there are no criminal charges against these two yet. ahmad kahn rahami's journal shows he was opinion expired by al qaeda and isis and it made references to top leaders of these groups. >> he talked about usama bin laden. allah skyou a anwar al-awlaki. and gunshots to police.
6:26 am
death to oppression. martha: let's talk about the picture of these two men. what possible reason wouldv they have had to go up to this suitcase, take the pressure cooker out, and walk away with the suitcase. >> clearly looking at the images of that pressure cooker with duct tape around it and a cell phone and wires. anyone in their right mind would see that's a possible i.e.d. the fact that they would steal the suitcase and leave a clear i.e.d. on the street to harm others means they are not just individuals passing by need to go put their clothes in something. they were possibly there
6:27 am
collecting up what would have been very good evidence. i'm sure that suitcase contained possible dna of people who would have contribute to that explosive device. clearing the scene what would have been valuable information for law enforcement. martha: you think of what happened in new jersey, unsuccessful. so that one didn't work. even on 23rd street. where thank god no one was killed. but perhaps that explosive didn't have the impact they hoped for. so then they know they have got one more device. is it possible that they went to check that device to see if it was in good shape or expose it so it would have more impact? anything along those lines make sense? >> that's exactly way was thinking. the placement of the devices
6:28 am
wasn't as effective as it should have been. especially the elizabeth, new jersey device which didn't harm anyone. on 23rd street the explosion was mainly contained by the device it was in. an explosive intended to cause as much human farm as possible. but human harm is the real target for terrorists. they may have disabled the device and rendered it ineffective. martha: the f.b.i. wants to catch these people before these things happen. his sister had cell phone video of him exploding things in their backyard. he had been t to quetta.
6:29 am
why was this only an assessment and not an investigation. >> certain parameters need to be met. an individual is considered a person of interest or someone we can look at. you have to receive enough information in that preliminary investigation in order to open a full f.b.i. investigation. that bar is set high. people enjoy liberties. this guy could have talked about the isis leader and al-awlaki and other terrorists in joyful terms, thinking these guys are great. but that in and of itself isn't a crime. you have to make substantial steps towards a crime. the sister holds evidence of that. she saw him detonating items and she is probably i would hope
6:30 am
going to be charged with accessory to this crime or possibly a felony. martha: thank you very much. bill: there is new evidence isis may have used chemical weapons on our troops in iraq. plus, there is this -- martha: unbelievable night, awful, dangerous in the streets of charlotte after the deadly police shooting. we are about to get a live update from authorities in charlotte about what is coming next. first here is charlotte's police chief and what they know so far. >> i can tell you a weapon was seized. a handgun. i can also tell you we did not find a book that has been made remembers to. more of everything online.
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martha: mayhem and violence in charlotte, north carolina last night. angry protesters took their rage to the streets after police shot and killed an african-american man on tuesday. it was stunning watching what unfold in the streets of charlotte. protesters looted. broke the, i doze, carries stuff out of shops or the uptown area as they refer to it. that was the second night in a row of that kind of action in the area. the family of the man who was killed will see the body cam this video on the police for the police officer, that's going to happen today as we understand
6:35 am
it. the nation waits for answers about what happened that day. >> the officers gave loud, clear verbal commands. mr. scott exit his vehicle armed with a handgun as the officers continued to yell at him to drop it. he stepped out. posing a threat to the officers and officer brentley vinson subsequently fired his weapon striking the subject. martha: the former boston police chief and incidents comappedder for the boston bombing. just your thoughts, as you watch what's going on in charlotte. nobody wants these incidents to happen. on either side. police officers don't wake up in the morning thinking that this kind of thing is going to happen to them or somebody they are
6:36 am
investigating, right? >> absolutely. no police officer wakes up and wants to engage in lethal force and be the center of controversy that's tearing the city they put their life on the line for. that's not in anyone's dream when they wake up. it's a nightmare. >> let's talk about what was described by the police chief there. he was very clear. he also talked to megyn kelly last night about what he believes and what he sees on this videotape they are going to show to the family today. the man got out of a car with his gun, the police were threatened by that gun and had reason to take the action they took. does anything in that story not add up to you? >> that seems logical. a lot of times they say no comment to the pending investigation. but that does a disservice to the community that feels like something is being hidden from
6:37 am
them. they feel like something is being hidden. and it does a disservice to the privilege who reacted. if that's true, we have got to remember. the police interpretation. there will be prosecutors independent of the police elected by the community at large who will review the evidence and make a determination whether the shooting was justified. that takes time. that's our system of justice. if people are unhappy with that they have the right to protest. unfortunately we have a group of criminals who utilize large crowds during these protests to commit criminal acts. they are trying to take advantage of the situation and loot and destroy property. martha: i can't believe what i'm seeing across the country and now in charlotte. what has to happen to regain
6:38 am
control in our cities. most of the people protesting went off to a church service. these individual who stayed in the streets, how would you deal with them? >> the chief in charlotte needs to get his community workers out and have them engage in positive, constructive things to change. at the same time you need tactical plans. you need to bring in resources. you start with front-line officers. who know the community and try to get tensions lowered. then if people want to engage in violence, they will have tactical resources staged quickly that can get the extra play out and arrest people that are even gained. they need to have detective
6:39 am
detectives poring over that video, identify them, and hold them accountable. you won't be allowed to corrupt a protest and use it for criminal intent. we need to go after anyone who is involved in throwing rocks and bottles and looting. leaders of law enforcement, police unions and leaders of community need to get together and figure out there are problems and challenges with policing today. let's define why they are happening and how we are going to move forward. martha: we his top this young woman screaming at our reporter. she said why wouldn't i be here. i know it's dangerous. but i don't feel safe in my car, at my school, i could be shot anywhere in my life. >> when our community is fearful
6:40 am
of police that's tragic and we have to figure out how to get them not to be fearful of police. we saw that in linden, new jersey. those officers ran toward the suspect who was dispatching bombs. officers around the country are going to do that over and over again. but when we have citizens fearful of their police and police fearful of the citizens, that's a problem. if they do the right thing they will be backed up and supported by the community. if they do the wrong thing, they will be held accountable. we need community to step up as well. when officers are doing the right thing, they need to support them in their daily mission in the community and
6:41 am
neighborhoods they live in. bill: we are about 50 minutes away. the mayor and police chief will brief. he reminded me of the police chief in dallas. more on the latest fox news polling in critical battleground states. donald trump. is he making a move that will stick? a new national poll on how the four-way race is shaping up. martha: the house is mulling a potential ban on so-called ransom payments to iran. ed royce joins us and says no more cash to tehran. >> we want america to lead. we want our enemies to fear us and our allies to trust us. what does it say when the united states repeatedly bends over backward to accommodate the world's number one state sponsor
6:42 am
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facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and his wife who is a physician announced a $3 billion initiative to manage disease. the project is goes to a $600 million lab known as the bio hub to enable better collaboration. she broke down in tears talking about her work as a pediatrician. she said the experience of having to sit down with a child and tell them their child has leukemia or you are not able to revive their child is something she deals with and feels so deeply about, we want to try to
6:46 am
find as many cures as they can. that money will hopefully be put to good use. bill: there is new fallout from the iran nuclear deal. speaker of the house paul ryan slamming john kerry, accusing america's top diplomat of putting tehran first. >> i don't just mean all these concessions and cash infiewtions and side deals, i don't just mean sending the secretary of state out to a show like he's the head of the tehran chamber of commerce. we know the administration misled the public about the details with the arrangement with the iranian regime. bill: you passed a bill yesterday in committee that would do what? >> what this bill would do is to shut down the transfer of cash
6:47 am
payments to iran. this has been done three times now, a total of $1.7 billion. we don't know where those planes, those iranian planes took off to in terms of this cash. and this says we are putting an end to it, and we are not going to do what the justice department said don't do. the justice department said do not pay ransom because if you do, they will take more american hostages. bill: you say this is urgent because of the news out of tehran. what is that specifically? >> last night the ayatollah said he looked forward to receiving more money, more money from the united states. as a result of past disputes. and so what that tells us is that they figured out that this pressure pays. and what they wanted is the payment in cash and we have got to shut that down because iran
6:48 am
is the foremost state sponsor of terror whether it's hamas, hezbollah, or what's going on in syria with -- >> the explanation of the explanation seems to be a moving target. if you go back to the first week of august and listen to the following scenario that played out the following three weeks -- >> iran released. there was no linkage between this settlement and the freeing of these americans. > > >> we do not pay ransom. >> if you are asking me whether a connection in that regard is the end game, i'm not going to deny that. bill: what do you make of all that? how are we to understand it? >> i think the way we understand it. i had conversations with one of the hostages. and what he shared with me was
6:49 am
he was told that they weren't taking off unless that plane with cash land. i think the way this began was a discussion of a transfer of 9 iranian spies and prisoners or people that have been convicted of crimes held here in exchange for four american hostages. but somehow along the way it looks like iran decided that they wanted a cash payment. the reason i suspect that that's exactly how it developed was because the iranian revolutionary guard corp announced they were going to get ran mom exchange for the hostages. when it comes to dealing with iran, we need a policy of more backbone, not more backing down. bill: your vote was 21-16. any democrats in favor of this? >> we couldn't move them in the committee because of the pressure from the administration.
6:50 am
we'll see what we are able to do on the house floor. the bill will be up friday on the house floor. martha: scary news as a possible chemical attack on u.s. troops in iraq by isis. what this means for the mission and the fight against that terror group. we'll give you a live report of what happened coming up next. real cheese poeple don't eat pasteurized,
6:51 am
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martha: u.s. forces in northern iraq under attack. isis suspected of firing mortar shells that may have contained mustard agents at u.s. air bases. we are work on a new initiative in that area. u.s. military officials say
6:54 am
nobody thankfully was injured and that there is no sign among our military that they were exposed to muscle tarred gas. gregg palkot in our london bureau. what do we know about what's going none this area and this incident? >> the important thing is everyone is safe. but it's alarming. a rocket or mortar was fired tuesday night, we are told, at a base in an iraqi town. some 500 troops are stationed there. and fox news can confirm muscle tashed gas was detect on the shells. four american soldiers were nearby. they went quickly into a decontamination process. but no bad signs have been detect on them. isis is known to have used chemical weapons. a year ago on 60 kurdish
6:55 am
peshmerga fighters were injured, blistering skin and difficulty breathing. earlier this month u.s. planes knocked out a chemical weapons plants and storage site used by isis. dangerous stuff, martha. martha: in terms of the bigger threat to u.s. forces, the last stronghold we are trying to win back, right, gregg? reporter: we can tell you from our experience over the years, chemical weapons and protective suits are always carried with the soldiers. but it's cumbersome and difficult to use. there is a threat because there is a big offensive to take back the city of mosul. it's expected a fight to the finish. chemical weapons are expected to be in the mix, and they are plentiful.
6:56 am
they could come from syria. while bashar al-assad had to give up his chemical weapons. it's expected several hundred tons of this stuff could be in isis hands and some of the stuff like this plus card agent is not too hard to use. you can bet, martha, that these terrorists will use it. back to you. bill: the city of charlotte in a state of emergency. another night of looting and clashes with officers. we'll hear from the mayor and police chief in charlotte. updates on that coming up.
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. .
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martha: state of emergency is underway in charlotte, north carolina today.
7:00 am
this is in our country. this is what it looks like in the city of charlotte last night. you've got the governor calling the national guard, riots rocked the city for a second straight night. one person was shot in the head by another protestor, four officers sustained injuries last night as demonstrators went on a rampage attacking people including reporters that got pulled, trashing local businesses, think broke the windows, carried stuff out. it was ugly and awful what we saw happening in charlotte last night. welcome, everybody, another hour now of america's news room. bill: this uneasy calm today in the queen city after last night's peaceful rally turned violent. it started as a prayer vigil. smashing windows, attacking those who work in the area and looting stores. some people were told to stay
7:01 am
home in uptown charlotte. demonstrators last night clearly venting their frustration. >> because i serve a purpose. my father serves a purpose, my brother serves a purpose. i'm here because, guess what, whether i'm here, i'm at school, i'm in my car, you said a man got shot over here, right, why would i put myself in dangerous way? >> exactly. >> i could be at work, at school, at my car. [shouting] martha: i feel her anger and frustration as she spoke on the street last night to steve who was covering all of that. joining me richard fowler, director of blacks fear,
7:02 am
gentlemen, i know you come at this from very different perspectives. there's something very wrong in our country when this happens in cities across the country before anybody has seen the video or anybody really knows the evidence of the exact case and how it played out in the street. richard, let me start with you because we need to figure out how to make this stop. >> absolutely, martha. we have got as a country have to do soul searching to figure out how we end what is bad relations between police departments and communities of color, both hispanic and african american. that young lady's anger speaks to decades and decades of police department and police department policies and practices that have led to the unjust killing of thousands of african americans. this goes beyond just what's happening in 2000, think about rodney king, sean bell that was
7:03 am
shot at bachelor party by police department. this is a real problem in the country that we have got to address and it's not going to change overnight. we have to understand that anger. >> total nonsense. martha: i figured that you would say that, kevin, but -- >> everything you just said -- martha: that woman's feelings are real. what bothers me is we don't even -- we heard from the police chief last night, right, but they're jumping the gun and saying, here we go again and we see time and time again that the evidence points in a different direction. there are times when the police are wrong. tulsa may be one of them. that's the other situation brewing out there, kevin. >> the fact of the matter is richard has no more information than anybody else and he's completely jumped to a conclusion. he last night he and i debated this, why can't rerush to jment, why do you to wait for justice, this is nonsense.
7:04 am
what you said about this young lady nothing rings true in this country. she hasn't experienced anything that she talks about or ranted about. the idea that she could be killed. she has seen more police officers in the last week than she's seen -- that could have potentially killed her but she said about getting killed in the grocery store. she could get kill it had fastest in her own neighborhood by the very people claims are represent -- that she's representing and that the black lives matter movement represents. that's ridiculous. martha: you look at who was shot last night. one of the protestors shot by another protestor according to the report that is we've got. i mean, you do have to be careful and i heard an activist yesterday, he was on our air, you know, telling people in charlotte, you need to boycott this city, right. so great idea, right. you want to shut down the city where a lot of people, a lot of people have jobs and essentially that's what we saw last night. you know, they shut down this
7:05 am
city. that is an area -- charlotte is a beautiful city. there are shops and restaurants all through that area and those people aren't going to be able to go to work today. who benefits from any of this? how does it get anyone anywhere, richard? >> here is the thing, martha, when we have seen boycotting cities, we saw the birmingham boycott. here is the problem that kevin has. clearly he lives in an ultimate reality from the rest of african americans who understand. listen, when i was growing up, i grew up, i grew up in 1987, i remember walking to school. i lived in a suburban neighborhood. i remember my brother being stopped by the police multiple times. one officer said to my brother, cars have been stole nn the neighborhood and we were checking to see if your car was stolen. we were the only black family living in the community and he's going to --
7:06 am
>> no. >> it happened to my brother, kevin. howdies respectful are you going to be. you are the problem in this country. [inaudible] >> you have a deplorable. martha: i don't think that's fair. >> you are. [inaudible] >> richard, hold on. richard, hold on, calm down. you are entitled to your experience and your say in the matter and your opinion and so is kevin and there's no reason to insult him with those kinds -- >> martha, don't worry about richard insulting me. richard doesn't understand that my father was in san quentin prison and it doesn't compare. there you go.
7:07 am
if you want to talk about who is growing up in a situation. i'm much older than you and i have seen a lot more life experience and you have not experienced a fraction of anything that you're talking about. all you want to do is overtalk to me. i'm not going to let you. [inaudible] martha: kevin, you made your point. you feel that richard has not experienced what you experienced. >> of course, he hasn't. he hasn't been pulled over by police. >> i have. i just said that. >> really? how did you survive it? >> my brother was pulled over by the police, i have been pulled over by the police. but, kevin, let me finish, but kevin, your father's story is part of the problem. we have a prison industrial complex where we saw in the late 70's under richard nixon and the failed war on drugs, we put more black brothers and more black sons, more black fathers in jail than any other group of individuals. >> and democrats did this -- >> for nothing. for nothing.
7:08 am
martha: kevin. >> let me say this martha. this is the problem we have. this city has a 40% -- 40% higher crime rate than any other cities in the country. 62 people died last year, more than a reasonable time. two-thirds of those people that died were black. 35% of black population and richard wants to blame the police. these people are being killed by our own people and richard ignores it because -- >> that's not true at all. >> what happened to the police leading up to this point? martha: i have a question. let me ask richard a question. why is it, richard, in this case you have a black police officer and a black man in this case and we don't know all the details, we know what the police chief told us, we know what the family says. the family is going to see the video for themselves, it's interesting that they are bringing in the family and want them to see exactly what happened and they want to see it today and i'm hoping that that is going to go towards calming
7:09 am
things down. we need to stop jumping into conclusions and assuming people are guilty and we also need to understand that there's responsibility within all of us and that we need to figure out a way to pass this problem. richard, you cannot acknowledge what kevin is saying in terms of victimization that is sometimes felt by your community that maybe is not the whole picture. >> you're right, martha. it's not the whole picture and i think what i said last night and i will reiterate that point. we have to wait, we have to wait for justice to take course -- wait for the investigation to happen. where was the waiting when this young gentleman was shot. where was the waiting when laquan was shot 16 times. where was the police when they shot sean bell 42 times. there was no investigation, no waiting. martha: one of the questions is why -- and i understand your
7:10 am
passion for this, i do, richard. [inaudible] >> it could be me, martha. martha: why are you not shouting about the people who have been killed in chicago, about the problems in the inner cities in this country that can be solved by people taking in some cases responsibility? do you believe that police officers wake up in the morning wanting to kill somebody? >> no, not at all. i do not believe police officers want to wake up and kill everybody. what i said their pattern and practices of bias in police departments, whether the police officers are white, black, hispanic, purple, blue or yellow, additionally on this air, i have talked about the problems in chicago and proliferation of the illegal guns inchicago. excuse me, can i finish? the police chief in chicago -- martha: quickly. >> attorney general in the city of chicago has said over and over again, we need to start prosecuting purchasers, the
7:11 am
reason why they can't do it is because policies. martha: kevin, well, yeah. [inaudible] martha: kevin, go ahead, you have some time. >> richard forget that is the president of the united states is black, the attorney general is black, the democrats that run that city is there and the police chief is black. he wants to forget that. the other thing that -- >> you forget you're black all of the time. martha: be quiet. let him finish. >> there are white people who have been killed, asian people who have been killed. richard can't name all of them because he's a racist that focuses on black issues and doesn't care about statistics. >> i'm a racist. martha: yeah, exactly. we have to do better than that, but i appreciate both of you bringing your thoughts to the table because it was heartbreaking what we saw last night and i don't want to see it
7:12 am
in any cities across america. it's awful. gentlemen, thank you for being here. >> thank you. bill: police chief comes out in about 20 minutes give or take and so does the mayor so you will see that live. it's becoming an issue on the campaign trail. donald trump and hillary clinton gearing up for the debate on monday. we have brand new polling in several key battleground states and what voters are telling us, 46 days away from the election, plus this from last night. [shouting] >> we will get an update on the state of emergency in charlotte. one photographer injured last night, another reporter shot to the ground and another person shot to the head. how is the media handling this story today? our own analysts howard will address that coming up. >> we have a video.
7:13 am
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to learn more. go long. bill: fox news alert. waiting on the mayor, waiting on the mayor and the police chief. they're in charlotte, north carolina, they will brief with reporters in just a few minutes. it was yesterday about this time when the police chief came out and the mayor as well and they have showed a lot of strength in this and now we move today three and we will see what comes of
7:17 am
today and then later tonight the family of the dead victim apparently will meet with the police today to see some of the body cam video. we may get more information coming up, so 17 past the hour. we will take you live when it begins here. >> we've got new numbers that reveal how tight the race is between donald trump and hillary clinton. the latest fox news poll trump leads clinton in three battleground states. yesterday we showed you possible path to victory for donald trump. included all three of these states and he is ahead in them. nevada at 46% over hillary clinton 42. north carolina 47%. trump ahead and ohio 45% with trump ahead. he is being boosted by strong support from working-class white vote erstwhile clinton is struggling with younger voters in the latest read. she however, holds the lead
7:18 am
nationally, she tops trump by 6 points in a wall street journal poll that came out yesterday. joining us now anchor, good to have you with us. >> good morning, martha. martha: what do you make of the numbers? they show a tight race. >> they do show a tight race. the number that struck me actually inside the poll is the honest and straightforward question. donald trump trumps, beats hillary clinton by 10 points, 41 to 31 on honest and straightforward. which candidate is honest and straightforward. that's a huge number considering the overall number, the wall street journal poll is clinton with the lead. in our state polls the numbers that struck me not only the leads for donald trump and some of them between margin of error, independence, donald trump is beating hillary clinton according to our poll by about
7:19 am
20 points in each one of those battleground states and among women, hillary clinton is beating donald trump but not anywhere the numbers that president obama beat mitt romney with women in each one of the states, those are red flags for the clinton campaign and you know that there are many more pads for her -- paths for her to get to 270. these numbers show a trend moving in his direction. martha: fascinating. it really is. i heard someone say yesterday looking at the numbers across the board you would rather be hillary clinton than donald trump in terms of the way they lay out, however, he appears to have more momentum, so she's has to find a way to get people enthusiastic and get some of those independent voters if she wants to maintain her lead and, i think, you know, the connection between brad what you pointed out about the honest and trust worthy numbers.
7:20 am
he's 10% -- 10 points above her and you look at the women vote which is significant by all pollsters' judgments, philadelphia, those areas, maybe there's a glitch and saying they're not sure they trust her. >> listen, obviously the summer reporting on her emails, the reporting on the clinton foundation had an impact and maybe even the reporting on how the campaign handled the health issues. i think that's why for both candidates these debates are so crucial and probably more than any of the first one. if donald trump can get over the bar of people saying, i could see him as commander in chief, i could see him behind the resalute desk, i can see him making decisions, then hillary clinton is in trouble, however, if hillary clinton runs circles around him on policy, comes off as kind of firm and standing up to whatever donald trump brings
7:21 am
her on that debate stage, she could suede independents, the first debate is going to be crucial. martha: i can't wait. [laughter] >> fun to think about. martha: these two people are so different and the dynamic between the two of them -- we have seen them go at each other in different venues but to see them one-on-one -- >> we watched all the races and now culminates with the first engagement. it's going to be something. martha: thank you, we will see you there. bill: all caught up last night in the violent protest from charlotte. >> other people came in. [shouting] bill: that reporter is okay but meanwhile demonstrators said to be throwing a reporter in a fire, trying anyway. howard will address all of that
7:22 am
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7:25 am
>> put it on video so you can put it on the news, right? >> no, we're on live. >> we got a video, so you can make up a [bleep] fabricated story, right? >> no. >> right? right? bill: that's some of what you saw last night on our air in charlotte. that was steve heir gone confronted -- steve harrigan confront by a protester. another example from cnn. >> murder. murder, murder, murder -- >> okay, come on. >> murder! bill: he got up. he's okay.
7:26 am
that's a big guy, and he can take care of himself, as he said right there. howard kurtz, host of "media buzz" on sundays. good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: in a general sense, how do you think and i view the media covering this story so far? >> i thought the coverage was good last night. and, you know, for all of disdain heaped on the media, this is a reminder of the important, vital work journalists do when they're on the front lines in an urban riot zone at great personal risk. they're caught between the police and the protesters in a racially-charged, tense situation. they get abuse hurled at them as our own steve harrigan did because sometimes journalists are seen as a symbol of the white establishment. this, we've seen this in baltimore and ferguson and now in charlotte. this is important, vital but sometimes dangerous work. bill: yeah. i want to share something with you from a tv station out of
7:27 am
charlotte too. they claim this image here is evidence of a reporter being thrown into a fire or this was an attempt to put this photographer in a fire. it's hard for me to tell on the screen there, but when you have cameras, when you have live reporters, it affects the way the story plays out, right? >> absolutely. this is a dilemma i think we've never quite figured out how to resolve which is, of course, cameras should be there to record what's gown on in the -- going on in the streets in response to a disputed police killing. but at the same time, i can't help but conclude that when lots and lots of cameras show up, they act as a magnet for thugs and troublemakers and looters, you know? some of these people aren't just peaceful protesters, as we have seen in charlotte last night and in other cities. and when we cover it wall to wall, not saying it's not a vitally important story, but it might be, you know, a couple
7:28 am
hundred people, and we might magnify the importance of the story because it goes national. bill: do you find reporters judging the story already? this early on, that can be a dangerous thing. do you have evidence of that or not? >> i think there's more restraint this time because of what happened in ferguson, because too many people in our profession rushed to judgment with the hands up, don't shoot narrative involving michael brown which turned out to be false. now, he -- unlike in full ca where you clearly had a black man who was not armed and shot and killed by a police officer, although we don't have all the a facts there either, you have two very different accounts here of what happened to keith scott and whether or not he did have a gun or did not as some eyewitnesses say. i detect sometimes there's a natural tendency by too many in the profession to say, well, this is another example of cops out of control, and others say, well, this is, you know, these people often have criminal records, and to try to put the fault on them.
7:29 am
we don't know the full story here, and i did see more restraint -- at least in the initial coverage -- than we've seen in some of these other cases. i think that's a good thing because it can look very different even from a piece of video when more evidence comes in. bill: we're all hoping for the best tonight. howard kurtz from washington, d.c., thank you. martha. martha: in just a few minutes, we expect new information out of of charlotte. there'll be a press conference there. we're going to take you there live. the mayor will address the chaos that has been unfolding in her city and try to make sure it does not happen again tonight. meanwhile, the republican nominee this morning addressing this issue in terms of crime on the whole. the panel is up next to break down donald trump's suggestions and hillary clinton's responses. bill: also we're getting a glimpse into the mind accused of setting off those bombs in new jersey and new york city. the chilling details of his own sinister plans in his written word. >> clear from this journal that
7:30 am
mr. rahami was receiving inspiration from the isis spokesman. this is a new era of terror.
7:31 am
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7:33 am
she knows what i'm talkin' about bill: we are awaiting the start of a news conference live in charlotte. we'll hear from the mayor and police chief live. in the meantime, this morning on fox and friends, donald trump suggesting to reinstate the controversial stop and frisk policy here in the u.s. as an overall answer to violence in inner city communities. this is what he said two hours ago. >> rudy giuliani did a great job as mayor, and they really, they really vision -- straightened things out with stop and frisk, and it was used further by the next mayor, bloomberg. and they now, you know, recently -- not so recently, but fairly recently, they stopped it. bill: rich lowry and juan williams, author of "we, the people." gentlemen, good morning to both
7:34 am
of you. apparently, trump in pittsburgh is going to talk about this again in about 30 minutes from now. we'll see what he says. rich, how smart is the politics now on a red hot issue that goes directly to race in america? >> well, i think he's a law and order candidate, and and he should be a law and order candidate, and there's a lot of appetite for that. now, new york has ended stop and frisk and fortunately, the decline in crime has held. but in other cities you have seen what appears to be a so-called ferguson effect -- baltimore, chicago -- where the anti-police movement has led to the police pulling back, and you see drastic increases in murders -- bill: rich, i apologize. as the viewers can tell right now, this is the mayor, jennifer roberts, in charlotte. stand by, rich and juan. >> our protests started peacefully. andi want to emphasize that in
7:35 am
that are lot we have a -- in charlotte we have a long tradition of working collaboratively, and i urge everyone to continue that tradition. i want to recognize that spirit of collaboration that behind me stand a number of our community leaders, our state leaders, our county leaders, our city leaders. we stand united in working together to move our city forward. and i appreciate all of them being here today. thank you very much. i ask again for calm, peaceful demonstrations from our citizens. it is important that we have a full and transparent investigation of the original incident, and we are working very hard in a collaborative way to insure the integrity of that investigation. we have also partnered with the state of north carolina for additional resources to care for our city and to secure the safety of our citizens.
7:36 am
the safety and security of our community as well as our law enforcement officers remains our top priority. today our city is open for business as usual, and we let people know, come to our uptown. we are here working. our buses are running, we are here to serve, and the city is open. we are working with our partners and putting measures in place today to also provide for the protection of our city this evening. once again, i thank all the community partners who have been working so hard with us to insure this collaboration going forward. we saw some tremendous work in that area last night. i want to especially thank our religious leaders, our faith leaders, our community leaders who were out last night working so hard to keep the protest peaceful.
7:37 am
i'm now going to turn it over to the chief of police, chief putney, to provide more details. chief. >> as luck would have it, we're having technical issues when it's my turn to talk. [laughter] please be patient. are we ready? can you hear me? [inaudible conversations] all right. everybody doing okay? good. [inaudible conversations] >> it's okay. go ahead, chief. >> morning.
7:38 am
first of all, i'm not here to defend a position, i'm here to give you some information. we have had a lot of things that transpired last night that we're still trying to piece together, and that'll make more sense once i get into the chronology of what exactly took place. yesterday at about 6 p.m. a group of peaceful protesters from marshall park moved towards the police headquarters building and began to exercise their first amendment. this was a very peaceful demonstration. later on, official -- hey, there it is. additional protesters started to join the ranks of the initial peaceful protesters, and they began to block some of the roadways as they headed towards the transit center and the epicenter. at about 8 p.m., a group started to jump on vehicles in about the 700 block of east 7th street, and they began to damage property at the epicenter.
7:39 am
we deployed our civil emergency unit at that point to de-escalate the situation and, again, bring -- restore order. at about 8:30 we had officers who responded to north college street and east trade street for an assault with a deadly weapon call. one person was located with an apparent gunshot wound, and he was located there in the omni hotel. right now that shooting victim's in critical condition. due to concerns around security, the victim was evacuated by our bearcat, our s.w.a.t. armored personnel carrier. we couldn't get medic in at the time because of the size of the crowd. the victim was then transported -- transferred to medic and was transported to cmc main, as i said, with life-threatening injuries.
7:40 am
at that point because of the size of the crowd, we deployed gas, and that would have been at about 8:43 p.m. the reason i say i'm not defending a position is the shooting that took place, there's a lot of information about who did that shooting. we're reviewing video, and we're assessing our people who were there as well because an allegation was made that one of our officers might have been involved. as i said before, guys, we're here to seek the truth, so we're investigating that to find the truth, the absolute truth as best the evidence can show us. as soon as we were -- once we were handling that situation, a group at around 9 p.m. began to move towards trade street and college street. we responded and disbursed those protesters there. then the transit center closed
7:41 am
at 9:07 p.m. operations were moved to a nearby location, so operations continued, just not out of the transit center. then a group moved towards the interstate, 277, shut down the loop. we were able to get some resources out there to start mitigating that situation. additional -- at about 11:55 the light rail traffic was halted because of the crowd that was, again, amassing around the light rail. we gave additional orders to disperse and protesters continued to damage property and to throw objects and assault our officers. at about 12:30 this morning, leadership, the mayor of the city of charlotte and leaders of the county board of commissioners in particular and our governor, allowed for us to declare a state of emergency.
7:42 am
the reason i sought that status is quite clear. i wanted to protect the property, and i wanted to protect our people, our officers were our priority as well as the property here in our center city in particular. be the role -- because i am incident commander of this operation based on this designation -- the role of the shp, state highway patrol, is to help us with traffic and to help us protect infrastructure. the role of the national guard is to primarily help us around infrastructure. we had a lot of looting at a lot of businesses, quite a few businesses that were damaged, and our intent so to protect those assets so that we don't suffer further damage. at about three a.m., the protests subsided. the damage to property9 subsided, and people began to
7:43 am
disperse significantly. overall, we had two officers who had eye injuries that were relatively minor, and three were treated for heat-related issues. we had a total of nine civilians, according to medic, that was injured in this incident as well. we made a total of 44 arrests. charges range from failure to disperse to assault to breaking and entering. basically, breaking into businesses and stealing. as i said, we're going to continue to review the video footage because i do not believe we have all the criminal suspects to charge with various crimes at this point and will not rest until we bring all people to justice. this' what happened in the -- that's what happened in the past. that's how we got to right now. now i want to give you a glimpse of what we're looking to do moving forward. we have a full complement of our civil emergency unit ready to
7:44 am
continue working to prevent violent crime, assaultive behavior and property crime as well. we have our officers who are assigned to foot patrol, bike patrol, dirt bikes as well as patrolling at our mobile seu vans -- ceu vans. you will see our heavy uniform presence, obviously. our aviation unit will continue to be our eyes in the sky and give us an aerial view we couldn't have otherwise. we continue to use our realtime crime center with roughly a thousand cameras that help protect our city. as i said before, the national guard and shp will help us with infrastructure. they'll help provide protection for our buildings so that we can avoid putt damage. further damage. this allows us and my cmpd
7:45 am
people who are committing crimes, damaging property and assaulting people, as i said. despite this commitment, this great commitment by state and local resources, we still need to lean on our greatest partner, our strongest asset, and that is our community. we ask that you continue to let us know when you see things that are happening that are inappropriate and when you see crimes occurring. we appreciate the fact that people are posting things that they see, because i can tell you, we use those opportunities to fully investigate all crimes and all allegations that are made relative to what goes on in a chaotic scene. i'd be remiss if i didn't thank again the community for your support, because i can tell you the vast majority have shown us a supportive situation that i think is unique to charlotte. i also have to thank the heroes,
7:46 am
the officers, and now the national guard and the state highway patrol who are going to be a part of how we protect our fine city moving forward. thank you. >> good morning again. let me start by saying, fancy meeting all of you here today. my name is willie ratchford, and i work with the charlotte-member eleven berg community relations committee -- mceleven berg community relations committee -- member eleven berg. i have never seen things we have witnessed in the past 48 hours. this is not charlotte. this is not how we have operated as a city in the past. charlotte is a community where we work toward tolerance, and we work towards understanding. charlotte is a community where we strive to leave no one behind and to make assurances that all, that everyone -- regardless of hair station in life -- has an
7:47 am
equal opportunity to succeed. charlotte is a community that together seeks the truth. i'm urging each of you, members of our community, to come together in peace. we are a peaceful people. this is our community, and i expect everyone to come together to do what is right, to do what is just and what is based on factual information and not speculation. let's work together to seek the truth, find the solutions and continue to build an inclusive community for respect and peace to prevail. and at this time, i think we will take some questions. >> actually, if you'll bear with me, before we take questions, i've been asked to repeat some of my opening comments before we had the microphones working. i will will do that really quickly. i just want to reiterate this has been a difficult period for our city. the events of last night are not
7:48 am
the charlotte that we know and love. we also, by the way, saw a number of peace beful protests -- peaceful protests in our city last night, and i want to emphasize that in charlotte we have a long tradition of working together to solve our problems, and i urge everyone to continue that tradition. i reach out especially to thank the faith leaders and other leaders who were actually on streets last night working very hard to provide a buffer to de-escalate violence, to put themselves out there on behalf of our community with just an incredible love for our city, and we appreciate their efforts. i ask again for calm, peaceful demonstrations. it is important we have a full and transparent investigation of the original incident, and we are working hard, collaboratively to insure the integrity of that investigation. we've also partnered with our state for additional resources. the safety and security of our community as well as our law enforcement officers remains our
7:49 am
top priority. i want to reiterate the city is open for business today. our transit system is running, our businesses are open, our center city is here to welcome you. we are working with our partners and putting measures in place to provide protection for the city this evening as well. and i, again, appreciate everyone getting the word out and talking to folks about working collaboratively, reminding folks that the family, the scott family's to wishes have also gone out in a statement for peaceful protests, for peace and calm and to let the investigation follow its course. now, chief, we will open up for a few questions. [inaudible conversations] >> hang on. we're going to take them one at a time. >> sandy's going to be -- yep. >> [inaudible] a lot of concern about -- [inaudible]
7:50 am
what is the advice more people that are -- [inaudible] sit there and get their car destroyed? what is the advice -- [inaudible] >> that is exactly why we made the declaration that we did. our issue has been we couldn't be as responsive as we needed to be as quickly as we needed to be because our resources were being pulled in so many directions. so what we ask you to do is, as soon as you stop, the ideal thing to do is make sure you stay in your vehicle. lock your doors and help is coming. our issue has been it's taking a while to get to you because the limited resources that we had were tied up. and now, because of the partnership that we have with our state agencies, shp and national guard, that is not as significant an issue. and be that bore itself out last night. we were able to open the loop up
7:51 am
pretty quickly, the 277 loop. >> we're going to you. hang on, hang on -- >> [inaudible] >> it's okay. we're going to nick next. i'll come to you, sir, hang on. sir, sir, there's a lot of questions -- whether right. >> okay. >> i'll be right with you, sir. >> chief putney just underscored the importance of having additional resources from the state helping them respond. multiple sources have confirmed to me that those additional resources were offered to you as early as seven a.m. yesterday morning, and you did not accept that until after 10:00 last night requested it. why didn't you ask for additional resources that could have helped keep the city safe sooner? >> oh, i'm sorry. >> question was to me, correct? >> [inaudible] >> we were in conversation, i was in conversation with the governor early in the morning. during the day the central city, center city was peaceful, and during the day we had indication of peaceful protests. we saw some peaceful protests. we are a team here in charlotte.
7:52 am
we are a team. i rely on my experts to give me the appropriate advice at appropriate time for the appropriate resources that will be needed. i was in constant contact with the chief, both chief of police, fire chief, medic, all the folks who are first responders, we were in constant contact. we made the decision collaboratively when those resources were needed at the appropriate time. >> sir, we'll come to you next. >> yes, sir. >> chief, when will the city release video of the shooting from the other night? and if you can tell me why there's been a delay. and one last question -- >> could i take them one at a time so i'll remember them? we're going to release it, ultimately -- as i said before, our practice has been not to release, but to allow for the party who feels they've been mistreated in any way to see that. a request has come our way to do just that, ask we're going to honor that request. but there are other things that are going on too about, just to be quite frank with you, whether
7:53 am
there's going to be an outside investigation. and at that point, it would halt what we're doing moving forward as far as releasing anything. so right now what we're going to do is honor a request that has been made with the family, because it's still in my purview to do so. but beyond that it'll be much more collaborative in what i can release. >> so a request came from the family not to release the video? >> no, sir. i'm saying they made a request to see it, and we're looking to accommodate that request. >> okay. my question is if it shows what police say the version of the shooting was, wouldn't that have possibly quelled some of the violence that has taken place over the last -- and some of the confusion that's taken place over the last few days? >> i would like to think that. but as i said yesterday, some people have already made up their minds what happened. we've given multiple facts, and there'll be an update later this afternoon about more, additional information we're getting. but that still doesn't change the mindset and perspective of
7:54 am
some who want to break the law and tear down our city. so it, if there is compelling information that i think helps, we'll show it. but, again, i'm going to be, i'm going to be very intentional about protecting the integrity of the investigation, and in so doing, i'm not going to release the video -- >> other cities -- >> -- right now. >> [inaudible] >> okay, sure. >> sir, we're going to move on. >> -- police officers were in the wrong. >> sure. >> if the question once -- >> sir, he's answered your question. >> well, what i can tell you is we release it when we believe it is a compelling reason. but i'm not going to jeopardize the investigation. and right now even though we're investigating, we probably won't be long term because a request has also been made that an objective party, the fbi, move guard in the investigation. >> [inaudible] >> next question right here. >> -- on somebody else to release, sir. >> next question right here. >> yes. >> [inaudible] >> yes. >> [inaudible]
7:55 am
>> yes, sir. >> ready for it. there are people -- [inaudible] who are disappointed at how you handled -- [inaudible] last night's protest. so the question is, why did you allow -- [inaudible] >> well, i don't believe i allowed anything. i believe what happened is people were violating the law, they were in huge numbers, and it's something that we can't anticipate. but we had re-evaluated and restructured our staffing model. we'd increased significantly the people that we were going to deploy be, and we felt pretty comfortable we could handle what we're going to encounter. when that became an issue for us and they exceeded our capacity, we did what we had to do to make sure we got the resources, so we asked for this declaration. that was the sequence. thank you, sir. >> thank you very much. question here. >> can you clarify video, you're not going to release it but you're going to allow -- [inaudible] >> there's --
7:56 am
>> [inaudible] >> sure. there's a difference between disclosure, allowing someone to see it, and that would be the party who feels they've been aggrieved. that's what i'm going to do. but release would be to the masses, and that's what i'm not going to do. >> [inaudible] be able to get at least that -- [inaudible] >> hang on, hand on, hang on. >> sure. what i can tell you that i saw -- and i was very clear when i talked about this before -- is the video does not give me absolute, definitive visual evidence that would confirm that a person is pointing a gun. i did not see that in the videos that i've reviewed. so what i can tell you though is when taken in the totality of all of the other evidence, it supports what we've heard and the version of truth that we gave about the circumstances that happened that led to the death of mr. scott. >> [inaudible]
7:57 am
>> is there going to be a cur curfew tonight, chief putney? >> again, this designation allows for that. i don't intend to use it unless it becomes an issue and we need to clear the streets sooner -- >> [inaudible] >> well, it depends on what we encounter. i can't tell you a definitive time. it's going to fend on what we see and use that to better manage and allow for public safety. >> question here. >> [inaudible] on the one hand, you're saying full transparency, on the other hand, you're saying you're not going to to release the video. how can you square those two things? obviously, the idea of full transparency -- >> sure. i appreciate your passion, but i never said full transparency. i said transparency, and transparency's in the eye of the beholder. i can tell you the party right now who really is my priority and honoring their request is the people who really are the victims of the shooting. so what i'm going to do is honor that request, and i'm going to
7:58 am
tell you, if you think i say we should display a victim's worst day for public consumption, that is not the transparency i'm speaking of, sir. >> hang on. question right here. question right here. >> [inaudible] >> sure. >> [inaudible] [inaudible conversations] >> okay. >> [inaudible] >> i can't speak to why they would do that. that was not a recommendation that came from me. i think it should be business as usual. >> [inaudible] >> without a doubt. >> [inaudible]
7:59 am
let's just say that -- [inaudible] >> sure. >> seems to have worked -- [inaudible] >> sure. we've done that in the past too when we saw the need. so right now we don't see the need to shut the city down at a specific hour. >> [inaudible] >> yes, ma'am. my answer doesn't change. we don't see a need to definitively shut the city down at a specific hour because we can't anticipate. what we do know is we have the resources now to protect infrastructure and to be a lot more proactive in arresting people who commit criminal offenses. >> okay, question here. >> question for the mayor. mayor -- [inaudible] here you are welcoming business around the city when -- [inaudible] >> we are talking about both,
8:00 am
and i think as our chief has stated, that is a fluid situation. and be, absolutely, there are certain times of the day absolutely is safe. people are walking on the street, people are conducting business as normal as usual. we are monitoring the situation. we have eyes on the ground, we have great feedback -- >> [inaudible] >> i think you've heard from our chief the resources that will be deployed, the change in strategy and the continued collaboration with the community that we are determined the safety of our citizens is our highest priority. and we are -- we can look at experience and we can't predict what's happening. there are many conversations going on in our community, there are many efforts and, again, i applaud community leaders, many efforts to reach out to folks that are angry to get them to stand down even today while we are speaking, i know that meetings that are ongoing right


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