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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 22, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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want the truth. what the community wants is the truth, and so the extent that releasing some video can help us reach the truth issue think that the family will ultimately support it release, but one thing we did learn in the john happy -- jonathan ferrell case is the videos don't always hold all all of the answers and we have to reserve judgment until we know the facts. [inaudible question] >> the moments after the sheeting first happened, some members of mr. scott's family were adamant he was holding a book. s to the family still point that position? >> yes. yes. the individuals who maintain that they saw him holding a book. there are other witnesses who say he didn't have anything. you have law enforcement who said he had a gun. part of the problem here is that anytime these things happen,
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everybody has different viewpoints. our goal is to get town to the -- get down to the truth and make sure the facts come out and expand on the conversation. don't release some information. don't play hide the ball. if you're going to release what happened, release everything. so there's a lot of different factors to this. [inaudible question] >> mr. scott in speaking with his loved ones, i want you to understand that this man was loved by his family and he loved his family. he has been married for 20 years. he has seven children. they have a very big family. and they are a close knit family, okay? it's hard because when these
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things happen we end up in a situation where we're talking about another person that just got shot. but we have to remember that they are human and at the appropriate time you will find out a lot more about who mr. scott was, what he meant to his family, what he meant to his community, and that is best to come from those that were closest to him. [inaudible question] >> we can't speak on what is here and what is the. there's a lot of things floating around. i personally have seen differents to and i don't know the source of the photos and it would be irresponsible to rush to judgment what they see. pictures pop up online and come from different sources. we hope and we will be working
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to get these answers, and know exactly what happened as time goes on. >> you have said a gun was -- [inaudible question] >> our direct response is this. that is what the chief said. i have not seen any evidence, none of you have seen any evidence, that a gun was there. that is what people are saying. [inaudible question] >> i can't speak on conversations that anyone has had with the police. >> -- information coming out tide he have a legal right to possess a gun, did he own a gun and did he carry a weapon in his normal course of activity? >> we're -- still looking into the fact. my conversations with the family
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was that he did not own a gun and did not carry a gun and as far as we don't know if there was a gun there. we have -- there are witnesses who are saying no gun was there there are witnesses witnesses wa gun was put there witnesses say a gun may have been pulled out of the car or they saw something on the ground. there's too much talk. we're here to get answers and not going to deal in guesses. >> you're saying he did not own a weapon. >> as far as we know at this point in time, no, he did not own a handgun. >> did he have a permit? >> i don't know. >> transparency will you commit to dressing the media of seeing the video? >> at this point in time, no, 0 i'd be laying to say i would commit to addressing the media after viewing the video. can't answer hypotheticals. >> ju just said he was holding a
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book. if you see the video of him holding a gun, whether it's pointed or not, that you don't believe it was pointed at him and can we not at least settle the issue and be the greater good for the community? >> my priority is the greater good of the family first. that has to be understood. you also have to keep in mind this concept of transparency -- the police shot mr. scott. the police are the public servants. he is a citizen. so this concept of transparency, yes, we want transparency. don't create the facts. we live with the facts. but you can't take the burden that is placed on law enforcement as sworn officers os and public servants and put that on a tee ceased person -- deceased person or family in mourning. i will say upon reviewing what is there, we don't know how many hours of footage there is, and
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one thing is we leak to speak and -- like to speak and answer fact wes know and have seen. [inaudible question] >> we can do that. >> heard that mr. scott had a -- [inaudible question] -- >> mr. scott was involved in vary bad accident a year ago. suffered some pretty severe bodily injuries, as well as some head trauma. i have not look at his medical records. that is something that had to be looked at in further detail on our end. but at the end of the day he was disabled. that's our understanding. and seven, we're still in the early process of evaluating everything that's there. we'll take one more question. [inaudible question] >> did anyone in his family witness the shooting?
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yes, it's my understanding his wife saw him get shot and killed and that something she'll never, if forget. >> the city officials that this? >> the extent of the conversations with the public officials here in charlotte has been our request that we be able to review this video they've been referencing. they've been responsive, and as i say, when we leave here, we will be moving forward to review the video later this afternoon. [inaudible question] >> my name is justin vamberg. >> i'm edwardo curry. >> and i'm charles monnett. >> thank you all very much. >> thank you. >> all right, welcome. i'm neil cavuto. you're seeing the lawyers representing the family of keith
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lamont scott. the family was supposed to join the lawyers but decided not. to the lawyers saying they're distraught put the issue of whether they that a chance to see the police video or the chest cam video that would show the shooting details, they have not had that opportunity, neither has the family or lawyers. you heard there they're convinced that scott tide not have a gun, put police insist earlier on that he did. remember, the north carolina is an open carry law. you can have a gun, but now -- they've save scott didn't haven't a gun and permit whether he had a permit to have a folks, but he was shot and killed and they're clearly getting the impression he didn't have a weapon that would trigger the response that police say led to their response. this comes as the city of charlotte is preparing former riots and tell mon straights
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touch -- demonstrations tonight. they have in the national guard there now and they're hoping that don't have a repeat of what transpired last night with arrests and looting and people doing arrested. steve steve harrigan is in north carolina. the family has not chad a tons to look at the video but they're fairly convinced there was no gun involved. >> reporter: we're tearing two different stories whether it was a gun or book. two completely different versions depending on whether you're listening to city officials and police officers or whether you're listening to lawyers, protesters, community activists and people on social media. so two very different versions of what is the truth and inflame we see the video can't judge. it does not feel like a state of emergency. cars are up and running on the street where there was a riot
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for four hours last night. trams, public transportation, running. all went sour last night after dark and that's at the concern here again. hotel owners and merchants putting up plywood, taking out windows across the street here. police promised it's a very different attitude tonight. a lot more forces on the street. with the state of emergency we'll see highway patrol as well as national guard. there seemed to be a real shortage of police officers last night. that's something the chief himself admitted to stranded moat hiss who were confronted by protesters. said that's not going to happen. you can see the police making more arrests. all this started over a police shooting, keith scott shot by officer brantley vinson and the details not clear. who curfew tonight. the question is while the protesters be back in force and
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hough strong will the police respond be. >> we're developed it would be more aggressive a than last night. there was looting and almost a standdown policy, we're told, issued by the mayor and that will not be the case tonight, i imagine. >> reporter: you're right. we saw police officers being assaulted, having bottles thrown at them and not going forward. sometimes being held back by colleagues. so it's clear the cuffs were on the police last night. we'll see whether the cuffs come off tonight as promised and they do arrest people as soon as they start to misbehave according to the chief. >> thank you very much. in the meantime we have bill johnson with the national association of police organizations. bill, you know, police are always in a catch-22 in this situation of to overrath makes the situation bad to underreact or stand down, can lead to a situation getting out of control as it did last night with
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looting and violence. what do they do tonight? how do you think they handle it tonight? >> i think that tonight there has to be a showing that the police are there to do their jobs. they're fair, even-handed, but they're there to protect the citizens, the visitors, the media, even the protesters. they're there to protect property and shopkeeper. that -- they need to do their jb and restore ordinary order. that's what everybody wants except for violent protesters who want to turn into a mob. >> how do you know they're legitimate protesters and then goes into something violent and people out to do more than just express their thoughts on the shooting. and then there's talk about outsiders called in to agitate the situation. i fess there's no way of knowing. >> you can't know what the intent or in the mind of a protester, but the point when
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the actions become violent and are breaking the laws, destroying property or hurting people. at that point it's not a judgment call whether the officer agree west virginia your point -- agrees with your point of view but that the laugh has been broken and order needs to be restored for everyone's safety, including the protesters. >> thank you, very much. jesse jackson is weighing in as is alveda king. they have two distinctly different view us after this.
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and still have symptoms, it could be chronic dry eye. it's all about eyelove, my friends. all right. they're hoping to avoid in charlotte, north carolina, what happened last night. something that got out of control when a riot ensued. there was a lot of looting and arrests and even now officials say far more arrests that would be necessary to track down those who were looting and breaking
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into stores, closing down businesses. all that balance, folks, between the right to protest and those in the community having the right to live their lives. former d.c. homicide detective rod wheeler with us now. i appreciate your time. we're told the family of keith scott has not seen these videos or the chest cam that these officers would have head at the scene, and that breeds cynicism that maybe the police are hiding something or whatever. what do you read into that tee -- delay. >> there's no rope for the tee -- delame i know the police chief said there's continuing to investigate what happened and get witnesses statements but if you want to take a contrast to this case in charlotte, look at the case in tulsa, that this happened last week as well. now in tulsa, it's all together different in tulsa you had a police officer that hat a questionable shooting.
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not to say that the shooting was bad or it was good. it was questionable. but notice how they released the video right away, and then once they relilessed the video we didn't see rioting now. the complete opposite occurred in charlotte. they did not release the video and we see the rioting. another example is the tamir rice situation in cleveland. they released the video right away. no rioting. so i do think that the chief in charlotte needs to release that video, let people see it. good, bad, right, wrong, let people see it and if mistakes were made you own up to the mistakes and fix them. >> the lawyer of one of -- one of the lawyers for the scott family said something that piqued my a interest that we don't think there was a gun involved. furthermore, from what we can tell keith scott didn't own a gun. even some questions whether he had a gun permit. having that, he added, a
1:19 pm
gun could have appeared on the scene, intimating the police could have dropped one there. >> the police chief was very clear yesterday when he had his first press conference, and i listened very attentively, and he said there was a gun on the scene he said the decedent had a gun with him. now, he tide not say whether or not that gun was opinioned at the belief but a that's something we have to look at going forward. let me tell you, you won't have a major police chief, police chief of major city in the united states, say that he saw something and it wasn't there. so, i do believe there was a gun there. a lot of times, though, neil, family members and others will kind of make things up to kind of support their case and their narrative. we have to stick to the facts and the circumstances and i think that's what the chief is nothing charlotte. >> rod wheeler, thank youer much. jesse jackson looked at the
1:20 pm
developments and the ongoing developments in charlotte and said there's something bigger gene on here and justifies a lot of the violence you saw here. after this. [shouting] is that ice-t? nope, it's lemonade. is that ice-t? lemonade.
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[bleep] [bleep] >> that's the craziness they're trying to avoid tonight, but the reverend, jesse jackson is saying it's justified. let's say it not heated. >> when people are looting stores and stealing things, there were dozens of cases of that last night. is that right? >> no. but what is the biggest looter would the bank that had the 300 people -- >> that's not what i'm talking about that. >> i know -- >> don't take it too far. >> there's the banks taking that too far. >> believe me, they're going into that -- >> but, but -- >> let me ask you. don't switch subjects. do you find that what happened last night got out of control when so many, when so many,
1:25 pm
started attacking structures, attacking police vehicles, breaking into stores, many of. the black owned businesses. is that fair? >> it's not -- let me put this way. when people -- dr. king said riots or theaves of the unheard, and they never get justice and fairness you have rebellions. and we need to address the source of the rebellion. >> in all respect, you are really making a slap at all poor african-americans who don't do this, who don't respond like this. and you're -- >> people respond in different ways. >> you're saying because you're poor, disadvantaged and the white man has deliberately disadvantaged you, you do this thing and other locales -- >> i don't know itself was black, white, in orlando, for example.
1:26 pm
we become too violent as a society. too violent, period. but layers of intraviolent between white on who is and black on black and brown on brown, but when the camera becomes the conduit of justice, shoots them with their hands up in the air, that's wrong. and those who do it should face justice. >> you seem to be saying all 680 cases we have seen in past year and a half were blacks were shot by police, were all that way. were there not some that were joined, where a gun -- >> shooting people in back is a not a legitimate. >> careful. careful you. say. don't generalize. if that happened 680 times you're right. it did not. but in the case of keith scott -- we don't know for sure, north carolina is an open carry
1:27 pm
state -- are you saying that people shouldn't be carrying guns around? it's only a provocative -- >> i think we should ban assault weapons, get background checks. open carry guns is very risky and very wrong. when you look at walter scott, shot six times. the police lied, and you comp right -- come right back, eric gardenerrer choked and the police lied. >> you think that's common practice. >> we see a -- >> we see a lot of cops getting shot. >> but they shouldn't get shot but it's -- we need to review the turner commission report on the 80 nation and suppression it's running it toll on people. >> you see what i'm saying -- >> not -- >> you're upset when people are shot in these instances but you aren't when it happens to a cop.
1:28 pm
>> that's not true. as a matter of fact -- >> have you been to rallies when this happened to cops. >> unless you ban assault weapons -- >> note what if asked. the same rage when it involves a cop, white or black. >> immediately, we respond when that took place and also know that the -- the killing in baton rouge and dallas with "black lives matter" and the fact is these were military people trained who saw an injustice and they felt their resolution was what they've been trained, which is to shoot. but -- but analysis here. at some point in time this gap -- this had a big lawsuit in north carolina -- tried to disenfranchise black voters and lost the lawsuit. that kind of high-tech. >> trying to disenfranchise -- >> no. that's what the lawsuit says.
1:29 pm
it was precise in their attempt to -- >> well, the rights away, going to say if you're going to vote, should you show something to prove who you are. >> the law says voter i.d. >> i don't want to go into that. >> you don't have to but the point is, if banks are overcharging people, and that's looting, blue collar looting dirks you're conflating to the extreme. i'm agreeing -- i've imon this side of the table andover over there and i look at the mass shootings and -- >> ow feel other looting is justified to respond to that. >> banks are looting -- >> you can't -- >> banks looting. >> cow can't possibly believe that? the banks are looting so you have the right to loot. >> i'm saying there's a climate. >> what happened in tulsa there was a clear case, the guy was put up his hands and was shot.
1:30 pm
and there were no riots put in charlotte it's going crazy. >> the tapes were released in up to and -- >> white if they're showing the victim's family the tapes and the tape shows -- >> after the not shown it yet. >> but if they did. you just said done. >> he is dead and he has a right to have an -- the laws of the state and so -- the coverup. as to an attempt to sir culp vent justice. >> you don't know of a coverup. they want to get the tape to the family before anyway show anyone else because the family has a right to see it first. >> they haven't shown it to the family either. >> by the end of the day -- >> how many days later? >> if the family comes us and says, we have seen the tape and urge passion what would you say?
1:31 pm
>> joo, i would urge peace, too. >> but you're not. >> peace -- quietness is the absence of noise. >> what's wrong with being quiet in tulsa? they're not looting. >> we have tolerance level and there is a -- an accumulative effect here. it is the charleston nine. saw trump did this. why give this guy that set the bombs off -- give him often this nice treatment, as a muslim. buff the guy -- but he got due process, that's the american way. the guy in oklahoma city had due process so we shouldn't suspend due process -- >> you arrest those who got so violent they set fire to vehicles, set fire to retail establish. s, they broke in and looted those establishments? would you say you are disgracing the message of dr. king and i
1:32 pm
will not support that behavior? >> you're disgracing dr. king you don't do justice and no mercy. don't make him -- >> note what i asked. would you -- you went one step too far, then. >> dr. king -- when it hits that opinion, he says the voice of the unheard as people lose it. people -- >> do you condone their losing and justify what they did. >> can you imagine for a moment this many black shooting white folk in the back,. what would the response be? >> it would be the same. >> you're not going to say that. >> reverend -- you are a -- dr. king advocated peaceful protest. you're justifying -- >> i feel -- >> -- a lot of these people went wayant -- >> advocate peaceful protest youch didn't answer my question.
1:33 pm
if this many whites were shot -- >> i wouldn't break into any store. would peacefully protest my rage as is my right as an american but you are being very color blind about it. you are taking -- >> you think everybody would take a pattern of white as opposed to calling in retributions? >> if i generalized about races the way you just did about these incidentses with police shootings, you would be all over. >> not generalization. these are specifics. >> you think all 680 cases of these scootings were that -- shootings were that way? you're saying without even acknowledging all of the violence of black on black crime in chicago and saying notice not big deal. i'm not going to pay attention to that. >> in chicago you have 3,000 shot, 500 killings. >> what have you said. >> an awful lot and preached a
1:34 pm
lot. >> where is the rage over that? >> the rage is -- one rage expressed covered up the killing of a kid, mcdonald, and people respond by voting the state's attorney -- i think they responded with the process. so they responded -- >> reverend, thank you very much. >> you get my sons. if you had this many white people shot by police, would would the response be? >> the same. peaceful. >> right. >> well, i don't know where to good with that. al -- alveda king is with me. he essentially justified what was going on and we have to understand that at least whites like myself simply don't. what did you think of that? >> i was sitting here listening
1:35 pm
and talking to my colleague, who is the executive director or -- i'm the director of civil rights for the unborn and i hope we didn't hear reverend jackson to not quote martin luther king, jr. i'm about to quote him. he said righteousness -- but who wanted to us be nonviolent. he said that violence is not the way. he talked about a beloved community. martin luther king, jr. says we must learn to live together as brothers and sisters or perish as fools, and my daddy, his brother, loved act 17:26. ab kick said god made up a people. we're supposed to be brothers and sisters. people should not be robbing banks and nobody should be stabbed. violence is no not the way. was in the same civil rights
1:36 pm
movement that reverend jackson was. so this can be solved nonviolent limp believe reverend jackson used to believe that. >> he is talking about the rage of that evidences itself when we have incidents like this. didn't happen in tulsa that authorities quickly released a team that seemed to show a policewoman shot need lilly. what is happening right now in north carolina is just the opposite and breeds suspicion that maybe authorities are hiding something. what did you think of that? >> authorities north hiding something therapy. gathering evidence as quickly as they can. believe when the for said decided last night not to speak on the -- release the tape until in the family sees it. >> the family needs to see that. of course, police violence needs to stop. of course, violence -- black on black crimes in chicago is
1:37 pm
terrible -- >> -- he didn't make any reference to that i'm not excusing what happened in some police shootings -- >> no, no -- but the black 0 ois real. >> that's what i'm saying but deal with the bad apples in the police department. but all police officers are not bad. my mother's car was broken into in atlanta and it was a black on black crime and the police calmed everything. the grieve with the family. and i believe if we go ahead and bring the jobs back to america, but america back to work. stop aborting so many babies. let the people pray in the public square again we'll let the crime go down. predon -- free condoms and let nome go back to school and study
1:38 pm
and get long. this thing has to stop. it sounded like reverend jackson was saying if you rob my book, i'll rob you, and if you shoot me, i'll sheet you. jesus never said that. >> i just want to pick your brain. he alluded to the economic conditions, high unemployment among black youths, and i readily agree, those statistics are eye-poppingly high, but in other cities you don't see that same population rioting or doing what happened here. this was triggered by an event, but to lump those who are disadvantaged into always rioting i thought was a leap there. >> there are beautiful people. -- disadvantaged but -- so all disadvantaged people are not violent rioters. that's not true. and so you can't say, being
1:39 pm
disadvantaged gives me a right to be a rioter. protest peacefully, and the african-americans deserve not to have the city burn up and tomorrow up. african-americans in charlotte that want a beautiful community and they should be able to have that. >> all right. thank you very much. you hit on a key point. you do have the right to protest. but people in that city also have the right to go about their lives. that was disrupted. meanwhile, athletes making a great issue of this by signature out the national anthem. how did what happened in charlotte change that?
1:40 pm
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very quickly i want to bring you up to date on another shooting concerning the tulsa shooting of one terrence crutcher. there are charges against the police officer who shot crutcher. he had raise id his arms and he was still shot. the video was released quickly. authorities said it was obvious. the investigation is continuing and the prosecutor recommending first degree manslaughter charges. all of this at a time where we're urging calm in the city where this stuff happens, whether police fired or not and the role of athletes to reach out to a young population that is frustrated and particularly in the african-american community. angry. so, the video on the cover of
1:44 pm
"time magazine" this week, whether he should play a role in keeping the calm. what do you make of that? the added pressure to reach out to a different type of community, to urge calm. politics aren't getting it done, maybe they can. >> i want to say fox news' ebony william was impacted by thus because she grew up in charlotte, as and she had family and friends there and she has historical analysis. but this situation, i'm heartbroken by it for a number of ropes. martin luther king said, in justice anywhere is a threat to justice everybody, and in this situation where the details of the investigation have not been releasedy. , haven't seen any people, people are destroying their communities. where kaepernick comes in, this an opportunity for a individual with large platform in the nfl to go to community and stress there needs to be calm and a
1:45 pm
resistance to violence because what we saw last night was just -- it was unbelievable. its it's unfortunate we saw that and continue to see incidents like that. those situations where they're trying to set a photographer on fire. we need people to step up to the plate and unite this community and heal them. >> what do you think? >> i certainly think whether it's kaepernick or anyone who has a significant media platform that they can both call for peaceful protests and there were many peaceful protesters last night, and at the same time demand accountability against excessive force by these individual police officers, and i think, neil, one of the most important things that has to happen, and we're not seeing, is we have this conversation outside of these isolated individual incidents where each time one of these shootings
1:46 pm
happens, everyone focuses on, okay, what are the specifics of this individual case? what the rage that jesse jackson was talk to you about is not one isolated case. it's the totality of this. bat daily fear that african-american men have when teaming with the police, and we can all agree that if police officers respect all communities equally and if the black community respects police officers, we would be a safer place. >> no doubt about that. but i see the rage of 680 cases of an of shooting a black individual. only a fraction of them were unjustified in retrospect and looking at the video cams. in are famous for being quite justified. but having said that, i wonder why there isn't the same rage for the thousands of such black once black kills going on, for
1:47 pm
example, in chicago? joe, that's something that we all have to wrestle with beautiful it is a double standard. >> yeah. neil, i'm the spokesperson for the boys and girls clubs of new jersey itch walk the streets of tough areas in the garden state, and walking down camden, new jersey, you see -- it looks like afghanistan and you see -- our fellow citizens, how other could they be abandoned? you know that a rage is going to come out of that. you got to bring jobs back in there you have to reach out. don't think the politics care. it's time for business to create an environment and you can't keep blaming whether there's one bad incident or another one, of a police officer shooting somebody, the police are our first line of defense as we found out in new york and new jersey with the terror attacks. >> well no, doubt, but by the same token we unfairly wrap all
1:48 pm
of the underprivileged and poor when we surmise that with just the slight provocation they're going to get violence. agree that most of the people who are there by far were peacefully demonstrating and others took it out of control. what do you think of the notion that economically we tend to go back to that and blame it on that. >> well, i'm from chicago, neil, and i can tell you, we see local rage. just didn't catch fire nationally when things happen in chicago when there's black-on-black violence i'm saying the assessment by many that if there was a greater economic engine in the african-american community and places like chicago, that perhaps you wouldn't see violence and protests. i think that's a false narrative for this reason and this reason only. as a young fellow, we didn't free up with much. we grew up in poverty on the south side of chicago.
1:49 pm
light, gas water as perhaps off at the same time but we learned how to treat adults and police and those are the manner which we gleaned early, and just because there wasn't economic opportunity or we didn't have the modify that -- >> that's a good point. what do you think of that -- >> -- stay balance. >> -- say protest but don't go too far. >> look, i think that there's certainly a need for greater focus on economic opportunities in the inner cities but we also have to keep in mind that the media and our culture plays into what we're seeing, and it's also a part of brain science and how we process images. if we grow up, whether you're black, white, brown, anything, if you grow up with very negative images of african-american men being fed to you, the news when the focus on criminals, puts a preponderance of attention on
1:50 pm
african-american men, a police officer is going to be quicker to react to what might be a cell phone or a book, than he would be with another population. so we have to -- >> you're right. >> -- that's the retraining.
1:51 pm
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this gives new meaning to the term taxed to death. word hillary clinton is proposing a steeper hike in the estate tax than she has already. forget 45%. she wants to take it to 65%. true, that 65% rate will ensnare only those worth more than $500 million. i'm sure startling news to her billionaire backers nonetheless. she has reduced the amount of what she calls rich estates. it's $5.45 million now. she wants to take that so-called
1:54 pm
threshold down to $3.5 million. i know what you are thinking, relax this is just rich folks. wrong. this is the start. if history is any guide, what constitutes wealthy keeps going down. the tax on that keeps going up. the estate tax is 40% on estates worth more than $5.45 million. inspired by bernie sanders, clinton proposed hiking it to 45% honeson estates worth more $3.5 million. again, i know what you are thinking, that lowest threshold of $3.5 million seems like a lot of money. this thing is not indexed to inflation. it won't seem like so much money many years from now. a lot can change. including what is considered a lot. remember when $100,000 house seemed like a lot? a couple in that house making $100,000 seemed like a lot?
1:55 pm
or a dollar a gallon gas seemed like a lot? it didn't take a lot of years for a lot to change. except government's appetite for more. don't believe me. believe history. when congress readopted the income tax in 1916, it slapped a 1% tax on incomes babove $3,000. just later, the top rate soared to 77% under the guise of financing world war i. it stayed that way long after. the next world war. and lot of ws of wars after tha. each tax added on we were told it would be temporary. it wasn't. just like it wasn't in europe where they cooked up something called a value added tax. originally meant to replace the income tax. what started out as a 5%
1:56 pm
surcharge on some purchases a few decades san die s ago is 20 on pretty much all purchases today. that income tax it was replacing alive and well and more than triple what it was when this whole value added tax started. man oh, man, some tax. hillary clinton's tax plan is 550 billion bucks over the next ten years. write it down. i suggest do you it in pencil. because it keeps changing. here is one thing that does not. government spending. it keeps going up as does the scramble do pay for it. wouldn't it be create if politicians came up with save money than get money? to live on less than simply tax us more. don't you find it rich they always say it's the rich? it's always about them paying their fair share. because the definition of rich keeps changing.
1:57 pm
so does fair share. take it to the bank. i would say in this case, take it to the grave. good night.
1:58 pm
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hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." the national guard is activated in charlotte after north carolina's governor declared a state of emergency following two nights of violent riots. charlotte is bracing for a third night of protests. hopefully, the extra manpower will keep things under control tonight. it all ignitedft


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