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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  September 23, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> we were live in charlotte overnight. we spoke to a protester. want to leave you with us. he said bless up charlotte. #bless up. >> have a good day everyone. fox and frn"fox and friends" st now. good morning. it's september 23. i'm ainsley ear art. a third day of protests as rioters attack cops and call for more bloodshed. >> don't be scared of revolution. can't be a revolution without a little bloodshed. >> wow. we're live on the ground as the curfew lifts. terrific. with hillary clinton fading in the polls, she decides to go between two ferns. >> what's the best way to reach you, e-mail? >> you've got mail. >> i think it's funny.
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maybe she doesn't. >> will had help or hurt hillary with millenial voters? >> a love lost. why nancy pelosi could be president obama's biggest problem right now? uh-oh. are you perplexed or interested in i hope so. your mornings are better because you chose to be with friends. > hi everybody. welcome to the big show on a friday. >> there's so much going on, i don't know where to start. do you guys? >> let's get to it, brian. >> fox news alert. a third straight night protests in charlotte, north carolina. >> hundreds of people down there ignoring the midnight curfew shutting down a highway, chanting for the release of the footage of the shooting of keith scott. >> what about the violence?
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where the mandatory curfew has been lifted. hey leland. >> reporter: brian, steve, ainsley, good morning. protests last night, not really riots that we've seen in the last couple of nights. police made a simple view of the protesters, if you stay peaceful, you can stay out past midnight. that's largely what happened in the north carolina -- the national guard and the state troopers have been brought out to keep the peace. that said, at times. the protesters got loud and angry and down right threatening. take a listen to them with our mike toe bin. >> do you have any idea where we're going? >> yeah i do. >> they're going to beat [ bleep ]. >> okay. so where we're going. i don't think anybody knows where they're going right now. they're just marching all over town. >> reporter: at one point they marched add shut down one of the major highways here inside charlotte that did not last for
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long. sometime during this two police officers were sprayed in the face with pepper spray or something like that. during these protests the constant chant was release the tape, release the tape, talking about the tape of the shooting of keith scott. the speaker of the north carolina house says releasing the tape has legal considerations. take a listen. >> out of 120 members in the house, 88 members voted for it. so it was strongly bipartisan. in fact, that legislation created a mechanism where that information could be obtained by the public. that law, interestingly enough, does not go into effect until october 1st. right now, we're dealing with a period prior to that law. it's right now entirely up to the charlotte mecklenburg police department whether or not they release that tape. >> don't know if we'll see the tape that of. his rap sheet, going back 20 years.
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carrying a concealed weapon, most recently dui. you have the investigation into his death. whether that sparks more protests is a big question and also the racial divide issue here in charlotte. less than 50 days before an election. that certainly is a key issue now in in swing state. back to you guys. >> leland, thank you very much. the other issue is, are they going to release the video. right now it doesn't look like it. family saw it yesterday. could not see the gun. the family and the lawyer could not say if he had a license for the gun. >> the chief of police says the video shows that scott had a gun in his hand before he was shot. the footage does not show whether or not he definitively pointed the gun at anybody. that's the problem. >> naacp is calling for the release of that video so we can all see it and make our own judgments. >> who is there? who is protesting? people in the area or people outside the area? >> unbelievable. we read about this. >> according to one report, 70%
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of the people arrested had out of state i.d.s. quote, they're not protesters. they're criminals. that according to a charlotte police sergeant. >> they're flown in and participated in ferguson, baltimore and baton rouge. these are people who just go around the country protesting. 70% of the people arrested, their i.d.s are not north carolina. >> how do they afford that? >> keep in mind, it was a year or two ago a george, sorrows donated millions of dollars to help turn, for instance, ferguson into what a local protest into a national platform. you've got a bunch of instigators going in according to news sources in charlotte, agitating the police, agitating the folks. listen to this. >> trayvon martin, san bra bland.
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emmitt still. >> these are the people we're fighting for. so many more. i can't even name the names. these are people we're fighting for. these are the people that we're marching for. don't be scared of the revolution. there can't be revolution without a little bloodshed. we have to shed a little blood, so be it. >> the question is, even though that's life and death and that's more -- you can't escape the fact that this is the political season with the first debate three days away. >> if you were to image hillary clinton and donald trump as president, how would they handle it and where do they stand? >> donald trump says that he's going to reach out to all the mayors and he blames all of this on hillary clinton. listen. >> i will extend my hand to every mayor in this country who wants to be a partner in making our cities safer for their citizens. that's what's going to happen. but to do this, we must work with our police, not against our police. they are great people.
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they do a great job. who is peddling the narrative of cops as a racist force and this is a narrative supported with a nod by my opponent. you see what she's saying and it's not good. share directly in the responsibility for the unrest that's afflicting our country. >> so there's donald trump in pennsylvania last night with a law and order message. he did say specifically, however, any wrongdoing by police needs to be vigorously addressed. he also tweeted out late last night, spoke with governor mccrory of north carolina, he's doing a tremendous job under tough circumstances. >> no doubt about it. for donald trump to come out with a nuanced response caught many by surprise because he's a law and order guy. they said law and order could deliver north carolina to his column. he also had sympathy and said that there's a problem, we need to address it. unlike hillary clinton when she called into the steve harvey
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show and thinks she can reach out to white people. i was shocked by that. >> we haven't heard her talk much about it because she's pretty much been off the trail. let's look at the poll numbers in the swing states. we only have, what, 46 more days until this election. >> the meters are running. great state of -- iowa. out to colorado. >> look at johnson with 10% of that vote. >> it's substantial. >> what are they doing, looking at him. >> in colorado this is funny. donald trump did terrible in colorado in that bizarre primary. he's closer than two points in colorado. again, johnson with ten. >> virginia, he's closing the gap. she's getting 45% -- look at georgia. >> no kidding. >> he's up by 7. virginia is stunning. just the fact that he was so far behind and suddenly catching up. >> i was concerned in georgia it
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was -- it was going to be going to the toss-up or lean right. >> that was a narrative. >> now the people are starting to think that it's going to come down to the debate. the three debates where we see them side by side. the folks behind "between two ferns" but together these videos with zach galifianakis. >> it turns out they did not ask donald trump to do one of these. but this is how the brand new one with hillary starts. how did it go? something like this. >> what happens if you become president? are we going to be stuck with tim kaine for nine months. how does this work? >> i could send you pamphlets that helps you understand. >> are you down with tpp? >> i'm not down with tpp. >> no, you're supposed to say yeah you know me.
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like the hip hop group. >> don't tell me what to say. >> any regrets over losing the scott baio vote? >> not a one. >> but chach i, what's the best way to reach you, e-mail? >> it was absolutely hysterical. i said before we came out about a half hour ago, it had 23 million hits. it's unbelievable. she's trying to get the young vote. she's -- by the way, my dog -- >> your dog is a millenial. >> but sheds hair. i put cotton all over the place. >> that's a whole different story. >> will this help her get millenials back? >> it can't hurt. she needs help. >> donald trump would be great on this. >> if you go on a show like that, you have to be funny and respond. steve, you would be good on that. i would be terrible on that show. >> she was dead pan. >> e-mail us at friends at fox
3:11 am in the meantime, 6:10 in new york city. heather, did that make you nervous. >> i like are you down with the tpp part. the awkward long pauses. >> on purpose. >> i guess so. good morning to you all. i have a couple of headlines at 11 minutes after the hour. the female police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man in tulsa, oklahoma, has been charged with first degree manslaughter. >> shots fired. >> that dashcam video sparking national outrage showing him with his hands in the air before he was shot. she opened fire when crutcher stuck his arm through an open car window. crutcher's family attorney says an enhanced picture of that window shows it was in fact closed. officer shelby faces between four years and life in prison. the terror suspect ahmad rahami, his father says i told
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you so. rahami, the father, spoke to the associated press this morning. he said he warned the fbi that his son had become, quote, bad. saying that he was showing interest in terror groups, including al qaeda and warning them about his fascination is jihadi videos. rahami remains unconscious in the hospital in critical but stable condition. brand new details overnight about what sparked a workplace shooting that left several people dead. police in athens, tennessee, say that an angry factory worker opened fire killing two of his bosses before turning the gun on himself. witnesses say right before the shooting he was visibly upset after a closed-door meeting. this guy sparking national outrage for disrespecting our national anthem and now colin kaepernick is being celebrated over the cover of "time" magazine. "time" calling him the obvious choice for their cover because of his protest movement has
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spread so far. the picture of him kneeling in his uniform captioned the perilous fight. kaepernick says he earns the cover. but many critics say it's unpatriotic. he earned the cover. what do you think of that one? certainly an interesting debate to have. >> please tweet us, e-mail us. we'll be going over that throughout the show. he's a lifelong democrat but this elected official says he cannot vote for hillary. why? we'll talk to him next. in a rush to swear in illegals as american citizens before the election. who do you think will vote for?
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from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at democrat andrewstein says he won't vote for hillary clinton and is now supporting, get this, donald trump. what's behind the defection? new york city council member and andrew steinjoins us in the studio to explain. you wrote this in an editorial. you're a democrat but you're
3:18 am
going with donald trump. why? >> first of all, i've known donald for 45 years. he's a great guy. democratic party that i grew up in, the hubert humphrey, the john f. kennedy, the robert kennedy, the democratic party now is a far left socialist democratic party. i believe that donald trump will -- the economy has only been growing at a percent and a and a half. the wall street guys have done well. but the average guy and gal has done terribly under the democratic administration over the last eight years. donald will cut taxes like jfk and reagan did. he will strengthen our military, which has been decimated by the obama cuts and sequestration. he'll be a strong supporter of israel. i think he'll come in with tremendous energy and verve and
3:19 am
really change this country. hillary is a continuation of the same left wing ineffective job killing democratic policies. >> andrew, you say if she ran as a 1996 version of bill clinton, you might vote for her, but the fact she's had to disavow almost everything her husband did is putting her in an odd spot? >> i think a lot of democrats in a tough spot. bill clinton, by and large was a good president. but bill clinton, the democratic party is not the party of bill clinton. she is running as a socialist democrat. you don't know where she stands really. she's going far to the left. if she was running as the bill clinton policies of '96, i could support her. >> when donald trump says i'm going to get new york, he looks at andrew steinand says i'll convert some democrats.
3:20 am
andrew stein, a significant move and i'm sure you're a bit torn in that column. thanks for joining us. >> i was torn and i believe donald will do a great job. >> andrew, stein, thanks so much. a woman comes out of her house, guns blazing as thieves break into her house. a terror text warning live during the show. remember this? >> rahami -- let me dismiss that. i just got a -- >> emergency alert about a look at this guy. my phone is going off, so is everybody's phone going off in the building. >> some people say it terrified them. should we keep it up? kurt the cyber guy with the pros and the cons, next.
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it happened live on our show on monday. watch. >> rahami -- let me dismiss that. i just got an emergency alert about a lookout for this guy because he should be considered armed and dangerous. my phone is going off. so is everybody's phone going off in the building. >> we were live on the air. that blaring alert was sent to millions of smartphones across the new york city area on monday morning with the bombing suspect's name and a description urging people to call 911 if they spotted him and guess what? it worked. ahmad rahami was arrested hours later. but many people are opting out
3:25 am
of that service claiming that the warnings only cause panic. so let's ask curt the cyber guy. >> good morning, ainsley. we're talking about a little bit of feedback on twitter of outrage of people saying, wait a minute, this doesn't help. i'm getting scared by all this message coming through with the emergency alert system. this started in 2012. we transitioned from the old radio days to now everybody with smartphones and it turns out that our local emergency -- regardless of where you are in the country, they can turn this on and send you a text message like we showed you here that happened throughout the new york tristate area. it was five boroughs around here where that alert went off. the fact is, it didn't contain any photographs, it didn't have expanded information. people didn't quite understand what it was saying other than, hey, see mid i can't for -- what did that mean? >> this system, while very effective at getting that message out to a bazillion
3:26 am
people at once, it was millions of people very quickly. it cannot do a lot of things. it cannot send a photograph. it cannot send april link on the web to important information that may be helpful to you and reacting in that very moment. but there is something to be said. three hours after this went out, he was arrested he was apprehended. not far out of city of new jersey. >> i mean, so people are complaining because it might have been annoying. however, this guy is a terrorist and it might have saved lives? >> correct. your phone didn't go off. >> mine didn't. i don't know if i didn't have the alert on or the volume was down. steve's went off, brian's went off. everyone's did. >> this might be what everyone wants to do. the reality is, you get a message, by the way the president can do this, too. he has a direct connection to your smartphone. you can't turn off the white house on your phone. however -- >> you can't turn off the white house. >> you might actually want the emergency alerts on, right?
3:27 am
let me show you very quickly, if you have an iphone or android, i'm going to show you how to check and see if your emergency alerts are turned on. let's do the iphone. i have that in my hand here. you go to settings, you go simply to notifications. here on the left, i click it and you go through all the way to the end of the list of all the apps -- look on the bottom right there. i'm going to turn on amber alert and emergency alerts. if that emergency alert button was off, it would o have not come through your home. you want to have those settings on. android, it's similar. we'll put those online. >> i was upset i wasn't part of the club. i wanted to get the message. >> it could be helpful. for example, if you lived in the neighborhood of that bombing in new york city, the people in that very, very close-knit area were able to get an alert that said get away from your windows,
3:28 am
stay safe. don't go outside. i don't remember verbatim what it said. but it was very effective of getting a message quickly to stay get out of the way of danger. >> especially with young kids at home. you want to keep your family safe. i think it's a wonderful yld. good to see you, curt. one of president obama's biggest cheerleaders, nancy pelosi, could be his biggest problem right now. and get this. illegals suing a university because they were not accepted. why? they're here illegally. do they actually have a case? t . but there's so much more to it. here's how benefiber® works. inside us are trillions of good microflora that support digestive health. the prebiotic fiber in benefiber® nourishes them... and what helps them, helps you. clear, taste-free, benefiber®.
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and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america. more cash back for the things you buy most. the debate in virtual reality. if you want to feel like you're on stage during the debate, here's your chance, jim.
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jimmy fallon last night. >> jeb was at the emmys. he was an uber driver for the president of the united states. >> i was glad to see him do that. >> funny. >> the big debates are going to be monday night. you'll see them here on fox newschannel. donald trump hot on the campaign trail. the first presidential debate is monday night. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton is mia. >> what's going on? live outside trump tower here in new york city. donald trump has been everywhere. hey, peter. >> reporter: hey, brian. donald trump is trying to make himself look like the only one rallying and make his opponent looking -- he's out on the trail but she is not to elude lingering questions about her health. >> where is hisry today? they say she's been practicing
3:33 am
for the debate. some people think she's sleeping. >> ahead of that debate, the clinton campaign is trying to alter expectations for their side basically warning that if trump has any success on stage, it would only be because the moderator set a lower bar for him and asked him easier questions. it has only been a few months since clinton debated bernie sanders one-on-one and debated barack obama one-on-one eight years ago. this will be the first ever one-on-one debate for mr. trump. he's candid about not wanting to rehearse specific answers too much for a few days. he thinks when politicians do that, they freeze up. >> i've seen people prepare so much as they get up there. you've seen that too when they've locked them snefs a cabin. i don't know. you have to be yourself. you have to go up and have to do it. i'm really very much campaigning
3:34 am
at the same time i am prepared. >> donald trump is not going to use the whole weekend just to prepare for the debate. he's going to continue campaigning in a swing state. he's just announced a big rally in roanoke, virginia, tomorrow night. back to you. >> i know your schedule. you'll be in roanoke, virginia, as well. peter, here's a question. you went to school in philly. when trump was down at gino's, what kind of cheese did he get on the cheesesteak? john kerry lost the presidency because he ordered swiss. >> the order was not audible from the video that i saw. but i know that people will decide whether or not they're going to vote for you not just based on the cheese but also based on whether or not you go to pat's or gino's. pick your side. this side of the street or that side of the street. that's how you pick your president in philly. >> which do you prefer? >> reporter: i was a big gino's fan. i like the meat folded instead
3:35 am
of cut. >> with the cheese whiz or wiz. >> we've spent more time on the cheese than his whole economic plan. >> fantastic. >> reporter: don't tell my parents. >> peter, i'm sorry about that. this woenlt happen again. i promise. >> you try to pin him to the mat on cheese. >> he's good on fast food. thank you, peter. it is 25 minutes now before the top of the hour. news. >> i'm a wisconsin girl. should get a vote on the cheese here too. >> you invented cheese. >> it was your idea. >> of course they did. >> what do we do with the extra milk. make cheese. good morning everyone. i hope you're off to a great day. a few headlines to bring you at 35 minutes after the hour. getting justice for victims of terror attacks. a rare showdown between nancy pelosi and president obama now taking place. the house minority leader joining a bipartisan effort to override a pending presidential
3:36 am
veto of a 9/11-related bill that would allow victims of the 9/11 terror attacks and their families to sue saudi arabia for that nation's alleged involvement in planning the terror attacks. our president has until midnight tonight to veto that. it would be the first congressional veto override ever for president obama. that will be a big story throughout the day. you have to see this heart stopping surveillance video. a woman in georgia stopping three armed home invaders in their tracks. she confronts the suspects with her own handgun exchanging gunfire as she chases them out of the house. >> i've got the hurt -- they've got a gun. they kicked the door. >> one of those suspects later died. the other two robbers are still on the run. how terrifying. a bombshell e-mail from immigration bosses now showing the obama administration literally working overtime to
3:37 am
swear in immigrants as u.s. citizens hoping to impact the 2016 election. the e-mail says, "the field office, due to the election year, needs to process as many of their n-400 cases as possible between now and fy -- fiscal year, 2016. if you have any cases in this category, you're urged to take advantage of the ot if you can." they're not supposed to be in the country to begin with, but now are demanding an education. three illegal i am granlts suing georgia's university system, the entire state's university system for not accepting them because they're illegal. they say that violates the government program that protects them from deportation so they can study and work in the country illegally. georgia's laws prevent those
3:38 am
unlawfully a here from attending. >> can't make it up. september is brain aneurysm awareness month. our next guest is a lucky one. he survived after a doctor ran a scan to save his life. he's rich big daddy salgado. talk about what's happening in football and sports business and innings like that. this is something that really struck home with you. >> yeah. i look in the mirror every morning. i have this beautiful scar that reminds me of my issue that i had. i let people know about it. >> what happened? >> i was in a pool wrestling alleged i had water in my ears. i couldn't get it out. i went to the doctor. he said we don't see what the issue is. the water is out. i got an mri done and then they said to me, hey you need to come back in. there's something else going on. i went in and they scanned me and i have this little ball in my head.
3:39 am
>> an ur yichl is a weakness in the blood vessel and starts to bulge. the bigger it gets, the risk is that it's going to pop. >> yeah. usually it pops and you have such a little time to get -- you got to get to an emergency room to deal with that. >> that saved your life? >> yeah. we were able to see it before it popped. i had great doctors out at north shore lij. dr. david cha live and -- >> how do you know? >> the key is that people need to go and get scanned. a lot of -- there's millions of people walking around with aneurysm and they don't realize they have it. >> insurance won't cover that, right? >> insurance covered mine for the most part of it, yeah. >> let's look at some of the signs of a possible aneurysm? first up, severe headache, dilated pupils, double vision, trouble speaking. what are the risk factors? smoking is one.
3:40 am
>> high blood pressure. smoking. overall, your weight. sometimes it's hereditary. >> rich, you played football your entire life at the university of maryland. do you think banging heads for years, could that have happened? >> that's been brought up. as a kid, i was hit over the head with a cooler accidentally. my wife says to me, maybe that had something to do with it. you know what, it was one of things you got hit, i got this bump and rub it off and go on to the next thing. it could have. >> one in 50 people are walking around with an undiagnosed aneurysm, right? >> yeah. there's a lot of people that don't realize they have it. i didn't know i had it. i would -- if i didn't go in for my issue with the hearing, who knows what happens. >> anyone in your family? >> no, it does not. >> that stat, 1 in 50 with -- rich, real quick what foundation
3:41 am
should we go to, to support things? >> it's funny. tomorrow i'm doing a walk for the brain aneurysm foundation in long island. and then next thursday, i'm supporting lisa kol gross i, her foundation who is the anchor who unfortunately passed away. i became friends with her husband todd and next thursday is a big gala here in chelsea piers and so i'm supporting both of those. >> that's great. to find out more about brain aneury aneurysm, you can go to and we'll connect you to his website. >> thank you very much. coming up on this friday, major business news this morning. two companies have just created the biggest hotel chain in the world. what it means for your next vacation. coming up. just days away from the first presidential debate. what can the candidates learn from the elections of the past? >> now we have an opportunity to move to a national health insurance. governor reagan again is against
3:42 am
such a proposal. >> governor? >> here we go again. >> coming up next, we're going to take a look back. test test test. test test test test.
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helps manufacturers meet critical deadlines. i think this'll be our biggest flavor yet. when you only have one shot, you need a whole lot of ingenuity. the first donald trump, hillary clinton presidential debate is sure to be for the record books recordwise. what can the candidates learn from debate moments in the past to help them win next week. >> for a look back at debates, jay townsend is here. >> good morning. nice to be with you today. >> jay, we were discuss. this will be like no other debate. we're talking about some debates to give us some relevance. >> these are high-risk propositions. like i say, it's not like a tennis match. it's hard to get hurt. it's more like the indianapolis 500. there is no safety net. once they walk on to the stage and they're behind the podium, one little mistake can derail a
3:46 am
career. could be lethal. >> there are plenty of examples of that if you watch what's happened in televised debates since 1960 where candidates have derailed their career and cost themselves the election. >> sure. >> by gaffes they made during the debate. >> like for example, al gore who knew all the answers but maybe body language didn't work. here he is with george w. bush. >> what's your philosophy and what's your position on issues. but can you get things done. and i believe i can. >> he invaded his personal space. >> i know. >> there was a debate in the year 2000. hillary clinton's opponent did that to hillary -- >> rick lazio. >> he got into her space and it cost him the election. >> it looked like he was going to punch him. >> it did. >> this was an example. part of gore's problem, they had three debates.
3:47 am
gore had a different personalities in every single debate and they wondered who he really was. >> i still do. >> we were talking to donald trump yesterday about whether or not he would prefer a moderator or a fact checker? said a moderator. you doesn't want a fact checker like 2012 and candy crowley. watch this. >> took the president 14 days before he called the attack in benghazi an acts of terror. >> get the -- >> he did, in fact, sir. let me call it -- >> say that a little louder, candy. >> he did call it an act of terror. >> she was wrong and it cost romney because he just sat there. >> you cannot let something like that stand. she corrected him. she was wrong. he was right. he stood there and took it like an admonished school boy and you can't allow that to happen in front of a national audience. that's not presidential. it was not strong. >> i'll tell you someone who was presidential and won the race was ronald reagan.
3:48 am
he was a master at debating. watch this clip. >> i want you to know that also i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. [ laughter ] >> mondale thought that was funny. >> goodbye walter mondale. >> part of the reason was reagan had a terrible first debate. they wondered if he could bounce back and that showed everybody he could bounce back. >> absolutely. the bad narrative on reagan was he was beginning to lose it. this shows he had everything he needed to be, to be president. >> carly fiorina, she was like the second-tier debate and made -- >> let's talk about 1980, reagan versus carter. carter the incumbent. here they are head to head. listen. >> now we have an opportunity to -- national health insurance. governor reagan again, typically
3:49 am
is against such a proposal. >> governor? >> there we go again. >> just like the one earlier about the age. those are pre-planned things they're going to say. they have to find the space to use it. >> if i were trump's debate coach, i would show him that clip. because she is going, i would expect, to goed him and goad him into losing his temper. if he dozen, he loses. if he doesn't but comes back with something like that, he scores. >> intriguing. never been in a one-on-one debate before. >> there's so much on him, he cannot deal with these one-on-ones. >> if you if he stays on message, will he win? >> yes. he is a boring leader and champion. he wants donald trump to be your next president.
3:50 am
look at that in the green room. coach bobby knight. he better smile soon. >> from the hit show controlled substances, he's battling us in a game of operation. there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today. [ rear alert sounds ]," [ music stops ]on ] ♪ on the road again ♪ just can't wait to get on the road again ♪
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you know him as dr. turk on "scrubs" now he's teaming up with other tv doctors to try and help save real lives. nl we are the tv doctors of
3:54 am
america. >> by getting you to a real doctor for an annual check-up. >> no, go, and take control of your help. >> there you are with alan alda. >> you are not a real doctor but you play one on tv. >> absolutely. i got my degree at nbc and abc, and. >> you've been on a doctor show for years, so if you really had to help somebody -- >> i'm not the person to come to. no, i am truly a tv doctor. i'm not a real doctor. if you are sick, go see someone, okay. go to your doctor, and, you know, that's exactly what the commercial is about. we're trying to get people into the doctors office to, you know, check on their health, for their annual check up. the cdc believes they can save 100,000 lives this year with
3:55 am
preventive care. preventive care, that usually starts with your annual check up. >> i grew up with operation because you are a tv doctor, you do everything giant-sized. >> this is the game operation. you and i are going to reach in here and take out some unique bones. >> the whole idea is to do it before the guy's schnooze goes off. >> let me see how fast you can remove the bread basket. >> that's the easy one. i want you to remove the wishbone, please. >> oh, i saw it. >> i'm a little shaky. oh, darn it. [ buzzer ] >> here, mr. show-off.
3:56 am
i want you to take out the wishbone and the water on the knee. >> you have ten tekeds. no, i got more than that. >> which one did you say? >> water on the knee. i'll go like this first. this is taking forever. >> and the wishbone over this. >> if i do this, you are going to go get your annual check-up? >> absolutely. >> come on baby. no. no. come on. >> where's the nurse? >> i'm done. >> fantastic. >> thank you for having me. >> thanks for trying to save 100,000 lives. >> nice. coming up, president obama says there is no need to worry about all the refugees that are coming into our country, but texas is worried, so what are
3:57 am
they doing about it? something big. >> we'll let you know. and many say he's the guy who tipped indiana in donald trump's favor and gave him the nomination. he's here with us. bobby knight, the coaching legend, here in studios. nice to see you coach.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
good morning to you and your family. it is friday. september 23rd, i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with a fox news alert. another night of violence in charlotte, north carolina. this time a fox news reporter is caught in the middle of it. >> let me ask you, do you have any idea where you are going? >> yeah, i know where you are going. >> where are you going? >> we're going to beat your [ bleep ]. >> wow. we're live with the very latest in north carolina. >> this as hillary sits down for a hard-hitting interview. >> what's the best way to reach you? email? >> you've got mail.
4:01 am
>> so will hillary's hilarity help her or had hurt you. and jimmy kimmel has been relentless in making fun of donald trump. for example. >> some people are trying to figure out what they are going to wear for halloween. sexy donald trump. >> the only person i can imagine dressing up for halloween as sexy donald trump is donald trump himself. >> wait till you hear why he does not pick on hillary. his explanation will confound you, perhaps. let me remind you because coach bobby knight is over my shoulder and reminding that your mornings are better because you are with friends. >> he does not think that's funny. >> i know. he's staring at me. >> coach is on the couch in a second talking about the election and so much more. let's get to that fox news alert. it's been a third straight night
4:02 am
of protests in charlotte. >> hundreds ignoring the midnight curfew, and shutting down the highway and chanting for the release of the footage of the shooting of keith scott. >> we want the tape! >> we have the latest. rick, they got to see the video yesterday, right? >> they did, and we'll have more on that in a minute. the third night was largely peaceful, and certainly compared to tuesday and wednesday night. we didn't see the looting or the destruction of property. thanks in part, as you mention a midnight curfew and also that state of emergency which allowed them to call in hundreds of national guard troops and state troopers who helped out to block many of the businesses in uptown district, the business district of charlotte. demonstrators were not allowed to get as close as they had been the last couple of nights.
4:03 am
for the most part, officers allowed this large crowd of demonstrators, 700 plus, to march freely down the streets. tear gas was used when they tried to block the highway. as you heard, many in the crowd chanting release the tape, and we want the tape, referring to the body cam and dashcam video of the shooting but others in the crowd said it was about much more. >> these are the people we're fighting for. so many more that i can't even name the names. this could go on forever. these are people we're fighting for. these are people we're marching for. these are the people we're standing up for. we have to shed a little blood, so be it.
4:04 am
>> late yesterday, scott's family was shown police footage of the deadly shooting and their attorney released a statement saying in part when told to exit his vehicle, mr. scott did so in a very calm, nonaggressive manner. while police did give him several commands, he did not aggressively approach him or raise his hands at members of law enforcement at any time. it is impossible to discern from the videos what if anything mr. scott was holding. when he was shot and killed, his hands were by his side and he was slowly walking backwards. the police chief says the evidence does show that mr. scott was carrying a weapon and he believes the officer's actions were justified that day. >> so much more to know. appreciate it. all right. it is 7:04 here in new york city. time for some news with heather. we have an update on the shooting in oklahoma.
4:05 am
the female cop who shot and killed an unarmed black man in tulsa now charged with first degree manslaughter. >> this dashcam video sparking national outrage. it shows terence crutcher with his hands in the air before the officer shot him. she saw him stick his arm through an open window in the car. an enhanced picture shows all of the windows were closed. officer shelby now faces between four years and life in prison. the terror suspect ahmad rahami's dad telling the feds i told you so. he said he warned the fbi about his son and that he had become, quote, bad. that he was showing interest in terror groups, including al qaeda. telling the fbi about his son's
4:06 am
fascination with jihadist videos as well. and getting justice for victim of terror attacks. there is a rare showdown between nancy pelosi and president obama. a potential override of a veto for a law allowing victims to sue saudi arabia for the 9/11 terror attack. jimmy kimmel taking the ultimate late night shot at hillary clinton by saying she's just too boring to crack jokes about her on his show. listen to this. >> a lot of comments on line from donald trump supporters asking why are you always making jokes about donald trump and not about hillary clinton. it's true.
4:07 am
i do make more jokes about donald trump than hillary clinton, and there's no question about it, but that's just because hillary clinton is boring. okay. >> there you have it. kimmel has had both clinton and trump on his show multiple times. those are your headlines. no doubt about it one of the turning points in the primary season was when donald trump went to indiana and if you point the one person who tipped the scales in his direction, it had to be coach bobby knight. the hall of fame coach joins us on the couch after spending a full day with donald trump. welcome, coach. >> welcome. >> i actually enjoyed the day with saint donald and i've enjoyed watching him. i've really enjoyed watching him. i think go about things the way that he thought things should be. i think the man has a lot of really, really good things to bring to the table. >> have you seen him evolve as a
4:08 am
candidate? you know, he's new to the politics game since you endorsed him and appeared on his behalf throughout indiana up to yesterday when you spent the whole day with him? >> you know, i just watch him i think -- i don't know if the word mild is the word to use or not or milder. i've seen him take a different approach to how things should be and go about attacking things and what's wrong. i've really within impressed with the interest that he has in seeing that things are done in the right way. >> coach, did you all talk about what was happening in charlotte, north carolina? >> not really. that's -- you know, what is there to say? it was wrong. you could go forever. that was not something that we really directed our attention to. >> what did you talk about yesterday? >> we talked about from my
4:09 am
standpoint, i said this, whoever becomes the next president is going to inherit a lot of problems, and that person is going to have to deal with problems, and that's why i'm strong about donald trump because i think he knows how to deal with problems. he's had businesses all over the world. he's given jobs to people all over the world, and he's had problems, and he's always been able to find a way to straighten that problem out, and that's what i think is the most important thing he brings to this job. the guy is going -- hey, this isn't working, we got to figure out what's wrong with this and we got to get this straightnd out. that, to me, is what being president is all about, and i don't think -- has there ever been a president that hasn't had problems? >> it's impossible. most of them are unpredictable. >> and who has been the best, it might have been reagan. >> adjusting on the fly. >> exactly. that's what i think donald trump
4:10 am
brings to the table. >>le. >> well, you are a great leader, great coach, it's interesting your point of view. what hillary clinton and her team are trying to tag him as he doesn't have temperament to be president of the united states. >> well, i think pretty strong willed is a pretty good asset to have. i mean, who had -- has there ever been a president that was better than harry truman and harry truman had a damn good temperament. >> coach, let's talk about the cover of "time" magazine. if you do, you'll see that colin kaepernick taking a knee. then you see kids in beaumont, texas, taking a knee during the national anthem. what are your thoughts? >> well, i think that were i the
4:11 am
teammate, were i the coach, were i the owner in a situation like that, i would have gotten rid of the guy. that's a distraction. we don't need a distraction like that. our team has got to get together. we've got to have our team play and now we've got a terrible distraction, a tremendous distraction that really has nothing to do with the competition there, and, it's hard for me to imagine anybody that can fault the opportunities one has in this country. there's no country in the world that provides better opportunities for people that are willing to work, willing to sacrifice, and i would have had a very difficult time playing with a guy like that, coaching a guy like that, or having him as a team member. >> he's trying to use his celebrity to change how things are handled in this country. >> really, what is that celebrity? he is a football player, but
4:12 am
there are a lot of football players that were a lot better than he was that have never even thought of anything like this. >> let me bring to this. you grew up as an athlete and coach in the 60s. one of the guy looks up to, jim brown, he was one -- he's an activist player, along with kareem abdul-jabbar and kashs clay. is this the same thing? >> i don't think so. i think what this guy did, he was a pretty decent player at one time. he no longer is. now he's bringing something to put a light on himself. russell and brown did things that they thought were important. they said things that they thought were necessary to be said, and they were two of the greatest competitors that ever lived, and a football player, who was better than jimmy brown, as a basketball player, who was better than bill russell, nobody was. and these guys were not a
4:13 am
distraction anyany way. >> they had an important issue, they brought it to the forefront and you supported them then. >> i would always, with those two guys, they are two of the best people i have ever known and if somebody were to say to me, coach, what is something about your life that you appreciate as much as anything and my answer might very well be, well, you know, i'm a friend of jimmy brown and bill russell. >> it means a lot to us that you would stop by today. >> you are special people. >> i think it's a wonderful thing that two kind of older guys that are kind of on the borderline of everything get to spend a morning with such a lovely lady. >> he's a legend, bobby knight,
4:14 am
everybody. >> thank you, coach knight. >> i'm pretty sure he dissed us. >> president obama says there's no need to worry about the refugees coming to our country. texas ain't buying it. what are they doing about it? i can assure you it is something big.
4:15 am
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4:18 am
the obama administration wants to increase the number of refugees accepted into the u.s. to about 110,000 in 2017. but after recent terror attacks, texas has given the government an ultimatum, the lone star state wants to make sure that these refugees are not a security threat or else it will pull out of the federal program providing aid to refugees. i know a lot of governors are scpas per rate -- exasperated. >> look, if the federal government is not going to protect the citizens of texas, we're getting out of the program and we're going to protect the
4:19 am
citizens of texas. we're going to give a withdrawal notice. we'll be out in january. >> you got 6,000 refugees arriving in texas between 2015 and 2016. du did you even know about it? >> we knew we were getting refugees, but what we insisted from the very beginning, is knowing where they are from, what their background is, do they pose a threat. we've been up unable to get that information through litigation or just asking. we think we need it. >> homeland security report says we roensly gave 1,800 individuals citizenship by mistake. they were supposed to be deported. we gave them citizenship. you saw this and this really got you maybe on the show today and your governor to take action. >> it was stunning, and i think that is what finally got us to move on this. it was the shocking notice that the government doesn't have any
4:20 am
idea who they are bringing in, who they are making citizens, and we've already had problems in texas. we had an iraqi refugee that was aiding and abetting terrorists in houston that had to be arrested. we know we have problems and we don't have anything on background. >> we look at germany and the president is going to have a hard time saying there's a precedent for this. >> i hope this wakes up the president of the united states. >> i do too. straight ahead, someone please call the p.c. police, public college, you know enough of that story. i'll talk about this. a public college canceling a barbecue because it was too american. that's a better way to say it and this coffeemaker normally costs $50. today it's $19. why? we told you that. it's megamorning time.
4:21 am
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4:24 am
quick headlines now. uncle sam too offensive for one taxpayer funded college, students forced to change the name and look of their event because it was called the american barbecue. the school descrags says their team was too military and recruitment oriented and it's called a vent tent, college students who had their feelings hurt can now talk about it in an adult ball pit. california university offering a language campaign. they call it therapeutic. i want my money back.
4:25 am
now, it's time to make a deal. i'm talking about morning megadeals. exclusive products on fox and friends for your viewers this morning. >> we love this segment. here to tell us all about these great items is the spokesperson megyn meany. don't forget to go to fox and friends website to find the megadeals website. this is an activity tracker. it keeps track of your steps, how you sleep. this one is also a regular watch with the date and the time. >>s those are very expensive. >> phone message alerts. this one is typically $90, today one of the best deals on the table, $17, and you can check in on everything on your phone with the free app that goes with it, zunammy. >> you get two blue tooth
4:26 am
speakers. it looks small but it's all big sound. you can go running with it. put it on your key chain, go hiking. two of them today. hook it up on your phones, sink up the blue tooth and you have big sound. >> if you are watching a movie on your phone, you need a speaker. >> today, for you guys, on the "fox & friends" website, $14. 65% office. now, make up, we wear some make up. >> just a little. >> this is mineral make up and it's dermatologist make up. it's all natural. you can go to our website to find all sorts of deals. there's contour, foundation, these professional brushes. it's all about the tools and it's all good for your skin and this is really natural-looking make up. not like us. no, we look great because of those make cup artists. >> there's a trowel in there for
4:27 am
me. >> yes, a shovel, and spackle. retails for $65 to $120, but $21. we all drink coffee this morning. all the rage is the cold brew. this is better for your time. you notice how you get a tumy ache. you put the coffee in there. the cold water goes in here. you put it in your fridge. it comes with a travel to go bottle. everything is glass. it has to stay in the fridge for a few hours. you can drink it warm. it's got for $19. they call it cold brew, you can drink it warm. $19. and finally care reoak key --
4:28 am
karaoke machines, you record, you app on your phone to get your song that you want to sing. i know you went to an adele song last night. >> the words on your screen. >> there's a bunch of them. >> this baby is only 70% off today, so it's $45. what are we going to see? >> hello, that's a good deal. >> it's a power station. ♪ hello from the other side ♪ i hope we're going to commercial soon. we can't sing. >> you've lost that loving feeling oh, oh, ♪ you've lost that loving feeling now it's gone, gone, gone, ♪ woe, woe, woe, bam bamp.
4:29 am
>> straight ahead on this friday, the administration is in a rush to swear in illegals as american citizens ahead of the election. who do you think those people are going to vote for. >> and hillary clinton just didn't get it. >> now, having said all this, why aren't i 50 points ahead you might ask? >> can't see it. can't taste it.
4:30 am
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4:33 am
might ask. well, the choice for working families has never been clearer. i need your help to get donald trump's record out to everybody. nobody should be fooled. he proudly declared himself 100% right to work. >> why are you yelling at me? what did i do? did i leave the soap out, the seat up, what's going on? is that how you get yelled at at home. >> every time i hear that clip i feel i'm being yelled at. >> tucker carlson is join us today from houston. tucker, i'm shocked, we're all shocked by the pitch of that particular i don't know satellite thing she was doing with somebody, talking to somebody, but it looked like she was really yelling at somebody. >> what's going on? >> well, she was, and it's poignant, when people meltdown, the first thing that goes with
4:34 am
voice modulation. this is a pattern we've seen for the past year. people who run against donald trump tend to go crazy at the very end. you remember, ted cruz, could barely speak english, he was shell shock. jeb bush is still a little bit -- >> are you saying hillary clinton has gone crazy? >> what i'm saying is people don't understand -- professional politicians don't understand why it's happening. i mean this with real empathy, actually. hillary clinton doesn't understand why anyone would vote for donald trump. she sincerely doesn't. it's driving her crazy. why am i not 50 point ahead, she means it. >> he's closing or leading in almost the battleground states. three weeks ago, you might have said that's not going to happen. it seems between her health, her
4:35 am
miss helps, four years as secretary of state seems to be catching up with her and she's she hadding millennials like crazy. she called up zack and got on the show between two ferns. >> what happens if you get pregnant? are we stuck with tim kaine? >> are you down with tpp? >> no, you are supposed to say yeah, you know me. >> don't tell me what to say. >> any regrets over losing the scott baio vote. >> no. >> but cachi, what's the best way to reach you, email? what did you think, tucker? >> i thought it was kind of
4:36 am
funny actually, but i bet she didn't. there are probably some viewers who will get the irony of it, but how much did she hate it? s that's the point, you are reaching the place in the campaign, they are panicking if robby said you have to sing i'm a little tea pot on the stage, to get millennials, she would probably do it. >> she's working like crazy to get ready for this. she's pointed herself out of events. do you think there's something behind it? >> it's odd behavior, of course. her surrogates are out for her. it's dawned on them, yes, she
4:37 am
can lose to donald trump. why isn't she out there? ths a lengths question. i don't know, the answer but it's not conventional. >> what did you think of the internal obama administration email that revealed immigration official were really pushing through immigrants so they can get through the process before election day, illegals so they can go and vote? >> yes, sir, the memo says to employees you may need to work overtime, we got to naturalize people, this is a big deal. this is the future of the country. the idea that the government is trying to get new voters into the system to pack the electorate in order for hillary to win, it's an ominous thing. one of the main points of the massive third world immigration in the united states that we've seen has been to bolster the fortunes of the democratic
4:38 am
party. this is the essence of their strategy is to bring people in and make them new democrats. it's worth speaking up about. it's fundamentally unfair. >> we've seen this emails trying to make illegals legal. why do you think they are going to wind up voting by november 8th? >> well, because the -- two reasons, the assumption is that the overwhelming majority of first time immigrant voters vote democrat. we've seen that for a generation. the second reason we know this is this is going on for two years at least where the obama administration has been giving grants to the left wing nonprofits is whose whole mission it to register new voters to vote against trump. this is packing the electorate on behalf of a specific
4:39 am
political party. it's wrong. >> real quickly, in north carolina, the chaos taking place in charlotte. the theory is that the law and order candidate could benefit in what's turning into a battleground state. your thoughts? >> well, i don't see how this could be good for hillary clinton. black lives matter which she has endorsed and admitted yes, it's a racist group that endorses violence. so hillary clinton is on record endorsing them. so how exactly is that good for her? i don't see how that is. i like tucker. ainsley, you didn't want to have tucker on. >> i'm getting there. >> we'll be waking up at 7:00 even on saturday and sunday to watch you. >> how about at 6:00. >> okay. i'll wake up at 6:00. >> tucker, have a great day down in texas. it's 20 minutes before the top of the hour.
4:40 am
time for some news with heather. good morning to all of you. parents on edge this morning after an elementary school student tests positive for leprosyy. they are taking precautions such as deaccontaminating classrooms and notifying parents. the child infected is expected to be okay but certainly scary nonetheless. a mayor's fist goes flying after getting a pie in the face. take a look at this picture. he was attacked by a protester. he tackled him after he threw that. and do you remember this claim by hillary clinton about
4:41 am
being broke? >> we came out of the white house not only dead broke, but in debt. >> uh-huh. well, guess the dom knee isn't dead broke anymore, the clintons shelling out for their latest home. here's a picture of it. and by the way, it's next door to their home in chappaqua, new york. some say it's a weekend get away for their daughter chelsea. in a matter of days, donald trump and hillary clinton will clash on everything from terror to immigration in the first debate so who has the best handle on those issues? we'll debate that. first responders keep us safe. steve is going to hit the streets of new york city to give them a surprise to brighten their morning. >> fantastic. >> good job, steve. advil liqui - gels work so fast you'll ask
4:42 am
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who values it as much as you do. learn more at quick headlines now, a billion dollar deal creating the world's largest hotel chain. marriott shelling out to buy starwood hotels. target pumping the brakes on its kiddy cart experiment. could this be why? >> ouch. ouch. >> target was testing the child-sized carts in stores in minnesota and new york, decided to remove them because of
4:46 am
negative feedback. monday night marks the first presidential debate in three topics that will definitely be major points of discussion are terror, immigration, and race relations. how do these candidates stack up on these issues? break it down for us is gillian turner who is a fox news contributor and former white house staff under presidents george h.w. bush. >> where do these candidates stack up? >> donald trump's stance on terrorism is basically this is a number one priority. he's connected sort of beautifully with a lot of american voters on this issue by being out front, making it something very clear. he's going to focus on from very early on in the administration. the con for me, he hasn't put forward a plan to deal with
4:47 am
isis. >> what about hillary clinton? >> her pro, she's got a really good substantive plan she's put on for folks. you can log on and look it. she's put a lot of thought into the issue. the con for her she's unequivocally declared she's never going to put boots on the ground ever, ever again, that hedges in our military options. >> what about immigration? trump says he wants to trim the i.c.e. immigration officers, he also said immigration security is national security. >> emotionally, a lot of people respond to that, in light of the sort of escalating terror threat, not just here at home, but abroad, virtually globally at this point. the con is obviously the rhetoric gets a little out of hand, the comments about mexicans and muslims is not something that most americans
4:48 am
have responded to well as at all. he's to that tone that down during the debate. for hillary clinton, it's most likely going to be a continuation of president obama's policies. not a difference between what she's put forward and what we've got going on. today, you are going to like what she says. >> who is better on race relations? >> it depends on how you want to judge that. the obvious pro for hillary clinton she's nationwide carrying the african-american vote right now. the cons for her she doesn't come out strong enough in support of our law enforcement. we saw that on saturday in the wake of the terror attacks. >> we saw that on the convention. she didn't want officers on the floor. >> donald trump is struggling with the african-american vote
4:49 am
but i think on messaging it comes out -- very often he comes out and he's very strongly in favor of law enforcement which is not a racial affirmation. that's having faith in the people who put their lives on the line to protect us every day. >> are you ready to watch on monday? >> i'm excited. it's a big one. >> we'll probably have you back on the couch talking about this. >> thank you. >> coming up next, steve is going to hit the streets of new york city to wake up america with some fresh coffee. if you've gone to extremes to escape your nasal allergies... try clarispray. from the makers of claritin.
4:50 am
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4:53 am
it is friday. we're going to have a little bit of fun. what do we do? >> steve, you have an important mission. go ahead, tell us the mission, steve. >> yeah. >> the mission is simple. it's saying thank you. as i was walking over here to broadway and 46th, this guy named george said, hey, steve, you love "fox & friends." >> yes, i do. >> why is it you like "fox & friends"? >> because they speak the truth. they are conservative and i don't like liberals. >> you wanted to say thank you to me. >> yes. >> what are you doing? >> i'm working over here. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. >> it's actually great to see all of these police officers. these are members of the counterterrorism task force. they are working right now here in times square, they work every day. we came over. a.j., take a swing around here to show what we got. we brought the guys and gals
4:54 am
from starbucks, they brought us all sorts of breakfast beverages for the men and women just to say thank you. earlier in the week after what happened in chelsea, we saw starbucks employees take some coffee and breakfast foods and all sorts of things to the men and women who were doing their best to keep new yorkers safe. thank you very much for doing this. the guys are here, are currently working. they cannot take the coffee. so what we're going to do we're going to set it up over here. we need about five more could have fees. can you do a frappuccino out of this machine? we're going to put the could have fees right there and at the conclusion of their shift, at the conclusion of the shift, they are going to come over here, have a cup of coffee if they like one. thank you to the men and women who keep us safe each and every day here in new york. brian and ainsley back to you.
4:55 am
>> you want to say thank you, but you also see they are wearing kevlar and have machine guns. >> they have big guns. >> absolutely. >> it's hard to hold a machine gun and a tall latte. >> a lot of people will tell you that's why they don't bring the lattes to iraq. >> thanks so much, steve. coming up, more unrest on the streets of charlotte and one of our own actually caught in the middle of it all. >> where are we going? >> we're going to beat your [ bleep ] if you don't leave me alone. that's where we're going. >> engineer --gerrardo out th e there, they are lucky. there he is.
4:56 am
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4:59 am
[ boomer ] work, performance, or whatever your day brings, experience the difference of comfortable compression. tommie copper. life hurts, feel better. . good morning to you and your family. it's friday, september 23rd, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. we start with this. it's a fox news alert. another night of violence down in charlotte and this time a fox news reporter is caught in the middle of it. >> where are we going? >> we're going to beat your [ bleep ] if you don't leave me alone. that's where we going. >> okay. gerardo has been there. he knows exactly what it's like to be in a situation like that. he joins us live to react. the first presidential debate is a couple of days away, and new polls showing donald trump closing the gap in critical swing states. we'll break down the numbers. not all good news for hillary today. forget about getting hillary
5:00 am
elected, president obama may have a bigger problem on his hands, nancy pelosi. yep, pelosi. >> mornings are better because you are with friends. ♪ let's get right to it. a third straight night at protests it happened in charlotte last night. so far, no violence. >> this is a fox news alert. hundreds ignoring the midnight to 6:00 a.m. curfew, shutting down the highway and chanting for the release of the footage of the shooting of keith scott. >> we want the tapes! we want the tapes! >> gerardo is right here on the couch to talk about this situation down in charlotte. >> i think the first night was really substandard policing. they were caught by surprise, under manned and much too passive.
5:01 am
the second night there, with the national guard there, and enormous additional resources from the state troopers, i think they should have brought buses to the highways and made mass arrests. in my day, when he was a demonstrator in washington, d.c. in 1969 and 1970, she would round us up, keep us for a certain period of time to cool us off and clear the streets and there was the fear of arrest, whether they are going to prosecute and put an arrest on your permanent record, that really deterd at some point and those were much more massive protests. i think they should have been a little bit more proactive but the fact that there was no violence is important. >> sure, although one guy wound up dying. one guy was shot. >> that was on night one. >> when you look over the last year or so of protests, let's harken back to baltimore, where essentially the mayor came out later and said we let people loot and riot, blow off steam. >> as you recall, i was on the streets of baltimore.
5:02 am
that was absolutely right and very frustrating to watch, but i must also point out a phenomenon that i've seen evolve. and this is reporting. i have seen a phenomenon whereby night one is relatively spontaneous and local. that tends to be the worst of the initial violence, if there is looting, that's when it happens. by night two, it's not just local people. >> the educated -- >> by night two, i've seen this since the seattle g 20 an arcists. it's the same people. then they became occupied and it's black lives matter. it's really the same folks. if you see a racial protest and there's white people, i guarantee you it's not local. they have been flown in. quick response team. they are organized. social media is so vast, so highly evolved. okay, come to 20th this and
5:03 am
raleigh at 10:15 and we'll do such and such. you can see they are just as organized as the police forces that are sworn to protect us. >> 70% of the people protesting are not even from north carolina. >> some of the protesters saying things that aren't nearly as positive as you would imagine. listen. >> trayvon martin, emmett till. these are the people we're fighting for. we can go on forever. these are people we're marching for, weem we're standing up for. don't be scared. don't be scared of the revolution. we got to shed a little blood, so be it. >> i think that fellow is a wanna-be. we have to go back to what's going on here.
5:04 am
you have two things happening. you have this gigantic epidemic of black-on-black violence and it is a serious problem also in the latino community, not quite as egregious. that creates a climate. so you bring in the cops. >> things are already tense. >> you bring the cops to those neighborhoods and the cops see the worst of us, in terms they see people being killed on a flying basis. they come to generalize about an entire class of meme and consider them a men as, young, black, thugs, quote unquote. they become a men as -- men nance and cops problem. now they are not just after someone for what they are doing. they are after someone for who they are. that's what leads to thousands of thousands of black deaths but you also have blue on black
5:05 am
violent encounters that lead to these tragic situations. >> why is this happening in 2016? was this a problem in 2000, in 1995 and 1990 and why is all of a sudden -- the stats don't read out this is an epidemic that's growing in america. why are we reacting like it is? >> i think that's a brilliant question and i think it exactly tracks with the evolution of social media. nowadays, you get to these situations and everyone of them is in communication with every other one of them. >> you are saying it's like a flash mob. >> it started socially and it has now been an occupy really evolved it and black lives matter picked up on it. it turns out to be the m.o. now what police are doing, the smart departments in these kind of situations, these monitor all these social media sites as soon as they found them because this is a kind of a more benign
5:06 am
version of the threat to us from terrorists. what are terrorists are as evolved? what if the schmuck from jersey, what if he had his cleegses, and they had social media, i blow mine on 23rd, you blow yours around the shore with the marines, they are racing, marathon, you do won at long island, airport. go,joe, go ahmad, go harry. this must be something we must be as evolved with as technically have prowess. >> are you in favor of stop and frisk? donald trump wants to bring it back and mayor giuliani is said it really worked. >> new york was the model. new york used stop and frisk. it caused a lot of friction, but it helped accelerate the down
5:07 am
grading. >> chicago has a modified version of it. i would suggest that donald trump is exactly right in a city like chicago where there is an emergency where someone is being killed, you know, 12 hours. you've got -- it's what every -- >> more than one a day. >> i think in that situation, if you have a group of people on the corner, the cops should have the right to go up, okay, what's going on? what's that bulge there? >> it's all about reasonable suspicion. if the guy is walking a beat, he can say it does look like the guy has something there. >> that's what you do. you are not going to stop and frisk the 73-year-old lady in the wheelchair, obviously, it's a deflection of resources. let's be practical about it. let's do what we have to do.
5:08 am
i know that stop and frisk by one federal judge in new york was found to be unconstitutional, but the nypd never appealed that verdict. >> because we switched mares. >> we got a hard left wing mayor who said i'm not appealing. i'm dropping it. you win. we should really have an appellate court litigate what is appropriate. there is no doubt that inner city violence is an emergency but not in every city. we know newark, new orleans, detroit, cleveland, baltimore, now chicago, we know the cities. i think that we have to be practical about it. i also think, however, that you cannot ignore the fact that hundreds of black men are being killed by cops. hillary is right in that regard. trump is right in the big picture. the climate is created. the answer lies somewhere in
5:09 am
between. >> when you look at what happened in north carolina, and the video, we don't know whether or not it's going to be released, but according to the police chief, the police chief is looking at the video, you can clearly see the guy is holding a gun outside the car, you can't tell whether he points the gun in the officer's direction. that's why the family has questions. >> one of the least favorite mares certainly on the curvy couch is rahm emanuel of chicago. best friends of president obama. almost lost his mayoralty because of the drve refusal of the release of the video of the shooting of the they finally released it. it shook the administration of chicago to its core. why not release this video? what is the logic of no releasing it? >> it's the body cam that they don't want to release it. >> because we're in the middle
5:10 am
of an investigation. i don't know how that can hurt the investigation. >> it doesn't matter. >> the family saw it. does that help? >> the family is suggesting that it be released, brian. i understand not releasing the names of g.i.s who get murdered or killed in action until their relatives are notified. i understand that. same with police action. the relatives in this case have seen the video. they have signed off on it. release the video. >> we're going to have the governor on the program. >> let's head it over to heather. first story coming out of oklahoma this morning, the female police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man in tulsa charged with first degree manslaughter. watch this. >> shots fired. that dashcam video sparking national out jaj, showing
5:11 am
terence crutch er with his hand in the air. officer shelby faces between four years and life in priv -- prink. the terror suspect ahmad rahami telling the feds i told you so. he just spoke to the associated press and he claims that he warned the fbi that his son had, quote, become bad. saying that he was showing interest in terror groups, including al qaeda. his dad telling the fbi about his son's fascination with jihadist videos as well. he remains in the hospital in critical acondition. >> is brad pitt a bad father? he's accused of getting into a fight of his 15-year-old son maddox on a private jet. he was drunk and out of control when he started screaming on at
5:12 am
children. someone on the plane called child protective services. he sparked national outrage for disrespecting our national anthem. he's now being celebrated on the cover of "time magazine." time calling him the obvious choice because his national anthem protest has gone so far. bobby knight doesn't think so. >> >> well, i think that were i the teammate, were i the coach, were i the owner in a situation like that, i would have gotten rid of the guy. that's a distraction. we don't need a distraction like that. our team has got to get together. we've got to have our team play and now we've got a terrible distraction, a tremendous distraction. >> what an interview that was. that was terrific. >> a lot of people agree with him. the first presidential debate is a couple of days away
5:13 am
and we just got our hands on brand-new polling, so who do they favor, the people that were polled, mr. trump or mrs. clinton. ed henry joins us in 90 seconds. forget getting hillary elected. president obama may have a bigger problem on his hands. her name, nancy pelosi. pelosi. ♪
5:14 am
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
yep, there's the countdown. 46 days from election day. the pressure is on hillary clinton. >> yep. another round of swing state polls showing donald trump closing the gap. >> somebody has been looking at them this morning. he had henry -- ed henry joins us live. >> donald trump is still surming -- surging and yesterday he had battleground like
5:18 am
pennsylvania all to himself as hillary clinton took another day off. trump deciding to go to philadelphia where he grabbed a cheese take at the world famous geno's, although everybody knows across the street, they might be a little bit better. her aides claim she's in debate prep mode. clinton took most of the month off for fundraising. look at quinnipiac in colorado, where clinton had a strong lead. she's barely ahead. 44% to 42%, something to watch is how libertarian gary johnson impacts this race. gets 10% in colorado. iowa as well. trump now with a strong edge. he's leading 44% to 37% in iowa. johnson at 10%. in virginia, clinton may be starting to lockdown a key state
5:19 am
for her, leading virginia 45% to 39%, johnson gets 8%. again, he's having a big impact. overall, trump says he feels momentum as tim kaine declared that could be stopped the republican is all sizzle and no steak in this debate. >> people are starting to get a little bit nervous. >> we'll see what happens. i think we're going to win this thing. i think people are tired of what's happening in this country. >> we'll see a performance that may well be entertaining but without a lot of here's how we're going to get there backing it up. >> democrats demanding policy details. it's a mistake to lock yourself in a cabin studying because you'll end up with lock jaw.
5:20 am
>> let's head back to the two old guys sitting there with ainsley. >> the other thing to bring up, do you know who is playing mike pence in the debate prep? >> who would that be? >> that is bob barnett. >> so he does it for every -- he plays every republican for a democrat. >> they are getting ready. the big show monday night. coming up, did you see this? >> why aren't i 50 points ahead you might ask? >> the judge will be here. i'm going to see who yells louder. >> the judge. >> this is normal $130, but this morning, you will pay $40. "fox & friends" exclusive megamorning deals.
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5:24 am
we've got some business headlines right now for this friday morning. a billion dollar deal creating the world's largest hotel chain. marriott shelling out $13 billion to buy starwood hotels. marriott has more than a million rooms around the world. in other news, nsa leaker edward snowden warning people to delete google's chat app and never use it. the whistle-blower says has the ability to record every message you ever send. do you want that? and yahoo confirming a massive hack, personal information stolen from half a
5:25 am
billion people, including my wife. people affected will be notified to change their passwords. we did that last night. brian, ainsley back to you. she showed us some amazing deals a short time ago now she's back for more. >> did the ratings went down when we sang? >> they went up. probably when we sang, yes. megamorning deals, we've got more to share with you on "fox & friends." >> go to the "fox & friends" website and look for the megamorning deals icon and you'll get all these savings. this is 18 karat white plated gold cubic sir cone i can't -- zirconia. retails for $130 but today $24. it's 82% off. beautiful jewelry. >> what if i want to clean it, i want to use some type of super -- >> for all your heirloom jewelry, you can put this in ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.
5:26 am
you put a little dish soap, water, put the top on, it shakes the residue and dirt right off. >> everybody loves a sparkly ring. towels. this is a six piece set. i love the pattern. it's a really pretty pattern. super soft. extra absorbent. they typically retail for $132 and today you get 62% off, 70% off. how about a great gift idea like candles. >> great for hostess gifts. they smell like lemon and barry. they come in this beautiful glass vessels. >> hair tools. >> they are all about ionic, that means they are lighter, faster, professional, and they are not heavy.
5:27 am
you can get some hair dryers or a three-piece set for a strainer, and a curling iron. >> how impressed are you guys? [ applause ] >> unbelievable. >> anybody need a hair dryer? >> you can find these deals on our website. >> yes, megamorning icon. click on it. shop away. >> hillary sits down for a hard-hitting interview. >> what's the best way to reach you? email. >> you've got mail. ♪ >> so her attempt at comedy help or hurt her with the millennial voters. and forget getting hillary elected. president obama might have a bigger problem on his hands.
5:28 am
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do you have any idea where we're going? >> yeah, i know where you are going. >> where are you going? >> we're going to beat your [ bleep ] if you don't leave me alone. >> i don't think anybody knows where they are going right now. i think they are marching all over town. >> well, it was believed there was going to be a curfew last night from midnight to 6:00 a.m. and judge jeanine pirro joins us right now. it turns out the curfew was not enforced. >> last night was more about protest than it was about riots, but what the police have done they have made a decision that we're going to try to be as low
5:32 am
key here as possible so it doesn't appear that there is this fight going on, that although it was horrific, what happened on wednesday night was horrific, i think all americans needed to take stock of the rioters. these were not protesters. they were rioters, they were people tearing the fabric of our community apart. they were an arcists. >> there were a lot of out of town agitators. >> it's the people in the community who suffered. the african-american community. the african-americans who were victims of their own crime of black-on-black crime and what they are doing is disrupting a society and disrupting the peaceful society that people want and they are creating their own narrative. >> judge, what are they protesting? in the beginning it was black lives matter, black people were
5:33 am
killed by white cops. here in charlotte, it was a black cop. >> a black person was shot. what they want to do is make trouble. they need this this narrative for the election. this is all about the election. black lives matter, this whole movement funded is it's all about the democratic election. giving the democrats some reason to join together and come out and the vote for the democratic party. it's why these illegals who were supposed to be deported were given citizenship. it's why there is this movement to get people to vote and sign up to be citizens. that's what's going on p right now. it's due to the election. >> what could be the reason why the body cam and dashcam video is not out? >> think about the facts. you've got the d.a.'s office. you've got the state bureau of investigation. you've got the doj, the fbi and internal affairs. that's five law enforcement organizations or agencies
5:34 am
looking at this team -- tape. there will be a grand jury investigation as sure as i'm sitting here right now. the one thing you don't want is get the evidence out so people to start tailoring the testimony to what they think they see in the video. the video will make it clear what's happened if some person comes out and says i saw this. the video doesn't show that. it's a truth-telling system where we can say who is telling the truth and who isn't. by the way, the law is clear, they passed a law saying october 1 you cannot get this without a court order. there's a reason for that. >> we're not up to october 1st. >> we're going to talk to the governor about that in a bit. you mentioned the election, hillary clinton not doing well with millennials. four way races, gary johnson has got 10% across the country. she's doing her best.
5:35 am
>> what happens if you become pregnant? are we stuck with tim kaine for nine months? >> i could send you some pamphlets. >> are you down with tpp? >> i'm not down with tpp. >> you are supposed to say yeah, you know me, like the hip-hop group. >> don't tell me what to say. >> any regrets over losing the scott baio vote. >> not a one. >> it wasn't heart breaking. >> no. >> but chachi, what's the best way to reach you? email. >> if looks could kill. >> this was timed so she could get. >> why is she? >> first of all, she's not up to the job, she doesn't have the stamina. what she's doing she's got these three days off to prepare for the debate and this was timed so this would get the attention it needed to get while donald trump
5:36 am
is out there meeting with people, tens of thousands at a clip and she figures she will get the attention through this. >> i think donald trump will be great on this however the producer came out and said that doesn't trump -- has too thin of a skin. >> he hasn't invited him. >> he hasn't invited him. thin skin, nobody would be able to mess my hair up. >> we should point out the thing between the two ferns was taped on the day it was announced, and i think the day she was diagnosed with pneumonia. >> she hasn't looked too good lately. she looks very low energy. it's almost a jeb bush going on with hillary. >> let's see how she looks on monday because she's going to be out in public that night. >> she will be fired up. she will have four days of vacation. >> we'll be watching you this weekend. >> on justice this weekend, i go to modeles, i went to find out
5:37 am
what people think about whether or not our candidates are in good health. >> go to go to moe's. >> we watch a lot of commercials. let's hand it over to heather with headlines. good morning. let's start out in washington, d.c. we're getting justice for victims of terror attacks and there is now a rare showdown between nancy pelosi and president obama. the house minority leader joining a bipartisan effort to override a pending presidential veto of a 9/11 bill that would allow victims' families of the 9/11 terror attacks to sue saudi arabia for its alleged involvement in planning the terror attacks. the president has until midnight to veto that bill. it would be the first congressional veto override ever for president obama. a big story. we'll follow that one throughout the day. here in new york, leaders around the world gathering at the u.n. in the city, but the
5:38 am
prime minister of israel says it is all a big joke. listen. >> ladies and gentlemen, the u.n. begun as a moral force has become a moral farce. >> wow. benjamin netanyahu criticizing the united nations for what he says a bias against israel. well, parents on edge this morning after an elementary school student tests positive for lep prosy. the school in southern california stressing other students are not in danger. neferl -- nevertheless, they are taking precautions, decan contaminating classrooms. the child who is infected is expected to be okay. and just two minutes away
5:39 am
from the hospital, a dad jumping into action when his daughter decides that she is ready to be born. >> oh, the baby is coming out. >> what is -- >> the babies coming, what do i do? the head is out. >> it's coming out. well, before he knew it, his daughter making her debut in the passenger seat of their suv on the side of the highway in texas. >> it's okay baby. it's okay. it's okay. it's okay, baby. it's okay, mom. it's okay. you're out. already. mommy, you're out. it's okay baby. yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> you are going a really good job. listen carefully and i'll tell you exactly what to do next. >> he sure did a good job. the proud dad joked we should name the name happy, healthy,
5:40 am
toyota. he was joking. her name is juliettea. >> it was a team effort. a third night of unrest from the streets of charlotte, north carolina, protesters ignoring the midnight curfew. what's being done about that, north carolina governor and former charlotte mayor pat mckrorry joining us next. >> he's turned his faith into grammy nominated music. ♪ >> i have that song downloaded. i love it. look who is in our green room. crowder has a brand-new album dropping this morning and he's here to perform. [ "on the road again," by willie nelson ] ♪ on the road again
5:41 am
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fox news alert as you wake up today. hundreds of demonstrator last night filled the streets of charlotte for yet another night of protests ignoring a midnight to 6:00 a.m. curfew and shutting down a highway. that one right there. chanting for the release of the dashcam and body cam footage of the shooting of keith scott. >> we want the tape! we want the tape! we want the tape! >> joining us now with the latest is the former mayor of charlotte and current north carolina governor mcmcrory. thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> is this tape going to be released to all of us. >> i'm so proud of the charlotte-mechanic len -- police department. i want to thank our national
5:45 am
guard and many of our community leaders who stopped confrontations between the guard and protesters. you have 300 protesters on national tv on three networks, total coverage, cameras everywhere, and i'm proud of the community and i'm proud of the state, the way we handled a national issue that just happens happens to be on camera. >> we definitely support law enforcement. what about the tape? will we able to see that soon? >> that is one dilemma. that is the constitutional rights of our police department. very strongly during an ongoing criminal investigation, that the police officer also has protection and protection of evidence and so a fair trial could be heard. so we're going through that process that's one reason we chgs the state law on october
5:46 am
1st which is to take the politics out of the release of videos and let a judge determine the balance between the communities right to know versus the constitutional protection of the criminal process. this is a criminal investigation. >> governor, have you seen the tape? >> no, i'm not going to watch the tape. we've got -- i'm going to let the criminal justice system do their job and keep the politics out of it as much as possible. >> the law enforcement did say, hey, he had a gun and this is what we did and i'm happy with what i saw, so they are weighing in. >> yeah. that's one reason i'm not going to weigh in. i'm going to let the judicial process proceed out of respect for the -- again, most of us would love for the tape to get out as soon as possible, but we do have to respect the constitutional process, especially of the police officer who is -- there is a criminal investigation right now. >> indeed. >> and we have to take that extremely seriously not just for this police officer, but also all police officers that go
5:47 am
through this process or we're going to lose their confidence also. >> governor, you mentioned politics, donald trump tweeted out, spoke with governor mccrory of north carolina he's doing a tremendous job under tough circumstances. what else did you all talk about? >> we actually talked about -- i've had very positive conversation with both donald trump and the president, both yesterday, and i explained the situation to both mr. trump and the president and explained the dynamics that are occurring. i told them both that we have some an arcists who don't have legitimate reason to protest. we have others who do have legitimate protests that need to be heard. i've also told him about the courage of our national guard and police officers. coming up, do you need a pick me up this morning, if so,
5:48 am
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♪ so lay down your heartache. >> his distinct sound has been heard everywhere, from church pews to the grabbed -- grand old
5:52 am
opry stage. his brand-new album called american prodigal is being released today. >> we were waiting for it to come out on itunes. >> you keep refreshing to see how many people kept buying it. >> i kept buying it. running those numbers up. >> you are so talented. how did you get your start and get the band together? >> everybody came. i don't even know these people. i found them earlier today. everybody has a different story of how they came to be part of this thing. i got my start. i went to baylor university. college kid there was part of a church started by a bunch of college students. being musically inclined. >> you are very grateful to be an american. >> i love it. i couldn't fall at a better time with all of our conversations, you know, being what they are
5:53 am
now. >> it's our pleasure to host you. you have something from our -- your new album called "run, delve -- run devil run. [ ♪ ♪ ♪ i got somethin'make the devil gonna run ♪ he been dancing still the break of dawn ♪ devil going try to take a shot at me ♪ ♪ he got none, but baby i got three ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ he trying to make a fool out of me. ♪ you all taking out my sanity
5:54 am
♪ he ain't nothing but a silver tongue ♪ i got something make the devil gonna run ♪ run devil, run devil, run delve run ♪ i got something make the devil going to run i got something to make the defvil go away ♪ i've been dancing all night and day holy ghost filled with fire ♪ filled with fire ♪ look out devil we got revival ♪ now people gonna move and say
5:55 am
holy roman murder scooen ♪ he ain't nog but a silver tongue ♪ i got something make the devil gonna run ♪ run devil, run devil. you bet your bottom dollar he's gonna be gone ♪ i got the king of kings and the lords of hosts ♪ i got angel army's and a holy ghost ♪ i got spirits here that are tied by fire ♪ i got valley of bones that came alive ♪ i got my jesus and the devil gonna run. >> i got somethin'make the devil
5:56 am
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6:00 am
credentials. we'll be out in hofstra to cover the debate. >> #brian thinks it's really special>> it's a home game. i'm allowed to think it. >> crowder is here. watch the after the show show. they will perform again. bill: a curfew and a large national guard presence on the streets of charlotte overnight. but tensions still at a boil. police are holding the line saying they will not release the video of the shooting of african-american scott until after the investigation. they are chanting "we want the tape." martha: keith scott's family, as


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