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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 23, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. no that will do it from now. see you back here in an hour. >> "outnumbered" starts now. harris: fox news alert. national focus on this. new developments in two high-profile deaths of black men at the hands of police. in north carolina many people ignoring a curfew in charlotte as the family of the man killed by police speaks out what they saw on videotape of that shooting n another racially-charged police shooting prosecutors in oklahoma have charge ad police officer with first degree manslaughter. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, sandra smith. co-host of "after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis. democratic strategist julie roginsky. today's #oneluckyguy, executive vice president of development and acquisitions for the trump organization, and son of
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presidential candidate, donald trump, welcome to eric trump. can we say you're outnumbered, my dear? >> no question, i'm outnumbered. very outnumbered. harris: are you ready? >> let's have some fun. thank you. harris: begin with the tense situation in charlotte as pressure mounts for police to reveal the video of the shooting death of keith lamont scott. >> the family in this case who speaks for the victim now say they want it released, so will you reconsider? >> ultimately that is a factor whether or not we release but ultimately right now i don't have any authority to do so. it is in the hands of the state bureau of investigation. they will do an independent investigation in there. and i tell you, looking at it from all angles i think that is probably the better option right now. harris: all right. so you saw people gathered in the streets. some of them screaming we want the tape. you heard the discussion that
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they were talking about with that, eric. we'll go to our reporter rick leventhal and bring it out to the couch. rick? reporter: harris, significant updates on this story thanks to news conference just wrapped up minutes ago with the mayor and the police chief who confirmed that the midnight cure -- curfew will remain in effect and national guard and state troopers will likely stay on doing a lot of assistance in protecting businesses and property as they did successfully overnight last night. we learned there was an arrest. at 7:00 this morning of the suspect in the murder of justin carr who was shot and killed during the violent protests in the streets last night. chief said surveillance cameras helped identify the suggest speck and i.d. arrests who were arrested for smashing doors and windows and other crimes against property during looting and rioting tuesday and wednesday. things were calmer last night. also late yesterday, the family
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of keith scott was allowed to view the police body cam after he was shot and killed by a charlotte police officer which sparked the violent protests. despite calls by demonstrators and scott's family the footage is not being released to the public anytime soon. >> one piece of evidence will never ever make a good case. i know the expectation that video foodage can be the ot quite the case. there are a lot of other factors that have to support and corroborate even what you might visually see. reporter: scott's family says you simply can't tell from the video they say whether or not scott was armed. they say he was not acting in aggressive manner but the chief says scott was in fact carrying a gun and his shooting was in fact justified according to his reading of the evidence and watching video. last night, harris, much calmer here in downtown charlotte. there were still hundreds of people on the street.
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businesses have been affected. you see the hyatt hotel was still boarded up. a guy arrested for kicking in the doors. midnight curfew will affect other businesses a big concert tonight has been canceled. but the game sunday, panthers game against the vikings is still on sunday afternoon. harris: rick, before we let you go, i also caught from the chief's news conference a short while ago, chief putney, they had confirmation of people from outside the state and join on the streets and protest, that was part of the decision on the curfew from midnight to 6:00 a.m. rick leventhal reporting for us. thank you very much. as we come out, eric, i want to get your first initial thoughts what is playing out here. >> it is pain. it is really, really sad. this is great city in the country. i know charlotte very well. i spent tremendous amount time there. you see the police and they are amazing people. we got to know so many of them on the campaign trail.
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they work so hard. they do a great job 99.99% the time. you see a community at same time totally in hurt an distraught. they have something happened. you have to question, well do you release the video? do you release the video? there is rule of law and the way these things are investigated. at same time people want to know what actually happened, right? so it is really balancing act. there is no simple solution. release the video. how do you get testimony of witnesses without jading witness, right? do you not release it before? it is really a balancing act. people want this to stop. this is america and we're a country that loves each other and we want unity and peace in the nation. it is tough to watch honestly. that is a tough thing to watch. harris: that lack of transparency you're speaking of is complicated because there is investigation. it was interesting, melissa, when you watch the police chief yesterday, you know what, he had more questions than answers after watching video. it didn't look like he was pointing anything at anyone.
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it gets complicated there, even the family admits they have more questions. melissa: when you hear, one of the biggest problems every time i hear somebody talk about the video i can't picture what is happening in it. the way people talk about it is different what it shows, what it doesn't show. that is distressing makes you feel like showing it will ignite a lot of feelings but keeping it away is making things worse. i think clearly you talk about the testimony of other people and how it will influence it. that is for sure a question. but in the end more transparency is better than less. harris: that is what people in the streets are calling for. is everything we're learning, sandra, has a political side. the protests are huge issue in the campaign trail. donald trump is reaching out to black voters and at same time he is denouncing a narrative of racist policing taken hold in the wake of deadly officer-involved shootings of black men. he raised issue of reviving stop-and-frisk policies at least in chicago where we have seen an
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enormous amount of crime. in terms of shootings. at a rally in pennsylvania he slammed hillary clinton and said, she's at least partly to blame for unrest in cities like charlotte. watch. >> those peddling the narrative of cops as a racist force in our society, and this is a narrative that is supported with a nod by my opponent. you see what she is saying, it is not good, shared directly in the responsibility with the unrest that is after failing our country and hurting those who have really the very least. people that are having a hard time. harris: earlier in the day trump also appeared to blame drugs for the unrest as well as president obama's policies. and while she was absent again from the campaign trail, twice this week, that happened yesterday, clinton on wednesday seemed to try to appease two sides in the fray. >> we have two more names to add to a list of african-americans killed by police officers in
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these encounters. it's unbearable. and it needs to become intolerable. every day police officers across our country are serving with extraordinary courage, honor and skill. we are safer when communities respect the police and police respect the communities. harris: oh, the perils of political dancing. sandra: it is quite clear by watching both candidates response this has affected this campaign and it has brought up extremely important points and issues that this country continues to face. but as i was watching that i thought it was so neat to watch you, eric, watching your father, you're probably doing a whole lot of that these day, that being said, do you talk to him? we saw shootings happen. we continue to see unrest in charlotte, how much do you talk to your father about that and get his ideas on that? >> we speak a lot. reality there are 1.2 million law enforcement officers in this country and every day they do a great, great job for citizens in the nation. there is no question about it.
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there is not a day cop taking fallen law enforcement officer's child to school because their mother was killed in shooting by some criminal. they do amazing things. they are amazing people. they do so much charitable work. they keep law and order in the society. once in a while you have a bad apple. nobody can acknowledge that happens. there is mistake that happens. no one can acknowledge that doesn't happen. by and large take amazing people. if you take wall street and put them in blue uniforms the problem would be substantially worse. they are really good people. i think my father's point you have to support law he enforcement. we have to support law enforcement of the at same time hillary has been totally absent from so many of these communities. my father is going to center city of detroit speaking to african-american community. so many communities have been totally left behind. i'm not just saying republican versus democrat here. i'm saying by past administration for 30, 50, 100 years. these communities have been
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totally left behind n certain cities you have african-american youth who are unemployed. why you have to walk through three metal detectors to walk into schools. very sad thing. >> you raise an interesting point but let me read a quote your father's running mate gave a few days ago. this is mike pence the vice-presidential candidate. trump through and i believe there has been far too much talk of institutional bias and racism in law enforcement. does your father really believe that? i will give you statistic. fox analyzed fbi date from 2012. 31% of police killings were black people that comprised 13% of population. you're a data guy is there too much talk of institutional racism and bias? unarmed man, police officer charged with manslaughter as a result of that shooting? after that and after the data i described to you, really can you stand here and say -- >> i'm not a data guy as it pertains to shootings. >> this is data i'm reading to. >> that's not what i do.
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>> do you stand -- >> you see one shooting in oklahoma. there was nothing good in oklahoma. look like the officer choked or something. who knows what happened. that didn't look like a good shooting i don't think anybody is saying that is good shooting, why the person is obviously charged with that. the point being made all too often the first line narrative, used against my father for months and months, you say anything, you're not in african-american community an you're racist for not being in the african-american community. you go in and give a speech in a african-american church in detroit all of sudden you're pandering. now you're racist. and i think all too often what frustrates me as civilian is you're damned in you do, damned if you don't. narrative coming from one way, coming toward republicans you're filled with rage and filled with hate and filled with bigotry and that is simply not the case. >> are we talking about it too much as mike pence suggests? are we discussing issue too much? >> i think accusation is throwing toward one side way too often.
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that is really sad. we're people. we're americans, first and foremost, we have a great country. we have great communities. we have great schools. we should have great wealth. we should have great jobs. >> we're not disagreeing. >> that is my father's message. put all communities first and not leave certain sections of the communities behind. harris: i would step in with something people can agree upon, it is something that you said earlier about the economics of the situation. and that the color is actually green not brown, not black, not white. not even blue. it is green. the economics of it all. the men in blue, obviously men and women in blue who are that color often tasked to deal with issues of poverty like no one else in our communities. one by one we have to look at these cases though. one in oklahoma is very different from the one in ferguson, very different from the one in trayvon martin case. very different from the one in charlotte we saw. to collect facts and make decisions along the way is important. >> i think responsible decisions. responsible decisions. i think people should have the
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right to protest if something is bad and there is injustice that was done. i think where i draw the line personally, i'm not a politician but where i draw the line, when you see violence and windows broken. chaos in the street. harris: that is lawlessness. >> talking about it is good thing the it raises awareness. i don't like people think we shouldn't talk about this anymore. harris: we'll move on. stunning twist in hillary clinton he email investigation. fox news confirmed that the fbi granted immunity to clinton's top aide cheryl mills and two other staff members in addition to the three we already knew about. hmmm. raising more questions how do you really prosecute when everybody has been given immunity? i want to know that. plus the stakes are high. just three days from the first presidential debate the gender factor in the showdown. is there one? some people say donald trump has to walk a fine line how he goes after a female candidate but she says she wants equality.
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sandra: fox news alert for you. fox news confirming that hillary clinton's former chief of staff, cheryl mills, and two other
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staff members were granted immunity in exchange for their cooperation in the now-closed fbi investigation into clinton's use of a private email server as secretary of state. house oversight committee chairman jason chaffetz telling the associated press, quote, no wonder they couldn't prosecute a case. they were handing out immunity deals like candy. these three cases of immunity are in addition to the two others we already knew about, including the i.t. guy who set up home-brewed servers. unbelievable story that continues to make news. eric trump on the couch with us right now. your take on this story as we continue to learn more about it? >> i think why my generation lost faith in politicians until quite frankly now. it is so disturbing, right? when you're lying to the department of justice. you're lying to congress. you're lying to the fbi. when you lie to the american people. you lie under oath. nothing happens about it. you have secret meetings with loretta lynch and bill clinton in planes on random runways in the middle of nowhere, people
9:19 am
are not showing up in front of congress to testify. then all pleading fifth. harris: bryan pagliano. >> you're sitting there, saying this is circus. this is a joke. this isn't america. and i mean it has to cross lines. at some point we have to be partisan enough in this country we say, this is evasion of justice. this is, this is bad stuff. this is really bad stuff. she was secretary of state. she deleted 15,000 emails after congress said you're not allowed to delete emails. preserve emails. i don't know, i look at my generation i'm kind of right on border being millenial but there is no one in my generation wants to go into politics. no one i know. this is the reason why. this is the reason why. we have so little faith in our politicians and again this is the reason why. harris: i'm curious behind the scenes with the campaign, obviously the whole country said one way or the other, if email scandal matters to them but the trustworthiness factor has been an issue. i'm curious behind the scenes something talked about. is it email server.
9:20 am
how exactly are you categorizing the news? >> it is everything. server within a bathroom in somebody's home. this is secretary of state. this is real stuff. this isn't, this isn't like a little petty position. this is real stuff. sandra: to get perspective on this, i want to get julie in here. our own james rosen, reporting, that we can't confirm this, that loretta lynch and james comey are first federal investigators to confirm immunity on chief of staff of major politician and not prosecute the said politician. >> i find that interesting that the reason give immunity to somebody to give you honest and truthful testimony and if they still after providing immunity to her staff and chief of staff had nothing, enough on her in their opinion to charge her, maybe there ain't a lot there. that is something that jason chaffetz, who sat on this very couch and very spot, eric, would take jim comey's word for it on "outnumbered." when jim comey didn't give him the result, turned around started trashing same jim comey
9:21 am
he was praising before as honest up right law enforcement officer. jason chaffetz knows as everybody does, if you provide immunity for exchange for truthful testimony, and they still aren't helpful to your case, if ain't much a case. melissa: i was surprised you are commanded by congress and there is no recourse and told not to destroy emails and there is no recourse for that? how is there no teeth? harris: pagliano they offered in lieu of going before congress, maybe this was get around or maybe not, in answer to your question, they offered him a private session, right? so he had the choice to go to the hill or the private session. the qu session happened? i want to say this to you, eric, this is from our judge napolitano who is one of our fox news contributors, legal analyst. a genius in some ways i would think. only a federal judge can sign an order of immunity at doj's request. only for the purpose of compelling testimony to a
9:22 am
grand jury or a trial jury. neither of which existed in this case. >> we're getting too micro in my opinion. look at macro. i had one cell phone. no, i had four cell phones. i wanted to carry one around because of convenience. no i wanted to carrefour. i didn't delete any emails. i didn't delete any top secret e-mails. they weren't marked classified. every turn of this whole tinge there was lie. forget about the legal minutia and legal garbage. reality you put the clips up there. put what comey said up there, incredibly careless, totally reckless. sandra: lied, lied. >> this is bad stuff. forget about the nonsense. it is bad stuff. sandra: by the way going back to your comment, julie, jason chaffetz taking james comey at his word, there is stuff we're learning now about the investigation that jason chaffetz doesn't know then. >> he didn't qualify. that is my point. cheryl mills was granted immunity and still didn't have enough to charge hillary clinton in jim comey's opinion.
9:23 am
had cheryl mills not gotten independent mount she may not have been forthcoming. assumption for immunity you get exchange for truthful an honest testimony. there wasn't enough to charge. that i think is my point. sandra: so much developing there. high secs showdown with the first presidential debate only three day as way i. harris is popping her popcorn. should donald trump be careful walking into the political mind field of sexism? up next how gender could play a role on monday night. plus, hillary clinton feeling the cold shoulder from millenials as trump trounces her when it comes to social media followers. is this a sign of a wider enthusiasm gap in this race? harris: parmesan on the popcorn. when my doctor told me i have
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♪ sandra: we are just three days now, can you believe it, until the first presidential debate? donald trump and hillary clinton both off the trail today preparing for the debate, as some experts warn trump can't risk seeming to agrees sieve during the debate in light how gender could play a role. former new york senate candidate rick lazio is one of those people offering his advice. you may remember he stepped toward clinton and wagged his finger during their debate in 2000? the narrative, that lazio violated her personal space. an intimidate ad female candidate. and he is now warning trump, to
9:29 am
quote, be aware, there are two debates, the actual debate, then the debate afterwards, the spin. the second is the more important of the two. julie is nodding her head. trump for his part not revealing his gameplan but here is what he told bill o'reilly later this week. >> people want to see if you, donald trump, are going to take hillary clinton apart in a very personal way. are you? >> i have absolutely no idea. i think this. if she treats me with respect, i will treat her with respect. it really depends. people ask me that question, oh, you're going out there and do this and do that. i don't really know that you have to feel it out when you're outthere. she has to treat me with respect and i will treat her with respect. i would start off saying that because that will be my intention. sandra: three days away, eric trump, what is your advice to your father heading into the debate? >> exactly that. you have to feel it out. i love how people try to script the debate three weeks before it.
9:30 am
it doesn't work like that in the real world. here is reality, my father has to be my father. not politician. larger than life. great personality. charismatic guy. you know hillary for who she is. i'm not saying that with disrespect. hillary has been politician longer than i have been alive. she memorized every single sound bite. that is what you hear on that side of the stage. sandra: have you helped him prepare at all. >> he speaks from the heart. the fact he is not politically correct why he is here. people are sick of usual washington nonsense. that is why he started movement that he started. sandra: harris offering her help. >> i was? sandra: she would be happy to step in. we did have that conversation. interesting when you talk about hillary clinton. she is career politician, tim kaine was sitting down with katie couric and said he is worried that expectations had been set unfairly high for hillary clinton. listen to this.
9:31 am
>> i think maybe we're coming into a place where both, you know, both candidates ought to be really challenged and challenged the same way but donald has been able to get away with things hillary couldn't and frankly nobody could. nobody, could get away with not releasing their tax returns in a presidential race. sandra: oh please. melissa: this is the narrative now. oh, the bar has been set so low now for donald trump. he doesn't have to do anything and going to come out and win and everybody is expecting so much from hillary clinton. frankly i think gender thing does play a big role. i think he does need to be careful. may be uncomfortable when you saw it in that last debate, her being approached there on the screen. i don't think that is a good idea. i think unfortunately he has to be careful. he can look like a bully especially going after a woman. it is not fair, it is not right but that is the perception. harris: two things, one, "fox news" polling this week
9:32 am
found only six% of survey respondents even cared about the tax returns. almost as few cared about her health. which is interesting, in the media, across the board we're even guilty of it. we spent a lot of time on at least one of those subjects. now as it turns out they care more about other things. "deplorables" maybe a little bit. so, we can't really guess what matters to them. sandra: go back to gender and debate though, julie, do you think hillary clinton in her prep right now, her team, are they going to look to make donald trump look sexist on that stage? >> i think they're going to look, this is not inside information, so don't read anything into this i think they will try to pass the commander-in-chief test. which one is the person you want to be your commander-in-chief. what they will try to do potentially unnerve your father to make him go off as he had in previous debates. you will concede he wasn't always diplomatic in some debates. the result they will make him seem as undiplomatic as
9:33 am
possible. sandra: bait him. >> saying this is not the somebody with temperament to be next commander-in-chief. this is supposition. i have no information. rick lazio raised such an excellent point. i remember watching debate in 2000, when that happened on stage i had no reaction. i thought it was silly gimmick. harris: spin room did. >> next day the world exploded it became a huge sexist issue. i didn't see that way. that is the narrative we remember -- melissa: made me uncomfortable. >> we had totally different reaction. harris: question for you, do you think also hillary clinton needs to be a little careful being too much the victim because of strong women around your father, kellyanne conway, your sister ivanka? >> i don't think so. i think you're 100% right. i wish it didn't play into it. running for commander-in-chief in the united states. i which are we would answer questions. i was put off by criticism matt lauer got.
9:34 am
hillary clinton hadn't had a press conference in 275 days. going out on commander-in-chief town hall first time she addressed email scandal, charity scandal, some other scandals. matt lauer he bullied me. he asked three questions about e-mails and considered a quote, unquote bully. whole narrative from leftist media he was bullying. i don't like that. what you're trying to do is set the expectation. i hate this, how are you going to react because you have a male and you have a female on the stage? you wish that didn't come into this. what i would love to see, i would love to see them actually talk about the topics right? look at what was polled, highest in your poll. syria. iraq, libya, right. 35% of the people said that was number one issue. we spent $6 trillion making a total mess of the middle east. we lost thousands an thousands of troops. this was all under her watch. her state department lost $6 billion. just vanished in midair. sandra: you will be there for the big debate? whole family. >> we'll be there.
9:35 am
eating popcorn with harris. harris: parmesan, baby. >> hillary clinton trying hard, really hard to get more love from younger voters, even submitting to some pretty biting satire. in a "funny or die" skit what can she do to woo as many millenials as president obama did as a candidate? [ "on the road again," by willie nelson ] ♪ on the road again [ rear alert sounds ] [ music stops ] ♪ just can't wait to get on the road again ♪ [ front assist sounds ] [ music stops ]
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♪ melissa: hillary clinton having tough time firing up support for millenials, those voters unage of 25 who overwhelmingly supported president obama. she is now stepping up her efforts, appearing on the web comedy, "between two ferns." clinton took shots at donald trump and also submitted to some mockery from the host. watch this. >> what happens if you become pregnant? are tim kaine for nine months? how does this work? >> i could send you some
9:40 am
pamphlets that might help you understand. >> are you down with tpp? >> i'm not down with tpp. >> no you're supposed to he say, yeah, you know me. like the hip-hop group. >> don't tell me what to say. >> any regrets losing the scott baio vote. >> not a one. >> it wasn't heart breaking? >> no. >> yeah but chachi. what is the best way to reach you? email? melissa: i don't even know what to make of that. donald trump gaining big edges on social media despite the clinton campaign's web team. trump has nearly 12 million followers on twitter compared to clinton's nearly nine million. on facebook, trump has 11 million likes compared to clinton's six million plus. millenials are 35 and under. i need glasses to read the prompter i hear. harris: what did you say? the. melissa: i think i said 25. how much weight do you put in all social media? we're all over it.
9:41 am
we're looking at it. sometimes i wonder if we -- harris: text toe each other on the couch. melissa: how much weight? >> a lot of millenials don't have house phone. melissa: we don't either. >> they don't have a tv. most of their stuff comes off youtube and programing. it is very different. what is relatable about hillary clinton to millenials. she has been a politician longer than all of them have been alive. melissa: what is relatable about your dads to millenials? >> he is guy has been entrepreneurial guy. built an amazing company. epet epitome of american dream. gone from nothing. >> nothing? he got a million bucks? >> listen he built unbelievable empire. he epitomized what america is all about. opportunity and working hard and being able to achieve your dreams and what you want to succeed, right? no different than zuckerberg, went out with great idea like facebook and developed this idea and built it and grew it and grew it. that is achieving something, right?
9:42 am
i think it is very different than a person who has been career politician n all fairness i don't think millenials relate to policy very well because they haven't lived their lives long enough to understand so many issues that influence, i mean in broad stroke of issues, right? they obviously understand a lot of issues as it pertains to them. student debt, this and that. i think taxes and things might be a little less significant than other issues. i think there is disconnect between somebody who is constantly talking about policy and this and that and then man who built a great company. >> -- over substance. melissa: not true at all. millenials care a lot about the economy. something you and eric, your father talk a lot about. millenials are not necessarily, 16, 17, 18 years old. some are younger, 19 and 20. they are early 30s and buying homes or buying cars. harris: trying to. sandra: having children. particularly many are looking
9:43 am
for work and saddled in college debt. don't rule out economy as number one. that being said don't rule out your presence on social media. your sister's presence. your brother's presence. with just your team, you have a reachable over 30 million on social media. that has got to be doing something. >> we're humans. we're humans that are speaking to that social media platform, right? hillary has 100 people who work on her social media team. he has myself. i got myself. tweeting as i was walking into the room. that is very, very relevant. look at 100%, right. difference between a robot speaking and a person speaking right? i think that is very, very transparent. if you have to put h after a tweet you're not really communicating. harris: i want to touch on the human factor you're talking about. it is authenticity. i watch "between two ferns." i am a fan of zach. he didn't have a lot to work with. if you watch on regular basis,
9:44 am
depends on person having the line. that is not what you were supposed to say. depends people being hip enough to understand the context of the humor. so he just simply was lacking in that. even though we edited it, much of it looked like that. she did not look comfortable. melissa: i think she was prepped for a lot of it. some jokes were funny. i don't think she came up with it. julie: thing about social media is relative, i'm not a supporter of your father i follow him on social media he says incendiary things. she doesn't. whether that translates into president. sandra: you don't follow president obama? julie: i don't. melissa: president obama wielding his veto pen setting up showdown over a bill allowing 9/11 victims families to sue saudi arabia. what is means for the president's legacy and the battle for the white house. you .
9:45 am
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harris: we're in the happy place in "outnumbered." my other happy place is hanging out with jenna lee. >> i know the happy place on a friday ten minutes away from the show being over. just kidding. next hour during news conference in charlotte we learned from the
9:49 am
police chief there is at least one video from a body camera, one from a dashboard camera from deadly shooting sparked so many protest this is week. the police chief says decision to release any tapes is out of his hands. the key demand by protesters. legal panel will take closer look at that fox news learned hillary clinton aides cheryl mills and two others given exchange for their testimony in the now closed investigation into hillary clinton's use after private email server. more on this developing story as we get it. that is breaking. plus both candidates are off the campaign trail somewhat as they prepare for the first presidential debate. you guys have been talking about, ed rollins and joe trippi what each candidate needs to do and expectations game. that is coming up at top of the hour. harris: happy friday, my friend. sandra: will he or won't he that is the question as president obama has until midnight to veto legislation allowing families of 9/11 victims to sue saudi arabia over its alleged ties to the
9:50 am
terrorists who carried out the attacks but attorney representing the families says he is confident congress will do the right thing. >> well the 9/11 families are incredibly distressed that he would veto this. and by the way, all of these arguments put forth by the judge and his colleagues, put forth by the administration, put forth by the kingdom of saudi arabia, these are arguments that have been put out there for six 1/2 years, i am absolutely confident it will be overridden overwhelmingly. sandra: meantime former attorney general michael mukasey says a congressional override sets a dangerous precedent as the u.s. has so many officials in military overseas and this could set up our government for retaliation. where do you see this going, eric trump? >> i take very different approach. i take emotional approach to this one. we all lost friends in 9/11. one of my best friend's brothers
9:51 am
died in 9/11. we remember scenes of people jumping out of windows and buildings coming down. reality, 15 of 19 terrorist hijackers that day were from saudi arabia this is not a secret to anybody. we have a lot of people who are still grieving and mourning and it is very, very tough. i don't know. i don't have much empathy i think for saudi personally, because of that, because it is emotional to all of us in the city who saw this first-hand. it's a tough thing. harris: is this a big gamble for president obama, final months much his term? julie: i don't think it's a big gamble. we talked on the couch i'm incredibly critical of following. still pages that are redacted from public view of what saudi arabia ace role was in 9/11. that is unconscionable for all reasons eric just cited. people lost their loved ones. country suffered as a whole. we deserve to know what our ally, i put that in quotations,
9:52 am
and officially what their role may or may not have been. after i learn the truth i can determine whether it is appropriate for anybody to sue saudi arabia. i would love the people wanting to bring lawsuit to have all facts before them, and make a informed decision whether there is basis to sue. we're all entitled to know what the saudi role was. it has been 15 years. it is time. harris: with regard to the emotional side i read about both of these, i see where you're coming from. so the question becomes, why not let this go forth, let this bill pass to see where we get. everybody else, all around the world will sue us for drones and everything else. maybe not. is it worth because of what those families have been through, taking that chance? i don't know, what do you think? >> i agree with you. i think that is why you have a rule of law. nonsense, nothing there, it won't go anywhere. if there is something there, families deserve justice for what happened. quite frankly. i would want to know at that point why we cover it up if there was something there and i
9:53 am
would want to know what actually happened. i think very, very much -- melissa: whole couch agreed on something. >> thank you, julie. there we go. julie: all good. sandra: coming up our #oneluckyguy, eric trump gives us inside look from memorable moments from the campaign. road trip, anyone? melissa: i love it. you're not a cook, if you don't cook. you're not a firefighter, if you don't fight fires. or a coach, if you don't coach. and you can't be our leader, if you don't lead. our next president needs to take action on social security, or future generations could lose up to $10,000 a year.
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harris: zoo much has happened since donald trump launched his presidential campaign that is putting it lightly. #oneluckyguy is eric trump. he is here to give us behind-the-scenes look. this is trump greeting people at geno's steaks in philadelphia. give us backstory. >> that was yesterday. we were in philadelphia. were in pittsburgh and went to philadelphia. we like to eat. it was a great time. one of the pies behind the counter had make america great sticker on thermos. puts it up on the window. we had a lot of supporters. melissa: did you eaten tire cheese sub? >> of course i ate the whole thing. harris: what is your dad's menu favorite? >> he loves cheeseburgers. harris: oh, my gosh. that is so funny. >> hard to beat good american cheeseburger. harris: this next picture involves fox report and yours truly. this was the most tweeted thing i have ever been involved in. i thought i had done something like wrong. i didn't know what it was. because i didn't get to read it. look at your phone.
9:58 am
>> that was you interviewing my wife. you were amazing. that was me watching the interview in a restaurant. literally somebody took a picture from over my shoulder. harris: oh. >> it was a great little moment. proud of her and you guys were awesome together. harris: i thought it was gymnastics move selfie. >> who are two people on the tv. harris: now we know. check out this next picture of eric waiting for his dad to accept the republican nomination at the rnc. what is going on? >> that is one of the great moments probably of my life. i remember when donnie and ivanka through him over the top. he got the nomination. tiffany was there. that was amazing. when he came out to accept the nomination that was great thursday night. the place was going crazy. it was amazing. ivanka had just spoken. amazing night. i will never forget. julie: that might be incredible feeling partisanship aside, your father accepting major party nomination.
9:59 am
surreal, right? >> this is new territory for us. sandra: now that you have had a stint in politics, do you like it? [laughter] >> you know i think it is amazing. i've become a believer in a message. i don't think i had as much of that as before. i think i was much more cynical. maybe i am much more cynical. sandra: you look like you're loving it. >> i believe in my message. my father is amazing man. he will do a great job. no harder worker. i'm proud to stand by his side. sandra: could you see yourself doing it. >> no. i retire from politics on november 8th of midnight. melissa: exhausting as it looks? we'll be out there and doing something at home over weekend. you guys are still out there? i don't know how you do it? >> he has more energy frankly than any of us. i joke he is the energizer bunny. he does not stop goes and goes. melissa: caffeine or what is it? >> just his own internal energy. that is the man i know from the work side. he will do three, four rally as
10:00 am
day, in front of 15,000 people. harris: that's a lot. >> there is no resting. he is a machine. he is always on. you want that level of energy. sandra: you were on outnumbered today. >> did i do okay? sandra: you were great. >> i will see you at the debate. harris: have a wonderful weekend, everybody. thank you, eric. "happening now" now.


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