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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 23, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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was a different kind of bare. >> see you tomorrow night 5:00 p.m. eastern for a special edition of the 5:00. don't miss that debate preview. you don't want to miss that. "special report" is up next. ♪ ♪ this is a fox news alert. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. we have several breaking stories tonight, including a long awaited endorsement for donald trump by an opponent who chose not to do so at the republican convention. president obama follows through on his threat to veto the 9/11 bill, setting him up for a high stakes showdown with congress. the hillary clinton email investigation is back in the news tonight, as we learn five people, including clinton's former chief of staff were granted immunity in that case. and just moments ago, the fbi released 200 pages of interview summaries from the clinton email investigation and the late friday evening document dump. and in north carolina, the wife of a black man shot to death by police in charlotte is providing us with a first
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look at the video of his death. but we begin tonight with chief political correspondent carl cameron and a surprising endorsement from trump's former rival, senator ted cruz. carl. >> hi, bret. this really came together and has been in the works for at least the last two weeks senator ted cruz met with the republican running mate mike pence in d.c. on the 13th of 24 month. he discussed at that time how he publicly say he would keep his pledge to support the republican nominee. cruz actually specifically asked that senator mike lee of utah be added to trump's list of potential supreme court picks. cruz's refusal to endorse trump at the prime time debate -- excuse me, at the convention in cleveland a couple months ago was something of a fiasco. and cruz said then it was because trump had insulted his wife and father. cruz came around today hagel lee's inclusion on trump's release of a finalist of potential supreme court
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picks. 21 approved by the heritage foundation and federalist society. cruz wrote today on facebook that quote, six key policy differences informed my decision. first and most important the supreme court. anyone concerned about free speech, religious rights. trump issued a statement today saying quote: i'm greatly honored by the endorsement of senator cruz. we fought the battle he was tough and brilliant opponent. i look forward to working for him for many years in order to make america great again. cruz made his decision because he sees the last thing standing between hillary clinton and the white house though he did not use the word endorse. he said he would vote for mr. trump both trump and cruz to say that's exactly what it was. bret? >> carl cameron outside trump tower. carl, stand by if you would. we will talk debate in just a minute. now to north carolina where the wife of the black man shot by police has released video. she recorded the day her
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husband died. the video comes out as charlotte police continue to refuse to release dash and body cam video of the shooting death of keith scott. senior correspondent rick leventhal is in charlotte tonight with what we are learning from this eyewitness video and the fallout in the community. good evening, rick. >> good evening, bret. the video is disturbing and leaves many questions unanswered. you never see a weapon. but you hear charlotte police telling keith scott repeatedly to drop his gun and then multiple shots are fired. >> don't shoot him. he has no weapon. >> this video recorded by the wife of keith lamont scott captured desperate pleas though to not shoot. >> keith, don't you do it. >> after repeated warnings to officers to drop the gun, multiple shots are fired. the shooting sparked a third night of demonstrations in uptown charlotte but this time there was no blatant looting or vandalism in part because of additional security provided by hundreds of national army
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guard troops and state police called in after the governor donated a state of emergency. tear gas was deployed after one group shut down i-77. >> there are some businesses that have made decisions not to operated on their normal hours. if folks are attending an event or going to a business, they should check beforehand dozens were arrested during violent riots tuesday and wednesday. one man was shot and killed reportedly by a fellow protester. arrested a suspect in that murder. ♪ chanting] >> thursday night marchers called for the release of police body cam and dash cam video of scott's death. african-american man killed by a black officer. it was shown to family members late yesterday. after their viewing their attorney released a statement saying while police did give him several commands, he did not adepressively approach them or raise his hands at
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members of law enforcement at any time. it is impossible to discern from the video what, if anything, mr. scott is holding in his hands. when he was shot and killed, the family says, mr. scott's hands were by his side and he was slowly walking backwards. the police chief says any decision to release the footage is now in the hands of the state proulx of investigation. and it does not tell the whole story. >> one piece of evidence will never ever make a good case. i know the expectation that video footage can be the panacea and i can tell you that is not quite the case. >> this evening, local media citing police sources report a gun found at the scene was loaded with scott's d.n.a., blood, and fingerprints on it. tonight, authorities brace for yet more protests, meanwhile, businesses have closed and events and concerts have been cancelled. the economic fallout from the impact of this shooting continues to climb. bret? >> rick leventhal live in charlotte. rick, thank you. the fbi investigation to hillary clinton's private
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email set-up is now closed. but scrutiny around the arrangement is renewed tonight as we learn clinton's former chief of staff cheryl mills was given limited immunity in exchange for her cooperation in the now closed fbi investigation. the news that five key players, including clinton aides got this immunity is infuriating some on capitol hill. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us now with more. good evening, catherine. >> thank you, bret. reporters pressed the white house today on a number of deals and whether the president continues to have faith in the fbi and its investigation. >> the president has got a lot of confidence in the ability of senior officials at the fbi to make decisions based on their judgment, not on the politics. >> the republican chairman of the house government oversight committee is traveling and told fox by phone the fbi shared the documents this morning that show five people, including clinton's chief of staff, cheryl mills, got limited immunity deals from the
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justice department. mills got her deal in exchange for fbi access to her computer. >> i'm losing faith in a rapid pace in the fbi. i thought this was going to be a serious investigation. but the way they handed out immunity agreements, the fact that they let hillary clinton's chief of staff be also a witness, an immunity recipient and sit in on hillary clinton's interview is just shameful. >> the remaining deals went to clinton i.t. specialist brian pagliano who set up the server. clinton aid heather samuelson sorting through the government emails deciding what was government business and what could be destroyed. paul from platte river networks who used bleach lit technology to archive despite a preservation order and the state department's order silence subordinates citing concern about clinton's email practic a clenty statement accusing congressional republicans of
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overblowing the issue. it reads in part this kind of agreement is not at all unusual. in an inquiry such as. this and it came after these aids had already given four interviews to the investigators. a federal judge said today that the majority of emails recovered by the fbi investigation. several thousand pages won't be released until after the election, bret. >> and, catherine, it was five:00 on a friday. this is always a time to look at the email. because it's often a time for a document dump. and now the fbi has another one. >> that's right, bret. we have some the email documents right here. and today at 5:36 p.m., the fbi posted on their site nearly 300 pages of 302s that's the code the fbi uses for fbi summaries. i have looked through some of them low level individuals in the state department whose names redacted for privacy reasons. we have asked the fbi who authorized the release on a friday and who sanctioned the time of this release, bret, but would not go to the fbi's stated position that they want to be ultimately transparent in
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their findings. >> okay. we'll head back if you find anything. catherine, thank you. the candidates are off the campaign trail today perhaps focus on monday's preparing for three presidential debates. 90 minute showdown will be the first time hillary clinton and donald trump face each other on the same stage. it will focus, we're told, on three topics. pretty vegas though. america's direction. achieving prosperity and keeping america safe. we have fox team coverage tonight. correspondent jennifer griffin and bring back chief political correspondent carl cameron. they have more how they spent the day in a bit. we begin with doug mckel way with a look what the candidates are doing to prepare for this debate. good evening, doug. >> good evening, bret. with 100 million people expected to watch monday night's debate the debate would fall only 14 million viewers short of the highest rated super bowl in history. the anticipation fueled by the nation's first female nominee vs. a nonpolitician whose unpredictability is
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matched only by the restlessness of the voters who are seeking change. >> for both candidates monday night's debated is uncharted territory. the format calls for 90 minutes of one-on-one with no breaks in which to study, to powder up, or to rest. that's a challenge for each. >> he has never participated in a debated exactly like this. during the primaries, the fewest number of candidates that there were on any stage was four. they had as many as 10. most of the time. and so that ended up not being really a debate but a set of serial news conferences. >> i kind of liken it to a band that's a one-hit wonder. they have got one song that you know really well. you love that song. but then when you go to their concert, you want to find out if they have got any other music that you actually like. >> for the pneumonia recovering clinton, there is the threat of a coughing fit or of too much wonkiness. >> you can be trapped in the briefing book as i like to describe it? >> the more she emphasizes those qualities, the more she sounds like the status
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quo. this is not a year where the american people want to keep going down the same track. >> it's a liability her running mate has obliquely acknowledged. >> hillary clinton does not need to know one more fact. >> the two are preparing in ways that differ as much as their personalities, trump will be studying sunday at home with rnc chairman reince priebus. he has no sparring partner and is not telegraphing his strategy. >> if she comes out swinging he will not back down. if she is nice and respectful he can be incredibly charming as well. >> sit-in minimum nicking trump's different tile. clinton might be wise not to counter punch as senator marco rubio did during the g.o.p. primary. >> and you know what they say about men with small hands. >> that back fired, sealing rubio's fate. >> i think any other politician who tries to compete with name calling with donald trump is not going to have a very good experience. >> but aggression towards clinton poses its own risk. new york senate candidate republican rick lazio found out in 2000 when he stepped from behind the podium to wag his finger at clinton.
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it became the debate narrative and aggressive male intimidating a female candidate and helped clinton win the seat. >> blazio said he would advise trump there are actually two debates and then the spin afterwards. lazio thought he won that debate but neglected to room full of. hillary had a room full of them. >> thank you, we'll be there in hofstra, of course. let's turn now to what the candidates have been doing to prepare today. correspondent jennifer griffin is following the clinton campaign from chappaqua. why bring back. carl, let's start with you about trump's strategy debatewise. >> well, it's pretty small. it's pretty clever. the idea is answer questions with aspirations. what are his goals? what does he want to do with any particular policy issue. be upon. be presidential.
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be quick about it. pivot to the current state of affairs on whatever that issue is. and point out where the shortcomings are. and then pivot yet again and blame clinton. that's the strategy. he has to be president. presidential. he wants to make sure he defines her in the early parts of the district attorney bait when voters and viewers are most attentive. >> jennifer, what do you hear from clinton campaign on the press over there? >> well, there is an element of psychological warfare taking place, bret. we had a 25-minute conference call with the campaign today. and they rolled out what they have put together, which is 19 pages, they say, of donald trump's loys with fact checks attached. they are calling it the seven deadly loys of donald trump. and they are saying that they want the moderator, lester hospital to fact check him in realtime. they say what moderators did not do a clear reference to the matt lauer commander in chief forum they didn't fact check him. they say hillary clinton
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will be fact checking but they call on reporters to be fact-checking another part of that psychological warfare, we understand that billionaire mark cuban will be their guest sitting in the front row cheering clinton on or encouraging her. and, of course, is he a rival of donald trump. they are really looking for ways to get under his skin before the debate. >> jennifer, we don't know if mark cuban was the stand-in for the trump practice, do we? >> it is the best kept secret of this campaign since the vice presidential pick. they will not say hot person is who is standing in. we don't know if it was mark cuban. but we do know it was one person this were preparing hillary clinton for go different donald trumps. >> how much detail in policy do you think donald trump gets into? >> >> not very much. goals and priorities and try to avoid the details. he didn't do any of the mock-up rehearsals with a
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sparring partner. steady stream of advisors talking with him. he has been going over briefing books, watching old tapes of hillary's performances. this isn't going to be like the 17 doe baits he was in earlier in the year and they recognize that is he obviously looking for opportunities to let clinton's personality and what many critics say is kind of a weak campaigner and a lack of charisma come out while he shows that he is going to be strong and leader-like. >> it will be fascinating. karl and jennifer both. as expected today, president obama veto toed a bill that would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue saudi arabia. the white house says the decision was made by putting principles before politics. but, it's also setting up a showdown. a high stakes shedown between the administration and conscious. correspondent kevin corke is at the white house tonight with the latest here. good evening, kevin. >> good evening to you, bret. spot on. keep in mind congressional lawmakers, especially in the house who overwhelmingly approved it have made it
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clear they intend to contest. this and they have plans, at least right now, of making the first override, a first veto override of this president during the obama presidency. let me share just part of the statement that the president released this afternoon. as you pointed out, no surprise that he was going to reject jafta as you pointed out on principled grounds. essentially what the argument is that it would open up america and americans abroad, diplomats, service personnel, and others to potential frivolous lawsuits that might accuse the u.s. of taking part in terrorism. the statement reading in part this afternoon i have deep sympathy for the families of the victims of the terrorist attacks of september 11th who have suffered grievously. my administration, therefore, remains resolute in its commitment to assist these families in their pursuit of justice and do whatever we can to prevent another attack in the united states. ienacts jasta that's what it is in to law, however, would
3:17 pm
neither protect americans from terrorist attacks nor approve the effectiveness of our responses to such attacks. the jasta would be detrimental to u.s. national interest more broadly which is why i am returning it without my approval. one more nugget. i think this will be very important for the folks at home, bret. congressional lawmakers, even democrats, have been virtually unanimous in their support, at least publicly that jasta should go forward. give the families a chance to sue the saudi government. for example, if it's proven that that government was behind the attacks of september 11th. but, of course, the vote counting continues. even at this late hour. we will see if congressional lawmakers have the numbers to override this veto. bret? >> it had be fascinating if it comes together next week and whether the bill -- there is an attempt to change it in congress to somehow give the president some leeway here. but we will follow it all. kevin corke live on the north lawn. kevin, thank you. up next, evidence of an obama administration rush to
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give citizenship to immigrants that could be tied to the election. we first brought that you last night. we will tell you what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 11 in los angeles. where the nation's first full time park ranger is heading to washington. betty reed guides tours at the rosy the riveter at the home front national park. she turned 95 thursday. as one of her gifts she was given an early tour of the brand new smithsonian national museum of african-american american history and culture. we will give you a sneak peek at that in a bit. fox 23 in tulsa, oklahoma where an autopsy fined that the man shot and killed by a police officer last friday died of a gunshot wound to the chest. the medical examiner released terrence crutcher's autopsy results today. texascology results still pending. the officer who shot him betty shelby turned herself in this morning on first degree manslaughter charges and been released on $50,000
3:19 pm
bond. this is a live look at detroit from our affiliate fox 2 the big story there tonight, flags are at half be staff to honor the memory of detroit police sergeant ken steele. family members gathered today for the officers' funeral. he was shot in the shoulder while chasing a suspect last week and died unexpectedly of a blood close clot. the suspect is charged with first degree murder in that case. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. redid you say 97?97! yes. you know, that reminds me of geico's 97% customer satisfaction rating. 97%? helped by geico's fast and friendly claims service.
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another possibility that northeast bombing suspect slipped through the cracks of federal employees. ally rahami was questioned
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by customs 2014 upon his return to the u.s. 14 month trip to pack stance. customs sent that information onto the fbi. just months later. rahami's father would report him to the fbi saying he was a possible terrorist. speaking to the associated press, rahami's father said his son underwent a personality change after visiting afghanistan and pakistan. last week's bombings in new york and new jersey injured 31 people. rahami remains hospitalized. a story now we first brought to you last night an internal obama administration email shows immigration officials could literally be working overtime to swear in as many new citizens before november as possible. senior correspondent adam housley reports on whether the administration is trying to stack the votes this election season. department of homeland security something accused of election year immigration push that could create thousands of new voters. in a letter written by
3:24 pm
republican senators ron johnson of risk and chuck grassley of iowa addressed jay johnson the senators question u.s. citizenship and immigrations email sent to the houston field office encouraging staff to work overtime and weekends saying in part, quote: the field office due to the election year needs to process as many of their n 400 cases between now and 2016. on the campaign trail senator johnson says the maneuver is very suspicious. >> if they are starting to prioritize citizenship prior to an election, it tells you something. i think you can make certain assumptions. you know, other applications for other types of visas and the other things that ucis processes are going to be lower priority. >> retired ice agent arnold goes a bit further. >> new citizens tend to vote democrat. and, you know, that's the motivation for doing. this it's politically motivated. >> in response to the
3:25 pm
senator's letter, and inquiries from fox news summer. scis said anticipated a spike in applications this year as we usually see in an election year. but the increase in n-400 applications has exceeded expectations. us-cis has increased increased work loads and authorized overtime for many offices. this comes just days after the revelation that poor management of fingerprint records allowed hundreds of people to wrongfully obtain citizenship despite documented risk and detore station orders. >> it really does make you wonder what is a priority when i believe the priority should definitely be national and homeland security. >> grassley report this last happened in the re-election of bill clinton in 1996. back then a congressional investigation found more than 180,000 applications were approved without any fingerprint checks, 80,000 of those had criminal records. bret? >> adam, thank you. a computer hacker who
3:26 pm
essentially gave isis a hit list of government employees was sentenced to 20 years in prison today. a native of kosovost person convicted in the u.s. of both computer hacking and terrorism charges. he admitted to hacking a private company and pulling out the names of about 1300 people and dot min addresses. the islamic state published the names with a threat to attack. at today's sentencing the 20-year-old said he was sorry for what he did. syrian government forces continue to drop bombs on rebel-held districts in aleppo after an effort to salvage a u.s. and russian backed cease-fire has failed. residents and activists say the bombing has been unprecedented. targeting residential areas and civil defense centers. human rights group said at least 27 civilians, including three children were killed in about 30 raids over the past couple of days. 15 years after the 9/11 attacks, coalition forces
3:27 pm
are still on the hunt for al qaeda leaders that according to the top commanders in afghanistan. army general john nickel son also said today the taliban controls about 10% of the country's population. and at least another 25% is being contested by insurgents and of a gaggle forces. now back to the election. immigrants and retirees could be a big factor in november's election in the battleground state of florida. key battleground. right now the real clear politics average of polls shows trump with just about a tenth of a percentage point lead in the sunshine state. correspondent phil keating reports from florida tonight on the two voting groups that could decide who gets the state's 29 electoral votes in november. >> a show of happened, who is voting for donald trump? >> in battleground swing state florida. >> i'm voting for hillary. >> the stage is set for another tense election night. and in this tight race, two groups look to play a critical role. hispanic and white retirees. >> life in the villages.
3:28 pm
>> june penfold is one of the state's growing number of arrivals in florida's retirement community the villages. where trumped out golf carts spin through the main square. >> i'm voting for donald trump because i do believe that he can stop the terror in the united states. he can revitalized economy. he can make america great again. >> a vote for donald trump. >> i cannot vote for hillary clinton. >> trump's strength with florida's older white voters is being countered in central florida's i-4 corridor where jennifer just opened her latin cafe. >> i'm voting for hillary because i'm all about the woman power. i'm all about women doing changes and i believe that us women are very important and i know that she can be one of the presidents that will make changes. >> florida has seen a surge of nearly 300,000 hispanics in the past throw years. many of whom are puerto
3:29 pm
ricos. meet a national civic association said it has already registered nearly 30,000 voters this year. >> no matter how you slice it, florida gives a big advantage to whoever wins it. >> university of moim's joe offers this formula for victory. >> trump needs to go after older cubans. because that's where he is going to have a strong advantage over hillary clinton. hillary clinton is going to have to target non-cuban and younger cuban voters where she has an advantage. >> and voter turnout will be crucial. >> exactly how tight is florida? well, as a rule, extremely. in the past throw elections, that's two governor's races and the 2012 presidential race, the winner has won with just 1% of the votes all three times. bret? phil keating at the villages in florida. phil, thank you. i think that's america's friendliest hometown. the markets close the week in the red. the dow lost 131. the s&p 512.
3:30 pm
the nasdaq lost 34. for the week, each of the three parkts rose for the second straight week. the dow was up. 08 percentage points. the nasdaq and s&p went up 1.2%. the first museum dedicated to african-american history will officially open saturday in washington, d.c. and today, president obama welcomed the news. >> this is about people who for more than a century advocated and organized and raised funds and donated artifacts so that the story of the african-american experience could take its rightful place in our national memory. >> president obama is, of course, featured at the new smithsonian museum along with exhibits on slavery, the civil war, and pop culture. i got a chance to get a sneak peek last night and then i talked about the opening with the museum's associate director for curator yawl affairs dr. rex ellis.
3:31 pm
>> so this has been a long time coming. how long? >> 100 years. it began 1915 when civil war soldiers were just wondering what could take place that would be a memorial to the memory of the work and experiences of african-americans during the civil war. it started. it stopped. it started. it stopped. they created this document called the time has come. it was a document that was -- impressive enough that it convinced president george w. bush to sign in legislation in 2003. >> what does it mean, do you think, for african-americans but also for this country to have this? >> it means that the african-american journey is now a part of the nation's master narrative. it is now part of the story
3:32 pm
that is told to everyone to wants to understand what it means to be american. >> you see the images through the windows, a lens of the washington monument and the white house. but, through the prism of the african-american experience, if you will? >> absolutely right. we have a variety of things that is a point-counter point that helps visitors understand that african-americans have been a part of the discussion of what the constitution means. >> it stands as a contrast even if its -- the way it's formed and its color on the mall. it's interesting to see an aerial of th alley of the museum itself. >> the design of the museum, we hope, suggests resiliency, suggests uplift, and that that skull turley design, which creates the
3:33 pm
sort of carona, that we call for the museum, is an homage to black's crafts men that used iron work as an esthetic craft to create art as well as function. >> one of the we elements there in the museum that you would point somebody to? >> we're proud of this 76-ton railroad car. visitors will have an opportunity to go to the train and go through the train so that they can see how the train was sort of redesigned in the 194s 0 to show a side that was seeing gre gaited. it's about learning but also looking at with your own eyeballs harriett tubman's hymnal. looking with your own eyes at her shaul that was a gift of queen victoria. to look at net turner's bike. it is seeing history up
3:34 pm
close and personal. this experience is won that i believe, no matter who they are or what background they come from, they are going to find a bit of themselves in the national museum of african-american history and culture. >> having been there, check it out if you are in washington, d.c. the newest museum on the national mall. five immunity deals granted in the investigation of the hillary clinton's private email set-up. that plus all the days news. our panel weighs in on the optics next. the lexus rx, rx hybrid and rx f sport. this is the rx, elevated. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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over the next little while. he will come and endorse just because he has no choice. >> well, he did, ted cruz endorsing donald trump today saying he will vote for him and he are wants you to voted for him in a facebook post after saying after many months of consideration and prayer and conscience i have decided on election day i will vote for the republican nominee donald trump. he says he made that pledge. is he sticking to it he finishes saying our country is in crisis. hillary clinton is man nestle unfit to be president and her policies would harm millions of americans. donald trump is the only thing standing in her way. a year ago i pledged to endorse the republican nominee and i'm honoring that commitment. if you don't want to see a hillary clinton presidency, i encourage you to vote for him. now, on background, officials will tell you that one of the main reasons he did this was because of the move the trump campaign made to expand the supreme court justice possibilities to include senator mike lee and the pledge that donald trump would only pick from the list that is expanded as of
3:39 pm
today that includes senator mike lee. now, the trump response to the endorsement i am greatly honored by the endorsement of senator cruz. we have fought the battle and tough and brilliant opponent. i look forward to work with him for many years to come in order to make america great again. bring in panel lisa booth columnist with the examiner. david catanese and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. i mean, david, obviously we could play sound bite after sound bite of these two going at it, especially toward the end. how big a deal is this? >> i think it's a bigger deal for ted cruz's future than anything that will happen in this current cycle. two things change since ted cruz defy donald trump at his own convention until now besides the mike lee ad which i'm a little cynical about. the two things that i really think move ted cruz is he is in trouble in his home state in texas in a re-election battle where he is now behind rick perry if he were to challenge him in the
3:40 pm
texas senate primary and tied with the castro brother. the other thing that's happened is that donald trump is in a much better position to win the presidency now. so i think cruz was always caught between a rock and hard place and he, for his future, for him to have a future in the senate or to run for the white house between he had to get on board. >> lisa, mike pence? vice presidential nominee met with cruz here in washington. and apparently that's where this kind of deal started. >> well, i think another thing that happened as well was the backlash that senator cruz faced, particularly from one of his biggest donors robert mercer. i also have to imagine that might have helped move him along in this direction as well. secondly, i think as donald trump improves in the polls he doesn't approve in the polls led headed toward election day you will see a lot more republicans like ted cruz holding out potentially come and support donald trump. this most certainly helps donald trump. not only does it make him look strong in the sense that senator ted cruz vehemently opposed him in
3:41 pm
the speech before the republican national convention has now come around but also helps him in his effort to try to coalesce the republican base and support what he has been struggling with. >> you know, though, the polls seemed to have changed recently. our state polls, some national polls now have it at 93, 94, 95% of republicans saying they are certain they are going to vote for donald trump. so, coalescing the conservative base, obviously a concern, but this helps with that. >> it does help. but i think david is right. this is about cruz much more than it is about trump. and when he says it makes him a little cynical, i would have to say that that's an understatement. should make you very cynical. i love the way that cruz said after searching his conscience. whenever a politician says he is searching his conscience, can you assume it was a quick search of a very small space i'm not saying anything personal about cruz. but, remember, he and trump were the outsiders. and what was their calling
3:42 pm
card from the very beginning? we don't act like the washington insiders. we don't scratch each other's back. we speak our conscience. et. well, it turns out in the end that they do what you would expect of any other candidates which is why -- i mean, i don't denounce them or deplore what they are doing here. this is business as usual. but weren't they the candidates who were against the business as usual? and i like trump's line. his line where he says we fought the battle. he was a tunks brilliant opponent. at the time he was a tough and lying opponent. and now, apparently, he is a brilliant opponent. this is politics. this is exactly what you would. but it is not how they sell themselves. >> as i said we could play sound bite after sound bite from the primaries. i want to turn to this other story. that is the immunity deal given to five people tied to the clinton email investigation including hillary clinton's former chief of staff cheryl mills.
3:43 pm
here is the house government oversight committee chairman. >> this is not >> and just to be clear the doj gives this immunity at the beginning of this, and then, obviously, the fbi does not get to the place where they're going to prosecute. >> and i think the real problem for people watching at home is that why would you have to give immunity to people if there is nothing to hide here. if everyone could come out and be transparent about the process, critics would say why did immunity have to be granted? cheryl mills is getting a
3:44 pm
lot of the press on this because she was the chief of staff. but this brian pagliano, who deleted the emails, that's the most fascinating. this is the guy that deleted emails and then mislead congress about it. he initially said he didn't -- then went back and had to change his testimony. so i feel like this guy really felt he was in hot water he had to follow an order later on to use a special program and prove all the emails are gone. >> so is the bleach bit guy on this list and, remember, that these people don't have security clearance and they were dealing with classified emails on this server, lisa. >> it raises a whole host of questions. particularly, too. these are going to be the folks that are going to serve with hillary clinton in her administration if she becomes president of the united states. cheryl mills. >> huma abedin. increased scrutiny or should be increased scrutiny about cheryl mills and huma abedin and what role they played and cheryl mills and her work with the clinton
3:45 pm
foundation while serving at the clinton foundation or huma abedin who worked at the clinton foundation, the state department and -- as well it raises a lot of questions about that. it also puts comey, fbi director comey in the hot seat who is coming before congress next week and sort of his violation and his discretion and his investigation. it raises a lot of questions that i'm sure are going to be brought to the forefront next week. >> in fact, charles, late today, 5:30 we get another document dump from the fbi about these interviews. these 02 interviews. we are going through them to see what's in them. this is kind of a thing that happens. this document dump. it's traditional in washington. for the fbi to say they are being transparent in this investigation, that doesn't appear to be true. >> something ironic is happening. it's not just we got used to a year of the drip, drip, drip for hillary's reputation. to be who are necessity, transparency, et cetera. now that is happening to comey's reputation. he came in to this as a
3:46 pm
shining night for what he had done in the reagan years. especially if you do something that appears to be sort of against the consensus you get to be a washington hero. but playing off that everything that we have seen since the press conference where he said he wasn't going to prosecute, makes you wonder what in god's name is going on. if the watergate inquiry had been handled the way that this is, giving out immunity, allowing the witness, the sort of the coconspirator, if you like, to act as the principle's lawyer as cheryl mills was, it is truly scandalous. and because it's an election year, and this is all going to be swept away. if she wins, nobody will remember it. and if she loses, nobody will care. >> see how much is covered. it's a big story. next up, the fight between coming and the administration of the 9/11 bill and winners and losers. [ clock ticking ]
3:47 pm
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3:50 pm
president obama's 12 veto. this of the 9/11 bill called jasta. here's what's in the veto letter that comes along with the veto. i have deep sympathy for the families of the victims of the terrorist attacks of september 11th, 2001, who have suffered grievously. my administration, therefore, remains resolute in its commitment to assist these families in their pursuit of justice and do whatever we can to prevent another attack in the united states. enacting this law, jasta in to law, however, would neither protect americans from terrorist attacks nor improve the effectiveness of our response to such attacks. the jasta would be detrimental to u.s. national interests more broadly which is why i'm returning it without my approval. the 9/11 families weighed in
3:51 pm
soon after that veto. we are outraged and dismayed at the president's veto of jasta and unconvincing and unsupportable reasons he offers as explanation. no matter how much the saudi lonnieing and propaganda machine may argue otherwise, jasta is a narrowly drawn statute that long standing principles enjoyed bipartisan support for decades. it will deter terrorism and hold accountable those nations that support and fund it we are deeply grateful for the support jasta has in congress and we look forward to the senate and the house overriding this veto. we're back with our panel. it would be, if as expected, the first override of a veto forpresident obama. >> which would be ironic. i think he is right on this issue. i have sympathy for the families. this is not the way to get redress. we have this obsession with legalism. this is a foreign policy. military issue. and the fact that so many of our former diplomats have said this is a mistake and the reason is we are the
3:52 pm
foremost diplomatic power on earth. we have the most stakes. the most embassies, the most people working, operating abroad. they are going to be harassed in the long one. this would be really detrimental. >> david, this does not go along party lines, senator schumer, others, nancy pelosi have said they are supporting the 9/11 families. some democrats are saying they can't do it. >> here is an issue where hillary clinton and donald trump are united. they are against the president on this. >> >> frankly, if you point to the foreign policy establishment, former kevin's secretaries, attorney generals, they are with obama. obama rolled out william cohen. the former bush attorney general. a lot of people that said, look, if this is wrong, because it sets a precedent of possible reciprocity that iraq could then pass a law and allow their citizens to sue us for crimes. >> the family's attorneys dispute that but in practice, there will be a -- something push back overseas. lisa? >> well, i think
3:53 pm
politically, it looks bad for the obama ha administration, essentially giving the appearance of siding with saudi arabia over the 9/11 victims and it also could give republicans their first win, overriding the veto. from a policy standpoint do i think there are a lot of questions that been raised particularly by chairman thorn berry today asserting a letter to republican colleagues against jasta and expressing the same concerns that charles just laid out and david laid out as well as the administration laid out. it's to be determined to see what happens with this. >> we'll follow it closely and keep track of the vote. quickly, winners and losers. charles? >> winner, vladimir putin and bashar assad. they commit an open overt out and out war crime. the bombing of convoys, bringing relief into aleppo. they get away with it and they are now cease-fire is over. they are now launching a final assault on the rebels in aleppo again scot-free. my loser would be john kerry for negotiating this deal. but is he retiring the trophy for loserdom.
3:54 pm
i have to give it to somebody else. i give it to barack obama. his u.n. speech was really disappointing. it shows after two terms, he learned nothing and he forgot nothing. >> winner then loser. >> winner senator elizabeth warren for her savage grilling of the wells fargo ceo this week up on capitol hill. i think no matter what party you are in, i think it's god to see that occur. i think it interest in two dull topics congressional hearings and the banking system. you can learn a lot from that hearing. the loser ted cruz he upset the trump folks upset in the republican national convention be remembered. now he has his own people mad at him because of getting on board with trump. >> winner and then loser. >> winner zach galfainakas his interview was hilarious and how he could reach her email hilarious. the loser city of charlotte
3:55 pm
is burning without the full results of the case fully presented without the facts of the case being out there. businesses being burned and reports that 75% or 70% of those arrested have come from outside the city. >> i will say that last night was a lot more calm than the previous two nights. and we will see what happens tonight with the release of that video. did you have something? >> no. >> that's it for the panel. when we return, your friday feedback. when this busy family... a cracked windshield... ...their dad went to the new safelite-dot-com... ...and scheduled a replacement... just a few clicks. with safelite you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful! thank you. (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace.
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3:59 pm
finally on the president's veto of the 9/11 bill, should it, in fact, be made into law with an override of that veto. thank you forever weighing in for your friday feedback. we do it every friday. don't forget sunday, we head to hofstra in new york before, yes, the big debate. we have two shows, two special reports on sunday. 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. from hofstra, previewing the debate and we have full
4:00 pm
coverage on monday. it's going to be the political super bowl. i guarantee. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "on the record" with my friend brit hume starts right now. >> hello, and welcome back. i'm brit hume. and this is "on the record." a quieter night in charlotte tensions nonetheless remain high. we'll get to that in a moment. first, with just a weekend to go before the first presidential debate, the national polling average continues to suggest some momentum for hillary clinton. while battleground state polls indicate strength for donald trump. the real clear politics average gives mrs. clinton a 3 point lead in a two-way race and just over a 2 point lead in a four-way race. the betting odds continue to show clinton a roughly 2 to 1 favorite. look at these new state polls from quinnipiac university. in a two-way race in colorado trump and clinton are tied. back in august clinton was up 10


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