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tv   On the Record With Brit Hume  FOX News  September 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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coverage on monday. it's going to be the political super bowl. i guarantee. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "on the record" with my friend brit hume starts right now. >> hello, and welcome back. i'm brit hume. and this is "on the record." a quieter night in charlotte tensions nonetheless remain high. we'll get to that in a moment. first, with just a weekend to go before the first presidential debate, the national polling average continues to suggest some momentum for hillary clinton. while battleground state polls indicate strength for donald trump. the real clear politics average gives mrs. clinton a 3 point lead in a two-way race and just over a 2 point lead in a four-way race. the betting odds continue to show clinton a roughly 2 to 1 favorite. look at these new state polls from quinnipiac university. in a two-way race in colorado trump and clinton are tied. back in august clinton was up 10 point.
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six point lead red state showed clinton ahead. out in iowa quinnipiac shows trump up by 6. back in august quinnipiac had clinton up by 3. in virginia the same pollster shows a 7 point lead for clinton. that's down from 12 points in mid august in that same poll. to help us sort all this out, tom bevan, the co-founder and publisher of real clear politics joins us from chicago. tom, help me out, man, what's happening here? who has the momentum? >> it was an interesting week, wasn't, brit? we definitely had some national polls that showed clinton -- we had three or four national polls showing clinton recovering some ground. in our average last week she was under a percent in both and now she is up to three points in the two-way race and two points in the four-way race. at the national level she definitely seemed to recover some ground. but, as you said, a bunch of state polls, including the fox polls, north carolina, ohio, nevada, a bunch of polls around the country in these battleground states
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showing trump ahead or gaining ground. and so, little bit of a -- we're in a bit of flux right now, brit. we have got sort of varying signals going on at the national and state level. >> you know, i remember at the end in 2012 when state polls showed strength for obama and the national polling showed a much tighter race. it certainly seemed to give mitt romney a chance to pull it out and win it turned out the state polls were a better forecast. what do you think about this year? >> yeah. i mean, lock, the national polls are usually a leading in see this tightening that occurred over the past few weeks and then that was confirmed at the state level with a lot of these battleground states. now we are seeing a little bit of move by clinton to recover some ground nationally. we will have to wait and see if that is reflected in the next round of polls in some of these battleground states. honestly, you know, with the debate coming up on monday, this big event that's going to be right smack dab in the middle of that, that is going to all factor in how
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the candidates perform on monday night is going to be an important part of the data that we get in the next round of polls coming out the next week and beyond. >> yeah. speaking of which, i suppose it's a good question whether the debate will be makes a big a difference as everybody seems to be expecting indeed perhaps even hoping because in the past, as has others have pointed out, i think it's fair to say, tom, that what debates tend to do is confirm the impressions that people already have and so the people who favor a certain candidate think that candidate won and the people who favor the other candidate think the opposite. >> sure. and certainly that will -- there will be those people who are watching on monday night. but when you have got 100 million people tuning had in. even in the universe of persuadable, brit, is small. i think it probably is especially in some of these battle ground states, it's not insignificant number. if they are truly undecided because the choice they are looking at they don't feel very good about either one of these candidates, you know, and one of them has a good performance, that could make a difference, especially in states, again, in a state like florida
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where, you know, it's less than 1%, basically a tied race down there. >> yeah. because you don't usually see a situation at this late stage of the game where sentiment is soft. but it does seem possible that, you know, people are so dissatisfied with both of these candidates that support is soft for both of them. >> you know, if you look at the polls, they are saying 90% of clinton voters. 90% of trump voters are locked in. this race is so unusual because of the choice facing, you know, the unfavorables of these candidates among the public that there may be some -- there is more volatility than you would expect given what the polls are telling us. because of the unique nature of this race and because of these candidates. >> tom, as always, thank you very much. cell phone video that shows the moment a black man was shot and killed by police in charlotte has now been released. the video, which we have to warn you is graphic, was taken by the wife of the shooting victim, keith scott. fox news correspondent steve
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harrigan is live in charlotte with what that video shows. steve? >> brit, in some ways that video is inclusive. you hear the police shouting "put down the gun." but you don't real will he see the shooter scott's hands before those shots are fired. it is, also, a very emotional document as well. you hear the wife basically watching her husband get shot on camera, pleading with police not to shoot. so, really, the big question here, tonight, is that video going to spark more people going out on the street? is it going to spark more violent protest. that's a question now. you can sense a real fear here on the street. a lot of stores and buildings have shut down early. buildings have either boarded up. removed their glass there is a military presence here. the national guard is out with our mored humvees as well. last night it was quiet. 400 protesters out on the streets last night making different stops. because of that heavy police presence, no violence last night. very few arrests.
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no property damage. they tried to block the highway at one point around the city. but police and swat teams were really on the scene quickly. as for keith scott, the man shot, we're learning more about him since 1990 he has been arrested at least 14 times in three different states. and convicted of charges such as assault and assault with a deadly weapon. as far as the shooter goes, the police officer was a two-year veteran of the force. he is an african-american. and right now he is on paid administrative leave while the investigation goes on. brit, back to you. >> okay, steve, thanks very much. so let's take a look at that dramatic video that steve was just talking about. here it is. >> don't shoot him. don't shoot him. he has no weapon. he has no weapon. don't shoot him. [shouting] >> don't shoot him. don't shoot him. he didn't do anything. >> drop the gun! drop the gun!
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>> he doesn't have a gun. he has a tbi. he is not going to do anything to you guys. he just took his medicine. >> drop the gun. >> keith, don't let them break the window. come on out of the car. >> drop the gun. >> keith, don't do it. drop the gun. >> keith. get out the car. keith, keith, don't you do it. don't you do it. >> drop the gun! >> drop the gun. >> keith, keith, don't you do it. [gunfire] [bleep] did you shoot him? did you shoot him? did you shoot him? he better not b be [bleep] dead. he better not be [bleep] dead. i know that much. he better not. i'm not going to coming near you: i'm going to record though. he better be alive. you better be a&e live. yes, over here.
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9453 lexington court. police officers shot my husband and he better live. he better live. because he didn't do nothing to them. ain't nobody touch nobody. so they're all good. i know he better live. >> you can see pretty clearly from that folks, that's pretty dramatic stuff. that blurry part on the screen is keith scott on the ground. i can tell that from the color of his pants because i saw it earlier. so you can tell that whether he had a gun or not, the police certainly thought he did. and they told him repeatedly to drop it. in the meantime, of course, you could hear his wife saying he didn't have a gun. he is unarmed. the mystery continued as to what really went on there. certainly the police clearly believed he had a gun. of course you heard the wife saying there at one point, you know, keith, don't do. keith, don't do it. i don't know what she was referring to. but i assume we will know in the fullness of time. the political question arises out of this what kind of impact, if any, will this whole charlotte episode have on the 2016 presidential
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election? our nightly political panel is here. john mccormick from the "weekly standard" and susan ferrechio from "the washington examiner." welcome to you both. john, what's your thought about the political impact on all of this? >> it's early and can cut both ways. that obviously can motivate people that are associated with the black lives matter movement get out there and it turn out for hillary clinton. the riots sparked by this shooting can present an opportunity for law and order candidate to come in. who would be the candidate? probably donald trump. he squandered those opportunities in the past. dallas shooting for police officer gunned down this summer. bowng, cops gowned down and donald trump basically threw all that away when he got in the fight with the khan family. >> you mean the timing of that. >> stepped on all of that. >> he goes in the republican convention and says i'm a law and order candidate and spends the next week being the candidate who is erratic and unstable. he, through his behavior has to give the sense of law and order. >> right, susan? >> i think it's an opportunity for both candidates to talk about the big problems in black communities. i mean, this isn't just
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about police shootings. it is but often it evolves into a conversation about these communities and what's wrong there. and trump, so far has talked about ways to lift up the black community that don't involve, you know, more government aid. the standard republican line. and hillary clinton has sided a little bit more with the black lives matter movement. trump needs to be very careful though, i think. poet candidates need to walk around this very careful. it's such an emotional issue. it's going to be front and center at the debate. >> really? >> one of the early and big questions that the debate moderator asks this week. and it's, -- you know, it's front and center in the news. at this point picly at these debates as you know take the latest issues. the two of them are going to have to really have a conversation about this with 100 million people watching. interesting to see how they poet try to talk about it without alienating one side or the other. there has been a lot of divide on it. >> i guess hillary clinton has to be careful that whatever she says does not offend the people who are supporters of black lives matter and others
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sympathetic to that cause, the reverse for trump, right? >> that's right. she actually in 2015 did say the phrase all lives matter. for some reason that's very offensive to the black lives matter movement. she needs to avoid alienating her base by saying something like that. >> i sail this each will go after own coalition on this. we all know that trump will not necessarily win the minority vote. clinton will make sure she does not alienated her base there whereas trump, you know, he needs to still work to win over white college educated voters. >> hold down her margins? >> that's right. what he needs to do though is, you know, he talked about a stop and frisk program earlier this week which caused a big debate. but that's something that can maybe appeal to the voter pace that he is not winning over that he should be, which is white college-educated voters. clinton is beating him on that by about six points according to the latest poll. he may be more likely to stick to that. >> john, last word? >> at the same time it's surprising that trump actually spoke out against the police in tulsa saying that the cop there who shot another unarmed black man
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that she choked. that was kind of surprising trump trying to play a little bit more to the center. >> john, susan, thank you. we will coming back to you a little later. consternation on capitol hill over a brand new development that hillary clinton email investigation. the justice department gave an immunity deal to clinton's former chief of staff cheryl mills and other staffers as part of the clinton email fbi investigation. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here and has the story. catherine? >> this brings the total, brit, to five people who had some kind of limited immunity deal that was granted by the justice department during the course of the year-long fbi investigation. and i spoke with defense attorney this afternoon who said smart clients have smart lawyers and they cut smart deals to talk to the fbi. what he found unusual is that there were so many deals yet, there was never any criminal prosecution in this particular case. >> that raises an interesting question because is it really out of the ordinary for a bunch of witnesses to be granted immunity to get their testimony and then for charges not to be brought? >> well, what is out of the
4:13 pm
ordinary is to have that many deals and then no criminal case is eventually pursued. and if you take the clinton campaign's position that nothing was done wrong, that is a lot of people who are asking for get out of jail free card in effect, right? >> seems to be somebody in the fbi and justice department thought there was a likelihood of wrongdoing. there wouldn't be that many deals. >> that's correct. >> which i suppose will only enlarge the suspicions that what was decided here was really not a law enforcement decision. it was more of a national interest political decision. >> the other thing that i don't think is really helping the fbi is that late today at 5:30, you know, this is a slot reserved in washington where you wanted very bad news. the fbi posted online nearly 200 pages. i have some of them here. >> oh my goodness. >> yeah. this is big document to put out on a friday of these interview summaries from the fbi investigation. and if the fbi's position it's all about transparency the last two major document releases have all been on fridays. one before a holiday weekend
4:14 pm
and now today at 5:00. it just doesn't pass the sniff test at a certain point. >> your sense being that they are trying to do this in such a way as to minimize the coverage, obviously. >> you know, the line from the fbi press office is that the documents were posted when they were ready to be released. i think it's really. >> funny it always seems to happen on friday. >> friday at 5:00. i mean, you want to kind of go like this at a certain point because, you know, if they are trying to help themselves, they are not doing it with this kind of release. and this is a lot of the names are gone. you don't know who they are talking about. >> i am looking at it here and there is a lot -- >> -- a lot of off i offificati. >> let's speed read some other news from the world of politics. donald trump's one-time bitter political rival ted cruz today jumped on the trump train. senator cruz and mr. trump had a rough and tumble primary as many people remember. and until today cruz dr. had not endorsed him. today on facebook senator cruz wrote this, quote: after many months of careful
4:15 pm
consideration of prayer and searching my own conscience, i've decided that on election day i will vote for the republican nominee, donald trump. we'll have more on that statement with our panel a little bit later on in the program. clinton and obama meanwhile kept the u.s. military out of the loop when he sent cash payments to iran. the news revealed that the senate armed services committee hearing. president obama and secretary of state john kerry did not consult secretary of defense ash carter or chairman of the joint chiefs of staff joseph did you know ford. $1.7 billion in foreign currency that many saw as ransom for american hostages. and hillary clinton says it is everyone's right to immigrate to the united states. clinton's twitter account retweeted this camp from the clinton ohio twitter account complicated there a tweet that says no one has the right to immigrate to this country end quote with added message from the clinton camp we disagree. what do the candidates need to do at monday's debate to be seen as winning?
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paragraphed first presidential debate is just three days away and many are predicting that it will be a ratings juggernaut. each candidate basically wants the same thing. but donald trump and hillary clinton have very different approaches. so, what does each candidate need to accomplish to consider the debate a win? host of "fox news sunday" and the moderator of what will be the final 2016 presidential debate chris wallace is here with me.
4:20 pm
chris? your thoughts. >> well, in a funny way, i think it revolves around trump for both of them. she wants to disqualify him and he wants to reassure people. it really seems to me a lot of it focuses on trump's temperament, his credentials, his qualifications and fitness to be president. she wants to make the argument or prove the argument she has been making the entire campaign. he is unfit to be president and commander-in-chief. and he wants to reassure people that he is fit. >> so, it's not that important in your judgment for her to tick off with specificity and artic could artn her proposals that that's really, in your view, not what this is about? >> i don't think in terms of five-point plans. i do think she has a couple of things she needs to do an affirmative sense as opposed to thes negative sense of hitting trump. she is historically unlickable except for trump who may be even more disliked according to the polls.
4:21 pm
she certainly wants to cut into that and to show people that she is as, i guess, barack obama said in 2008 likeable enough. and in addition, i think that so much of her campaign has been spent attacking trump. i think she is going to want to make the affirmative case for herself, not in terms of 10-point plans but here's how my life -- here is how your life will be better under my policy. >> right. but if she does that, and that is her emphasis, does that help with the cause of validating her argument that he is unfit? >> well, not necessarily. it makes the case that she is fit or more fit and more likeable. but i think she also to the degree -- she wants to make this, i think they both want to make it a referendum on the other person. she want to make it a referendum on trump. he is unfit. like, she is not going to make herself ronald reagan. she is not going to make herself a really popular, liked candidate to a certain degree your negatives are
4:22 pm
that high, you have got to make the other person's negatives even higher. she wants to do things affirmatively to help herself but also to disqualify trump. >> how exactly do you expect trump to go about this debate? >> well, i have a little bit of inside information and, part of it is that i don't think he is going to be as negative and slashing as some people suspect and i suspect a hundred credit million of those viewers are hoping for. i think a lot of it is going to be spent on his side making the affirmative case for his programs, his command, if not of all the details, the major sweep of policy and how his life, your life would be better under his policies. in terms of clinton though, one of the things i think they want to do is a jujitsu that obama did in 2008 when she kept hitting he is inexperienced. he has been around for 10 minutes. she has been in public life for a quarter century. he said if that's the kind of experience that you're talking about, looking lock at what the messes are. you got us into iraq. we have all these problems
4:23 pm
in the world. i think he will do the same thing, questioning her policies, questioning obamacare, a variety of policies and saying so much for experience. >> i have been thinking about this myself and what i would do were i in his position and faced with the fact that it's probably too late to cram in to yourself, you know, enough detail to make it sound like you are already president or a good president. how will he deal with the challenge of questions that sort of call for specificity and some detailed knowledge about policy, about the world, about issues and so on? >> well, talking to his staff they say he knows more than woe all think he knows. we will see on monday night. and, you know, it's not, again, i don't think most of the viewers out there -- i know i don't want to hear an 8-point plan. those things go in one ear and out the other. >> doesn't it make a difference that you have an 8-point plan? >> yeah. i think the main thing is that you know what you are talking about. there are a lot of people that question that about
4:24 pm
donald trump. it's going to be one of the fascinating things we'll know on tuesday morning. did he satisfy those doubts, those concerns people have about his knowledge, his qualifications, his fitness? in a sense, he goes into the debate with more questions about whether he should even be on that stage than any presidential candidate i can remember. and that's on a challenge but it's also an opportunity. because if he can pass that bar, he will have done a lot of good for himself. >> wow agree that the bar is by virtue of what you just described set pretty low for him? >> yeah. but, first of all, it's not only one debate. it's three debates. that's what i think he has got to accomplish in this debate. he does need to show that he belongs on that stage. having said that when you say the bar is low, it's 90 minutes with two people on that stage. we saw him in these debates with 10 people. you could kind of hide there. and he did oftentimes just stop talking for 15, 20 minutes at a time.
4:25 pm
you are going to have to talk every two minutes or so and you have got to be sure she is going to be pressing him in ways that are going to be forcing him to demonstrate his knowledge or demand. >> i don't mean she is going tto be asking him tell me the number between 1 and 10 i'm thinking of right now. she may say who is the leaders of one of these countries and try to make it clear that she has met with him and he hasn't. it won't be easy for him. it's a lower bar in terms of just establishing his credibility. but it will be a very challenging 90 minutes for both of them. >> what have you got coming up on "fox news sunday"? >> well, as you might expect, you know, about 24 hours before the first debate we will be talking about that. we will have mike pence, donald trump's running mate to talk about it and oddly enough, is he going to be at the first debate. maybe you can remember. i can't remember a running mate going to a presidential debate. my guess is he will be a star in the spin room afterwards saying trump just wiped the floor with her and then we are going to be
4:26 pm
talking jill, chief strategist for hillary clinton's campaign and also chief strategist for barack obama in 2012. i suspect he is going to have a chron temporary view how she wiped the floor with him. >> there is no place like the spin room. i must say i kind of love the fact it's called that back in my days as a street reporter, i never wanted to go anywhere near the spin room because it never did you any good. but now, we are all over it. the place is packed. >> absolutely. they will hold a sign, a sign that says virtually unknown operative for one of the campaigns and saying, you know, chris wallace is here. why don't you talk to him. he will tell you why so and so won. >> so it's :00 a.m. eastern time sunday morning. >> check your local listings. >> on the broadcast network. 2:00 p.m. fox news channel. >> you need to watch a second time to get some of the. [ laughter ] >> i may try that but maybe not this sunday. >> okay. >> chris, thanks very much.
4:27 pm
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after we noted protests in charlotte were relatively calm after the violent riot. many are pushing for police and prosecutors to release officially that body and dash cam video that they say
4:31 pm
will tell the whole story. but, are the media telling the whole story? here now is fox news contributor bernie goldberg joining us tonight from asheville, north carolina. bernie, welcome. it's nice to see you. i must say when i was listening to steve harrigan's report and he mentioned the criminal record that the man who was shot by police down in charlotte had, it was something i knew about but i certainly didn't feel like i had heard it a lot. your thoughts? >> well, you are right. you didn't hear it a lot. it was a long story in the charlotte observer about keith scott. and it portrayed him early on in the story as a family man, married 20 years, with seven children. his neighbors liked him. he would sit on his porch and chat with them. i don't have any reason to doubt a single word of that description. at the very, very end of this very, very long story. we learned that he had numerous run-ins with the law. arrests, convictionsment including one for aggravated assault with a deadly
4:32 pm
weapon. that was buried. the "new york times" and "the washington post also buried some information. when the story broke, the "new york times" ran in paragraph 30 that the officer who shot smart, mr. scott, keith scott, the officer was black. "the washington post waited 31 paragraphs to tell us the same thing. if it was a white house officer, it would be in the first sentence. race matters in stories like this. look, i don't know what happened in charlotte, only the few cops who were there know exactly what happened. but, the media had an obligation to tell us that it was -- tell us prominently, brit, that it was a back policeman who shot a black man who had a long record of run-ins with the police and they didn't do that. >> what did you think, bernie, you know, as we try to sort this out, none of us, except perhaps the police know what really happened there.
4:33 pm
>> right. >> when you saw that dramatic video that was pretty powerful and hard to watch, that guy being killed and it was hard not to be incredibly sympathetic. on the other hand, did you hear the police saying, you know, drop your gun, drop your gun, more than once. at one point you heard the wife say he didn't have one. on the other hand she then kept saying, keith, don't do it. don't do it. what was your reaction to all of that? >> well, i'm assuming he had a gun. because, otherwise, the police are totally delusional yelling, you know, drop your gun, drop your gun, if he didn't have a gun. i don't know what happened there, as i said earlier. i don't know if the police acted properly or improperly. i just don't know. i do know this, brit, there have been too many videos that showed us police that should have deescalated the situation and, instead, made matters worse. i am not saying that happened in charlotte, north carolina. but, the police who watch fox and who are watching us
4:34 pm
right now, veteran police officers, the good police officers, they know what i'm talking about. the job of the police to deescalate a situation, not escalate it. now, if this man raised a gun, all bets are off. the police have every right to defend themselves. but we don't know what happened. and, by this time, if not by this time, some time very soon, we need to know what happened. >> yeah. i suspect we will. it will be interesting to see. i think at a minimum we can agree, bernie. that when the media reporting on these things, if they are facts that tend to diffuse the situation, such as the fact that it was a black officer. such as the fact, perhaps, that the man -- well, in fact, he did have a criminal record. that that stuff should be reported prominently. >> yeah. because i think in the liberal world view, especially liberal journalist world view, those were inconvenient facts. it would be much more convenient if it were a white officer. remember, when travon martin was killed by george
4:35 pm
zimmerman? the "new york times" actually described zimmerman as a white hispanic. that's laughable. >> i remember that whatever that is, right. >> whatever that is. simply calling him hispanic didn't fit the temp let. >> got it. >> it didn't fit the world view. that was inconvenient fact an hispanic killing back kid. no, we can't have that. >> got it, bernie. >> white hispanic. >> bernie, as always, thank you very much. and our popular campus craziness segment is next. one public university now treating students like kin enter gart kindergarten natureners. senator ted cruz just about an about face. something many expected he would not do. we will talk about that coming up. stay tuned. high quality protein. now our family is complete. purina cat chow complete.
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the document, which was tweeted by gonzaga student and tweeted by national review also warns telling minority students they are articulate. might imply it is somewhat unusual for someone of your race to be intelligent. the document is one of hundreds used in the class
4:41 pm
and was meant to provoke critical thinking. speaking of microaggressions the president of northwestern university say people who dispute the idea of microaggressions are idiots and people who oppose are idiots of the morton shapiro went on to tell students, quote the people who decry safe spaces do it from segregated husbanding places from their jobs without the diversified. do it from country clubs. it drives me nuts, end quote. destress by offering free coloring books. the university's website says, quote, coloring isn't just for kids and invites kids to, quote, color your stress await a minute the university says the program has deep roots ecology and art therapy and quick to note it's not alone. the university of california san diego also offers adult coloring if you have a campus craziness story let us know. email us and tell us about it. we would be glad to hear
4:42 pm
about it. joining us to talk about this is my buddy tucker carlson. >> that's hilarious. >> good to see you. when you look at those. i have granddaughter that will soon be in college. >> yes. >> you have daughters who will soon be in college. >> they are there now. your alma mater, in fact. >> right. what's going on here? >> well, i mean, a lot of things are happening but the net effect is to risk undermining one of the most valuable things we have in the united states which are s. our education system. people are going to begin to suspect middle class parents who are working a second job to pay for these tuition, 50 grand a career for elite school maybe it's not worth it maybe this is education bubble. maybe they are not teaching our kids worth while to learn and maybe more important not preparing them for life beyond college. once people begin to think that the whole system collapses. it's built on the faith that if you send your child to one of these schools, he or she will have a massive leg up in the race in life. and if people stop believing that boy, i mean, these -- they are really devaluing their own currency.
4:43 pm
>> sort of commonplace that faculty are liberal at colleges and colleges are generally liberal atmosphere. >> sure. >> to me though, this stuff seems well beyond ordinary garden variety liberal thinking. it seems way out there. >> they are i will liberal, actually. you can tell from the comments from the president of northwestern who didn't in any substantial way address the complaints against microadepressions or safe spaces instead just called anybody who raises questions about them immoral. >> lown particulars. >> they are lown particulars. dismisses them entirely. that's not the thinking of a liberal person. that's the thinking of an authoritarian. shut up and obey. you don't agree with me. you are a bad person. you are going to hell. that's almost a religious totalitarian religious view of the world. you are a he heretic and deserve to be outside. i don't agree with you but let's talk it out and try to win each other over.
4:44 pm
that's not happening anymore. >> i have to say i look around and my older granddaughter she is waiting to hear from colleges this year. and she is a senior. and ilike around at these colleges, including the university of virginia. >> i have a couple. >> a couple kids, where i went. and i think well, where can go to get away from this stuff? where do you look to get away from this? this is just remarkable. >> i mean, lock, you want your children to go to school to become better prepared for life. reading stuff like this and watching it in action you begin to suspect that it might actually hurt them in addition to costing you a lot of money. i think some people are going to begin to decide that actually, it might be worth putting your children in to the job market. i mean, if you spend 50 grand a year for four years. $200,000 educating a child. >> going in to debt to to do that. >> exactly right. why wouldn't it be better to subsidize for half that amount and do internship and learn a trade. that's not the right course for all kids.
4:45 pm
>> this may not be job training you are getting a college liberal arts education. get a broad grounding in culture. if you are not getting that anymore, it does raise a question what's the point. >> attack on history most ominous of all. study of history is the process of learning from mistakes of others. reading history is determining why people did what they did and deciding maybe i shouldn't do it, too, right? it's learning a lesson from other people. if you stop teaching that and they have and there is no point to college. >> tuck, great to see you. >> brit hume, ladies and gentlemen. >> two warring factions that made peace. senator ted cruz boarded the trump train. how much support will ted cruz's support mean if any? we will talk about that. stay with us. when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums
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ted cruz finally endorsed donald trump today in a facebook post that reads in part: trump says is he honored by the endorsement and says, quote: i look working forwar.>> political panel is bak john mccormick and washington examiner susan ferrechio. first of all, is this endorsement likely to make any difference in the outcome of this race, susan? >> no. i don't think so. >> do you agree with it. >> i don't see it. i think people coming around are already there. >> so let's get to the question which may be a more
4:51 pm
interesting question. what is cruz doing here? i mean, he surprised a lot of people by not endorsing at the convention. and taking full speaking slot. then he waited a long time and now he has done it. what's going on here? >> well, i think it's a pure political calculation. those two reasons that he made the pledge and he realized that hillary clinton is worse. i mean, those reasons were apparent back in july. so what happened the last two months? nothing of substance. trump actually went on to attack cruz. say that his father was involved in jfk's assassination completely unsubstantiated. conspiracy theory. never recanted that. what happened is the race got close. it's a tight race right now. there are threats that ted cruz might face a primary challenger in 2018 for the senate race. he doesn't want to take the blame if trump loses narrowly and i think he originally made a calculation that trump was going to lose big. it doesn't lock that way right now. >> two things. i say it's texas. he has got chairman of a house committee threatening primary him in texas and he has got some others there in the state who would love to
4:52 pm
see him go. a lot of people don't like ted cruz in the senate. is he worried about 2018 when he has to run for re-election. >> second thing is. >> 2020? >> 2020. and you and i talked about this earlier today. the 40%. trump has this 40%. whether he wins or loses, who is going to lead that 40%? new, cruz, we can all guess probably has big ambitions about 2020. he came in second place in the primary. i think he thinks he should have won. i betcha he wants to run again. how is he going to run again when these 40% out there who are going to be quite angry with him over that convention speech. none of them are ever going to forget. epic speech where he gets out there and leads them down this path and then refuses to endorse trump and walks off the stage. i don't know how he ever lives that down. i think he tried to save himself a little bit today by coming out and endorsing him. even though it was at the last minute. >> what about the nature of the endorsement? he said he was going to vote for trump and gave us his reason he couldn't stomach hillary clinton. that's not exactly what you call a ringing endorsement.
4:53 pm
>> really no new reasons other than he mentioned that trump brought out some new potential judicial nominees. but he had already give him the list back in may these very strong conservatives that he would nominate. it's really a gut punch for a lot of his strong, conservative supporters. cruz has this reputation. >> pure conservative. national review which opposed trump endorsed him, right? >> yes, yes. and, you know, glenn beck was one of his biggest supporters. many of his former staffers. one staffer said we lost our leader today. it was setting them up for max mall humiliation disappointment to see their leader go out there and make the strong principled stand for conscience and two months later after nothing of substance changed decided. >> the race getting tighter. >> yeah. >> john and susan, thank you very much. believe it or not the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. you will see what that's about. mean tweets next.
4:54 pm
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you the viewers. the twitter verse had quite a lot to say about bus craziness report on feminine hygiene products being offered in men's room. david wrote: thank you, elsie. and finally gerald jackman tweeted:
4:59 pm
well, gerald, the answer as of tonight is about six weeks. so hang in there. keep the feedback coming, folks. we really do want to hear from you. tweet me @ brit hume or email "on the record" at that is about it for tonight. "the o'reilly factor" is up next. and bill will have more to say tonight about charlotte and about race in america. it's an atticly important issue to him and he has always been gutsy about what he says and you don't want to miss it. we leave you as always with our political quote of the day. this one from none other than john f. kennedy who said, quote: mothers want all their sons to be president but they don't want them to become politicians in the process. end quote. how true. if if you used to dvr this show every night your recording may have vanished. go set a new recording to you never miss this show. be back at 7:00 on monday from the presidential debate site in new york.
5:00 pm
we hope you tune in and don't forget o'reilly on charlotte and race in his talking points straight ahead. good night. ♪ ♪ "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> keith, get out the car. keith, keith, don't you do it. don't you do it. >> drop the gun. >> keith, keith. don't you do it. [gunfire] [bleep] >> dramatic new video of the police shooting in charlotte. it does not clearly define crucial evidence but it does deserve to be seen and we will show it to you. also, how the charlotte shooting is impacting the presidential election. >> at the center of our society is going to be a simple promise to every american. and it's called safety. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone from california. the f


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