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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  September 24, 2016 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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[national anthem] ♪ >> good morning to you, it is saturday september 24th, 2016. i'm abby huntsman. we start with a fox news alert. terror at the mall, after a shooter opens fire in a gun-free zone leaving schepers helpless and running for their lives. >> he would receiving shots fired at burlington. >> i have two victims down bleeding in the makeup system. >> unknown number of victims. reports that three to four down inside. >> the shooter remains on the run. >> politics, another friday document dump cures at they of the fbi. this one says president obama flat out lied he said to protect littlelessing the race. >> details of the at the
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bait van been leaked. hillary might not like that. they are taking away her stool. no apple cart either. apple box that you stand on. >> we got it. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> we're going to take you right to that fox news alert this morning. there is a massive manhunt underway right now after a gunman shot five people dead inside a shopping mall just north of seattle. >> i heard about one and then two and then that's when i turned around and then that's when started going 1, 3, 4, 5, 6? right now police are scouring the area for this man, seen on surveillance video, carrying a rifle. >> police describe him as hispanic male. there he is, in his 20's, wearing all black. is he considered to be armed and dangerous at this hour.
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we want to bring in from washington state this morning trooper heather axman on the phone to give us updates on the phone to tell us how this all unfolded. thanks for joining us at this early hour. what you can tell us at this hour? >> sir, just before 7:00 p.m. pacific standard time last night we were receiving 911 calls of shots being fired burlington, washington 65 miles north of seattle. we believe it's just the one shooter at this time. he is being described as hispanic male wearing gray or dark clothing. he was last seen walking west from the mall and toward interstate 5 which is the main corridor in this area. he is described to have a long gun, a rifle-type weapon. and, unfortunately, there are five confirmed victims, four females and one male. >> heather, what are you
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advising people in that area to do right now since he is still on the loose? >> since there is such a large manhunt going on, we have a large police presence, we are tracking every single lead that we have. several detectives and police officers are at the mall gathering as much information as we can. like i said, following as many leads as possible. at this time we are urging people to stay inside of their homes. if they see anything suspicious, then we urge them to call 911. we don't have a tip line at this point but one will be coming out i'm sure shortly. but anything that you see suspicious call 911. >> are there any indications as to motive, heather? did he say anything shooting these people. >> i don't have any knowledge. early in the investigation to figure out any type of motive. >> we don't know, are you familiar with whether or not he knew any of the victims? >> i don't have that information. >> okay. was this gun-free zone also?
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>> i'm not sure if there is any signs posted at the burlington mall. there is a gun-free zone we have an open carry state here in washington. which means you can have a weapon in the open carry style, but there is a lot of places that are still marked gun-free. >> heather, i think as you mentioned four of the women that have been killed they were shot inside the beauty department; is that right? in the makeup department? >> i'm not exactly sure what portion but they are inside macy's which is a large department store in that mall. >> were police or security officers there able to return fire or engage him in any kind of way before he ran out? >> no. he left before any police officer arrived. >> you can tell us again what time this occurred? >> just before 7:00 p.m. pacific standard time. >> heather, you are advising people to stay in place where they are if they live in that area. if they see anything, can
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you describe this man and how they might be helpful at this time? >> at this point the description that we have is pretty vague. hispanic male, early 20's, i believe. dark clothing, gray, the surveillance video does capture his photo that we have released. if anybody has the information who he is, they are urged to call authorities. >> all right, heather axtman. state trooper: two days there before the first debate is going to be taking place at hofstra university on long island in north carolina. hillary clinton not been on the trail much recently at all. hasn't been doing fundraisers. skipped one recently in north carolina. she had mr.ed to go to charlotte in the wake of the riots you have seen there over the last couple of days, after the mayor of that city asked public figures to stay away. she cancelled the plans. here is the mayor jennifer roberts. >> we appreciate the support of the candidates.
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we appreciate that they're concerned about charlotte at this point we do have very stretched resources for security, and they are working around the clock if there would be a way to delay those visits in terms of giving us a chance to give our city, you know, back to order and back to more of a state of normal is i, that would probably be ideal. >> what's going on here? optics in politics, right? we saw the flooding in louisiana. donald trump -- when president obama stayed on march that's vineyard, hillary clinton was nowhere to be seen. officials there saying look wield areach united states people coming, however, wait we have a lot of resources to get on the ground. donald trump shows up. he is unloading boxes it seemed to paint a good picture of him. even democratic politicians were saying donald trump's appearance in louisiana was strong. >> hillary clinton's people from what we heard is we are trying to rush helper to the scene to get there has been before donald trump does to make it look better politically to then which
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donald trump tweeted out hillary clinton's bad judgment forced her to announce that she would go to charlotte on saturday to grandstand. dem politician said no way. dumb. >> if she had gone, what would she have said. here you have not protest but riots. racist mobs hurting people because of skin color, a lot of thing stores, burning things. they tried to throw a journalist into a bonfire. this is not a legitimate serious protest. this is chaos and lunancy. these are people who hillary clinton has openly endorsed black lives matter. so, if she had gone, what would she have said? >> probably something similar to what she said about tulsa. she would have said this is an outrage. we need to come together. we need to -- i need to talk to white people and tell them that we need to be listening. >> she would have hurt herself. that's actually nuts. what you are watching is the full breakdown of society. it's not an endorsement of what the police did. we're not actually sure what the police did. >> put the blame on the police which is so unusual
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for her character. usually she sits back. when there is a terrorist attack she sits back. she did come out. people said you don't know the fact we haven't seen the video. we still haven't seen the video. >> that's what obama does in police-involved incidents and comes right out and defends the victim. >> when you have a mob of people shouting racial epitaphs and threatening to burn people alive that's bad. president and hillary have refused to say that because of political reasons. they are playing with fire. this is dangerous stuff. >> we also sort a recent spout of terrorist attacks in the past few weeks. monday night the first debate at hofstra university all eyes on crump and hillary clinton. they will be talking about terrorism. you can believe two days? >> i don't believe that. i wish i would could be a fly on the wall for both of the preparations. you know both the styles are going to be very different. >> complicated to prepare hillary for one of these
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debates. normally you have people sit down and fill in the roles. in the case of the hillary campaign, no one who works for her feels comfortable playing donald trump. >> how can you? >> they are so afraid of her. they had to pull in her own spokesman. so nasty he doesn't care. he is playing donald trump. nebraska who works for hillary dared pretend to be donald trump. >> also, karen dunn who has been brought. in she was, remember after president obama's awful performance, that first debate against mitt romney in the last go around. they wrought her in to basically get in his face and pull it together. then his second debate performance, president obama's, he came back to life at hofstra. they brought her in to kind of help hillary out of the gate. >> the stakes are so high. i have heard from some people saying whoever wins these debates could go on to win the white house. that's how important they are. rules no commercial breaks. no step stool which hillary clinton has asked for. you think about her and the trouble she has had lately
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with coughing and other things, if that does happen, they are not going to go to a break there could be some awkward moment. >> when tucker and i stand next to each other i wear lifts because i look smaller. >> i wear spanks, he wears lifts. we are all set. >> he is like 75. >> 54. she was worried about standinstanding there looking diminished. >> she is going to be fine. the truth is it is all about trump. he needs to meet a credibility threshold. if he stays calm, he will win the debate. everyone in the press will say he is crazy, he lost. the truth is people just want to know that is he reliable enough to be president if he can do that. >> 90 minutes with no commercial breaks? and if she has some sort of coughing problem, they are not allowed to cut her microphone or his microphone. allowed to remain. no manipulation allowed with the microphone. [coughing] >> luckily we do have a big show today.
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we asked some of the debates about the guests some of the guests that they have. michael flynn, chuck woolery, eric bolling and geraldo rivera. >> it's only 6:10 in the morning on the east coast. i am so excited for the next three hours and 49 minutes. i literally can't stand it. >> we do have other headlines to get to this morning. starting with a fox news alert. and chaos erupts again in charlotte for the fourth night in a row. protesters tee phiing the mandated curfew to demand justice for keith scott. a black man shot by a police officer. this video taken near the scene of that shooting just released by the victim's widow. watch. >> keith, keith, don't you do it. don't you do it. keith, keith. keith, don't you do it. [gunfire] >> did you shoot him? >> wow. police say that suspect did have a gun. it was loaded and both his blood and his finger tips were on it yet, the department still refusing to release dash cam or body cam
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video of the shooting. chilling new details from the investigation into the suspected new york bomber ahmed rahmy. sources saying he rode the train carrying those pressure cooker bombs the night of the blast. the second never went off. remains in stable condition after being shot by police. brand new fbi docs dumped last night revealing the president used a fake name to private server. he said he didn't know about it until he heard about it in the press. is kim kardashian ready to board the trump train? caitlin jenner may have convinced her to switch from hillary clinton to donald trump. though she openly endorsed the democratic nominee last fall. she tells wonderland magazine quote oh my god i'm so hillary but i had a long political call with caitlin
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last night why she is voting trump. now i'm on the fence. that could really change the game, guys. i'm not sure about this. >> can i say caitlin jenner, bruce jenner. >> caitlin jenner. >> is voting trump? did i miss that. >> she has long said that she is a republican. >> amazing. >> well, good. hillary clinton has a question meanwhile. watch. this now, having said all this! why aren't i 50 points ahead, you might ask. >> yeah, you might ask. >> it might be because she is losing democrats, including our next guest. we are going to meet a dem that switched sides to win the midwest for trump. >> gary johnson is more than a slip of the tongue during an interview. watch this. >> debate and not say anything, and. >> what? >> so marijuana is harmless? yeah. think again. aleppo. >> oh, my. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis,
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don't wait until you or someone you care about develops shingles. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your risk. well, can you hear me now? >> why aren't i 50 points ahead, you might ask. well, the choice for working families has never been clearer. i need your help to get donald trump's record out to everybody. nobody should be fooled. >> that was hillary clinton shouting her way through a video address on wednesday to the labor errors international union of north america. >> that tone could be part of the reason some midwest democrats are switching sides and rallying around donald trump. joining us now executive director christian riggers, good to have you here. >> that was a wakeup call, that last. >> that will wake you up. so you were a delegate for president obama.
3:18 am
you were a strong supporter of bernie sanders. now you are not only supporting trump but trying to get other democrats to get on the trump wagon. some are saying how do you go from bernie sanders to donald trump? >> i mean, our country is becoming hollowed out. washington is broken. there is nobody more responsible for both of those things than bill and hillary clinton. donald trump has promised to rebuild our infrastructure and bring jobs back to this country. a couple weeks ago, ford motor company said they are sending their whole entire small car manufacturing plant to mexico. we have got to stop this stuff. donald trump has pledged to do it. >> you have heard hillary there wondering why she is not 50 points up. she is saying this is the responsibility of the laborers to get out there and vote for us, to vote for me. what do you think is wrong with her tone there? what did she miss? >> i don't know. something is definitely off there. she -- you know, every time she speaks, you hear a
3:19 am
different hillary clinton. either she is tone deaf recommendation regardless, i think it's pretty odd behavior. >> tell us about some of the work you are doing because you are focusing on states like ohio. like pennsylvania. states that trump absolutely has to win to win the white house. what are you doing in those states and can he win them? >> we have targeted -- done some data mining and have over 850,000 voters that we're targeting in 10 counties in pennsylvania. another hot, a million of them in ohio. we have had hundreds of thousands of democrats and independents that have switched already in the primaries to vote for donald trump. these are -- and weigh are also going to try to -- if we enough money, which is this is a grass roots effort unlike some of the other super pacs. go in to virginia, carolina, and parts of florida. and we're ready to do that. we are going through next week and distributing 10,000 signs in the pittsburgh to cleveland corridor starting on next sunday after the debates. >> all right.
3:20 am
you mentioned independence. who are trumpocrats. you said blue collar. what other characteristics do they have? >> somebody asked me the other day are these women or minorities or blacks or traditional democratic constituencies and i said they are all of that all of the above. we have and independents. there are millions of americans that have lost their jobs. they are under employed. unemployed. a lot of people have gone to, you know, on disability. they're not able to provide for their families anymore. you know, people are sick and tired of it they are really sick and tired. >> christian rivers, thank you for being with us this morning. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> now to a fox news alert. brand new video showing what sparked riots in charlotte. a black cop shoots a black man with a gun. official video still under wraps. should we take the police at their word? that's next. >> caution, dead man voting. seriously. >> really? >> i wonder who they are casting their ballots for?
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chaos continuing in the city of charlotte for the fourth night in a row. protesters demanding justice for a black man shot by police. brand new video of that shooting. mike tobin live with the latest details. what's going on. >> what you see behind me right now are empty streets. demonstrations went well past the curfew last night with no significant trouble. police kept them marching until the numbers had significantly. 3:00 a.m. they executed arrest. exactly seven people had been arrested. the individuals that they
3:25 am
picked up, they had their eye on them throughout the evening. because these individuals were making trouble. now, at its peak the demonstration was about 400 strong. the release of cell phone video showing the moments before and after keith scott was shot seems to have only cemented their resolve. >> keith, keith, don't you do it. don't you do it. >> drop the gun. drop the gun. >> keith, keith, keith, don't you do it. [gunfire] >> did you shoot him? >> now, these protesters are demanding the release of additional video that only police have possession of right now dash cam and body camera video. only the family members of mr. scott. attorneys have seen it statement from attorneys said while police did give him several commands. did he not aggressively approach them or raise his hands at member of law enforcement. at any time it is impossible to discern from the videos what if anything mr. scott is holding in his hand.
3:26 am
and what we are seeing his or her is very similar to what we saw in ferguson. a narrative took hold early. when new evidence is introduced, such as the gun that there is information that there was a gun introduced that has fingerprints and d.n.a. on it. that is simply dismissed as a loy. the original narrative is accepted as fact. guys, back to you in new york. >> joining us is donor eric guster. both to see you both. eric, there is a lot we don't know about this shooting. the police say there is a gun that is loaded that has the d.n.a. and frintsd of the man who was shot. i'm withholding judgment. i'm not withholding yument on the riots that took place after. why are our national political leaders not saying the obvious which is you are not allowed to set fires to loot stores, to try to murder people just because you are unhappy about a police shooting. >> the problem is that only happened one night. just like we had the lead
3:27 am
that said there was chaos there have been two nights of very peaceful protests. >> so you had. >> right thing to do. >> you had cameras showin show showing throwing to try cameraman into a bonfire. >> making their views known. what the problem is in this case the charlotte police department is withholding evidence from -- withholding information from the public that should be released. and they know it should be released. the police chief needs to be. >> you may be totally right. i'm kind of against obamacare should i loot wal-mart? this is not how we proceed in justice, is it? >> i mean, when you are looking at a city like charlotte, you got lots of young people, tucker, that are angry. they're upset. they're dealing with this now. is that behavior correct? no one could say that behavior is correct. i think what's happening really good now is that the
3:28 am
clergy in charlotte has gotten on the ground. they're minister to people. and that's why you see a peaceful thing happening now. sort of like what's happening in tulsa. tulsa is a great model. and when people are praying and when people are starting off in prayer, like real civil rights did back in the days of martin luther king, then you don't see that kind of violence. you don't see that kind of outcry. and that's what we're hoping for. i'm flying down there after i leave here. to go out there and join those clergy to do the best job i can. >> but violent mobs should not be influencing our justice system. that's not the way the system works. that is the chance of society. that's chaos. you are a lawyer, you can't be for that. >> i am for peaceful protests. i am for protesting. i'm for social justice changes that need to be made. the problem here is the leadership in charlotte. the model is chicago. we were just talking about how these protests were based off of a shooting that the public has been told we have information and we're
3:29 am
going to withhold it from you. >> right. >> the family has asked the charlotte police department to release the tape, release the information, because, just like laquon macdonald shooting in chicago. it was a bad shooting. a police chief came on twings and said this is wad i'm going to let you know but we're going to be totally transparent. charlotte is not doing that. those are the type of things that trigger reactions to people to do things. >> i kind of agree with the first part. i believe in transparency. i want more information rather than less. what i'm really disturbed by is the instinct on the part of our leaders to make excuses for mob violence. >> yeah. i don't think there is any excuse for mob violence. and i don't think, you know, anybody wants that. i think what happens often is you have people with anger, with no place to place it. so you see white people out there just as equal as african-americans. >> no you don't, actually. you saw people screaming racialg epitaphs and hurting people on the basis of skin color. >> you are incorrect.
3:30 am
look at your video. look at your footage. >> being attacked because of their race. >> 50% white out there. >> oh, the protesters, i get it i'm saying you shouldn't be allowed to say i'm attacking you because of your skin color. that's wrong no matter what the color. >> i think it's past race. to some degree it is the system and people are looking at this distrust with the police departmentenned saying like you had lance tamao points a 9-millimeter, white guy, points at cops. he is talked down for 45 minutes. >> right. >> all these videos you don't even see one minute. >> i'm not defending police misbehavior. i think it exists. >> it does. >> i don't think you can loot liquor stores and say you are protesters. >> i believe that. >> gentlemen you are going down there. good luck. thank you both for coming. fox news alert. terror at the mall, after a shooter opens fire in a gun-free zone.
3:31 am
five people are dead. the shooter remains on the run. we are live on the scene with the details that we know. then, the fbi handing out immunity like candy, like skittles, you might say in the case of hillary clinton's email scandal. the latest person to walk free might be the most disturbing one yet. we have the latest one on that. the tape that will make you think twice about locally lizing marijuana and voting for gary johnson. it has long-term effects, ladies and gentlemen. we the tape. >> based on that. i can hold my tongue for the whole debate and not say anything. >> sunday, live from hofstra university a powerful preview of the first presidential debate. get critical insight and late breaking reports from howie cutters on media buzz and election headquarters from bill hemmer and martha maccallum. must see in-depth analysis. plus, as the candidates prep for a faceoff watch a
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35 minutes now after the hour. back with a fox news alert. we just learned a fifth person has now died in the seattle mall massacre. a massive manhunt now underway for the gunman. >> she just said there is people shooting. i heard a gunshot. [inaudible] lock the door,
3:36 am
lock the door, i will be there as soon as i can i don't even know if they have got to her yet. she is not answering her phone. i don't know if it went dead. i don't know. >> right now, police are scouring the area for this man seen on surveillance video in this black t-shirt carrying a rifle. >> police are distroying him as a hispanic male in his 20's. they're not exactly sure that that's true. they know he was wearing all black. is he considered to be armed and dangerous. >> we want to bring in armando he joins us on the phone. he works in the mall and he was there during the attack. armando, thanks for joining us. we know it's in the early hour 3:30 your time. you can tell us what you saw. >> at the time i was coffee. getting myself something to drink. and i was able to turn around and i kind of -- i glanced at the macy's. i didn't see anything personally myself. i did hear the shots, you
3:37 am
know, the first shot went off. the second shot went off. i kind of just stood there i didn't know if it was an actual shot or not. then after that it was like round by round shot after shot after shot. that's when i ran immediately to where i work at, you know, with a bunch of people. we were able to lock up and stay safe until we had to evacuate. >> how quickly until the police were able to get to the scene? >> five minutes, four minutes. i gave them a call and when i called them, which was like a minute after i heard the shots, they already got a call. they were already on their way. so u luckily we were able to get out early and luckily the people that came with us are safe. >> amen to that. now, armando, do you know if this man said anything while he was shooting and, also, the police are describing him as hispanic. i don't know if they are sure of that do you have any
3:38 am
information on what he locked like, who he was? >> i personally do not. i do not have any information what he looked like. i know there was a picture out. that's the only thing that i know that i have seen so far. did i hear one of them screaming and everything. i personally didn't hear that at all. at the time that the shots went off, like i said, i ran immediately, so i had no chance. >> wait, so you heard that he was -- excuse me, you heard that he was screaming. we haven't gotten that information. what did you hear that he was screaming. >> oh, no. when i said i heard that he was screaming, i saw it on the news saying that apparently that you know, he was screaming a name or something like that. i personally didn't hear anything of him screaming because i went straight into the room myself. >> because you were -- okay. pause you were out at this coffee station outside of the macy's where this unfolded. >> exactly. >> when you saw the pictures of this guy, obviously, you know, when you work at a mall like that, you tend to
3:39 am
know a lot of people who work at the mall, have you ever seen this guy before? >> i have not when i saw the picture, i never saw the person ever: it's crazy because it's a small town. you will be able to recognize. but i have no clue on this. >> you don't know if he worked at the mall. >> definitely, yes. i did not, no. >> about what time did this happen, that you start to hear the shots? and was it a busy time for the mall? were there a lot of people there at the time? >> you know, our mall tends to vary. some days we will be super busy and some days won't. today, you know, in the midst of all of that i'm actually glad to say we weren't that busy because then there would be more people in the mall. but that being said, you know, there was probably around like 6:30ish i'm thinking or 640ish i remember happening pause i remember being outside
3:40 am
evacuated it was already 7:00. >> we are hoping for the best here. we appreciate you being with us this morning and giving us your insights. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. >> it's a sad new reality you face walk into a mall you never know. >> shocking. >> hoping for the best there. we too have other headlines to get to this morning. we are learning that another top hillary clinton aid given immunity by the fbi in the now closed email probe. cheryl mills clinton's former chief of staff a fifth person to strike a similar deal. jason chaffetz is outraged saying, quote, no wonder they couldn't prosecute a case. they were handing immunity deals like candy. authorities now suspect russian hackers were behind the massive cyber attack at yahoo and this after the company catching flack for the breach where half a million was expoised. hackers were looking for info on just a few dozen
3:41 am
others doing business with russia. a new york man is now suing yahoo for gross negligence. and if you can believe it, just 44 days until the election. and some folks will not let anything keep them from voting. listen to this. colorado, that includes being dead. palm shell local news investigation row veelg dead men and women have been casting ballots for years. state voting officials say they have to follow strict criteria to remove names from voting roles and minor errors can lead to mistaken votes. >> all dead people vetted democrat by the way. you thought this was bad. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo. >> about? >> aleppo. >> and what is aleppo? >> you're kidding? >> no. >> aleppo is in syria. >> you can't get enough of this, tucker. >> of course, msnbc decided to have libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson back for another interview. how could you not? he is the guest of the
3:42 am
century. here is the interview from thursday night. watch. this people would recognize that there is another choice and that there would be an examination of me and bill weld as who we are and what we have done. and based on that. i could hold my tongue for the whole debate and not say anything. >> lock at her bounce backward. >> what is happening there? >> we have conclusive evidence that marijuana does have long-term effects. it's true. >> he did say in his "60 minutes" interview i asked him too you still smock pot right now no, i don't. >> cumulative effects over decades of regular use. >> when you interview politicians you take a lot of time to prepare for these things in that moment i think there is nothing she could have done to prepare. >> all she did was the appropriate response, rick she goes. >> it's very rare a presidential candidate threatens with you his tongue. >> i think it might have had much more short-term effects than long-term effects. very possible. talk a little bit of weather
3:43 am
out there. a lot happened this woke. a lot of flooding in the parts of the carolinass and virginias and in across northern plains. take a look at the northern map. temperaturewise as well. out across the west, would very snow, first time i have said that word. we have some across the higher elevation. still very warm across the central plains and southeast. northeast where it's warm across the great lakes. fall is here at least for a bit. it looks like it's going to actually stick around for the next couple of days. we have a storm out by bermuda, that's karl. we have a little bit more rain moving toward iowa. iowa we have big flooding going on right now, guys it looks like maybe an inch or so over the next few days we will dry out which is good news. send it back to you inside. >> thanks, rick. >> a woman takes matters into her own hands after a chief steals her purse. the dramatic showdown caught on camera. >> got to see this. two days away now from the first presidential debate. what can hillary clinton and donald trump learn from the past? >> these are the kind of
3:44 am
elements of a national health insurance important to the american people. governor reagan, again, typically, is against such a proposal. >> governor, there you go again. tapped into dance as a kid... raised a child who never stood still... and opened a dance studio. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and she prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda-approved to treat this pain, moderate to even severe diabetic nerve pain. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you.
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3:47 am
surround yourself with healthy advantages at welcome back. just two days until hillary clinton and donald trump face off for the very first time at hofstra university in that debate. what can we learn from past memorable moments. here now scott jennings, former special assistant to president george w. bush. nice to see you this morning, scott. >> thank you. food to be here. >> take your podium. this morning we will dive into history here and give us the lesson learned. start with ronald reagan implying that jimmy carter is loying by saying there you go again. watch this famous quote. >> these are the kind of elements national health insurance important to the american people. governor reagan, again, typically, is against such a proposal. >> governor, there you go again. >> i guess reagan at the
3:48 am
time was sort of seen as radical before this debate, right? >> yes. also seen in the driver's seat in this election. i'm not sure if anything could have helped carter in 1980. something important about staying calm and knowing when the attack is coming and what is coming. instead of getting worked up and feeling like you are defensive. ronald reagan looked in control of the situation and had something ready for a tack that he knew was coming. it shows you that prep is important. and they knew they were going to get that attack. so he was prepped with a calm answer. >> donald trump could probably take something away from this. >> yes. >> in 2000, al gore trying to intimidate george w. bush. watch this famous moment. >> that's what the question in this campaign is about. it's not only what your philosophy and what your position on issues but you can get things done? [ laughter ] and i believe i can. >> all right. >> that was such a bizarre moment. you know, he walks over to him, stands next to him and like what are you doing
3:49 am
here? and i thought he handled it beautifully. >> the president of the united states ohio worked for and i was working on that, that was my first presidential campaign. when we saw that moment, cheers went up from the bush-cheney headquarters all over the country. the issue there is demeanor. we look for the president of the united states to be strong and we look for strong body language from our president and so al gore clearly had rehearsed this little moment where he was going to intimidate george w. bush and he handled it perfectly that was a microcosm of what was happening in the campaign. gore was a little bit weak. bush was running as a strong governor and that debate moment played right into the narrative that campaign. >> al gore sighing through debate. >> scott we will have you back next hour and dive deeper in some of these moments and lessons in debate. thanks so much we appreciate it? >> thank you. >> big show on tap. rudy giuliani will be here. lt. general michael flynn and chuck woolery will be here. eric bolling and
3:50 am
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we are back and continuing our celebration of hispanic heritage month. briabrian. >> daniel, the founder of kind snacks which we all know and love is someone who imips hispanic heritage and he told us a little bit of his story when we sat down with him at the new york city kind headquarters. >> i grew up in mexico city. pretty unusual set of circumstances as the son of a holocaust survivor and jewish community. >> daniel's childhood was a happy one. but his family never forgot where they came from or what they went through. >> my dad was nine years old when the war started. and he was sent to ghetto
3:54 am
and then to our concentration camp and then second concentration camp. by the time he was liberated by american soldiers he was 15 and a half. he immigrated to mexico. learned spanish by watching movies and reading books. he was one of the most educated men you would ever meet. he never forgot the horrors of the holocaust, he also found the kindness in people that helped them survive. he always remembered those moments. >> taking everything he learned from his father and combining it with his own creativity and tireless drive. daniel built an incredit i can bably successful company that does more than just business. >> they promise of kind our mission is do the kind thing for your body, for your taste buds and world. for your body nutritionally rich foods. they have to be delicious. for your world about trying to inspire kindness in the world. which is obviously what gives me the most meaning. giving a million dollars away for people not looking
3:55 am
for credit but really making a difference in the community. we also have something called kind causes. everybody can upload their proposals how they would like the community to get behind them. but one of my favorites is the simplest small kind acts where i carry with me in my wallet is kind cards. and if i notice somebody doing a kind act for a total stranger. then i give them kind awesome card. and they go to the website and information and give them another card so they can then celebrate the next person that they spot doing the kind thing. >> infusing his background and humanitarian values in everything he does, the founder of kind makes sure to appreciate everything that has made his success possible. >> i really think go sews so well with american culture. we are risk takers. we celebrate merit. we celebrate creativity. we celebrate risks. and we can't take for granted any of these things. i mean, i wish my dad was
3:56 am
here so that i could celebrate a lot of things with him. when he passed away, i remember going through things and finding a folder where he kept all of the things that i had accomplished. the awards that i had received that was really nice to see that he kept memories of all the little things i have done over my, you know, 30 years of my life. i just wish he helped if he still listen or watching and he proud of the fact that i'm trying to follow his values and principles and example. >> and he is just a nice example that you can achieve success and incorporate good in how you do at the same time, abby. >> so inspiring and so well done. brine, thank you for being here this morning. >> appreciate it. thank you. >> next week we hear from ozzy who heads tyler perry studios. we look forward to that who is playing trump in miller's mock debates. ed henry has all the details and he joins us next. ♪
3:57 am
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good morning to you, it's september 24th. massacre at the mall. five people are dead after a shooter opens fire in a gun-free zone. >> we're receiving shots fired at burlington. >> i have got two victims down bleeding in the makeup section. >> a number of victims, reports of three to four down inside. >> this morning, police need your help finding this man, the latest on the manhunt in moments. >> and then, yet, another friday document dump. this one again courtesy of the fbi. this one says president obama may have lied. what he said perhaps to protect hillary from losing the race. ed henry has all the details on that. is he next. >> what is hillary going to do if this happens monday at the debate. [coughing]
4:01 am
>> this morning, we know what will happen if hillary's allergies strike again. we will tell you all the new debate rules. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. >> we do begin with your headlines this morning. straight to a fox news alert. a massive hand hunt underway after a gunman shoots five people dead inside of a shopping mall just north of seattle. we just spoke to a witness who described the terror and the chaos. listen. >> shot after shot after shot. and then that's when i ran immediately to where i work at. you know, with a bunch of people. we were able, you know. lock up and stay safe until we to evacuate. >> that was armando. he worked at the mall. was getting coffee outside of where this massacre unfolded. all of the victims shot inside a macy's department store. four of them women. one was a man. >> right now police are scouring the area around the mall for this man.
4:02 am
you see him here on surveillance video carrying a hunting rifle. police are describing him as hispanic male in his 20's. they're not sure of that that's what they're going with right now. wearing all black. considered to be armed, of course, and dangerous. police are urging people to stay inside their homes. >> and to call 911 if you know anything about this man or see him. but that is the latest at 7:00. >> we spoke to a trooper acting in effect as a spokesman for the state police in washington. they are calling the hispanic male. they don't know that. >> right. >> so we just should be clear what we don't know. >> this is the photo here. it's hard to tell. armando who we spoke to earlier who works in the mall and when you work -- it's a small-town mall. a lot of people who work at that mall know each other. asked employee of the mall he said i have never seen him before. weave don't know if he knew these girls at the makeup area or not. police are still trying to get all of this. >> we know the mall was a gun-free zone as well. this happened around 6:30. 6:45 their time last night.
4:03 am
usually somewhat of a busy time at that mall. as we know now, four women were in the department store that were killed. five all together are dead this morning. so hoping for the best. >> unbelievable. >> apparently he was not confronted by anybody in law enforcement at the mall and able to escape before the police arrived five minutes later. really distressing story. >> other headlines to get to this morning. starting with another fox news alert. hillary clinton postponed her trip to charlotte as chaos erupts again for a fourth night in a row. protesters defying the mandated curfew to demand justice for keith scott a black man shot by police officers. video just released by the victim's widow. >> keith, keith. don't you do it. don't you do it keith, keith, keith. don't you do it. [gunfire] >> did you shoot him? >> so police say that suspect had a gun. it was loaded and had his blood and fingerprints on it. yet, the department still refusing to release dash cam
4:04 am
or body cam video of the shooting. and chilling new details from the investigation into the suspected new york bomber ahmed rahami. sources say he wrote the train carrying those pipe and pressure cooker bombs into manhattan on the night of the blast. the first bomb injuring dozens of people. the second never went off. rahami remains in stable condition after being hunted down and shot by police. well, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will meet separately with donald trump and hillary clinton tomorrow. the meetings will take place in new york city where the prime minister has been staying for the u.n. general assembly. the prime minister's office says he did accept trump's invitation only if they were able to meet with clinton as well. and those are some of your headlines this morning. >> we want to bring in he had meanry right now to talk about some the big political news of the morning. he is joining us from d.c. nice to see you this morning, ed. >> great to see you guys. >> we want to break down some of the new rules we are getting. some of the leaked rules from the first debate. we are learning, i guess, if
4:05 am
hillary clinton ends up having some sort of a coughing fit again, they are not going it be able to go to commercial break or anything like that. stand up there 90 minutes solo, right? no commercial breaks. >> interesting. almost like expectations are now being lowered for hillary clinton the way they were being lowered a few weeks ago for donald trump. meaning if she can just get through this 90 minutes without a coughing fit you can imagine her campaign saying that was a solid win. she didn't have to leave the stage. she wasn't carried out. this is getting a bit ridiculous because think about where we were before six weeks ago. she had probably a double digit lead. it was heading in that direction anyway coming out of the conventions where she had this big bounce, donald trump had self-inflicted wounds. and there were people actually predicting then look, the debates it's going to be a hail mary for donald trump. this is his last chance to shake up the race. instead, much different point and really hillary clinton going on defense. >> you are making such a smart point. our expectations are being manipulated by both campaigns here.
4:06 am
everyone in stories reading preparatory for the debate is leaked by a campaign to shape how we view the debate, correct? >> oh, no doubt about it and talking about expectations. i was trying to think this morning what would be an interesting comparison. think back to the first fox republican primary debate. august of 2015. and i went back to larry sabato's crystal ball. i don't mean to pick on him. he is on our air a lot. often right about what predict. heading into that first republican debate he said, quote, we have been waiting for trump's poll numbers to come back to earth. so far they haven't. tonight the first debate may serve as something of an inflection point for viability as a candidate as if he would have to drop out. should trump be vague in answers demeaning toward opponents and debate rules and commissions. he may get his polling come upance. he was everything there. >> check, check, check. >> and yet there was no come
4:07 am
upen. he has defined expectations. >> no commercials in 90 minutes. no stool for hillary clinton. she is about a foot shorter for donald trump. they have been behind closed doors preparing for these debates and having to group against the other one. someone has to play that role. i think the clinton camp has struggled up to this point to figure out who to play donald trump. they found someone, one of her top aides, correct? >> felipe, you can see him right there. i know him going back to his days as press secretary communications director to then senator hillary clinton. he is a stuff prater. is he somebody who can be very nice and he is someone who in a minute's notice can get very nasty and tough. system of the emails that have leaked in recent years during these various stories showing how hard-hitting he is. the point is he is very protective of hillary clinton. that's why he has been in the inner circle for a long time. not afraid of her? that's a tough job, ed. a lot of people don't want to be told when she is weak. >> you know, is he is willing to say, look, this is a bad idea.
4:08 am
look, you need to come up with a better answer on that. and i think, again, if you go back to where all of this started the idea was oh my god donald trump is losing the race. the debates are his last hope to shape up this race. we see hillary clinton behind closed doors for most of the last week or two. donald trump has been very direct about saying he is not winging it but barely prepping. he has been on the campaign trail instead. there is a point there. hillary clinton is very -- she plans things out. she is very detailed. she has more five point plans than anybody else. those details may matter in this race. when the debate when you have limited time to make up your point you cannot come up with an array of facts. you have to explain why you want to be president. that's one of the biggest challenges for her. >> what's this about. i know president obama got to say from the headlines he is moving from lame duck status. yesterday we found something really interesting in these new fbi documents that were released. you see huma abedin saying that she believes the president was emailing with
4:09 am
hillary clinton, using a pseudonym in his email. emailing her on private email because that's all she used. this, if true, would directly contradict what the president claimed that he had no idea that she used private email. >> sure. >> looked like caught in a big lie. am i misreading this. >> two quick points. pseudonym very early days in the administration i remember robert gibbs and other top aides privately delegate me president obama was using email with various people and had a pseudonym and that was a security thing. it had nothing to do with hiding. >> i remember. >> but, basically that if someone ever found the emails, russia or whatever, they wouldn't know it was coming from president obama. i think that's a little bit of a red herring. you are right. president obama, i think in a 60 minutes interview a few months back said i learned about her using this personal email and the server from the news reports. and, yet, if he walls emailing with her behind the scenes once or ten times or 100 times that would suggest maybe that wasn't true. bottom line, go back to the
4:10 am
first news conference. march of 2015 where hillary clinton tried to explain to the public what was going on with this personal email, one thing after another has turned out to not be true and that is the very bottom line going in to this first debate. think about it the idea that five people got immunity during this fbi investigation yet, there was no indictment. that bombshell drops just a few days before the first debate. you can bet donald trump is going to be. >> one of those people granted immunity was cheryl mills. clinton's top aide. >> >> was allowed to sit with hillary clinton during the interview despite being a witness. jason chaffetz is furious about that. >> saying they are handy them out candy. >> do we have that sound bite? let's to then. this i'm losing faith at a rapid pace in the fbi. i thought this was going to be a serious investigation. the way they handed out immunity agreements. the fact that they let hillary clinton's chief of staff be also a witness and
4:11 am
immunity recipient and sit in on hillary clinton's interview is just shameful. >> there you go, ed. >> i think going into this district attorney bait we have laid out all the potential pit falls for hillary clinton. that is a huge one. let's not also forget donald trump has a lot to show. he has the temperament. he is ready to be commander in chief. they have been beating on him for weeks and weeks and weeks. if he shows that and rises up t occasion. >> i don't see how director comey can continue to run the fbi. >> the credibility of that investigation, one thing after another has just eaten away at the credibility. >> it's really bad. ed henry, thanks a lot for that analysis. >> great to see. >> thanks, ed. >> we showed you the violent riots breaking out in charlotte. what if we told you will they were triggered on purpose to get out the vote for democrats? that's next. >> months after their bitter primary battle ted cruz says he will now vote for donald trump. what went on behind the
4:12 am
scenes? well, eric bolling joins to us react to this g.o.p. stunner. that's coming up. ♪ don't get me wrong ♪ if i'm acting to. >> a white house email account was hacked and a lot of their information was leaked yesterday. they are saying the information was stolen from the g mail account from a low level staff. >> joe biden said technically my title is vice president. not a low level staff. ♪ ♪ propulsion, structural analysis- maple bourbon caramel. that's what we're working on right now.
4:13 am
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when a moment turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card. hillary clinton cancels her planned trip to charlotte, north carolina, after a plea from the mayor asking political figures to stay away. >> we appreciate the support of the candidates. we appreciate that they're concerned about charlotte. at this point we do have
4:16 am
very stressed resources. if there would be a way to delay those visits in terms of giving us a chance to get our city, i know, back to order and back to a more of a state of normalcy, that would probably be ideal. >> let's say hillary had gone to charlotte. what would she have said? what could she have said? joining us now is one of our favorite guest radio talk show host larry elder is live from l.a. great to see you this morning. >> good morning. >> conservings make a mistake when they immediately jump to conclusions on this. we don't know what happened. i'm withholding judgment. what we can judge though is the fact that riots took plates in the streets. crazy people looted stores. hurt other people. tried to burn to death a reporter. and hillary clinton didn't say word one about any of that. why? >> and nor by the way has president obama. >> right. >> let's look at this. this is a black suspect, excuse me. a black suspect killed by a black police officer whose boss is a black pd chief and
4:17 am
rioters are attacking white people. what's wrong with this picture in the other problem, of course, is that this whole black lives matter movement, whose with george soros' fingerprints all over it, tucker, in 25 of the largest cities, you are finding increase in homicide. and the victims of these homicides are often the very black people that black lives matter claim that they care about. it's insane. >> well, it is also maybe counter productive. soros has many ageneral does. one of them is to get hillary clinton elected. but i think that normal people, swing voters watching this think to themselves i don't know -- police make mistakes sometimes. maybe they are right. maybe they are wrong. but this is nuts. you should not tolerate this kind of craziness in your streets because that is the end of civilization. i don't think this makes people want to vote for hillary more. does it? >> i agree. whatever happened to comply, you won't die. in almost every one of these high profile cases, excuse me, tucker. it's early and i'm in san diego. early on if these people had just complied whether it's
4:18 am
tulsa or charlotte. the person would still be alive. and if the officer has engaged in any kind of misconduct. you deal with it while you are alive. i don't know why it's so condescending to tell black people, to tell people in the street if you are pulled over by an officer, be polite, be respectful. comply with lawful orders and you will not die. why aren't people saying that? they don't want to say that because it will be perceived as blaming the victim. i don't get. this i think it's condescending. the media treats blacks like they are children to whom the truth cannot be told. donald trump has made the same mistake. he weighed in on tulsa and he said, looked at the video and couldn't see why the cop did she what she did. look, they indicted -- they charged this woman already within 48, 72 hours, tucker. i'm telling you now based on the ambiguity of that video. my suspicion is if it goes to trial she will not be conducted. convicted. >> what bothers me most it happened in baltimore too, our political leaders and judicial system is
4:19 am
responding to the mob. basically the mob is getting what it wants by threatening violence against our civilization and we are caving. it set a bad precedent. is it not? >> well, and think about who is running the system. people are complaining about institutional racism. again, black cop, black ph.d. chief. back-to-back black attorney general. a black president. how do you complain about institutional racism when blacks are running the institution? >> yeah. i money, it is mindless. and bizarre. larry elder. thanks for putting that in to context for us. real i had appreciate it. >> good luck with your hillary cough, too. it will get better. [ laughter ] well, terrorism son everyone's minds after the bombings in new york and horrible stabbings in minnesota at the shopping mall it will be front and center at the debate on monday, too. what do hillary clinton and donald trump stand on that question? our terror experts jillian turner and dr. sebastian gorka are here to discuss it you won't believe what was
4:20 am
flying next to the stars and stripes on campus. a black lives matter flag. we will tell you where. stay tuned. ♪
4:21 am
4:22 am
4:23 am
worry back with quick headlines. space exrevealing the cause of a massive rocket explosion. [explosion] >> company now revealing a breach in the oxygen system caused the giant fireball earlier this month. the rocket was carrying a
4:24 am
satellite to be used by facebook. taking matters into her own hands. a daring woman jumping on the hood of a car to stop a thief from stealing her purse. you can see it there the florida woman smacking the man with her wallet before falling off the car as the thief drives off. police are still looking for that man. clayton, over to you. >> well, securing america -- first presidential debate on monday. back up on the topic of terrorism, especially with the attacks in new york and minnesota still fresh in voters' minds. of course, what unfolded last night in washington. we still don't know the details of that. reactions from our panel. julian turner staff under george w. bush and president obama and dr. sebastian gorka is here as the author of the book defeating juwaad. we haven't heard actually a plan to defeat isis, dr. goreca. you say this might be a good book for trump. what question will voters be asking themselves after monday night's debate.
4:25 am
>> we talked with jillian before this went on. they want the meat on the bone. it's clear that donald trump believes we are at war. this is refreshing. he believes this is serious threat and isis has to be defeated. and he wants to be a president who wins this war. so, let's hear the details. and monday could be a perfect time. >> a perfect opportunity for him to lay out a plan. he hasn't laid out a plan yet. hillary clinton has. what do you think -- good opportunity for him to do this? >> i think it's a golden opportunity for him. i think people would respond to it really, really well. we are not talking about battle plan. a lot of people fight back, push back and say well you shouldn't broadcast to the enemy what we're going to do. of course not. talking about macrolevel strategy that outlines his vision. outlines the general approach he is going to take. what elements it will combine if he is going to include military and diplomatics, ideological. how that is going to work together. something that at least gives us the contours. i think hillary clinton has done a really good job of putting forward a plan like
4:26 am
that. it's not for everybody. a lot of critics don't think it's viable. but, to her credit, you can log on to her website and read it and decide for yourself. i think donald trump has got to step up and do that, too. >> temperament. we saw in the wake of terror attacks, two different styles emerging right await a minute hillary clinton sort of reserved in that #zombie hillary was trending. video in the airplane you couldn't hear her and donald trump came out and said it was a bomb. we didn't know any of the details. is that what we will be watching for monday night temperament? >> not just temperament. i think donald has proven his temperament toward the threat. this is a guy who wants to win. and that's what he is famous more, right? he is a winner. i think the issue is track record with regards to hillary. the threat that we see in isis is in large part a result of policies that the obama administration brought when she was secretary of state. if you look at libya. if you look at syria, the red line. if you look at the
4:27 am
withdrawal of our troops in 2011. if donald trump simply points these out, that isis has become the world's most powerful insurgency of the jihadist enterprise while she was in cabinet, that's a problem for her. >> how does she defend herself. >> what she needs to do is be careful to not hedge herself in which she is already doing. my biggest criticism of her kind of strategy on terrorism right now is that she is already making proclamations like if i was president, i would never put another american boot on the ground in iraq ever again. that's exactly the kind of approach that hedges in our military leaders unnecessarily really undercuts us on the national stage. if she can stay away from reit's rating that. i think that would behoove her a lot. >> do you think we will see the moment donald trump calling her out for the iraq war? that was something he hit hard. >> he has done it before. i think he is probably being advised right now to play it cool on monday.
4:28 am
to continue the presidential. this campaign has been turned around since steve took her. we have gone from trailing, trailing, trailing. to guy who even states that were a slam dunk for hillary she may lose. so he has to maintain that steady hand. >> fascinating. all right. interesting debate. we will all be watching. sort of like giddy. >> we are biting nails. >> i don't have any left. dr. gorka and jillian, thanks for joining us this morning. thank you. >> thanks. >> donald trump and ted cruz battled during the primaries for months. >> lyin' ted. he's lyin' ted. what's your name? my name is lyin' ted cruz. l-y-i-n-', lyin' ted. >> i'm going to miss that what got ted cruz to back the republican nominee? eric intolg here to react to that next. flying coach is bad enough. imagine getting the middle seat next to this guy.
4:29 am
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4:32 am
lyin' ted. he's lyin' ted. what's your name? my name is lyin' ted cruz.
4:33 am
l-y-i-n-', lyin' ted. >> oh, memories, eric bolling. >> he is hilarious. >> lyo lyin tucker. >> saw your tweet last night head exploding. >> what timing ted cruz come around saying he is my guy. makes perfect sense now momentum on his donald trump's side. he has jumped ahead of clinton in the polls. now you get something really important with ted cruz. number one you get all -- there is a whole group of never trumpers. now, they may come and follow their candidate. ted cruz had a lot of never trump crowd with them. the establishment does as well. but had a lot of them with them. you also get potentially the hispanic vote. so, trump's polling somewhere around 27 to 32%. depending on the poll.
4:34 am
with hispanics. ted cruz may bring over independent. may bring over. >> let's be honest ted cruz is about ted cruz. thinking about only political future. running for senate again. gets in there. he is also thinking about running again and this time it might be god for him to say i did everything i could to stop hillary clinton. >> no doubt he had to do it politically and since he signed the pledge do what he is supposed to do. i would lo to see john kasich do it. however, i have said this a long time ago during the primaries. if donald trump offered ted cruz a supreme court justice judgeship, man, that would be fantastic for everyone involved. it would also take ted cruz out of the 2020 play if donald trump is the president. you don't want to be, you know, you don't want to be. >> i don't think cruz had to do it. his position was i i'm i'm not supporting trump on principle because cruz is a conservative. same one that got us. >> they all signed a pledge though. >> leaving the pledge aside, they said this a matter of conscience. >> how you can be can a
4:35 am
constitutional scholar and put your name on a document that promises to support the nominee. >> i get it and. >> and then uses the infrastructure to continue on the primary process. politically, i had think he had to. >> what do the never trump people say now. a man they pointed to as ted cruz the living elm bodiment of conservative principle. >> their heads are exploding. >> that was the difference between kasich is john kasich saying, look, there is too much water under that bridge. is there less water under ted cruz's bridge? he talked about his father being involved in the jfk assassination for crying out lewd loud. >> about his wife how she looks. >> come back from that what is john kasich looking for. >> maybe timing. maybe john kasich jumps on after the debate or going onto the third debate. >> seems like the bushes may never be there. >> that is so important. my head almost went boom when i saw george h.w. bush say he was going to not only vote for anyone in this cycle but he was going to vote for hillary clinton? >> wait, as a father, put yourself in a father's shoes
4:36 am
if a guy come out repeatedly and just mocked your son. i don't think there is any bone in my body that would bounce back from that i'm going that support you picked on my son look that. >> as a father and grandfather you want your children and grandchildren to have a country run by conservative values versus the liberal values that will take over if she is elected president. you have supreme court. you also have federal judges who are appointed boy the president. do you want hillary clinton a point the federal judge system and the supreme court? or do you want someone who took shots at your son? >> blood is thicker than water. >> so trump goes to mexico and meets with the mexican president and gets a lot out of it, i think. >> absolutely. >> why wouldn't he say you know what? i'm going to dallas and meet with the former president george w. bush and i'm going -- i mean, that would be kind of a power move, wouldn't it? >> he will probably never get that crew. he will never get that establishment, that never trump crew. >> do you think he announced that? do you think george w. bush would say coming here but
4:37 am
not voting for him. >> wow. >> it can get so personal it can get so ugly. the debate is monday night. very curious as to what your advice would be for donald trump. a lot of people are going to be watching wondering if he can appear presidential on the debate stage. >> have you been hitting the topic all morning lock. i think you are 100 percent right. the most effective ads that hillary clinton has had is attacks donald trump with his own words on temperament. if he shows that he has the temperament -- and i think the mexico trip started the debate -- the pro-trump temperament discussion saying that he has the temperament to be president if he shows that in the debate. he doesn't get sucked in to a lyin' hillary or crooked hillary back and forth. i think that will go a long way to taking the legs out of those ads that have been effective. also you can build. throw presidential debates. start here. start low key. just get out. >> you talked to the trump people. you know what they are thinking. are they ready for hillary? she is going to bing bing
4:38 am
bing bing bing bing bing until he explodes. >> you know people are prepping trump. >> right. >> they are pretty good at it they have been around the block a few times. they know what's going on. that is the $64,000 question. does he listen to his crew? i think he will. hopefully he does and he goes start slow. kick it up a notch in the second debate and the third one bring it home. because you are only, what, two and a half weeks until the election. >> i'm struck by the paradox here, right? because temperament wasn't the thing that got him this far, right? it was the fact that he was able to call things out. call lyin' ted. now he has to get up there and shift and act differently. >> i don't know. >> so it's a well-known fact that in a presidential elections, you start at the corners. you start far right, far left and toward the middle. you evolve to a more centrist candidate. for donald trump it was go lyin' ted. go small hands marco. little marco whatever he was talking about. and then he brought himself back to the center -- brought himself back to the
4:39 am
temperament that i think the american people. the undecideds needed to see. >> that's exactly who he needs to be. >> big undecides this election cycle. 20% undecided right now. huge opportunity for donald trump. by the way, very quickly, the math, the path, he needs ohio, florida, and north carolina or it's over, right? if he happens to be winning in all three of those in the polls. all he needs is either pennsylvania or michigan and he is president. she has five states to protect. he just has to get one of those five. >> these states are going to be huge. eric, good to see you this morning. >> great to be here. >> i will see you there. the five will be there, too. >> outstanding. >> we do have you were headlines to get to this morning. we already knew about orlando shooter omar mateen that he was a radical islamic terrorist. the complete transcripts of the 911 calls just released complete with his references to the islamic state, which were previously left out.
4:40 am
mateen even calling himself an islamic soldier saying, quote: my home boy, tamerlan tsarnaev did his thing on the boston marathon. now it's my turn. he shot and killed 39 people in the pulse nightclub before being gunned down by police. authorities now suspect russian hangers were behind the massive cyber attack at yahoo. this after the company catching serious flack for the breach where half a billion user account information was stolen. yahoo says hackers were looking for info on just a few dozen users doing business with russia. a new york man is now suing yahoo for gross negligence. career on campus. a black lives matter flag flying high right next to the american flag. students at the university of vermont surprised to see the showing of support by the student government. the flag expected to stay up through the weekend as the violent riots rage in riots. lawyer -- 9 hour flight next to obese man.
4:41 am
italian man upset. saying they wouldn't let him change seats. the man with a so large he was forced to stand in the aisle for portions of that flight. the airline will not comment on the ongoing legal battle. >> what do you do? >> that's a tough one. >> i'm not sure what i would do clayton. >> talk about it in the commercial break. >> yes. >> coming up here on the show. you just heard eric bolling's take on monday's first presidential debate. what advice is rudy giuliani giving donald trump? america's mayor joins us live at the top of the hour. >> that's someone trump actually listens to, too. it's news all of america has been waiting for. an angry jill stein who won't be allowed to play in monday night's debate has just announced what she plans to do instead. the stein factor. stay tuned, ladies and gentlemen. ♪ marco...!
4:42 am
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4:46 am
brand in video of that shooting. rick leventhal is live from charlotte with the latest details this morning. what is the latest where you are? hundreds of people took to the streets again last night as you mentioned. for the second straight night there was -- there were peaceful demonstrations unlike the first two nights where there was violence and looting. last night went pretty sherman r. smootly thanks to to the national guards troops. police did allow demonstrators to demonstrate well past the midnight curfew. march on to a highway for an exit. 2:30 when the crowd had dwindled officers moved in and made seven arrests according to overnight team on the ground. many in the crowd were chanting for authorities to release the tape. they said the dash cam
4:47 am
footage and body cam footage showing an officer shooting keith lamont scott. now most have seen the video that his wife recorded on the cell phone. >> keith, keith, don't you do it. don't you do it. >> drop the gun. >> drop the gun. >>, keith, keith, don't you do it. [gunfire] >> did you shoot him? scott's' family released that tape after they were allowed to watch the police tapes. and then the family attorney released a statement saying, in part, while police did give him several commands, scott did not aggressively approach them or raise his hands at law enforcement at any time. it is impossible to discern from the family what, if anything, mr. scott is holding in his hands. police have said that they recovered a handgun at the scene and sources, law enforcement sources have told local media that the gun was loaded and had scott's fingerprints and d.n.a. and blood on it when it was recovered.
4:48 am
guys? >> rick lesson that you joining us live from charlotte. thanks a lot, rick. >> thanks, rick. >> we are just getting warmed up this saturday morning. rudy giuliani lieutenant general michael flynn, key advisor to the trump campaign and along with the great chuck woolery and geraldo rivera are all to come on this show. >> plus christmas baby three months away. but the toys your kid will be asking for are already on the shelves. clayton is already playing with them already. no surprise there. ♪ oh it's got to be the good life, it's going to be a good life, good life
4:49 am
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
already hitting store shelves. here to give us a sneak peek is editor of the toy insider. she has brought toy critics with her. good to see you. >> good to see you. thanks for having me. >> these are coming out very soon. right? >> yes, they are. either out now or coming out very soon. >> these are the things your kids are going to want. frozen toy down here. >> younger kids favorite toys are generally based on some of their favorite characters from tv, movies, et cetera. i'm sure you recognize elsa. this is the new disney frozen northern lights elsa. kids can wave their over the snowflake to create beautiful lights and sounds. and they show up on elsa's dress. and help elsa bring the northern lights back. >> oh, good. torch is a really fuzzy cute
4:53 am
dragon. is he very sweet. >> do you like torch. >> yes. >> show how he can toast his marshmallows. >> what movie is this from? >> he is not from a movie. is he going to be kid's favorite character. >> reminds me of teddy ruskin from years ago. >> he blows flame colored moist. very cute. new holiday. this is pj mask could you like this. >> yeah, you are? tell me about these super heros. >> kids can choose their own adventure and act it out with the figures. it comes with cat boy and cat car. there is a lot of other figures and cars available sold separately. >> cat boy and cat car. so this is like a whole base here, right? >> this is the headquarters. there is a working elevator that the figures can go up and down. >> want to play with cat boy? >> that's owl. >> where is cat boy. >> there is features.
4:54 am
there is trap doors. there is a ramp the cars can go down. it's a lot of fun. >> producers in the booth do you mind if i hang out and play with cat boy. elevator too pretty cool. >> wow, that's pretty cool. >> you remember pikachu, people have renewed obsession with pikachu. he makes cute sounds. he wiggles his ears and cheeks light up. >> that's cute. we have a teenage mutant nip gentleman turelts. >> yes. this is one of the most responsive toys we have seen for the holidays he is not on yet. >> what does he do? >> he actually will respond to you. hey, mikey, do you like being a turtle? >> being a turtle rocks. >> i need this because no one listens to me in my house. >> i responds really fast. kids love that quick response. this is snuggles. snuggles is one of oyou are favorites in our office.
4:55 am
he is super soft and snuggly. he looks and acts just like a real puppy. >> does it do all the things that a real puppy does? >> look at that face. so you can feed him his bottle. you can wiggle his nose. look at that face. >> a little hard. here, let's hold it up a little bit. >> here, zoey, do you want to play with snuggles? turn snuggles on. >> so snuggles acts like a real puppy. >> yes. with none of the mess. that's part of the key component. >> let's go down here to the hot wheels. >> this is hot wheels ai. use the controller -- did it go off? >> and so this race is around the track. you can set up the track and it stays on. >> whoa. >> crazy driver over here. >> they are not on. >> this is like what christmas morning will be on. mom, did you buy some batteries? >> so these are smart cars, they have sensors on the
4:56 am
bottom so they recognize the track. so in easy mode they will actually stay on the track so kids can have a easy time of it. they don't fly off in to different directions. you can move on to advance mode where they can go everywhere. >> you can pick up the track? >> can you rearrange this track into 40 different con figure races. there is a loft ways to play with this? i know what i'm doing the rest of the show. thank you so much, jackie. thanks, kid. appreciate it all these toy also be coming out soon and we have them on our website as well. >> thank you. >> coming up, two days away from the first presidential debate. what advice is rudy giuliani giving donald trump? he wants to come in play with ties, too. looks like the antibiotics weren't enough. kim just said she might vote for trump. just like the people
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> and just two days to go before the first presidential debate. what kind of advice is rudy giuliani giving donald trump, america's mayor is here and coming in to the studio. come on in, mr. mayor. >> and, well -- we have had some confusion with the cameras. the question is will america elect this man as their president? [ laughter ] >> what would do you if you
5:01 am
were elected about aleppo? >> about? >> aleppo. >> and what is aleppo? >> you're kidding? >> no. >> aleppo is in syria. >> aleppo. >> what is aleppo? taps question every marijuana smoker asks himself at some point. msnbc just gave gary johnson a do-over. watch this. >> whole dewait and not say anything and america. >> wow. our show continues with rudy giuliani. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ >> that was funny news. we have to get to hard news now. because what happened over night is just disgusting. a massive manhunt underway for an armed killer who shot five people dead inside of a shopping mall just inside of
5:02 am
seattle. >> just said people shooting. i heard a gunshot. lock the door. just lock the door. and i will will be there as soon as i can. i don't even know if they have got to her yet. she ♪ answering her phone. i don't know if it went dead. i don't know. >> unbelievable. all of the victims shot inside of a macy's department store. among the dead, four women and one man. >> just heart breaking. right now police are scouring the area for this man seen on surveillance video carrying a hunting rifle. police describe him as hispanic male in his 20's, wearing all black. >> at this time we are urging people to stay inside of heir homes. if they see anything suspicious, then we urge them to call 911. >> the gunman considered to be armed and dangerous, obviously. at this hour his motive is still unknown. >> well, joining us now is former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. we kind of want to run by the day's events. great to see you, mr. mayor. >> good to see you. >> first, hillary clinton has postponed or cancelled
5:03 am
her trip to charlotte. it's where the riots were taking place. one of a bunch of different events that she has cancelled recently. if she had gone to charlotte. what could she have said? >> first of all, i think it was wise for her to do it and also wise for donald trump not to go they are having enough problems dealing with it we certainly don't want to politicize it i think both of them should say the same thing. which stop. i mean, stop -- stop the looting. stop the destruction of property. you're only destroying the property in large part of people in your own community. what did they have to do with this shooting? which, from the police department account seems to be justified. from the family's account isn't. in any event, a man who owns a candy store, nothing to do with it. what are you destroying the candy store for? i think that's the kind of thing we should be saying rather than looking for justifications for this. this isn't a protest. i'm watching a riot. i is had very strict rules i
5:04 am
learned from a report. two riots in new york before i became mayor. called the -- report written for the former governor cuomo. basically the major theory of controlling a riot is you don't let them take your streets. the streets belong to the people of the city to the soccer moms who want to get their kids to the soccer game on time. to the ambulance that has to get to the hospital in they minutes or four or the person who is dead of a heart attack. or to the police vehicle that has to get to the middle of a robbery before somebody is killed. you take the streets like the ones you see in back of us and you crowd them with people, you are making that city dangerous and unless you get a permit and we know about it, and we can plan around it my rule was first guy on the street arrested handcuffed and taken await a minute second guy handcuffed by the fifth or sixth guy they kind of got the message. i also am not of the theory that police officers shouldn't be properly armed and have somewhat of a military look in a situation like that. rather than creating a riot
5:05 am
it scares the hell out of people it tells them and i did it for eight years and i told you, i took over a city that this h. two major riots where people just went out and killed people because they were jewish. and i had no riots. i didn't have anything close to a riot. they knew they couldn't test me. >> because you wouldn't put up with it. >> they knew i had them outnumbered and they couldn't test me. that didn't mean they couldn't protest. i was protested. they used to protest in front of my house in front of city hall. on the streets. they used to march up and down the streets. you could not go in the streets. sidewalk protest, streets belong to all of us. >> in the middle of some crazy times. spate of terror attacks again over the past few weeks. and this is going to be one of the big focuses on monday night. ing will at donald trump's temperament. the response to the terror attacks. the discussion about foreign policy. what have you been telling donald trump? what do we expect to see had from him? >> no doubt on that issue he wins overwhelmingly. i mean, she is basically the
5:06 am
architect of the problem we have today. she and barack obama. there would not be an isis but for the fact that we pulled out of iraq after -- essentially, you snatched the feat from the jaws of victory. general petraeus had been successful in the surge, particularly in that eastern part of iraq where isis emerged. and foolishly. very foolish loy and recklessly. obama and clinton withdrew all our troops. where did they think the sunni fighters were going to go. they weren't going to go to mali because he was killing them. we didn't do anything to stop maliki from killing them. many went over to isis. and we weren't getting intelligence because we had no troops there the president made probably one the dumbest commence an american president ever made when he calls them the jv which indicated what poor intelligence he had about the development of isis. so, when donald trump says founder of isis and says she going to get the mvp award that's, of course, sarcastic. what it points out is her policies and his policies
5:07 am
made isis possible. then his indecision with regard to syria, drawing the red lines 12 times and backing off. look, i know islamic extremist terrorism really well since 1975. the weaker you are, the more they take advantage of you. that's why we have had so many bombings in the last year. we are displaying to the world both hillary clinton and barack obama, we won't say radical islamic terrorism. during the matt lauer interview she announced to the world she will never use ground troops. i have no idea why we have an army if we are not going to use it you display that kind of weakness, and they push you as far as they can push you. on the other hand, donald trump says i'm going to build up our military to -- i think it's 450 to 470,000 troops. we're going to have a navy of 350 ships, which will allow us to patrol two oceans and possibly stop china in the south china sea. we are going up to 35 battalions of marines. going continue to crease signature can'tly the number
5:08 am
of aircraft that we have and modernize both our nuclear and other capacity. we'll tase the world once again as ronald reagan did with a military that's so strong that hopefully it will keep the peace. and, if needed, will be used. and used prudently. carefully, and where necessary to prevent things like orlando from happening and after september 11th, when bush wept on offense, from then until the fort hood attack under obama, there was no successful radical islamic attack in this country. and that's because we had them on the run. it is very hard to plan an attack on your computer when an a.k. 47 is shooting at you and you are hiding in a cave. >> right. so what donald trump says on monday night is just as modern as how he says it a lot of people wondering what is his temperament going to be like? is he going to be presidential people on the fence is he somebody can i vote for? >> yes. i don't know if people saw the interview with matt lauer or the forum mini debate although they weren't on the stage at the same
5:09 am
time. donald trump is not going to reinvent himself. hillary clinton is going through this like -- hillary clinton doesn't know who she is. she has got to stand there and got to go through. this they are doing psychological profiling and doing ---donald trump can go out there and be donald trump. if you believe in what he believes in, vote for him. if you don't, don't. and boy, is that refreshing. i tried, i don't know how many cases, 50, 60, 70, 80 in frntd of jurors. i didn't reinvent myself for the cases that i tried. that was me. >> they are going it try to needle him. they have said. this they will try to push trump until he snaps at her and they think that that will be unappealing to viewers. is he prepared for that? do you think it would be unappealing for viewers? >> my goodness, if you keep telling them all the time as they have in the newspapers. which is i think is the foolish thing i have ever heard. i'm going to hit you with my left hook, constantly, i'll going to be prepared for your left hook. >> yeah. >> of course he is prepared for that. >> what's if that is a fake,
5:10 am
mr. mayor. >> that she is nice. >> comes out and totally nice. you know, donald trump has reali rallied a portion of this country that is upset. and i have think he has done a good job. that might knock him down. he might fall over like a tree. >> i don't know if he would, i would. [ laughter ] it would throw me off completely if hillary clinton pulled off an hour and a half of not attacking him? >> right. >> we have a whole new campaign. so far, he has laid out. he has given 12 policy speeches. , which by the way, was part of the preparation for the debate. the whole idea in august and september was speak with islamic radical terrorism. he gave a major speech on that. speak about the economy. speak about taxes. talk about what you're going to do about schools. gave a big speech on education. choice, charter schools. he has laid out his agenda. next squeak speech on crime. he has personally laid out his agenda over the last month, month in and a half. and in a way that was the
5:11 am
best preparation for the debate. it's all out there. everybody knows what he stands for. he is more than happy to tell you. here is the difference between him and hillary on schools. he is in favor of choice. is he in favor of charter scls. he is in favor of doing away with tenure and he is in favor of pay for performance. she is in favor of the public school systems. the rotting public school systems that presently exists and doesn't have the ability to be in favor of what i just said because she is bought and paid for by the teacher's union. >> literally. >> we have a lot more we want to get with you ted cruz emails. you will want to stick around with us. he will get his reaction to the fbi's latest friday night document dump. this one may have caught president obama in a lie. >> and were you thinking about voting for donald trump? before you do, barbra streisand would like a word with you. just give her your cell. this one she is a one woman mission to stop trump. we will tell you how that is working out for her. >> legendary game show host chuck woolery has a message for all of his friends.
5:12 am
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but i knew. so i finally decided to show my eyes some love. some eyelove. when is it chronic dry eye? to find out more, chat with your eye doctor and go to it's all about eyelove, my friends. when did you first learn that hillary clinton used an email system outside the u.s. government for official business while she was secretary of state? >> at the same time everybody else learned it through news reports. >> oh, well now we know something a little differently. last night there was another document dump by the fbi and we are learning that and we want to bring in former mayor of new york city to dive in to this again mr. rudy giuliani. this new back and forth between the president and hillary clinton, we're learning now that he used a
5:16 am
pseudonym to communicate and that some of these emails went to her privateer server. we don't know yet whether or not this is a lie. whether or not he knew about it. and used a pseudonym in order to cover this up. what do you make of this. >> well, we would have to see what it says. maybe he was doing it over her yoga and asking her questions about yoga. we don't know. or maybe involve government business in which case he would be in serious trouble. also, diewrlz often president obama learns things from the newspapers? does he have a staff i have heard him make that comment as off as no boots on the ground. i learned it from the newspapers. the thing about yesterday's revelation that really shocked me is basically it looks like the fbi was conducting this investigation for the purensz of giving immunity. >> one thing that the hillary is corrupt, final. another thing to think that the justice department is corrupted. >> they conveniently lee out the fbi cannot grant
5:17 am
immunity. they have to get approval in the justice department. so, the justice department run bylor let that lynch who was sitting on the airplane with bill clinton is the one who to ultimately approve those five imcommunities. >> one sat next to hillary clinton during her. >> the whole idea of an investigation is to investigate to see if a crime was committed and if it was, then you might give one person immunity. the other people you have plead guilty and then you prosecute the case against the main culprit in this case the principle would be mrs. clinton. i found the first comey report impossible to understand. i mean, he laid out a perfect case of intent. first of all, a clear case of intelligent use of material which is -- >> -- which is enough. >> flat out violation, felony. but here's how we prove intent. false statements, destruction of evidence. >> cell phones smashed. >> look at your actions. there is a charge every charge gives a jury in a
5:18 am
criminal trial. he will tell a jury the way the government proves intent they have to prove yard a person who intent to commit a crime. best way to look at intent is look at a person's actions. evidence of guilt. destruction of evidence is evidence of guilt. i mean, that's just common sense. >> and both of those are very clear. >> both of those just didn't happen. they happened in mass. >> how can comey run the fbi? how can he continue? >> i don't understand how he couldn't -- how, after reading his report, and now watching these friday afternoon kind of political hack putting out of information, i mean, that's what political hacks do. it's disgraceful. >> yeah. >> and to give immunity to so many people, some of whom look like people who didn't have top security clearance and had top security information in their possession. i don't know if the justice department can ever prosecute anyone for violating this statute. the violations here were so many, so often, so gross, i
5:19 am
don't know if we'll ever get a case like this. one of the things he said during his news conference to justify himself was well, he has never had a case like this. well, he is right. we have never had a case of this kind of massive exposure of top secret information to our enemies during a period of time in which we know that the they are hacking left and right. they just hacked 500 million identities from yahoo. >> still a lot of unanswered questions. ted cruz endorsing donald trump yesterday big news of the day. >> i'm happy as a republican that's true party is together or at least as together as you are going to get it i look at the polls and at one point donald trump was down to 73% of the republican vote. he is up now pushing almost what romney had. he is about 90. 88, 90. romney was at 93. if he gets to 93 with his ability to appeal to independent voters which romney didn't have and even to some democrats, i think we got a good chance of winning this election. >> all right, mayor, always good to have you on the
5:20 am
couch with us. >> good to see. >> you what happens when you ask the american people who has the best stamina to be president of the united states? the answer and what that might mean heading into monday night's debate next. >> then, will americans elect this man as their next president? >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo. >> about? >> aleppo? >> and what is aleppo? >> msnbc just gave georgia johnson a do-over. you can guess how that went. ♪ ♪ you're simply the best ♪ better than all the rest. ime o season her turkey to perfection, and roast it until it's just right. and she makes stuffing from scratch, topping it with a healthy helping of delicious gravy. ♪ marie callender spends time on the little things,
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5:24 am
the meetings will take place in new york city where the prime minister has been staying for the u.n. general assembly. now, we have all seen the video hillary clinton tumbling down after leaving 9/11 mem know what kind of damage episodes like that are doing to her campaign. a brand new mcclatchey marist poll show likely voters think donald trump has more stam that to be present. 53% to 49%. > -- 39%.>> why isn't hillary cn running away with the race already? >> why aren't i 50 points ahead, you might ask? well, the choice for working families has never been clearer. i need your help to get donald trump's record out to everybody. >> and why are you
5:25 am
screaming? the latest real clear politics average shows clinton's overall lead is shrinking fast err than everyone expected. why isn't she winning by more and will the debates on monday night change anything. here to break it down bevins and if so public affairs. thank you for being here. >> good morning. good to be here. >> let's start with this poll "wall street journal" nbc poll asking people about top concerns. when it comes to trump 33% concerned about dempment. 27% offensive comments. 13% praise for putin. 6% not releasing taxes. you look at clinton concerns. we can pull those up thought now. 36% dealing with syria, iraq, libya. 8% health issues. tom, i will start with you. basically, answer that question when she says why am i not 15 points up right now? why not? >> well, i think most democrats are asking that
5:26 am
question, too. she has got the money advantage. she'd has got an organizational advantage. she is clearly the more experienced can candidate. she is not exciting voters, particularly millennial voters. battleground states she is losing independence by 15 to 20 points. a lot of factors at play. certainly this race is much closer than democrats thought it would be at this point. and part of that is because they just all of them view donald trump as completely unacceptable. and that view is shared by somed in the public but certainly not all. and, therefore, we have a pretty close race with, you know, six weeks left. >> we just showed you some of the concern that voters have with both hillary clinton and donald trump. first debated is on monday night. how much can change after even the first debate? >> yeah. very great question. very important. stepping back a bit to kind of explain 30,000-foot view why donald trump has narrowed the gap. over the last three weeks he has really been on message. he has been efficient. his trip to mexico and speech in arizona really
5:27 am
energized the base. he is going in to the debates with momentum energize the debate. ultimately the question is do debates have impact? what i would say historically is for the most part no. they really just reinforce existing views. this debate will be key. this debate in my mind will be very, very similar or as important as the 1908 debate between reagan and carter or the 1960 debate between kennedy and nixon. and what has to happen? donald trump needs to show himself to be presidential on message and fixture. and in contrast, hillary should show herself to be on message and specifically talking about those sort of key issues that people are worried about. her health, her stamina. her ability to see the effort through. >> yeah, tom, this race really at this point is neck in neck. you look at some of the swing stated polls. this race could very welcome down to independent voters who haven't decided who they are voting for. what needs to happen on monday night? what advice would you be giving donald trump who he wants to win the white
5:28 am
house? >> well, i think, cliff is right. donald trump has to clear this bar, right? being seen as presidential. he hasn't really moved the needle on that question so far over the course of the campaign. with 100 million people tuning in. even if you think the universe of persuadables out there isn't big that still will be a sizeable number of folks watching this debate. maybe looking at both candidates thinking i don't want to vote for hillary. i really don't want to vote for donald trump. if he can clear that bar by keeping his composure and being on message, then i think there is a great opportunity for him. conversely, i think hillary, you know, she is not going to be able to wash away biggest vulnerability which is trust issue. she has to exploit her strength which is competence and experience and judgment and so they're both going to be fighting over the same turf and it's going to be interesting to watch. >> tom, what does history tell us about the importance of these debates? you look at past presidential candidates, where they stand against each other going into the debates and then after the debates. what can we learn from that? >> well, debates can move
5:29 am
the needle. we saw it with romney last time around. reagan had a bad debated his first debate but managed to recover. donald trump has, to i think, not just perform well on monday night. i think that's the first thing. it's critical. but he has to continue to perform in the next two debates so as not to have this -- if he does have a good debate to have something just be a short-term fix or some sort of bump that ends up dissipating over time. so, certainly debates can make a difference, but he has to perform over the course of all throw debates, not just on monday night. >> fascinating. we will all be watching. thanks for being with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> coming up, mexico in panic mode after realizing they might actually have to pay for that big, beautiful wall. plus, from barbra streisand to don cheadle, some of had hollywood's biggest stars are ganging up. >> only get this many people. >> one that truly matters to all all. >> a racist abusive coward.
5:30 am
>> wow, legendary game show host chuck woo woolery joins us live with a message for them and their hollywood friends and he is here now. good to see you, sir. >> hi, how are you? ♪ cool the engines ♪ take it out of here ♪ >> the night before the big debate, get coverage from the team you trust. go inside america's most talked about issues. get the latest from the campaign trail and see where the voters really stand before the first debate. we're giving you expert insight and analysis live from hofstra university in a must-see preview sunday on fox news channel. america's election headquarters. etic nerve pain, these feet played shortstop in high school, learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor
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5:34 am
>> you only get this many famous people for an issue. >> one that truly matters do you live of us. >> a disease. >> or he can logical crisis. >> a racist coward that could permanently damage the fiber of our society. >> do the math, too we really want to give nuclear weapons to a move signature move is firing. >> firing,. >> firing things? >> we can end this nightmare before it begins. >> we can save the day. >> oh. >> joining us is chuck wool woolery one of many years spent. >> first thing i can't wait
5:35 am
to vote big orange in november this has got to have counter productive effect. >> i'm not sure it has counter productive effect. however, when the cultural marxist of hollywood get together in their sheep bin. [ laughter ] it's true, it's like they all follow each other because they are afraid not to do anything else. i guarantee you i don't know a lot of these people. in fact, i'm not sure i know any of them. however, i know the culture, i lived there 45 years. i know what it's like. you do it for one reason. one is you want to work. the other is it's not important to know anything as long as someone has a teleprompter in front of you to give you the lines to say. >> right. which is what that looks like when you watch this commercial. tucker said something interesting last week you asked the question i wonder how many people are voting for donald trump just because if they are on -- trying to make that decision because they are trying to go against the media and washington elite and against the hollywood elite. you look at this commercial, how many folks are going to say this is exactly why i'm going to prove a point to
5:36 am
vote donald trump. >> there has to be a backlash against this. it's really i think what trump's candidacy is all about. we all know that. it's this massive backlash against this p.c. no one knows where this stuff came from. p.c. just kind of appeared. well, it didn't. it was the frankfurt school. that's where it appeared. the frankfurt school is an interesting little piece. frankfurt school is in germany, obviously. brought on p.c. marx brought it up and thought it was a good idea for his government. second world war hitler was such an anti-communist that the franklin school had to move. or pardon me, frankfurt school. they moved here to the columbia university campus. you will find the frankfurt school on columbia's property. that's where political correctness came from. i like the history of all of this stuff so i understand what's happening today. i want to know who my enemy is. our enemy is cultural marxism. and that's with hollywood, with everything.
5:37 am
>> speaking of history. there is some water under the bridge with senator ted cruz and donald trump. >> i was a cruzy. >> you are a texase texas guy. >> i am. >> the news that ted cruz is throwing support behind donald trump. did you fall off your chair. >> it's about time. i was disappointed. i don't know ted cruz. i have never met him. is he a very princ principled conservative which i find assuring to me. i was very disappointed in how he handled the convention and his speech there even though he said vote your conscience and everything else. it's not that i wanted him to get on board and become a pompom girl. it's just that it was over. acknowledge the fact that it's over and move on. >> is there anything that concerns with you donald trump as someone -- >> -- sure. >> is supporting him. >> absolutely. >> some things he says can come across as respectful? >> he is a poppist. i fear one part which is kind of a huber element which is the tariffs.
5:38 am
hoover was the last businessman we had as a president. and donald trump will be the next if he is our president. the idea of tariffs frightens me because i think that helped lead into the great depression we are in. and just the opposite with coolidge. i'm a historian. i like to go back in history and find out who did it right or who did it wrong and say why aren't we doing it right again and why are we doing it wrong. >> trump is a populist. people against him are the opposite of populist. they are elitist. >> right, right. >> so if you were to divide -- which is a bigger threat to the way we live? populism or elitist? >> guy with trump on this one. i will vote for donald trump. i will support donald trump. and i will pray that mike pence will have a great impression on donald trump and make him more conservative. and the problem is, we get back to this with a history of all of this. people don't even understand what the word conservative means anymore. they don't understand what the word progressive means. they don't understand what liberal means. they just say oh, you look
5:39 am
like and you act like and you talk like you must be a liberal. >> you know where they can find out? >> blunt force truth. a podcast that clayton has -- clayton is a big podcast guy. >> i love it. last time we talked about it on the show it skyrocketed to number one. fantastic podcast. chuck hosts it. download it on itunes blunt force truth. tell us what it is about. >> it is about deconstructing the news and looking at the history of our politics and how it's affected our country. we have a lot of guests on who are pretty interesting. it's fun to do. >> thanks for being here this morning. >> thank you. >> always love having you on the couch. >> nice to see you. thank you. >> we do want to turn to some other headlines this morning. chilling new details from the investigation into the suspected new york bomber, ahmed rahami. sources saying that he rode the train carrying pipe and pressure coomer bombs in to manhattan on the night of the blast. the first balm injuring doesens of people. the second never went off. he remains in stable
5:40 am
condition after being hunted down and shot by police. donald trump forcing mexico to pay for the border wall. [chanting build the wall] >> don't worry, folks. we are going to be building a wall. >> and who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico. >> who? >> mexico. >> i am not going to pay for this [bleep] wall. >> and it turns out they just might. a former mexico diplomat says trump could get that money by indegrees creasing visa fees and raising tolls on bridges. and i think we are going next to gary johnson because you thought this was bad. watch this. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo? >> about? >> aleppo. >> and what is aleppo? >> you're kidding? >> no. >> aleppo is in syria. >> oh, boy.
5:41 am
well, for some reason msnbc started to give libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson another shot in an interview on thursday night. >> people would recognize that there is another choice and that there would be an examination of me and bill weld as who we are and what we have done and not based on that. stand up there the whole debate and not say anything and. >> i can't get enough -- >> gary johnson is tv gold. he is officially invited on this show every single day that i'm here anyway. >> do you remember the last time we had him on? >> the satellite blew out. >> literally. >> we wanted him back. the satellite like exploded. >> come back. please come back. you are invited any time. >> any time you want. >> totally sincere by the way. please do. >> next up, new leaked emails show what the press really thinks about donald trump.
5:42 am
it's fascinating, actually. nbc andrea mitchell is a straight journalist called his nomination recording now awful. clinton camp says the press is going too easy on trump. rick chen says that's not right. he joins us next. >> whoopi goldberg just fired herself from th herself "? ♪ burning down the house ♪ you push and pull struggle and fight and love to run your business. and when you need legal help with that business, we're here for you. we're legalzoom. and over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners navigate every day challenges. so visit us today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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the mistay connected.elps us the microsoft cloud offers infinite scalability. the microsoft cloud helps our customers get up and running, anywhere in the planet. wherever there's a phone, you've got a bank, and we could never do that before. the cloud gave us a single platform to reach across our entire organization. it helps us communicate better. we use the microsoft cloud's advanced analytics tools to track down cybercriminals. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud. >> so what does the media really think about the candidates in the presidential race, specifically about donald trump? now we know in newly released leaked emails, we find nbc's andrea mitchell. she is chief foreign affairs correspondent for the channel. she wrote this to former secretary of state colin powell back in june. she said, quote, supporting
5:46 am
her, hillary, dick armitage. powell's former deputy, are you going it endorse her too? i'm wondering. i know trump controls convention rules. they have to figure out a way not to nominate him. powers reresponds this way i don't know how. even paul ryan says. trump is his own best critic right now. be careful not to give him critics he is attack and divert attention. it ask awful. wow. pulling back the mask, that's what she really thinks. hillary clinton is blaming hillary clinton's struggling poll numbers on the press. they are whining that media going too easy on donald trump if you can imagine. radio talk show host and fox news contributor rick sanchez. so andrea mitchell, who is kind of the living embodiment of the old media, straight news reporter. she calls it as she sees it is calling donald trump and
5:47 am
his nomination awful? how can she cover this race? >> wait, she is not the living embodiment pardon me of what news media is supposed to be traditionally in this country. andrea witch they will is one the insiders. she views donald trump as an enter loper. how dare someone like this become a part of our political system as if she has the right to determine who gets to be in that political system. that's the ongoing problem that i have long written about and long noticed inside our media atmosphere and am beans in this country too many people in that little inside bubble seem to think that they have the right to determine from their little bawling cones, i guess, in new york city or something, what the rest of us in the nation are actually looking for in a candidate. that's the real problem with that. that she is making a determination based on how she and the rest of the so-called insiders in the media feel about our politics and that's not her place. her place is to find out what people are saying and
5:48 am
report back to us. >> so you are saying andrea mitchell has been in this business for 40 years married to the former greenspan. i think that's fair. why is the establishment so threatened by trump? and the press, especially. you think that the press' job is to take the side of the powerless against the powerful. ask tough questions of those who are running things on behalf of the rest of us. they seem to be doing the opposite. >> the press should be threatened by trump. the press should also be threatened by hillary clinton. that's what we're supposed to do. we're supposed to look for all the things in both of those candidates that could possibly create problems for the citizenry of the united states. that's what jirm, as you well know, is all about. the problem is for the most part, we haven't heard the stories about what the clintons have done in columbia. what they got away with in haiti. what they got away with in many poor african-american nations where the people of those countries suffered as a result of the wonderful, multi-million-dollar deals that the clintons pulled off
5:49 am
in a pay for play scheme that has gone generally unreported. >> that's right. these are the kind of things that nobody seems to point out when they say well, they're giving donald trump a break. you know, i frankly think that too often today our media gives them both a break, tuck. >> i think there is something to that rick sanchez. thanks for joining us this morning. great to see you, rick. >> always great to see you tuck, god bless, buddy. >> thank you. >> huge final hour to come. lieutenant general michael flynn close advisor to the trump campaign and our own geraldo rivera live. two days away, of course from the first presidential debate that's a monday. what can hillary clinton and donald trump learn from the past. take a trip down debate memory lane. yes, there is such a thing. and we have the keys to it stay tuned. ♪ want to rule the world ♪
5:50 am
♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. let's go meet them soon. in person, we could read the room. on the phone, you're just a voice. yeah, i'm good. for fast rewards, let's book on choice. this trip could really help us grow. ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ when it's time to go for business, book on and get a free night when you stay with us two times. book direct at
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5:53 am
well, there are just two days until hillary clinton and donald trump face off for the very first time at hofstra university in that debate. what can we learn from past memorable debate moments? here to walk down memory lane former president george h.w. bush and for the romney campaign scott jennings, also been involved in debate prep for senatorial and gubernatorial debates. good morning. let's go to 1984 and this one-liner from ronald reagan. >> i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's
5:54 am
youth and inexperience. >> there's also a failure of the moderator to not do any kind of follow-up there. was taken aback and said i don't have anything to follow up with that home run you hit. >> this was the brilliance of ronald reagan. he was able to take and what was not a great debate. this was in louisville, kentucky. he did not have a great night. in fact, afterwards he came out for a raleigh aly and mispronou mitch mcconnell's name. sort of a bad night for everybody. what do we remember? one line. in terms of prep having a line may be all that ever comes out. he was gifted as a performer. but candidates should think about those kinds of lines because it may be all you get. >> sometimes they can come off great, sometimes they can seem rehearsed like we saw through the gop primaries. seemed like they were forced. somebody fed them that line. let's look at michael dukakis in 1988. this is an ouch moment. >> governor, if kitty dukakis
5:55 am
were raped and murdered, would you favor an irrevocable death penalty for the killer? >> no, i don't, bernard -- >> they asked about his wife. would you favor the death penalty. what about that moment? >> here's the thing about that question. it sounds like a policy question, but it's not. his campaign manager, dukakis' campaign wasn't about testing his policy. he answered it like a cold set of talking points. that's not a question you want to answer that way. so candidates when they get these questions there's a policy element, but you have to remember folks aren't necessarily just judging you on policy. do they have anything in common with you. if you're a husband, that's not something you'd have much in common with if you answered like he did. >> part of the narrative for george h.w. bush he seemed disconnected from the country at that moment. and that bill clinton was sort of embracing the public. and then george h.w. bush ended up doing this during the debate. remember, he checks his watch as
5:56 am
if he doesn't want to be there. that was a really bad moment for him. >> yeah, it really was. the watch checking was fed right into the clinton narrative. he was running as the emotional empathizer and wanted to show him as aloof, not connected to people and didn't want to be there. they got their moment. an unspoken moment. but good for prep. >> words versus romney in 2012. let's listen to him in the greatest geopolitical threat he says was russia. listen. >> months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing america. you said russia. not al qaeda. you said russia. in the 1980s or now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because, you know, the cold war's been over for 20 years. >> what about that moment? >> it was a little bit of a passive rebuttal from governor romney there. obama got the best of him. it turns out in retrospect it wasn't true. russia is our number one threat but at that time romney didn't press the buoyapoint.
5:57 am
>> great stuff. always great to watch this. we'll be watching on monday night. scott, great to see you this morning. >> thank you. we got a big final hour on tap. lieutenant governor michael flynn, geraldo rivera both join us live. sweet st. thomas nice. ♪ so nice, so nice st. croix full of pure vibes. ♪ so nice, so nice. ♪ st. john a real paradise. this winter experience us virgin islands nice. book your trip at before october 31st to receive your 6th night free, plus $600 in spending credits.
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good morning to you. it's saturday september 24th. i'm ab bihuntsman. we start with a fox news alert. a massacre at the mall this morning. five people are dead after a shooter opens fire in a gun-free zone. >> we're receiving shots fired at burlington. >> i've got two victims down bleeding in the makeup section. >> unknown number of victims. >> reports of three to four down inside. >> police are needing your help this morning finding this man. you can see him there. the latest on the manhunt in moments. to do if this at's the happens at monday night's debate?
6:01 am
>> every time i think about trump, i get allergic. >> lay off the newports, would you? this morning we know what would happen if hillary's allergies strike again. we'll tell you coming up. it looks like the antibiotics weren't enough. hillary clinton having trouble keeping up with the kardashians. kim just said she might vote for trump. this morning, we're going to analyze, does anyone care? this "fox & friends" hour four starts right now. this could change the race as we know it. >> earth shattering. every few months i always ask my wife, what does kim kardashian do again? what does she do? >> you know, i have remained blissfully insulated from the influence of kim kardashian. i know nothing about her. i'm going to plug my ears as you read that part. >> we have lieutenant governor general michael flynn on the show. >> we're going to ask him. >> we'll delve into deep topics.
6:02 am
>> you can't see him. he's right off camera. >> he looks so excited to talk about this topic. can't wait to bring him on the couch. before that, we have headlines to get to this morning involving this news alert, a massive manhunt underway right now for an armed killer who shot five people dead inside a shopping mall just north of seattle. >> man, that's when i ran immediately to where i work at, you know, with a bunch of people. and we were able to lock up and stay safe until we had to evacuate. >> police now scouring this area for this man. you can see him there on surveillance carrying a rifle. police describe him as a hispanic male in his 20s wearing all black. they're urging people right now to stay inside. and now to another fox news alert. hillary clinton postponed her trip to charlotte as chaos erupts again for the fourth night in a row. protesters denying the mandates curfew to demand justice for keith scott, a black man shot by a black police officer.
6:03 am
and this video taken near the scene of that shooting just released by the victim's widow. >> don't you do it. keith! keith! don't you do it. [ bleep ] did you shoot him? >> police say that suspect had a gun. it was loaded and had his blood and fingerprints on it. yet the department still refusing to release dashcam or body cam video of the shooting. and we are learning another top hillary clinton aide given immunity by the fbi in the now-closed e-mail probe. the fifth person to strike a similar deal. chair of the house oversight committee jason chaffetz is outraged saying, quote, no wonder they couldn't prosecute a case. they were handing out immunity deals like candy. and it looks like hillary clinton is having trouble keeping up with the kardashians. this morning kim broke the news that her father, caitlyn jenner has convinced her to vote for
6:04 am
donald trump. kim thought at first, oh, my god, i'm so hillary but i had a long political call with caitlyn last night about why she's voting trump and i'm on the fence. >> we're not going to inflect the sideshow on you, general. >> you're seeing more people jump on the trump thing. so this is a good thing. >> we're going to leave it there. >> yeah. >> what are you looking for on monday night? terrorism obviously going to be a big focus, foreign policy a big focus. we had sebastian on the show earlier, julian turner, saying we haven't seen an isis pollty plan from donald trump on how to defeat isis. will donald trump lay out a clear plan on how to defeat isis? >> yeah, the big difference between donald trump and what hillary clinton is proposing is with donald trump you actually win the war against radical islam. and with hillary clinton you continue to participate in this never-ending conflict. with no end. so donald trump about five weeks
6:05 am
ago now, if i remember right, he gave a great speech on essentially countering radical islamism. and he laid out four components. he laid out a military component, a financial component, cyber where we have to get much more aggressive in the world of cyber, and also the countering the ideology. so those four sort of strategic components are the essence of what donald trump has stated in terms of what it is to defeat radical islamism. the problem today that we have is this enemy is no longer just over there. they are here as we have recently seen. so we have a problem right here in the homeland with the rise of radical islamism. and, you know, we saw that in spades here this last week. >> that's what a lot of voters are concerned about last week, we saw that happen and we're learning more about the chelsea bomber, ahmad rahami, he's just the latest terrorist. when you look back to a fallen
6:06 am
off radar list, in orlando apparently met with the fbi three different times. one of the tsarnaev brothers was on their radar two years before that. this is what people are concerned about. how did that go missing? >> yeah, well, first of all, just to give, you know, your listeners a little bit of a comparison, there are about roughly 17,000 federal agents in the fbi. there's 34,000 police officers here in the city of new york. so if the director of the fbi is right when he says we have 1,000 cases on radical islamism or isis inspired cases in this country alone in all 50 states, and we have an imbalance in our resources and we have a problem working between the federal, state and local levels, there is a clear breakdown somewhere. so we have to take a hard look at how we're taking care of our own homeland security, how we're working together, how we're cooperating from the federal down to the local level. i believe we have to give more authority or more, you know,
6:07 am
leverage to our state and local level and allow them to do the things they need to do. >> one of the reasons we're seeing so many attacks here in the united states is because we've been importing wholesale tens of thousands of people who hate us. trump made that point. the establishment attacked him. their furiously went crazy, they hated that. will he say something similar to that in the debate monday night or should he? >> we'll see what he has to say in the debate. but this idea of bringing in refugees into this country. i mean, the guy that did the stabbings up in minnesota is a somali refugee, i understand. so we have a problem. if we're going to talk about bringing in another 100,000 or up to 100,000 refugees from countries like syria, iraq, afghanistan, maybe smol omalia, got all the issues about young children and women, but we don't understand who these people are. the fbi, department of homeland security, department of justice, have all said we can't vet this thing a 100% -- it's not a 100%
6:08 am
foolproof system. let's stop and figure out if we're going to do this how do we get there? in the meantime, i kind of say, hey, look, what's going on in the muslim world, what's going on in particularly the arab world, where are the leaders there? and what are they doing to help this problem? we have to take them to task as well. >> speaking of the fbi, i want to get your take on what happened last night. another friday document dump when people are out to the dinner and movies and not paying much attention. we learned the president may have used a pseudonym in communicating with hillary clinton while she was secretary of state on her own private server. of course this contradicts what we heard back a number of months ago when president obama on cbs said this about when he learned about the private e-mail. take a listen. >> mr. president, when did you first learn that hillary clinton used an e-mail system outside the u.s. government for official business while she was secretary of state? >> at the same time everybody else learned it through news reports. >> so news reports, not when i was communicating using a
6:09 am
pseudonym with her. what do you make of that? >> i mean, the level of dishonesty -- i mean, this is what the american public are sick of. they're sick of the lying and sick of the dishonesty. they're sick of this perpetuation of fraud within the federal government. that the breakdown between trust, you know, from those in washington, d.c. and the rest of those in america is stunning. and that trust is what -- is why i believe there's millions and millions of americans that are joining to, you know, sort of get on with donald trump to become the next president of the united states because this -- we can't have this. we cannot have this any longer. and we can't have people that are dancing around political correct terms any longer. we have got to come to grips with basically rebuilding the trust between the american public and the white house. and that includes the secretary of state or the state department, includes the department of defense. i mean, there's so much at stake here in this election.
6:10 am
>> absolutely. when i go out and cover some of the trump rallies and events, i ask the supporters, you know, what do you like about trump? that's really the one thing that i continue to hear is, i don't agree with everything he has to say, but he is so different from so many politicians that we have known over the years and we want something so different at this point. he's going to have to hammer that out as well on monday night to remind people of why he is different and maybe even bring up the e-mail scandal. how does he do that in a way that he looks presidential still? >> well, i hope that the -- if the commentators are going to be honest, they should be bringing it up and asking these tough questions because this is a big issue. it gets to the issue of honesty. and, you know, i would say one thing on temperament because temperament keeps coming up. i've known donald trump now for some time. i've had a lot of time with him. his temperament is a temperament of winning. when people look at temperament, you know, i'm showing temperament now, but my temperament is about resolve and
6:11 am
determination. donald trump, his temperament is very similar and it's also about winning. this is not about, you know, the issue of what it is we're going to do or we're going to wring our hands. i mean, the folks in sort of the clinton machine and what we're seeing right now because they're falling behind rapidly, you see all this hand wringing. and i just see this campaign between now and the end of the -- up until the election is going to get ugly. >> really quickly, we're facing a ton of threats. the administration is now telling us one of the most important things we can do is to immigrate transgenders into our combat troop. is that going to make us a ton safer? >> here's what i would say about that, the lgbtq community, we are a standards based organization in the military. if they can meet the standards, i don't have any issues with it at all. wa we can't do is make diversity our number one priority. defense should be our number one priority. >> general, great to see you. appreciate it. well, hillary clinton has a
6:12 am
question for you. >> now, having said all this, why aren't i 50 points ahead you might ask? >> well, less than 50 days before the election, can she catch up? we'll discuss it. >> she promised if trump won the white house -- >> i don't think that's america. i don't want it to be america. maybe it's time for me to move. i can afford to go. >> well. >> well. so did trump do whoopi a favor? geraldo rivera still on tap to talk about that and more when we come back. ♪ [phone buzzing] some things are simply impossible to ignore. the strikingly designed lexus nx turbo and hybrid. the suv that dares to go beyond utility.
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well, in just 45 days, can
6:16 am
you believe it, to go until the presidential election. hillary clinton is making a hard sell to millennials. here's part of it. >> what happens if you become pregnant? >> i could send you some pamphlets. >> nobody should be fooled. now, having said all this why aren't i 50 points ahead, you might ask? >> that's a good question. sor sorry, sorry, having trouble modulating my voice there. the former secretary of state is facing decline from young voters. question is can she do it by november? >> let's ask political crowd funding and former advisor to uk prime minister david cameron. thanks for being here this morning so early. appreciate it. >> great to be with you. are you going to ask me to weigh-in on the kardashian situation? i'm very nervous. >> what are your thoughts? >> i really have nothing to say about that. >> good for you. >> love it. all right. so let's pull up this poll. this is from august. you can see clinton 50% to
6:17 am
trump/pence 23%. this is more recent one we can pull up, 37% to 28% trump/pence. when she really does like to do the late-night shows most recently between two ferns. doesn't seem like that's helping much though. >> i think when it comes to younger voters, she can do all the things that she likes like that, but fundamentally there's something about her, i think, that is just out of step with today's world. i think it's something to do with the way that she's so controlled and calculating. and it just doesn't really fit with the times. whereas if you look at trump, he's actually a bit older. there's something about the way he goes about things. he's more free wheeling style, even the way he uses twitter, which of course gets him into trouble a lot. there's something about him that's in a way more modern and contemporary. >> yeah, he doesn't try to be funny either. which is good. >> exactly. exactly. >> so, steve, all the smart
6:18 am
people i know missed brexit, the betting markets even missed it. you did not miss it. you had your finger on it early. one of the rare people who did. a lot of that vote was hidden. to what extent is that going on in this election? how many points would you give trump that are not showing up in polls right now? >> well, in the case of brexit there was a big group of people, i think at least 4% or 5%, and that really makes a difference when it's a tight race, who had not been picked up by any of the polling or the very sophisticated data models that we all hear about these days in politics. because they just hadn't bothered to vote. they hadn't voted in previous elections for many years. and i think there's a real comparison here when you look at what's driving all that. the realities of life underneath that. some data that was published a couple of weeks ago, i think, was it last week on incomes in america. it was really revealing and important as to what's going on in this election. people jumped on one aspect of that new income data, which showed the incomes in america went up last year for the first
6:19 am
time in many years. and of course that was good news. but the other revealed in that data was that the median income in america has still lower today than in 1999. what that means in plain english is that half of americans, 50% of americans, are earning less today than in 1999. after eight years of bush, and eight years of obama, they are earning less. that's why they've given up on policy. that's why they don't come out to vote. and i think that's the group that's really looking to trump for someone after all these years of failure from the traditional politicians he might actually change things. >> that's exactly right. that's really insightful. >> really well said. >> thank you, steve. >> good to see you. well, colin kaepernick's national anthem protest land him on the cover of "time" magazine. is that really appropriate? baltimore tight end benjamin watson is here to discuss next. and hold a barbecue in honor of your country? one college says you can't do
6:20 am
that because it's offensive. american higher education meltdown and we're there to capture it. ♪ hello ♪ . hey america,
6:21 am
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6:23 am
back by popular demand, some quick headlines for you. first up, you can vote in colorado even if, and this similis impressive, you're dead. a bombshell, deceased men and women have been casting their ballots in the state for years, most likely for democrats. state voting officials say they have to follow strict criteria to remove names from voting
6:24 am
rules and minor errors could lead to mistake in votes. and she promised if donald trump won the white house, this -- >> i don't think that's america. i don't want it to be america. maybe it's time for me to move. >> listen, i can afford to go. >> uh-huh. well, in perhaps a sign of things to come, whoopi goldberg just revealed she may be leaving "the view" by this time next year because she has, quote, other things to do. and perhaps other countries to live in. ab abby. thanks for that, tucker. switching gears. protests in charlotte have calmed down since violent confrontations earlier in the week where one man was shot and later died. 44 were arrested and dozens of officers were injured. >> here to weigh-in is baltimore ravens tight end, benjamin watson. nice to see you this morning. welcome back to the show. >> thank you. good to see you guys. >> when you see what's unfolding, obviously we had some more peaceful night last night thankfully. but i love something you said.
6:25 am
you said these candidates, hillary clinton and donald trump, can't save us. what do you mean by that? >> well, what i mean is in our country we're obviously in a political season and politics is very important. obviously we have great respect for those who lead our country and whoever will become the president of the united states, but ultimately when you look at the underlying issues of our problems, they're bigger than simply economics, although that's certainly important, they're bigger than race and us getting along with each other and creating opportunities. all those things are important, but ultimately for us to be able to treat each other the correct way, we need a divine intervention, i think. that is what i'm pointing to. that is what i'm urging people to do is to surrender and to repent from some of the vile things we've seen said between people, especially when it comes to these protests or whatever it is that's happening in this country right now. >> yeah. that sort of leads right into colin kaepernick and the story everyone's been following kneeling during the national
6:26 am
anthem. he's now on the cover of "time" magazine. we had basketball coach bobby knight on the show yesterday. and here's what he had to say about this. well, that was not the right clip. but he basically said that it would be very distracting if he were one of his players and that he would not allow them to be part of the game. what is your response? >> well, i've had a lot of great coaches in my career, high school, college, nfl. and most of the great coaches i know would at least talk to their players. i mean, coaches care about players. we spend a lot of time together. so even if there's something like this going on, you see what chip kelly did in san francisco, he may have not agreed with colin at first, but he was willing to have the conversation. i think that's the important thing is that a coach's job is to protect their players. he may not agree with his players, but the conversation needs to be had and i think that's why colin knelt. bobby knight, he's obviously one of the great basketball coaches ever to coach, have great
6:27 am
respect for him, but my hope would be that if he were in a similar situation he would at least have his team come together and talk about the reasons why one of his players felt so strongly enough to take a knee during the national anthem. >> one of the things you talk about in the violent outbreaks we're seeing in the protests, you say the bias we need to examine. one of the most telling comments came from that helicopter pilot. tell us about that, what your thoughts are. >> well, you know, bias can be explicit or implicit. a lot of us may not even know that we act in a bias manner. i mean, you can remember some of these tests with little kids and asked a kid, put a picture of a bunch of different dogs in front of them from very, very light skinned doll and asked which one stole the money or which one is bad and they always seemed to pick the darker one. doesn't mean they have hate in their heart essentially. what it means is that we grow up in a system that is in many ways biased. and when i heard whoever was in the helicopter, the police officer, said it looked like a
6:28 am
bad dude, from that high up, that lets me know there is some bias. we act out of that bias without even knowing we have it. so of course you're going to have your extremes. you're going to have those who are white sue premipremistsupre. i want to talk to those in the middle who may not consider themselves to be racist or haters or whatever it is, but we need to recognize there's inherent bias simply in this country. when we identify it, that's when we're able to address it. >> that's well said, benjamin watson, thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you. coming up on the show, we're 45 days away from the election, so how are immigration bosses reacting? they're trying to swear in as many new citizens as possible before the deadline. wonder who that will help. and geraldo rivera is here to react joining the curvy couch. that is up next. before i had the shooting, burning
6:29 am
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6:32 am
we appreciate all the support of the candidates. we appreciate that they're concerned about charlotte. at this point we do have very stretched resources for
6:33 am
security. and they are working around the clock. if there would be a way to delay those visits in terms of giving us a chance to get our city, you know, back to order and back to more of a state of normalcy, that would probably be ideal. >> so there's a lot going on in the world. a lot going on in charlotte, north carolina. who better to break it down with us than geraldo rivera. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> i understand people are frustrated with the police shootings. i get it completely. but democratic politicians are sending the message pretty explicitly that if you don't like the way things are going, it's legitimate to go out and burn things down, loot businesses, these are protesters, they're not. they rioted and hurt people for no reason. and tho one denounced them from the left. >> well, let me agree in part. i think that the president's response to charlotte was way too muted. it was almost nuanced. it was, you know, folks,
6:34 am
sometimes get out of hand and that's unfortunate, you know, but people have the right to demonstrate if they have an issue. >> exactly. >> in other words it seemed as if he was speaking about college kids maybe toilet papering a house. >> exactly. >> and i thought he lacked the urgency and the passion necessary to match that particular event. but politicians -- and you know, tucker, whether it's a disaster like this manmade or something from mother nature or some other calamity or catastrophe, they -- particularly in an election season, they go to seize the moment, seize the attention of the media. there's a photo op in the offing. baton rouge was the last one. hillary clinton, i really believe, felt donald trump stole a march on her, mexico. when he went to mexico at the invitation of the mexican president. i think that's why she very much wanted to get to charlotte first, and the mayor who we just saw told her in a very calm and
6:35 am
measured way, please wait. we are strained right now, our resources. don't come down. don't force us to divert cops to guard you when we have the need for them to guard the city. >> the same thing was said in louisiana. >> exactly. >> please stay away, politicians. we don't need you right now because you block streets up, secret service, all of those things. we need to get resources out. that didn't stop donald trump. >> he didn't. he landed at another field and the people were very sincerely happy to see him. and hillary was determined to not let that happen again. >> critical president obama didn't go sooner even though he was told not to come. so this whole issue of race relations it's surely going to be a big topic in the debate on monday night. both candidates have spoken out about it. how is this going to go? who do you think has the winning argument there? >> well, i think that he -- lester holt is the moderator, african-american commentator, anchored man, very measured in
6:36 am
his approach it seems to me. i've never discerned whether holt is a republican or democrat, even liberal or conservative. i really think he has no particular agenda in that regard. but he must, he has the moral burden and authority to ask first that question. i think that that will open the debate. >> out of the gate. >> out of the gate. it will be here's the situation and i think that he could frame the question as you did, tucker. the people acting out, you know, what do you do? do you say you're sympathetic to their cause but condemn -- you know, i think that race relations and particularly incendiary situations like charlotte will dominate the first ten minutes of the debate. >> i hope so. trying to throw journalists into bonfires, throwing rocks at cars. federal government famous for slow response to citizens requests. and now, however, documents show that i.c.e., the immigration part of the federal government, is expediting requests for
6:37 am
citizenship for green card holders in order to get people registered to vote for this election. why is that not packing the electorate? >> you know, i heard that story. and it reminded me of the scene in martin scorcese's "gangs of new york" set in the middle of immigrants arriving and they got off the ship, they gave them a rifle to enlist them in the union army and then signed them up as democrats to vote in the corrupt political organization's elections. >> yeah. >> so i think you've had that kind of immigration, voter manipulation, demographic stuffing of the ballot box, i think historically. better than dead people voting in cook county like they did in 1960, or the cuban americans in 2000 stopping the recount of the vote in south florida. i think you have around the edges in the election process you always have some stinky stuff going on.
6:38 am
i think in fact it's true and i've seen e-mails it appears to be true that they are expediting citizenship to get people on what their motive is they don't stay but you can assume to get them on their voter roles. if they do that it's part of a long tradition, seemingly almost insignificant but always irks e irksome. >> in places like arizona it could sway the election. >> look at 2000, there was 560 votes. it didn't take a whole lot to give florida to george w. bush. and once florida went, to give him the presidency despite the fact he had less votes nationally than al gore did. >> right. and you're going to be at hofstra. >> i will. i want to say one quick thing about hillary clinton. everyone said she's been intensely preparing for the debates and that's why she's kind of disappeared. i think what people are missing is she's resting. she's beat up. i mean, physically. i really identify with both the candidates. they're in my age demographic.
6:39 am
and i know how i've lost a step over the last several years. i think hillary wanted to be president in 2008. she had to wait eight more years. now she's deep into her 60s. she's lost a step. i can no longer jump to two steps, three steps the way i used to. same thing with former secretary and i think that's why she's been so low profile. >> 90 minutes no commercials. we'll see how that goes. >> what if they need a bathroom break? >> thanks, geraldo. >> it's a real question, past a certain age. all right. we've got some other headlines this morning. guess what, it turns out the orlando shooter omar mateen was isis terrorist. shows his connections to the islamic state. he shot and killed 49 people before being gunned down by police. authorities suspect russian hackers were behind the massive cyber attack at yahoo. the company catching serious flak for the breach of half a
6:40 am
million users information. a new york man is now suing yahoo for gross negligence. and pc police declaring uncle sam too offensive. students tried holding an event called american barbecue using uncle sam marketing. school administration saying it was, quote, too military and recruitment oriented. interesting. and a boozy barrel hunt is underway. jack daniels has hidden 150 prize filled barrels all around the world as part of its 150th anniversary celebration. inside the barrels are a one of a kind bar kit or anniversary bottle of jack. one even ended up here on the "fox & friends" plaza. we've got to find those. >> i got my name on that barrel. >> how much is a barrel of jack daniels cost? >> lots of money. 150 years though. >> last a lifetime. >> yeah. >> keep it up high enough. well, facebook is jumping right into the 2016 race, but don't worry. the social media giant says it will play completely fair.
6:41 am
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6:44 am
welcome back. the smithsonian national museum of african-american history and culture opens today. >> and kevin cork is outside the museum this morning in washington, d.c. kevin, good to see you. good morning, my friend. >> hey, great to see you. and it is a wonderful day to be out here. listen, we've been out here since right around 7:00 this morning, and the crowds were building even then. as you pointed out president obama, president george w. bush and john roberts, chief justice of the supreme court of the united states of america among the many luminaries who will be here to help open up this latest
6:45 am
smithsonian museum. and what a day to celebrate the full american experience. and truly this museum is a reflection of that. it's also been told that this is probably the most interactive of all the smithsonians. 36,000 artifacts if you can imagine, and some 400,000 square feet of living history at your fingertips. >> the african-american experience is the quintessential american experience. it is the experience that helped us understand our notions of optimism, our notions of liberty, our notions of citizenship. we realize that it's a story for us all, not just one community. >> this beautiful bronze facade a reminder perhaps of the beacon of invitation for all americans to come and enjoy this slice of american history. now, yesterday we heard president obama talk about the celebration today, and sort of drawing a contrast between that and the ongoing struggles in a couple great american cities, charlotte and tulsa. the president saying this museum
6:46 am
is a reminder of the progress that we as americans have made, but also a reminder of the ongoing fight. >> the timing of this is fascinating. because in so many ways it is the best of times. but in many ways these are also troubled times. history doesn't always move in a straight line. and without vigilance, we can go backwards as well as forwards. >> guys, i got to tell you, it's been an incredible morning already. spoken word, poetry, we've heard music of just about every variety, gospel and jazz and rock and soul, even a bit of country. we'll hear plenty of that, rapping, everything else over there across the street as we've seen thousands collect here. should be a great day. we'll have it all for you. by the way, i just saw samuel l. jackson standing to my left. i did not get a selfie. >> been watching that building
6:47 am
go up for a while. thanks, kevin. beautiful fall day. is mexico warming up to the idea of paying for donald trump's big beautiful wall? let's check back with them. >> i am not going to pay for this [ bleep ] wall. >> if you thought he was mad there, just wait. because this morning we learned trump may get his wish after all. >> of course he's not even president anymore. facebook jumping into the 2016 race meanwhile, but don't worry rest assured the social media giant says it will play fair with you. kurt the cyber guy here to discuss the future of our democracy and facebook. stay tuned. there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough, and people can spread it without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today.
6:48 am
that i was on the icelandic game show. and everyone knows me for discounts, like safe driver and paperless billing. but nobody knows the box behind the discounts. oh, it's like my father always told me -- "put that down. that's expensive." of course i save people an average of nearly $600, but who's gonna save me? [ voice breaking ] and that's when i realized... i'm allergic to wasabi. well, i feel better. it's been five minutes. talk about progress. [ chuckles ] okay.
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6:51 am
some quick headlines from the campaign trail. first up, jill stein did not get invited to the first debate on monday, but that's not going to stop her from showing up. the green party candidate and her supporters plan on having a protest outside the debate site. and it's been a huge campaign comment from the beginning, donald trump forcing mexico to pay for the wall. >> don't worry, folks. we're going to be building the wall. we're going to build a wall. and who is going to pay for the wall? who? >> i am not going to pay for this [ bleep ] wall. >> the smart people scoff vicente, but trump could get that by raising fees on tolls and bridges. boom. >> thank you, tucker. so executives at yahoo, facebook and netflix now jumping on the hillary clinton bandwagon raising $113 million for her campaign. >> this as facebook launches the
6:52 am
first nationwide voter registration drive for users 18 or older will automatically receive a reminder to vote at the top of their news feeds. here to discuss is kurt the cyber guy. first of all, on the first topic -- >> first of all, facebook, i'm not a media company. we're not a media company. they're everything about a media company. >> they're one of the largest media companies in the world. more people getting their news in the news feeds playing. it's remarkable. but the idea these guys are raising all their money for hillary clinton, does that surprise you? >> no, i mean, silicon valley has been a hot bed for raising a lot of funds for especially -- they lean to the left on this one without question. 25 to 1 this particular election season. so trump not getting in too much out of that area. but $113 million is part of an 1,100 donation bundle. and these are called elite bundlers. so you're looking at say facebook's c.o.o. sheryl sandberg as well as other folks. >> reed hastings from netflix. >> yes, a number of other people
6:53 am
there that are high profile who are showing up and collecting checks from their friends. they're called bundlers. that's an elite bundler and makes a big difference when you can put in your pocket $113 million from one collection of heavyweight people. >> well, it makes you think this has got to impact the way the ceos are thinking about decisions that they're making. you think about the google home page or facebook, the things they're putting out there for people to see. >> all i know -- >> might have an agenda. >> look, facebook still has not really come to jesus on this whole idea of what's a trending story and how do we -- and now here we have facebook going into this debate, as well as you know other social media going into the debate. they're going to be determining what's trending. what's the trending topic. guess what? moderators are now going to be feeding off this information. and they're going to say, oh, most people are clicking on this. or is it somebody behind the scenes at facebook that's saying we think people are trending in this way. >> these wall of gardens never
6:54 am
know. >> it is. kurt, great to see you this morning. >> clayton, good to see you. abby, always good to see you. we told you earlier how college students weren't allowed to hold a patriotic barbecue at the college because someone thought it was too offensive. well, that won't stop us from holding our own offensive all-american barbecue. we're partying on the plaza. >> that's right. it looks good. let's get out there. the itsy bitsy spider went up the waterspout. down came the rain... ...and clogged the gutter system creating a leak in the roof. luckily the spider recently had geico help him with homeowners insurance. water completely destroyed his swedish foam mattress. he got full replacement and now owns the sleep number bed. his sleep number setting is 25. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance.
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still not sure whether to stay or go on that business trip? ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ this fall at choice hotels, the more you go the better! now earn a free night when you stay with us just two times. book direct at with two big sales to gear up and save. like select bass pro ball caps for only $5. and a pursuit laser rangefinder for under $120 after rebate. bass pro shops. well, earlier in the show we told you about students being forced to change their american themed barbecue because the administration there deemed it, quote, offensive. >> this morning we're having an
6:58 am
all-american barbecue to show our own patriotic pride. >> and here to grill up some delicious american classics chef mark bailey. nice to see you this morning. >> hey, mark. good to see you. >> happy july 4th in september. >> it's amazing. >> and it's all-american going on here today. you know what i'm saying, burgers, chicken, ribs. >> start with the burgers. >> burgers, an all-american burger, parsley, chipotle kick, i actually carry it throughout the entire meal. >> good for you. >> but not everything. >> i love the tobsco chipotle sauce. this is an open face grilled chicken sandwich. i used the chipotle sauce for the topping, topped with mozzarella cheese as well as green onions and scallions and you're good. >> mashed potatoes. >> you don't get any more than american than mashed potatoes.
6:59 am
i used idaho russet potatoes. avoid the boiling and peeling and that crap, it tastes really good. >> potatoes are actually native to north america, introduced to the rest of the world by north america. >> that's not made in china. >> no, it's not. exactly right. >> and neither is this, the smithfield tender -- >> you can't get anymore tender or american than ribs. honey chipotle sauce and use that as my marinade. >> come on now. >> krou can't beat that. with grilled onions, come on. >> is anything not improved by grilled onions? >> absolutely nothing. i can top it on everything. >> i put them on starburst and make them better. >> i think everyone should have an all-americaned themed barbecue this week. what are these awesome sunglasses. >> i like the hat actually. >> i feel like i should celebrate america. tucker's not feeling it. >> i'm totally into it. and if you want more on this,
7:00 am
you can log onto this is a fox news channel special election presentation. countdown to the showdown. now neil cavuto. welcome everybody. i'm very delighted to have you. we are getting ready for the first debate. you've heard a thing or two about it probably over the last, oh, weeks. but it's upon us right now. and we are looking at what's at stake as well as fast moving developments here and around the world. we've got dr. ben carson with us. dr. richard dreyfus. nigel farage is here. his chance to respond to hillary clinton. and charlotte bracing for fifth night of protest as charlotte has yet to release shooting of


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