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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  September 24, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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speaking of enthusiasts, big weekend, like the super bowl, sec championship all into one. we have it all covered not only tomorrow, but the battle of hofstra starting on monday. we'll see you next weekend. a high-stakes showdown just two days away. welcome to a new hour at american election headquarters. hillary clinton and donald trump facing off for the first time monday night. it's expected millions of folks could be tuning in. the two rivals are preparing this weekend for the epic battle on the debate stage in their own way. mrs. clinton is off the campaign trail, apparently hitting the briefing books with her top advisers while donald trump says he will just be fine going by his instincts, just as he did with the free wheeling style that helped him in the primaries. instead of practicing his
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strategy in mock debates with aides, he's going to be holding a rally in roanoke, virginia. also news that one of his most bitter rivals is offering up a surprise endorsement. peter doocy starts our coverage from roanoke. give us a sense of the pulse of the voters in that area right now. >> reporter: uma, while the whold world is looking at the podium where clinton and trump are standing monday night, hillary clinton may be looking out into the crowd at a woman who says she was bill clinton's mistress for more than a decade while bill clinton was married to hillary clinton. and the reason this is a possibility no u is because the clinton campaign decided they wanted to give one of their tickets to the debate on monday to billionaire trump critic mark cuban. trump doesn't like that. he blasted out on twitter a little while ago, quote, if doeb pee mark cuban of failed
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benefactor fame wants to sit in the front row, perhaps i'll put jennifer flowers alongside him. trump's guest list may be chings, but we're told his style will not. we heard yesterday from eric trump. he said his dad will decide how aggressive he wants to be when he sees how hillary comes after him. rudy giuliani elaborated. >> hillary clinton is going through this like hillary clinton doesn't know who she is. are they doing psychological profiling. donald trump is going to come out there and be donald trump, and if you believe in what he believes in, vote for him. if you don't, don't. boy, is that refreshing. >> reporter: so trump's pre debate schedule has been absolutely packed. yesterday he got news about the surprise endorsement of his rival ted cruz. today he's going to have a very
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large rally here in roanoke, virginia, a critical swing state for trul and clinton. tomorrow trump is going to do something for the second time in the last few days, meeting with a head of state. a few days ago it was egypt's president. tomorrow it will be israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. what can we expect for the debate as both candidates get set for the big battle. former republican congresswoman nan hayworth of new york and former congressman dennis kucinich. welcome to both of you. nan, let me begin with you. let's talk about the optics of this weekend with hillary clinton hunkering down at her home in chappaqua, new york, while donald trump continues to take his message on the campaign trail. planning to et moo, as peter pointed out with the israeli prime minister tomorrow in new york. what's your reaction to this? >> donald trump is proving yet again that he is a man of the
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people. he is out there on the trail with the folks who he's going to represent. every community across the country, as our president. hillary clinton on the other hand is holing up. she hold up with wealthy donors over the summer. she avoids public exposure. now she's holing up to prepare for debates. she should know these things. she should be out there with the folks she hopes to represent. we have great need, great opportunity in this country and i hope donald trump will come to the debate ready to talk positively about his message of economic empowerment and individual liberty. that's the most important thing he should do. >> both of you have had your time on the debate stage as candidates because you've both served in public office. so you have a sense of what it's like to be out there in the big spotlight. is there a concern, congressman
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kucinich, that if mrs. clinton overprepares she may come across as a political wonk and that she may appear to lack a certain warmth when it comes to voters? >> yes. no one in this campaign could hold a candle to hillary clinton's knowledge of government. she probably is the best prepared person for the presidency. but that's not the challenge she has in this election. everyone knows that about her. what they want to do is connect with her as a person, and to try to see if there's a way to get past this integrity concern. so her preparation, she'll be ready. she's ready today. donald trump, on the other hand, are if i was advising his campaign, i would say make sure he gets some rest before he goes into the debate. from my own experience in being in presidential debates, getting enough rest is probably the most
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important thing in terms of preparing for that debate. >> no doubt about that for sure. that's good advise. do both of you think that the two candidates have to work on their policy presentation since donald trump doesn't really spend lots of time offering up details of his plans in public, and he presents the larger picture while mrs. clinton tends to offer up lots of facts and figures but doesn't give a clear sense of what she'll do when it comes to eliminating the shl nah debt. congresswoman hayworth, what do you think? >> in terms of economic empowerment, donald trump is being guided by some of our best minds on this, larry kudlow, steve moore, art laffer. these are professionals who understand exactly what we need to do in terms of taxation, regulatory relief, tax reform and tax relief. so donald trump should study up on that. i couldn't agree more with
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dennis. he definitely should get a good night's sleep before this debate. hillary clinton, as you know, tends to get lost in the weeds. she doesn't give the big vision because frankly she can't give a big vision for economic empowerment because what she is proposing will hold us down, it will represent more of the same misguided poal sees that have misdirected working capital and kept americans out of jobs and out of the booming economy that we need. donald trump has the better case to make, and i trust he will. >> congressman kucinich, let's talk about body language for a emt mo. it can be a big factor in a debate -- >> what makes you say that? >> richard nixon found out the hard way because he was sweating on air during his debate with john kennedy. how important is body language from your point of view? >> well, it's very important. look, people are listening for
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verbal queues, are watching the presentation in terms of development of ideas and arguments, but the non-verbal queues are significant. those are the subtleties that carry right through to people and hit people right in the face. i'm give you an example. remember when al gore in the debate with george bush left his podium and just stood, didn't say anything, stood close to george bush. that was shocking. what happens on that stage matters. you're going to have -- you could have 85 million people watching this. and these debates could make a difference, but it's not necessarily going to hinge on policy. it's going to -- debate could pivot on something that happens on that stage, the way the candidates treat each other is going to be very important and how they're perceived by the audience in terms of their openness, likability. these are all things that will be decided in the moment and you
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can't really prepare for it. believe it or not, there's an element of authenticity that takes over when people are on the stage. >> authenticity is very important for both these candidates. i want to thank both of you for joining us today. i know you'll be watching along with all of us for this must-see tv event. >> thank you. >> thank you. what questions would you like to see asked in monday's first presidential debate between donald trump and hillary clinton? tweet me and we'll try to get to your answers a bit later in the show. it's clinton versus trump. you can be sure fox news will have complete debate coverage all day monday live from hofstra university leading up to the big event at 9:00 m p eastern. we hope to see you right here on the fox news channel. turning to other big headlines right now, protesters in charlotte taking to the
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streets for a fourth night of demonstrations despite the curfew. things were, for the most part, peaceful. many demanding police release dashboard and body camera video of tuesday's shooting of keith shot. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> this after scott's wife released cell phone video of her own that seems to raise more questions than answers. senior correspondent rick leventhal is joining us live from charlotte with the latest on the show. ch. >> reporter: a lot of rumors that the charlotte-mecklenburg police department may be about to release that ka rahnd a dash camera footage of the shooting of keith scott. we have not been able to confirm that with police. we are monitoring and standing by waiting to see if they will release the video. there's been a lot of attention focused on the cell phone video shot by scott's wife. you hear her pleading with her husband don't do it, and you
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hear officers say drop the gun repeatedly before several shots were fired. the family say they want the dash cam video released as well. they say after they watched the video, it's impossible to see if scott was holding a weapon. a law enforcement representative said a gun was found with scott's dna on it. we have not been able to confirm that. this as hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets again last night, for the fourth night in a row, at one point blocking the interstate and staying out past the midnight curfew. police made 11 arrests last night and preparing for more demonstrations tonight. uma, i believe you mentioned there was a demonstration going on this afternoon, ath gaeringering at at marshall park, several groups hosting this march today. they may, in kt fa, march toward the city government center. i want to also say last hour i
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mistakenly used the word murder in my report. i want to apologize for that. words matter, especially in this case. we're standing by waiting to see if the police department will release police footage of that shooting of keith scott that took place on tuesday afternoon. >> thank you very much. i think both of them should say the same thing which is stop. stop the looting, stop the destruction of property. you're only destroying the property in large part of people in your own community. >> that's former new york city mayor rudy giuliani talking this morning about what the candidates need to say to address the police shootings in tulsa and charlotte and across the country as well. this as people ask one singular question, where is the leadership, leadership to find a clarity and understanding
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between police and the community they serve? these situations become all too common. let's bring in former nfl great, super bowl champion, author of "liberalism," how to turn good men into whine in is, weenies and wimps. >> let me ask you in terms of your reaction to the optics of what you've been watching, particularly in charlotte, tensions running high, emotions running high. this is a big concern for a lot of people saying where is leadership on this situation? where is the leadership to try and calm people down and to try and put things in perspective? >> i think it's even more so than that, uma. what concerns me is how we're allowing a party to determine our value. notice that we had 90 black americans killed last month and
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not a peep out of the democratic party. 83% of black americans not working, not a peep pour the last few years. a black policeman who kills a black american who has a gun and we have riots. 70% of those arrested, i read the other day, are coming from out of state. we have the value of our race being dictated based on the policies or agenda of a democratic party. right now they need voters out, they're trying to rj in jazz their base. i think americans have to be very careful. not only black americans in the inner city but policemen. at this point democrats are desperate. they're addicted to the breeding of black voters. they have been for years. we have to look at what the agenda is and recognize we have value other than just being shot by policemen. >> let's talk really about the people who have been affected by all this, the people who live in these communities who are trying
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to find a way to survive in a very tumultuous situation. some people are trying to draw parallels to what happened in the 60s in the riots then to what's happening now. others are pointing out stark contrasts because at that time it was more about what dr. king said, about conscience and trying to differentiate on that score because it was all about liberty for all and justice for all. in this situation some are saying this is all a about identity politics. do you agree with that? >> i agree. it's a big difference. i grew up in the '60s. in seventh grade i was part of the demonstration. we had hope in the hair khan dream, in the promise of our country. think about this, demonstrators in those days, you had martin luther king's leadership, fighting stereotypes that the democratic party had about black people.
11:16 am
think about the vision of the black man today. when you look at these riots, you see young black mans with no shirts on, pants down to their knees, uneducated, unemployed, hopeless, and they come not to demonstrate, but to riot and to a lot. it's a whole different self-perception. that's what we have to get back. the promise of irma ka,ing anybody, no matter where you start from, what your background is, you can succeed. that's the biggest thing my parents taught us. we need to get back to strong black leadership that teaches our young people that the american way is the only way. if you go with the basic principles of work ethic, judeo christian values that your o ancestors came up with. >> how concerned are you about the way young people view police officers today? in this situation, it continues a narrative of, it's us versus them. in charlotte, as you pointed out a moment ago, it was a black police officer who shot the
11:17 am
suspect who was in question there. they were concerned about the fact that he was carrying a gun. >> we are coming to a point now where black americans who turned blue are turning into racists. we're dealing with an ideology. socialists don't like the irma khan way of harmony. we're teaching our young black people to be racist. no blessing in that. we have to get back to our foundation, have the courage to stand up for what our country stands for and tell our young people there's ways of doing it, and the ways of doing that is hard work, honesty and understand the american dream is still available to them. >> so great to have you on the program once again. thank you so much for joining me on what is a very difficult situation for so many people in the area of charlotte. >> we can do this together as americans. let's stop letting them divide us. >> great message there. thank you. president obama saying no to a bill that would let the families of 9/11 victims take
11:18 am
saudi arabia to court. the reason the president is against this idea and how congress is planning to turn that bill into law anyway. we'll take a close look at the issue with lieutenant colonel oliver north and more violence in one of the world's oldest cities as air strikes kill dozens in aleppo, syria. the heartbreaking video that shows the rescue of one 5-year-old girl. ...clear for take off.
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air strikes pounding the ancient syrian cit o aleppo. residents calling the newest surge in violence the worst they've seen since the civil war when it began five years ago. syrian troops capturing several parts of the city, taking control away from rebel forces, the it fooing killing dozens of civians. dramatic video showing dramatic moments when rescuering free a little girl from the rubble of her home after her parents and four siblings were killed in an rstrike. very dramatic there. president joining us fox news military analyst, the host of "war stories,"-colonel oliver north. good to see you. you are in israel right now.
11:23 am
>> uma, we are back along the sea of galilee, let's put it that way. this afternoon we were 15 miles north of here at a u.n. observation post just across the israeli-syrian borders, forces are engaged in an effort to seize the city of el cab bob. from our position on the israeli side of the border we can see artillery fire and russian or syrian air strikes. it's quite obvious here as well as further north that despite claims by the all registration, there is absolutely no cease-fire whatsoever in syria, and even worse, uma, it appears the bloody civil war in syria is far from over with horrific civilian casualties like you just showed. now a new alignment, russia, iran, syria, eyeing rack and
11:24 am
hezbollah control lebanon, all versus tiny israel. the battles resulted in strikes in israeli territory and air strikes on the artillery positions. the assad regime is supplied with russian surface-to-air missiles. they fired with a jet conducting a retag tore strike. where it goes from here is inanyone's guess but it does not look good. >> let's talk for a moment about the fact that the trucks carrying humanitarian aid are not getting into the city of aleppo. >> of course, this was all supposed to be dependent on a cease-fire that secretary of state john kerry assured everybody would work. it's interesting. in all of that conversation he had with the russian foreign ministry, none of it was ever made public to the american people. one has to wonder why. the russians even asked for
11:25 am
that. lavrov made a big point, let's lay it before the security council. it didn't happen. the end result, a further disaster for the people of syria and greater uncertainty for the country i'm in right now, israel. >> what has surprised you the most from what you've been witnessing out there? >> first of all, the lack of coverage in the united states. it's understandable we don't have a lot of american correspondents inside syria and certainly not with the syrian government. the reali of it, however, there's a lot going on even in the southern front just north of the israeli bord. i'm quite frankly astounded that we don't have better coverage of what's going on. admittedly we have an election coming on and we know prime minister benjamin netanyahu will meet with both presidential candidates. there's great hopes there will be some positive change in america's foreign policy particularly toward the only democracy and our closest ally in this part of the world. >> those meetings are supposed
11:26 am
to take place before mr. netanyahu leaves tomorrow. to switch subjects, the fact that congress has passed a bill saying that the families of the 9/11 victims may be able to sue the saudi arabian government. president clinton vetoing this bill and congress saying we're getting fit to override this. what's your reaction to all this? >> first of all, it's astounding that we actually had both houses of congress pass the billion animusly, and i went before the president. he apparently has higher regard with his relationships with other countries than he does with the american people who ought to be able to benefit from sequestered moneys. by the way, part of that mon in i given back by the iranians was supposed to be used to pay for reparations for victims of ir iranian terrorism. those sanctions have been lifted. obviously congress has something on their plate there, an
11:27 am
override of a veto. over here they're ex-expecting it would be over written. >> i want to correct myself. i said president clinton when i meant to say president obama. i have presidential politics on our mind. >> we all knew, before everybody hammers you. they do here in israel as well. >> let me ask you about the fact that this bill that was passed really addresses the concerns of these families who have been hoping that this was going to happen for years now. they have been fighting hard to have the ability to go after the saudi arabian government. >> look, the lawyers of the world are going to line up and say sovereign immunity protects the american government from any of these kinds of cases. in fact, there have been countless other cases, court decisions made that americans who suffered under various forms of terrorism could get
11:28 am
reparations for them. why the big stink over this? i don't know. i don't think the saudis are that concerned as long as they can prove their government did not have anything to do with 9/11. >> certainly a very contentious issue and one we'll be following, of course, to see where this thing goes. colonel north, so great to have you o n the program. you're doing great work out there and bringing us these dramatic images, heartbreaking images, how the people are suffering in that part of the world now, five years, and no end in sight, as you point out. >> not at all. unfortunately that's true. it's probably not going to change, uma, until we have a new commander-in-chief. >> i want to tell our audience not to miss "war stories" airing this weekend on fox business network. you can catch show tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. chilling new details on the new york city area bombing suspect. how ahmad kahn rah m-- the
11:29 am
investigation into hillary clinton's bus of a private e-mail server. the explosive revelations and what they could mean for her campaign. >> the president has a lot of confidence in the ability of senior officials at the fbi to make decisions based on their judgment, not on the politics.
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welcome back everybody. we have breaking news on the scandal which has been rocking hillary clinton's campaign. the fbi releasing nearly 200 documents from its investigation into her use of a private e-mail server when she was secretary of state. this latest batch coming just as we learned after the agency gave an immunity deal to clinton's former chief of staff cheryl
11:34 am
mills and two other staffers for their testimony in the now closed investigation. that revelation sparking an uproar on capitol hill. kristin fisher joining us with more. >> days be ever the first debate, another document dump. this time it's summaries of fbi interviews with several of the key witnesses in this case: and they include more ammunition that donald trump may try to use to bolster his argument that clinton exhibited extreme carelessness while secretary of state. for instance, in one interview, clinton's former assistant, monica hanley, said she had to receive security counseling after a classified document -- i'm so sorry. i'm going to have to rap because you have breaking news. >> thank you very much. the naacp holding a news conference in charlotte on the police shooting of keith scott and the protests that have been under way. let's listen in right now. >> since that tragic event, the
11:35 am
city has brought the national guard into our city. and our citizens have felt as if this was a militarized state. we felt it was not necessary and continue to have conversations around the fact that we thought it was a bad decision. the clergy behind me every day an every night was on the streets, marching, talking, loving and ensuring that each and every person was go home safely. when i say person, i mean the citizens as well as the police. in the course of the last few days, in those discussions, some of the things we brought up beyond the deaths of the two men i spoke about was systemic racism and systemic oppression
11:36 am
here in charlotte and other areas beyond police accountability and police brutality. we're talking about the education system, talking about the school to prison pipeline, talking about the 50 in 50 states regarding upward mobility for black people. think about that. charlotte, the city that has one of the third largest banking systems. yes are number 50 in the country to give black folk an opportunity for upward mobility. that in itself says a lot. we are better than that. we've got to be better than that. we know that there is a task force looking into poverty. guess what? if you talk to the folks impoverished, they can tell you all about poverty. we don't have time to wait.
11:37 am
we don't need anymore forums and conversations that are not going to end with some concrete changes. the most important thing i want to talk about today is how important it is that every citizen makes a decision to stand up, that every decision because if you look at this group of people, black, white, asian, latina, native american, young, old, no matter what, including lbtgq, all standing together for this city because all of us love this city. because of that, we ourselves, the clergy, went down on tuesday night as soon as we heard about that tragedy and began to organize -- >> we're going to break away from that news conference from the naacp in charlotte. i want to bring in elrita king,
11:38 am
the niese of dr. martin luther king. she joins us now. thank you so much for joining us on what is a very emotional day for so many people. tensions are unaring high. i want to get your reaction to the way, the coverage of this event has been taking place and what your reaction is to the leadership in that community. >> actually, what we're hearing right now what my daddy and my uncle dr. martin luther king junior, we must live together as brothers and sisters or perish as fools. we're not separate -- everybody, we are people. we are human beings, emotionally we're going to have to calm down. i'm calling for spiritual leaders across this nation and even around the world to join us
11:39 am
in prayer. we have to get out of riot mode. protest is okay. but protests according to my king family legacy should be peaceful. the shooting, the looting, the violence, destroying must stop. we grieve for everyone who has lost a faly member, everyone. america, we need to pray and lead from our spirits and not our emotions and definitely not with our weapons. >> do you think the protests have not been effective when it comes to focusing on the underlying problems of communities like charlotte where there are real tensions there with people who are very concerned about their communities and the lack of economic development, for example, the conditions of the school, those problems are at the heart of what's going on right now and frustration over the issues is what's
11:40 am
contributing to this outbreak of violence? >> as we moved in the 1960s, where i marched with my father, dr. a.d. king, we know peaceful protests do make a good impact. the violent rioting that is sometimes now being called protesting, it makes the emotions so high that you almost cannot see the insults and injuries that are the people are suffering. for instance, in charlotte, you have wonderful people there from every ethnic group, from every socioeconomic position, but they also are terrorized when people begin to loolt and kill and shoot. when you're emotionally violent, you're not going to be able to really clearly identify the problems and attack the probl s problems. racism does exist in america. certainly it is there in charlotte. it's not the only problem.
11:41 am
poverty, lack of communication. we have to be able to pray, and we must be able to hear. >> let me ask you about the impact of social media on a situation like this. what impact do you think it's having knowing that social media is playing a big part in fueling these protests? >> i pray people will find me at social media, are civil rights for the social media can be very negative and it can scare people and stir people up. those of us who are spiritual, we can use social media as well. we saw over -- in south carolina actually, when the governor there called for peace, we find that when we're calling for peace around the nation, believe it or not, even in sanford, florida, when the spiritual leaders and people got together
11:42 am
in prayer, the rioting calmed down when we bring prayer and peace and reason into a situation, we can begin to resolve it. my uncle proved it. my daughter told me the other day, she says uncle m.l. helped to change the laws, but he wanted to change the hearts. my dad, a.d., my uncle martin, uncle m.l., we've got to deal with the hearts now. you cannot touch people's hearts in the midst of violence. it's not possible. >> you've got a very strong message there and one we should all take very seriously. a big pleasure to have you on the program today. i really admire the work that you do. you are making a difference every single day. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for this opportunity. >> really appreciate it. moving along now, we have chilling new details on the new york city area bombing suspect. next how ahmad khan rahami apparently went from living the american dream to embracing the cause of radical islam.
11:43 am
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now turning our attention to the suspect in the new york and new jersey bombings and new insights into how he became radical lazed. we're learning ahmad khan rahami struggled to come to terms with any rules, including the u.s., the country that gave him sheller from war. those that know him say he took a long trip to pakistan and afghanistan a few years ago and when we returned he was never the same. let's bring in dr. judy jasser, a frm toer u.s. navy lieutenant commander. >> great to be with you, uma. >> we're learning more details about this suspect. we are hearing about a narrative that we've heard before, that this person traveled overseas several times and came back a different person, and that he
11:48 am
was on the radar for a little while and dropped off the radar of the fbi. a lot of frustrated people out there about how this can happen. can you bring us some sense of why that is happening more often like this? >> have it's because after every one of these, uma, we keep focusing on the story, the narrative, as if it's different from each one. whether it's the tsarnaev brothers, mallick in san bernardino, it's not about when they travel. when they travel they might become operationalized, learned how to become militants. but the ideological shifts happen early where they look at the world as divided into the land of islam and the land of war. the radicalization -- look at the mosque he went to, islamic circle of north american mosques, it pushes muslim brotherhood of sharia supremacist ideas.
11:49 am
we need to shift the axis. if we're going to stop the whack-a-mole from, we have to shift from when they became a terrorist to redefine it to radical islamism and the shift of the native about islam versus the west. we haven't done that and we'll keep seeing the same narrative over and over. >> what surprises you the most about this person's background? >> what surprises me is we missed so many signs, domestic violence. same things, a security officer. he was interviewed. it's not a surprise because as long as we don't hold homeland security accountable for islamism -- even the wall street article journal today that talked about his radicalization used yasser kadi who says he taps into thousands of youth, this is a guy i think is part of the radicalization problem because he loves to feed into the narrative of america versus islam. we need to focus on the
11:50 am
islamistist muslims. they reject the us many i'm will army, reject all jihad. until we start to say it's a are wah against jihad rather than violence, we're in the going to fix the sas long as we say it's violent jihad instead of violence. >> i appreciate you joining us and keep us posted. >> we're going to take a quick break and come back with more after this. bl bl
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thousands gathering in celebration as president obama officially dedicates the national museum of african-american history and culture. it's the newest smithsonian event. here's the very latest about this grand celebration from d.c. >> a special day to say the least from president obama, as he was joined by former president george w. bush and the chief justice of the united states john roberts and opening this latest smithsonian museum. it was interesting to watch the president and a number of names and faces that you would know
11:55 am
and recall, will smith, stevie wonder, patty labelle and others celebrating a long journey that african-americans have had and made in this country, but also the american progress, the american story that truly is celebrated inside the building. >> and by knowing this other story, we better understand ourselves and each other. it binds us together. it reaffirms that all of us are americans. >> no surprise the president also took a little time to reflect on the challenges that still remain, not just for the american family, but in particular for the african-american community, he made mention of the ongoing struggles in particular in tulsa and in charlotte. >> perhaps they can help a white visitor understand the pain and anger of demonstrators in places like ferguson and charlotte.
11:56 am
>> reporter: still this was a day of celebration along the mall in washington. 36,000 individual artifacts in what's expect to be the most interactive smithsonian washington has ever seen, all wrapped in 7,000 square feet of interactive and living history at your fingertips. >> a special place indeed to visit. that's a wrap for all of us here at studio j, due to breaking news, i'm not able to read your tweets. have a great saturday and a great weekend. thanks so much for watching, the journal editorial report is coming up next. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain...
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welcome to the journal editorial report. we're live this weekend as we count down to the first presidentiala aial debates. the stakes couldn't be tighter for both hillary clinton and donald trump. the polling average shows hillary clinton with a narrow lead nationally, while a fox news poll shows donald trump ahead in nevada, north carolina and ohio. what do the candidates need to do tomorrow night to move those numbers. main street columnist phil m


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