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tv   Watters World  FOX News  September 25, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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that's the fox report. >> i stand on the truth. people can interpret anything they want and i can tell you, i suspect they will based on the video foot amg. you have to put all pieces together. we intervieweded a lot of people and all of our officers involved and the consistent themes were the fact it and that's what i stand behin. >> this is a fox news alert. i am jesse watters' reporting live. the meas chief putny reverseded course and released the video of the shooting of keith lamont scott. we are about to show you the
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body p cam video but we warn you, it is disturbing. police said scott had loaded gun with dna and finger prints on it. it is very difficult to discern if there is a gun on the grouvenltd let's listen in. [inaudible] hands up. >> he has a gun in his hand. back up. back up. back up. [inaudible] oh, no. [inaudible] hey. hey. somebody get my bag and start
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getting. it equipment. >> we have just received the dash cam video. take a look at this. [inaudible] >> he didn't do anything. >> dropout the gun. >> he doesn't have a gun. drop the gun. drop the gun. drop the gun. [gunfire].
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all of this coming following four nights of protest in the downtown charlotte area. >> another black man killed by a police officer in north carolina. >> an explosion of violence on the street was charlotte, north carolina can. >> the city is in a state of emergency after another night of violence. >> he's got a gun. pow, pow, pow. that's. it he at any point have no gun. i can still get shot. [inaudible] >> we are are walking by. and he they started shooting teargas at us. and one guy was hit.
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>> we are patient and they are aggressive. [inaudible] >> these other people came in. we are talking about economic boy cot. in the city of charlotte don't spend no money for white folks that don't respect us. >> so, here to it discuss with mark burns, ceo of now television network and donald trump surrogate and civil right's attorney. pastor, i would like to start wu. the video was disturbing and a tragedy that this man was shot and killed. this should not happen to anybody that did not deserve to go out. he was warned 11 times in 45
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seconds or so to drop the gun. as sad as it is. sometimes if you don't comply you you will die. maybe the police were overa expressive and maybe they weren't. we don't have all of the facts, but how do you see it? >> first of all it is an american tragedy of what is taking place in charlotte, north carolina. i believe that no one, no human being should die the way that he did in charlotte, north carolina. i am happy that the video was released in the spirit of transparency, but again, we don't know all of the facts and we don't know all of the actual evidence. but my heart goes out for the family. we clearly hear the suspect being asked to please put down the gun and stop and put the gun
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down and obviously as he backed up gunshots take place. me personally, i am no expert at video analysis, but for me, i didn't see a reason for him to die, i really wish the police officers would have aimed for the legs if they want to fire. >> that's true, but police are trained in order to aim for the body and that's how they train and operate. tell me the reaction. >> i am glad hay released. the man was walking up. and his arms were not coming up. his arms were not raised to point it to officers. it could be problematic to determine if they are liable for that shooting. >> i will agree. he exited in a casual way.
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and not the way i would have if i had officers point ping guns in my general direction. the officer that shot scott can was a black man. it was a black officer shooting a black p american. and now black pastors calling boy cots for white businesses. you have white men dragged throughout garages in the city. you have awful things said about white people all over the street and social media landscape. why is it a racial issue and why? >> most of the protest were nonviolent and out there. >> most are are nonviolent. >> absolutely. >> i saw someone get shot dead. >> yes, someone did. when you look at the militarization of the police officers. they were approaching nonviolent
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protestors with teargas when they shouldn't have. and that happened in ferguson and that incited. >> i wont blame the officers. in baltimore when they let them to have space to it riot and then they burned the city down. you have seen the racial implication. black officer and black suspect and all of the sudden they are pointing the finger at white businesses here in charlotte. >> i have to disagree with the gentlemen who say there was nonviolent protest. they were extremely violent and it was sad for those that were nonviolent and they were protesting in peace to be mixed up with those who are violent.
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when violence takes place the mess amg gets lost. we have a right to protest. but looting store and breaking glass is not protesting. that is a violent mob. if you hold anybody in authority. like hillary clinton and her e-mails. >> but eric, you have rosea parks. rosea parks would not give up her society on the bus. she didn't burn the bus down. do you see the difference between nonviolent and lotting. >> that's what i am saying, i do not advocate fires or anyone attacked. i am talking about the nonviolent. >> the police. >> no, did not. i said some of them incited.
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part of the protestors were nonviolent until the police started. i let you finish. some of those protestors were out there to cause trouble. many were out there peacefully and some insoited to police. i know some of them personally and that's what happened out there had. >> pastor, are last word, 20 seconds. >> this has to stop being a black issue and has to become an american issue. again, for those who are out there peacefully. i feel sorry and sad for their message and for those rabble rousers that pushed reporters to the ground and breaking windows, the message gets lost. we have to come together as americans and stop this. >> thank you very much. how will race and violence affect the trump and hillary
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campaign. our panel
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>> riots braking out on the streets of charlotte. america needs a healer to bring the nation together. how is the candidateses doing. that here is hillary clinton later this week. >> maybe i can by speaking to white people p, saying look. this is not who we are. we have to do everything possible to improve policing and to go right at implicit bias. there are good cool- headed police officers. we've seen them in action in new york in the last, you know, 48 hourses because of the terrorist attacks. we can do better. we have got to rein in what is absolutely inexplicable.
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>> compare to donald trump. >> the main victims of the violent demonstrations are law of- abiding african-american who live in these community and want to raise their children in safety and piece. i am with you and i will fight for you, i promise. our men and women in blue need our support and thanks and gratitude. remember that. they are the line, separating civilization from chaos. joining me julian turner and radio host and fox news contributor meg an mccain. and radio host and former aide to senator chuck schummer christopher han. >> and i want you to get inside
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of hillary clinton head. i know it is a small place to be. when she said police officer represents all white people. how does that make sense. when a islamic terrorist blows up people they don't repreponderate all of islam. >> it is hard for me to get in her head. it is different than what it s. she learned her lesson and i guarantee you she met with community group and law enforcement agencies and the reality law enforcement does need to be reformed and does the law enforcement agencies represent all white people? absolutely not. they should be community based. >> and hillary all muslims don't have to answer for terrorist
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attacks, but all white people have to answer for one police shooting? >> let me put it in perspective for you. if what was happening in charlotte was the tea party and breaking window and looting and rioting and throwing cameramen in the fires. hillary and obama would call for martial law and you would see tanks in the streets. and now it is the democratic base. >> we saw the tanks and national guard rolled in. >> that was a chevy suburban. >> cars are getting bigger these days. i think what hillary was trying to say and most people need to understand. that racism is not like a broken arm. you don't elect a black president andy we are healed. racism is under the surface and boils up. i don't know if the police officer were practicing anything racist. but there may have been something in the back p of their
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minds that creates a fear. >> so the black police of officer that shot a black man in charlotte. >> it doesn't necessarily apply to white people. it applies to us all. and we have a tendency and deal with it always. it is never going to be healed and always under the surface. >> megan, law and order donald trump. he's the guy to clean up the mess and stop and frisk and heel the racial wounds he said in urban america or will you see black americans reability and come out in the polls for hillary clinton. >> talking about this threero hosts sitting here. talking about the issue, if you open up your mouth and talk about p. someone else is calling someone else racist. and eight years after the first
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allegedly racist president obama. why can't the buck start with him. talk about the president in office let alone the two candidates. i thought donald trump was more emotional. even i want to hear you are are hearing me and fix it and it is scary for black and white americans and you will do something. >> were you surprised how unfoying the trump campaign was. >> kelli conway writes a good speech. and they are speaking to very different audience. he is speaking to suburban women. it is okay to vote for me. hillary clinton is trying to up her numbers in minority communities. donald trump was not considered a racist until he was running for president. >> that's not true.
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he was sued for descrimination and he has a long history. >> but don king endorsed donald trump. >> and skim bollism. >> and that is how you endorse trump. >> and how you win the demographic. he's trying to keep hillary a number down so african-american doesn't come owl the. >> and he reminds them. and she's reminding that he is just playing the game. >> trump's numbers with the black have gone up according to the l.a. poll. >> hillary clinton is carrying 80 some percent nationwide. at this point, it is it a lost cause for him. they have spent the last few days, even before what's happened in tulsa campaigning and focusoth african-american vote. but i think it is not for him. >> he came up 2 or 3 percentage points in pennsylvania and ohio. when we return.
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>> hillary clinton playing big p- time head games with donald trump inviting mark cuban to sit on the front row. i spoke to cuban recently. here it is. so you have been hating on trump a bit and i think i know why. >> why? >> i think you are jealous. >> yes. >> he is a big mouthed billionaire and what about p me? >> it is my tendency right. people i admire i try to copy
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them as much as i can. >> much better. much better. >> not to be outdone, donald trump uped theante, moments ago. if dopey mark cuban a failed benefactor fame wants to sit in the front row. perhaps i will put jennifer flowers right alongside of him. so let the games begin. our panel is back. so trump trying to get hillary to faint again? >> that is cruel. i didn't know jennifer flowers had a history beyond the musical in which she starred in. >> it was a bust? >> and hillary probably has experience dealing with bill's mistress and tough enough to handle the woman in the front row. >> also if she comes, i feel
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like hillary should invite marla maples. >> two can play that came. >> and then he would have to invite weiner and james comey and like a dinner party. >> why don't you invite vanilla ice and all of the 80's person. and we have to google her. and many of us were to young. yeah. you know, it is nice that today, the 25th anniversary of nirvana's never mind and love in bloom with these guys. all he's going to do is make her look more like a victim. and in debate situation find out how that works. >> you think trump is overplaying the hand right here. >> yeah. i think he's showshowing her putting cuban got to him. >> or is this hillary showing up
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for a gun fight. billionaire via the mistress. >> it was not her mistress. >> it was her husband's mistress. >> having a woman who knows what your husband locks like naked affects your performance. i find in all seriousness. i wish hillary would not bring mark cuban and focus on the issue or go all the way home and bring dc. >> how about p vladimar putib. >> he would assassinate hillary. putin's there. >> donald trump plays the psychological warfare. is this going to it affect hillary clinton or does this feed in the sense that donald trump is a show man and it is a circus and he was supposed to be presidential and 24 hours we
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are talking about bill clenton's mistress. >> yeah. it is one giant distraction to the issues and a smart move. because these are not the best candidates we have had. >> they are the most entertaining and they might get more entertaining. >> talking about how trump wants to get voters. >> you tonight think it upon helps. >> i am shocked. >> i am guessing they like mark cuban? >> you think it is to get women for hillary? >> i am just saying she's probably not thinking that way. she's thinking of you and katy perry and lenna dunn handle. >> and talk about the issues. just the issues. >> i do know that the last time in the winter that donald trump was accused of being sexist by
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the clinton campaign. he shut it down for a week. and so going into debate prep which hillary is prepping for. she's not had a campaign event since wednesday. this could be effective. >> i don't think it is rallying her cage at all. >> you will not get crowd noise and if he is not prepared for long, long answers on policy issues. >> you could get a crowd noise with bill and jennifer. >> and highlight and low lights. buckle your seat belt. and plus, will hillary health issue impact her performance. that's next.
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remained mostly calm. i am julie banderas and now back to watters' world. >> we are two dayss out from the
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first presidential debate where hillary clinton and donald trump will go head-to-head. the show down is expected to be like nothing we have seen. donald trump has had plenty of practice with epic takedowns and looking back at the moment. >> you called women you don't like fat pigs and dogs and slob and disgusting animals. only upon rosy odonle. >> mr. trump. i never attacked him on his look and believe he there is plenty of subject. am i talking or are are you talking jim. you can deputy back. and that is not working. >> one at a time. i would bring back water boarding and a hell of a lot worse than water boarding. >> how are you going to make them pay for the wall? >> i will and the wall just got
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step foot taller, believe me. >> you are the lying guy up here. >> you are. >> release the tape. you are the one. let me tell you. i have given my answer. no one hit my hands. look at those hands. are they small hands? >> and he referred to my hands and something else must be small. i guarantee you there is no problem. i guarantee you. and so how will clinton tackle trump. and look at her past debate performances. >> we'll do it right now. >> we'll shake. >> i want your subject and everyone wants you to sign something that you are for. >> what can you say to the voer was new hampshire on this stage and see your resume and like it and rezitatesing on the likeability issue and like bark bookkeeper obama more. >> i don't think i am bad.
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>> you are likeable enough. >> you talk about ronald reagan being a transformative political leader. i did not ska his name. >> your husband did. >> he's not here. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you, me too. >> as we await secretary clinton we'll begin on the economy. >> sorry. if you are talking about p the wall street bail out, with your friends destroyed this economy. >> you know. >> excuse me, i am talking. >> and this is a serious difference between us. and what i want to start by saying tis not a laughing matter. 90 people on average a day are killed or commit suicide or do i in accidents from guns.
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>> we are back with julian and chris. >> and chris, if hillary is such a strong woman. why is she negotiating so aggressively with the debate commission to give her a step stool and when she coughs, the cameras love her and working the moderators that they fact check trump on the fly. why is that pulling that stuff? >> i would need a stool against someone 6- 4 and you want to be be appearing tall. >> you want a curbian. >> i am good but maybe not donald trump. and you negotiate for everything you get and some of you get and some you don't. in the donald trump debates, you didn't see policy discussion. he was quiet. very good on the attack and excellent on the count canner attack. and she's got to get him in
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a detailed policy discussion and if she does that, it will be a interesting night. and if he comes back, he will look great. and that's the thing i fear the most. >> i don't know how much on policy. everyone is talking about megan, which version of donald trump are we going to see. i am curious which version of hillary clinton. will we see the sad hillary that needs help getting up on the stage and lose her trak train of thought or hard-coreangry hillary. >> i am having a debate viewing apartment. a lot of jack caniels and you are invited. one coughing fit. or one long gulp of water and her looking woozy tis it over. >> and every time she coughs. >> she goes into p a coughing
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fit. >> and they have it. >> she goes into a coughing fit. what does he do. >> look at you. you don't have physical strength to be a president. >> i have been in a black hole in the internet with the health conspiracies. and there are convincing ones out there. and for me who is not always the fan of donald trump her health is an issue. >> donald trump has to pass it is commander in chief test and make no unforced errors and hillary will try to geturn her skin and he's comfortable and likeable. you will have this person in your living room four years. don't you think he has to connect on an emotional level. >> he does that naturally. so i don't think there is a worry that he's not. asz long as he retains a semblance of his personality. i think he will punch back with
12:40 am
substance in this debate. he's one-on-one. i am focused on national security strongest would be a plan to combat isis. he's holding those cards way too close to his chest. >> we don't want to give away the plan. >> and she's asking for a step stool and he was ready to strike back and start a fight over the moderator. >> because he wants to do what he did with the republicans. eight guys on the stage, he could pick a spot. he's one-on-one. and hillary's been one-on-one. and is that a advantage for hillary? >> absolutely. this situation here is that donald trump is dividing and conquering and he's not running against a institution who had ten years running for president or more so. and has her husband's campaign
12:41 am
and all of his strategist. they are masters and she's loched up to understand the psycheicology of donald trump and where his weaknesseses are. and my concern is that i don't want her seveniinking in his ra hole. she doesn't have to respond and she is. she could talk about policy and block it out. >> we all know the debates hinge on a wink, nod and moment. and hillary has to make a moment for herself and if she doesn't. you know donald trump will have at lost throw. thank you guys very much. what are hillary's health issues that megan is wondering b. a doctor in the building will give her diagnosis. so stay towned. -- tuned. i wanted to know who i am and where i came from.
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>> my guest today is hillary clinton. thank you very much, mrs. clinton for being here. critics have questioned your does decision making and you you
12:46 am
doing this show lays that rest. >> it proves their case. >> we should stay if touch. what is the best way to roach you, e-mail? you you got mail. >> that was hillary clinton between two fern and the same day she was diagnosed with pneumonia. we didn't hear about the diagnosis two days later after cameras caught her collapsing leaving the 9/11 ceremony. and the signs were there as she coughed her way through rallies and press briefings. so is she physically fit to be president or at the very least could health issues compromise her to performat the debate. and the doctor helps me to break
12:47 am
down the medical history. i have a list of hillary's previous ailmentes from the new york times, not a sketchy website. pneumonia situation; is that why she fainted from pneumonia or te hydration. >> it is mrausible. she became sick and dehay drated and working hard and she has a fainting episode. and so that is plawsible. and there are other issues with medical problems cause for pause really. >> and what, let's take them one at a time. megan mccain. a big conspiracy thorrist said ask the doctor about the glasses. the purp ple glasses and she looks like john lennon. i don't know if they are the
12:48 am
right glass. they have oval lens. do they indicate anything specific to you. >> she was using these glass that help upon her with double vision and that is earlier, i think it was in 2008 or 9. she had a fainting episode and diagnosis with a blood clot in the brain and she was having double vision and that's why she wore these glasses. >> blood clots create the fainting and she's medicated for blood clots, correct? >> not so much the blood clots create the fainting. she had had two blood clots in '98 or '07 and third one in her brain in '0 ninish. and those don't create the fainting. that is a disease process and
12:49 am
maybe an underlying thrombottic disease or clotting disease she has. she is medicated with a blood thinner which is typically what you give for someone with that. >> and also, the concussion situation. she's had how many concussions has she had? >> one concussion and that was in the 2008 or 9 and she had a stomach virus and episode. and so that concussion is probably minor if any what we call tbi. or traumatic brain injury. and no long-term. i don't think it is causing the fainting. didn't she have a concussion before p she was supposed to testify about benghazi. >> that was the same episode, right. >> she's not had a concussion since? >> i don't believe so. >> look being at all of the medical conditions right here;
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is there going to leave you to believe that she might be affected by anything spontaneously in the debate or spontaneously in the debate or at risk for anything? spontaneously during the debate. is she at risk for anything? >> well, i think right now she's certainly at risk she has had the coughing fits over the last five days. so that could come back and haunt her during the debate. as far as the blood clots, i don't see that giving her a problem during the debate. i think the real thing that i'm concerned about is when she has the fainting episode and somebody that's on blood thinnee hit our head and we just get a lump on our head. if you're on a blood thinner, you fall and hit your head, you can have bleeding to your brain. and that's pretty significant. so i think that really is the crux of the whole issue. >> okay. >> also she's had -- >> thank god i'm not on blood thinner because i hit my head
12:51 am
all the time. could be a big problem for me. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> the best moments in presidential debate history. ♪ music
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for your retirement, you wanted to celebrate the little things, before they get too big. and that is why you invest.
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the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. many people are expecting moend's debate to be one for the ages. but before that, let's get into some of the other memorable moments in debate history. >> there is no soviet domination of eastern europe. >> i would like to see him convince the czech americans and the hungarian americans in this country that those countries don't lifz you should the domination and supervision. >> issue of this campaign.
12:55 am
i am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponents youth and inexperience. >> i have as much experience in the congress as jack kennedy did when he sought the presidency. >> i served with jack kennedy, i knew jack kennedy. jack kennedy was a friend of mine. senator, you're not jack kennedy. >> governor, if kitty dukkha kus were raped and murdered, would you favor a death penalty for the killer? >> you know, all of my life. >> i could see my wife, and i think she's thinking, ge rks, i wish she would go out to the private sector. >> i'm going to try to help you do that. >> your philosophy but get things done. and i believe i can.
12:56 am
>> say it ain't so, joe, there you go again pointing backwards again. you purposed your whole comment with the bush administration. >> you get a deduction for taking a plant overseas. i've been in business for 25 years, i have no idea what you're talking about. >> jane hampton cook is a presidential historian as well as the author of the new book, "the burning of the white house:james and dolly madison and the war of 1812." you've studied this for many, many years, who does donald trump compare to? i probably no one, correct? >> donald trump compares to no one. he is definitely the political outsider, but he does have a lot of the kind of the negative campaigning skills richard nixon was quite good at that. the counter punching. that's something that, you know, that's a good strength of donald trumps, but he also has that humor that ronald reagan had. it's a different type of humor,
12:57 am
but you laugh sometimes when you hear some of the things that trump says because he wants you to laugh. that makes him feel relaxed -- >> he is going to be relaxed, all right. and everyone's going to
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i'll ask dr. ben carson what it was like to debate donald trump. and i'll talk to a man that ran one of the most successful presidential campaigns ever. plus, speaking of fights, i'll talk live with boxing legend and trump


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