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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  September 25, 2016 9:00am-11:01am PDT

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i'm howard kurtz. give us a like, let me know what you think on twitter. e-mail us mediabuzz@foxnews com. we're back in washington next sunday with the latest buzz. we are less than 48 hours away from a historic showdown. hillary clinton, donald trump will debate for the first of three debates inside this hall tomorrow night. just as a brand new poll shows the two candidates in a virtual dead heat. it's come to this, america. high noon on a sunday. good morning, everyone. special edition of "america's newsroom." i'm bill hemmer. >> one day away. good morning, everybody. i'm mar that maccallum. we're coming to you live from hofstra university in new york. tomorrow night the university will play host to one of the most highly anticipated political events, maybe sporting events. we'll see how the numbers are, that we have ever seen. this is hempstead, new york,
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which you're looking at on this beautiful overhead shot we're giving you. we're about half an hour outside of manhattan on a sprawling, beautiful campus of hofstra university and we're on broadcast alley. this is where we'll be for the next few days. we're very happy. it's a great, great set up. >> talk about the audience. when you think about 1980, jimmy carter and ronald reagan, that had 80 million viewers. to date that's the most watched debate. four years ago debate number one between mitt romney and barack obama, they had 70 million. but typically you average around 60 million. the reason why we're giving all these numbers is because you could have. >> 100. >> 100 million. >> yeah. >> it could be higher than 100 million. >> yeah. >> the anticipation for this event when you have two figures as well known to so many as hillary clinton and donald trump, it will be extraordinary. >> when you figure that half of americans about usually vote in a presidential election, a little bit more than that maybe, and you have 74% saying you
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betcha, i have got my popcorn ready for this one. so as we wait for the big event, we have brand new poll numbers that just came out. "washington post" poll, take a look at this. hillary clinton leads donald trump 49% to 47% in the two-way match-up. that is well within the margin of error, so it's a dead heat. >> both of them, trump and clinton, are off the trail today getting ready for the debate tomorrow night. hillary clinton's campaign manager calling on tomorrow's moderator to be fair to both. listen here. >> all that we're asking is that if donald trump lies, that it's pointed out. it's unfairor hillary both to play traffic cop with trump, make sure that his lies are corrected, and also to present her vision. we're saying this is a special circumstance, a special debate, and hillary should be given some time to talk about what she wants to do to make a difference in people's lives. she shouldn't have to spend the whole debate correcting the
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record. >> fascinating. watching this sort of expectations, monitor and pushing down on both sides. last night donald trump was at one last rally. we know that really that's what fires him up and that's the kind of environment he wanted to be in going into this. hillary clinton, everybody is watching it and so-called insiders trying to gauge who is going to be coming out ahead in this thing tomorrow night. watch. >> they're all part of the same political establishment. they all support the same ideology of globalism that makes them rich while shipping your jobs, your factories, and your wealth to other countries all over the place, in particular lately to mexico. i'm not running to be president of the world. i'm running to be president of the united states and turn things around. >> so trump was on the trail. that was from a rally in virginia last night. let me go to john roberts right now live outside the trump tower
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5th avenue, midtown manhattan, new york city. and, john, hello. >> good afternoon to you. donald trump wanted to keep doing campaign rallies all the way through what would typically be the debate preparation time line. part of what he likes to do is just keep the momentum going, and he did. he showed that abc news/"washington post" poll a second ago in a two-way match-up. a lot of states it will be a four-way or more match-up. let's look at those numbers. hillary clinton leads donald trump there by two points as well, well within the margin of error, 46% to 44%. among likely voters. registered voters, we don't know how many people will participate, the race even tighter, 41%/41%. donald trump has an afternoon of debate preparation ahead of him. the strategy for tomorrow night, pretty simple, don't try to make him into something he's not, don't try to fill his head full of facts and figures he might either forget or cause him to freeze up. they believe that's what happened to mitt romney in 2012 during his debates with president obama, and they hope if they can get three or four
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memorable sound bites and a couple zingers in against hillary clinton, he will have accomplished everything he set out to. here is his campaign manager, kellyanne conway, from earlier today. >> for donald trump it's answering the questions and showing america he's ready to be president and commander in chief on day one. i notice from "the washington post"/abc news polls, george, just released, the number one and number two issues to americans are economy and terrorism, and donald trump is leading hillary clinton on who you must more on both issues. >> expectations they believe for hillary clinton are higher in a recent poll. 53% of people said they expect hillary clinton to win. so they believe if donald trump can play to a draw, he will in essence eke out a win. a lot of head games going on, too. mark cuban tweeted out he was going to be front and center. he's really been antagonizing donald trump. trump tweeted back, maybe i'll get gennifer flowers to sit in the front row. the trump campaign confirmed to me gennifer flowers will not be
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at the debate tomorrow night. >> he meets today with benjamin netanyahu, the prime minister of israel. what is that all about, john? >> reporter: the meeting wrapped up probably a little less than an hour ago. no read out yet from either the netanyahu camp, i have talked to people on that side. nothing yet from the trump camp, but we do know that netanyahu wanted assurances from both donald trump and hillary clinton who he is meeting with today that if the united nations were to engage in any kind of action to impose a settlement on israel, he would like thoet trump and clinton, whichever becomes president, to oppose that. we also know donald trump has been talking about adopting profiling in the way that israel has to prevent terrorism and, of course, there's that big wall that runs 440 kilometers in israel. they've got that in common as well. they were there talking about the finer points of concrete work and mortaring. we'll find out soon. bill, martha. >> thank you, john. enjoy this beautiful day in the northeast. john roberts there back in manhattan. >> thanks. >> thank you, john.
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so we head into all of this with donald trump and hillary clinton essentially tied in the latest polls on the eve of the first debate. a new "washington post" poll shows clinton holding a narrow two-point lead nationally. she's also up two points when the third-party candidates are thrown into the mix there as well. but both leads are well win the margin of error. byron is crunching all the numbers for us. chief political correspondent for "the washington examiner" and a fox news contributor. good morning. it's great to be here. what do you make of the new numbers we just got. >> first of all, who would have said the race would be tied right after the conventions when hillary clinton had this huge surge and donald trump was stepping all over himself. now basically the race is tied. one thing you see in the new post poll, you see the third-party candidates, gary johnson, jill stein, actually going down a little bit. indication that the voters are seeing this very much as what they're going to see on tv tomorrow night, donald trump versus hillary clinton. >> do you think -- you look at
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some states like wisconsin and gary johnson was getting 12% of the votes a week ago. >> a lot of political professionals have always believed that the third-party candidates would go down as we got closer to election day. so i think this is what is happening. maybe it will pop back up, but i think basically that's what's happening and it will be i think reinforced when you see the two major candidates against each other. >> as it gets closer, people just really feel they need to pick one or the other if they want to make a difference in this race is likely the reason for that. let's take a look at some of the numbers that we have. 74% of folks out there according to "the washington post" post say that they will watch this debate. that's a very big number. >> it's an incredible number. these are two best-known candidates we've ever had run for president i think. both have been famous for a long time before they ran for president, and i think both sides will say this is kind of a chance for people to see them actually be presidential, and this whole expectations game has
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been really extraordinary. and i think what's happening -- the conventional wisdom is trump is barely preparing and hillary clinton is preparing with her usual thoroughness and is going to be extremely prepared. i think the trump people are playing this a little bit, kind of downplaying the amount of preparation he's actually doing. he's been taking a lot of questions, i hear, doing a lot of back and forth, and has actually taken this pretty seriously. >> to this point, the same "washington post" poll, regardless of who you think you will vote for what do you think will win? she's at 47%. >> that's why the trump people think a tie is a win. imagine this, you have all this talk about how hillary clinton is way more prepared than donald trump, and if you do look at the "washington post" poll, she leads on most of the major attributes for a president, who has a better temperament, who is more qualified, who has more knowledge of world affairs. she's way ahead on all those things. the only thing she's behind, who is more honest and trustworthy.
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there's this idea -- >> one last thing with you here. a little reported story on friday night, the cincinnati enquirer newspaper in southwest ohio, which is -- it can be a republican bastion has endorsed hillary clinton. i don't think that paper has done that in morning a hundred years. how do you factor that into how you evaluate this? knowing that trump was bucked the trend in a lot of this more traditional analysis to begin with? >> interesting thing that's happening as ohio appears to be moving toward trump, and you talk -- they have much more confidence in ohio than they had a while back. they feel -- trump actually hired the political operative who led george w. bush's campaign in 2004 to victory where they just found all these hidden voters out there to vote for him. they're very, very confident. i think this endorsement is an example of a disconnect between
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the editors and the voters. >> no doubt donald trump would say it reflects the establishment and he doesn't care who endorses him in a newspaper or not, it's the people of the state which appear to be moving in his direction that he probably cares most about. it's a different time we're living in. thank you very much. >> thank you, guys. the rnc chairman reince priebus weighing in on tomorrow night's big match-up. he spoke to maria bart romromo. he says he's confident about his guy. >> anytime you have a change candidate, it's always change versus risk. in other words, how much risk am i going to take in order to get the change? the electorate is like a river that flows, and if your candidate is flowing with the river, it's a lot easier to win and donald trump is flowing with that river. you have the change candidate on our side, which we're feeling good about, and the electorate that wants to move that direction. but limiting risk, you know,
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discipline on messaging. those are the thing that donald trump has been doing and he's been doing it very, very well. >> so the clinton camp may be a bit less confident in some respects as you saw a few moments ago. they're urging debate moderators to stay on top of trump with fact checking in live time. former house speaker newt gingrich saying earlier on fok and friends that they should not need to do that. >> the clinton campaign is that eager to have the moderators do the fact checking. what does that tell you about their lack of confidence in hillary clinton? she ought to be the fact checker. she's the candidate. she supposedly knows ten times as much as trump. she's done all these government services. she's been a senator. she's been a secretary of state. she's been a former presidential candidate. she's been a first lady, and she needs the moderator to do the fact checking? >>. >> well, new york congressman peter king is here. remember the house homeland
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security committee? we're like in your backyard, aren't we? >> about ten minutes from my house. >> nice to see you. >> you don't behave yourself, your visa will be taken away from you. >> please, no. i have to get to manhattan. >> dually noted. >> where do you see this right now 36 hours away, a little less than that? >> i think donald trump has to be the favorite. it's his to win, his to lose, depending how you want to look at it because this race is even after all the negatives, after all the things that have been said of donald trump. after 25 years of hillary clinton, he's in very good shape. i compare it to ronald reagan and jimmy carter. i think whatever unfavorables hillary clinton has, it's based on trust. you can't turn it around in 90 minutes. the questions about trump, is he a leader? can you conduct yourself the right way? you can turn that around in 90 minutes. he gets a few extra points, he wins. >> what's your personal evolution been like? you were pretty much against this idea of a donald trump. how did that happen?
9:14 am
>> jeb bush and marco rubio. so much for my skills. basically what it comes down to is donald trump on the key issues that are important to me, military, sfor for tupport for police, and turning the economy around, donald trump is the guy. he's clearly a leader. he has leadership skills. i don't agree with him on every issue. he wouldn't agree with me but i think we need a strong leader right now and something to restore the faith of the country and he can do that. >> were you part of the never trump team for a while? >> pretty close to it, right? >> i was never part of never trump. i had real differences with trump. >> the real reason i ask that is where do you think that basket of voters is today? >> i would say the party is very much united. you find two guys like me and ted cruz. we don't like each other, don't get along at all, from different parts of the party. both of us now are strongly endorsing him. i'm strongly endorsing donald trump. ted cruz has come out. i think ted cruz coming out means a lot. he was like the last holdout of
9:15 am
the key prominent republicans. >> what are your concerns then about your candidate tomorrow night? because he's never been one-on-one on that debate stage. >> he has to watch himself, but i wouldn't put too many restrictions on donald trump. all the advice the pros have given him over the last 16, 18 months hasn't meant anything. the fact is he is his own man. i think so long as he's able to focus on what the questions are, not get tied down defending himself, and don't respond to everything hillary clinton says. but let him be spontaneous. i can understand why he's not rehearsing. i think he has to have some answers down pat and make sure he has certain facts that are going straight but as far as telling him how to act, how to stand, he's gotten this far by being donald trump. >> thanks for having us. we're doing lunch at king's house. >> ten minutes away. have the sandwiches ready. >> get the hamburgers ready. >> thank you. >> thank you. good to see you. another big story this
9:16 am
morning, police in charlotte releasing the dashcam and body cam video of the moments leading up to the shooting of keith lamont scott. governor mike pence weighing in on that this morning. >> donald trump and i don't believe that law enforcement in this country is a force for racism or division. donald trump and i know what the american people know, that law enforcement in this country is a force for good. >> so what does the tape show and how will protesters respond? >> also, more on this debate here. we are live on the scene of hofstra university. the site of debate number one. our coverage continues live all throughout the day today so don't go anywhere. we've got you covered on a blue sky sunday afternoon. to get a mortgage.
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police in charlotte releasing some video from the shooting that left this man dead, keith scott. we warn you that this video is obviously very disturbing. it is the police body camera footage first. shaky, as you can see, because it's on the vest of this police officer as he's running. you can see two police officers surrounding scott's suv. the police also put out dashcam
9:21 am
video showing the moment that scott was shot. warning, again, that this is graphic. je hard to see. this is the sound of the gunfire from the moment the officer shot him. the video actually doesn't show the actual shooting on the body cam one. police also released pictures of a handgun, a holster, and drug paraphernalia that they say was in scott's possession at the time of this shooting. dan lyinski, former boston polie chief joins us. let's get a look at this other piece of footage that was shot by mr. scott's wife and watch this with us as well. let's take a look. >> kids, get out the car. keith, keith, don't you do it. don't you do it. keith, keith, keith! don't you do it.
9:22 am
>> all right. very hard to watch and hard to listen to her shock as she's asking did they shoot him? did she shoot him? he better not be dead. your thoughts on all this, dan. >> you know, obviously a tragedy for all involved, and you can hear the emotion in her voice. you know tlshg where was someth concerning to her saying don't you do it, don't do it. we don't know what that was. the video -- everyone thinks body camera is going to be a solution and that will be the independent investigator. it's one piece of a pie. body cameras have limited ability to see everything, and they don't take into effect the physical attributes that occur to a person in stress. you heard her voice go up. you heard the officers' voices go up. they see things differently. their fine motor skills get reduced. they hear things. if you interview the officers, i would say they didn't even hear the statements she was making he has a tbi. they were focused on the threat
9:23 am
and our physical bodies often don't let us take into everything around us. clearly the officers saw what they thought to be a gun. whether it was a gun or not, the investigation will show, but they clearly thought that. you can see that from their reaction, the way they deployed and were engaging the suspect. it was clear they thought that because the wife said he doesn't have a gun. she was clear she thought the officers were under the impression he had a gun. this is one piece of evidence. there's a challenge to get these videos out as soon as possible. we as the public are used to instantaneous gratification now. we want to see it right away. the investigators have to make sure they've locked down statements and done the right things that the video doesn't impact witness statements before it's too early. >> i just want to point out what people are seeing on the right-hand sides of your screen is at the stadium in charlotte where a football game is going to take place this afternoon. it's a peaceful protest.
9:24 am
people locked arms and standing around that area. they've asked for the photos and the videos to be released which has now occurred, and as you point out though, it doesn't tell you the whole story, but i guess what a lot of people see in that video, chief, is that they don't see a moment where he raises a gun and turns it towards the police officers at any point and i don't know if that's there and we're not seeing it but clearly the most troublesome aspect of this. >> that's true. you don't see everything and we have to get all the witness statements in. are there more videos? are there video cameras on house that is can be taken into play? we also have to figure out what did the officer see? did the body language of the subject change to the point where the officer felt he was threatened? it takes 1/100th of a second for that gun to be raised before you can even react. so we have to find out exactly what the officer said he saw. he's going to give a statement to the prosecutors and say what was going through his mind when he did it, what his partners
9:25 am
saw. that's clearly disturbing. this is one piece of the case. we have to let all that evidence play out, the physical evidence. i don't know whether the prosecutor -- there was some question whether it was a book or a gun. some people say he didn't have a gun. there was photographs of a firearm. there's an ankle holster there. have they done interviews of residents and neighbors to see if he was carrying a firearm on his ankle. it's not easily concealable. people see them. you have to interview folks around him. i don't know if they've done a search warrant on the house to see if there's ammunition that was in the gun inside the home. we've got to dot our is and cross our ts before use of force would be justified. >> that's the most important thing is you have to allow the investigation to play out before anybody can make judgments on what happened from either side, and we've seen it time and time again. it takes patience. people are frustratede edfrustr upset. as you point out, we need to
9:26 am
follow this through step by step. chief, thank you very much. good to have you with us this morning. all the best. >> thanks, martha. what you're looking at now is inside the debate hall a couple hundred yards down the road from where we are. and it is -- it's cozy. it's a former basketball gym that used -- that can hold thousands of people but in this case they have about a thousand folding chairs up front. as you're looking at that stage, hillary clinton's podium will be to the right side. donald trump will be to the left side as you look at it. his is a little taller than hers based on the negotiations and the physical height of each other. so that is where it goes down inside hofstra university tomorrow night. okay. donald trump, you know he sailed through the primary debates and he had a style that was uniquely donald trump as you remember. >> yeah, i'm at 42 and you're at 3 so so far i'm doing better.
9:27 am
>> doesn't matter. >> so far i'm doing better. you know, you started off, jeb, you're moving over further and further. pretty soon you're going to be off the end. >> but it appears trump has dialed down a bit on the rhetoric in the recent weeks. which trump will we see on stage with hillary clinton? that's a great question to debate. what does rnc chair reince priebus think of debate night number one? >> he's got good instincts. he's obviously a good counter puncher. i think he speaks a language that people out there can understand, and so i think he's going to have a good night. i'm terrible at golf.
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that's pretty, right? that's where we are right now. awesome out there. great setup we have. hofstra university as we count down to tomorrow night's big debate. during the primaries hillary clinton spent most of her debates against one opponent as we have seen. donald trump, on the other hand, faced a whole lot of people up there on the stage, as many as ten at one time egging them to move off the edge of the stage. but his critics say when it's one-on-one with he and hillary, that he may have to change that approach a little bit. watch. >> donald trump will have to think about what he said in the past, his disparagement of that reporter that you saw on the screen with disabilities, going to have to think about the names he's called to gold star families, to mexicans, no muslims, and, you know, he may try to -- he's a good television performer, so he may try to adjust for that.
9:33 am
>> doug is a former adviser to president clinton. boris epstein is the senior adviser to the donald trump campaign and he joins us now. welcome, gentlemen. >> good to be here. >> nice to have everybody here with us. boris, let's start with you. so you heard john podesta sort of enumerating the different mistakes he thinks donald trump has made over the course of this process so far. is he going to have to be extra careful tomorrow knighnight? >> you have to hand mr. podesta one thing, he's on the talking points. the same thing they've been saying for months and months. we're trending way up and hillary is trending way down in the abc poll. we're up state by state, ohio, florida, colorado, tight in pennsylvania, within two points. hillary clinton has all the pressure on her. she did terrible in the first forum. she can't have two strikes. >> it must be tough for donald trump in a way because he -- really tough for hillary clinton
9:34 am
because he's made so many mistakes, doug, at these different debates that everybody who watches these things all the time went, oh, my god, that's it. there's no way he's going to recover from that statement and up and up and up he went. so that's tough for hillary clinton. >> boris is making the case for donald trump, but he's not wrong in his basic analysis. here is the challenge secretary clinton has, she has to make the points john podesta made but do it in a way that does not alienate voters that makes the case trump is not qualified, not suited to be president without being harsh or shrill or angry. she has done that before successfully. there have been times even in the last week or so when she's been less successful. so it's a real question not only which donald trump will show up, but which secretary clinton will show up. >> let's not forget that she has been an awful candidate really throughout her career. she barely became senator, beat rick lazio. >> it was a pretty big win.
9:35 am
>> final vote was a commanding victory. >> she's not done well historically in debates. >> boris, when you hear the trump team talk about, you know, he's doing this and he's doing that, you get the impression that she's the bookworm and he's skipping class. byron york was making the point 30 minutes ago that they're underselling the amount of preparation he has done. is that true? >> mr. trump is fully prepared for this debate and, more importantly, fully prepared to be president of this country. i'm not suggesting he's not prepared for the debate. i'm saying -- i'm asking you whether or not he has given more time to the studying aspect of this event than we have been led to believe. >> i'm not sure who you're talking to, but i will tell from you knowledge firsthand, he is absolutely dedicated an enormous amount of time to this. he's coming in with all the knowledge necessary. he's going to be the candidate you want as your president, somebody who is authentic, somebody who is agile, not scripted like hillary clinton
9:36 am
will be. it will be a fascinated debate. she's an experienced debater, you're right, but she's never been really a good national candidate. she did win the two senate races and then lost to barack obama and then she almost lost to a 74-year-old social ition wissoc. >> here is what i see is the challenge for trump. secretary clinton is going to attack in the way that john podesta suggested, the attacks on disabilities, the attacks on women. she's going to try all that. donald trump's challenge is to stay above it and not get into the mud with hillary because if he does that, he will not be successful. at the same time secretary clinton has got to make the case that with what he said, the way he's acted, he's not presidential. that's the real challenge. >> and remember the most important word that's come out in the last word deplorable, desperate, irredeemable. that's what she called me, family like my family who are supporters of mr. trump. she's going to go after him but really she's gone after everyday
9:37 am
americans, soldiers, cops, nurses, people who want a real change, who don't want the same thing we've had. that's her biggest challenge. how is she going to atone for that? >> the way she can atone for that is to be substantive, high-minded, specific, and focused on a vision for the future that offers people hope. >> that's what's been missing though. >> it sure has. >> there's no doubt she's going to be studied as we've all said. she's going to walk out there and know her stuff, but what donald trump has been able to do and why he feels like he's got the momentum at the moment in this race, i don't know if you'd agree with that or not -- >> i do agree, absolutely. >> -- is that she has not given her sort of vision. what does it look like in america when she becomes president? how is she going to bring the country forward? i have never such depressing conversations with people about where they think the country is. >> i agree with that. the country is divided and dispirited. donald trump has offered a vision, it may not be one many
9:38 am
agree with, but it is a vision, and she hasn't. the greatest weakness of her campaign is the absence of a vision, a message, and a view of our future that is united and uplifting. >> does she have that? >> i haven't heard it. >> and the reason she doesn't have it is because she's been around for so long. it's tough when you've been around so long to offer something new because everybody knows you're just running on the same old stuff. >> there is one glaring absence in this campaign so far, and that is the discussion on the issues. >> right. >> what would they do as president? that has really been missing. tomorrow night there's an opportunity to tell that to people, what you would do. do you think tuesday morning the focus moves to that or is it focused on the personalities and perhaps a moment or two moments from -- >> i think it will be the personalities and a few moments -- >> it is the personality and not the issue approximates. >> but she's going to break through. i think mark is right, if she
9:39 am
will, it will be by communicating with the american people. her sense of where she wants to take this big picture with some substantive points. so far she's yet to do it. we'll see if she can do it monday. >> and the biggest challenge is look at national security. she's saying i'll keep you safe. well, isis was born and grew on her watch. on the economy we haven't had 3% gdp growth in eight years and she hasn't really put forward her true economic plan. her plan is to raise taxes. donald trump put forward a very specific policy plan, simpler tax plan, 13% corporate tax rate down from 35%. that's uplifting. you will pay less in tax and you can employ more people. that's good for america. that's what we're offering. she can't do the same. >> martha was asking you whether you agree with the trend, the last seven to ten days all the poll something going trump's way. mike flynn was on "meet the press" and talked about that as well. >> donald trump has been
9:40 am
prepared and, you know, it's like where is hillary clinton this week? donald trump has been in pennsylvania. he's been in florida. he's been in ohio. i was with him last night in virginia. he is out speaking to the american public, large groups, small groups. you know, that's how he is bringing his message to the american public, and that's why you're seeing this huge shift in the polls, this huge momentum shift. >> just the very end of that, is he right about that? >> yeah, he's right, and what hillary clinton is counting on is that she will be able to shift the momentum back to her, solidify her core supporters, and particularly appeal to some working-class and middle-class white democrats, particularly men, some independents, who have trended to donald trump. but it's undeniable that this race is a statistical tie as we sit here now. >> but, you know, i think donald trump -- the reason donald trump has all the momentum, look at the state of pennsylvania. we are within two points. 85 republicans are not backing
9:41 am
trump. that's a huge increase in just one week. >> boris, doug, thanks. >> thanks. >> you are going to the giants game today. >> i am. >> what are you doing? . >> i'm tisticking around here. i'm here. >> the clinton team speaking out about their expectations for tomorrow as well. we heard this today. >> what we're concerned about is there might be some sort of double standard here. donald trump can't lie on that debate stage and win or even get a passing grade. donald trump cannot demonstrate that he doesn't have a command of the issues and get a passing grade. >> well, so how was clinton getting ready for trump and what role should the moderator play? we'll hear from the dnc in a moment, their expectations next here live in hempstead. >> hillary clinton is the voice for global special interests. i'm running to be the voice of the forgotten men and women of this country. look at all these purchases
9:42 am
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9:46 am
all that we're asking is that if donald trump lies, that it's pointed out. it's unfair to ask for hillary both to play traffic cop with trump, make sure that his lies are corrected, and also to present her vision. we're saying this is a special circumstance a special debate, and hillary should be given some time to actually talk about what she wants to do to make a difference in people's lives. she shouldn't have to spend the whole debate correcting the record. >> okay. clinton campaign manager earlier today on abc saying he's bracing for an unconventional battle with an unconventional opponent. doug, senior adviser from the dnc, thank you for your time today and a good sunday afternoon to you. what is your -- what is the clinton campaign doing now in terms of trying to lower the bar and the level of expectations based on a comment like that?
9:47 am
>> it's great to be with you. look, i think it's really important to look at donald trump and his performance in the debates over the course of the republican primary. he claimed that he won all 11. a lot of polling would bear that out. he said on your network last year that defeating hillary clinton would be one of the easiest challenges of his career. he has roger ailes prepping him who prepped ronald reagan for the 1984 debate when he did so well. we expect him to be prepared. he's a master showman. he knows the television medium very well. but at the same time the american people want to hear coherent detailed pick-and-roll si pl policy plans from both candidates. >> i think this expect's pregame debate is just fascinating. go back to what was just said. do you want lester holt to do
9:48 am
the fact checking in real time? i mean, isn't that hillary clinton's job? >> well, i'm sure she will do that. i think it's also the media's job to call out a lie when it's a lie, and we know that donald trump has the propensity to lie when he either doesn't know policy or the facts don't fit his narrative. you know, he said that he's always been against the iraq war. that's not true. you know, he said that african-americans have never had it worse, ever, ever, ever, and i point him to jim crow era and slavery to debunk that myth. and there's a whole bunch of other things he has said that are just simply not true. he said it in the republican primary -- >> but, again, that's -- again, that's secretary clinton's job. >> and i'm sure she will call him out, but i think it's also a moderator's job and the media's job as well when they're grading these -- the debate performances of both. when you're an athlete and you're performing in a sport, if
9:49 am
you cheat, you don't get rewa rewarded. if you're in a debate and you lie, you shouldn't get rewarded for that either. >> can't wait. i know you can't either, doug. thank you for your time today from the dnc. hope you come back. >> thanks a lot. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> you bet. >> so as you guys were just discussing, donald trump in the previous round of debating got in plenty of digs during the primaries. >> my goodness, that happened in junior high. are we not way above that? would we not all be worried to have someone like that in charge of the nuclear arsenal? >> mr. trump? >> i never attacked him on his look, and believe me, there's plenty of subject matter right there. >> remember all that? so will that strategy work against hillary clinton? is it a good idea to go there? the most memorable moments from the primary debates coming up next. what is success? is it a professor who never stops being a student?
9:50 am
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9:53 am
there could be 100 million americans watching on monday night, wow. how have the candidates handled the stage in the past? here's a little bit now about how they got here. >> he was the political outsider. bounding on stage.
9:54 am
13 months ago in a performance that was far from conventional. >> our leaders are stupid. our politicians are stupid. that's what's happening whether you like it or not. >> nearly 25 million americans watched as a new political fire was launched. >> our country is out of control. people are pouring across the southern border. i will a wall, it will be a great wall. >> donald trump took his in-your-face style and then vanquished one by one all 16 republican opponents. >> don't worry about it. >> okay. >> don't worry about it, mill marco. >> i'm at 42 and you're at 3. >> doesn't matter. >> you started off over here, jeb. you're moving over further and further and pretty soon you'll be off the end. >> i've given my answer, lyin' ted. i've given my answer. >> when the debate season was over, the new york billionaire proved he was a tough target to hit on stage. meanwhile, hillary clinton still had work to do. >> let's go forward. let's win the nomination and in
9:55 am
july let's return as a unified party! >> bernie sanders would not go away easily. some believe though he was doomed the night he declared this. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mail. >> but clinton showed in those lesser watched debates that she could go head to head with anyone. remember this eight years ago? >> i was fighting against those ideas when you were practicing law and representing your contributor risko and his slum landlord business in inner city chicago. >> no, no, no, no, no. >> eventually sanders running out of time and needing delegates conceded. >> i move that hillary clinton be selected as the nominee of the democratic party. >> now, two giant figures will be on the stage together. who will get the better in round one? it is the kind of contest only made in america.
9:56 am
>> wow. >> what a ride. what a ride. i mean, you think about those moments and we watched them all from a front row seat. they were incredibly emotional tense moments. have you to wonder, you know, what these candidates have learned about what are they bringing to the table from all of those experiences when they go face to face on monday night. it's something else. >> coming up real soon here in hempsted, debate number one. stand by. >> less than 48 hours to go now until the presidential debate at hofstra university, and we've got brand new polls that have come out. dead heat in this race, folks. bret baier joins us here on our beautiful new set for a preview of tomorrow night's matchup and here he is. >> i like it. >> not at the redskins game. >> how are you? >> fine. good to see you. constipated?
9:57 am
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10:00 am
got some brand new poll numbers out this morning and they show a dead heat. hillary clinton and donald trump in a virtual tie ahead of the big debate tomorrow night making this, if it wasn't already, a historic showdown and a possible game-change their could swing this race in either direction. welcome, everybody. hour two now of this special edition on a sunday of "america's newsroom." i'm martha mccullum. >> and i'm bill hemmer, good morning. >> good morning. >> if you're in california, it's good morning. >> exactly. >> but it's a beautiful stunning afternoon here on long island, new york, right? comes to you live hofstra
10:01 am
university about 30 miles east of manhattan, site of debate number one. there will be three in the presidential level, one on the vice presidential level and the stakes could not be higher and you have that by now. based on the polling and knowing how tight this is, this is shaping up to be an epic head-to-head battle. woeshlt poll shows clinton leading trump 49-47 in a two-ray was, that race is well within the margin of error and in a four-way race, clinton up by two, a statistical tie and a lot of numbers you can go through to figure out the level of enthusiasm, shall we say, towards tomorrow night, the number of americans who say they will be watching and also where these two stand right now as you -- as you look at the blue skies here in hempstead, new york. i mean, it's perfect. right? i mean, bret baier, he could be at the redskins football game today, but he's not, martha. he's here. >> he's going to jump in the car with doug schoen and reince
10:02 am
priebus says donald trump is very much in his element as he heads into this. let's watch that. >> donald trump, look, the outsider, the person who has never ron before, let alone be in a presidential debate, but he's going to be red, and i think one of the things that donald trump has going for him is he has very good instincts. we've seen that. look, we went through an incredible year in our primary and unlike anything anyone has been through, lots of drama, and 12 debates and -- and at every one of these debates, as everyone and the pundits said this is the day that maybe donald trump isn't -- and every time he won that debate. >> bret baier, anchor of "special report" joins us now. welcome, bret, first of all. >> gorgeous day. >> it's gorgeous, isn't it. >> yeah. >> this thing is like we're getting to the final episode of "the bachelor" or "apprentice,"
10:03 am
whatever and the two people left, two best-known people in america and they will match wits tomorrow night. >> that's the question. what donald trump shows up? which hillary clinton shows up and how do they play the dynamics between the two? >> i think it's funny to listen to all the different sides talk about the expectations game and, you know, the people are saying he's such a tv pro. >> a showman. >> a showman and then the republicans are all saying, well, you know, she's a policy -- she's studied for her entire career and he's new to this politics game and never done a one-on-one debate which is true. it will be fascinating to watch. >> i mention that had "washington post" poll t.found that close to half of those surveyed think that she's going to win in about 33 think he's going to win. that's -- that sets a different bar, i believe, going into it. i think generally speaking
10:04 am
people do believe he'll perform better than she will, and that probably, at least before they kick this thing off, that plays to his favor. >> i agree with you in that his par is maybe a little bit lower. her biggest vulnerability is honest and trustworthy numbers and continues in that abc/"washington post" poll really upside down. his biggest bar to get over is whether he can handle the job and whether people can actually see him behind the resolute desk in the oval office and if he projects that image he probably has a decent night. the question about policy and whether she will try to run tirkles around him will be fascinating. >> it's always interesting when you watch a matchup between any two people how they come into it in terms of their confidence level. a month or so ago she was up by eight point, ten points in states across the country, and we interviewed people all the time who said this is over. i mean, hillary clinton is going
10:05 am
to walk away with this thing and then she had a horned out, you know, six weeks between the health issues and e-mail issues. she's got to be, it i would imagine, nervous in a way that she didn't think she would be at this stage of the game. >> yeah. i think the clinton people are nervous. if you talk to democrats privately they will say there's two sides to the poll closing. one, it convinces her people that donald trump could be president and that scares the devil out of them and that motivates them. but on the other side you look at these states like pennsylvania. >> we have those numbers. >> where it's close and colorado which is a state that has been going blue for many, many years now closing. even virginia is closer than we've seen it in recent days. >> the clinton folks earlier today, robbie mook was on abc, i want to go to the clip four years ago in a second and set it up from here suggesting, you know, you've got to fact check
10:06 am
things. you as a moderator, you know primarily when asked the question get out of the way and let them stand or fall on their answer. four years ago, candy crowly, you were in the hall that night at hofstra university when this happened regarding terrorism and benghazi, watch. >> took the president 14 days before he at all called the attack in benghazi an act of terrorism. >> get the transcript. >> he did in fact -- let me call it an act of terrorism. >> can you say that a little louder. >> he did call it an act of terror. it did as well take -- take two weeks or so for the whole idea of there being a riot out there about this tape. >> i mean, i remember sitting there going, wow, that was a moment, and -- and romney never really recovered from that moment. you know, he didn't know how to push back at that time. it turns out that that whole thing, if you look at what he told "60 minutes," the part of the tape that never was released
10:07 am
until a couple days before the election, he was not calling it an act of terror and was the saying it still needed to be decided and steve krocroft was pressing him. the last thing you want to do as a moderator, the jim lehrer format is the best. if you're fact-checking you turn to the other opponent and say what do you make of that, and that's the easiest way? >> give them an opportunity to do that. robbie mook is saying they don't want her in that position, that they expect the moderator to also be the fact checker because that's too much to ask. >> as i will recall that was at the end. debate and candy crowley was looking to move on to another topic and when she jumped in as going forward. >> remember it being rather contentious between those two at that night. >> that was a debate that arguably romney did not do as well. in the first debate he knocked it out of park, according to most. >> you look great.
10:08 am
>> fun to be here. >> welcome to long island. >> great to see you. >> certainly some foreign policy being injected into the presidential race this sunday. hillary clinton expected to take time away from her debate prep to meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. her rival donald trump met with him earlier today in new york. to mike emanuel with the clinton team who joins us live from near her home in chappaqua, new york. >> good afternoon to you. >> how much pressure are the clinton folks putting on tomorrow night's moderator lester holt? you just heard our conversation with bret. what's your sense of that, and what are you hearing? >> reporter: on this fox nfl sunday it real feels like the clinton folks are working the refs, if you will, complaining about the possibility of sexism and calling on the moderators and also the media overall to realtime fact check donald trump and also expressing this concern. >> i'm hoping there isn't a different standard in the debate
10:09 am
i think there's been some worry that maybe up till now there's been different standards applied. >> reporter: expectations are high for hillary clinton after her broad experience in government, also her experience on the debate stage. the clinton team seems concerned that expectations may be too high for her, perhaps too low for donald trump. bill? >> yeah. what about the top clinton campaign officials stumbling again on one of the sunday political shows. what was that about, mike? >> yeah. it was less than a week ago that the clinton campaign manager robbie mook stumbled on a question about syria policy and then today he was asked about an issue much closer to home. does hillary clinton support those controversial sanctuary cities? >> we cannot have a situation where anybody is coming to this country illegally and committing crimes. >> does she want to end sanctuary cities or not? >> i think that's too narrow a view of this situation. we need comprehensive immigration reform.
10:10 am
>>ly. >> look forward to further clarity on the sanctuary city issue specifically. >> reporter: to be fair it won't be robbie mook on that debate stage. it will be hillary clinton and she continues her intense debate prep here in the chappaqua area near her home. bill? >> thank you, mike. good to see you. mike emanuel in chappaqua, new york. >> joining us more with now is jessica tarlov, senior political strategist for schoen conskulting and matt schlapp, chairman. american conservative union. jessica did not get tickets to the game with doug. >> no. >> so jessica, why don't you start first. we just listened to mike talking about the back and forth between the clinton campaign about what they expect. what do you think? >> well, i think, i mean, the market-checking issue is going to be so critical here because she obviously has a reputation for kind of being like meeting grandma, right, so she's
10:11 am
constantly saying to him, no, that's wrong. that's a lie. that isn't true. it's going to look really bad and it puts lester holt in an incredibly difficult position because you don't want to interject too much and you do want to let this be sort of free form and you want to make sure that both candidates are telling the truth. we have many millions more americans, very inarticulate americans, tuning in maybe for the first time to this election and we want them to be as informed as possible, you know, so if donald trump says he didn't support the iraq war, we want someone to say that's actually not true, you did support it though you did come around and said you didn't just a year later and if hillary clinton said there was nothing wrong with my private e-mail setup you want to say that isn't true, and, i mean, donald trump i think will do that himself or he'll smirk or he'll do something to indicate his disdain with the situation but i think, you know, the onus real falls on hillary clinton that she will have to moderate this really delicately. >> bret was saying moments ago it really is up to the moderator
10:12 am
to say do you want to respond to that? >> this is jim lehrer, the idea that the moderator makes sure it doesn't go way off track but he allows the two candidates to mix it up. it's not the moderator's job to be the fact-checker because then you are in the candy crowley position and she put her hand on the scale for a lot of us republicans and that was a mistake and i don't expect that to happen. i expect these two to really go at each other. there's tremendous -- >> you do? you do? >> i do and there's tremendous downsides for each to do that. you're right. hillary clinton's biggest problem is that people just don't seem to like her, even democrats. >> it's not like that they like him. >> has much better numbers. >> really, i don't know what numbers you're looking at. >> i see five scenarios just to draft off your comment. he lays back or she lays back and he goes after her or she after him which i think might be the most likely. i think she might perhaps be aggressive. or they go after each other, and in all likelihood you could see all five of those scenarios play out over 90 minutes. >> 90 minutes. >> a long time. >> you see hillary clinton at
10:13 am
her most energetic on the campaign trail is when she's going after donald trump. she believes that he is just morally and ethically and from a character perspective shouldn't be on the same stage with her. comes out in every pore of her body when she talks about that and the problem whether she does that it goes beyond donald trump when she calls him a racist and hater and all these things and goes to a lot of people across the country who he's connecting to. making a fabulously stupid mistake in being so vitrioloic and i'm really interested to see if she continues that theme because i think it's one of the reasons the race is tight nifnlgt a lot of americans feel judged by her, morally judged by her, someone who has her own moral problems shouldn't be doing that. >> she has to be very careful about that. you know, we pick up certain themes that they have been talking about over the course of the last month or so and often says he doesn't have a plan for isis. tells us that he won't tell us what it is and the secret is he didn't have a plan, says it all the time and i think you can pretty much expect that that's going to happen. how do you think he's going to respond to that, matt?
10:14 am
>> i don't think this is an election about plans. one thing that jeb bush and all the other great republicans learned. it wasn't about all the policy papers. the american voter wants to make a statement. you're the pollster. when you have the wrong track numbers as high as they are, americans are registering their disapproval. it's much more about character strengths than it is about your policy papers and that's why he's really not been held to account. >> i think it's a pretty serious thing that over 60% of americans think he's bigoted towards minorities and women. that's a character flaw that i think that she is right to exploit, you know. that's a majority of people, so you are right. it's a change election. 55% of americans do want change. the wrong track numbers, completely right there, too, but we do have a president with over 50% approval. >> it wasn't be transferred to her. >> it won't be straight transferred, but the sentiment behind the obama presidency which is about inclusivity and equality and fairness, that's what she's running on as well and those are the values that
10:15 am
her policies reflect, and those things do resonate with american voters, so i think that donald trump will have difficulty explaining away the fact that he has talked about things like banning muslims and i know that he's changed his mind now and we'll think about the countries we should ban trouble from or the comments about mexicans or judge kur yell or mr. khan, i could go on obviously. >> you are. >> you talked a lot, too. >> that exchange right there is just -- just pause for a moment here. we television. >> yeah. >> and i've always thought that when a man and a woman is on television, a woman can be sarcastic or even perhaps a little condescending towards a man and it's okay, but a man can never do that to a woman and get away with it. >> did i fall into a trap? >> what is the calculation if
10:16 am
that is true for 100 million people to watch tomorrow night? >> i think that with all these ads that hillary clinton is running about is donald trump the kind of president we want for our daughters and father of five daughters, i think the fact that she's running so hard on that and the fact that her likability and her trustworthy numbers are so bad, i actually think that donald trump strangely enough, even though this is the first woman to represent either party for the presidency, i actually think he's got a wide berth to go back. >> she's a tough cookie and everybody knows her really well. i don't think if he turns on her and, you know, challenges her that it's going to be -- you do think about the rick lazio moment when he stepped into her space. >> donald trump i don't think will do that. >> it did hurt him. >> that's an excellent question about the dynamics between a man and a woman up there. this is the preview, we're practicing it. >> practicing the man-woman dynamic thing up here. working out really well. >> they are neck and neck in the polls right now, but there have
10:17 am
plenty of pitfalls for both trump and clinton getting to this point. a moment here. the highs and lows for both candidates since the conventions. we'll have a look at that. >> signs that hillary clinton may be struggling among some voters on the left. what does she need to do to get those reluctant democrats off the sidelines? >> and donald trump writing his own playbook on debate presence, or so we are told. we'll talk about his campaign who is getting ready for debate number one. the face-off tomorrow night at hofstra. >> america needs to be strong for the world to be safe, and a president donald trump will lead with american strength on the world stage, and here at home we'll make america great again by putting americans back to work.
10:18 am
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10:21 am
back here live. hofstra university. we're 30 miles east of the manhattan. it's a stunning day. do we thank the political gods and weather gods and all of them for giving us this day today? all right. hillary clinton getting ready for tomorrow night. what do democrats want from her? denis kunzic, former democratic congressman out of ohio and fox
10:22 am
news contributor. how are you doing today, dennis? thank you for your time today. >> good to be with you. >> i saw something that you passed to our producers earlier. you'll actually looking for her to inspire democrats tomorrow night. why would that be at this point? >> well, to even go beyond democrats. she needs to inspire the american people to elect her president. she has to come from the heart. hillary clinton is a master at policy, but people aren't going to want to elect the smartest person in the class. she wants someone to connect to them heart to heart. americans are a big-hearted country and she wants people that touch her heart. she can change the election with this debate. >> the other comment, you said if she simply goes after trump and that's her strategy, that she's missing a moment. how come? >> because it isn't about donald trump. it's about her relationship with the american people, her ability to reach out to the american
10:23 am
people, to show that she understands people's practical aspirations for jobs, for good wages, for retirement security and for decent housing had and for the education of their children and for peace, and if she can do that, she will score very well. >> robbie mook was asked a similar questions but i think this went to some of the polling that suggests that she's trailing badly in the dishonest cadgory. this is how he answered that today on abc. >> hillary has recognize that had she has a lot of work to do to earn people's trust, and as we were discussing, we think this debate is a fantastic opportunity for her to present not just what she is going to do to make a difference in people's lives, but she actually has a long history of getting this done. people can absolutely trust her to make a difference in their lives. they can't trust donald trump. >> well, on that point, what is your feeling on that, first of all, and i'll get to my next question? >> trust is a non-verbal
10:24 am
construct. it's what you do. it's not necessarily what you say. however. hillary clinton will have a moment where she can address the people directly and frame it in terms of her public career. now, that's a challenge that she has. there's just no question about that. >> yeah, and if you look at the polling, i think everyone admits that the polling has gotten tighter and trump has been on the move for the past seven to ten days. you would agree with that, yes or no answer on that? >> this is like a jump-off. >> if that's the case. i gotcha. if that's the case then, what is the level of pressure on her tom perform tomorrow night at a level that changes the direction of these polls? >> she's a pro. she's going to -- she's going to do well. the question is the non-verbal cues, the glances, the -- the inflections, the way that she
10:25 am
presents. again, the heart-to-heart connection. that's what needs to be considered, because with 100 million people, as much has 100 million people watching, no mistake about it. this election -- this debate could change the outcome. election. >> you're almost making a case that she has to prove that she's likable. is that what you're saying? >> prove that she's likable. she has to be likable. >> well, i think you're likable enough. dennis kucinich, eight years ago, see you in person again so. >> remember that line from president obama. it has been a long and winding journey to this historic showdown tomorrow night. we'll take you back and we'll look at the challenges that each of these candidates has faced and what they overcame to get here tomorrow night. >> and donald trump getting ready in his own way and own style. will his unconventional message
10:26 am
pay off? we'll hear from his campaign. team trump is up next, live. >> we have 44 days until the big vote. the arrogance of washington, d.c. will soon come face to face with the righteous verdict of the american worker and voter, believe me. it's enough.
10:27 am
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10:31 am
that people out there can understand, and so i think he's going to have a good night. >> peter navarro is an economic adviser for the trump team sand with us now in hempsted. >> great to see new person. >> got california weather for us. >> just for you. >> tell us how much you can say about the level of preparation specifically for monday night. what have you seen? >> well, it's been an ongoing process for many, many weeks now. a really strong team of policy advisers where we generate information, and the beauty of mr. trump, i'm a professor, right, so it's like there's audio learners, there's visual learners, he's very good at both. a minute of his time learning is like a day for somebody else. i don't know if he has a photographic memory, but he just nails it, and it's a -- it's a very dynamic interactive process. if he has a question about something or something is not clear, he hits you with it, and you get it and it's all good. >> those sessions, you're an
10:32 am
economic adviser, so that's the area where he feels most comfortable probably, you know, of all of these he's been sort of bemoaning the trade deals that the country has been doing since the '90s, really. >> since the '80s. >> yeah, that's exactly right. so that i would imagine is the area where he's sort of most comfortable. >> i think he's comfortable across the spectrum. if you're an international business person you're going to understand things like geopolitical risk in terms of going to asia or europe or whatever, and by extension you're going to be learning about china and russia. i mean, the way i met him was through the work i did on china, and this was back in 2006. so he's a voracious reader. he's going to be very well prepared, relaxed but presidential. we saw in mexico the beauty of that. i think hillary clinton will be defensive, and it's going to be really interesting. >> i think what you were saying though, peter, is that you're
10:33 am
saying that trump knows how to ask the right question, correct? >> correct. >> that's what you said. >> and something doesn't sound quite right, what's that? >> were you on the plane with him two days ago, correct? >> friday. >> there was give and take about the debate there, and if so, what was that like? >> sure. yeah. in any given flight, he's on a flight every day. there will be a different set of policy advisers there. we have information that's constantly flowing in, and it's either visual written down material or -- >> for example, he asked me when i was on the plane, he said i need to know about this, and i went to my computer and printed something out. boom, reads it and got it the. >> did you say here's the topic. here's a possible question, how would you answer it? >> it's an inte experience. we were going to ft. myers that day, a week ago friday, and there was a particular part of the speech that one of the people were working on. he wanted to know a little bit more about it. i'm there, boom, and that's what it is. he's got really, really good
10:34 am
smart good people behind him and what's good about this is everybody that he brings in is outside the universe of all the people that have been screwing things up. there's no like beltway establishment type people that have been driving us down the bad trade route deal and think about this. i'm an economist, right? we went five and a half decades growing at 3.5 up until 2002. since then we've been at 2%. the obama administration has had eight years to fix that and instead of being at 2%, we're down more towards 1% and none of those people who create that had are in our team. that's the beauty of it. >> hand that's why he has you on the plane. thank you, peter. nice to see you in person. >> thank you, peter. >> good talking with you. thanks for coming by. good to have you. good to see you. >> yeah. >> all right. tomorrow nooilgt night is the matchup that everybody has been waiting for since the conventions wrapped up in july. the first debate between donald trump and hillary clinton, but along the way there have been a lot of twists and turns, and we took a look back at them to sort of summarize it for you.
10:35 am
take a peek. >> he broke with convention in cleveland. my pledge reads, i'm with you, the american people. >> he finished strong with praise for trump and particularly his family, but he stumbled during the dnc. when he could have let it go, he took on the muslim family of a fallen soldier. >> if you look at his wife, she was standing there. she had nothing to to say. she probably -- she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. plenty of people have written that. >> dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz, one of the most prominent party leaders, announcing she will step down at the end of this convention after the e-mail showed the party colluding against bernie sanders. >> kicking off their convention
10:36 am
amid controversy, the head of the party eventually resigned, hillary clinton got down to business in philadelphia. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states! >> and finally the real election season was off and running. clinton got her post-convention bounce as trump's campaign seemed to be in turmoil. trump said good-bye to paul manafort placing kellyanne conway and steve bannon at the helm. the long-awaited pivot had arrived. >> to those african-americans and hispanic voters, i say vote for donald trump. under our plan the economy will average 3.5% growth. we need working mothers to be fairly compensated for their work and have access to affordable quality child care. we will defeat radical islamic
10:37 am
terrorism. >> and hillary slumped as the e-mails and health concerns set her back. >> my e-mails are so boring. >> gallup says the number one word voters identify with hillary is e-mail, proof that the issue has damaged her. the number two word health. first it was a cough that fed into people's concerns. >> i've been talking -- >> and then this devastating moment at the 9/11 memorial. and right after that a comment that trump pounced on immediately. >> you can put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. >> she calls the patriotic americans who support our campaign, many of them cops and soldiers, deplorable. >> but hillary is fighting. >> he is temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified to be president of the united states.
10:38 am
>> and then this happened. >> new york, new jersey, minnesota, explosion, mass stabbing, a surreal wave of violence in the past 24 hours. >> both candidates scrambled to show toughness in the face of terror. >> when devising screening methods, they have to be good screening methods. they have to be methods that work, and unless we have those methods, sorry, folks, you can't come into the country. sorry. >> i am absolutely in favor of and have long been an advocate for tough vetting. >> but now they are ready to go, face to face here in new york in perhaps the most highly anticipated debate in history. so are they ready? we'll find out. a lot of anxiety in the country. one of tonight's big topics is going to be national security, and coming off of that last weekend and the fears that people have is something both candidates will have to address. they will have to convince the american people that they are
10:39 am
the person to make things safer because they are not safe. >> you just wonder, you know, martha, if you take that period of seven days that you pointed out, you know, when the polls started to change and whether it was the basket or whether it was the 9/11 event or, you know, the questions on health. can she put that period of time behind her? and i would venture to say that if she has a strong performance tomorrow night or if there is a stumble from the trump team she will be able to. >> she will have to be, you know, resting and getting ready today and tomorrow because she wants to erase that image from people's minds. she's got to be very enthusiastic, very upbeat, very energetic, and no coughing. she's got to really get through that to try to erase some of that. that's one of the things she's got to accomplish tomorrow. >> i'll tell you what, the candidates are not the only ones in the hot seat, the moderator lester holt from nbc facing big expectations. howie kurtz joins us with a look
10:40 am
at the moderator in a moment. >> and despite what could be a record audience, will the debate make a difference in the outcome of this race? will it clank whether or not you're going to vote for hillary clinton or sglump what they say up there. chris stirewalt and dana perino. you know what, they will be right here. ...clear for take off. see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full.
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we talk about all this, the anticipation and spin. the big question is do debates actually move the needle? do they change anybody's mind in the answer to that is not really. the co-host of fox's newest sunday show which i renamed you know what which is the new jersey version. show. you know what it's like, and then it goes it's like.
10:45 am
chris stirewalt is here as you can see as is dana perino and we're very, very happy to have both of them with us. you know what, dana. >> what do you know? >> by the way, perino brought martha and me, hold yours out, a stick of slim jim here, a whole thing of stirewalt. >> which does contain mechanically separated chicken. >> the best way to separate chicken and everybody knows mechanically separating it is the best way. >> can you explain why they have slim james. can you give us a mechanical chicken separator. >> number one because it's delicious and a polling average is like a slim jim. you take a lot of disparate sayings like you wouldn't want to eat a whole snack of just mechanically chicken. >> i would not. >> and combine them all together into deliciousness and then it's tasty so that's how a polling average works. >> also known as dog food. >> no. >> also known as a hot dog. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> to perino, ladies first here. >> okay. >> where do you believe the state of this race is today when you look at a poll out of
10:46 am
pennsylvania that shows clinton up only three points or that lead had been six to eight, maybe in some cases higher. what is on the line tomorrow night debate number one? >> well, a lot, right? hillary had all this momentum in august and had a huge lead and almost totally evaporated in september as trump's campaign did a lot bert and also she was largely out of the news in august. he was in the news a lot. wasn't good for him. reverse was true in september at least for hill hill, the news was all bad. never had a good answer about her e-mails. never been able to get on offense on that issue, and so that's hurt her. she was off the trail for a few days regarding health concerning and i think it shows that tomorrow night is going to be critically important, but if you stay and watch the 5:00 show that we're going to do, chris is going to explain what it means, what the first debate means in his data dive that he does. >> well, why wait until five. >> so divy, it's the diveiest
10:47 am
data dive. no. how much change there is depends on how much is available, so, for example, in 2008 there wasn't a lot available to change. vote hers substantially made up their minds, right? they were done. also just opened up their 401(k) statement and it sounded like a stable. >> stinkola. >> smells like a slim jim, but in 2012 there was more slack in the line and mitt romney was able to reraise change, had a debate performance that was bad and there is change and i'll explain all of this at 5:00 in more detail but the point is there's a lot, a lot of slack, a lot more undecided voters and a lot more voters persuadable. a lot more voters because people are dissatisfied with their choices so the stakes are a lot higher this time. you buy in a? like, will you buy that? >> is that a mike job moment because we're like oh, wow. >> the smartest thing, that was amazing.
10:48 am
>> if i can get away with it, that's fine. >> so far you have. >> back in august in the period dana referenced moments ago i remember you saying this is pretty much over, folks. >> i didn't say that. >> you kind of said hillary is real running away with this at the moment and it looked really good for her. >> it did look really good for her but as dana pointed out -- they had a plan. both campaigns wanted trump to be trump. >> true. >> the clinton campaign wanted him out there all the time and he wanted to be out there all the time and his campaign changed and they got him calmed down. starting putting something in the coca-cola and they calmed him way down and then she's been -- >> has had an effect on people? >> we've become chastened and hillary clinton, on the other hand, as dana points out, the health care, the e-mails, more scandal, foundation stuff and she was in the news every day so the secret to 2016 is be seen less than the other person and can you win. >> perino, we've got to run.
10:49 am
what did you say, smelled like a stable or manger? the barn door is wide open. >> october 2008 was not the most pleasantly fray gransd at the white house, if you remember. >> well, i'm going to go have a slim jim for lunch think you're really into the new show ours because you're like thinking it through. >> you have a great podcast. we could turn your podcast into another sunday show. >> after the election. >> there should be one you know what? >> named that show -- we didn't think about anything that chris says i'll tell you what. >> the great thing about right now is we're all right because nothing is happening so you can say whatever you want. >> exactly. >> see you at 5:00. >> no problem. >> the broncos are probably going to win. >> they are playing the bengals. >> hearing the tv audience could be super bowl-sized. no pressure on lester holt.
10:50 am
howie kurtz will analyze the moderator. that's next. stay tuned for that coming up next. baas
10:51 am
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10:54 am
so then the candidates are not the only ones in the spotlight, what about the madres ter. lester holt will be the man in the middle tomorrow night. host of media buzz with us. nice to see you. bernie shaw from cnn said role of the moderator is to maintain law and order. he said to say it three times, it is not about me. >> i love that quote. he is not going to make it about him. i'll make a prediction, no matter what lester holt does, i have no reason to think he won't be fair, he will be hammered, why didn't you ask this. you were harder on her or him, that's the hyper partisan age we live in. >> there's much discussion, donald tru --
10:55 am
what does he bring to the table that makes it uniquely lester holt. >> i don't think he has moderated that many debates but has a reputation for fairness. wasn't supposed to be in the nbc anchor chair, he was after the brian williams disaster. the trash talk aside, he is widely respected. but i don't think it matters. jim lerer could do it, they would say he is fairest guy on the planet. now you are so subjected to partisan criticism -- >> do you think the clinton team vowed several times, saying you have to fact check live. is that the role of moderator or is that the role of the other candidate to say wait a minute, you said such and such. >> moderator can ask follow-up questions that highlight
10:56 am
something, but it is with a two person debate in a general election, it is the role of each candidate to pound on each other. we are not tuning out to find out if lester holt is white house material. trump or clinton will be the next president of the united states. they're the ones that have to go at it. you have to keep the time. you know this, you have moderated debates. >> final thoughts from hofstra after this. they feel good? no... you wouldn't put up with part of a pair of glasses. so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with part of a day? these are not useful. live whole. not part. aleve.
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keep in mind mitt romney traveled the campaign trail with the podium in hotel rooms. donald trump hasn't done that as far as we can see. what do we get tomorrow? we will see. >> see you tomorrow. i am chris wallace. charlotte police release video of the shooting of keith scott. and the first presidential debate is now just hours away as trump and clinton get ready to go head to head for the first time. on the eve of the big face off, we'll ask republican running mate indiana governor mike pence how trump is preparing for the biggest night so far of his political career. >> they say she's been practicing for the debate. some people think she's sleeping. >> as hillary clinton gets ad


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