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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 25, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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tomorrow night. on long island. i'll be hosting that event that's moderated by lester holt of nbc news on the fox broadcast network tomorrow night. hope to see you then. your world with neil coe vut toe starts now. >> the stage is being set. the anticipation setting in. now live from hopster university in new york where the first presidential debate is about to go down. here's neil. >> welcome everybody. you didn't hear from me but -- you know, i get that everywhere i go. something must be going on here. welcome everybody because some history could be made. you know, the debate the that holds the record of all time was carter/reagan back in 1980 and back then, it commanded 80 million viewers. you know at a minimum they're expecting 20 million more for this one. nothing like a little spritzer
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on both candidates. the record for all time for television event wasn't man walking on the moon, it was the wedding of charles and diana. 750 million people watched that one. there is a way to stay humble. what is at stake for tonight? reince priebus joins us from the trump tower. he has been guiding us throughout this process. reince, it's always good to have you. i would be remissed if i didn't mention a certain comment you made on a sunday news show and then something that transpired just a few days later. let's go back to the comments that got people's attention. >> those people need to get onboard. and if they're thinking they're going to run again some day, i think we're going to evaluate the process of the nomination process and i don't think it's going to be that easy for them. >> lo and behold what happened just a few days later, ted cruz
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indicating that he is going to support donald trump. not saying there is a link, reince, but it is interesting. did you talk to him or did he hear you? >> well, look, number one, i'm very grateful to senator cruz for supporting our nominee. my comments weren't a threat. just basically, look, folks have given their word and in some cases in multiple documents, not just a pledge but a date exchange agreement. some haven't signed it, some have. look, i'm very grateful though and i'm also grateful for senator cruz because he also laid out a very thoughtful position as to why he supports donald trump for president. let me also say thank you -- >> why so late? why was he so late doing it? donald trump at the time said at the convention he wouldn't welcome it, didn't want it. he was grateful for it obviously
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yesterday. but what happened? >> well, look, i think we have had a pretty bruising framer. the more bruises you have sometimes it takes longer to heal. i think it's pretty obvious. i'm grateful for senator cruz and the last thing i want to say, too, is his campaign has been very helpful in retrieving and working with our data department at the rnc. throughout this process months earlier, they have been good actors with us the whole way through. i'm grateful and i'm not really -- i don't want to revisit the past. i'm happy to move forward and happy for his support. >> do you know whether the two are going to be campaigning together? >> i don't know that. right now i think all hands are on deck here and i'm sure that donald trump is mostly concerned right now in the debate tomorrow night and he's working hard and
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he'll be great. >> you know, reince, i know you have advised donald trump during the primary season. you say the attacks got personal. plenty of that on the record and a lot of folks say he can't do any of this. want you to get a sampling. >> i again couldn't hear the question, neil. i'm sorry. >> i'll throw some examples of that. i apologize. one of the things that has happened is he's known, that is donald trump is known for being going for the jugular. a lot of folks say don't even go there, don't try that. why? >> you can do it. you can breathe. i know it's hard. i know it's hard but just -- >> you're lucky in ohio that you struck oil. they blew up, hold it. they blew up. wait a minute.
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an unbelievable company worth billions and billions of dollars. i don't have to hear from this man. we don't need a weak person being president of the united states. okay. that is what we would get if -- i'll tell you what. we don't need that. >> all right. sorry to jump on you there. that's the stuff you don't want to see, right? >> look, kind of all depends on the circumstances. i think in those debates, it was some wild stuff at times. but it depends on the circumstances. i think that these debates are going to be a little bit more subdued. i think the importance from the level of things happening obviously tomorrow night are going to be different atmosphere all together. >> do you think if he can go through this night holding his own, not returning insults back and forth, that the pressure really is on her, everyone seems to say the pressure is on her,
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do you subscribe to that view because her camps says it's very unfair the way it's being portrayed that she has a much higher bar? >> well, she does have a high bar. she's been doing this for over two decades. two and a half decades. she's been secretary of state. she's been senator. she's been living politics her entire life and so yes, the expectations are very high on her. so look, donald trump has never run for public office before. this is his first time. he's on a huge stage. i think he's going to be great. i think the electorate wants to change candidates. they don't want the status quo but with being the person that's made their entire living off of politics, she's going to have to perform at the highest level that we have ever seen. >> reince, thank you very much. >> it sounds like you're in a scorch -- >> very close. they're handing out free
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t-shirts. no doubt they say cavuto. that's the uproar here and whatever you're saying. thank you very much. we'll see how the debate goes. that's exactly it. i'll go to the center for politics. larry, one of the things that keeps coming up is where do they stand going into the debate? the national polls are virtually dead even. there could be a lot at stake here, maybe not. multiple debates. so it's not as if it's all on the first one. but in a way this one carries added weight because of the trump presence putting all the more pressure on the first one right? >> yeah. no. i think this is a very, very important debate. if we're fortunate tomorrow night we won't have the kind of cheering that i see and you brought with you with your cheering section. i hope the audience behaves so that the viewership can actually listen to the candidates. but you mentioned earlier 100
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million. it's a guess. we don't know. but it's quite possible. three-quarters of the people who will actually vote will be watching this debate. there's bound to be some impact. obviously if we knew what the candidates were going to say, we would have a better idea what it is. but i think people are really going to be glued to this debate. they're going to be analyzing and probably overanalyzing every single facial expression and every word by the two candidates. >> but you mentioned the audience and the crowds and this one behind me notwithstanding free t-shirts but they do get excited. obviously the debate moderator has to keep at his chest but how do you do that? >> well, i think they're cheering you neil. i think you're being much too modest. it's about you and not the t-shirts. >> there's a large american section you're right.
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>> glad to hear that. i think the moderator does have a role but as i understand it, the moderator, members of the presidential debate commission are coming out in advance to very carefully explain to the audience what their role is which is to applaud in the beginning and in the end and otherwise relet the candidates their jobs. i hope the audience does the right thing. some of the primary audiences did not do the right thing as you'll remember. >> i remember it quite well. all right. thank you very much larry. i apologize for the noise. all right. i understand. it is a loud and ruckus crowd here. what is it like to be on the stage with hillary clinton? for donald trump that is a challenge. the first time a woman and man are going to be on a presidential debate stage. a fellow who knows what that is like. mark o'malley is next.
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>> forget about the estimated 100 million watching this debate on tv. in this room about 1,100 seats have been set up. we're told evenly divided three ways between supporters for hillary clinton, supporters for donald trump and the remainder, students from the university. but that's like winning the lottery right there for those students. better than 7,500 are trying to get dibs on the few hundred seats. there's something out there. that can be serious, even fatal to infants.
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all right. there was a lot of added pressure going on in charlotte today because the panthers were in town to play a very important football game. the minnesota vikings and there were protests outside. they were thought to be large disturbances that would disrupt the game. the game went on and the panthers lost. rick leventhal on what went down i guess outside that stadium. rick. >> reporter: right now the city manager of charlotte declares this an extraordinary event to allow a lot more security because of concerns of massive protests. there have been warnings where people disrupt the nfl game today. it did not happen. fans are leaving the stadium. police officers left as well. just two of them left here. many arrived here on bicycles and on one point before the game there were perhaps 100
1:15 pm
demonstrators who came up here and were protesting on this far corner over here and there was a line of police officers separating the demonstrators from the stadium itself, the demonstrators left, they walked around uptown charlotte for an hour or two and then they came back. the officers maintain the line to not allow those demonstrators to get any closer to the stadium. so the precautions worked. but the numbers of demonstrators were far less than had been predicted. things have seemed to calmed down since the release of that video footage and other evidence by charlotte police yesterday afternoon. >> what are they anticipating for tonight, rick? >> reporter: well, you know, every night we have had hundreds of people marching through the streets. the last two or three had been much calmer but there were four arrests last night and there could be more arrests tonight because the midnight curfew remains in effect. >> rick, thank you very much. from charlotte, north carolina
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and joining us right now is the former governor of maryland, governor martin o'malley, former presidential candidate. one of the few people who has had the experience of debating hillary clinton. so he knows something that maybe donald trump could expect. governor, good to have you, thanks for coming. >> thank you, neil. good to be with you. >> same here, sir. let me ask you about charlotte, what you anticipate. do you think the release of these tapes and even though there was disruption outside the panther game today that the worst might be behind us? what do you think? >> well, i certainly hope so. i think law enforcement agencies throughout the united states are figuring out a new mo when it comes to releasing these videotapes. i think that the public's interest is best served in releasing them as quickly as possible rather than sitting on them and hopefully the mayor of charlotte and people of charlotte will get back to some sort of normalcy and move
1:17 pm
forward. >> governor, i would be remiss if i didn't mention the obvious, you debated hillary clinton a number of times on stage and a lot of people read into this, what is it like debating a woman versus a man. we all know the experience in new york when they were campaigning for senate and he invaded her space and said to have cost him the election. i don't know if there's any truth to that but is it any different debating hillary clinton because she's a woman? >> i don't know about that. i can tell you this. that in all of the debates that i had with her, i found her to be very, very disciplined. and found that she was very quick on returning a punch. and she was no slaps on that debate stage. let's face it. she is so well versed in so many issues not only domestic issues which i think is what this race is going to come down to in the
1:18 pm
end, which of these two candidates will bring people together to make wages go up again in this country and she's so well versed internationally. that's an asset she brings to the stage that very few people can given her service as secretary of state. >> a lot of people say there's no doubt she is, you know, a want, she knows the issues well, very experienced. but i notice in a couple debates including yourself that you would say something, she could get her back up, get a little edge to her. they always tell donald trump not to do that. is it best advice for hillary clinton as well if you had to advise her, what would you tell her? >> i would -- my advice to secretary clinton would be that she needs to immediately respond to any hits that donald trump tries to lay on her. but then immediately pivot back to the issues that matter most around people's kitchen tables
1:19 pm
and they are jobs, wages, affordable college, the sort of meat and potato issues families are concerned about. i think there's going to be a lot of people tuning in the because they're tired of hearing us talking about donald trump nonstop and want to hear us talk about them and their families. as often as donald trump may spit at hillary clinton, she needs to wipe the spit from her eye and pivot right back to middle class opportunity and the issues that speak to that. >> they're both good at doing that. but you would advise they try to stick to the issues. good luck with that. i mean, i guess what i'm asking in the end is how do you think we will judge after the debate who won the debate? >> well, i think this is going to be a different sort of format for donald trump. hillary clinton had a lot of experience especially down the stretch with one on one debates
1:20 pm
with senator sanders. in the extended format debates unlike the cattle call with ten candidates, or seven candidates on the stage where people score points based on sound bites and how snarky and outsider they can look, this is down to two human beings, one of whom is going to be our next commander in chief. it's going to be very hard for donald trump to evade and hide his lack of knowledge about so many public issues and i think people are smart and their antenna are up and anger and fear never put food on a family's table. i think that's going to determine this race. it's going to be that extended format and which of these two is qualified to do this very tough job. >> all right. i'll put you down as a maybe on donald trump governor. all right? thank you very much. >> thank you. neil, good seeing you. >> governor martin o'malley.
1:21 pm
>> this debate is going to cover the gamut. three basic issues. america's direction, tv prosperity and securing america. that last one might have seen the beginning like an after-thought until recent developments all but made it. the top issue. [ crowd noise ]
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well, that's what some free t-shirts can do for you. welcome back from inside the first presidential debate of twenty 16. the first time a man and a woman on stage together for the highest office in the land.
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do not be surprised as security comes up. certainly issues coming up between terror here and abroad and security here and abroad. it will be a very big subject to put it mildly. playing to the point, benjamin netanyahu went to the trump tower earlier today meeting with donald trump. this is mr. trump's residence. later on today he will be meeting with hillary clinton in new york city. they're obviously trying to make sure whoever wins, a leader can go down the record saying i met with the perspective president of the united states. first and foremost life and death issues, probably trumping economic questions. we are joined by the trump advisor and democratic presidential candidate as well. terror as suddenly emerged as
1:26 pm
the most pressing and nerve-wracking concern for a number of voters, enough of a margin that i imagine it's going to move up in the questioning list. what do you make of that and how donald trump responds to that. after all he doesn't have experience in dealing with these issues. hillary clinton does. >> absolutely. this is the equation. secretary clinton would actually concentrate on that specific point you just made. that he cannot. she's just virtually projecting that mr. trump cannot deal with those issues. what he can do over 50 minutes at least is to go over the ten failures in foreign policy and imgrate them. two humanitarian disasters. a major failure with super power and homeland security going backwards since 2009. he just makes that point, in eare response he will tell her yes, you met the 112 leaders but what you have done in terms of foreign national security.
1:27 pm
>> dennis, a lot of people say hillary is greatest weakness on this subject because people say for all that experience and background, terror seems to be getting worse, so maybe we should go outside the petri dish. what do you think of that and how her experience could boom on her? >> the record shows with respect to iraq, libya and syria, the policy administration including hillary clinton's policies have been counter productive, actually encouraged terrorism and helped jihadis. that is a fact and i've been one who worked closely with these issues in the united states congress and the syria policy for example is chaotic. it is income prehenceable and yet we are staking our votes on policies people are trying to celebrate their position on.
1:28 pm
>> i really don't normally like to do this but lumping it in with the trump law and order candidate it's all about security and keeping us safe. he keeps saying i'm going to be tough. how is he going to be tough? what is he going to do suddenly differently that has not been done? >> well, of course, he began by saying many years after the collapse of the soviet union which is our major threat here, we see at least since 2009, i would say over the past few years in a more effective way that our security is being breached across the united states, the more cases of attack. law and order is a result of the concern that people had. if you're on social media you can see that the number one issue in terms of security is not just the issue of syria which is serious but attacks in our small towns, our neighborhoods. he would have to change the course of homeland security
1:29 pm
policy, replace it with a different one, designating an ideology and working with agencies and very important to inform and educate the american public. >> dennis, obviously what hillary clinton is going to do in response to that is say you know what you're talking about, you don't know what it's like to deal with this issues. and obviously to go at mr. trump around get him angry, right? >> well, there's some commonsense that have to be made here and the fact of the matter is iraq was a disaster, libya was a disaster, syria is a disaster. we end up being al qaeda's air force in syria right now. what's america doing in the world? there's a connection between the havoc that we reek and what happens domestically. >> with both parties? >> no question. but the truth is one of these individuals is going to be president, they have to show they're going to take america in a new direction or are we going to keep the chaos worldwide
1:30 pm
which we pay for domestically with the conduct of some of these people who are trying to commit violence. >> all right. gentlemen, i want to thank you both. pressed for time here. if a lot seems like we are repeating history, sometimes we are. and these themes are consistent. doris goodwin is next. there are a lot of experts who say do they don't really move the needle. back in 1980 before the one and only debate ronald reagan and jimmy carter were even. after that debate, the one famous for ronald reagan saying there you go again, the polls never looked the same. two days later he was up by seven points. less than a week later he would win in a landslide. ...clear for take off. see ya! when you're living with diabetes.
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you see these crowds behind me, they're here now the day before about 29 hours ahead of the debate. can you imagine what it would be like tomorrow? i think that carter/reagan debate is gone. i wanted to know where my family came from. i did my ancestrydna.
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the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me. ♪ try duo fusion!ing antacids? it's two in one heartburn relief. the antacid goes to work in seconds... and the acid reducer lasts up to 12 hours in one chewable tablet. try duo fusion. from the makers of zantac. governor reagan, again typically is against such a proposal. >> governor? >> there you go again. >> you know, that's one thing to remember, that one and only
1:35 pm
clash between jimmy carter and ronald reagan in 1980. it turned tight polls into what later ended up being a ronald reagan landslide. did that debate do that single-handedly. probably not but went a long way as submitting ronald reagan as a debate. these large crowds thought that you would physically be here with me. so they are now upset and not happy. it's very good to have you. thanks for coming. >> you're welcome. >> you know, doris, i know you just did a vanity fair interview with the current occupant of the oval office. i want to touch on that but these debates are singular events in and of themselves. very different every four years. they made john kennedy. many argue they unmade al gore. how important is it this
1:36 pm
go-round? hillary clinton has more pressure on her than does donald trump? do you agree with that? >> i think that what we see in the debates, what really makes a difference is either the debate brings out somebody's vulnerability that we saw with gore when he looked con descending and he was sigh and we saw due caucus cuss who showed no passion. the clip with reagan, wasn't the one-liner but he projected optimi optimism. the challenge is to project strength and not allow their vulnerability to come out. hers might be defensiveness. his might be lack of appearing presidential or letting himself go off the handle. i think they both have to project what they think are their strengths without letting their vulnerability show. that is the key. >> i always wonderered. they each been told what not to do. donald trump has been told again and again don't get angry, fly
1:37 pm
off the handle. hillary clinton has been told don't get too neat in sta test i cans where you seem emotionless. they know what they got to do. then that light goes on like with al gore in '92 where he was told don't get condescending but he couldn't help himself. >> it's hard. you are the person that's going to be out there. you can't change your persona just because of the debate. you have got to respect these two people. think of the pressure they're both under. as much as we're anti-political right now when i imagine the nervousness they must be feeling. sometimes too much preparation. that's what happened to reagan with mondale. i think that's important for hillary. i think she has to not worry about making a substantial debate but product even a little
1:38 pm
humor. he's got a harder task because he has to keep his mojo and energy and that voice that got him where he is. but this is the first time we're seeing somebody who might govern not just campaign. >> an interview we did some time ago where you said debate is an opportunity for someone to try themselves out, to audition, to have people at home -- i could picture this person in the oval office. now that has supposedly been a tough stretch for donald trump. what would he have to do to win people over? ronald reagan proving jimmy carter. what about donald trump? >> i think people are looking at whether he can control negative emotions. you can't go into the presidency and get angry when somebody attacks you and go off the handing. he certainly should counter-attack if he gets attacked but it's going to be
1:39 pm
the tone and the bearing of that attack. obviously he has to show enough of a general knowledge and competence about the attacks that face the presidency. not on whether he knows everything. he has to feel comfortable with talking about governing and sometimes he does that by conviction. if he can get away with that tonight you'll have to show that substance tomorrow night. >> you think we'll break the carter/reagan 80 plus million record from 1980? >> without a question. i mean, i've never seen before everywhere you go, you go into a restaurant, the airport, people say i can't wait until the debate. it's become theater. and a performance. and awareness that it really could change the election and it's a pretty consequential election. people feel that. whenever one wins is going to change the direction of the country from what the other person would do. i think it's going to be huge. huge as you would say.
1:40 pm
>> it will be huge, it will be huge. you're here via satellite. always a pleasure. thank you very much. >> i'm so glad to be back with you absolutely. i'm glad you're here. >> i'm looking forward to that vanity fair. that sounds great. >> he was pretty interesting. he talked pretty openly about presidents and himself and ambitions. >> very openly. very openly. >> yeah. i think you'll like it. >> he was more revealing than i think he might have planned. doris, thank you very much. doris pointed out a huge election. what if it's huge enough to affect your investments, your retirement? if you don't want to lose a lot of money i very much suggest you stick around.
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else is uncertainty and they're uncertain about this election outcome given the tightness of the polls. she has been a backer of ted cruz. i thank you. she got the texas senator to back mr. trump just the other day. so we'll see. david, fox host extraordinaire and anthony from national finance committee. very important person in the trump campaign. anthony, to you first then. the issue of donald trump and the vague eries of an outside guy winning. others said that could unnerve the markets. that hillary could unnerve the markets given the tax plan. where do you stand? >> i think it would be powerful for the market. if you look through the policies that mr. trump is calling for it will unleash more growth which will mean more earnings which would be really, really good for the market.
1:45 pm
i think that just the regulatory relief that will happen in a new trump administration is going to be enough to reset the programming for all the nation's ceo's. they'll be able to retarget growing their businesses as opposed to the con straining environment that they're in right now. >> mika, that's been your argument and you were a late convert to donald trump. >> yes. i finally saw the light. but he has unrolled a really bold economic plan. look at it. we have the highest corporate tax rate in any industrialized nation. 35%. trump is proposing bringing it down to 15%. that in itself could help stimulate 25 million jobs in the next decade. additionally, he's bringing manufacturing jobs back to this country and that will eliminate people like ford corporations going to mexico to build their cars. >> you state it with the flip side of the coin, that the
1:46 pm
market sometimes wins. it's going to be a protection. hillary clinton kind of said, boy, say what you will of me on trade deals. this guy is worse. >> although that's his campaign stump speech. his advisers including steve moore and everything are big free traders. i think he may renegotiate some trade deals. we have to remember -- >> you don't think he'll go after companies. >> i don't think he can. >> he made a point of targeting ford. that they manufacture all those small cars. go ahead. >> neil, he would put some companies out of business if he did what he said. he claimed he's going to force apple to manufacture all iphones in the states. that would put them out of business because all their competitors will be able to sale at half the price. one thing i wanted to mention about the markets, ronald reagan came in with a similar tax cutting policy. the first 18 months of ronald reagan's term was a recession.
1:47 pm
the market went down. >> absolutely. >> and i think the same can happen because there were distortions in the marketplace that we now have and we have to squeeze those distortions out before the market in the economy can take off. >> i could see your point. markets have nowhere to go but down. they have had very low interest rates. that party is over no matter who gets in the white house. going to be facing market problems. what do you think? >> listen, i think it's a very different environment from the '80s. we had high inflation. >> it was a distorted market and right now you can't tell me 0% interest rates for seven years is not distorted. >> listen, no question that the federal reserve is eliminated price discovery in the market which is all the more reason why we need a trump administration with the right regulatory proposals. if you don't bolster the economy
1:48 pm
here as they start to normalize race, neil, that the market will be more devastated. secretary clinton administration is more taxes and more regulation. >> let me get the democrats. i just want to get their side. one thing is well, i'm hearing these guys talk about how awful the environment is. we might not be off to the races but the economy is off the map. the dow and market has more than doubled. we're experiencing some growth back in the bush phase. they're going to say and likely hillary clinton will pound in the debate, these guys are fine ones to judge whether they're up to that task. what do you make of that? >> first of all, you know, trump has taken his message out to the people. he understands that in urban economy people are barely keeping their head above water. now look at hillary's plan. look at one of her tax plans to tax the wealthy. >> just you mika. just you. >> yeah.
1:49 pm
1% of top taxpayers make up 19% of taxes. >> you two alone could balance the budget. i wish i had more time. we don't. i want to thank you very, very much. he's just going to argue the point about what's threatening for the market. we'll see what happens tomorrow night. in the meantime. joe piscopo. a shameless promoter of himself. >> there he is. >> there we go. [ cheers and applause ] >> woo! and want more coverage, guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan whenever you want. no enrollment window. no waiting to apply. that means now may be a great time to shop for an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. medicare doesn't cover everything. and like all standardized medicare supplement
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the thing that strikes me is
1:53 pm
when you're in this debate room, how close it is to front row. front row, dallas cowboys owner, mark cuban. he as a guest of hillary clinton will be sitting in the front row. there's only one little problem with that. we discovered that the lights are so bright in this room that there is very little chance donald trump or hillary clinton will even see who is sitting in the front row. wouldn't that be a something, joe piscopo, if in the front room, there's mark cuban trying to psych out donald trump and donald trump can't see him. >> that is a very astute observation. >> i make a lot of them. >> i was just in new york and mr. jewel yagiuliani was there >> you do this constant name dropping. >> i talked to america's mayor. i got so many inside stuff, but i'm italian so i can't talk.
1:54 pm
i want to say it, but i can't say it. >> there is pressure to put trump in the front row. h how true is that kind of stuff? >> i wouldn't really do that. go for it if they think mark cuban up there is going to rile donald trump in some way, bring it on. bring it on. >> do you know if he's going to bring someone? there has been rumors of gennifer flowers. they said they never invited gennifer flowers. >> on the advice of my attorney -- >> we talked to you last time about how john kennedy had that ability to reach eq and the iq. ronald reagan was very good at reaching the eq. it's a balance, but we tend to feel more comfortable to people we relate to which, given the
1:55 pm
fact both candidates have such high negatives, could be an uphill climb. >> but i don't think any celebrity endorsement is using it as a threat or to support the candidate. the voters are so hip now. they're ahead of the curve. the voters are ahead of the curve. >> what are they hip to? >> they're not going to believe anybody. if someone says, i endorse this person, they could care less. >> will they seize on someone who makes mistakes? because the clinton people say, well, trump is going to make a lot of mistakes, but what do you think it's going to be? is it lower level friends? >> is it his to lose, you mean? maybe. he is so prepared, i think it's going to be a spectacular event, and i think he's locked in mode. don't say crooked hillary.
1:56 pm
let her go at him. that's what's going to happen. >> it always ends with something we don't see coming, right? >> this is a super bowl out here. you got all the kids showing up. >> it is a super bowl. i'll have more after this. >> i got a coin, too. its unique formula supports immune health in two ways. with probiotics that work in your gut. and antioxidants that work throughout your body. trubiotics from one a day.
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anything else you watch is a waste of time. you're going to lose everything. but that's your call. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ welcome to hofstra university in long island where in just over 24 hourds, quite possibly the most anticipated political event in recent history will be taking place. this is perino & stirewalt. i'm dana perino. >> and i'm chris stirewalt. >> we're going to take you in to examine where things stand in the polls and in the debate. >> is this awesome? this is awesome. >> the second week we're tak


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