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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  September 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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site of the first presidential debate. people are excited. students are out. we're getting ready. fox report starts right now. we are nearing the 24 hour countdown to the first presidential debate. the moment america has been waiting for as both candidates meet with the prime minister of one of the united states staunchest allies, israel, i'm harris faulkner. final debate preparations underway at hofstra university in hempstead, new york, just outside of new york city. a new poll finds eight in ten registered voters in america is expected to watch, that is roughly 100 million plus, the largest in political debate history. the new super bowl of politics an the race has tightened as we expected it to. but look at this. a new abc news washington post poll hillary clinton leads donald trump 49% to 47%.
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that is well within the margin of error. so technically a tie. here is what the running mates have to say about the match-up. >> look, it is fair game for both candidates to be challenged, either on things they said or things that they say tomorrow night. and again, i think the great virtue of these debris is you get 90 minutes to look at people and really see whether there is depth, whether there is substance, and whether there is candor and truthfulness in what they say, the american people are going to be focused tomorrow on issues, on the choice that we face. >> big hour ahead. let's begin with our journalist fox team coverage chief political correspondent coral cameron and jennifer griffin live in york, and she is meeting with the israeli prime minister now something trump did earlier in the day. >> that is right. in fact, her meeting began about 6:24, prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu arrived first, we are told. the israelis want to be careful to give each of the candidates exactly the same amount of time. they are each allowed to -- to release one still photograph, but not video from the meeting today. hillary clinton drove into manhattan from her debate prep at a hotel in rye brook new york, she stopped by her daughter chelsea's apartment on the way to the w. hotel in union square. that meeting started at about 6:30. we are waiting for a readout from the campaign. her opponent met with the israeli prime minister for over an hour and said the palestinians need to accept israel as a jewish state promising to move the embassy to jerusalem and clinton supports a two state solution and emphasized the aid package. >> and we talked about who would play the role of trump. it is an old time aide of hillary clinton. what is the latest on the debate
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prep this sunday? >> well, that mock debate we did learn in recent days, felipe rains her long-time aide was playing donald trump. he is probably the most combative person on her staff and knows her weaknesses and as well as her strength and he was chose tone play trump. we know it has been secretive, the debate prep. she is off the trail for four solid days prepping. we tracked her to a hotel in rye brook, new york, the dorl arrowwood and we tracked them there and she spent a little over two hours there today before heading into meet with the israeli prime minister. again, her campaign manager outlined what they expect to happen tomorrow. >> i'm very concerned that donald trump will be graded on the -- on a curve. just because he doesn't fly off the handle in the middle of this debate does not mean that he is prepared to be president of the
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united states. >> on friday night the clinton campaign put out a 19-page list of what they say are lies that donald trump has told during this campaign season. they say they expect reporters and the moderator, nbc's lester holt to fact-check her point in realtime tomorrow night. >> jennifer, i know one of the big questions for the hillary clinton campaign is which trump they will see. i actually a few minutes ago talked with kellyanne conway and they say they are ready and they know exactly which trump you will see and so thank you very much. and i mentioned meeting with the israeli prime minister and they talked about a range of issues important to both nations, including terrorism and military assistance. the republican nominee pledged to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel if he were to become president. our fox team coverage rolls on with carl cameron live outside of trump tower in new york city. carl? >> reporter: hi, harris. mr. trump played host to the
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israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu who was here for about an hour and 20 minutes and trump and the prime minister have known each other for a long time and earlier in the campaign trump went out of his way to make it clear he would be a friend and ally of israel and did away with some of the earlier rhetoric in the campaign where he said there ought to be a degree of fairness and balance in the relationship with the u.s., israel and the palestinians. trump for the most part is focused on the debate prep today. and managing expectations. the campaign has spent the last year and a half pointing out he is not a politician, that he is a businessman and that debating is not something that he's been doing at this level at any time before and he's not campaigning or rather planning for it with the type of traditional techniques that other republican and democratic candidates have used for years. no mock debating, no sparring partner. not the same types of murder
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boarding where a panel of eyaid will throw carbs at him to get him aggravated or distracted and this is just advisers he's been meeting with going back to the republican national convention when they began sunday afternoon meetings in new jersey to talk about strategy and tactics and for trump it is very simple. he wants to keep answers short. he wants to keep policy suggestions to a minimum. be clear and aspirational and pivot to complaining about the state of the nation now and then blaming it on hillary clinton. harris. >> and i could tell you, from kelly anne conway coming up, the list got longer with their plans. but before then, the back and forth with mark cuban, what is up with that? >> reporter: well, last week the clinton campaign let it be known they invited the billionaire former reality tv star and owner of the nba dallas mavericks, that they would give him a front-row seat and invite him to the debate. and cuban, who likes to use a lot of twitter, tweeted he would be willing to go and looking
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forward to it. that prompted an immediate tweet from donald trump said if they are going to do that i'm inviting none other than jennifer flowers, one of the women who said she had a relationship with bill clinton during the campaign and when he was under oath having denied a relationship with her. and she would like to come. and they were not issuing a formal invitation and mr. cuban will not get a front row seat. this is like prize fighters before a fight and a bout and throwing trash to get under the skin. >> good to see you. thank you. so let's find out firsthand how the hours of debate prep is going on this sunday. trump stepped out of the prep session a short time before we went live here on fox report for an exclusive quick back and forth with me. i started with, which donald
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trump we will see tomorrow night since hillary clinton is said to be prepping for two, one message and disciplined trump or the unexpected. here we go. >> you're going to see the trump that is conveying the message of positive optimism to make america safe and strong again, wealthy again, prosperous again and of course great again. so i'm sure that hillary clinton is trying different scenarios and trying out testing out different zingers and lines. i recall she tried that against senator obama in 2008 and a couple fell flat because they are not particularly funny. >> are there two hillary clintons that you are preparing for. >> no. we are ready for hillary clinton. sometimes there are two sides of a story she's told or a lie she's told. but there is really one hillary clinton. and we're all very aware of who she is and how she operates and we sort of agree with senator obama in 2008 when he was running against her and he said hillary will say and do anything. >> i wan to ask you a little bit
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about what trump has been saying. mr. trump has kind of the answer back to the bar as low for him as some are complaining and he is pointing out that he thinks the moderators, lester holt, in particular, are democrat. why would he do that? >> he is saying he doesn't understand why the clinton campaign is gaining the reps. it is terrible they are out there complaining about matt lauer and it is not his fault that hillary clinton was asked about her vote in iraq or her private e-mail server was confidential with classified information on it. that is not matt lauer's fault. and the gaming is you saw all this week, if not last week included, the clinton campaign going out there and warning reporters they better fact check in real-time, they better not let donald trump off the hook and they are going to be harder on hillary and we heard sexism that she is getting tougher
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questions because she is a woman and this is nonsense and if you are going to be commander-in-chief you have to be ready for the tough questions and i think her campaign is trying to gain the system because they have a turkey of a candidate. >> i want to jump in on the woman card, if you will. it is not lost on many of us who know your resume, some people getting to know you, number one is you are a mom with four kids so you could multi-task and you know how to get your point across and others have not been able to do that with mr. trump. i'm curious to know, when you disagree on the debate prep, how you get him to listen to you and what we will see tomorrow that is a reflection of him listening to you? >> well, mr. trump makes his own decisions and you'll see him by himself on that stage tomorrow speaking and answering those questions and making decisions and putting forth his vision, that is all him. he is the candidate here. but i'll tell you, he has a great team around him. and we work well together. i always feel heard and respected by donald trump. he is -- he takes counsel for
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many different people that he trusts and he makes the decisions and uses his own words and that is why he comes across as a very authentic person to america. that is why they nominated him and that is why he'll be seen against hillary clinton, you see all of the stories about her, harris, that she is finding her voice, she is going to be more aspirational and optimistic and positive and forward-looking, where is that? she is just running a barrage of negati negative ads and the talk is negative. and i appreciate you mentioning the four children, and a different position and it is the republican party and donald trump's presidential campaign that elevated a woman to the position of campaign manager and a busy one who is a mom of four at that. so that is great respect for donald trump. >> and before i let you go, hillary clinton has said that mr. trump can be baited with a good one-liner to get him to attack her, she said to be practicing some of these. it probably helps you are a woman guiding him. and from that perspective, one, is there a great risk that you
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think he faces and what are you coaching him not to do? >> hillary clinton trying to bait mr. trump with a zinger or a one-liner, i think it is unfortunate only because a -- voters expect and deserve to have a conversation about the issues. i could look at the fox news poll or other media outlet polls, harris, and i can't find baiting your opponent anywhere on the list. people want to have a conversation about the economy and terrorism, ethics in government, education, health care. i'm sure mrs. clinton would much prefer to have a conversation about mr. trump than she would about the disaster of obama care or the advance of isis on her and president obama's watch. >> registered voters are said to watch this, north of 100 million people and we get a little bit of that behind the scenes from you. thank you. the fox news political insiders are here. i'll ask them where each candidate needs to be careful tomorrow night now that they've heard the debate prep from each
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side and one of the insiders is a close clinton confidant. he has the scoop. and watch our live continuing coverage all day long leading up to the big showdown on the fox news channel for the fnc for the cool kids. new details on the arrest of the lone suspect accused of doing on a deadly rampage in a washington mall. police say he was acting like a zombie when they picked him up. what does that mean? the nfl is dealing with protests inside and outside of its stadiums. we'll show you the scene today in charlotte where the newly-released police video may raise more questions than answers. stay put. when it comes to healthcare,
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of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use. many men aren't aware their health insurance may cover cialis. contact your health plan for the latest information. a 24-hour long manhunt ended in washington state last night. police arrested this suspect, they say they spotted him on a sidewalk describing his condition as zombie-like. and we're learning this is not his first run-in with the law he
4:17 pm
was previously acharged with assaulting his step-dad and arrested for drunk driving and accused of opening fire on saturday night using a rifle to gun down five people at a macy's counter and no reason why he may have tried to kill so many. he is expected to be in court tomorrow. well now let's move on to charlotte, north carolina. the protests and anger there have now spilled over to the city's football stadium. [ chanting ] >> well, the nfl now involved in this. the scene outside of today's panthers'-vikings game and protesters calling for justice after the fatal shooting of keith lamont scott. it comes a day after police succumbed to intense pressure and finally released video of that deadly
4:18 pm
encounter. but the dash cam and body camera footage, well, it hasn't really helped to settle the dispute on whether scott was armed with a gun. steve heriggon is live in charlotte for us. steve. >> reporter: after three nights of largely peaceful marches there were concerns here today at that nfl game which began at 1:00 p.m. could be interrupted by protest but that simply did not materialize in as great numbers as the protesters thought. about a hundred of them turning out. quickly surrounded by riot troops and panthers star qb cam newton did wear a t-shirt in warm-ups with a quotation from dr. martin luther king that said injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere and there were concerns that the recent video released and that body cam video and the dash-cam video could spark larger protests despite the fact that the chief of police said the results were inconclusive and you couldn't determine whether scott was holding a gun or not from the video. lawyers for the family of keith
4:19 pm
scott had said the video tape raises more questions than it answers. and finally, with many merchants deciding to shut down early or board up their windows, hopeful sign here on the corner, this hotel has invited local artists to try to paint up the boarded windows to make things a little bit nicer on this corner. harris, back to you. >> steve with the latest from charlotte, thank you very much. one of baseball's brightest stars found dead at just 24-year-olds. heartbreaking details surrounding the death of jose fernandez coming up. and capitol hill is bracing for a possible government shut down. the latest on the looming work stoppage and why one western city has become a major sticking point in the negotiations to fund the federal government. stay with us. ♪ when you have $7.95 online u.s. equity trades lower than td ameritrade, schwab, and e-trade, you realize the smartest investing idea isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with.
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baseball fans in mourning after the sudden death of miami marlins star pitcher jose fernandez. he was one of three people killed in an early-morning boat crash off miami beach. investigators say their 32 foot vessel had a severe impact with a jetty and that speed was a factor. fernandez came to the united states in 2007 after escaping cuba from his mom and he announced he and his girlfriend were expecting their first child, a daughter. fernandez was just 24. federal agencies are preparing for a possible government shut down as democrat and republican lawmakers on capitol hill are struggling to come to an agreement to keep the government open through the upcoming election. a major point of contention, whether aid for flint, michigan, should be included in the bill. christen is live in washington.
4:24 pm
>> reporter: congress allowing the federal government to run out of money this time is relatively slim and here is why. first, it is an election year and a lot of the atlantilawmaket want to be seen as not doing their job and the only thing in the way is a short-term spending bill keeping the government open through december 9th. this is where it gets tricky. this is the only legislation the president will sign before election day and they are pushing to make sure their cause is in the bill. money to fight the zika virus and money for louisiana hit by the floods and money for flint, michigan, to fix the lead-tainted water system. it would fund $1.1 billion for zika and $500 million for flood for louisiana and it includes $0 for flint, michigan and democrats are vowing to filibuster and they are saying it is disappointing that funding
4:25 pm
for flint was not included. >> it is not at all clear to me that he is prepared to sign this bill. because he believes that congress has some more work to do. >> but that work must be resolved by this friday or else funding for the federal government will run out. and the last time that happened was in 2013, more than 800,000 federal employees went without pay for more than two weeks. hopefully that won't happen this time around. but federal agencies are preparing for that possibility, just to be safe. harris. >> thank you. a group of runners missed out on hitting the pavement after the competition was canceled in the rake of explosions in new york and new jersey and terrorism here. today the make-up race for the tunnel to towers run in new york city. benefiting wounded veterans. the runners say it was an honor to be alongside first responders today. >> just being able to run alongside them and we're just -- just in running shorts and their in full packs. >> an amazing to see them all lined up and putting the hand
4:26 pm
out to give us the high five, they need the high five not us. >> the pipe bomb went off last week in seaside park. the suspect is now in custody as you know and runners today said they had no fear taking part in this race. a nation grappling with racial unrest right now. last week's protests over the shooting death of a black man by a black police officer turned violent, adding to an almost emotional national argument about race. coming up, i sat down with reverend jesse jackson to hear his opinion on issue. a civil rights leader from the '60s giving his perspective on 2016. picking up for kyle.
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with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. side effects may include diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. if you are just joining us this hour, politics reign supreme and race relations no doubt are part of that as we edge into the debut tomorrow night. and as you saw, a fever pitch in last days.
4:31 pm
two police shootings in two cities. a police officer charged in tulsa, oklahoma, a man there with no weapon. and in charlotte, north carolina, a video cape released for -- a video released for public interpretation and sparking anger in the black community. i sat down with reverend jesse jackson to see why he is not more in the fray. he began by getting some things off his chest and then a raw conversation between us. watch. >> as you look at what is unfolding in our country right now, with regard to the conversations about race relations, what comes to mind? >> the escalating violence and lack of consequences for violence when citizens are shot in cold blood by the police with hands up, a kind of public execution. that is the ultimate straw that breaks the camel's back. now rich on rich people killing each other for some scheme
4:32 pm
reason or black on black, white on white, brown on brown, but when the authority of police shoot somebody and the camera's catch it, the killings we just saw take place in tulsa, oklahoma, people's emotions and therefore they react and that must be -- for these kills, consequences. i would rather see them use massive demonstrations and boycott than riot. because the message is lost in the riots situation. >> have we gotten to the point particularly in a couple of incidents, including charlotte, where a black police officer killed a black man, have we gotten to the point, reverend, where we can say this is not black or white or about a bruce of power and abuse of power by a few and could we agree to find them and root them out because otherwise nothing changes. >> abuse of power is wrong. people -- police killing people is all wrong. my point is, harris, nobody has
4:33 pm
a right to kill anybody. and in charlotte, they shot him 16 times. the killer -- and the police officer with him lied and denied and the state's attorney covered up. and the mayor was silent. that creates an air of suspicion. >> do you feel like you have answers that you want to take to the people? you have reached out to the leadership of black lives matter? >> black lives matter matter and all of the groups we reach out constantly. i think when this debate takes place this weekend, the other two debates, he this will rise above the line care acatures and attacks and deal with things that matter. each of them -- affordable houses and who has the best plan for revitalization or to make our streets safer and more education. >> so when you call the white house and you reach the black
4:34 pm
president, obama, what does he say when you say, this is the plan? because that sounds like it is -- you are talking jobs. so what does he say when you call. >> we've not talked about -- i've submitted an appeal quite publicly, but i think that -- >> reverend, jackson, you are reverend jackson, you could call the president. he would take your call. i call and i get put on the waiting list. i just -- i look at this and i think, is he listening to you? >> he has his own priorities. i mean, he went to sandy hook. he went to orlando, florida. but my concern is, you look at the chicagos and the charlottes, you could not be silent in the face of this. >> this is not just about race. there are so many more have-notes than haves right now. this is about resources and power. >> the resource gap is a big deal. fewer and fewer got more and
4:35 pm
more and more and more have less and less. police cannot police poverty. it is not what they do. but i talked with a couple of young men earlier this week in new york and asked them why were they not engaged in the political process and they were traumatized. they saw -- they saw walter scott and they knew of charlotte and just war on the streets and there is a fair bit of trauma in these streets. and at some point people say, black lives matter. >> it was interesting to hear the reverend there turn that blm phrase into a question which some have said critically that it always needed to be that rather than being hashtaged. it is time to have a real conversation. we'll move on now. the fox news political insiders getting miked up at home base. they are ready to go. let's do some politics, gentlemen. stay close. don't let dust and allergens
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wow, that is a build-up. countdown to the battle at hofstra. donald trump and hillary clinton set to go head to head in the first presidential debate and the fox news political insiders are here. a former field director for president ford in 1976 campaign and senator -- i say congressman of new york, formerly, pat caddel, and fox news contributor and doug shown, and six years in the white house doing that job and now a fox news contributor. good to see you all. our social media is heating up with one big question. what is at risk for each
4:40 pm
candidate as they step up to the lecturns tomorrow night. >> sure. donald trump has to make it very clear that he is presidential. if he goes off on some of his side bar and makes inappropriate references, he could hurt himself. on the other hand if he appears presidential, given, harris, he's had real momentum in the polls and the race is now a tie, he can move ahead. hillary clinton also has to appear presidential at the same time she raises questions about his suitability for the office, his credibility and his ability to serve. >> why does she have to cram this weekend? i mean, remember that whole thing with inevitability that everybody was talking about a year ago with her. what happened? >> good question, isn't it. the country happened. the revolt and the democratic party and the republican party that put trump as the nominee, almost had bernie sanders a 74-year-old socialist unhorsing
4:41 pm
her, that is what happened. the problem is she is not -- she is not the change variable. she is in a very difficult position. this debate is an opportunity and a high risk -- a great opportunity and risk for trump on the lines doug is saying. look, trump needs to -- has a chance to engage the audience in a way that allows him to answer some of the doubts about him and concerns. which are personal. she will come after him and that is something we should talk about, she has to engage trump. his job is not to engage her, it is the audience and not fall to her trying to provoke him, because he has huge issues going for him in change. he's got the opportunity to make a case and you do it in a way that people say, my god, i'm surprised he did that, but where they agree with him. she is a representative of a past that they don't want. only if he is unacceptable. >> change in corruption -- >> and the corruption goes to
4:42 pm
big things. not just -- the clinton campaign strategy this week on corruption is to make donald trump, we are corrupt but so is donald trump. >> he is more corrupt. >> the answer is she is running the most corrupt machine in history. the worst part is what it does to the american people and what happens if you institutionalize that corruption. >> john, from what pat was just saying, to trump must engage the audience, she will try to bait or or -- or engage him. >> i think she needs to engage the audience. >> do you think she will. >> yeah. i think she will try to reintroduce herself to the american people as a nicer and more likeable person. i think it bothers her that she is portrayed as a lying sniffling. >> and it bothers her that it reflects that doesn't work for her. >> of course it doesn't. but i think it bothers her. and one of the things they'll try to address -- this race is so close. you don't need a massive seismic
4:43 pm
shift in the perception of either one of them after this debate to win the election. this is a -- there is a revolution going on in this country. and the question is, is the revolutionary trump, two, out there, in which case they stick with her but if he is a safe revolutionary, they will embrace him. >> how do you know who wins tomorrow night. what does a win looks like. >> there will be instant reaction and with all due respect, frequently the instant reaction gets it wrong because the press judges based on who had the most facts, who appeared to be the most cogent. >> and the spin room takes part in that. >> but the american people judge on something else. who gives them the impression of being both most likeable and competent and having a clear direction. because the other problem hillary has is can she articulate a clear direction or a vision for the country. we'll know by thursday or friday who won the debate. >> look, the problem with the
4:44 pm
instant analysis about debates is that, and i've done this for many years to doug and john that has been involved, you look at these things, people are tuning in to have questions answered. we have the largest number of voters ever that are clearly going into the first presidential debate and they are unhappy with the candidates, they don't know where they are. we have more potential people affected by this debate than any other in history and it will -- and we will know only when their attitudes move. the boat will follow the shift, if there is any, in attitudes. >> and there is another factor. they are going to be judging tomorrow night and this week and all of that, and guess what? a lot of them are going to be voting, not on november 8th, they are voting next week, two weeks from now. >> keep that early voting going on through -- >> and we'll have over a third of the public that will cast their votes before election day. >> and that puts extra pressure particularly on this debate. eight in ten registered voters
4:45 pm
are going to watch this, that is north of 100 million people. >> correct. and harris, let's contextualize this. i made it clear, we have a washington post poll as you suggested effectively dead even, hillary may by two points ahead. the swing states have all moved in the direction of trump. the electoral college is a virtual dead heat. >> to show everybody what we are doing going forward, i want to get as much of the people's voice in this as possible because this is the big night before the debate. keeping it real, which i don't think is his or her first name, nobody is actually sick of the e-mail scandal, harris. people really want justice. so does he talk about that tomorrow night? >> i would. i would talk about it and talk about the clinton foundation and the pay-for-play. and the people -- and here is the important one -- the american people overwhelmingly believe that what this proof from the fbi is there are two sets of justice. one for political insiders like hillary clinton and one for the rest of us and it is unfair and
4:46 pm
that is part of the rigs system that is depriving people and their children from advancing. >> that is donald trump's core message. if he delivers it, it will make a huge difference. >> we're coming right back. i want to get more of your tweets and facebook as well. put our handles up on the screen, to my crew in the booth, and we'll be right back. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. [ rear alert sounds ]," [ music stops ]on ] ♪ on the road again ♪ just can't wait to get on the road again ♪
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4:49 pm
he agreed with senator obama in 2008 and when he said hillary will say and do anything just to win. >> and that is kelly anconway, she stepped out to talk exclusively to fox report as they were really getting into the thick of the debate prep. she said she likes how barack
4:50 pm
obama then senator went up against hillary clinton. let's get back to the political insiders. why do you think she likes that? >> because if they could make the case that hillary is inprincipaled, stands for nothing and has no core values, donald trump will be the next president. because the one thing about donald trump, he has a world view. if he articulates it and the secretary of state does not, that is a huge advantage for her. >> there was a poll earlier -- >> i'm sorry, i didn't mean to interrupt. >> no, please. >> that cbs had and they had two questions that i thought were interesting. do you think that hillary clinton says what she believes -- that is the real hillary clinton we see in the -- >> that she says what she believes -- >> or is she just doing this for political purpose and they asked the same thing of trump. hers was overwhelmingly that it was not the real person. they knew that. trump, whether they liked him or not, they thought he was for real. boy, that is an advantage. >> isn't that -- doesn't that speak to the issue, john, of just being an outsider?
4:51 pm
if you haven't been honed in politics and sharpened by the barbs, then you speak your mind, right. >> but people in politics are consistent and keep their position and aren't compromises. the problem with hillary, she reminds me of al-goers they've had teams of visors saying you should wear green instead of blue and in the end they don't know who they are themselves. if you look at trump. if i ask you right now, tell me three things trump will do, one, two, three, tell me one thing that hillary clinton will do as president? there isn't one. there is none. >> because you worked in the white house with mr. clinton when he was president, is john right or wrong about that? >> she used to be a new democrat. now she's for higher taxes, she is for more social programs, the potential of the public option on health care. i think secretary clinton isn't clear on who she is and what her
4:52 pm
message is. >> she's for anything that will get her votes. >> yes. she needs a clear vision. >> as a young woman, she is a goldwater girl, by the time of the vietnam war she is a new left democrat, she is a jane fonda left-wing democrat and she is that way all the way through until bill clinton gets spanked at the mid-term elections in '94 and they become the new moderate democrats. >> i have something to do with that one. >> okay. but it is her, not you. >> and she is not that any more either. >> she lost to obama and said she can't be beaten on the left and as you saw, given the way she ran against bernie sanders, she moved hard left. which is hurting her now. >> i'll give you one area where it hurts and this viewer speaks to it, pat i'm throwing this to you, lonnie carol said do you think trump's law and order will play an important role tomorrow night. i say that about hillary clinton because we've seen her vacillate after some of the police officer shootings and her reaction. >> trump has done -- with
4:53 pm
whatever the moaning and groaning, and listening to jesse jackson thing was quite interesting because of what he was saying, trump is at least going and making an effort, which no republican would normally do in the african-american community. >> well there are many that are not making an effort. look at chicago. >> that is the point. >> i'm talking black community leaders. >> it is a huge issue and it is hisush issue. in a sense he is strong on that at the same time. >> and what about immigration. >> not only immigration but the issue now moving this country, i believe, in the wake of what happened in new york and new jersey and the other incidents, was, is the issue about refugees. she -- she and president obama are so far off with the american people, including many democrats, that that is becoming -- could become a more significant voting issue. >> do you think it is important tomorrow night. i can't tell from lester holt's outline because it is pretty broad.
4:54 pm
>> it is called caring america. >> so that could be anything from orlando to the terrorists -- >> to the wall -- >> that is pretty broad. >> there is an issue percolating, law and order, stopping immigration and keeping out dangerous -- potentially dangerous refugees, that is trump's issue. secretary clinton politically may well be in her terms morally correct in embracing the black community and embracing moral immigration. but candidly, she could be hurt and hurt badly by her heart felt position. >> and the other thing if she goes after -- i know that she's going to do -- she's going to try to embarrass trump to say are you going to apologize to so and so and to the khans or do that -- he's got to deflect her. he would -- i would simply say, i'm not a politicians. there are things i would regret but let me tell you what i should be --
4:55 pm
>> i don't regret standing up for immigration. >> and excuse me. >> let me get this one point in. when you -- mrs. clinton, your comments about my -- half the country, a quarter were two deplorable basket of people which is what you believe and so does the political class and the other quarter are too dumb to know better, you should be apologizing to millions of americans. >> so you have laid out the debate prep for both of them, mainly donald trump here. but does he -- does she have an advantage because she's done this more. >> yes she does. and she also has one thing she hasn't used, bringing people together. she has mouthed it a little but neither candidate and especially the secretary has managed to emphasize the unit of the country against our adversary. >> she spent 165 million or 200 million or whatever it is attacking him and all she's done is go down.
4:56 pm
she might have spent that on her -- >> to me it is the vehicle of challenges. >> one thing to understand -- >> and let me just say about hillary and as a republican i don't want to say it but i have to say it, she is a much better candidate when she is in trouble with her back against the wall. >> because she is a fighter. >> and she's blown the post convention advantage and she knows she's in trouble. i i think doug said the campaign is in panic. >> they are. >> andmp go after her without worrying about gender, real quick because we have to go. >> he should. >> he has to -- >> he could change and doesn't get into add homen om. >> and you say she only represents something even worse, you'll be fine. >> we'll be right back. what bad back? what pulled hammy? advil liqui - gels make pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil.
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5:00 pm
>> they are ready for the debate. you get nice when you get excited. that is our fox report this sent 25th, 2016. i'm harris faulkner, a lot of news, thanks for being --. i'm be with you tomorrow and special report with bret baier now. >> hofstra university in new york plays host once again to a presidential debate. this could be the most watched ever. for the candidates prep time is almost up. the countdown is on to their first one on one confrontation. both paused preps today for another one-on-one. a meeting with israeli prime minister netanyahu, a debate with talk of in viets to get under get under each candidate's skin. >> jennifer flowers will not be attending the debate tomorrow night. >> and the police-involved shooting death sparking new protests


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