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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 25, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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you may have heard the debate is tomorrow night at 9:00. and then afterward at 11:00 p.m. there will be a live kelly file. we will take you thrererererere all your favorite guests tomorrow night. see you at 9:00. ♪ welcome to welcome to "hannity." we are less than 24 hours away from what might be the deciding factor in the 2016 race, the first presidential debate. tonight we're broadcasting from hofstra university. we're in hempstead, long island, new york. in just a few minutes we'll be joined by newt gingrich, laura ingraham. i have some debate thoughts i want to share with you. over the course of his campaign, donald trump has given many significant foreign and domestic policy speeches.
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so i would argue in terms of actual debate prep, he's probably very well prepared. based on the campaign hillary clinton is running, it's clear she cannot run on the obama economy. she can't run on libya, egypt, iran, afghanistan, syria. she can't really run on the russian reset with vladimir putin or china or north korea. and that's not all. hillary clinton also cannot run on honesty and trustworthiness. so that means that the clinton campaign, they can only resort to pushing one thing. they're going to try and advance the narrative that donald trump does not have the temperament to be president, as if she does. so how are they going to do this? late last week, it was reported that hillary clinton invited trump agitator mark cuban to attend tomorrow night's debate. but as many news outlets reported, in 2014, mark cuban, he made this shocking remark to ink magazine when he was asked about controversial racial comments that were made by former l.a. clippers owner donald sterling. listen to this. >> we're all prejudiced in one
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way or the other. if i see a black kid in a hoodie and it's late at night, i'm walking to the other side of the street. and if on that side of the street there's a guy that has tattoos all over his face, white guy, bald head, tattoos everywhere, i'm walking back to the other side of the street. and the list goes on of stereotypes that we all live up to and are fearful of. >> now, cuban later apologized to trayvon martin's family for those remarks, but he also stood by those comments. will hillary clinton now disavow those racial comments and maybe even disinvite him. let's keep in mind the clintons have called the late senator hillary herself -- she said that robert byrd was her member, a former member of the kkk. now the clinton campaign is trying to get the media to do all of her dirty work and call out, quote, trump's so-called
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lies. so let's take a walk down memory lane if lying is important because i would argue hillary could be called the biggest liar of them all. she lied over and over again about her e-mail server scandal. you might remember all of this. >> the laws and regulations in effect when i was secretary of state allowed me to use my e-mail for work. that is undisputed. >> it clearly wasn't the best choice, and i take responsibility for that decision. >> i thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal e-mails instead of two. >> iphone or android? >> iphone. okay. in full disclosure -- >> black berry? >> and a blackberry. i have, you know, an ipad, a mini ipad, an iphone and a blackberry. >> i believe i have met all of my responsibilities, and the server will remain private.
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>> in order to be as cooperative as possible, we have turned over the server. they can do whatever they want to with the server to figure out what's there or what's not there. >> and there's a lot more. remember during the benghazi terrorist attack that left four americans dead -- that was back in 2012 -- clinton e-mailed her daughter hours after the attack, and she wrote, quote, two of our officers were killed in benghazi by an al qaeda-like group. the ambassador, who i hand picked and a young communications officer on temporary duty with a wife and two young children. very hard day, and i fear more of the same. now, clinton knew the truth, but she told you, the american people, this lie. >> this has been a difficult week for the state department and for our country. we've seen the heavy assault on our post in benghazi that took the lives of those brave men.
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we've seen rage and violence directed at american embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing to do with. it is hard for the american people to make sense of that because it is senseless. >> she told her daughter one thing, the libyan president one thing, the egyptian prime minister the same thing, but you, the american people, something very different. it doesn't get any more blatant than that. tomorrow night, clinton is going to try and do her very best she can do to aggravate, agitate, irritate, upset, get under donald trump's skin. my advice to donald trump, don't take the bait, or maybe you can use a line from the giper, ronald reagan, and say, well, hillary, there you go again. joining us now is fox news contributor, former speaker of the house newt gingrich. welcome to hofstra. >> you have quite a crowd there. >> yeah, we do. listen, i went to school right down the block from here, so
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this is family for me. all right. let me start -- that's hofstra university. let me start with mark cuban because i think this is really interesting. markknow, saying, i know i'm prejudiced. i know i'm bigoted in a lot of different ways. if i see a black kid in a hoodie on my side of the street, i'll move to the other side of the street. now, he also said, i stand by my words in substance after saying that. hillary, according to cuban, invited him to be in the front row. should hillary disinvite him? he may not be in the front row, but he's still an invited guest by hillary. should she disinvite him? imagine if donald trump invited him. >> i was going to say, imagine "the new york times" if donald trump had invited somebody who said those exact same words. the shock, the anguish, the embarrassment, the demand that
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they withdraw. if mark cuban's there tomorrow night, you will have as perfect an example of the double standard of the liberal media as anything you could hope for because obviously the comments he made in the current context should be totally unacceptable. and yet my guess is that not a single liberal publication will notice them. >> you know, that's interesting. but if it was donald trump who invited somebody with that track record, who said, my mentor was a former klansman, who invited a guy that admits he's a bigot and would walk on the other side of the street in an african-american kid in a hoodie was walking on that side, they would be disinvited. do you think the trump campaign should demand he be disinvited? >> well, i think they should certainly highlight the clear hypocrisy of hillary clinton and the entire elite media, who are
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so delicate as long as it's a conservative, but who can ignore anything if it's a liberal. i think people ought to go and ask cuban does he really still stand by what he said, or would he concede that it was really wrong and really sent the wrong signal? >> well, he definitely doubled down on it. all right. now, hillary and her campaign, they're looking for support from lester holt tomorrow, and they want lester holt to do hillary clinton's job in terms of debating for her donald trump. what is your reaction to that? they seemed a little desperate. >> well, i've never seen a campaign so publicly indicate that they don't have faith in their own candidate. they apparently don't think hillary can stand up to trump. they don't think that she can correct him if he's wrong. they somehow want lester to be their partner. they're desperate to create a two-on-one situation where lester and hillary are on one
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side and donald's on the other. first of all, i don't think holt's dumb enough to do it. second, i think that it just tells you that the clinton people are very anxiety-ridden. they've watched their polls go down week after week after week. they're now, frankly, fighting to survive, and this is her first big test. and in the past, she hasn't done very well with big tests. so it will be interesting to watch tomorrow night. i'm like you in that i'm really looking forward to this debate. it's one of those things that the rest of your life, you know -- >> oh, i'm -- yeah, listen, we may have 100 million people watching this. let me ask if you agree with this. do you agree with me that hillary -- she says she's going to advance obama's economy and same economic agenda. she can't run on foreign policy. she can't run on honesty and trustworthiness. my question is do you agree that she's going to spend a lot of time tomorrow night trying to,
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well, aggravate donald trump? is that the strategy they've adopted? >> well, certainly everything that is said publicly would indicate that that's going to be their desire. you know, i think that's a big mistake on their part. i've watched trump very closely, and trump's actual strength is as a counterpuncher. my guess is if she went in there and she handled him very delicately and she was very respectful and we got a very boring debate, that he'd go along. i mean he's going to modulate and operate at the level she sets. but if she really wants a bar room brawl with donald trump, this would be an insane misjudgment. >> she's going to lose. i tend to agree. >> yeah. trump's been very clear about that. >> let me ask this because hillary and her campaign, i think they were trying to work
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the refs today. oh, donald trump lied here. oh, donald trump lied here. she's like the number one lying politician in the history of washington, d.c. i'll give an example here, but i guess the longer question out of trey gowdy questioning james comey about all of her lies is, how does donald trump delicately say to the former secretary of state she's a liar? watch this. >> secretary clinton said there was nothing marked classified on her e-mails either sent or received. was that true? >> that's not true. there were a small number of portion markings on, i think, three of the documents. >> secretary clinton said i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified material. was that true? >> no, there was classified material e-mailed. >> secretary clinton said she used just one device. was that true? >> she used multiple devices during the four years of her term as secretary of state. >> secretary clinton said all
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work-related e-mails were returned to the state department. was that true? >> no. we found work-related e-mails, thousands that were not returned. >> secretary clinton said her lawyers read every one of the e-mails and were overly inclusive. did her lawyers read the e-mail content individually? >> no. >> all right. so my question is hillary has made honesty and lying an issue now going into this debate. if you're donald trump, how do you point out she lied about benghazi, she lied about her e-mail server, and lied about a lot of other issues? >> look, i think his greatest strategy would be to be respectful and slightly lower key than people expect. so i think, for example, if he says, you know, that's simply not true as opposed to, you're a liar. if he says, how can you possibly say that given what the director of the fbi has already said. i think he wants to be pulling
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her out rather than attacking her and, where possible, he wants to be making fun of her. just to say, for example, you know, nothing the director of the fbi has said agrees with what you just said. how do you explain that? i think that kind of keeping her on defense. >> you're a lot nicer than me. i think i'd be more blunt. but i think it's good advice. i think he should listen to you. >> i can be blunt, but i want to be effective. and i think you don't want trump to be the issue. you want hillary to be the issue because she is the liar. >> right. well said. look, you went after people in debates. that's mickey mouse what you're asking me. you didn't hold back at all. but stay right there. we'll have more with newt gingrich right after this break. coming up next tonight. >> it's unfair to ask for hillary both to play traffic cop with trump, make sure that his lies are corrected.
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>> lester holt, he's a respected, brilliant newsman. he'll do a good job tomorrow night. >> i think hillary's lies should be called out. both campaigns weighing in on tomorrow night's first presidential debate. newt gingrich will be back with reaction. also later tonight, we'll check in with laura ingraham. that and more as we continue from hofstra university in long island new york, straight ahead.
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welcome back. so with the first welcome back to "hannity." so with the first presidential debate less than 24 hours away, the trump and clinton campaigns hit the morning shows to preview the main event. let's take a look. >> it's unfair to ask for hillary both to play traffic cop with trump, make sure that his lies are corrected, and also to present her vision for what she wants to do for the american people. >> but isn't that what a debater is supposed to do? >> well, i think donald trump's special. we haven't seen anything like this. >> i really don't appreciate campaigns thinking it is the job of the media to go and be these virtual fact-checkers and that these debate moderators should
10:18 pm
somehow do their bidding. they picked on matt lauer after the commander in chief debate forum. we thought he did a great job, but they didn't like the fact that hiblllary clinton wad aske her her e-mail server. lester holt is a brilliant newsman. he'll do a good job tomorrow night as a moderator. >> as we continue with former speaker of the house, fox news contributor newt gingrich. let me quote jim lehr who said i don't think fact checking is the job of the moderator. he did it from 1988 to 2012. they sound like they're whining before the debate even begins. >> did you ever think you would end up with the two clips you just had where it's the democrat begging, begging for the news media to protect their candidate, and it's the republican going, hey, we trust lester holt. it's going to be fine. i mean this is the opposite, and it's because hillary is so weak,
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she is so incapable of moving at donald trump's speed, that they are just desperate. their campaign tonight must be very anxiety-ridden whereas i suspect donald trump's very comfortable. he knows what he's going to do. he knows how to do it. >> now, she was whining that she wanted a step stool at one point. there's no coughing breaks if she was one of her infamous coughing fits. there's going to be a problem for her. but last week she did this interview where, to me, it was really bizarre. the tone, the pitch, the cadence was so off that one has to wonder if these health issues are far more severe than they are telling us. i want you to watch and listen to this. >> let's do everything we can to make sure we've got quality, affordable health care for everybody. we're going to improve the affordable care act. it doesn't have everything we
10:20 pm
need from it, but we are going to do what we can to make it work better, and that includes calling on congress to repeal the cadillac tax and to rein in prescription drug costs and out of pocket expenses. and i'll defend every worker's right to organize and bargain collectively. and i will fight back against so-called right to work. right to work is wrong for workers and wrong for america. now, having said all this, why aren't i 50 points ahead, you might ask. well, the choice for working families has never been clearer. >> now, as you answer that, do you see what i see? and there was this other incident where she's twitching, twitching, twitching uncontrollably. why are you looking at me like that? but there seems to be -- what? >> sean, you want to go off into
10:21 pm
health. this is a person who's nuts. i mean it's not about her health. it's about her brain. i mean how could you stand there as a presidential candidate and go, oh, why aren't i 50 points ahead? well, if someone in the audience could yell at you, because you're a liar, because you're corrupt, because you look like you're angry all the time. i mean i've had two different interpretations -- >> but watch this. slow that. watch this twitching that she does. one, four, five, six, and does it again. boom, boom, boom. and then if you listen to her voice, didn't it sound bizarre to you? add that to the deep vein tl thrombosis, add that to her collapse and all the other health issues she's had. what do you think is going on here? >> i don't know. do you think if i had a different kind of voice that you'll be worried about me a whole lot? i'm just asking because i don't want to get too far away. but it does strike me that
10:22 pm
sometimes she seems very harsh. i just want to put that on the table. just a way of thinking about it. i mean what i'm struck with -- somebody wrote me a note that i thought was very interesting that said she's joyless. if you watch her, there's no sense of happiness. there's no sense of enthusiasm. there's no sense of liking life. she's going through the motions. she's doing whatever she learned at wellesley to be the valedictorian. but it ain't fun. and what you know with donald trump is he's having fun. >> would she be relieved if she lost? is that what you're saying? >> look, i think she might be relieved if she got an invitation to go on a trip up the amazon. i think this is -- look, this has got to be very, very painful for her. she can't get out of it. she has spent her whole life getting to here. she put up with bill clinton for
10:23 pm
over 20 years to get to here. she has paid her dues every way she knows how to. we owe it -- and you see this on one thing you showed us. we owe it to her to make her president, and we're not responding appropriately. and she doesn't know what to do. >> donald trump is up in iowa. he's up now in colorado. he's up in nevada. he's up in florida. he's up in ohio, and he's within two points in pennsylvania, three points michigan, wisconsin. that is not good for her coming tiny this debate tomorrow. mr. speaker, good to see you. thanks for being with us. >> i am really looking forward to tomorrow night and to being with you afterwards. >> well, i can't wait to get your analysis tomorrow night. thanks, mr. speaker. we'll see you tomorrow night right here from hofstra. coming up next on "hannity." >> i'm running to be the voice of the forgotten men and women of this country. believe me, they are forgotten. and donald trump, he continued to pound the campaign
10:24 pm
trail this weekend ahead of tomorrow night's big debate. when we come back, laura ingraham will join us. and later tonight, sheriff david clarke, larry elder and much more as we continue from hofstra university. we're in hempstead, long island, new york, and we will continue.
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i'm running to be the voice i'm running to be the voice of the forgotten men and women of this country. [ cheers and applause ] my opponent likes to say that for decades she's been fighting for women, that she's been fighting for children. why, then, are 70 million american women and children living in poverty or on the brink of poverty in our country? why has she provided no relief for the millions of americans in search of affordable, reliable,
10:27 pm
quality child care? for years she's been doing this, and she's done nothing. you know the old saying. watch what i do, not what i say. >> donald trump yesterday going after hillary clinton's record. joining us now, fox news contributor, the editor of life zet laura ingraham is with us. let's get your general thoughts about tomorrow night's debate and the whining and crying and please, lester, help save us. what's your reaction? >> i think, sean, that this is a moment for trump to reassure the public, those in the middle who are still not quite sure about him, not sure if he's trustworthy to have his finger on the button, and just allay the concerns of women who want to vote republican but are not quite there and also more independents. for hillary, it's her time to stand and look like she has some type of new way forward, new
10:28 pm
from obama, different from what we saw in the last eight years, which obviously has not worked. it's a harder road for her, i think. the conventional wisdom is that it's harder for trump, but i actually think it's harder for hillary because we know hillary. we've been witness to what hillary has done over the last 30 years, and i think trump's right. she doesn't have a lot to show for it. but trump has to reassure people. he has to come prepared and ready to reassure america. and if he does that, i think he's going to come across really well. >> yeah, a agree with that because i think she's going to try to aggravate and agitate him, which is what i've been saying. look, donald trump's smart. he's not going to dissolve like al ca seltzer in water in front of hillary clinton. i don't see that happening. you're right in one sense. she says she's going to continue oba obama's policies. we've got the lowest labor participation rates since the '70s, the worst recovery since the '40s, the lowest
10:29 pm
homeownership rate, and obama has accumulated more debt than any other president before him. how do you defend any of that? >> sean, i think you hit the nail on the head. she's not really trying to defend it. her entire campaign is based on the following. her campaign is based on donald trump is untrustworthy and he's crazy. he has a temperament that is not suited to the presidency, so you can't -- you just cannot pull the lever for him. that's her whole campaign. she's not really trying to defend her record. she has no record to defend. all she says is, i sat in the situation room, and i traveled all over the world, and i know these people. so she might be able to beat him, sean, on the pop quiz tomorrow night if there's a pop quiz. she might be able to beat him on that, but he comes forward, and he says, look, i might not know the pop quiz, but i'm going to know what to do when push comes to shove. and when we needed her any the situation room the night of benghazi, she wasn't there. so if he comes forward and he speaks in those terms, i
10:30 pm
think -- >> she was there. that night, she was -- she was asking a very important question. >> yeah. >> she had our military men and women change their uniforms four times. >> yeah. >> but she never sent them in to help those americans under fire. she was there. >> yeah. >> but she made the wrong decision. >> was she in the situation room? i don't think she was that night. >> well, she was the highest ranking cabinet official in the meeting. >> yeah, but she didn't convene the counterterrorism task force. we all know that night ended really bad, and then she lied about it, and she allowed the lie to go forward to cover up what was ultimately u.s. government, you know, lack of effort and lack of action. so in the end, if trump comes across as reassuring and calm and pragmatic and smart, then he wins this. he doesn't have to know, like, who the defense secretary of albania is. that doesn't matter. but if he comes across as someone who says, look, you can trust me. i'm going to put your interests first. i'm going to pare back this
10:31 pm
government. it's way too big. it's way too out of control. and i'm going to chart a new path forward, stick with me, i'm own your side. >> i think that's great advice. >> that wins. >> let me add one other thing to that. i think this is as big a choice election, laura, as we've seen in our lifetime. i would not hesitate to point out, okay, do you want a president that can identify our enemy, radical islamists. do you want a president that will vet refugees? do you want a president that will protect our borders? do you want a president that will put originalists on the supreme court and a president that will make us energy independent. those are big, big distinctions. >> sean, you're hitting it. the issue of safety and the issue of home -- home and safety, happiness, those are great words, and they're great sentiments, especially for women. i can say this as a woman voter. safety, home, and happiness. we fight all the time in
10:32 pm
washington. we have arguments. we fight. people want to have a little time to have happiness. you know, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. and we also want to have a sense that we're safe at home. america, as she is, is going to be a country that's protected and where the president is always going to put our interest first. so if trump hits those themes, home, safety, happiness, which encompasses prosperity, i think those are big for women voters regardless of what you think about a lot of the social issues. those are important themes for women voters, i think. >> i think you hit every note. i hope he's watching tonight. laura, good to see you. thank you. >> take care. >> we'll see you tomorrow night. thanks. coming up next tonight from hofstra university, "hannity" continues with this. donald trump continues to reach out to african-american voters on the campaign trail. when we come back, sheriff david clarke, larry elder join us with reaction. by the way, don't forget tomorrow night right after the debate, we will be live with a
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special two-hour edition of highlights and analysis. we'll check in tomorrow night with newt gingrich, laura ingraham, rudy giuliani and so many others. we hope you'll join us tomorrow. once i started building the tree, ancestry helped me find out that military service goes into my family pretty far back. that makes you more proud to be an american and more proud to be a veteran. i served in iraq in tikrit in 2009.
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african-americans have given so much to african-americans have given so much to our nation and sacrificed so much for this nation. many african-americans are succeeding so greatly in our country, and i will make sure their success is protected and supported. at the same time, too many african-americans have been left behind and trapped in poverty. i will fight to make sure every single african-american child in this country is fully included in the american dream.
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>> donald trump on the campaign trail yesterday, continuing his outreach to african-american voters. here with reaction, we have milwaukee county sheriff david clarke, radio host larry elder. good to see youing on long island. >> my pleasure. >> can you all say hi to david clarke? just checking. he has made outreach to the black community a top priority of his. it seems to be showing dividends in the polls. >> it's the cornerstone of his campaign. he has appealed to the black vote, to the black community like no other gop candidate probably in the last 50 years. sean, i'm tired of black people living life at the bottom with this monolithic vote for democrats. the schools have gotten worse. the unemployment numbers have gotten higher. the crime has gotten worse, all under democrat control. i'm encouraging blacks -- they got two choices. it's their vote.
10:40 pm
donald trump, like he said, give him a chance. what do you have to lose? or stay home. if that happens, this race is over. >> you know what, and she does not seem to motivate people. she has no charisma like barack obama. larry elder, you give out stats like i do, larry. i think our minds work the same way in a lot of ways. 58% increase black americans since obama has been president on food stamps. 20% increase out of the labor force. blacks disproportionately negatively impacted by his policies that she wants to continue. why would you vote for more of that? anybody? >> that's a great question. you know, sean, you are absolutely right. in order for hillary to win this debate, she has to get under donald trump's skin, characterize him as some sort of lunatic. and i posted right before i came on your show, ten ways i thought hillary was going to -- ten things she's going to drop on donald trump, including the allegation that he's sexist, xenophobic, that i mocked a handicapped reporter, and of course that he's racist. and i suggest ten ways he ought
10:41 pm
to respond. he ought to respond exactly as the sheriff did. talk about the economy. under this president, black net worth is down. black homeownership, down. black equity is down. black poverty is up. the so-called wealth gap between a black family and a white household hasn't been this wide in 25 years. jared bernstein is vice president's biden's economist. he says a $15 minimum wage is too high. talk about how immigration is taking away jobs. there's a movie called "car wash" in the 70s where all the people were working at a car where not far from where i lived. they were all black. those jobs are now all taken by illegal aliens. now, if education is a route towards the middle class, who's standing in your way, and who's opening the door for you? it's the republican party that's opening the door. >> these statistics are real
10:42 pm
people, real lives. >> right. >> needless suffering, failed government. sheriff clarke, it seems to me the democratic party takes black americans for granted in this sense. they come calling every four years. they want the vote. you know, show me where the results are. >> and then after the election, they tell them to get back into the basement until the mid term elections. the exploitation of black people has got to stop in terms of the electoral politics here. like i said, they've been lied to for 50 to 60 years, nothing has gotten better for the black community. i think it's high time. i think what a unique opportunity that donald trump stepped in would have guessed it, right? but i think it's been effective. i'm not predicting, but i'll tell you what. black people in the community are listening, and if they're listening, there's a chance. and he only needs just a few points. >> polls show he's getting it.
10:43 pm
larry, we'll give you the last word tonight. >> there's a marvelous youtube video with malcox x chastising people for voting 80% for the democratic party and not getting a civil rights bill. what would they say black people voting 95% for a man when number one reason was not because he was black, but because they thought he would improve the company. he has failed. they have been double crosses. the primary reason that obama was put there by black people is because of the economy. he has not delivered. don't be a political chump. >> guys, good to see you both. sheriff, we'll see you tomorrow night. thank you, sir. larry, always good to see you. thank you. >> you got it. coming up, donald trump, hillary clinton getting ready to square off tomorrow night in the first presidential debate. right here, hofstra university, long island, new york, as new polls show donald trump is now beginning to surge. geraldo rivera, dug schoen, lisa boothe is with us as we continue from long island and hofstra university. ♪"all you need is love" plays
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so as the candidates, they get ready to face off in the first presidential debate tomorrow night, new polls show the race is extremely close. in the latest abc news washington post national poll, trump and clinton are virtually tied in a four-way race among likely voters. among registered voters, the race is tied at 41. here with reaction, doug schoen, geraldo rivera, lisa boothe. but it's worse than that, doug, in this sense. trump up in iowa. trump up in north carolina. trump's winning florida. he's winning ohio. >> you're forgetting pennsylvania. >> pennsylvania, two-point race. >> i know. >> wisconsin and michigan, three points. and nevada. this is not good when you look state by state. >> sean, look, i've always given you no spin, the truth. >> right. >> this is bad. this is a -- >> no, this is good for the country. >> bad for hillary. >> bad for your candidate, yeah. >> the movement in the swing statements all to donald trump,
10:50 pm
the national polls to donald. if he is able to be presidential, not take the bait tomorrow night, he will at the very least get a slight bump, and secretary clinton -- >> just doing that? just not taking her bait? >> right. and secretary clinton has got a huge, huge challenge, sean, of taking him out and taking him down with the kind of attacks that larry elder was talking about. will it work? i don't think so, but that's the game. >> geraldo? >> i think that donald trump i've known forever. incidentally, my sister irene taught here at hofstra university, 15 miles from where i grew up. he's got to be a movie star. he can't lose that. it was that charismatic confidence that got him here. if he goes all wonky, she's going to -- >> he's not going to go all wonky. >> he can't be boring. he can't give us that monotone that he sometimes does. >> he couldn't be boring in his sleep, geraldo. let's be honest here.
10:51 pm
>> she's going to be cutting. she's going to be going after him. >> she runs the risk of being mean and non-substantive. >> well, i don't think that she's going to be mean. she's going to say things that are very, very provocative that he has to respond to. >> he's a counter-puncher. he'll hit back. >> tomorrow is a huge opportunity for donald trump because you look at over 100 million people that are estimated to be watching. hillary clinton has been killing him on tv in battleground states, and this is a massive opportunity for donald trump to reach voters that maybe haven't heard from him as much. >> but those ads aren't working, are they? >> no, but this is a good opportunity for him, sean, to reach those voters. and donald trump does better when he's the one that's controlling the narrative. and i know that's what we're going to see tomorrow night if he stays on message of being able to drive the narrative, control the narrative, and put hillary clinton on the defense. if you look at the country right now, sean, cbs news had a poll of the battleground states and found that 55% of voters wanted big changes for the economy, for politics. you look at other polls from
10:52 pm
quinnipiac university where people want radical change. he's the change candidate and he is status quo. >> he has to come back to change and corruption all the time in the same way hillary needs a vision, an agenda, and some idea where she's going to take the country. >> while that is all true, there are vulnerabilities in both candidates. if she goes after him, his business acumen and she says what about these bankruptcies, what about these people who allege that you cheated them out of this or that, he's got to respond confidently, factually, and then put her on the defensive with the crooked hillary. but he will have his hands full as bernie sanders did. people were shocked at the charismatic socialist was really battled to a draw by hillary. >> i thought he did much better in the debates against her. and i'll tell you, you keep looking at these videos and the video last week. she does not look well, in my opinion. there's something wrong with her tone, her pitch, her cadence. >> i think it's important for
10:53 pm
donald trump to not pretend like he's a politician because that's what people like about him. they like the fact he is the outsider candidate. yes, i think he should have a substantive understanding of the issues, but he shouldn't try to be her. he shouldn't try to be the politician. >> so he shouldn't go out of his way to be somebody he's not. he doesn't have to be wonkish has geraldo said. >> exactly. if she does try to do some sort of pop quiz scenario with him, all he has to do is say, i've not been a politician. >> like you. >> right. and i'm here to change things. i'm a builder, and i change things. >> and a job creator. >> does she ask him what nato stands for, the nuclear triad, who's the prime minister of iran. >> i think that's a very bad idea for her. >> why? >> because it makes her look like she's an inside washington politician. if i were here, stay even. talk about her issues and themes and make the case that trump isn't qualified. >> i have a question. if she has a coughing fit, does
10:54 pm
donald trump walk over and say would you like some water? >> the best thing he does is leave her alone. [ overlapping voices ] >> she's got to be human also. she can't be just schoolteacher-y. >> she's got to be human. geraldo. >> also i can say this being a woman, but i've worked for male candidates who are running against female candidates, and there is a double standard in the sense that he needs to hit her hard, but he needs to be careful. >> smart the way he does it. we have to take a break. good to see you all. coming up, more "hannity" right after this break.
10:55 pm
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all right. welcome back to "hannity." welcomewe back to "hannity." before we go, quick programming note. fox news channel will be live all day tomorrow covering the first presidential debate. we will be live tomorrow night starting at midnight. two straight hours. post-debate reaction and
11:00 pm
analysis. remember, the debate is at 9:00 p.m. eastern. newt gingrich, laura ingraham, rudy giuliani. so many others. tomorrow night right after the debate from hofstra. we hope you'll join us. this is must viewing. you don't want to miss this debate. we'll see you after the debate tomorrow night. from hofstra, say good-bye. keep in mind mitt romney traveled the campaign trail with the podium in hotel rooms. donald trump hasn't done that as far as we can see. what do we get tomorrow? we will see. >> see you tomorrow. i am chris wallace. charlotte police release video of the shooting of keith scott. and the first presidential debate is now just hours away as trump and clinton get ready to go head to head for the first time. on the eve of the ask republica mate indiana governor mike pence how trump is preparing for the biggest night so far of his political career. >> they say she's been practicing for the debate. some people think she's sleeping. >> as hillary clinton gets


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