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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 26, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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we have team coverage ahead for you, and we start with john roberts. john is standing by with the trump campaign. good morning, john. >> good morning. the trump campaign very much aware the hillary clinton campaign will try to force him drop of a hat given any particular question or direction the debate goes in. what they would rather do is have him focus on broad ideas, get a few sound bytes in here and there because they believe those are the only things that will be remembered and a couple of sglirngs -- zingers in my hillary clinton. if donald trump is ready for hillary clinton. >> we are ready for hillary clinton. sort of agree with senator obama in 2008 when he ran against her
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where he said hillary will do anything and say anything to win. that's the hillary clinton we are prepared for. i think hillary is in a tough spot. hillary clinton needs to be held to ask the fccount for her reco without benefit of income ben see. >> one of the things the trump campaign will try to play to is the first debate seems to be polished but sometimes runs into difficulty for the follow up. trump will do what he can to push her into the follow up territory. jennifer flowers will not be sitting in the front row. the trump campaign put that to bed yesterday morning it was only in response to what hillary clinton's campaign and whap marc cuban were talking about cuban being in front row to get into trump's head. >> she said she will be there with a big smooch. >> not going to happen. >> the ticket is not extended.
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>> it is a moot smooch. >> small debate victory in the form of a super sized podium while her campaign calls for trump to be fact checked during the debate. >> mike emanuel is at the university with a preview. >> good morning to you. for hillary clinton's campaign team there has been an effort to build up expectations for donald trump and manage expectations for hillary clinton. clinton had a busy night last night meeting with a world leader a high profile meeting with the israeli prime snirn and doing 2 and a half hours of debate prep until 11:00 p.m. they are calling for trump to get into specifics. here to answer questions or demanding a command for the issues they are set with trump almost a foot taller than clinton there's an effort to make sure it works visually.
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clinton's running mate predicted she will deliver at the debate and took this jab at trump. >> she will be very good. donald trump is a performer and an entertainer. i am not taking that away from him. he has a reality shoep and he tells people they are fire withed a big grin. i am sure he will be entertaining, but he can't get away with doing the 15 second thing and then walking away, not taking questions. >> clinton met with prime minister netanyahu to show she will be comfortable with these high profile situations with world leaders. moderator saying there should be no double standard. >> i am concerned donald trump will be graded on a curve. just because he doesn't fly off the handle in the middle of this debate does not mean he's prepared to be president of the united states.
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>> you heard the clinton campaign pushing for real time fact checking of donald trump. they have warned about the possibility of sexism tonight, comments about hillary clinton's wardrobe and her voice and that sort of thing. they are working it ahead of tonight's show down at hofstra. >> mike emanuel. from the trump's side they are playing down expectations as we were talking about saying, look, this is his first one-on-one debate, don't expect too much from donald trump. both sides with a spin right there. >> clinton's campaign saying that would end up benefitting him over her because there will be lower expectations so he already comes ahead of the game. >> the podium scenario. as mike was talking about getting that super sized podium there. she wanted to be standing on an apple cart or some kind of box or school so she could stand to 5.4 verses 6 feet 2 but at least
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she gets the podium. >> they are building ahead of tonight's de wait. >> what do you want to hear from the candidate tonight? there are no shortage of responses at 5:00 a.m. >> what are the candidates going to do for veterans bob says. >> if you take a look at those responses so far we have
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received it runs the gamut. middle east policy and western policy when it comes to farmers. >> 11 percent loosely committed to a third party. there's a lot of persuadables right now. if they are going to be paying attention to those things e-mailers are talking about which is actually substance they don't want to hear about jennifer flowers or marc cuban. >> it is expected to be the most watched debate in presidential history. >> polls show a third of voters will use the debate to make their choice. what does each need to say to win. author of red is the new black kathy lynn taylor. first to you does donald trump need to be specific or broad tonight? >> when he was advising ronald
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reagan he told him this is a conversation with the american people. you have to speak in themes. hillary clinton may have 30 years of facts and figures in her head but the american people over 70 percent on both sides of the i'll are dissatisfied what donald trump needs to do is continue the conversation he has been having with the american people. that is resinating the rise in the polls is tremendous over such a short time this late in the game. he needs to be specific about his national security policy also he needs to have a message, a mission, a voice he needs to continue that in simple terms. he says keep it simple stupid. it's easy but true. donald trump needs to keep it
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very real and simple, too. >> a lot seem to give out that advice as well. i have heard it as well. let's look at the issues and who they tend to trust. clinton 50 percent over trump. clin done 37 over trump. economy clinton # 4 percent trump up 51 percent there. does it really matter what they say or how they say it? >> you have been talking to my mother. that's what she always said. it's not what you say it's how you say it. there has to be a relate ability or like ability. you have to have your facts. i wouldn't throw off as many figures. with regard to donald trump, tillery needs to be strong with regard to questioning areas she is ahead of him on, immigration, foreign policy, national security, because he has said
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things and gone back and forth. is mexico going to pay for the wall? is there really a wall. what does that entail. how is it going to be enforced if lamented. i think that is where her strength can lie a kind of fact checking her on stage when she has the opportunity. >> does she run the risk of founding like john kerry with facts and figures and george w. bush is the guy you want to have a here with. if yhillary clinton is a different person one-on-one than she is in these types of venues. she said she is better when she does the job than campaigning. i think that is true. her camp said they expect him to do well, because he is a reality show star.
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this is something she does well with and is comfortable with. it needs to be a matter of who gets rattled first and who does not get rattled. >> the name of the game is tone and cool. two four letter words incredibly p important. it has to be delivered with a sense of humor and general affection for the united states people. donald trump doesn't have the facts and figures but he has the ability to be charming. he may have more charm in his little finger than hillary clinton has in her wholed about de. what is happening right now people are not relating to washington and washington is not relating to people.
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it is not just what they say it is how they say it. i hope we will hear from donald trump and hillary clinton for that matter more conversations for women, for farmers. for all americans. >> hopefully not much about little fingers talked about. thank you both. great to see you both. >> the charm offensive which we heard about before. the sports world is stunned after the death of jose fernandez, marlin's pitcher. >> you see that little kid what that you see when -- when kids play little league. >> how fans and fellow athletes are remembering the 24-year-old. >> hours away from the first debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. what do they have to say to
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prove that they are the best commander-in-chief? we will analyze. before taking his team to state for the first time...
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>> the man accused of going on a shooting spree being arraigned on five counts of murder. they are describing the turkish immigrant as zombie like following a 24-hour manhunt. they are calling for computers taking from his home trying to uncover a motive. >> protests raging on in charlotte for a 6th straight night. dozens marching in the street as the may year lifts the curfew. they are calling on police to release the full body and dash
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cam footage of the shooting of keith lamont scott. >> the nation is mourning the loss of a sports icon and legend. arnold palmer the legendary golfer died awaiting heart surgery. his dominance and charisma brought golf to the masses in the 50's and 60's. he won 7 championships including four masters. tributes pouring in overnight. donald trump tweeting there was no one like him, a true champion. phil mickelson said i am saddened by his death but i am a better player and perhaps a better person thanks to his example. >> long time rival jack nicklaus saying he was one of my best, closest friends for a long, long time. arnold palmer was 87. >> another shocking death sending shockers to the sports world. miami marlins jose fernandez
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killed in a boating accident. tributes are pouring in on this story. >> good morning, kelly. >> the world of major league baseball is still in shock and mourning. they bid farewell to the marlins pitcher jose fernandez. she gathered to sadly and fondly remember the young pitching sensation. team members remembering their friend emotionally who meant so much to their team, to baseball and cuba. >> he told one of his teammates the last game he pitched against the nationals the best game he ever pitched, and now he's gone. >> the marlins put fernandez's hat and number 16 on the mound of marlins park filled with
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memorials in honor of the young star not just in miami. all through out the sports world they were expressing their grief. >> utter disbelief, shock. hoping to wake up from this nightmare. one of the best young people i had ever met. >> jose fernandez defected from cuba at age 14 on his 5th attempt. he became the home for promise of cuban americans. it represented to them the american dream was in fact possible and probable. two buses players went to his grandmother's house last night, the woman who inspired fernandez and taught him how to play the game he loved so dearly. he adored his grandmother and helped her get a visa in 2014. on the mound he became a two-time all star and national league rookie of the year 22
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times. he even saved his own inner from drowning. he was quite a hero to a lot of people dead at 24 gone too soon but leaving a legacy of joy. >> two big losses wiin the spor world. hillary clinton touts her experience as something that keeps us all safe. >> i have sat at the table in the situation room. i have analyzed the threats. i have contributed to actions and neutralized our enemies. a oo are we safer now than before? expert analysis on that. >> burning up troubles for samsung. the scary situation involving one of their exploding devices.
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>> as the presidential candidates make their case is poll show most voters think the country is heading in the wrong direction. >> what do the candidates have to prove to make sure they have a better choice? department analyst morgan ortega. hillary clinton has a fine line to walk on she was trying to lay doubt i was in the situation rooch, i was there when it happened also trying to distance herself from president obama's foreign policy. can she do it tonight? oo it is a tough lane to walk. all you have to do is look around the world.
2:24 am
china has started building fake islands over the china sea. russia has gone into crimea and ukraine. you see isis which we did not see four years ago attacking in mass our allies in europe attacking us here at home. it is one thing to talk about being in the situation room. i don't think the american people care about that. what they care about hearing is what are you going to do will you see russia, china and isis acting in flagrant ways over the president in the last three years. how will you be different? >> also the iran nuclear deal many think is a bad deal. what will does donald trump need to do? >> i think the most important thing he has to do is convince the world and iranians he has to enforce the deal. iran is not abiding by the terms of the deal. they are breaking the rules pet in place to watch over the
2:25 am
nuclear process. they are getting away with it left and right. they do not institute the snap back connections they want to keep the beal in place at whlan whatever cost. they are taking the guilt seriously if you don't abide for it there will be repercussions. nobody believes there will be repercussions if i point. >> thank you for being with us and giving us a preview. >> the time is 25 minutes after the top of the hour. hillary clinton, donald trump getting ready for round 1. a debate coach takes us inside the preparations. up next... >> can we expect some of this tonight? >> you are the lying guy. >> don't worry about it little marco. i am at 42 you are at 3.
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would cut you some slack, right? no, your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. >> it is monday september 26th. we are hours away from the first faceoff between hillary clinton and donald trump. >> in a presidential debate that could be the most watched ever. tonight's show down coming as the candidates are in a dead heat statistical tie in a brand new abc 2 news "washington post" poll. clinton led the poll by 8 points earlier this month. the stakes could not be higher. mike i am em annual is covering
2:30 am
campaign. john is looking at them getting ready tonight>> not only could it be the most watched debate in the history of presidential debates but it could be the most significant from the standpoint of affecting the trajectory of the campaign going forward. remember bush during the first debate it looked like al gore was going to wipe the floor with george bush but al gore piered annoying to viewers george bush was declared the winner of that one. donald trump aware of what's on the line tonight preparing in a way that he doesn't try to dazzle with facts and figures. he wants to show personalities the confident leader the person who can talk about big issues from 30,000 foot level and give confidence to voters he's the person they could vote for. for that he has to do the debate
2:31 am
prep brakes for mock debates for the stand in for hillary clinton or bounce around ideas where he can score a couple of points against hillary clinton and leave sound bytes they can play over in their heads for the next few days as the campaign goes forward. also trying to show that he is the candidate who can go out there do the debates continue doingát xaiven vents as well. is donald trump ready for p tonight's debate? listen to what rance priebus told our team the other night. >> the right people are prepared and the right people radio in the room. he has been consistent and working hard. he has a really good attitude about it. i can tell you it's not like he's sitting around ringing his hands nervous. he's calm, cool and collected. >> one thing we are not going to see or one person we are not going to see in the debate hall, jennifer flowers. they are saying they might put jennifer flowers in the front
2:32 am
row. it was something you were itch to go see along with tucker carlson yesterday. >> the cut aways in the camera shot would have been money enough for tonight's debate. not going to see it, john. bursting our bubble. >> bouncing balls going on behind him there. >> i will get hit by one of nem. >> the clinton campaign crying foul saying trump should not be graded on a curve. >> mike emanuel live with more on that. >> good morning to youment after a whole lot of hitting those debate briefing books and a lot of debate rehearsal debate day is finally here for hillary clinton. there is a huge audience as you heard from john expected to be watching. clinton did about 2 and a half hours more rehearsal last night at a hotel about 20 minute drive from her chap aquan new york
2:33 am
home. hillary clinton 5 foot 2 and trump 6 foot 3. they say trump should not be grapeded on a curve. >> you are going to see him have to get into the specifics, hillary, too. fair is fair you have to hold them to an even standard. we are going to see who can answer the specific questions. donald trump hasn't even answered a basic question that voters ask of every president show us your tax returns. >> clinton has taken a lot of time off the campaign trail in recent weeks. her campaign defended that saying the three presidential debates will be the three most watched events in the final # 33 days of the campaign. bottom line they will be looking carefully and the media will be looking carefully on how she performs. it is a way to see who is bethe best next commander-in-chief.
2:34 am
>> he needs to demonstrate a command of the issues. he needs to roll out specific plans about how he's going to make life better for americans. >> expectations are extremely high for hillary clinton after her extensive government experience and also the debates she has done over the years as a senator and also as a presidential candidate in 2008 and 2016. her team has actively tried to raise expectations for donald trump noting he has been a media star over the years. back to you guys. >> miake emanuel with the clintn campaign who has the lead. >> donald trump has been preparing for months. >> taking us behind the scenes with debate coach brett o'donnell. thank you for joining us this morning. >> good to be with you. >> no sdout both teams are busy. i think they are already up clayton said hopefully they are asleep. waste the most important thing
2:35 am
to do. the trump campaign is talking about dazzling with personality clinton campaign is going to stick with facts and figures anden specifics. >> if this is a debate about facts and figures and specifics hillary clinton will lose because it will be boring. one of the most important things in these debates is that you drive message and that you have a moment that captures the press's imagination and the audience's imagination. whether it is ronald reagan's age and experience argument he made against walter mondale or loud benson you are not jack kennedy comments to dan quayle. it is important you create a moment of competitive advantage over your opponent not just get on with facts and figures. >> ultimately it is a television show. we are not reading about it or listening to it on the radio. brett. to your point about it not being boring. remember the first debate with romney and president obama.
2:36 am
looked liefkdz asleep and came back and redeemed himself in hofstra and hit a home run. how does hillary clinton appear not boring and not tired? >> hillary clinton struggles on a variety of debates. she is now focusing on this. she appears likeable and wants to appear interesting in these debates. i like en her to al gore in 2000 who came in with high ex peck cases because of extensive experience but could never freezing rained their voice. consequently george bush won. unless she is able to find her voice and project a vision and start talking as opposed to the head with facts and figures it will be a long night for her. >> both candidates don't want to have what you are calling that aleppo moment we are all
2:37 am
familiar with. >> yeah. absolutely. they have got to make sure they don't make a mistake. >> that's the worst possible thing that could happen to you. while you can't win an election a on a debate you can certainly lose it. having a moment where you say something incred before i factually wrong. when one said there was no soviet domination in eastern europe. >> rick perry for getting which of the three departments he was plan to go cut. oops. people don't forget that stuff. thank you so much, we will be watching closely tonight. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> also who will do the fact checking should it be the candidates or the moderator. >> i hope the candidates take that on and don't put that on lester holt tonight. >> 22 minutes until the top of the hour. after a hard fight of the
2:38 am
primary hillary clinton face off tonight. >> a look back at the moments that led to this. it has been a long road. folks.
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2:42 am
>> in a surge of immigrants heading for the united states stuck at the mexican border look at this. nearly 5,000 people mostly from haiti and africa are trying to get to california but the u.s. hasn't responded to the asylum request. each gave them 20 day temporary visas so they can't be sent hem home to their country. not clear what will happen after the 20 days are up. >> extreme weather forces thousandses of people in the midwest from their homes right now. evacuations are underway in cedar rapids iowa as fears of widespread flooding looms. a devastating theme as the cedar river is expected to crest sunday morning. sandbags around their homes remembering the disastrous flooding back in 2008. devastation destroyed over 1,000 homes causing billions of dollars in damage. >> a samsung tablet sparking a fire 30,000 feet in the air storing a plane to make an
2:43 am
emergency landing. this is not a phone this is a tablet from samsung. a delta flight from michigan to amsterdam was filled with passengers when the tablet exploded. no one was hurt. the samsung tablet is not a part of the recall of the galaxy smart phone. the smart phone battery is known to over heat and catch fire. even the replacement batteries are also over heating. >> that is scary stuff. i have one of those not specifically the note but i have a droid samsung. >> do you have your exploding samsung phone? >> i do. you can warm up with it. here you go. steve doocy is live at hofe spr straw to see what's coming up. >> i have an iphone. it is freezing out here because i have an iphone that is doing nothing for me. >> currently feels like 48 degrees at hoffstra. the band is tuning up.
2:44 am
we have the cheerleaders. everything is ready. 15 hours and 15 minutes from right now the debate between hillary and donald commences. everybody will be watching. rudy giuliani will be joining us to tell us about inside team t 1200
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>> governor reagan is typically against such a proposal. >> governor, there you go again. >> can you get things done? >> blief i can. >> senator, you are no ted kennedy. >> the cold war has been over for 20-years. >> are you better off than you were four years ago? >> he looks over at al gore, hey, how are you? it is an example of one of the moments in history. reagan had a five point lead from the better off question. >> do debates matter any more? can they impact the race? how can they impact the race? capri who is a strategist. david avela. thank you for sticking around with us. >> thank you. thanks for the band. >> it is a lot louder there. a lot of people just waking up. we have been waking up for
2:49 am
hours. >> i will start with you this time around. it has been a long road to get here. this is the first time both of these candidates will face off one-on-one. how significant is it? >> it is a big night tonight. voters tonight will get for many of them get to see insight into both candidates, who they are really like, can they relate to these people, do they talk about issues in a way that they can relate to. that's why it is a big night for both candidates. >> let's pause for the music here. >> sweet caroline. i like that. >> little neil diamond in your morning. >> what do we mean when we say this person was the winner of the debate. the media likes to almost immediately like to say this person won. what does that mean? >> there has been good discussion around this of who is going to decide who wins the debate and who shakes that narrative. in the era of twitter and real
2:50 am
time sort of commentary. people may get their opinions formed by external voices if you will. it is managing expectations. hillary clinton and donald trump camps are trying to lower expectations fore this evening's debate. for donald trump it is making sure he doesn't take the bait and he has the teacherment a -- temperament to be president. hillary clinton needs to be likeable that's how she wins. what winning is going to be different for each one of these candidates. >> let's take a listen in case you have forgotten. there are two sides to each candidate. which one will we get? >> never attack him on his looks and believe me there's plenty of
2:51 am
subject matter right there. with jeb's attitude we will never be great again. >> you are probably worse than jeb bush. >> he's a joke artist this guy is a liar. don't worry about it little marco. >> i need your help to get donald trump's record out to everybody. nobody should be fooled. >> david, quickly. subdued candidates or aggressive candidates? >> you can go to vegas and bet every dollar in your wallet they are going to attack one another. in the primaries donald trump is more of a p counter puncher than a puncher. also bet on hillary clinton throwing the first punch. >> capri, president obama was asleep during his first debate against mitt romney. will we see a feisty hillary clinton or post pneumonia hillary clinton? >> i think she will to do her b
2:52 am
to be as feisty as she can be. she's got to try to have is that temperament balanced. i can say an elected official, it's tough to be both commander in chief as well as grandma in chief. she's got to find that sweet spot and trump, again, we have to remember hillary clinton is a woman. he has to make sure he doesn't make her the victim. >> walk over to her podium with something to sign. maybe she should do that to him and say i'd like to see your tax returns. >> at the end of the day, it matters what happens during the day and after the debate. >> capri and david, we'll let you get back to neil diamond's performance in a short time here. thanks, guys. >> thank you. the time now is about ten minutes until the top of the hour. after a long and hard-fought primary season, hillary clinton and donald trump, they finally face off tonight. up next, a look back at the
2:53 am
memorable moments leading up to the highly anticipated first debate when we come back.
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2:56 am
the countdown is on. we are 15 hours away from the first presidential debate. do you remember how we got here?
2:57 am
>> oh, man. >> small road. >> we take a look back at the long hard-fought primary season that got us to this point. >> he was the political outsider bounding on stage 13 months ago. and a performance that was far from conventional. >> our leaders are stupid. our politicians are stupid. that's what's happening whether you like it or not. >> nearly 25 million americans watched as a new political fire was lit. >> our country is out of control. people are pouring across the southern border. i will build a wall. it will be a great wall. >> donald trump took his in-your-face style and vanquished one by one all 16 repu >> don't worry about it little marco. i'm at 42 and you're at 3. you're moving over further and further. pretty soon you'll be off the
2:58 am
end. >> i've given my answer lying ted. i've given my answer. >> when the debate season was over, the new york billionaire proved he was a tough target to hit on stage. meanwhile, hillary clinton still had work to do. >> let's go forward. let's win the nomination and in july, let's return as a unified party. >> bernie sanders would not go away easily. some believed he was doomed the night he declared this. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> but clinton showed him those lesser watched debates. she could go head to head with anyone. >> remember this eight years ago? >> i was fighting against those ideas when you were practicing law and representing your contributor in his slum landlord business in inner city chicago. >> eventually sanders running out of time and meeting delegates would concede. >> i move that hillary clinton be selected as the nominee of the democratic party.
2:59 am
>> and now two giant figures will be on stage together. who will get the better in round one? it's the kind of contest that is only made in america. >> wow. it's hard to imagine. it's been over a year. >> i don't remember the moment that donald trump and melania trump came down the he is calais to in trump tower. >> remember the people they hired to show up to his rally. paid actors. >> no more. >> totally different time right now. stay with fox news all day for live coverage from hofstra ahead of the big debate and of course, you can watch the debate here live at 9:00 p.m. eastern. >> i have a feeling one or two people will be doing that. >> yeah. just a few. we'll be become here tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. we'll have live team coverage and post debate analysis. be sure to tune in. "fox and friends first" will be here then. but "fox and friends" starts right now. >> that's right. they're live from hofstra university with a jam-packed
3:00 am
three-hour show. good morning on this monday, september 26th, to 16. i'm ainsley earhardt. after insults and campaign stops, hillary clinton and donald trump are set to go forward with the first debate. how are they preparing? >> they're live on campus. >> as the tweet reads. why do i sudden i feel like i'm at a -- let the mind games begin. donald trump may have threate d threatened -- >> former mistress in the front row. but hillary clinton is adding another mowing up, mark cuban to taunt trump. will it work? we'll tell you what we know. >> so glad this is a rehearsal. >> hillary clinton's campaign wants to level the playing field. >> i think the debate


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