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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 26, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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♪ bill: more about the shooting of a houston shopping center. bill: thank you guys. this is the day america has been waiting for. donald trump, hillary clinton, shopping center about 6:30 local ready to face off tonight in the first presidential debate of time. this election year. new polls showing a virtual tie and the stakes could not be higher. wow! another stunning day here at hofstra university in new york. in houston, texas. long island. we are 30 miles east of manhattan would you say? martha: i would say so. bill: we're 12 hours away. he file like the ball is going martha: documents revealed that to drop. >> is super exciting around employees at the river networks here. you feel buzz as you walk around which you heard a lot about campus. the band is done apparently. managed clinton's e-mail server we wanted to keep the band. good morning, everybody, i'm and in 2013 one of the employees martha maccallum. made reference to, quote, the tonight's showdown could be the hillary cover-up operation after
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effect that makes the difference for one of these candidates clinton staff asked them to go because in a very short period of time we'll look back at some back and wipe emails clean. of these nights to say they were the unidentified employee told pivotal. fbi that the reference was just a joke. tonight is really most important one of all. chairman of the benghazi you could have 100 million americans tuning in this committee thinks it's anything but. evening, families sitting all >> well, there was a cover-up together across the country, watching all of this, as these and the folks who aided and two put their battle of wits and abedded the cover-up is the state department. keep in mind, she had this arraignment for the entire time intelligence to task in a she was secretary of state. contest on that stage tonight, bill. bill: could be anyone's game. martha: judge andrew napolitano, martha: that's why it is so fun. senior judicial analyst. bill: new "quinnepiac poll" shows dead heat. judge, good to see you this morning. clinton 47, trump 46. both camps trying to lower >> likewise. expectations a result. >> you will see authentic martha: clinton cover-up operation. somebody found that, apparently donald trump that became republican nominee in a field of they just said it was a joke. 17 as per rants. >> you really can't make it up. you will see the donald trump when fbi sees a word cover-up, conveying the positive optimism they're going to make inquiry of to make america safe again, people that used it.
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strong again, wealthy again, the people that used it prosperous again, of course satisfied that it was used as a joke. great again. what we don't know is because i'm sure hillary clinton is trying different scenarios. the fbi won't tell us exactly martha: i don't know roberts is on the hofstra campus with us when the server was administered to bleachbit software that live in hempstead, new york. a lot of new polls poured in this morning, john. deleted things permanently and they show a super, super tight exactly when blackberries were administered a sledge hammer. rate race here. reporter: they do. the evidence that we do know is this is the spin room that will being jammed full of people. this occurred after items were subpoenaed. surrogates from the campaign will come around to see who they why the fbi would look the other way in the face of the believe who won the debate. destruction of evidence and you mention "qunnipiac university poll" that shows obstruction of justice is very opposite result of the -- telling. it tells me and those of us that watch these things that bloomberg poll that shows somewhere from above the white opposite of quinnipiac. house they were told exonerate trump leading clinton by 43 to her at all costs no matter what she sees because she has to be 41 nationally. available to run against donald couple of new battle frowned trump. polls coming out this morning. martha: campaign manager was questioned about this clinton donald trump in the state of cover-up operation and he
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colorado leading 42-41. basically said, look, the fbi looked into all of this, this is in pennsylvania, hillary clinton now leading him by a single a done deal and i think a lot of people feel that way, a lot of point, 45-44. voters may feel that way, judge, so things in the keystone state but where does it go from here tightening up. why is this important? if anywhere? because donald trump needs to >> if donald trump is smart have a path to get to 270. tonight he will not accept her the path for him much more statement that the fbi cleared her. difficult than hillary clinton. if he were to put together in fact, the evidence that the combination, got to have florida, got to have ohio, but fbi has revealed since director comey's statement we are not couple other states like going to request an indictment north carolina, nevada, colorado. which happened on july 5th, two if he could pull that off, maybe he can get to 270. months ago, has been so damming it is far more damming than what what is the goal for tonight? we knew about the case donald trump basically play for a draw. they believe expectations are higher for hillary clinton. beforehand. polls have showed that a majority of americans, 53% think donald trump should pursue that. she will win the debate tonight. a lot of americans are they believe if they can play to a draw they will walk away with unsatisfied with the result of a win. they're not hoping or not even the fbi investigation because they know a lot of people going to dry delving deep in prosecuted for these crimes, policy on facts, figures, espionage, perjury, misleading congress, destruction of evidence, obstruction of numbers. they want big ideas, if he has justice, a lot of americans have three to four memorable sound been prosecuted for these crimes bites from tonight, get a couple
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with a lot less evidence than attacks in on hillary clinton that will be a win for they found mrs. clinton and i donald trump tonight. expect that he will make a dig martha? martha: yep, that is how they bale out of that and ha that's score these things. it will be fascinating. should resinate with the people watching watching the debate. the trump campaign has been martha: that would be a moment, talking about the moderator. that's for sure. whether or not it will be fair. that would be fascinating if he does go there. whether or not they should be the fact checker or candidates in terms of the immunity deals should do that for each other, that we heard about to even john? greater extent with the past few reporter: obviously getting different opinions from the different campaigns because even days, generally you bring of them is playing the game of expectations and what should happen. after what happened at that immunity when you help to forum on the intrepid where matt lauer really got kicked around by the clinton campaign indict. and by her supporters there is looking like there will be >> you need a person to it have pressure on lester holt who is before a grand jury or trial jury. moderator for tonight's debate tells me that the five people to be a instant fact checker. who have been claiming they that is what clinton campaign received immunity did not saying. receive immunity, they received donald trump campaign says it should be the opposite. a promise from a lawyer in the justice department that they it should be candidates would not be prosecuted on the fact-checking each other. listen to what kelly conway said basis of what they told the fbi. now, those promises are this morning. >> clinton campaign gaming the worthless when you're confronting a prosecutor other
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refs. talking to the campaign, your job to make sure donald trump is than the one that signed the fact checked in real time. letter. i'm just surprised campaign martha: judge andrew napolitano, thank you very much, judge. manager would try to lower good to have you with us today. expectations dramatically for ly see you soon back in new york. his own candidate. campaign debates are not hillary bill: jenna lee back in new clinton's sweet spot. reporter: trump campaign any york. jenna: we have updates in two fact-checking should be done after the debate, not during the mall shootings including the one debate real time. hillary clinton will have that happened this morning. special guests in the audience. also update on historic flooding donald trump will as well. in iowa, another big story we he invite ad number of members of the military and family are watching today. members to be on board tonight. the biggest story in the mall, first presidential debate is tonight. martha. martha: john, wow, thank you stakes could not be higher, the very much, over there in the spin room. bill: 12 hours from now we'll be in the middle of segment number race is any one's at this point. one here in hempstead. we'll go on the ground rules. bill: good deal, jenna. how debate is 9minutes in length. each can state has two minutes to respond to the moderator's initial question. arnold changed the game? if there is anytime left over, the moderator will use that to >> he meant a lot to a lot of people.
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expand the the top pick. it won't be the same without there will be no commercial him. breaks. the microphones will not be muted at any point. once you start you're live until it is over. martha: which raise as few questions. will donald trump use all two minutes. will hillary clinton go over on the two subjects. donald trump in the past when he had 90 seconds he didn't fill the time when the stage is crowded. he likes to get to the point, not mired down in too many details. if he has to prove he is presidential will he need to fill that time with substance perhaps in a way he has not in past? bill: he has options. can go act at each other. you can sit back to wait for the one to go after you. you can be aggressive. the candidates each have their own hurdles. clinton relying on experience. trump you could argue more comfortable trusting his own gut, his own instincts. rnc chair reince priebus on that. >> i think the expectations on hillary are very, very high. she has been doing this for 30
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years. i think people expect her to know every little detail. she has to perform, i think in a way that is, is of the highest of expectations. ii think in the case of donald trump. he is outsider. never run before. let alone be it a presidential debate. he is going to be ready. one of the things donald trump has going for him. he has very good instincts. we've seen that. bill: we'll talk to reince priebus next hour. byron york, and stephen hayes, "weekly standard." both fox news contributors and both are here live. welcome to you. she has to do something. she has to do something. what does he need to do, byron. >> he needs to show he is plausible president. i went to group of undecided voters, a lot didn't see him as guy in office. polls bear them out. hillary clinton has lead who is better temperment to be
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president, more qualified to be president. people think he is more honest than she is. drives democrats crazy. he basically shares a lead with her who can best handle the most important issues, terrorism and the economy. so what he has to do is, people would be open to his message if they simply viewed him as plausible. so far they don't. bill: is that conventional wisdom? >> i think it is right. you i think byron is exactly right. just to add one thing to that, he has to do all of that without necessarily changing who he has been. there is a reason where he is in the polls. people find his confrontational style appealing in a certain way. i think he has to be tough with her. he has to be direct with her but has to be respectful of her. if he can do both things at same time he could have a pretty good night. martha: i would look for him to use the, we tried it your way line, a fair amount tonight. it worked well for him. we have seen them both on
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campaign trail trying some of this stuff out and seeing how it works. >> yeah. martha: what else would you look for him in particular? >> if he can be embodiment of change which is where you're going with that. i know if you look back to the way he has done debate prep, having talked to some of the people helping out wit, he is bill: tributes are pouring in not, doesn't have his head down for arnold palmer, age 87, wow, in policy books. he is not reading papers from what a life. the cato institute and the fox news contributor spent a lot heritage foundation. of time, jim, one thing that i looking at her past debate performances trying to find remember about arnold palmer, he weaknesses things he might was one of the first world class exploit. supplementing what he has been athletes to hire an agent and saying over the course of the past year, making the case he is what that agent enabled him to do is to market himself for the candidate that who is not of game, for the sport, for himself washington, not from wash and would bring change to washington. and leaves us now with the bill: he is watching game tape legacy that is arnie's army and you could say? >> exactly. bill: flip it around, what does she need to do tonight? >> she has to somehow make more arnold palmer at age 87. americans like her and make more americans think she is honest and that is a very, very tough >> he is the king and matt road. if you look at other liabilities mccormick represented him.
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those are her two biggest problems she has. they represent all sorts of athletes. the email scandal has done he understood that he could enormous damage to her. market himself on the golf look at new bloomberg poll, course and able to do that. look at all of the things he did over the course of time, bloomberg asked are you botheredly donald trump's predominantly in endorse meants position on "birtherrism." 60% said they were. from cadillac to penzzoil. are you bothered by hillary clinton's email scandal, 81% of people are bothered by that that is real liability for her. if you say anywhere in the world the problem she can be likeable, warm, personable, but she can i want an arnold palmer, they not change the honesty number. know it's ice tea and lemonade. martha: she needs a human do you think he came on the time moment. he has connected with people, where golf was on the rise and his relationship with another love him or hate him. great american, jack nicholas that is something he has together they took it to a new accomplished. i believe she will bring up the bully story. a bully on a street when she was level, jim? a little girl. didn't want to con print him. went home to her mother. >> there was the marriage, bill, she said you better go back and of television right at the time and he was charming and he had look him scare in the eye tell the army and look at his looks, him what you think. that could potentially -- he was -- he had movie star >> if i were advising her the goal here more to try to make looks, everybody liked him. her approachable and likeable he had time for everybody.
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than to make her honest, nobody ever left arnold palmer trustworthy in one night. disappointed. the problem with the email he made everybody feel good and story, the reason people have this view she is not honest and you'll always remember how people made you feel. trustworthy because she is not bill: mid western kid -- i honest and trustworthy. she has told lie after lie after lie with respect to the email apologize. story more than a year. there's a satellite delay. we can point to specific things she said one after another after i apologize for interrupting you there. another proven not to be true. when you take roots from i do think the one area where she has something of an opening pennsylvania and created golf try to create a sense of what her campaign is about, what is fields all over the world. the identity of her campaign? what is it that she really believes in. >> he was every man and he was what is it that she would do as include nif an exclusive president of the united states? if you look at the past month, support. hillary clinton's campaign feels he was just an amazing guy and like a turtle flipped on its he came at the exact right time back, kicking its legs. and he was a terrific player and there is lots of activity, not going anywhere, not doing nobody will ever forget what he anything. what is it that you would did, not only on the golf course actually do? maybe means a more full embrace of barack obama and his policies but generosity, everybody that and that sort of leftism. he has not only contributed to maybe it's a move to the center the game but philantropy. an rolling out a couple policy proposals. but there is no identity. there is no reason that somebody
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would want to vote for hillary clinton. bill: we wonder where we will be sitting here tomorrow and thinking and saying. gym, with his thoughts from la. thank you very much, steve. byron, thank you as well. back here hofstra, martha, i >> thank you, byron. we have special coverage tonight found this photo last night. of the big debate of course. tune in to fox news channel all this was at a golf tournament in mason, ohio. day. hillary clinton and donald trump take the stage 9:00 p.m. martha: who was that cute guy? tonight. special coverage getting underway at 8:50 eastern. bill: to the left of palmer is a a lot of butterflies i imagine. cadillac trunk that's open. bill: do not underestimate the power of a one-liner and ability there's a cooler inside. to make people laugh. [laughter] trump has shown with a sense of bill: that's the way they did humor. martha: how do you stay focused, it. all of that stuff goings into jack nicholas. it. she was working late into the night. may be getting used to the time martha: special memory. slot some were saying. bill: her running mate tim kaine good to everybody on the way too. special guy. so we are going to have final says trump may have trouble in thoughts from hofstra about tonight's debate. no ture prize here. tonight right after this. here is tim kaine. >> he can't get away with doing 15 second thing and then, you know walking away, not taking questions, which is what he likes to do. no, it is 90 minutes,man owe --
6:13 am
mano, ah, mano. martha: there is another debate. should moderator lester holt be in charge of fact-checking? is that his job or the candidates's job to go after each other when they don't speak truthfully. bill: big name newspapers declaring trump unfit for the while house. we'll tell you what they're saying and whether or not that is fair and balanced. >> i'm not running to be president of the world. i'm running to be president of the united states and turn things around. [cheering] i am for america and for america first always. america first. [cheering] . . . . [cheering]
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was built on that bedrock, ours. freedom has made america exceptional, . .ple forging character has been the pursuit of hillsdale college since 1844. ♪ ♪ >> donald trump's performer and intertakenner. i am not taking that from him. he has reality show and shows people they're fired with a big grin. i'm sure he will be entertaining but he can't get away with doing the 15 second thing and then, you know, walking away, not taking questions which is what he likes to do. no, it is 90 minutes,
6:18 am
mano y mano. bill: tim kaine taking a warning, telling him there is hiding on long island. 90 minutes, mano y mano. you heard it there. sara huckabee sanders. is on long island.g, sara. number of questions for you. let's start moving through them rapidly. no mock debate prep. why not? >> donald trump does what works best for him. that is discussing the issues, studying the issues, frankly being himself. he is not a pole-tested scripted robot like hillary clinton. i think that is a great contrast to have and one we're certainly excited to see tonight. bill: what do you think about people suggesting he can't fill two minutes on an answer? we have seen him far more than two minutes on rally stage after rally stage and numerous interviews all over the country. i think it is pretty laughable to say he can't fill two minutes when he has been filling hours and hours of tv screens all across america.
6:19 am
martha: you look back at some of the previous debates, just looking at him in the debate environment. we're trying to analyze at this moment in time, when he was up there he did have sort of two modes. he was either in forward mode, attacking or he hung back at many of the debates while the discussion was going on. so that is the big question. you know will he, is he sort of ready to get into depth on their question? when he is in a rally all what he wants to say, which is great and easier. >> i think he is certainly ready. what we saw during that time, he did what worked for him and what he needed to do in order to win. let's not forget he beat out 16 extremely strong, credible candidates and in large part because of his performance on that debate stage. martha: may be saying less worked. >> if you're doing something and it works, don't change it. bill: hillary clinton's campaign chair john podesta on nbc's yesterday, "meet the press," framed part of this debate this
6:20 am
way. watch it. >> have to think about what he said in the past. his disparagement of that reporter that you saw on the screen with disabilities. you have to think about the names he is called to gold star families to mexicans, to muslims, and you know, he may try to, he is a good television performer. he may try to adjust for that. bill: we have heard references to that for several days now. can you tell us whether or not donald trump has gotten ready for that answer? >> i think donald trump is very we prepared for the debate. all the enthusiasm is behind him. he is surging in the polls and he is exactly what america is looking for. he is authentic and he is change agent in a race that is completely focused on change. 70% of the americans want something different in the next president. hillary clinton represents everything that is the status quo. and i think on this stage tonight, one-on-one, you will
6:21 am
see that more clearly than we ever have. bill: wow. why we watch, right? martha: absolutely. bill: 100 million? martha: we will see. thank you so much, sara. >> good to see you. martha: so who should be responsible for fact checking to night? that is one of the big questions. debate officials leaving it up to the candidates to call each other out. why they say lester holt should be off the hook in that regard. bill: saying good-bye to the king. the legacy of the golfing great, barack obama. -arnold palmer. i work 'round the clock.
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martha: there is the drum roll. the first presidential debate is now just hours away. some are calling for the moderators throughout the course of these debates to check the accuracy of what the candidates are saying on stage. is that their job? is that their responsibility? debate moderators typically choose not to the play the roll of fact checker but should stay silent if the candidate says something that is not true? that is marred for any reporter or journalist. watch this. >> i personally think if you start getting into fact-checking what is big fact, what is a little fact? if you and i have different sources of information does your source about the unemployment rate agee with my source? i don't think it's a good idea to get the moderator into essentially serving as the encyclopedia britannica. martha: howard kurtz, fox news
6:26 am
media analyst and host of "mediabuzz." what do you think, howard? >> there is an nba level of working the refs going on right now with the hillary clinton campaign arguing that lester holt and other moderators must act as a check because donald trump spews all the lies constantly. you know who else is pushing this? the press. yesterday, "the new york times," "l.a. times," "washington post," "politico," had pieces about a week of trump lies, half-truths and exaggerations. nobody is look tuning in to see lester holt debate with donald trump and hillary clinton. bill: the trump team could turn around say let's fact check her. they are the ones driving the story last few days. >> that is why it is important for the moderator to be fair, set up questions that box the candidates in on a factual basis but let them go at it. say that donald trump says, i opposed the war in iraq as before it started as he said many times. i pressed him on this there is no public record.
6:27 am
lester holt could follow up, can you point to any public records where there is the case as opposed to saying that is a lie, i looked into it. don't want to insert yourself into the story. or mrs. clinton do you agree with what donald trump just said and what about your own vote for the war in 2002? there are subtle ways to do it without becoming a participant. bill: newt gingrich said, how, moderate fact check trump, is that her job? are they that afraid of trump? that is kind of the case you're making right now? >> yeah, at the same time if lester holt will do that, doesn't i have equal responsibility to go after hillary clinton if she prevaricates or exaggerates or shades the truth on email or any other controversy involving her? more and more like a sunday show interview which is fine to do on sunday show interview or primary debate like two of you hosted. this is trump versus clinton for all the marbles. lester holt needs to frame the questions aggressively.
6:28 am
follow up if you need to do that but don't become part of the story. martha: what about the issue of the earpiece, and whether or not lester holt should have an earpiece in? there was whole discussion whether matt lauer was nudged or pushed to continue to go after hillary clinton. what do you think about that? >> i think it is good idea. martha: to not have it? >> no i think it is good idea for moderator have earpiece. you need to keep track of time and roughly evenly distributed. >> some people think you're sitting there being fed questions. we all know is not at all how it happens. that would be impossible to navigate. but just to sort of know that you're almost up against a commercial break. i think it would feel strange to be out there without any connection to the control room. bill: she and i are of a different mind. i think lesser to holt could watch the clock and look at distribution. case where one candidate getting more time than others, producers, in this case the debate commission should notify that it is you know balanced. >> i will make a prediction, no
6:29 am
matter how gadd lester holt does, perfectly even, he will have stuffing kicked out of him by partisans on both sides this. is the hyper polarized age we live in. every moderator in a debate can expect that. bill: i think is possible. i will take the other side of that tomorrow morning and say people believe it was even, and fair, and holt stayed out of the way. >> as journalists you and i might agree with that. all sorts of people with access to twitter and partisans of other candidates, looking why didn't he answer the question? why didn't he follow up there. martha: i don't see lester holt doing candy crowley, stepping in to try to rescue, is the way it was seen in that moment, that she tried to sort of say, oh, no, that is not what the president said. >> moderators learned their lesson. >> big night for you. bill: clinton camp also saying that fact-checking trump is too daunting for one person to manage all of that.
6:30 am
watch. >> we're saying this is a special circumstance, a special debate. and hillary should be given some time to talk about what she wants to do to make a difference in people's lives. she shouldn't have to spend the whole debate correcting the record. bill: so that is part of the conversation we just had here. now is it possible for lester holt to create an entirely level playing field? or will hillary clinton be held to higher standard? that is part of the case her team is making right now. martha: there was a time this summer which we would go into the debate and hillary clinton would have a big lead and it was over as some people said in the summer. not so today. you're looking at dead heat in this race. will tonight be the night one of these candidates breaks away. >> hillary clinton is the voice for global special interests. i'm running to be the voice of the forgotten men and women of this country.
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martha: back live at hofstra this morning. donald trump and hillary clinton making those final preparations, doing whatever they do, that gets their sort of mojo in the right direction for the biggest night of their political careers to be sure. it will happen at hofstra university tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern. a lot on the line for these two individuals who have really staked it all on this presidential race. new "qunnipiac university poll," take a look at this, this is razor, razor tight. campaign, the clinton camp seemingly worried that the candidates won't be held to the same standard up there. they spent quite a bit of time talking about that. mercedes schlapp media spokeswoman for president george w. bush. fox news contributor. juan williams is here, author of
6:35 am
we the people. people are lowering expectations. they seem concerned she should not have the burden to make sure she corrects him because they think he will be lying alot. >> i'm very concerned about the double-standard narrative that the clinton campaign is pushing. they want hillary clinton to play a bit after victim card. they obviously want to lower expectations for hillary clinton because of the fact that when you look at the polls, i mean mostly americans are saying she will probably win this debate. so i think that it is going to be on hillary clinton to point out if she thinks there is something that donald trump is saying is not true. they're feeling that the moderators, the moderator will not step in to do that. martha: juan, what do you think? >> i think most americans, not just the clinton campaign, the mercedes says the clinton campaign, most people, the polls support it, think clinton has the advantage in terms of a sort of policy experience as well as the actual experience having been secretary of state, having
6:36 am
been first laid different the united states. so the question then becomes, are you looking at trump saying, why would you expect him to have as matches terry of policy than hillary clinton? nobody thinks that. then you start judging in terms. well, did he do okay, does he look presidential? is he standing there? did he not say something that was outrageous? oh, yeah, he did fine bit standard. >> clinton camp is concerned that the bar is too low for that is all he has to do. bill: that may be good for debate number one, if that is true, it changes game entirely for debate number two. >> what are you thinking? bill: i don't know, i have no idea how this will play out tonight. my suggestion will be why 100 million people will watch. go back, four-way race, clinton, trump, gary johnson, jill stein, quinnepiac, here it is, too close to call. why do you both believe this election right now is this tight? >> well i think the enthusiasm
6:37 am
is so much greater on the trump side. i think you're starting to see. bill: that wasn't the question. the question is why is the country so arguably 50/50? i have made the case i still think we are where we were in the year 2000 with clinton-gore in florida. i am told by everybody that i'm wrong. but i believe obama changed the game and found new voters in 089-and 2012. and i believe now as a country and electorate we shifted back to the model 2000, 2004. the question why is this race so close. >> this is election of change. and hillary clinton does not represent change in america. she is the same old conventional, career politician that is offering the same old platform. that doesn't work anymore for the, so many americans out there who feel they don't have a voice. so many americans are angry and left behind in this economicdown fall that we have seen. so that is why i think it is so close. i think it is the dynamic and unconventional approach of
6:38 am
donald trump which is actually appealing to some voters. martha: you have this dynamic where you have two people who are very disliked. they both have terrible unfavorable numbers. you look at, when asked, are you voting for him because you don't like her, or are you voting for him because you don't like him, you have got loggerheads going on. >> absolutely. to get back to what bill was asking me though, i think that we are a 50/50 nation. i think that in part it is very, we're a dynamic moment because the electorate is shifting. obviously you have two polls here. you have the older generation, that tends to be more conservative and younger generation of millenials who become majority voters, they tend to be more liberal. at the moment i think enthusiasm is saying with the older generation. i think antagonism towards obama and towards clinton but you have younger people coming out. will they actually vote? will they show up? that is a real question. the second part of it is going back to what you were saying about the 2000 election, the
6:39 am
gore and bush at that moment, you think about this, and all that transpired since. it's the question of whether or not you really believe that america can change for the better, or, you think you know what, there is no change going to come. it all has to be gradual. i don't want the great disruptor represented by donald trump because i think it is going to blow things up too radical of a change, versus people who are saying no, i would like gradual change in the form of hillary clinton. bill: very interesting analysis. i think that is something the country will marinate on in october. >> how much change do you want? bill: after tonight. martha: those are moments will say we tried it your way. we tried it your way. watch for that. that will be the phrase we heard in the carter debate, with reagan. there he goes again. bill: both of you thank you. >> great to be here. bill: you guys were terrific in the boxes we call it on the satellite when we have you in different cities.
6:40 am
we weren't quite sure how it would work in person. >> we like being here in person. martha: great to have you here. bill: mercedes, thanks. juan, thank you. campaign manager taking tough questions from cnn over the weekend when he was asked about this. >> if they did not have evidence of wrongdoing on hillary's part -- >> what is the hillary cover-up operation that the i.t. worker was referring to? bill: so robby mook is her campaign manager struggling a bit to answer the question. blaming clinton email controversy on republicans. will clinton have a better answer tonight? we'll talk to the head of her super-pac about that and more. plus, remember this? >> "lyin' ted," he is "lyin' ted." what is your name? my name is lyin'ed ted cruz. l-y-i-n, a apostrophe. martha: will the same be through of donald trump. hearing names throughout the course of the whole thing. most people you think you will
6:41 am
not hear the phrase. nobody knows what donald trump will do. we'll see what happens when you come back this morning, live from long island. (climbing sounds) when kevin jorgeson needs light, he trusts duracell quantum because it lasts longer. ♪ (duracell slamtones) what comes to mind when you think about healthcare? understanding your options? or, if you're getting the care you need? at, you can find helpful information about healthcare options. leaving you more time to think about more important things. like not having to think about healthcare at all. surround yourself with healthy advantages at
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including worsening of symptoms. serious allergic reactions can occur. now's your chance at completely clear skin. just ask your doctor about taltz. martha: another day, and more violence. we're awaiting a news conference now from the police after a shooting took place at a shopping center in houston texas, this morning. a loan gunman opening fire sending several people to the hospital. police say they shot the suspect. no word how many people were hurd or how badly. we're waiting more details to come in from the hospital and surrounding officials. we'll keep you posted as we get it. bill: news the of the day, hillary clinton gearing up for long-awaited matchup with donald trump. yesterday her campaign manager
6:45 am
robby mook arguably had a bit of a problem answer questions about the email and server. have a listen. >> this i.t. worker certainly sounded like he thought he was covering something up, no? >> fbi director comey came out and said to the world that there was no case here. that they did not have evidence of wrongdoing on hillary's part. >> what is the hillary cover-up operation that the i.t. worker was referring to? >> well, but, this is, this is the perfect example of what is going on here. the republicans in the house side are selectively leaking documents for the purpose of making hillary look bad. bill: co-chair, chief strategist, priorities usa action, a super-pac for hillary clinton. former political director of clinton's campaign in 2008. president of every citizen counts. you do a lot, guy, thank you for your time. less than 12 hours before it goes down. how does she handle the whole question about the email and server, when she perhaps tries to rehabilitate the image that
6:46 am
she has cast to, on many who believe can't trust her? what is the best way to allay those concerns, do you think. >> if you look at answers she has given over the course of the past couple of months. hillary has taken responsibility for server. she says she would have chosen to have a state email account. she has laid out the facts as she has seen them. i think actually robbie made the right point which is the fbi director, after reviewing everything that was available to him and to his agents, made the conclusion there was not at case against secretary clinton. and i think you will hear her talk about that tonight if she is asked. bill: this specifically, in that interview with jake tapper on cnn on sunday, hillary cover-up operation, that was apparently one. emails was labeled. there was a problem handling question about sanctuary cities, whether she supports them or not >> well to be clear -- bill: it seemed based on that
6:47 am
interview there needs to be more clarification, guy. >> well, actually if you read the report that was given out on friday night, the answer was actually there. jake didn't need to ask robby about it. the technician told himself the fbi he was joking about it, as many of us do when we're talking to other folks. i think that is the answer that the fbi accepted and why they didn't bring a case against secretary clinton. so the facts the facts speak for themselves in this particular case. i think hillary will do a good job laying those facts out for american people. bill: i think it will be interesting whether lester holt brings it up or donald trump brings it up. we'll see how that is managed later tonight. what is your expectation for her? -- writings for "the washington post," talks about her sometimes being too rehearsed. loves to study, i have no problem with that. but when you relay the facts of your study and go too deep into the weeds you can lose some
6:48 am
folks. if you were giving her advice, guy, with would you say? >> there is no question that hillary understands policy and tries as best as possible in this, shall we say unique political environment to be focused on her plans for the country but i think the most important thing for her to do tonight is make the policies real for the american people. by talking about people she met along the way. people she served when she was in the united states senate for the state of new york. to try to make them as personable and personal as she possibly can. i think you will see her do a lot of that tonight. bill: there have been many stories written over the past week, guy, i'm sure you read them, programs you were a source or two on some of them, i don't know, main, maybe not, that she is getting ready for two different donald trumps or three or four different donald trumps. how do you manage that? >> look, i think the biggest challenge is actually dealing with one particular donald trump and that is the donald trump tahas consistently lied to the american people. every fact check that has been
6:49 am
done suggests that in one case donald trump lies every three minutes and 15 seconds that he speaks. in another case, 78% of the assertions that he has made been deemed false or a lie or, a "pants on fire." so i think her big challenge is deciding -- bill: 78%? >> there was a study done by "politico." another done by "l.a. times," "new york times." several of them. i think she will have to figure out when to correct the record and when to focus on her own agenda for the country. that is the balance she will have to strike. regardless what the moderator chooses to do. bill: you looking forward to this, guy? >> i looking forward to being over so we can stop talking about what is going to happen. bill: then we talk about debate number two. come on now. martha: exactly. bill: nice to have you on. >> thanks for having me. bill: super-pac for hillary clinton. martha: that day comes november 9th, no sooner i
6:50 am
think. first today, we want to bring this story to you as well. the loss of a legend. as the country remembers arnold palmer, we reflect on the king's impact on the game of golf. bill: wow. another death, death after rising star rocks major league baseball. jose fernandez, one of the best pitchers in the game leaving a legacy on and off the field. now gone entirely too young. >> you just seen that little kid you see when the --, when you wh kids play little league. cure cancer million? far off. liver disease treatment. that by voting yes on prop 61 - costs. dollars pass. don't let that happen. it -
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bill: so the miami marlins remembering pitcher jose fernandez today. he is a two-time all-star that died in boating accident over the weekend. he and two others were killed when their boat crashed on a rock jetty around 3:00 in the morning sunday. investigators say speed was a factor. no one was wearing a lifejacket. he was 24 years old. escaped cuba as a teenager, age of 15. tried to escape three times previously. the marlins drafted him in 2013. that team and town has been rocked by this. jose fernoo soon. ♪ >> who loved the game of golf, and for those who loved to see it played, there has never been a sight in the game quite like arnold palmer. martha: that was president
6:55 am
george w. bush honoring arnold palmer, the nation mourns the loss of this gentleman and sports icon. arnold palmer, the legendary golfer died last evening from heart complications. he was known as the king. his charisma brought golf from the country club to mainstream america. along the way he won seven major titles and now of course the tribute are pouring in from the other legends of the game. jack nicklaus, a long-time rival and friend quote, saying, we were great competitors. we loved competing against each other but we were always great friends along the way. arnold always had my back and i had his. we were always there for each other. that never changed. that is special legendary friendship. tiger woods tweeting this, arnold, thanks for your friendship, counsel and a lot of laughs. your philanthropy and laughs are part of your legend. arnold palmer gone at 87 years
6:56 am
old. larger than life gentleman. had a drink named after him. the iced tea lemonade combo known as arnold palmer. what a life. bill: have to transcend generations when you have a drink named after you. what he did, martha, he was able to draw thousands and thousands of people to the sport who were not necessarily from a country club or exposed to the game prior. arnie's armey, they were there for his tournaments for a reason. because they loved to be near him. man, did they flood the fare way when he walked about -- fairway. >> it was high society game, but when he walked up the 18th hole it looked like high noon. he brought that loser mentality to the game. bill: 87. thank you, arnie. thanks. we're getting rolling here at hofstra university, on long island. first of three big showdowns,
6:57 am
trump and clinton. this is the first ever one-on-one debate for donald trump? is ready? the rnc chair reince priebus joins us live to talk about that. he will answer that question, is trump ready or a coach, if you don't coach. and you can't be our leader, if you don't lead. our next president needs to take action on social security, or future generations could lose up to $10,000 a year. we're working hard, what about you? hey candidates, do your jobs. keep social security strong.
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7:00 am
upgrade your phone system and learn how you could save at par mar to the stakes basically could not be any higher tonight. six weeks to go until the presidential election. first debate tonight between donald trump and hillary clinton. they have both got a huge, everything, really in political lives riding on this to -- tonight. brand new polls out today too and neck and neck. 46-46 in the quinnipiac poll. measure of likely voters september 22 to 25 and recent one before that, they were about 5 points apart. so this thing has tightened considerably in the last week. look at that 43-41.
7:01 am
that is the bloomberg measure. that's the one that has trump ahead. most of the polls i can point out are within the margin of error so neck and neck, bill. bill: yeah. martha: america's news room. we're glad that you're here. bill: it's like waiting for the drop to ball at midnight. 11 hours and counting. news teams from around the world, they are all here. hofstra university. the center of the political universe and trump's campaign manager sounding with confidence that donald trump would have a good night. >> donald trump has been successfully in business for many years. he will answer the question as they are asked. he has the right to defend them. he's not going to be robotic and scripted which we know hillary clinton is. people want to see a future commander in chief and answers
7:02 am
questions that hasn't been preprogrammed in their head. martha: we have the campaign update from the trump side and now update on senior camp. mike, what does the clinton team expect from donald trump tonight? >> martha, the communications director says that they'll see a more mild mannered donald trump, one who in her words is disciplined. the last time we saw hillary clinton she appeared to be in good spirits telling reporters she's getting ready, she did debate prep until 11:00 p.m. last night which might help her in being alert today in prime time. >> you're going to see him have to get into specifics and hillary too, fair is fair. you have to hold them to an even standard but we are going to see who can answer the specific questions. i mean, donald trump hasn't even
7:03 am
answered a basic question that voters ask of every presidential candidate, show us your tax returns. >> and we will see if that's a preswrui of a line of attacks for hillary clinton tonight if she can get in, attack on donald trump in those tax returns, martha. martha: i expect we will see that tonight, concerns of the critical showdown this eaching from the campaign. what are they worried about? >> the clinton campaign seems to be anxious that expectations are much lower for donald trump than clinton. we heard them make the case that there's needs to be real-time fast-checking in terms of what donald trump is saying on the debate stage and the fear is trump has to do little too impress the media and voters. >> i'm very concerned that donald trump will be graded on a curve, just because he doesn't fly off the handle in the middle of this debate does not mean that he is prepared to be president of the united states.
7:04 am
>> clinton has invited people she has worked for and fought for during her career, campaign, host 1200 watch parties around the country, martha. martha: wow. mike, thank you very much. so washington post editorial this morning suggests donald trump has basically two debate modes attack and disappear but with two people on the stage and not the crowd in prior debates, it's going to be tricky tonight. so will donald trump be in attack mode this evening? columnist for the washington times. you're an interesting crew. you've been sort of down on the trump train shall we say. and charlie has been positive on it. let's talk about donald trump here for a moment. there's been so much discussion about which donald trump we are going to get. guy, what do you expect from him tonight? what do you expect he will do tonight?
7:05 am
>> there will be counterattacks because that's his ammo. i don't think the clinton campaign what he is going to do. she's a predictable person, well debater. the problem is how do you prepare for donald trump in a setting like this. i'm not sure you can, at least not reliably. >> these debates always come down to, you know, the enormous amount of preparation that the candidates put into it. she comes off as wonky and nerdy and donald trump is not going to come off as wonky or nerdy but he comes off as far more relatable and that's the reason why he has done so well in the primary and a good reason why he can come out of tonight having sort of eased a lot of people's concerns about him, distemperament or whatever term
7:06 am
you want to use. >> he tends to be funny. >> she could. i don't think hillary clinton can go, okay, that's laughs, but if she decides to try to make jokes, that's fine. she can't seem too forced and a lot of the time she is trying too hard. she has a higher bar, she needs a decisive win specially to polling that she woke up tonight. >> are you able to breakthrough your thoughts and think of somebody that's outside the box that we haven't considered just yet? what's the wild card tonight? what's everybody talking about tomorrow? it's difficult to predict, i think. >> well, going back to the nerd thing, if you go back, 30, 40 years, nerds can win debates but nerds don't win elections and the only example i can think of is maybe 2008 where president
7:07 am
obama is a little bit more nerdy or wonky on stage and he beats john mccain. but hillary clinton is not in any way barack obama. any way barack obama. and they weren't related to what everybody in america was relating to. that's a lot of umpires, referees. >> very, very true. the pitfall for donald trump is the reason why everybody keeps asking if he's studying. it's the possible moment where something comes up and it's appalling that he doesn't know the answer. okay, that's what they have to be worried about, right, charlie? >> yeah, absolutely. he's proven himself to be depth at not getting pin down if he
7:08 am
doesn't know specifics and he talks about broad-brush policies that people relate to and they understand. and so if he can -- they'll forgive a lot as long as he comes off as being, you know, as being relatable and having the big picture, you know, being right about the big picture. martha: you think about the brexit moment and appeared not to know what that was. and the brightest lights and we have gone over this. he doesn't have the temperament to be president and could blow himself up by playing into one of the stereotypes about him that gets played over and over again. but if you're hillary clinton, i think the pressure is higher on her. not just the national polling but state polls, pennsylvania, colorado, part of her blue wall that she was supposed to have
7:09 am
lock down and six weeks ago she seemed to. she has to be concerned. >> think about that, guy, i think about all of the polling and it's very close. wait until saturday, october 1st is the day you circumstance until the calendar, four full days to get rolling averages from the major polling and you'll know whether it's a jump-all. i agree with that except to say she has spent 30, 40, $50 million over the last six to seven weeks with one goal, to make donald trump unacceptable as president and over that stretch of so much time and energy and money spent, her number has fallen. that's a red flag. >> she's outspent him 8 to 1. >> blowout. >> places like pennsylvania and colorado today, we could be talking about wisconsin and michigan in two weeks. martha: which was his original plan.
7:10 am
till people that he can turn things around. thank you, guys, great stuff. bill: we can say anything because right now we're all right. [laughter] martha: we can run it tomorrow. we have the technology. bill: thank you, guys. have a listen to this right now. >> i think he speaks a language that people out there can understand and so i think he's going to have a good night. bill: what version of trump will we see tonight priebus live. martha: creating a level playing field. will the candidates stay inside the lines or throw the rule book out tonight. bill: it's any one's game. 11 hours from now, will that change? can donald trump seize the moment? looks like ronald reagan did. remember this? >> important to the american
7:11 am
people. >> governor. >> there you go again. what powers the digital world. communication. that's why a cutting edge university counts on centurylink to keep their global campus connected. and why a pro football team chose us to deliver fiber-enabled broadband to more than 65,000 fans.
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bill: hillary clinton-donald
7:15 am
trump final debate preparations before debate later tonight. 11 hours before it happens. we expect both to do a walk-through today. managing expectations, reince priebus, sir, thank you for coming back here. i understand you were one of the debate preppers for tonight's contest. give us a sense as to how much depth donald trump went into during these -- these prep sessions, what was it like, what was that decision all about, reince? >> there are certain amount of things that we can talk about, bill, prepared, went through all of the detail and he obviously put detail plans and looking through those as well, it's something that obviously both candidates are doing and going through hypothetical questions and making sure that donald
7:16 am
trump is comfortable, which he is, he's ready to go. don't forget, we had 12 bruising debates in our primary already. not the mention, i think, donald trump spent the last five weeks every single day giving detail policy speeches and let me just -- one quick thing on that, bill, i can't keep going on and on, but the thing with the speeches and the policy speeches that donald trump gives, he doesn't just have someone write them and they get loaded in teleprompter, he's going page think page and asking questions. i think he's very much ready to go and i do think -- bill: during the primary debate that is you just mentioned trump appeared to have two settings, attack mode or disappearing mode. so which one is it tonight? >> look, i think that he's going to play it by ear and be prepared to do what he needs to
7:17 am
do to make sure that the american people see the donald trump that we see every day, a person that wants to get to work, a person who has a track record of getting things done, a person who has detailed plans as to the economy and foreign policy and whatever the questions may be. i think the issue today really is hillary clinton, a person that's been doing this for almost 30 years, a person that's been her entire life in the weeds and has been preparing for this moment her entire life and i think that's really where the burden is tonight. bill: you know, we are just hearing from nbc, hillary clinton is going through a mock debate as we speak. wow. up until the last hour she continues to do these drills. paul ryan was asked about preparation over the weekend, you know, he was in the middle of this four years ago and said this about preparation. >> yeah, overprepare, overprepare, look, hillary clinton has been doing this most of her life. she is the pro.
7:18 am
this is new for donald and i think he should overprepare for it. what do you think about an opinion of a fellow guy in wisconsin, over prepare. that's his advice. >> over preparation is in the eye of the beholder, who knows what that means, but i do think that hillary clinton is preparing 24/7. i expect her to try to knock this out of the park, but the problem is that if she's had all of the opportunities in the world to do these things, she was the one person that was secretary of state while she might have incredible plans when she had the opportunity she failed and it didn't work and that's ultimately the problem with hillary clinton, so i would say to the american people as she lays out all of the incredible plans, where was she when she was in charge in a place that almost nobody in america gets to be.
7:19 am
bill: expectation is higher. she's trying to lift the bar so people expect her to do better. >> it's not really -- it's -- but it's also true. i mean, the great thing about this conversation is that the truth is hillary clinton has been in public life forever, since she's been married and so every year something different and so it is true that she was secretary of state, it is true that she said that she was going to reset the russian relationship was a disaster, libya, benghazi, emails. she can't tell the truth about her own health. the reality is her entire life was spent in politics and so, yes, the expectation is that she will do very, very well and she must and that's why if you're right, she would be doing a mock debate six, seven hours before the actual debate is pretty incredible. bill: last question, has trump prepared certain one liners that he will use tonight?
7:20 am
>> you know, i would say that donald trump has, you know, he's got an enpsych -- encyclopedia and i will expect that he will do a good job. bill: i'm out of time. back in new york. chair of the rnc. martha: checking everything there. doing the technology, making sure the mics work, getting ready for the big night and they will come face to face these two for the very first time we watch them on the campaign trail, we have not seen them one-on-one. that happens this evening. >> these debates for the american people, chris, i think this is going to be a very watched debate. i think there are highers mates of how many people will tune in.
7:21 am
7:22 am
cure cancer million? far off. liver disease treatment. that by voting yes on prop 61 - costs. dollars pass. don't let that happen. it - because one day it might.marthal
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7:24 am
debate. excitement here in new york as hofstra university. gorgeous day here as we get ready for the big showdown. stakes very, very high, so much has gone into this moment. america is hearing from them for the first time on the debate stage even a peek for you at home. one is a little bit shorter than the other, seems fair. she's 6'2 and she's 5'5 or something like that. it will have each candidate
7:25 am
giving them two minutes to respond to the initial question and then the moderator will use remaining time in the segment to expand on the topic and give them a chance to interplay. no commercial breaks, 90 straight minutes. microphones will not be muted at any time, we are told so if somebody is, you know, responding to what the other person is saying, that'll all be picked up by the mic as well. those are the rules for tonight. joining me now davis, former special counsel to president bill clinton. >> good morning, martha. good morning. martha: a lot of talk as there always is and these rules and questioning whether or not the clinton camp is okay with the rules, open mic it is whole time, what do you think? >> i think i mean pretty confident the way things will go tonight. i think the rules are fine. lester holt will do his job and i think he should be asking tough questions and follow-up questions, but what will happen tonight is donald trump will
7:26 am
show up and try to be serious and hillary clinton will discuss issues in detail and the real question for viewers is are they auditioning a president of the united states or a sophomore student body president or a celebrity reality show and if it's the former, if we really are looking to donald trump and hillary clinton to discuss issues and the tell us how they're going to solve our problems and address our fears, then it'll be a successful debate on both sides. martha: the word that she prepped late into the evening and she's doing another run-through debate as we speak raising the question why so much practice? >> this is hillary clinton 47 years ago in law school, she had the best notes and the best studier and the most conscientious person going to the new heaven legal services clinic instead of being a
7:27 am
student at yale law school which is pretty challenging in her first year when i knew her. she is conscientious and you will see her tonight talking about issues and solutions and if the american people want a national leader as president who is concentrating on solutions and on dealing with our national security in a specific way, she will satisfy and win votes tonight. martha: but she's been doing on the campaign trail and he has been doing it too in trying to talk in much more detail terms but this got very tight, why did that happen? >> well, this is a 50/50 country. if it weren't donald trump, we wouldn't have that question. barack obama was dead even with mitt romney. he ended up winning by 4% although the electorate college seemed larger. so we are back to a 50/50
7:28 am
country in a year where change is very important. the election being closed i'm disappointed that people aren't seeing donald trump that insulted his way through nomination but i also understand why in this environment are on the fence and tonight's debate and the next two will help them decide. martha: places like colorado looking very tight, pennsylvania, which republicans haven't won in a very long time, is also now neck and neck. if those two states start to lean to trump, the other places that you're going to want to look at is wisconsin and michigan. i'm going to go to rust belt states, places where industry used to be thriving where it is no longer and turn this thing on its head. >> i don't know why we have such short memories. whoever you quoted might have been quoted in 2012 when mitt romney put a lot of money into pennsylvania and in colorado and the election ended up being
7:29 am
close and barack obama won. so it's not as if this is unusual that battleground states are what, battleground states. we are optimistic because although it's tight she's ahead in the key battleground states, virginia, pennsylvania, colorado, those are the three states that we must win in the electoral college. martha: all three of them are getting tight. just what we are seeing before and i understand that. one last question for you. what do you anticipate tonight when hillary clinton talks about her record and donald trump says something along the lines of which is -- i'm not pulling this out of thin air and been saying on the campaign a lot, why not give something else a try, we tried it there way and hasn't worked, why not try it another way? >> that's a fair argument when you're arguing for change versus a continuation of the presidency
7:30 am
of barack obama's policies which now command the majority support in the country. he's got a short-end of that argument but changes are very powerful argument. the real question is does he meet the threash hold on tv tonight of being qualified to have his finger on the nuclear button and solve problems, so far we have seen, at least i have seen in my bias partisanship a man who is dangerous in insulting people, in attacking people for their national heritage, et cetera. if he comes across as avoiding specificity and sticking with slogans, i think the american people are not looking for a celebrity show or a student body president. they're looking for a president of the united states. he won't get away with ignoring details and specificity and that will be the challenge for him to stay sobber, which i expect him to and not go off crazy which i don't expect him to but he's got
7:31 am
a lot of time and he can't just use slogans, he's got to be specific and that's where i think hillary clinton with all du believe that hillary clinton has the advantage there. martha: all right. well, very smart and will be quite a contest of intelligence there tonight. great to see you. >> thank you, martha. bill: three themes tonight, prosperity and security, how will they answer those three categories, next here at hofstra. >> donald trump and i don't believe that law enforcement in this country is a force for racism or division, donald trump and i know what the american people know that law enforcement in this country is a force for good guess what guys, i switched to sprint. sprint? i'm hearing good things about the network. all the networks are great now. we're talking within a 1% difference in reliability of each other. and, sprint saves you 50%
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bill: there will be a big audience tonight. >> huge, some would say. bill: three main topics, america's direction, america's prosperity and america's security. and lisa, contributor to washington examiner, ladies, welcome to hofstra. >> good morning. bill: two jersey ladies. you guys are comfortable? >> absolutely. bill: a hundred million? >> like super bowl. >> over a hundred. bill: the only reason i say that the record is 80 million in 1980. four years ago romney and obama did 70 million which is an enormous audience. >> i think 100. >> higher or lower? >> over. >> trump attracts people.
7:36 am
martha: it could be over, if you look at what they did the other primary debates it was astronomical. i think tonight is going to be huge. bill: welcome to espn, kidding, america's direction and prosperity. >> she has easier task with prosperity than direction. she has a good response in talk about the economy. there's good economic data that's coming out. she has a specific plan for the economy. for her challenge for america's direction is trump has done what good campaigns do, encapsulated message, make america great again. it's an easy message for people to understand and grasp. obama did that with hope and change in 2008 so well. winning campaign, smart campaigns are able to encapsulate vision in a very quick sound bite. trump did that and she's struggling with that.
7:37 am
bill: sounds to me like that's a right track-wrong track argument. martha: i think julie is right. she is the status quo candidate, when you look at polling, whether it's cbs, americans want big changes in terms of economics and even qib qib -- quinnipiac polls, that's not significant. that is very significant but voters want the change. i think that's a very difficult argument to make for her. >> i'm not suggesting it's an easy task by the fact that president obama's numbers as good as they are. >> they still want the change. >> that's the difficulty that she faces today. martha: it's a fascinating thing that president obama's numbers are strong and yet you have the
7:38 am
huge momentum, two-thirds in some of the polls saying that the country is in the wrong track. i don't know if they like him personally and they feel good about him as person or president or whether they feel like the country is in a good place, maybe perhaps they're divided in those two things. one of the two things. right after romney lost, trump quoted the phrase make america great again. he trademarked and something he felt strong about when romney lost and wanted to change. >> i think you're right about the president's own popularity. people liked mitt romney's vision and leadership and the question about the candidate care about me obama won. i think that answers your question. you look at president obama's policies, they've been historically rejected, whether it's the 2010 mid-term elections where republicans regained the senate largely because of
7:39 am
policies like obamacare. in terms of the economy, what donald trump needs to highlight is the fact that he is a progrowth solutions, he wants to build and add and looking at energy specifically. hillary clinton wants to roll back fracking. $190billion to the gdp. she's essentially said she wants coal miners to go out of work. those are all opportunities for america. >> donald trump so eloquent as you can today, i'm not sure he's able to communicate as much as lisa just did on the subjects. the second issue is she has two challenges tonight that she cannot -- cannot be more underscored. one she needs to show that she's the most fit to be commander in chief, but to lead the nation. there's a question of basic fitness. on this subject, she needs to underscore him. second, it cannot be about donald trump.
7:40 am
she needs to inspire people, people around the fence about her, people who are sanders' voters, people still undecided. bill: missing with her right now. >> that she is the reason they should be voting, not just that they're voting against donald trump. but the reason they need to vote for hillary clinton. tonight she has an opportunity to do both of those things. the first task is easier than the second. bill: very well. thank you, lisa, thank you, julie. martha: great to see you. >> you too. martha: new allegations in cover-up. some lawmakers say it's no laughing matter. we will talk about that right after this. stay tune. >> the state department which is supposed to be a political none -- none interested in presidential election has been covering for hillary clinton
7:41 am
since she left office.
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