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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  September 26, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> hours to go before the presidential debate and we have brand new polls showing why tonight could be make or break. >> the polling institute shows us the numbers just out now. we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> i think you will see donald trump is unfit and unprepared and i doubt he will have command of the issues. >> answering the question and showing america he is ready to be commander in chief on day one. >> before they take the debate stage. >> what do they have to say to convince millions of undecided
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voters. >> insurance doesn't cover this type of thing. >> brayings for parts of the worse in the midwest. a major flood threat that looms. and a shark attack closes a beach where a tourist died. it is all "happening now". we begin with a fox news alert. the first show down between hillary clinton and donald trump. i am jenna lee. >> hello, everyone. im eric shaun in for jon scott. the air is electric and full of excite nment hofstra university where the presidential nominees will take the stage behind the podiums under eight hours from now. there is a lot on the line. after months from taking jabs, they will go head-to-head in front of an audience of 100 million americans or more.
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a brand new mammoth showing hillary clinton with a four- point lead above donald trump. 46- 42 percent. head-to-head. 49 percent to mr. trump's 46. and that is within the margin of error. the new polls mean? patrick murray director of the monmouth university poll. patrick, the average of the polls, they have mrs. clinton up two point and you you showed a wider margin now. are you seeing anything special? >> no, they are exactly within the margin of error. we are seeing what every other pollster is seeing. the race has tightened in the past few weeks. donald trump has gained among the republican and solid foyed support. and gained among the
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independents and that pushed it in a to iter are race. >> mrs. clinton was up seven points just a few weeks ago. and lost three points. >> mainly because donald trump is gaining support. 46 percent is where she was. donald trump has gone to 38 to 39 to low 40s. >> what is it that you are seeing with independents? >> donald trump had been leading two points in the summer. in august hillary clinton pulled ahead theri there five point an there is a decided trump 7 or 8 points. independents are breaking toward trump. >> exactly the few persuadable voters that are moving around a little bit. big question will be will this debate matter to the voters.
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>> talking about the few persuadable. they will be watching tonight and thinking, you know, deciding which one. >> i think probably we have 20 percent of the voters who could potentially move and i would cut that in half of people who will move off where they are now. the question is are they going to watch tonight? when we asked about the debate, we found most of the people are locked into their position. persuadable voters will hear about what happened in the debates afterwards. >> the poll shows that 75 percent of the people asked. and they will be watching monday night football and three percent watched. and that is a huge number and why it could rival the biggest events on television with more
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than hundred million people. changing your mind and watching tonight, is it going to make you change your mind? two percent said very likely. and ten percent some what and 87 percent said no. tonight's debate will not change their minds. so the overwhelming number of people have their mind made up and will not move. and sitting at home rooting for the candidate they support. >> like they are watching a football game and they know which home team they will root for. they are locked in right now. >> the two percent what does that represent of those who could watch tonight and when it is over after 90 minutes say i want this or that one. >> some of them are supporting candidates with soft support and third party and the question is are they coming from the swing or red or blue states.
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that means, you know, the margeun of error changes by a point or two doesn't matter. what goes on in the swing states does. >> and the debate is over. how will you know who did what. and a lot has to do with what they saw in the debate. we don't see what kind of debate moments stick with the voters. i will be more interested in the swing states and that seems to be the key right now. that will come on. and thank you so much. >> my pleasure. and we are talking about it all
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day. and other than that, donald trump and hillary clinton take the stage at 9:00 p.m. this evening and our special coverage is at 8:50. stay tuned right here on fnc for that. >> the streets are calm after six days of protest in charlotte over the fatal police shooting. there is a curfew lifted. and hours from now demonstrators will attend for a city council and call for the mayor and police chief of charlotte to resign. rick has the latest on the demonstrations and that movement. >> reporter: the number of protestors dwindled over the weekend, possibly because of the evidence released by the charlotte police department which included the dash cam and
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police cam video. demonstrators called for the release of all of that. and police released evidence photoand the colt throe 80 handgun scott refused to drop. in the photoyou can see it is cobbinged and the safety is off and meaning it was ready to four. and the ankle holster and the marijuana cigarette he was rolling when it caught the attention. undercover officers. the family is still not convinced the shooting was justified. >> there is a lot of questions that need to be answered and we are going to continue to look into the facts of the case moving forward. >> and yesterday, there was a massive show of force outside of the bank of america stadium. they declared it was an extraordinary event. and tighter restrictions on what
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people can carry. and prevent the protestors groups from disrupting the fans and there were many in riot gear and along the crowd of 100 demonstrators showed up and did not get along the stadium. and eric out here on the streets of charlotte and an artist decorating the wood put up in a hotel where the glass was brokening by demonstrator and trying to make a statement on the streets of charlotte. >> rick, thank you. let's go back to hemp stead in hofstra university. there is the stage you can see. and a big match up. and coming up our next guest helped jimmy carter prepare for his historical debate. what he predicts for donald trump and what hillary clinton
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has to do this evening and do you remember this iconic moment. >> now we have a opportunity to move to national health insurance. governor reagan is against the proposal. >> governor, there you go again.
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we have to think about what he said in the past. his disparagement of that reporter that you saw in the screen with disabilities and you have to think about the names he's called gold star family and mexican asks muslims. he may try to, he is a good television performer and my try to adjust for that. >> clinton's campaign chairman giving his preview. that would break the current of 80 million.
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there was a national debate between jimmy carter and national reagan. he was involved in debate prep for bill clinton and al gore. i want to hear your stories, but during the a- block, first block of the viers. i had had a coughing attack and i had to leave the studio and this happens on live television every once in a while. if it happens to either candidate tonight, what do they do? >> they take a glass of water and act like it is a normal person talking to people. if they don't panic, they can look graceful and on top of the world and get ruffled and say i never do that. they get hurt badly. you handled it honestly and badly. >> i snuck offset quickly as possible. and not my most graceful moment.
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you do what you can on live television. >> if you h sneeze you sneeze and say excuse me. >> they are normal human beings after all. and it is a good reminder. >> they have to remind themselves they are normal and they don't like to admit it. >> as we all don't. in debate prep, i am curous about the person that plays the opponent and how much that person embraces the character. did you dress up like ronald reagan to replicate his mannerisms and how did you do it? >> first, ronald reagans was a man who worked very, very hard to polish, like a jewel the paragraphs he used and so in the debate prep, i literally had
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every word that reagan used in the debate. not the one line. but everyone of the answers he used was one he worked out and polished and burnished. and you knew what he was going to say. and getting a president used to having him having things said to his face. >> you talked about how you were just repeating what ronald reagan said on the campaign trail. and for jimmy carter. he was not on the campaign trial with reagan. you saw president carter would know cap you. why did you feel that way? >> i thought it would be his wife or secret service in the room. because when you are president, no one wants to ruffle your feathers and needs to get you
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ten seconds in the hall or coffee machine and get something done that they need. so nobody questions your judgment. you might say that people don't yet understand your brillant idea. not that people think that you are crazy and no one likes. it you are careful how you speak with somebody with whom you need to preserve face time. >> it is interesting, for this debate neither has been president before. do you think they have the same risk of having too many people who don't want to push them to hard? >> i think neither of these people likes to really be pushed in person. but i think there's a difference between them. you have the work horse and the show horse. hillary clinton is the person with the details. and donald trump has the big goal. each of them has to challenge
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the other. her goal would be to show that the big picture of the donald trump is a dream and he doesn't have steps to get there. and his will say. she has a lot of steps and no goals that are worthy. it is it a a- symmetrick between them. >> will you be watching her. watching her for the first sents and see what happens when somebody points out that two of his big goals are inconsistent. to give you a trivial example. increase employment with goal and gas. i don't know how you do that. since gas is driving coal off of the market. there is a million little things like that. and we don't know one that comes up. and the trick for donald trump to show he can reconsoil the
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claims f. he can, he's okay. >> what about whether or not it matters what they truly say. the substance of what they say or a feeling or impression that they leave the audience with. what is more important? >> what they say helps with the feeling they get. the comfort that people have will depend on whether hillary clinton shows more vision and whether or not donald trump can fill in the pieces on the big claims. and so i think that the body language of the people matters, and also whether they fill in the missing pieces and what people are looking for in them. >> 1980, as you prepared for this debate. there was no social media and ronald reaganing didn't have his own twitter account. i am curious how social media
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impacts this debate and also what we see going ahead? what is the overall impact of it? >> social media has spread the field and given so many more people issue space where they worry about individual issues. and the candidate needs a message that is good for everybody. and then they want to fill in. donald trump did a better job than imaginable in filling the niche in the republican party. but there is a difference getting a passionate 30 and acceptable 50 percent. and he has to move in a bigger market. and hillary clinton has to reassure people and they need social media to do it. >> sam, we got through the entire segment without a coughing attack. >> i am impressed with how graceful you were talking about yours. that is not easy.
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>> well, thank you. maybe there is a future for me after all. we'll see. sam, thank you very much. great to have you on the program and we'll have you back. >> i will caught next time. >> what does hillary clinton's republican challenger need to do to convince voters he can run the office. ere's a moment of . and now with victoza® a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. lowers my a1c better than the leading branded injectable. the one i used to take. (jim) victoza® lowers blood sugar in three ways. and while it isn't for weight loss, victoza® may help you lose some weight. non-insulin victoza® comes in a pen and is taken once a day.
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>> we are all very aware of who she is and operateses and we agree with senator obama when he was running against her when he said hillary will say or do going to win. that's the hillary clinton we are prepared for.
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kelly ann conway talking strategy. the republican nominee took a laid back approach. but his team said he's ready to go head-to-head with the democrat. we'll talk to patrick. patrick, i am curious and sum up your experience for viewers, is there a theme that comes up when you jump in a campaign with a republican that you think it is important for donald trump to achieve tonight. >> jenna, more than anything else it is not substance. yes, we understand hillary clinton can talk policy. and debated 40 time and done it with bernie sanders much of the summer and good. what we are seeing, suggesting that it is a changed election. i worked with jeb bush's super
10:26 am
pac and i came to trump late and reluctantly. there is a group of voters ten percent who want something done in washington and hillary is not doing a good job of being a changed candidate. he is in many ways what she can't be. tonight hillary clinton has to be proving that she is substantive. and trump is got momentum. and if you can get people to like you and believe you can do a good job and the risk of change is a good thing. they may just vote for you. what is the number one mistake that donald trump can't make tonight. >> he's got to be careful we see the new dimention. primaries are over. and there is a narrow sleight slice of the electorate that might be willing to hear a sales
10:27 am
pitch. and to it gently and to it the command of the issue and be careful how he hits secretary clinton. women are an important voting block and they are very smart voters and many of them would like to give trump a chance and the question is how did he comport himself to secretary clinton. and it is not so much about substance but a feeling and impression that donald trump will bring to the vower ship tonight. and hillary clinton's campaign is saying that donald trump is light on substance. giving enough details that he looks prepared and not a overwhelming amount. hillary clinton is too heavy on the policy and not on the feeling. >> that's the danger tonight. she will spell every obscour
10:28 am
african-american nation. she has those folks. trump is what no one expected to be here. voters want to know whether or not he can add something tonight that makes them say i might be willing to listen longer and give him a shot. the trump numbers underperform in the polls. at the polling place. i think they are under formed by 2 or 3 percent. it is not polight cocktail party chatter. make the sale and make the case and make the folks like you. as we get in a few weeks of the campaign. >> we are getting an idea of the campaign and who they invited to the event tonight. it included a dpold star
10:29 am
surratifier. and michael flin. and they advise candidates to practice one liners. doesy he have them in his back pocket in case you can use them? >> i think donald trump is a better writer than his writers. one line ares is something you push back and forth in preparation. but the question is, can the candidate pull it off. it is a question of whethery he goes over the line. hillary clinton is not as good as that. she's good at the pochlts but not the zingers don't come easily without being smarmy. >> and exact he. we'll see which ones make the appearance tonight. patrick we always appreciate it. >> jenna, what will happen
10:30 am
tonight and how will the mainstream media cover it. you need to know p that coming up and the trump campaign said the mainstream media is stacked against them. and the man in the shooting spre that killed five people. he is expected in court within an hour. and the police are trying to pin down the exact motive.
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well, as we count down to the show town between donald trump and hillary clinton in the first presidential debate tonight, the media weighing in with expectations. and so how will they handle what happens on the stage 7 or 8 hours from now. joining us is kelly and writer for the washington times. allan, good to see you. kelly ann conway said the fix is in. and the media is unfair. two producerses from the networks are slandering against trump because they tweet 92 negative things about p trump, is she right? >> kelli ann conway skated on the lie that lester holt is, trump said he is a democrat. but she is a registered
10:35 am
republican. he didn't know one way or the other. it was not a lie. they are out to get me and it is rigged and game he's playing with the election and debate and that's what he said to his audience. how can can i win. and anything above that is a victory. >> and they are not wrong. according to an indiana university survey, a mere seven percent of the mrb political journalist are republicans. >> we are talking about lester holt. he is a republican. >> but when he made that assumption. >> he didn't know what he was talking about. >> journalist republican? there is a tilt here you had all of hillary clinton's surrogate saying we need to fact check donald trump. and every minute to be a fact check and lester holt needs to
10:36 am
say that hillary clinton can't do it herself on the debate stage sxment brian fallon, we need to catch donald trump out for the lies. the new york times thinks that hillary clinton smashed 13 of the devices. it is two that she smashed. isn't it enough that she smashes devices. and >> that's not why it was smashed and destroyed so people can't see what is in it. >> alan, have you smashed a device with a hammer before? >> donald trump said mrs. clinton smashed devices. kelly, let me show you. they have to put them up to a lie detector test. this is scope of trump's falsehoods.
10:37 am
unprecedented. >> and new york times, a week of whoppers from trump. and 32 falsehoods and exaggerations and 0 for mrs. clinton. there was nothing on clinton and washington trump's week reveals bleak view. and get the point across. isn't it unfair. and that is he means good bye. he lies because his lips are moving. but i don't think it is the role of the moderator to play traffic cop can eastern to be the trains run on time. >> viewers have to do their own home work and determine what is true or not true. >> kelly, that is a good point.
10:38 am
>> it is, exactly the role of the candidate is responsible to fac check. with the fact checker. it is need being to be opinion junior willist. politicalo said that donald trump told a line saying that isis was a threat. that is absurd. the fact that they are checking donald trump to make an overall point is just to a point of ridiculous. >> we'll look for fib and falsehoods and oops moments and potential outright slander or slides. and i look back to 2000. and covering the debate between rick la sio. and look, he's walk you go over
10:39 am
to her. and on television, it was a fire storm. what is the difference between the dynamicses of what happens in the room. >> things looked different on tv. and it looks smaller than the actual size of the rom. he locks like he was in her face. don't leave the podium. that is good news for donald trump. >> i expectation of donald trump is low. if he doesn't spit for an hour and half he may be better than expected >> what about those devil horns? >> you know, i think that donald trump, because the clinton team has made it a referundum on his temperament. if he shows up and plays it will
10:40 am
win. >> and everyone is going to be watching, right here. >> and a man is set to a pore in court in 30 minutes. the officers caught up with had him. dan has the latest from washington. >> reporter: they lay out five counts of five counts of first-degree more. bail was set for the defendant at $2 million. we are getting a clearer look at the shooter but a motive is not. the father's rifle is missing. people in high school saids he was socially awkward and loved
10:41 am
violent video games. they recovered. and that was a family problem. and he immigrated from turkey and he was a legal permanent resident. four women and one man and that is a 95-year-old woman who was a daughter and probation officer and a 69-year-old man who died trying to protect his wife. chuck went round behind him and she tripped and fell and he came back to help her. and all over shopping. and that is the 16-year-old girl
10:42 am
was the first to be shot. and he went to a make up counter and shot the rest of the victims. and this time a teenager was rushed to the hospital. and that shows several key senate races are shifting to the gochlt
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>> the australia beach community in shark following a shark attack. the 17-year-old surfer is luck i to be alive. >> and that is lying on the b. board and drive biechlt >> and the boy is expected to be okay. a shark killed a japanese surfer. the mayor said people in the area are afraid there are more shark attacks. >> as you watch the debate there are growing indications that the democrats could have a tougher fight retaking the senate. gop candidates are pulling ahead and democrats can't bank on donald trump hurting republican down ball on the candidates and. joining us is michael warren. >> reports of the democrat take over of the senate is greatly
10:47 am
exaggerated. >> and the big reason for that donald trump's supposedly terrible position is exaggerated. & that is high quality. and that is running not that great democratic candidate. >> he was supposed to torpedothem. >> and you look at 2010 election and you had a lot of freshmen up for reelection going to have a tough good. and instead of what you are seeing is republican candidates running ahead of donald trump and new hampshire and wisconsin. and in those states, donald trump closed the gap of clinton. and they move ahead of the democratic opponent. >> and a handful of the races and what is going o. kelly was
10:48 am
in trouble against maggie hanson. 2.5 percent. she is up. and there is wisconsin as you you mentioned russ feingold. and democratic challenger. and that is a lot. and richard burr down by one point and deborah ross up by one percent. they have a varied group here. who is most hurt by mr. trump. mark kirk from illinois. a mainstream moderate republican he would have a better chance. and somebody in a weird way
10:49 am
helped by donald trump is kelli a yotte. they are evenly matched and she was getting hurt by donald trump's position. and thou he's moved and doing well in the first congressional district. you are see will kelly a yotte get a bump there. >> and he was was was in new hampshire that week. you know, the >> the tail that wags the dog. >> you go in with the tide. snrngs right, right, of course. >> and helped to the top of the ticket. >> bottom line, democrats need five seatses. do you think that they will get that. >> it is harder to say they can't. donald trump's boost gives him not enough to win the election but boosts the better republican
10:50 am
candidates to hold on in ohio and pennsylvania. it is hard for trump to win that. but pat toume has a better p shot. and you have a harder time seeing democrats and winning and keeping it even than three months ago. janet? >> and a race against time. the river about p to crest way above flood stage. and thousands of phones are forced out of their home and prepare for the worst. next.
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hello, there, everybody.
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we're live this afternoon here hours away from what will be an epic show down between donald trump and hillary clinton. why is a former obama delegate and bernie sanders supporter campaigning for trump. we also have early voting analysis. people are voting in iowa, maine, north carolina. all of that coming up on america's election headquarters. >> midwest flooding with cedar rapids, iowa preparing for a swollen river. thousands of folks in the flood zone are now under evacuation orders. our senior meteorologist is now live with more. >> in some cases we saw over ten inches of rainfall, and in the last 48 hours more rain on top
10:55 am
of that for saturated ground in parts of iowa and wisconsin. the precipitation from tuesday and thursday, over ten inches of rainfall in this area and that's why rivers are running high right now. major flooding in effect from wat waterloo and cedar rapids. the ra sdar showing a low pressure center across the great lakes. not a lot of moisture getting into parts of iowa so the forecast will remain dry which is excellent news until friday. no major rain in the forecast. also want to make mention that it is still control kal season. we're watching this wave in the ea eastern atlantic. the storm will be called matthew, and hopefully like my son it will be small, dainty,
10:56 am
and well behaved. it appears we could have a storm or a hurricane into the caribbean, and we will have to monitor it for portions of cuba, thedominican republic. here we have our own delicious poll to tell us who might win. that is next on the final 30.
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10:59 am
we know the fancy polls with all of that data and that. this is the "happening now" chocolate bar poll. look what found at the checkout
11:00 am
counter. they were $1.99, and they were tied. >> thank you for joining us, america's election headquarters starts right now. >> thank you, guys. i think eric was buying those chocolate bars in new york. we have a big crowd behind us here on long island. an epic event here tonight. we're live at the debate site. it's like a carnival here, basically. i'm sure you can tell by the atmosphere. donald trump and hillary clinton getting ready for their big night. the two most polarizing nominees in presidential history. so they're now busy putting together the finishing touches on their arguments, how they will respond and answer when the questions are levelled at them. they will be on


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