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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  September 26, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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counter. they were $1.99, and they were tied. >> thank you for joining us, america's election headquarters starts right now. >> thank you, guys. i think eric was buying those chocolate bars in new york. we have a big crowd behind us here on long island. an epic event here tonight. we're live at the debate site. it's like a carnival here, basically. i'm sure you can tell by the atmosphere. donald trump and hillary clinton getting ready for their big night. the two most polarizing nominees in presidential history. so they're now busy putting together the finishing touches on their arguments, how they will respond and answer when the questions are levelled at them. they will be on the stage that
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is just a stone's throw from here. 90 minutes, no breaking, no room for error, and a record breaking audience is predicted to tune in tonight. we have fox team coverage for you. we start with carl cameron who is tracking the trump team and their travels today, what can you report, carl? >> you're feeling and seeing it there with the students, there is a crackle in the air, a potentially epic turning point for one of these candidates. for the last year and a half, the campaign has not been particularly focused on policieser with per se. it has largely been about where the two candidates would take the country and what their contribution, availability, and capacity to be president would be. donald trump will do a walk through, looking at the stage,
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getting acclimated to the environment this afternoon. he has been spending more time in trump tower preparing this debate than he has in the last several months. his aids say he is going to be himself, that he is loose, relaxed, spent enough time giving speeches on teleprompter that he has very specific things to talk about and they is to pivot and go after hillary clinton and to cry the stay of affairs of the country under democratic leadership. rudy giuliani was on "fox and friends" today to talk about how trump has been coached. >> he will be himself. he is an extraordinary political thinker himself, and a great communicator. and it doesn't mean that he has the advantage in the debate, because she has, obviously, policy knowledge that i don't have. she has been in government since i was a child.
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i don't remember a time she wasn't in government one way or another. >> that raises expectations for hillary clinton and lowers them somewhat for trump. he is not a professional politician, has not been in this type of debate before. trump will have guests in the audience for him. they will include a gold star mom, one of the benghazi survivors. it will not include jennifer flowers. still and open question as to whether or not mark cuban will try to show up, but he will not have a front row seat according to the debate commissioners. expectations higher for clinton than trumps, but no doubt they will have to face internal insults they have thrown at each other from a distance face to face tonight. >> carl, thank you a lot of those people have been in his entourage, essentially over the past couple months.
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and hillary clinton is preparing to face donald trump on that stage hours from now. jennifer griffin, just across the parking lot here from us with more on that today, hi, jennifer. >> campaign sources have confirmed she left her house about 1:00 p.m. for another mock debate session today before the real event tonight. she will -- she has been spending the past four days at the dorrall arrowwood hotel. that is why she is carrying out the twice a day debate prep and mock sessions. she got home about 11:00 last night. incredible secrecy for how they're going about the debate prep. who is playing what role. clinton took a break yesterday
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to visit her daughter, chelsea. liz cruz was surprised to find her in her neighborhood sunday and used her cell phone to videotape her as she left a kids center in manhattan. >> tonight what we want to focus on with the moderator social security that both candidates be treated the same and fact checked through the process. we have never had a candidate before who say sos many things that prove to not be true. >> we have just confirmed that from the campaign that mark cuban will be present as one of hillary clinton's guests tonight. we also know that the latest bloomberg poll shows that 49% expect clinton to win tonight versus 39% for trump. >> back to you.
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mark cuban was the first name thrown out, they thought it was a tit for tat game going. mark cuban will indeed be there tonight, and trump says who cares. he says he will not be thrown by at at all. that is an interesting move. >> also, what is notable about the guests is there are four women. and appeal to moms and women who are still undecided. among them lauren manning, a 9/11 survivor that clinton first met in the hospital when she was a senator, max seen outerbridge, a monothat got help from the children's health insurance program. anastasia somoza, and aleatha williams who is a long-time pen
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pal of hillary clinton since she was first lady. >> fascinating, thank you very much. just how big is the interest in tonight's debate? in a new poll, 75% of voters say they will be watching tonight, and 3% say they will watch later. clinton has a slight edge when looking at "the lesser of two evils." 47% want to make sure that trump is not elected. 41% so clinton does not get elected. good to have you here, this is a slug fest, sfliegt. >> yeah, they have been going at it for months, i think we're in for quite a battle tonight. >> you have a very skilled politician who has been at it for a long time, and then you
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have trump, who doesn't have a lot of experience. . one-on-one debates, hillary has done 11. she has done five debates versus senator bernie sanders and in '08 against the u.s. senator at the time barack obama. in 2006 she has a debate against john spencer, a very mem able moment, and one against lazio that was more memorable. what of it? >> i think experience does help. having a lot of policy knowledge helps, but at the same time there are certain disadvantages, as you said, in the poll. they showed that more people expect hillary clinton to win. that means if trump does pretty well, he might defy those
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expectations. i also think that even though hillary clinton has debated several before, she has not debated someone as unorthodox as trump. you don't know what he is going to say. maybe the previous experience might not be totally relevant. >> you know, there is no doubt that when she looked at this field, this is the last person she wanted to be going up against. and also, she defied the odds in the last few days. >> i think that is very interesting. what we have seen particularly at the state level is a tightening in states like colorado and pennsylvania. now he has multiple paths to get to the white house. it used to be even a few weeks
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ago, we said well, he needs to win romney states, and pennsylvania, ohio, nevada, all of the crazy scenarios. wisconsin shows him close. suddenly he has more margin for error. >> this is what makes covering this so fascinating. a couple weeks ago, we're saying he might feel like he has momentum, but there is no math, now what we're hearing is that there are several paths. you north carolina, florida, ohio, socially colorado, potentially pennsylvania, right? a republican has not won in a long time. he got all of that territory when she had e-mail e-mail e-mail everywhere, and the health issue. tonight she has to come out there and be super strong and put some of that to rest. >> we have seen moments where hillary clinton has come across as very knowledgeable and very
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sort of unflappable under fire, but we have also seen moments where she came across as tired or when she is equivocating over her e-mail answers and she comes across very poorly. we don't know which one will show up. will he be silly and not showing the gravitas to be president, or people may say he won't be that crazy. >> many people think she might try to poke holes in his persona. tonight may be the first presidential debate, but early voting is already under way in a handful of states.
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what are we seeing from the statistics. you see trends in terms of who is voting, we'll tell you what we found there, and gearing up for the big show down tonight. president obama no longer laughing at the idea of a trump presidency any more. >> are you feeling good about tomorrow? >> get ready! before taking his team to state for the first time...
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zlmpgs question supposed today, is the balm administration starting to take the trump campaign more seriously given these numbers.
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politico says this "obama's team is feeling that same anxiety expressed by the clintons. maybe it is broader than the vocal fringe they have always dismissed. an interesting idea put forth there. is there any validity to this? welcome to our panel, great to have you here, is that true? >> that the obama campaign is starting to take them seriously? absolutely. he is the nominee for one of the two major political parties. are they afraid of it? absolutely. i think everyone should be afraid of it. >> the question as to whether or not they are realize tlg is something lar -- realizing there is something
11:17 am
larger. >> i think everyone under estimated how important it was for trump. there was not a serious group that formed to derail his nomination from the beginning. so what a lot of republicans are looking for tonight is can they get on board with trump. they really don't like what it stands for, but is he enough for them? >> it is quite radical. for awhile he was in the 70s, and now he was more in the 80s up there. if you pretend you're like hillary clinton for a moment. where do you want to go up there? >> i think you let her get lost in the weeds on some of the policy. she was experiencing as sk tear
11:18 am
of state, coming along some major obama administration fall yurs. . i think it is a big broad message, and it allow rs her to try and nickel and time her on things? >> i think what he is most vulnerable on is can he hold it together? can he very basically hold it together. not let minor things get under his skin which is low bar for someone we're questioning should be commander and chief. and we have seen during this, in his experience, he can because he goes on offense, but sometimes if you just get under the things he finds he is as a rule herbal able, talking about ties to russia, his record as a businessman and maybe it's not all as he says it is. that gets under his skin very easily.
11:19 am
it he is -- on that one, that one proved it was going to set him off a little bit. maybe he says he is not worth the money he says it is. what would you advise him to respond to that. >> no doubt about that, any type of wild statement about him. hillary clinton is the one right now, her campaign is collapsing in polls. and the problem for hillary, you saw it for the commander and chief forum a little while ago, people say she lost that debate. her reaction was to go after the moderator and not her own. they're going after lester holt already. >> thank you very much, emily and joe, thank you great to see you today. >> so while we wait for this dual, we have a lot of early voting going on, and we have analysis for what number of
11:20 am
ballots that are in these early states as they try to pick the next president of the united states.
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it all happens right here where we are in hempstead, long island. the day of the debates is here. there have sf a great shot of the scene here. everyone is having a good time
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out there. many people will be tuning in tonight to watch these two go at it jeff live in chicago. th what are people interested in hearing tonight? >> we have been riding the river here on the water taxies, we're in the shadow of the trump tower. talking to people who made up their minds already. they would like to hear they're guy do well. people say they were going to go to the white sox game but instead staying home to watch the debate. >> we will see the truth come out i think. hillary is experienced, a beautiful person who really cares. it's not about the money, the fortune, not about any of that,
11:25 am
it's about us. and donald is donald. >> does that worry you at all? >> no, i think that's just who the man is and he talks in that manner, he is used to being a ceo and saying what he wants to say. >> your wife doesn't want to watch the debate? >> no. >> why? >> i think it feels too much like reality tv to her. >> they say about a third of people say they -- >> most people, 75% or 80% say they definitely want to be watching tonight. there are a lot of people out there who have already voted, right? >> yeah, there are 37 states now that allow early voting and eight of them so far already
11:26 am
have voting under way. so you know, they got some feel for it in a place like north carolina, apparently democratic ballots are up. the ones that people have asked for. in iowa, more republican ballots. that would sort of bear out the polls. i leave you with a beautiful picture of the chicago river. we'll see if the candidates are shoveling against the tide here tonight. so the debates have given us some memorable moments across the board since this started. when you look back at those, fascinating to look back in mistire, why the first 30 minutes of these things can often decide who wins. we'll have that next. also because this is a unique debate, a man and a woman up there, how does that play into all of this?
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what voters will be watching for in that regard, next.
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so tonight's debate should be a i mar jor influence for many voter who is are still undecided. 34% say the upcoming debates will be a big factor for them. let's bring in dana, sundays at 5:00 p.m. eastern and it's nice of you to be here. a lot has been made of the podium issue. they rolled them out yesterday, and you can see one is smaller than the other. >> a little bit. >> not a whole lot. they put extra wood in trump's. they don't want her to be at a serious height disadvantage. and in the past it became an issue. when you look at this one, from
11:32 am
du ducaucus. >> i'm like 5'0", i'm 5'0" even, but i think this is fine and fair for hillary clinton's team. i think it is fine, or they should sit, right? i done know if you have to. i sat on two pillows. george h.w. bush is very tall as well. i'm assuming the same thing happens with obama and clinton she is only 5'4" and i think it's totally fair. a lot of people don't like hillary. >> it it is a visual medium. any time you're on tv, you want to make sure the people out there are even. >> when i did that jeopardy charity event and i had to stand next to kareem abdul jabbar.
11:33 am
i was on a box and in heels. >> there is a lot about the dynamic of a man and a woman for the first time let's look at this picture now of president obama now, he held the chair for hillary clinton. these things never happen accidental accidentally. should dhoe that for her, or not, or was he being a gentleman. >> would you mom have suggested you pull out the chair. i think the answer is yes. if that's the case, then you should wul out the chair. i don't think it was a power move or anything. >> i think he was just being polite. if she is coughing or if
11:34 am
anything like that happens -- >> >> when she first had her health concerns that came up, he was pretty gracious. he had a few shots on twitter, but in general, he kept his mouth shut about it. i think if that happens to her or him, you never know when something like that will happen. i imagine she is under a lot of pressure and he could be gracious just like he was a few weeks ago. >>. >> and you and i were kpating on the break. these subtle things implant in people's minds. many people know each other through government, but not so with these two. >> yeah, when you looked at 41 and ducaucus. they knew each other. same is true for george w. bush
11:35 am
when he met with al gore. they knew hitch noer political circles. they know each other but it is more like social circles. and that is sort of strange if all of a sudden you sat down and they both really want the job, and there is enough out there they they could really make a difference for both of them. so with a tied race, 45-45 if you take the average, tonight is a big deal. >> and they have to come out strong. if it gets a wall at all, people start wandering out. >> i don't think anyone will be bored tonight. >> i don't think so either. >> we'll see you tonight on the five. a could be a game changer tonight. certain think have been lots of unforgettable big moments.
11:36 am
and when to watch for the big moments to happen. how do you know one is about to be there? >> thank you thank you, the opening minutes are most important because that's when they stand to be the most impressionable. that is also something lawyers call the courtroom effect. in these day, the best initial lines also get the best play on social media. 1960 those that listened to the debate on the radio thought nixon won, and people who watched it on tv largely thought kennedy won. it is where president forward made the flat wrong declaration that there is no soviet domination of eastern
11:37 am
europe. who can forget in 1984, ronald reagan using age to his advantage. >> i'm not going to exploit for political purposes my opponents youth and inexperience. >> in the first 2000 bush-gore debate, gore was criticized for some audible heabreaths. >> can you get things done? and i believe i can? >> yeah, george w. bush got a lot of credit for that casual head nodding. >> and a few zingers. >> maybe the most famous of all
11:38 am
was in the 88 vice presidential debate. kwail compared his congressional word to one john f. kennedy's. >> senator, i served with jack kennedy. i knew jack kennedy. jack kennedy was a friend of mine. senator, you're no jack kennedy. >> dan quail admits today that one hurt, and there was the famous one going after medicare. >> governor reagan again is against such a proposal. he ended that saying are you better off than you were four
11:39 am
years ago? thank you very much. fun to look back at those. in the meantime, the miami marlins baseball team getting ready to pay tribute to a teammate that was killed in a horrific boating accident over the weekend. he was only 24 years old. in tonight's game, every miami player will wear fernandez' number on their jersey, 16. the mound at the mark was turned into a memorial for fernandez with the number drawn on the back and his hat resting. they're so broken up and understandably so. in the meantime, democrats now on an unlikely mission crossing other to support donald trump. so why are they doing that? we'll talk to eric bowling coming pup -- up.
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i am shepherd smith. we'll have more on tonight's big debate here on campus. the poll shows the challenges for the candidates including trust for hillary clinton and temperament for the donald. we'll speak about that and update you on the latest from the two campaigns. there is lots to tell and we'll do just that. back to you. >> hello there, shepherd, tonight we're going to talk about having the nfl and debates on at the same time. >> i know ergs spn didn't plan it this way, and trump was kind of upset about it. i'm not even sure who is
11:44 am
playing. this is probably going to be more entertaining. >> after watching the jets play yesterday, i don't want to watch any football for awhile, it was awful. >> six interceptions in one game, so -- shepherd, thank you so much, we'll see you back over there a little later. we have brand new polls that show very close races. remember when everyone told you this was over? a few weeks ago? there's not, there are several paths to victory. trump moved ahead of clinton 42-41. that is a statistical tie. and a dead heat now in pennsylvania. now it is 45-44 in pennsylvania. a state that republicans have not won in a very long time. and a fox news poll shows trump doing better in ohio, 42-37 in
11:45 am
ohio which is a must win for republicans. now former democratic delegates are crossing lines to form the trumpicrats pack. we have more on this now. hi, eric. >> hi, good to see you. >> this is always what direct said he would do. >> yeah. a good show. okay, so she doing exactly what he said he would do. >> and the interesting thing is you see some of those polls, states that republicans have not won in decades, pennsylvania is in play pb hillary clinton pulled out of colorado because she thought she had it locked down. now trump is competitive in colorado. tied in pennsylvania. interesting if you look at the gary johnson number, as his numbers go down, he won't be on
11:46 am
the stage tonight, as they go down in the state polling, donald trump is picking up those voters, everyone thought it would go the other way. it is not happening that way, they're coming to trump because they're the antiestablishment vote. >> i think it is interesting what is going on. i want your quick thoughts on this one. they're concerned gold could tumble. unravel that for us. >> you remember our business backgrounds, when there sun certainty in the market, they flock to cold. if it starts to lead, and it looks like he may win, there isless uncertainty in the market. . we have people on our network that predicted massive crashes in the market if he wins or as he does better, the price of
11:47 am
gold going down means the market is tempered. >> and it could mean they think he could turn the economy around. >> if you think donald trump, an election of a donald trump presidency will crash the stock market, you want to be buying gold and pushing the prices up. the wall street traders and bankers are starting to say hmm, maybe we weren't so sure. >> and they act in their own best interest. they are hoping hillary will win for a number of reasons. they're going to put their money where they think it is safe. >> they can donate, they hope she wins, all of the regulatory wins, when push comes to shove, that trading book that they're paid on, it is the one they want to prektt. they say if physical trump wins, it is more settling to market. >> a political hedge.
11:48 am
playing both sides of it. eric, thank you very much. >> thank you martha. >> good to see you and everyone is happy to see eric out here this afternoon. thank you, good to see you. coming up, the fbi reports murders up nearly 11%, the rise driveen by cities like chicago facing a crisis of violence. murders up 11% in chicago. property crimes nationwide fell. a troubled place in many ways right now. an election coming up soon. the man accused of gunning down five people at a washington mall has his first court appearance this afternoon. what investigators are saying about a possible motive for him when we come back.
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depending on you needs and your budget. so if you're turning 65 soon, call now and get started. because the time to think about today. go long.
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there's quite a bit else going on in the country. there's massive flooding that has forced thousands of people out of their homes in western iowa. look at these scene in cedar rapids where the river has start stowed overflow the banks. some people will not be able to return to their homes for dade. record-breaking flooding devastated the area in 2008 and don't want to see that again. so we wish them well. horrifying scener in a strip mall in houston where a gunman
11:53 am
opened fire today, hurting at least nine people, two of them have serious injuries. the officers then shot and killed the attacker. here's one man whose coworker was among the victims. >> he opened his car door and just started shooting at her, and the bullet went right through their werer in her head so missed her by a couple of inches. >> police described the gunman as a disgruntled lawyer with business in that area. but the investigation continuing. more on that as we get it. and from that mall shooting to what happened in texas, the man accused in a deadly shooting preat a mall na washington state. the is charged with five countss of first degree murder. dan springer is live in burlington, washington, with more on the story for us.
11:54 am
anything at the time nasa to motive in the courtroom today? >> reporter: unfortunately nothing more on mow it either in the courtroom or outside. the prosecuting attorney saying nothing about what set this off on saturday or -- or friday night. but he made his first appearance and said little accept to acknowledge he was charged with premet date murder and bail was set at $2 million and he was also appointed to a public defender. as far as the motive we dent know. we have a little a little bettep of him before court. what he was as a young man. he came here from turkey. we know he was brought in as a young boy, but beyond that we don't know much about him. he know from the charging documents that he had a falling out with his father the night before this happened, and he may have stolen his father's rifle,
11:55 am
and then went into a mall and shot five people. in fact he was seen on video camera on surveillance camera help acknowledged he was the man in the surveillance photos to police after he was mirandized. >> chilling. what are we learning about the victims. >> reporter: five people kill, four women, one man. the wrongest was a 16-year-old girl who battled cancer as a young girl and she actually beat cancer and then was killed friday night and the oldest was a 95-year-old woman, also a man who worked at bing for much of his life and set to retire next year the was killed trying to protect his wife. a woman who work at the counter doing makeup. so five people killed in all. four women, one map. their families were in court today, just distraught at the sense thisness of this crime on friday night here in washington state.
11:56 am
>> sense his the exact right word. awful, awful story. thank you very much. dan. if you are planning a visit to washington, dc anytime soon, one monument is now out of commission. we'll tell you which one and what is going on there and why weapon co -- come back. ugh. heartburn.
11:57 am
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>> not the first time this happened, he washington monument closed indefinitely due to an elevator problem. the issue has been dogging the structure ever since it was damaged by a quake in 2011 the national park service has been unable to determine what is causing the problems but expect to announce in a few weeks when they finish modernizing the entire elevator control system. so machines on hold there for -- plans on hold for the trip to washington. so, we'll thank everybody here.
12:00 pm
going to be quite an evening. thank the crowd behind us. we hope you have a great day and get the popcorn ready. shepard is right after this. we'll see you later. here's shep. >> it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 on the east side on debate day. hillary clinton and donald trump set to kick off in six hours from now in. today now poll shows where the candidates stand. their campaigns tell us how each is preparing. and you're telling us what you want to hear from the candidates tonight. let's get to it. >> good afternoon from the spin room here on campus, place where today i've seen just before everybody but wayne. wayne was a receiver for the hofstra flying dutch american,


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