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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  September 26, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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going to be quite an evening. thank the crowd behind us. we hope you have a great day and get the popcorn ready. shepard is right after this. we'll see you later. here's shep. >> it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 on the east side on debate day. hillary clinton and donald trump set to kick off in six hours from now in. today now poll shows where the candidates stand. their campaigns tell us how each is preparing. and you're telling us what you want to hear from the candidates tonight. let's get to it. >> good afternoon from the spin room here on campus, place where today i've seen just before everybody but wayne. wayne was a receiver for the hofstra flying dutch american, class of 94.
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he is much loved in this peters as against all odds and i mean all of them, he ended up a new york jets tryout on the very campus, his campus, and on that day was denied entry because the security guard said at just 510 he didn't look big enough to be a real player. a long and well-documented road lane, wayne proved he was very much real and is now in the new york jet ring of honor and he made history becoming a legend for the age here's in hempstead. tonight we'll witness political history and in this room, reporters will speak with supporters of both candidates tonight to get their spin on the debate, thus the spin room. as you heard we're expecting an historic event, at that time 100 million people might have to sit through or or watch. the schoopup by we the biggest
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test yes f hillary clinton and donald trump and this afternoon the two candidates are said to take spread tours for the debate hall for an early look. clinton's people say the has been preparing vic vigorously, taking time to have mock debates. the republican candidate and his team are skipping mock debates to study clinton's past performances, creating a psychological profile of the democratic rival. >> real where went to focus on with the mid-raterred bit todays be treated the same and be fact checked. donald trump has never run for office before. but we have never had a candidate before who says so many things that prove to not be
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true. >> the head of the commission on presidential debates has said the candidates should fact check each other, thank you, and trump's campaign manager says she agrees. ooh water the told harris faulkner. >> you saw all this week, last week, the clinton campaign, going out there and warning the reporters they better fact check in real time, they better not let trump off the hook. going to be lard on hillary and heard charges of sexism forks god's sake, that hillary clinton is getting tougher questions because she is a woman. such nonsense. >> well, this all comes as new polls show donald trump has chipped away at hillary clinton's lead, at least nationally and we have team fox coverage. jennifer griffin. first campaign carl cameron live in the spin room. tell us about the new polls. >> the race has got aen tighter and donald trump has gained ground and hillary clinton as lost ground, and coming on
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debate day which has been described at pivotal point in the campaign the stakes could hardly be much hire and there's a possible the debate could change the course of the election, something which antibiotic hasn't happened in the paste. we the quinnipiac poll shows it's a very close race and hilary has a four-point advantage to a virtual tie. another debate day poll that comes from. monmouth. it shows a virtual tie and then lastly comes bloomberg and in a four-way race, a tie, which ill states one of the possibilities of the trump campaign. he has been arguing, hasteds have forks are the last year, he doesn't have to get 50%. because there is a green party candidate and a libertarian party candidate so get : 45% or less could still be a winning number in the electoral college.
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>> does trump have a strategy for tonight? do we know anything about it? >> reporter: there's a number of things both strategy and tactics he wants to make himself look presidential and has the capacity and excel of temperment to be president. if he avoids the personal insults, too much, he'll have achieved expectations, he can show he can do the job and appear to the american people as a president. there's some tactics involved. there's a very, very serious likelihood that trump will actually come to the spin room after the debate. that happens in primaries all the time, but not in the history of the presidential debate commission has that been the case, and trump is likely to do it tonight. hillary clinton has had a strategy, the invitation for mark cuban,, has said he will be in the audience in the front row. we have spoken to debate commission chairman and he says
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he has told the clinton campaign that's not going to happen. the clinton aides say it will. there's a back and forth here and it's all about trying to get under each other other's skins. the has not been a campaign filled with policy discussions of any great degree. trump made a lot of speeches but prior to that it's been name-calling. so tonight is about termerment, personality, character, whether they're likeable and can be seen as sitting in the oval office. >> all right. carl cameron without the naked cowboy today. hillary clinton doing some last-minute cramming before she walks on to the date statement here a few hours from now. team tox coverage offends. jen griffen here. what else do we know about clinton's prep debate. >> the spin has begun and i can see to me right, jen pal mary, the communications director for the clinton campaign is talking to reporters elm we a saw coach bobby knight work the room on
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behalf of donald trump. bill clinton will ride in her vehicle to the long island site but it's not clear at this point whether he will be in detate haul -- hall himself. she left her house at p.m. earlier today for a final mock debate session. this seems very unusual on a day when shows going to be standing for 90 minutes answering questions. hard to tell is this is try to get under trump's skin, making trump nervous she is so well-prepared. we saw trump's helicopter outside hoff extra. all of this designed to mess with the heads of each candidate as they prepare for the debate tonight. she has prepared straight for four days at the hotel, a conference center in new york about 17 minute drive from her house. aides continue to say that they expect not only the reporters but also the moderator, lester hot, to fact check donald trump in real time. would be extremely surprised if
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she came into the spin room after the debate. that's not her style. if she feels like she did well tonight, i think she'll leave the stage and she'll head back home to chappaqua. >> she has invited some guests to be here tonight, right? >> reporter: well, the first guest we learn about as carl mentioned was mark cuke ban. i just spoke to an aide moments ago and he insists mash cuban will bell here in a prominent seat. there could be some last-minute wrangling if the debate commission doesn't want him in the front row but she invited four women, an indication of how she wants to appeal to mothers and women by talking about real issues that affect them in their families. she has a woman by the name of lauren manning, 9/11 survivor who she first met in the hospital when she was a senator after 9/11 and began working for first responders and health
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benefits for other survivors, single mom who got help from clinton's efforts with the children's health insuran program, anastasia and has been working with hillary clinton on disability rights. back to you. >> thank you. so what are americans hoping to hear from the candidates tonight? there's a recent "wall street journal" nbc news maris poll that shows a third of voters say the debates will play a big role in helping them choose a candidate. jeff flock talked to people as the commuted to work in chicago. what about they want to get out of the bee date and what are you hearing from voter. >> reporter: on the water taxi on the chicago river. voters say -- a third still making up their mind kinda. two-thirds have made up their minds and talked to people who said they would like to see their guy or girl do well.
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listen. >> i'm supporting hillary. >> there is anything that would change your mind tonight in the debate? >> i can't imagine anything will change my mind. >> will with hillary the same issue. the trusts trusts and competence would be a be chief executive. >> how'll be watching. >> yes. >> i don't really care who wins or not. do care but i don't if anybody wins who is going to change anything. i mean, can't trust anybody right now. >> he is not the only one who thinks that. can't trust anyone right now. >> did anybody say, sort of thing might change my mind or that might do it? >> there's certainly some undecides out there that plan to decide. some people say they want to watch for the speck -- spectacle. usually you get the standard
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answer, like to hear more about the issues. think one person told us that. crazy. >> jeff flock on the chicago river on a beautiful day in the big city. thank you. we all know the importance of the swing states and heard about them for a month of sundays. capture the right win ones and you're sifting in oval office. today show the race could hardly be tiger, coming up from hofstra university on debate day. we have had few of these. over time there have been those moments you never forget. >> i am not going to exploit or for political purposes my opponent'sing you and inexperience.
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>> are you having a debate watching party? some people -- i'm field some people have debatewatch parties and he if of have trigger phrases for drinking, like believe me, or tempermentally unfit, or maybe crooked. could be fun. the race for the white house is basically deadlocked in a couple of critical swing starts. i has hillary clinton ahead of donald trump by one point in pennsylvania which it's statistical tie. the same survey shows donald trump ahead by one point in
12:15 pm
colorado. these are both four-way race is with a third-party candidate, gary johnson and jill stein. they're not on the debate here. the polls come after surveys showed neck and neck races in other key battleground state. john bussey is here. >> it's remarkable. clinton had an edge in pennsylvania. and that was her firewall against donald trump's success in the other battle ground states. it's extraordinary. the democrats have to take the philadelphia area and pittsburgh very strongly to offset what donald donald trump been able to attraction. >> how did he do that? >> something i think that we're seeing in those polls, in the fact that some of the republican senators are doing a little bit better arizona well, the fact that republicans are coming back to the roost, maybe they feel, i
12:16 pm
just couldn't get lynched to the donald trump i saw correctly after the republican national convention. they've managed to kind of put him there and he is looking a little more presidential to me. and therefore, between the two i'd much rather go republicans since i am a republican. think you're seeing a lot of that effect now. that's going to be critical tonight. both have to appeal to that very same instinct in their party, while at the same time maintaining all the friction and otherness that has turned this into kind of a thunder dome cage fight until now. >> i've been watching florida a lot where the polls are fairly consistently tied up there. but there's some differences. the i-4 corridor, the panhandle. as florida goes, recently so goes the nation. >> that's right. and ohio, too, is another one. colorado is neck and neck. this is an extremely tight race and the debates are going to be
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critical. you pointed out earlier that a third of registered voters are saying i'm looking at the debates and still making up my mind and these debates are going to be important in process. really only 11 percentage points are people who have not committed. they're kind of leaping one way or the other or might be leaning toward a third party candidate themes candidates tonight are going to be trying to appeal to all of those different con city tenesis. people that want to see fire in their eyes, the debates. the moderates who want to see donald trump appealing to minorities, and clinton appealing across the divide, and then those who have just not made up their mind yet, be convincing enough, being presidential enough, to get them off the fence. >> on this presidential matter, the conventional wisdom around here with off all the chatter seems to be the bar is a different height for the two candidates. this is what you'll hear and read all day if you choose. that to donald trump you just
12:18 pm
got show to up and not blow up and for hillary clinton you have to get everything right. any truth to that? >> the chattering class, the conventional wisdom, main streel press, all of these words have gotten negative tone its but it is the gathered wisdom of people who watch these thing and i got to say the bar has been low for donald trump. and he has been getting over it. and he has been have something success. hillary clinton can't come on as this policy wonk that's going to turn her party off. they want the bernie sanders fire. both of. the could benefit from a little bit of humor, which we have not really seen. we have seen it used by ronald reagan, by john kennedy, maybe somebody along the way is going to inject a little bit of that in here as well. >> maybe they will that would help. >> i think it would give a little of the lie to chatter
12:19 pm
classes, the conventional wisdom has painted this as black and white and we see a knowledge here humanity, a little more humanness and personalness out of both todays. >> i like the giraffes. >> they're just giraffes. >> mow politics ahead, including why one important group isn't to keen on either candidate and why democrats hey have a tougher time take over the senate in november. and we take you to charlotte, north carolina, where the protesters demanding the resignation of the mayor and the police chief. we're at hofstra universitiment looking back at debates past. >> i served with jack kennedy. new jack kennedy, jack kennedy was a friend of mine. senator, you're no jack kennedy. i work 'round the clock. i want my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba®.
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22 minutes past the hour now. some protesters in charlotte will attend a city council ming tonight and demand the regular nation of the mayor and city and county's police chief. they're upset how the two have handled the investigation into the police shooting of keith scott. police maintain this man was a threat and refused to drop his gun before officers opened fire. family members argue he didn't even have a gun. police released dash cam and body cam video of the shooting as so many of the demonstrators demanded but the recordings don't clearly show what happen, just as the police chief said. charlotte lift the curfew as of yesterday. police say some dem of demonstrators tried to block traffic but they remain peaceful
12:24 pm
overall. rick live live vaccine -- has been there. >> reporter: the gm of the hyatt hotel invited artist tuesday paint the mywood that was installed in the windows after the protesters did damage to the hotel. this is a symbolic gesture of recovery here after one of the most difficult weekness the city's history. state of emergency, still in effect, with the midnight curfew was lifted and national guard and state troopers could be headed home soon. the number of number of demonstratorred has twin el to a close to a thousand or 100 or lest laughs no, prompting employing to stop booking traffics for marchers to stay onthe sidewalk. >> it's certainly looks as if a lot of the demonstrators north buying the police version of the story. >> reporter: and that's partly because it's very difficult to tell from the dash cam and bid cam footage released be the
12:25 pm
police department whether or not keith scott was holding a gun in his hand. hi family since he did not a weapon, enthough the police released a picture of a gun that was loaded and found at the scene which was cocked with the safety off, ready to fire. authorities released a photo of an ankle holster they say scott was wearing and marijuana -- cigarette they say was rolling. >> we believe the execution of keith tied by cpd this lack of transparency on the part of the police department for providing information about keith scott's death and attempts to stifle protest. >> reporter: we'll have camera at the city couple meeting.
12:26 pm
>> cmbd, the charlotte maybe help burg police department. the washington state mall shooter has confessedle police say arsan cetin killed five people. he was arrested after a 24 hour longs manhunt. investigators say he told them he brought a rifle into macy's ask just started shooting people and is facing charge's premeditated murder. one of his neighbors solid him creep and said because of him she kept a taser next to her door. since 2013 he was involved in mop six criminal cases in the county. if its up some millenial voters the next president will be neither donald trump or hillary clinton, the millenials in support for a strong third party code and that could make
12:27 pm
the difference in a big key swing state and how democratic evidents to take about the senate have got an lot more complicated. that coming up from hofstra as we get set for the first presidential debate tonight. we're approaching the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! sì? polo! marco...! polo! scusa? ma io sono marco polo, ma... marco...! playing "marco polo" with marco polo? surprising. ragazzini, io sono marco polo. sì, sono qui...
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12:30 pm
the suspect. nine people were injured, another one critically, another person in serious condition. a witness said he could, quote, literally hear the gunfire anything. the shooting broke out this morning as people were driving to work, police say when they found the suspect he started firing at the officers and they shot back, killing him. chief of police says the suspect has several weapons. wouldn't say what they were. investigators have not identified the gunman. they said he lives in the neighborhood of the shooting. the news continues with shepard smith at hofstra university right after this. you both have a
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perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. bottom of the hour, top of the news. more of what we can expect in the first presidential debate of this campaign season others the two most unpopular candidate in modern history get ready to face off here at hofstra.
12:33 pm
they're estimating 100 million people could be watching that. that's more than we have seen before. >> reporter: sure is. looks like 80 million is the bar to jump over so that's a lot more than in the past, and just to look back at the top three most watched debates or all-time the 80 million number comes from 1980, the president carter and for reagan debate, the "there you go again." and then on number two and three, you good below 70 million. president bush in 1992, lock agent his watch for a considerable period of time. just under 70 million people watched that night. same deal forked and carter in september of 1976. so there is has be so much hype and anticipation this time around that all kinds of numbers are being on the around. 114 million people watched the
12:34 pm
super bowl, the only nonsport egg vent to get over 100 million is the final episode of "m.a.s.h.." you will not have nipping the channels because of a commercial break, there won't be any. >> i miss ross perot. i saw his name up there holiday larry, can i finish? "what about the format? >> reporter: well, it's interesting pause the -- lesser hole has three big picture topics, america's direction, prosperity, security. the way they break down the segments, you have six segments that 15 minutes each and you have two minutes to answer the initial question of each segment for each candidate. then ten minutes of become and forth constitutiony lester hold can play each candidate off each oomph ten minutes of open debate and then the first question of the night, in case your
12:35 pm
wondering, goes to hillary clinton. we'll see. almost there. >> colin mcshape from the biz. always the kids, isn't? every a leak cycle we come to election time and it's like, the millenials. then they don't vote. this year more than any other group, the millenials are turning to the third party candidate. it shows libertarian candidate gary johnson and green party candidate dr. jillston are pulling in 11% of the general vote, 11% total, but almost a quarter of all voters under age 35, a fourth of them, say they're planning to vote for johnson or stein. and take a look at this quinnipiac poll. 44% of widely millenial voter would choose one of the third-party candidates. gather johnson has even more support than donald trump in that group.
12:36 pm
>> reporter: millenials are saying when comes to trump and clinton they don't like him and don't believe her. listen to jarred doolittle here. >> one has no political background, just straight up runs for candidacy because he has the money behind him and the second one, has a political background but has a political background that isn't honest university. >> reporter: look at this poll of likely millenial colorado voters. a battleground state. combined clintons and trump's numbers bring in 52%. the other two candidates combined, 46. a whole lot of unimpressed. younger voters who tend to -- lean liberal. another poll from last year shows most millenials don't like being called millenials.
12:37 pm
so keep that in in mind. >> do bad. the same smart people who said secretary clinton has the millenial support. what happened? >> right. this is a whole apart of the electorate she was supposed to inherit from president obama and senator sanders ask just can't seem to inspire them. here's colorado pollster. >> she came out against trade, for example. she became much more aggressive in her view of regulating wall street. these were a reflection of her competition with bernie sanders, and so that's where the trust is. will she actually carry this out? >> senator sanders won big in colorado and you have seen him campaigning with clinton, same with barack obama, thank you. trump has been making a play for the state coming here, visiting more, advertising, but, again, turnout is a real hurdle here. the overall feeling among
12:38 pm
millenials is, they don't care. >> blame jarred doolittle. why not. thank you. looks like democrats hoping to take bat back the senate may face a tougher path. donald trump is doing better so analyst says he may not be a the to republicans in congressional races. this the current balance of power in u.s. senate. the blue is the democrats, red is republican. pups have the lead and a couple of green people. then the democrats need to fly five seats to win an outright majority or just four seat should hillary clinton become president since tim kaine be the ty breaking vote. peter barnes has more on this, is live in washington. tell us which seats the run ares -- the republicans are watching. >> reporter: let's look at the math. coming in this year didn't loom
12:39 pm
good for the republicans. democrats need to hold their seats and then win five of the republican seats outright to get to 51. and then take control of the senate but could do it with four as you also mentioned with tim kaine there. republicans are worried about two seats in particular. senator ron johnson in wisconsin and ron kirks in illinois. poll shows them trailing. the r republicans have been surprised by rob portman in ohio and marco rubio. portman up double digits against the followerrer governor and rubio up six putts and republicans have -- the g.o.p. candidate in nevada, congressman joe heck, is looking strong to win harry reid's democratic seat. >> so what is the thinking on which races could tip the senate to democrats, which states?
12:40 pm
>> reporter: there are several incumbent republicans running about neck and neck with their democratic rivals and self states, including riched burr in north carolina, kelly ayotte in new hampshire, roy blunt in missouri, and pat toomey in pennsylvania. those are races to watch. >> peter, thank you. they're making an announce. and i think it's important. let's listen. >> can't understand it. from trust to issues to temperment, from acting presidential to policy opinions, both donald trump and face hack human being facing -- and hillary clinton facing challenges. you to the they're preparing drinking games, arch is preparing drinking games, belief me.
12:41 pm
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12:44 pm
for hillary clinton and donald trump tonight's' hella hole la could be the best chance to define themselves for voter. can hillary clinton get patz questions about he truthiness? can donald trump show he has the temperment and discipline to be the president? weapon it comes to style they're different. clinton known for all of her love of policy and detail. trump free-wheeling and famous for he calls them zingers. i think most people -- maybe not most people. most people i know are just hoping for a bonfire. >> a lot of people are going to be tuning in with just no idea -- >> like a car wreck. >> no idea what that expect from donald trump in particular. we have seen hillary clinton on the debate stage and know her style. witch trump, it's really a wild
12:45 pm
card which donald trump is going to show up tonight. >> i've heard him get the advice from advice-givenners to just take a breath. just relax and let it happen because if you don't screw it up, it's going to be okay. >> one advisor has been telling him he should relax. he should try to talk a breath here as you said, and really try to see where hillary clinton is going to go here. trump is really known as somebody who is exemption exceptionally good at reading people. able to listen, read the crowd and react and -- >> round angry there. >> to deploy that ability. so he doesn't come across as mean spirited. >> or sexist, which win you're dealing with a man and woman on deback it stage it's a riecks. >> hillary clinton has been the poster child how this has played badly in the past.
12:46 pm
when she ran for the new york senate -- >> what a mess. that's horrible. >> the trump needs to be aware of knowing his body language, his expression, things like that come across differently when you're own a stage. he's used to fighting to dozens of so different people. it's different when you're one-on-one against a single woman. >> for her i guess part of what you want to do is rib him and goad him. if you're hillary clinton's people what you're saying i you want the real donald trump to please stand up. >> something her people have said again and again, is that any attempt by donald trump to kind of moved -- moderate him, trump 2.0, they want that to go away. want voters to see him in his worst moments for them. but clinton has other objective. she wants to look very confident policy. that her strong point and also wants to come off likeable. her problem is she is not seen as truth -- trustworthy and she
12:47 pm
wand to use this answer an opportunity to show up a her personality. >> she has hard time with that. >> you've seep the poll numbers. this is an opportunity for both of them to kind of show off the best sides of themselves. >> i still kind of hope for a mess. because what are you going to learn tonight? we going to learn about policy? going to learn whatry'll do for us? i don't think is so. >> a 90-minute commercial free debate. a series of topics and i think that's actually an opportunity to actually -- >> it's an opportunity. >> -- side by side policy differences and we'll see if the moderator focuses on very specific policy questions but that's has not been an election about policy. it's an election about personality, about fights. so maybe tonight will have an opportunity to hear side by side what they think about the issues. >> the hella holla here.
12:48 pm
of hofstra. >> having too much fun. >> there are options and i don't like any of them. thank you. tonight the all-pitcher jose fernandez was supposed been ominute forin the marlins and instead his family is in mourning after he died in boating crash. a look at what has been a short but extraordinary life. the escape from cuba. the agony of his girlfriend set to give 2008 baby who will know his father.
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botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. look me... in the eyes... and see what's possible... botox® cosmetic. it's time to take a closer look. the 24 year star baseball pitcher jose fernandez was supposed to take the mound. instead his teammates mourning
12:52 pm
his death. he died in a boating accident. according to officials the 32-foot boat in which he was travel agent full speed hit rocks rocks and flipped. you see the aftermath. the crash filled fernandez and two other people. just last week he announced on sin extra gram he was going to be a father he posted a picture of his pregnant government and wrote: i'm so glad you came into my life. i'm ready fore his journeys going to take us together. just 24. what an impression he made in south florida rot. >> reporter: this two, time all-star pitcher was the miami cuban story and beloved by the community. three times as a kid he tried to escape communist cuba, failing each time, and even once going to jail. then at 15 he made it by boat,
12:53 pm
rescuing his mother who had fallen overboard. then his love of the game in miami contagious. more than a dozen devastated teammates donned black jerseys're the news conference. >> in our hearts there's a lot of pain, and some way we got to overcome that. but right now it's something that -- it's hard to explain. >> reporter: the memorial outside marlin stadium started almost immediately and tonight his number, 16, will be featured on the back of the pitch's mound and before the game in the marlins confirmed there will be a enemy of silence. >> anything more on the crash itself, what led up to it? >> the were just enjoying life, going high speed. it was high tide.
12:54 pm
very dark that would sub merge -- submerge it. cop does not believe drug's alcohol was involved, just high speed in the dark. >> thank you. hard to imagine anyone more important to the game than the king. those are the words of tiger woods of the golf legend, arnold palmer died yesterday at the age of 27. woods tweeting: offerings to arnold for you friendship and laughs. your philanthropy and humility of one of your legends. arnold palmer won 62 pga tights. two british opens, fourmasters. today the golf legend greg normal spoke to fox business network about arnold palmer's legacy. >> two people in the sporting world who impact mit life and that would be mew ham mat ali
12:55 pm
and arnold palmer. both had mag in tim and -- ma in tim and caries in. >> he had his own army and inspired a drink, the arnold palmer, half lemonade and half iced tea. we'll be right back with a look at what historians call one of the most important presidential debates that ever happened. they've say it may have actually decide that election. and it happened on this day in history.
12:56 pm
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in the, in stu bar escape could look different. some bars are actually skip thing broadcasted of monday night football and deciding to show the hell la holla at hofstra. and some oners say they're booked solid. one is asking people which candidate they support so he can
12:59 pm
arrange the room. still some sports bars will stick with football, claiming it is less lik violence, because... on this day in 1960, americans watched the first ever televised presidential debate. it was a big deal. senator john f. kennedy and vice president richmond nixon, historians say it was ken's idea to put it on television and paid off. the analysts say kennedy seemed calm and collected but nix won was looking around and refuse teed wear makeup so he sweat. in fact, most people who listened on the radio said nixon won but tv viewers win for kennedy. historians believe nixon was on his way to winning the election until a television debate changed everything, 56 years ago
1:00 pm
today. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel but the bar is very high. we now know for the fir time we'll have a man and a woman an stage vying for the highest office in the land and the pressure couldn't be more acute. less than five hours from now, this the 56th anniversary of the first twiced -- televised presidential debate, that's what they call subtle pressure on the candidates involved, but keeng


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