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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 26, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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today. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel but the bar is very high. we now know for the fir time we'll have a man and a woman an stage vying for the highest office in the land and the pressure couldn't be more acute. less than five hours from now, this the 56th anniversary of the first twiced -- televised presidential debate, that's what they call subtle pressure on the candidates involved, but keeping
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in the perspective here we'll look at the backdrop, a big receive annual at wall and broader and concerns about a german bank that may be in trouble. we'll discuss that if a potential bank meltdown could be in the cards. we have a who's who pick eight part the issues debated tonight, including bobby nought and gary johnson the man not invited to the occasion, and the actor john voigt. what he reads into the hollywood community not keen on one donald trump and hoping hillary clinton seizes the initiative. for now, we good to sean spicer, the rnc communications director, who joins with a preview. >> i cannot imagine, sean, more drama ahead of an event that almost begs it letting us down.
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we built up all this drama. >> i thick it's going be a big, exciting night. could be an historic audience we see with over 100 million people tuning in but the stakes are high and that's a good thing. trump is the agent of change and show how washington can operate differently. how things can operate better and hillary clinton will do a good job of representing the establishment and status quo. we'll see a real for the first time contrast that truly exists in this election tonight on the stage just a few feet from here. >> now, normally we wouldn't pay too much attention to who is in that audience, 1100 seats, a third to clinton supporter, a third to trump supporters, a third to the student volunteers and those participating in a lottery, but mark cuban was invited by the hillary campaign and now donald trump responded, but do you remember a time that
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who is in the audience has gotten this much press? >> no. i think this campaign cycle has definitely been anything but conventional, and tonight continues to prove that this is not a conventional campaign or a conventional candidate. he is an agent of change and i think it's everything about what we have seen over the last year, starting on the fox stage in cleveland and august, has shown there's an opportunity to do things differently, and not just apied by -- ray -- abide by the status quo. >> what your thoughted be in role of a mid-rater and whether lester hold should interrupt either because of a factual error. >> hillary clinton has debated 38 times, a two-final united states senator and secretary of state. they have the candidate who has been ostage and has
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experience and yet their an defense, whining, talking about the media, trying to grade trump on a curve. if anyone is with hillary clinton it's the main stream media so they're going to the moderator should play the role of the fact checker. the moderators should facilitate discussion. if human hillary clinton wants t check donald trump that's her job. donald trump wants to fact check her or talk bit why she is misstating her record that's his job. this debate it about the candidate, not the moderators, we saw last cycle, mitt romney, canny crowley trying to correct mitt romney. that's not their job. the clinton campaign is on defense and worried bit tonight bus the candidate is not presenting the change that the
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american people want. and the polls this morning show it. donald trump's not only up two but the trend is plus six overall. the colorado poll, the pennsylvania poll, all the other battleground polls show that not only is donald trump leading but the momentum is with donald trump, the wind is at his back and that's where you want to be as you head into the final 40 days. >> i'll put you as a maybe on whether moderators should enter veep. let me get a sense. you mentioned the polls -- they show a tightening race, particularly battleground states. the debates normally don't dramatically move the needle although they have in the case of carter-reagan. reagan him a out with the seven-point lead and wrong in a landslide. do you think this one will have the same effect? >> i think it has the potential, neil. and that important. we could walk out tonight and pea be a complete push but i
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think there's the potential and here's why. hillary clinton has been in and out of washington for 30 years. you know what you get. either onboard already or you're 0 looking for someone else. donald trump has an opportunity to show the american people that he is that agent of change, the alternative to hillary clinton. right now you have a majority of americans say thigh know who hillary clinton and is don't want her. so the potential for there to be great opportunity tonight exists. the question is will that occur? i don't know but more than anymore in the past a lot of people will tune in tonight and actually physically see that contrast that people have been talking about. >> look forward to it thank you again. >> thank you, sir. >> fair illinois and bread now. the read from the democratic side with doug. er. >> to have you. >> good to see you. >> so you heard what your
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republican kind of counterpart had to say. there's no need for the moderator, lester holt to play fact checker, what do you make of that. >> sean is a good guy remarks good friend of mine, about it seems as the republicans are allergic to fact checking and should be because their candidate rerepeatedly lies about his positions and other people's positions. he claimed that -- he insinuated that ted cruz's dad was a part of the kennedy assassination. he talked about ted cruz not being qualified to be president because of if potential niship issues. >> can't hillary clinton be the one to correct him on those if that's the case? >> i fully antis -- anticipate secretary clinton well out when donald trump has fun with facted. here's the real issue -- >> the same should apply to -- just to be clear -- the same should apply to hillary clinton if she exaggerates.
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>> i think if -- if it's a mott raider in media, if someone says something that's true they should be held account. just baas donald trump makes a routine about lying about his positions and secretary christians to's positions doesn't mean he should get a pass. this is about who has as coherent policy to make the can economy work. donald trump should be held to name standard as hillary clinton. >> the only thing that catches my attention there's hell to pay by many in your camp if hillary clinton is interrupted as matt lauer did and that rude and that's going too far and that's needless fact checking, not so when it's against donald trump. >> i think that the media has been pretty touch on secretary clinton over the course of the campaign, and so i think what we're looking for is for both candidates to be held to the same standard, and donald trump
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ooh be able to explain why his economic positions aren't going to lose three million jobs, why they are not going to raise taxes on working class families. his healthcare proposal will cost 20 million people their health care, so i happen we -- i hope we hear more because hi hasn't said loud to avoid $5 trillion deficit with his tax policies. >> we'll watch closely. thank you for taking the time. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> the seniors a individualer. i -- advise ever. a lot of candidates have vied for this moment on the stage. gather johnson is still wondering why is not on the stage he's next.
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well, you can see there were two podiums up there we talked this more than with dr. jill stein who is not too pleased the won't be up on the stage. let just say governor gary john johnson is furious. continuing live ruth now from hofstra university, and you're looking at something they call the spin room, and quite appropriately that's where each side gets their respective proopinion anyones of each of -- proponents of the candidates to put their spin on the events before and after tonight's debate. a debate that will not be features one gary johnson, the libertarian candidate for president. he missed the cut and is not too happy about that.
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he joins us right now. governor, close but no cigar. you didn't poll at 15%. that was the number and know now you're drifting further from that. the rule generally is something like you drop even more if nor not invited because attention is focused on the two premiere candidates and not you. are you worried? >> well, you hit it on the head. i just find it fascinating that i'm polling higher than ross perot was when he was allowed into the first debate and as a result of being allowed into the debate for a brief per of time he was actually leading in the election. so i don't think at the end of the evening there's going to be this collective, oh, my -- this country is in great hands. you know what? after this debate, we should -- we'll probably see a big bump because there is one third-party candidate on the ballot in off 50 states, myself and bill
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wells. >> so, ross perot was polling at a heck of a lot higher than you are now when he was running -- he led the other two candidate. >> after the debate he was leading the other two candidates but before the debate he was polling lower than i am now. >> wait a minute, where are you -- where was he polling? i have you in single digits,. >> you take all the polls, it's tea safe to say we're right at 10%. perot was seven percent or six percent. >> i have to czech my -- check my facts. >> no, no -- asurprise to me, too, it's a shock. >> i don't want to good become and forth on that. i'll defer to you on that. will ask you this, whether you feel that when you had that failure to make this cut,
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whether you're hurt now making the second or third debate, is this one stage you need to be on and you're not. >> you hit it on the haven't, a self-fulfilling deal, not in the first one so how do you do in the next one. a couple things will be established tonight. one is the certainty at that time hillary clinton -- that the certainty with hillary clinton that taxes are not going to go down. the government will have the solution to everything. i think with donald trump, there's the certainty that there will be uncertainty. he is not about small government. you can't be about small government and not talk about reform to the entitle. s, medicaid, medicare, social security. you can't be about smaller government, prudent government spending if you note going to talk about a reduction in military spending help wants to increase military spending, bill weld, there's certain si with
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regard to government spending that tacks will not go up and rules and regular laying us will get better. we'll defend a person's right to make decisions in their open lives. let's stop dropping bombs and we would be the only candidate for tree trade -- free trade, believing free trade jobs -- does create jobs. >> oh would you handle -- we had a big downdraft in market today, alet of it on fear a big german bank, deutsche bank, is in trouble and might have to be rescued by german authorities and u.s. banks could be similarly vulnerable. you if you made it to the white house rescue an american bank that wag on the brink? >> if it's rescuing an american bank that has made bad choices -- and people think by -- if you don't rescue a bank that your assets invested in
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back are on deposit in the back will good under. they're federally insured but if a u.s. bank makes a bad decision they should be -- >> you would tell those who have more than the federal minimum insured, tough. the bank screwed up it an one you, too. >> i don't anybody that has money deposited with banks has more than that minimum. that's my belief. for shareholders in those banks and the banks make bad decisions, this was the whole 2008 collapse. capitalism -- >> would not president johnson would not rescue, period? >> well, i'm not doing this in a vacuum. i have free market economyis who say there would have not been a clay in 2008, capitalism on the
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way um. communism on the way down. they should have been allowed to fail. >> governor, thank you very much. maybe in the next presidential debate or the one after that. dope know. thank you -- we don't know. thank you. when we come back, each side has their fervent supporterred 'when it comes to donald trump it's hard to think of a more fervent one that bobby knight. he's next.
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the scene of the corner of wall and broad a big selloff of 166 points. a lot of it related to financial issues and concern that deutsche bank was in a world of hurt and might need to be bailed out by
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the german government. they say this is much ado about nothing, the deutsche is well capitalized and there's no reason to for a another meltdown. we have the former ubs americas ceo and charles payne; robert, you remember that period very well. you think what is going on with deutsche now and fears of just in. >> you and i spent a lot of hours talking during that leeman crisis -- lehman crisis is totally different. the u.s. banks are completely were cappized, deleveraged. i don't see it the same way but certainly deutsche may have to make sure they have the right underpinning of capital and will be interesting whether have to do some sort of issue.
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certainly merkel was firm in she idea she would not be billing anyone else. >> referring to angela merkel. haas payne -- charles payne. >> wasn't look ago the type banks in greece had us on edge. so deutsche bank certainly we have to be concerned. it is interesting, they say they're in good shape. germany says we don't need to come to rescue but we sea the session on wall street. the bang has other issues, and i think this should not be overlooked. they're saying this is -- revolves around the $14 billion fine by america, but they had some issues before this. this wasn't a great stock in the first place. italy's banks in trouble and greece. we have to keep on i eye--- -- keep ran eye on this. i. we can't be sanguine.
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>> the financial crisis greased the skids for mock -- john mccain's numbers. do you envision anything like that affecting his race. >> the economy at large will continue to be the number one issue in this race and tonight as clinton and trump face off, clinton has a walk 0 very living fine line between being positive about the past eight years and president obama's agenda, which he supports and use lang like this, the economy is work put not for everyone, and try to make wall street out to be bogeyman. >> robert wolf, now you're a hillary clinton backer. people are saying they have nowhere to go but down. had a great run and barack obama and hillary clinton said look at stocks under democrats, doubled.
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hardly off to races buzz the argument is off the mat. you still say that is her pitch. right? >> they're in the question. to talk about the markets and they're at an all-time high. 75 straight months of private sectyear job gain, but to respond to -- i think it's a binary choice, which is donald trump's trickle down versus hillary clinton, and trump has 5 trillion plus for the deficit and louses jobs base owned deportation program, and secretary christians to ads jobs. so if we -- >> well, it's all estimates bottom line but charles -- >> they're both the same -- >> well, i think -- >> using the same model. >> charles, one thing that cops um is hillary clinton has close to 2 trillion decide in tax
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hikes coming over the next decade. she argues that that is the means large live by going after the rich to pay for the programs. what do you make of that? >> it's a giant welfare utopia. the idea that our economy has peaked, and nowhere to good now the democrat bz divvying up the spoils no pace in small business or entrepreneurs and says to earn that the american dream is over and that's the wrong message to stand and the wrong policy to establish as well. >> how does donald trump have to counter that? >> i would agree and i think mr. trump should agree that the economy is not work fogging for everyone. the real question is why. the past eight years has been a complete failure because of policies like obamacare and if we want to pursue an economic agenda that works for everyone, we have to get everyone to work, and look at the labor force,
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happen been the case. mr. trump has to say he's going to jump start the economy and get people back to work and be an economy that works for arch. >> neil, i'd just like to add, when you hit obamacare, the 20 million newly insured, trust me, they're glad they have obamacare. so -- >> they need healthcare, they don't need health insurance. >> we can debate to i- >> doesn't saying anything about reality. >> americans are -- we save time by talking over one another. thank you for that. we'll hear from bobby knight. i wonder what the thinks about mark cuban being in the audience, after this.
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'd think all of holy is in love with hillary clinton? john voigt has something to say about that. it isn't monolithic.
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(sigh) my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got... allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands. you remember when hillary clinton first said that mark cuban was going to be one of her guest inside the front-row seat meant to presumably psych out donald trump and everybody thought trump invite jennifer
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flowers or paula jones. that was more fiction than reality weird. just getting word now that among mr. trump's guests, mike guys. benghazi survivor and general jack kellogg. that was know expected. the irony being with the invites , it's that they candidates themselves gone the bright lights will have a touch time figuring out who is in the audience, their invites or anyone. but donald trump's response was to say, all righty, have mark cuban, have to these heroes. bobby knight joining us right now. a what he makes for this tit-for-tat and who is in the audience or not. wonder if we make too much of a big deal. what do you think? >> i think we do.
1:34 pm
i think that centers around who is going to be in the next president, and that what i've always done. i was a history in government major in college and always gone way back to when i graduated from college, 50 some years ago and always been intrigued by the next president and who looks like the best candidate and soing for and that's how i felt about this coming election. >> now, you are backing donald trump. in fact early on you were with him and there arlet of folks who say he is -- the temperment and his temper, period, is going to get the best of him tonight. what due county of that. >> i don't think that will come close to happening itch -- i think donald trump will show people how intelligence he is and can deal with the consistent of circumstance that he is involved with. and that why i've been so interested in mr. trump. when i was coaching basketball,
1:35 pm
many years ago, i felt my responsibility was to the players, not to the players to determine who would win but that i would give and work to get the tools necessary for us to beat this team's full-court press or the way they rebound on offense. with my responsibility to give these kids the opportunity to win. and in doing it that way, when i quit coaching, we had won more games than any other school had ever won and that how i look at donald t brings more to this tae than anybody conceivably could bring to this table. he is not just national. he is international. he has had jobs for people over the world. businesses for people all over the world. and he has had problems. like anybody, like general motors has and like ford has and like westinghouse has; any big organization, any big corporation, would certainly --
1:36 pm
we are that way here in government. any big corporation has problems. i think donald trump is a really, really bright guy dealing with problems, and that's a huge thing coming up. i tell you this about the trump administering. if there is one. there will never be a benghazi affair like we had in this current administration where four american men were left to die and that should never have happened and will never happen in a trump administration. he'll protect the americans apresident to fullest. the -- americans abroad. the second thing will never happen in a trump administration is somebody in that administration receiving money from foreign countries and using it to his or her own advantage. there are some things about donald trump that are strong and tough and things that we really don't think about that are necessary to get this job done. >> coach, you do not appear to
1:37 pm
be a huge fan of one hillary clinton but that could be me making a leap. let me ask you about the whole colin cap per knick -- kaepernick issues. other players were -- this has widen it out. you said this sort of thing gets to be a distraction to the game at hand. what did you mean by that? >> i think anytime a player -- i don't care who the player is or what he does, when he bring a lot of attention to himself, that's controversial, like happened there that's taken away from preparation. they were just getting ready for the first game of the year and it wasn't the opponent or the offense, it was what this guy was talking about, and that irritated me more than what he said. he took something away from the intelligence, something away
1:38 pm
from the consideration, giving everything to when his teammates have to listen to all that stuff. >> we talk about what is at stake at this debate. you say one thing you can relieve debate by putting opinions on the board and winning. for donald trump that's going to be a test tonight but a lot of people are saying that expectations are so low for him that maybe he has an easier par. don't to the what is true or not but that -- once you let defense -- so heavily favored, enormous pressure on them and enormous pressure on you with your record. can that work against you and by extension, is that one thing that works against hillary clinton? >> well, let me tell you what i think in that regard. i think that a lot of people tonight are going to get a different look at donald trump than they've been given by
1:39 pm
people around the press in different ways. i think that when this is concluded tonight, they're going to be people all over the country that simply say to themselves, this guy's pretty smart. i don't see anything wrong with this guy. think -- it's a lot on donald trump's shoulders to show that part of himself. to show just exactly what he is, and i think he'll do that tonight and i think it will open the eyes of an awful lot of people around the country. >> coach, thank you very much. i hope to see you in the spin or elsewhere when fox business is covering this tonight. always a measure. thank you very much. >> well, nice of you ask me to give a culp of thought -- a couple of thoughts and i appreciate the opportunity to do so. >> thank you, sir. very good having you. we have so much more coming on. what is at stake with the hollywood community as well, taking a look at the race and saying it's incredible that hillary clinton is having havine
1:40 pm
difficulty she is in the polled. john voigt on that with an point you might not be expecting after this. test. test. test. test.
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to say this is a big media event would probably be an understatement, and even with competition from monday night football they're still expecting better than 100 million viewers. seems like a big number but, for example, pales compared to the wedding of charles and diana. for that one, 750 million viewers. wow. if that is -- even if they get 100 million it's a seventh what
1:44 pm
it was for charles and diana, 30 users ago. just gives you a chance to step back. the legendary actor john voigt joining me now. what me makes of the numbers. off the chart figures. a lot of people are going to be tuning in. there's as much entertainment as substantive value here. at someone who approacheds both what do you look at? >> well, what do i look at? i'm looking at you. neil, it's good to see you. after all this time. everyone's throwing in. i just had the news that "the new york times" and the "washington post --" mo no prize -- they join the liars of the world to try to take down donald trump. donald trump is an extraordinary fellow and accomplished much in his life and i've been watching him on the trips around the
1:45 pm
country, trying to educate people to what he might do as president of the united states, and i had the greatest admiration for him. he has several things that were surprises. he goes from place to place and at the end of -- maybe 12 hour day, 14 hour day he is clear and as strong as he was when he started in the morning at 7:30 or whatever it is. also, i've noticed he is very considerate of the people around him. when he finishes his speech, as he did with the voter's of vallejo outside submit, he came off and thanked the people that have helped him, especially gave a pat on the guy who hand his telemovementer, thanked me and very considerat. >> whoa don't so many of your kole legs -- i n you and i discussed this -- they don't see that same donald trump and many of them are putting out ads now
1:46 pm
saying it would be horrible if the becomes president, many others insisting -- park barbara streisand leaving the country. >> they're buying the cool aid. -- the coolade, what the democratic party puts our. not much reputation for the truth. but the people in hollywood on the left are loyal to hillary. okay. but the biggest -- there's big issues in terms of the character of the people running. we have a situation where we can look at the history down through the last couple of years and her history as secretary of state. donald trump has no blood on his hands as does hillary. remember benghazi. remember benghazi. and i can tell you this, one
1:47 pm
thing you can be sure of is donald trump is no liar. >> hillary clinton people disagree with you -- >> between the two candidates. >> i understand what you're saying -- >> they disagree -- >> they think the moderator -- they think the moderator should play a role, everyday he has an exaggeration go after him. don't know if they would have the same deal if the moderator did that going after hillary. >> i wonder -- like i'm on the spot right now with you, neil. you're throwing things back in my face and saying, what best -- what about this. i know donald trump and the things he has said and i find them to be true. i find the things he is talking about to be true. he has a sense of fun, things you can point to it by fine sometimes an unusual, sometimes awkward way he says exactly what needs to be said and tell this
1:48 pm
truth. i'll give you an example -- >> i want to -- go ahead, real quick. >> here's my example. when he said to hugh hewitt, he said, obama founded isis. and hugh hewitt said because he pulled the troops out and left that vac couple? and donald said he founded isis, and the people who are listening to got an education because they didn't know he pulled the trap us out. the basic throughout is that without that movement of troops out of iraq, isis would not have been -- come to be. >> well, you make a good point there. >> that's the usual -- >> issue i got you. your dawes is appearing lina jolie, the brad pitt divorce. you're torn in a difficult
1:49 pm
situation. will they be able to resolve this -- >> now. got going to speak on that. i am concerned about the children and my love is with my daughter and i hope things work out well. >> did it surprise you? did you see thing coming? >> neil, did you hear what i said? i'm not going to get into it. you're a journalist, neil. i don't want to comment on it, no. >> okay. finally, then, on donald trump, be happy to comment on. he has pressure. hillary clinton has pressure, too. how do you think just to sort of win over people emotionally, what would she have to do? >> oh, you know, i think that history is down. unfortunately for that side. if you're rooting for hillary because because we know what she has done as secretary of state and the things she said, for
1:50 pm
instance, to the mother and father from the heroes who perished in benghazi and bengha. and that's show she is so very k for her. she has to -- what she has done in the past is attack donald trump, just called him names and try to get the attention deflected from herself but it's going to be tough for her, i think. >> we'll watch closely should be very good drama tonight. thank you for taking the time. we appreciate it. >> okay, neil. thank you. god bless. >> a lot more coming up, including kennedy in the spin room. both sides try to spin their stories before and after the debates. kennedy on who has the upper hand right now before the clash. is that ice-t?
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all right. they call it the spin room. this is a huge complex. anyone who is anyone -- they're all there in the spin room. that's where you will find our kennedy. that's the room where each side will pitch their candidate ahead of the event, after the event. you are in the middle of it. there will be a few thousand more people in a few more hours there. what's the read? >> reporter: the read right now, there is a lot of anticipation. this place is buzzing. people are levitating, whether it's foreign journalists. you have a sea of print media behind me here. you can hear the key strokes. you can hear people having conversations amongst themselves trying to figure out exactly what is going to happen trying
1:55 pm
to glean any information possible tonight, which is almost impossible. because the campaigns right now are so close shut, they are tightly lipped. there will be a floodgate that flies open the second the debate is done. then the spin doctors will come into the spin auditorium. fox business has the very best platform of the -- in the entire venue, right over here. let's turn 180 degrees. you will see fox business set up right here in between two very important platforms. over here to our left, stronger together. this is where hillary clinton's surrogates will gather to tell the world what a great job she did regardless of how she performed. and then if we spin in the opposite direction, you see make america great again. this is donald trump's platform where he will load the stage not only with people sympathetic to his cause, who have talking points and selling points in hand. we also hear the candidate himself may make an appearance in the spin room after the debate. >> wow. >> my prediction is if they feel
1:56 pm
like it's a win, if it's a home run, if this is a solid performance, then you will see here soaking in the accolades. we know we will be told how phenomenal the candidates have done afterward. that's when the fun really begins. >> you are right. he does have a -- i remember after the -- when he would come up to the spin room afterwards. he relished it. he seemed to like it. the way they come out is sometimes -- you recognize they will either have banners that will say the candidate's name or something like that. they flank out and hit everybody, don't they? >> reporter: yes. they do. believe me, they want to be recognized. so not only the candidates but the surrogates themselves will hold up signs with their names on them just in case you are unfamiliar with newt gingrich. that's what we will look for. will leap on those people's backs for you tonight. >> just patting them on the shoulder might suffice.
1:57 pm
thank you very much. >> reporter: sure. whatever. >> it kicks off with lou dobbs. i take over for this sort of stuff. just by looking in my eyes. but what they didn't know was that i had dry, itchy eyes. i used artificial tears from the moment i woke up... the moment i went to bed. so i finally decided to show my eyes some love,... ...some eyelove. eyelove means having a chat with your eye doctor about your dry eyes because if you're using artificial tears often and still have symptoms, it could be chronic dry eye. it's all about eyelove, my friends.
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hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> welcome to a special


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