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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  September 26, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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stay tuned for special report up next. ♪ this is a fox news alert. good evening. welcome to the campus of hofstra university on long island. we are just three hours away from the first presidential debate. the presidential race is now officially a dead heat. after a series of new polls out today. tonight looks to be a pivotal point in an already contentious battle for the white house. as the two nominees are face to face for the very first time. we start with chief political correspondent carl cameron in the spin room where the trump team says they know he needs to make a positive impression tonight. good evening, carl. >> reporter: hi. donald trump just arrived at the debate site a short while ago. he will do a quick walk through
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to familiarize himself with the surroundings. for the last month or so, trump has been rolling out steady policy positions. but for the most part, this race has been more about personality, fitness for office and honesty. as you said, right now the polls, it's a tossup. a poll shows a virtual tie along likely voters within the margin of error. clinton is favored to win tonight's debate. among independents, trump leads by seven points. the monmouth poll shows clinton up four within the margin. trump has a slight lead within the margin of error with clinton favors to perform better than clinton. raising expectations in ways that make mistakes more costly. trump's teams is trying to lower expectations. >> let him be himself. he is an extraordinary political thinker and a great communicator. it doesn't mean necessarily he
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has the advantage in the debate. she has obviously policy knowledge i don't have. she's been in government since i was a child. i don't remember a time she hasn't been in government in one way or another. she's going to have obviously more specific knowledge than he has. advisers say he is loose, he is ready to articulate his policy goals, and will catalog hillary clinton's unfitness for office. >> first presidential debate between donald trump and hillary clinton on the same stage. you know, when those two candidates take the stage for the first time in the same place, no more media filters. >> reporter: pence indicated all the clinton scandals are fame game and trump will draw out clinton's true colors. >> tonight the stage, the american people will literally hear from someone who personifies the failed status quo in our nation's capital.
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>> reporter: trump will have some special guests in the audience tonight, including a gold star mom and a benghazi survivor. for the first time in the history of the presidential debate commission existence, he is very strongly expected to come to the spin room after the debate. that happens a lot in primary debates. it never happened in a nomination debate since 1988. >> there's a lot of things that have never happened in this presidential election. carl cameron from the spin room. thanks. hillary clinton is no stranger to the debate stage. nonetheless, has been cramming for tonight's contest with her team. fox news correspondent jennifer griffin reports on clinton's rigorous preparations. >> like a lot of people, i have a tendency to overprepare. i sweat the details. >> reporter: so much so that clinton spent four days doing mock debate prep in twice a daytimed 90-minute sessions in
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new york, including on the afternoon of the debate. aides have been on the offensive saying trump must be fact checks quotining a study that found th 70% of the claims he made prove to be false. >> when you talk about her trust numbers, she's going to be talking tonight to the american voter about what she would do. >> reporter: her choice of guests tonight, four women were invited to drive home that point. lawrence manning, a 9/11 survivor who clinton first met in the hospital when she was a senator working for health benefits for first responders and other survivors. maxine outerbridge, a single mom who got help from the children's health insurance program that cl clip t clinton helped create. aletha williams from the bronx and pen pam of clinton since she was first lady. the race is a virtual tie.
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clinton is down by one point, 41% to 42% in colorado, among likely voters, according to a new cnn/orc poll. 13% are voting for johnson. in pennsylvania, her lead has shrunk to just one point, 45% to 44%. in pennsylvania, 79% say their mind is made up. in virginia, clinton is leading but that lead has shrunk to six points with gary johnson taking 15% of the vote. >> i'm going to be on the edge of my seat taking notes. i got to prep for a debate next week. >> senator tim kaine will be at an lgbt debate watch party with the human rights campaign in orlando, florida tonight. >> reporter: aides tell us she did debate prep until the last moment. her sparring partner, philippe reines, did everything he could
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to become donald trump right down to the cufflinks. >> jennifer, we were talking to the director of communications of the clinton campaign. it was interesting to hear her say this could be boring in the first $30 minute. i said, we're not going to use that as a tease. there's different strategies depending on what donald trump is on the stage. >> reporter: they expect him to come out and perhaps compliment her. they are prepared for that. they are prepared for her 30 mi prescription. now to the third person on stage tonight, moderator, lester holt. the role of a moderator can be tough. i know. both campaigns have appeals about holt. to talk about what we are likely to see tonight, i'm joined by host of fox's media buzz, howard kerns. what do you think? >> good evening. there's tremendous pressure on lester holt of nbc to be fair to both sides.
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first, donald trump telling me and others that holt and the other moderators will be unfair to him. now the clinton campaign, led by robby mook saying it's lester holt's job to fact check donald trump because donald trump spews so many lies. it can't be on hillary clinton to do that. traditionally, that's not the role of the moderator in the debates. traditionally, you frame tough questions, let the candidates go at it and get out of the way. >> we were talking about what is going to transpire and whether he is going to get in the mix. do you think that the commander in chief forum and matt lauer's bombardment somehow affects lester holt? >> reporter: trump certainly thinks so. i think lester is a no nonsense guy who will resist that kind of pressure. at the same time, it's not just pressure coming from the partisans. look at the mainstream media.
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yesterday, "new york times," los angeles times, washington post all carrying stories about the lies, exaggerations and half truths in their telling, some of this was nitpicking, some was fair, that donald trump had committed in the past week. that has set an expectation that lester holt has to wrestle donald trump to the ground. that's not his job. he needs not to get down into the weeds. he needs to ask follow-up questions if either candidate says something that seems untrue. he can invite the opposing candidate 60 seconds, 30 seconds, whatever to take them on. remember the people are tuning in to see donald trump and hillary clinton, not to see lester holt debate either one of them. >> very quickly, it does track with what was on the clinton website. >> i'm talking to that camera. >> reporter: that's a clinton theme. at the same time, no matter what lester holt does here tonight, he will get criticized on both sides. that i can predict. >> thank you. what do you think of the role the moderator should be
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tonight? let me know tonight on twitter. from the moderator to the candidates. first up, the republican donald trump. who has fought his way through 11 primary debates with at times a very crowded stage, as you remember. tonight is the first time he will be on a stage with just one opponent. trump has been studying briefing books. the campaign says he has not been holding the typical mock debate sessions that candidates traditionally use. the businessman's charisma, including jokes and occasional insults served him well in the republican primaries. the real question is, can it work on the main stage tonight? trump says if clinton treated him with respect, he would do the same. let's bring in chris collins, the first congressman to endorse donald trump. >> good to be with you. >> what do you think? setting the table for tonight. >> i think we're going to see president trump show up tonight. he will be presidential.
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i think if someone is going to throw first pufshnch, it's goino have to be hillary. we all on one hand hope she does. we will see what happens. on the other hand, let's stay on the issues. let donald trump contrast his vision for america to change that people can imagine america working again, safe again, our inner cities safe, getting our economy going. that's the trump that's going to be speaking to the hearts and minds of america, making it a better america for our children, our grandchildren and making america great again for all of americans. and then in the give and take, you will see a contrast to the status quo candidate, hillary clinton, who said she will be a third term of barack obama. >> he didn't do a lot of mock debates. did he do any mock debates? >> i don't know that he did any mock debate in the sense of hillary, over preparing. he knows the issues. he knows what it's going to take to get america going.
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i think you can over prepare. donald trump's style is better to not be over prepared. hillary is one who has to prepare to the nth degree. i don't think that would serve donald trump well. he is very good on his feet. he is very quick to pivot. that's not hillary's style. >> there's a lot to this preview. it's going to come out now under three hours. if as the clinton folks say she kind of plays it cool with the first part there and she plays to the camera and says her vision for america and what she believes, eventually, is that going to get to donald trump? is he going to want to kind of push back? >> i think that would play into him. she talks about her vision for the future, which is status quo. two-thirds of the public knows the country is moving in the wrong direction. that's a softball pitch to donald trump to say, you know, mrs. clinton, the economy hasn't budged in eight years. we will bring the jobs back, stolen by mexico and china.
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we will have fundamental tax reform to get investment in this country. the private sector creating jobs. you want to tax the private businesses out of business. i think that contrast would play right into him at the policy level that's two levels deep, not ten levels deep. i think that would get a lot of heads nodding in america. >> i want to raise an issue that has not been raised that much. that's talk about the national debt and the deficit. neither one of these candidates talks about that much at all. had you former indiana governor mitch daniels put out a statement. he is the responsible federal budget co-chair. he said, we have a moral obligation to ensure we don't leave a mountain of debt to our children and grandchildren crippling their economic future and calling into question the credibility of our democratic decision making. a fellow republican there saying that. saying that -- >> i agree with him. >> your nominee needs to say more about the debt and deficit. >> i think to me it's fairly
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simple in donald trump world and mine. if we get the economy growing at 4% a year, which donald trump talks about, after eight years of 1.5 and not 2% growth, it puts people back to work. it gets them off of the entitlement programs, gets them off of food stamps. it's amazing what growth can do at 4% a year to bring revenue in at the same time cutting expenses. so that dynamic model will, in fact, working with speaker ryan, will get our budget balanced. i'm confident we can do that. we have to grow our way to success and balance. we can't continue to shrink our way. >> even though he doesn't talk about the debt side or entitlement side that much on the trail? >> i think he talked -- of course, the economy is going to grow. the entitlements will drop. that's almost -- of course, as you grow your business and your margins and profits are there and in this case, people drop off on the entitlement rolls, we will fix ourselves. >> last thing, the politics,
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polls are trending. you have david plum who is on eye cable channel, used to be president obama's campaign manager, saying this about the status of the race. take a listen. >> none of these polls accurately do is to look at what a good campaign does. you have a good sense of who is likely to vote. my belief is johnson and stein's vote number will not be as high as it is right now. when you look at that, getting trump to a win number in pennsylvania, whether that win number is 50, 49 or 48, i mathematically it's impossible. >> you can't get there, it's impossible. >> the thing that clinton doesn't have is any energy behind her campaign. the trump people can't wait to vote. so i think at the end of the day, that energy behind donald trump is something you can't poll. i actually do think the
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millennials stay home or they will vote for johnson and stein. the momentum is with trump. the energy is with trump. hillary has a serious problem in trying to get people with energy to turn out and vote for her. >> congressman collins, we appreciate it. a live look inside the debate hall where in just a few hours the candidates will face off. you know, the stage, we will give you a tour on the floor in a moment. throughout the show we will take to you different places here on the campus of hofstra university, which by the way is the only place that has held a debate in three consecutive presidential cycles. they are very proud of that here at hofstra university. now to the other corner of the this debate stage, hillary clinton who has participated in more debates than any candidate in recent history, with more than 40 contests under her belt, counting senate debates there
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2000 and 2006 and democratic primary showdowns in 2008 and this time around. clinton has made it clear she's doing the traditional prep work with mock debate sessions going well into the night, we're told. she's preparing for two prompts, measure and serious version and one more free wheeling and makes personal attacks. campaign officials say clinton is making a positive case and will for her candidacy and not just reminding voters of her rival's at times controversial comments. joining me now representing clinton camp is california congressman persera. thanks for being here. >> good to be with you. >> what about it? what does secretary clinton have to do? >> i think she has to show folks who she is, how she can be leader on day one for this country, that she's fit to be our commander in chief. she's ready for the job. she's proven it over the years
3:17 pm
by all the things she accomplished. she's the one that helped green light the raid on osama bin laden that captured him. she's the one that helped make sure that 8 million children in america as senator she made sure 8 million children in america had health insurance. she's the one as senator for new york made sure our first responders and the victims and families of the victims after 9/11 had a chance to have their country and their government do right by them. she's ready on day one to be president of the united states. i think on the other hand, we have to look at donald trump and wonder what he would be. he hasn't explained it. lots of stuff he is hiding. with he need someone ready to be commander in chief and president on day one. >> how much of this debate will be about kind of probing donald trump to kind of pull him out and talk about his policies and how much will be about her laying out her case for why she wants to be commander in chief and what she will do? >> i think you are going right to the nut of it.
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the secretary has spent many, many years in her various roles in our government showing what she can do. she could point to those things. and you can see the track record. unfortunately with donald trump, he says one thing or does another or says another. we still don't know yet what his tax returns look like. we don't know about the so-called secret plan to defeat isis that he talks about. he keeps telling us now he will consult with the generals he criticizes. we don't know much about his health. we don't know so this things about donald trump. it would be good for this debate to give the american people a chance to understand who donald trump is and what he would do. >> does a boring without fireworks debate hurt hillary clinton? >> not if she gets out there and talks directly to the american people about how she will build the country, create more jobs from the middle out instead of trickle down the way donald trump says by giving tax benefits to the wealthy. she's talking about middle class. i think she would call them the real job creators, not the
3:19 pm
wealthiest. they are the ones, the middle class has disposable money, they can buy the house, exchange, get a new car. buy that dishwasher that broke down or the clothes washer. that creates jobs. somebody has to manufacture those dishwashers and someone has to repair that car or make that car. all those things help create more jobs in america. >> you know this campaign has at times been very contentious and words have been used on frankly both sides. this is harry reid today on the senate floor. >> donald trump is a racist. racist is a term i don't throw around lightly. those who refuse to denounce donald trump's actions as racism are complicit in normalizing his hate. it's time for republicans to stop closing their eyes to donald trump's racism. >> basically, if you couldn't hear it, donald trump is a race
3:20 pm
i. a raceism and anybody who doesn't say it is complicit. >> i will tell when you donald trump said a young man born in indiana grew up got an education the hard way, became a judge for this country and donald trump said that man could not be a fair judge because of his mexican heritage, to me, that's racism. i'm of mexican heritage as well. my parents came from mexico. i'm the first in my family to have an opportunity to go to college. when donald trump tells the judge and he is telling me that i can't do my job well because of my mexican heritage, that's racist. >> he says that was about the case and he has gone on to explain that. i want to -- >> what do you explain with that? the reason the judge couldn't do a good job wasn't because some flaws in the case or some flaws in the way the judge was ruling. it was because he was of mexican heritage. >> there are republicans talking -- >> paul ryan said that. >> i want to ask you about immigration. the question is hillary clinton for sanctuary cities? >> hillary clinton is for
3:21 pm
comprehensive immigration reform. a full fix to the system. you and i and everyone watching would agree, our immigration system is broken. she will put forward a plan working by bipartisanly with both houses in congress to get something done. she was in the senate before. she worked bipartisanly. it has to be bipartisan. >> sanctuary cities are a part of the solution. >> it's very different from what you do to fix the immigration system. it's a program to make sure that you don't -- you are not getting mothers at a grocery store and deporting them because they are immigrants. it's making sure we go after criminals, not mothers and children. >> we couldn't get an answer this week. we appreciate you coming on. thank you very much. up next, the fbi released a new batch of crime statistics. it paints a scary picture. stay with us here. you both have a
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here at hofstra university. now to other news. nine people were shot and wounded, one critically, in houston when a lawyer who had issues with his law firm began firing randomly at drivers. the suspect turned his guns on police officers when they arrived on scene. he was shot and killed by police. multiple weapons were found at that scene. authorities say the suspect in the deadly washington state mall shooting has confessed to killing five people. arcan cetin was arrested, faces five charges of premeditated murder. authorities ask he be held on a $2 million bond. charlotte police are signaling tougher rules on marchers following follow ing the arrest of 11 protesters.
3:26 pm
in total, more than 70 arrests have been made in the charlotte area. statistics are in. violent crime is up in the united states. the fbi released the crime numbers from 2015. it shows a marked rise from the year before, including murders spiking by more than 10%. james rosen breaks down the troubling statistics. >> reporter: a spiraling homicide rate in chicago, the publication, recorded a rise in the number of violent crimes in 2015 of 3.9%. and a jump in the number of murders of 10.8%. rape increased by 6.3%, aggravated assault by 4.6% and robbery by 1.5%. the attorney general said it's the third lowest for violent crime in two decades. >> when law enforcement and communities present a united front against violence, we can make progress.
3:27 pm
>> reporter: the fair punishment project says the numbers demonstrate america to be safer under president obama. no year during george w. bush's, bill clinton's, george h.w. bush's or reagan's presidency was a safe as 2015. violent crime is near historic lows. the country is safer than it was 45 years ago, 25 years ago or ten years ago. the white house touted the figures but backed off when asked if mr. obama was responsible for today's low crime levels? >> i don't think there's any one direct causation that we can draw. i think the president is proud of the positive contribution hissehis hissed aadministration made. >> reporter: in addition to chicago, six cities, baltimore, cleveland, houston, milwaukee, nashville and washington, d.c., accounted for half the year to year surge. >> as opposed to 30 years ago when i was a young cop and the saturday night special was on the street, they are using
3:28 pm
weapons that produce a tremendous amount of fire power in a short period of time which is increasingly lethality. >> reporter: josh earnest refused to rule out the idea of the president using executive action before his term ends to restrict firearm sales. >> james rosen live on north lawn. thank you. the government's key witness in the george washington bridge lane closing case testified today that he interpreted an e-mail saying, time for some traffic problems, as an order. that he immediately told new jersey governor chris christie's campaign manager. his former deputy chief of staff claimed it was a joke. christie who is in charge of the trump transition team has not been charged and has repeatedly denied knowing about the scheme. rough day to start the week on wall street. the dow dropped 167.
3:29 pm
the s&p 500 lost 19. the nasdaq was down 48. the syrian foreign minister thinks an internationally brokered cease-fire is viable. others are more skeptical. russia and the united states spar over who is to blame and what can be done in the war torn country. connor powell reports on the latest carnage. >> reporter: from the air and on the ground. aleppo has been pounded by russian and syrian government forces since the sear ficease-f collapsed last week. much of the city now just rubble. the bombardment, most intense since the war began in 2011. hundreds of civilians have been killed and wounded with hospitals and emergency services struggling to cope. the carnage igniting a war of words at the u.n. sunday night. with the u.s. ambassador accusing russia of war crimes for its use of bunker busting bombs over aleppo.
3:30 pm
>> what russia is sponsoring and doing is not counterterrorism. it's barberism. >> reporter: russia's ambassador in turn blamed the u.s. and gulf arab backed moderate opposition forces for the breakdown of the cease-fire claiming rebels were holding civilians hostage. >> translator: groups are being armed. the country is being bombed indiscriminate indiscriminately. peace is almost an impossible task now. >> reporter: the battle attracting fighters from across the region. american officials tell fox news as many as 3,000 iranian backed fighters have arrived to the city to support the syrian regime. no matter the cost, assad and russia appear determined to retake aleppo. with the international community deadlocked about how to end the
3:31 pm
fighting, the blood shed looks said to continue in aleppo. the pentagon said it has no current plans to protect the civilians of aleppo from further violence. the u.s. will continue to focus its efforts against isis. >> connor powell in our middle east newsroom. thank you. up next, an all-star panel expanded panel breaking down what to expect tonight from the two candidates. first an inside look at how twitter is preparing for tonight's debate. >> this is the media room where all the reporters are. let's go see our friends at twitter. adam sharp, big night tonight. >> first night in 2012, 10 million tweets. we expect to top that tonight. the big question is, what will people be tweeting about? >> you had a look back at the year. >> absolutely. here we are looking at tweets about hillary clinton. biggest moment, the convention. the big spike around that fbi
3:32 pm
press conference and about her health. >> donald trump, a prolific twitter user. >> donald trump, similar story here. his biggest night, republican convention. but questions about his candidacy by the establishment wing of the party, mitt romney's press conference and protests and rallies at his rallies. >> issues, i see foreign affairs is number one. >> foreign affairs driven by questions of isis and terrorism. number one, driven by events like the bombings in new york and new jersey. climbing because of more police shootings and the protests. number five, the economy, slow and steady. it always comes back to the pocketbook. while the other issues rise and fall with the news cycle, the economy always in the top five. >> special report continues after this.
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polls out today say it's tied nationally. b we have tremendous momentum. more and more people every day. despite the overwhelming bias in the national media. more and more people every day are joining this movement to make america great again. >> that was vice-presidential nominee mike pence talking today about the newest polls. the average in polls, the fox special report average of the last five polls that we trust has hillary clinton up about two points here. but there have been several polls that are essentially tied. there are a number of state polls that are looking different. in colorado, in pennsylvania, all in trump's direction. let's bring in our expanded panel. steve haze, karen tumulty for "the washington post," mau maur
3:37 pm
lyson and monica crowley. i went from outside to inside here in the debate hall. it was a walk but we got here. let me start with you, mara. your sense of the polls and a trend. is a trend starting to show here? >> it looks like it is. the national polls are tightening. and some of the key states that donald trump needs to win, like pennsylvania and colorado, those are states that he would have to get over and above florida, hawaii, iowa, north carolina. but when you talk to people in the clinton campaign, they don't see a change. they think their position is still pretty stable. >> monica, your thoughts as we get ready for the debate tonight? >> well, i think donald trump needs to do two things. first of all, go back to ronald reagan in 1980, he ran on three
3:38 pm
themes, cutting the taxes, reducing government and defeating communists. no matter what question he got in any debate, he found a way to bring it back to those three things. i think donald trump needs to do the same thing with his four core themes of law and order, economic populism, strong national defense and defeating the corrupt, rigged system. tonally, it's really important for donald trump to be a happy warrior. to take this restoration of america on with joy. and also if he goes after mrs. clinton, he has to make sure that he does it more in a tone of sorrow and sadness. >> karen? i guess you can't hear. >> i'm getting no sound at all. >> go ahead. steve, weigh in. >> steve can be my translator here. >> steve, can you hear me? >> i got you. i will jump in.
3:39 pm
i think the big -- the big thing here is expectations. people have said this before. if you look at polling that's been done, there are five polls that show americans think hillary clinton is going to win this thing. somewhere between nine points and 14 points. people think she's going to win. that puts a heavy burden on her to basically make the case and to present herself as something new, which i think is very hard for her to do after having spent three decades in public life. i think she's got a very tall burden and donald trump, of course, as we have talked about before, has a relatively low expectation in part because of the way that hillary clinton has chosen to go after him, arguing in effect that he is dangerous to the country, he can't put sentences together, that he is so far outside the mainstream he can't really be a normal mainstream political candidate. >> i think that given the contrast between these two candidates, this is one of the rare general election debates that isn't so much about who
3:40 pm
wins and who loses and who does the persuasion. i think more so than we have seen in general election campaigns, this is going to be where both of these candidates are talking to their own supporters and really trying to motivate them to actually show up. because this is -- especially hillary clinton, latest polls have an enthusiasm gap for her. this is about convincing your own supporters of the urgency of this election. >> what about the bar, mara? where is the bar set for this debate? the expectations as we have now? >> i think the bar -- i think the bar is really different. the bar for donald trump is pretty low. he has to look like a plausible president. he has to surprise people who think he is going to show up and be an insult comic kind of monster. the image of him that he helped create for himself and the clinton campaign has foft stere. the bar for her is impossibly high to meet.
3:41 pm
she has to show she's honest, positive, trustworthy. not being aggressive or harsh or things that penalize female candidates. it's harder than doing everything fred astair does. >> what about donald trump's bar? >> as i mentioned, i think the burden is actually less on donald trump tonight than it is on mrs. clinton. for obvious reasons. i think if mrs. clinton falters, if she has a coughing attack or if she takes one of donald trump's moves into the jaw as has trouble recovering, she's going to have a tough time. she has yet to offer compelling r rational for her candidacy. tonight she has to offer that rational and she has to offer a clear vision for where she wants to take the country. i don't think that after nearly
3:42 pm
30 years on national scene she can convince americans now that she's honest and trust worthy. what she needs to do is reassure americans. donald trump on the other hand has to reassure americans that he will be a responsible president and leader. >> the latest polls today have about 84% saying they are going to watch this debate tonight. we are going to see some big numbers something tells me. something also tells me that we may have the vice-presidential nominee here in the house at hofstra unit. universi a look at where the two nominees will be going head to head here in the studio. about 1100 seats. guests from both campaigns from hofstra university, they will be told one thing. be quiet. don't be a factor. this is not like a republican primary debate or a democratic
3:43 pm
primary debate where the crowd factors in. they will be told to be quiet. everything is this is the stage. lester holt's desk, that's where he will be. everything has been talked about, negotiated. it's a little chilly in this room. as you look at the stage, take a look at the lecterns. on the right, hillary clinton. it's shorter. she is shorter. on the left side, donald trump. this is where they will stand for this big night. special report continues after this. i'm jamie foxx for verizon. in the nation's largest independent study by rootmetrics, again, verizon is the number one network. hi, i'm jamie foxx for sprint. and i'm jamie foxx for t-mobile. (both) and we're just as good. really? only verizon was ranked number one nationally
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university in new york. you are looking at the debate
3:47 pm
hall. the big night, it's debate night in america. we are pleased to be joined by vice-presidential nominee governor mike pence joining us from actually just down the road at the spin room. a couple blocks away. governor, thanks for being here. your thoughts on this night? >> well, just incredibly exciting for me and my family to be here tonight. the american people tonight are going to see the man that i get to talk to every day, that i campaign shoulder to shoulder with. this is a good man. it's going to be a great president of the united states. i'm looking forward to 90 minutes, unfiltered, where the american people are going to hear his vision to make america great again. >> governor, how much were you in the loop about his preparations and what he was up to as far as practicing for this night? >> i think donald trump has been preparing for tonight for his entire life. this is a man who is a builder,
3:48 pm
who has spent a life creating a great business. i really think that process that he has been through, while i made suggestions all along the way, has really been an effort to take advantage of that authenticity that he has brought to this campaign. made it possible for him to enter a 17-way primary and come out on top. i know that authenticity and that sincerity will come through today. and i'm excited for 9:00 to get here and excited for the opportunity for the american people to hear again that this really isn't a choice so much between two candidates. it's a choice between two visions. it's a choice between two futures. tonight is going to be an important night in laying that case out to the american people. >> one more thing about this debate night. talking to senior aides with the clinton campaign, they say the first 30 minutes is going to be
3:49 pm
crucial. they say secretary clinton is going to lay out her vision of why she wants to be president. they're not going ing ting to trying to draw out donald trump. what do you think about that? >> well, you know, i sure hope -- i sure hope both candidates are given the country to lay out their vision for this country. really, this is a choice between whether we're going to stay with the policies that have weakened america's place in the world, stifled our economy, walked away from our most cherished constitutional traditions or whether we're going to turn and and go up the hill to a stronger america at home and abroad, a growing america, an america that cherishes our constitutional principals. opportunity that donald trump has tonight is to lay out that vision and frankly as both candidates lay that out, i think we're going to have a great night. >> i want to ask you about a couple of specifics, some news that's happening in washington. the president vetoed this 9/11
3:50 pm
bill that would allow 9/11 families to sue saudi arabia or countries who potentially support terrorist acts like the 9/11 attacks. he attacks. he vetoed that bill but now there's a consideration for an override up on capitol hill. donald trump has said he stands with the 9/11 families and called the veto one of the worst things president obama has done to those families and yet there are many republicans as you know, governor pence, that are concerned about this and say that this could threaten national security. what do you say to them? >> well, you know, i was in washington, d.c. on september the 11th. i was at ground zero about a week later, and i think that justice demands that the families be able to hold accountable those who should be held to account, and the role of the saudi arabian government and the fact that of the 19
3:51 pm
hijackers, the overwhelming majority were from saudi arabia, i think all invites a day in court and so donald trump and i strongly stand with the families on 9/11. my hope is congress will take up this measure and override the president's veto. >> and last thing, you know, we've talked a couple of times before about really what the economic plan is, but what has not been laid out is what the isis plan is, and the clinton folks are champing at the bit, i think, to use that line, that it's a secret plan that they say is -- donald trump has not laid out. will he lay it out tonight? >> i think the plan that donald trump has laid out is really a plan to confront radical islamic terrorism and also to take the fight to the enemy at the source. donald trump -- donald trump laid out that vision in youngstown, ohio, bret, and the last thing that he said we
3:52 pm
should do is tell the enemy what our plans are. hillary clinton has actually already announced that she's not going to allow ground forces to be introduced into the theater. we've already obviously got about 6,000 forces in iraq and in the theater right now, but donald trump is going to provide the kind of leadership that says here's the goal. here's the mission. here's his ideas for accomplishing that mission, and as he said he's going to bring together our military leaders in the first 30 kas of -- days of a trump-pence administration, get their ideas and we're going to hunt down and destroy isis at its source. i think the difference here is going to be the american people are going to see this broad shouldered leadership tonight that's going to say here are the goals for our country at home and abroad and here's a leader in donald trump that's going to have the determination and the ability to drive your country toward -- our country toward those goals. >> governor pence, we pressure you stopping by even from just the spin room and we look forward to seeing you tonight.
3:53 pm
>> thank you, bret. next generation will help decide obviously who our next president will be. both hillary clinton and donald trump are trying to court the millennials. we have the story of some experts who say the candidates' efforts might be in vein. >> reporter: millennials, the largest segment of the u.s. workforce, the ones who have never known life without an nernt. with whom hillary clinton and donald trump are having problems. >> one has no political background. just straight up runs for candid yaes because -- candidacy because he has the money behind him, the second one has a political background and also isn't necessarily honest. >> reporter: recently, hillary clinton addressed younger voters that she will address climate change and immigration reform. >> i also know that you are
3:54 pm
totally opposed about donald trump. you may still have questions about me. i get that. >> reporter: they both made the rounds on the lat night shows. clinton is leading trump among millennials, a 26 points, a lead that dropped when johnson and stein were included. unless they are properly motivated, they are going to turn out. >> enter bernie sanders and president obama dispatched by clinton in hopes their millennial street kred rubs off on her. former bernie sanders loyalists are reluctant. >> i didn't want to pick hillary clinton honestly.
3:55 pm
>> probably more against hillary than for donald trump. >> reporter: this group is not particularly loyal or interested in political parties or labels. in a few research studies ras year, only 40% of millennials said they were okay with being called millennials. final thoughts on this big night after a quick break, but first, social media has changed thele political landscape and facebook has some interesting features ready for tonight's broadcast. this is the spin room where the campaigns will come to spin reporters. let's go talk to facebook and our friend robert. how are you? >> good. how are you? >> what's driving the talk on facebook? >> the top five issues on voters lines are number one racial issues, not surprising driven by conversations especially in the tulsa area and charlotte area. government, terrorism, religion.
3:56 pm
both candidates have a lot of conversation on facebook. trump about 34 million people have had 370 million interactions over the last 30 days. hillary, she's got 28 1/2 million people talking about have been her. we see a spike here in the middle when the concerns about her health were in the news. >> so how many tonight, do you think? >> ton, i wouldn't be surprised if we get over 40, 45 mill people talking about the debate on facebook. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. >> "special report" continues after this.
3:57 pm
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4:00 pm
report." "a big debate night. fair, balanced and still unafraid. "on the record" and continuing coverage of the first presidential debate with my good friend, brit hume starts right now. hello and welcome back. i'm brit hume and this is "on the record." tonight from off stra university outside new york city, site of the long awaited debate between donald trump and hillary clinton. the real clear politics polling average tonight shows an exceedingly close contest with hillary clinton leading by just over 2 points in a two-way race and half a point less in a four-way. the betting odds meanwhile continue to show gamblers by a wide margin favoring mrs. clinton to win. mr. trump who arrived here just a short time ago continues to gain in some key state polls. more about them in a moment. first let's check in with our correspondents covering the two candidates. karl cameron with the trump campaign and jennifer griffin


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