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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 26, 2016 9:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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who do you think won tonight's presidential debate? let me know what you think. thanks for watching everyone. this is the kelly file. a have good night for donald trump. tonight, we'll speak with the man himself, and laura ingraham but first, after he stepped off the stage, i had the very first interview. here it is. >> how are you feeling? >> i feel great. i liked it. i enjoyed it. i thought it was a great debate. yes. a passionate debate.
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one of the things i've been saying this is a choice election. you were highlighting she's going to raise taxes and regulations. you talked about things that i talked about. >> at least two and a half trillion dollars and many, many jobs and she's been talking for years and nothing gets done. it's all talk. >> 30 years she's done that. that is a big point. what about the fact you pointed out go to her website. she's going to raise $1.2 trillion if penaltys. >> she says go to my website and learn how to defeat isis. >> and buy her book. >> how to defeat isis on a website. >> there was a moment when the second part of the debate, they started talking about race and you brought up, she tried to play the race card which her ads have done.
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>> she views the word, taking dishonest person. and she took and used the word super president and i think it's a terrible term. and i did want to bring it up what about issues that foreign policy? were they part of the debate tonight? iran, iraq? syria? afghanistan? >> so you know and i know she's been a disaster. and i used your name today because you and i used to argue over the war. >> before the war. >> we had many conversations about that. you told me i was wrong. those people are asking me, you did tell me i was wrong. and you did have passion. >> you and i, i understood where you're coming from. and you said i didn't like the middle east. >> i didn't think it would be managed to badly. i felt that it's something that had to be discussed because i was against the war in iraq.
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>> yes. >> let me ask you a last question if i can. the birther controversy. there was a memo that came out. there was a blumerthal issue. a woman worked in texas and acted like she had nothing to do with it. >> she had a lot to do with it. you know it and the campaign knows it and i think now, the world knows it. >> at the end of the debate, maybe out of desperation, she tried to attack you as sexist. >> i didn't want to say, her husband was in the room with her daughter who i think is a very nice young lady. i didn't want to say about what has been going on in their lives. i decided not to say it. i thought it would be d disrespectful to chelsea and the family. she has taken out millions of dollars in phony ads. >> about you, her, her differences. what do you take out of this
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debate going into your next debate? >> she's never going to make america great again. it's going to be more talk. she talks like she's going to do child care and this. and 26 years, 26 years, none of the things have happened. now, all of a sudden they're going to happen? not going to happen. >> thank you. >> also tonight, i spoke with donald trump's son, don junior. take a look. >> you nervous? >> i'm more nervous than he is. he hasn't been doing this for years like other people have. i think he did a great job. >> she's been at this for 30 years. a long period of time. one thing he said is that you didn't get the job done. >> and what is going to change? there is no action. he's going to have someone created jobs try to create job for the country. >> he said that about the black community. every four years, they vote the democratic community but schools
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are still awful since obama has been president. 58% increase black americans on food stamps. 20% out of the labor force. >> it's terrible. when you look at democratic ruling it is 107 years of democratic rule. you look at detroit. look at what happened this those amounts of time. nothing good happened. i think it's time for a change and to bring real job creation. if you do that, guess what happens? everyone wins. >> were you surprised she said i'm going to raise taxes? we're going to redistribute wealth? didn't we just do this right here sth. >> looking into her tax plan, it's also the middle class. not just the rich. making it feel like just billionaire donors but the middle class is going to pay for this. it's not just about revenue. not about the money you bring in, it's what you spend, to negotiate. not to say here is the price, don. okay. that is great. just accept that. that is not what we should do. we should be making sure we're
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getting the best bang for the buck from the american taxpayers. >> he did point out the first to accumulate anymore debt than other. >> if he run our polls like the government we'd be living on the street. >> it just didn't work. these policies just doesn't work. >> what do you think when she takes cheap shots? trying to say your dad was racist in a way. then, you're the one that called people super prejudiced. >> i'm sitting next to him and mayor rudy giuliani. these are politicians. in places where you have 4,000 people almost killed maybe we have to do something about it. maybe we should try to stop that vicious cycle. and it's pretty nice. he didn't take the cheap shots.
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and to come out, it was happy, and perhaps i would have done it myself. >> he didn't want to do it. and not in front of his family. you can't have it both ways. >> two more to sit through. >> exactly. >> don junior, great to see you. >> good to stop by. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> joining us now live with reaction, newt gingrich is with us. let's start at the end of the debate. it was a real wide opening in donald trump said no. i'm not going to take this shot. >> that might have been the best single moment and hillary was mean, nasty, knew it was a cheap
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shot. he had a perfect moment there to clobber her. he looked over at chelsea and thought i'm not going to do it. it showed unlike hillary clinton, nothing is too mean or despicable, he was willing to send a standard of being decent. after what she'd said about him just then, and knowing his temper, he must have been tempered and it took a lot of self-control. >> i just don't think i could have done that. you know, here is an interesting thing. three polls out that have trump winning. bill has them up 51-42.
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and so pretty supportive of donald trump but i was thinking after the debate they talked about the economy and race issues. they talked about foreign policy issues. and on immigration, on vetting refugees. obamacare. there is a lot of debating to go on here. >> first of all, i've got two e-mails from calista during the debate saying why are they not mentioning the foundation? i'm just reporting on behalf of my wife. >> okay. >> very interesting side note. great observer in minnesota just 10 minutes ago sent me a poll coming up for tomorrow morning in minnesota they're tied 42-42. if the republican candidate is tied in minnesota, the democrats
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are on the edge of a catastro e catastrophe. no major mistakes, no fumbles. no interceptions. we went on the field as a guy who has the big issue perfectly. 30 years, no change, no change. all talk, no change. got that out, jobs her side, bad trade deals her side. he got that out. so again and again, the things on the core of his momentum, he got out what he needed to without making a major mistake. she played nit-picking games with him. trying to get him off balance. she had to do one of two things tonight. she failed at both. she failed totally or had to discredit him so much that people would say he just can't be president. the opposite happens. he was totally comfortable up there. he was comfortable with her and
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with lester holt. he looked like a guy who may like or dislike someone is promising someone's style, but nothing said that he couldn't be president and that is what campaigns are based on. tonight, he overcame that. and people don't fully appreciate it for another few days. this was an enormous historic victory for donald trump. he didn't go out for a forced touchdown. >> because of my style, i don't think he might want to put that on him. try to be president of the united states. i think he was himself, and didn't fall into the trap. she was robotic in terms of i will repeat my memorized lines
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again and again and again. she did her work but that doesn't mean our policies are further admit she wants to raise taxes. to admit she wants to draw bureaucracy. going through things she wants the government to do and trump pointing out we just doubled national debt under one guy. >> do you remember she was a senator from new york for a year. she didn't understand rudy giuliani's great achievements of controlling crime. she didn't understand the power of the whole stop and frisk movement. to let liberals just state what happened it is constitutional. it's one left wing judge to run a judgment never appealed. crime is going up across the country. 11% increase with the last year. and i thought trump -- ways very
9:13 pm
proud of him. he stuck with stop and frisk and stopped with law and order. he didn't allow lester holt or hillary to get him off balance. he stuck with the facts. 4,000, again. >> she was wrong on two issues. him saying so howard stern i guess so is hardly supporting the war. it's like he had to debate two people. >> a little bit. and i did think trump was having less and it was close to getting him to be hillary's partner. >> we've got to take a break. we'll have more right after the break. and reaction from rudy giuliani, eric trump, laura ingraham and many others as "hannit"hannity"
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continues from hoff tra university. >> why are you just thinking about these solutions right now? i will bring, excuse me, i will bring back jobs. you can't bring back jobs. >> well... [alarm beeping]
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>> i will release my tax returns against my lawyer's wishes as soon as she releases 33,000 e-mails. as soon as she releases them i will release my tax returns. that is against, my lawyers say don't do it. i will tell you this. we're reading in the papers. you don't release your returns until the audit is complete but i would go against them if she releases her e-mail. >> is that negotiatable? >> no. why did she delete 33,000 -- >> trump going after hillary clinton over her 33,000 deleted e-mails.
9:19 pm
back with us is former speaker of the house newt gingrich. i like the speeches she was getting paid $450,000 a shot for which i thought was an awful a lot of money. and what is in those speeches she doesn't want us to see? >> you know what is in the speeches. being really sweet and praising institutions she's now attacking. again, i want to -- there is a little bit of a different note here. that stuff is not where the country is voting. are you prepared to do something about trade deals that are terrible and about immigration? look at the big things. do something about law and order. watch city after city and i
9:20 pm
think on all of those fronts, the substantive level, hillary clinton was on the losing side and for everyone of the historic issues. >> raising taxes, more regulation. and they'll build factories on the issue of energy this came up. yes. we did try alternative energy and i think as you said, solar panels. hillary wants to put coal miners out of work and we've been energy independent in four years. millions of jobs in the meantime. >> she turned to her and said how can you tell the people you want to put them out of work?
9:21 pm
that is what brought it together in an emotional way. and they're scoring and you score differently. scoring them against history this is a very big win for him. it's a very decisive win. only going to sink in over the next week. and this entire case, died somewhere on that stage tonight. >> that is fascinating analysis. >> you don't think he's incapable of being president. >> when you look at hillary's plan, talking about okay. we're going to do more of what obama did. and i was thinking about talking about he brought up solar panels. he accumulated more debt than 43 presidents before him combined and she gives a laundry list of everything going to be new in
9:22 pm
terms of government and he's going to tax the wealthy and i'm thinking okay. these people are going to leave and there is not going to be a job left for anybody here on the pack. and then we've got a doubling of national debt and this is drastic. a drastic failure. >> i think you can call her secretary unemployment and you'd have a good framework of understanding. our trade deals, skill jobs. tax policy kill jobs. and her aggressive attitude kills jobs this is a person antibusiness and bigger and bigger government and more and more government unions and that is not a trajectory going to get you to a prosperous full employment. >> wow. powerful analysis.
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mr. speaker, thank you for being with us. appreciate it. coming up next, rudy giuliani and eric donald trump, laura g ingraham and more as we continue from hofstra university.
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secretary clinton doesn't want to use a couple words, that is law and order. if we don't have it. we're not going to have a country. when i look at what is going on in charlotte, the city i love and have investments and look at what is going on throughout our country, whether i can just keep naming them, we need law and order in our country. we have a situation where we have our inner cities, african
9:28 pm
americans, hispanics living in hell because it's so dangerous. you walk down the street and you get shot. >> that is donald trump talking about the need for law and order at the first presidential debate tonight. i caught up with the former new york city mayor to get his reaction. take a look. >> joining us now rudy giuliani. >> oh. when they come to stop and frisk, i lived in new york city at the time. >> here is the amazing thing about the debate. we know hillary clinton was a failure at foreign policy. look at the world. and tonight, right, we're getting attacked and waiting where is the next one coming from? i never realized she was
9:29 pm
iingnerant economically. >> she is. >> how is -- you know is she going to get businesses to stay in this country by taxing them? she's saying it.and you tax it, they go somewhere else and the african american community and hispanic community are, like donald trump said, let down by their voting for the democratic party. let's talk about stop and frisk just a moment. when i came into office, new york city was the crime capitol of america. murder was happening 6 and 7 times per day. and stop and frisk is perfectly constitutional. during the time i was in office,
9:30 pm
murder went down 65%. michael bloomberg continued stop and frisk. he got it down to 85%. and what she's talking about is wrong. maybe she doesn't understand terry versus ohio. it's perfectly legal. what the court found is the way it was applied, they're un-constitutional. there was 600,000 frisks. the success rate had been a lower percentage but the case went up on appeals. and removed the judge from the case. and once again, candy crowley, stop and frisk going on right now. it's approved by the united states supreme court. the decision is written by chief justice earl warren.
9:31 pm
but police officer had reasonable suspicion you're committing a crime or about to commit a crime. you have right to stop you and search you. >> you find a gun, you can take the gun away from you. that is constitutional. if you do it too much, if you do it with some kind of racial profiling of which i was never accused and never did, what is called un-constitutional at the time. that is what he is talking about. doing the right way. never found un-constitutional when i did it. chicago needs stop and frisk. during this debate, two people have been shot. we're talking here at this debate, two people have been shot in chicago. now, hillary clinton's iingorance of the law is
9:32 pm
astounding to me to say the judge found it un-constitutional. she doesn't understand the difference between un-constitutional and un-constitutional as applied and the judge was removed from the case by the united states court of appeals in a blistering opinion in which they found the judge ignored numerous pieces of evidence that michael bloomberg and ray kelly presented and owe found her to be prejudiced against the police. >> there is such defining differences in our time. >> sure. >> two big differences. does she believe we're going to have more businesses in this country by laying more regulations on them? or are we going to have more people out of work because businesses go afraud? with ridiculous trade deals and
9:33 pm
she's been a horrible failure with regard to foreign policy. iran, iraq. she reset the relationship. let's build up the army and navy and air force. she wants to decimate the forces more. >> there are many questions coming into the debate. i know you were in some of the debate sessions. were you at some of them? >> you were at home. is that the fix you wanted? >> he displayed he is ready to be president of the united states. when she made that horrible attack about women, that woman
9:34 pm
to make an attack about women? that is phony. >> he didn't go there, but i won't have done it. >> ladies and gentlemen, this is a woman who takes countries that stone women, that women are not allowed to drive, that imprison women and treat women as a cattle. there is a woman that has an attack dog for a husband when he was a dog. and disgraced the president by by going -- >> and donald trump didn't go there. >> the american people need to know the truth. when she says she's a feminist,
9:35 pm
i just laughed my head off. i say to myself. boy if you're going to buy that, then this country is in deep trouble. >> what about going about destroying monica lewinsky until monica lewinsky produced a dress that had semen on it. now, they didn't go there. they didn't go there. but the reality is the woman is a phony with regard to feminism. she's a phony with regard to foreign policy. and i thought on the e-mails, i mean, she belongs under investigation. not on the stage. democrats can't come up with a better candidate than one that should be indicted for exposing national secrets then the democratic party is in bad
9:36 pm
shape. >> thank you. >> coming up, dr. ben carson up later tonight. straight ahead. ♪ [ music ]
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hillary has experience but it's bad experience. she's got experience but it's bad. whether it's the iran deal, we gave them $150 billion back. whether iran deal, whether it's
9:41 pm
anything, she's got experience but it's bad experience and this country can't afford to have another four years of that kind of experience. >> donald trump tonight going after hillary clinton at the first presidential debate. joining us now with reaction is dr. ben carson and editor of chief laura ingraham. your take? . >> i think tonight donald trump probably learned a lot about debating. he never has done a one on one debate before. it's a different animal. >> it is. >> being up against eight or 10 other people. and i think in the beginning he was like his old self. i went on, i felt like he was responding to stupid questions too often. he's not going to release his taxes he's said why. that is not the burning issue on
9:42 pm
the minds of the american public. sean, i know you know the same thing. when the issue of tighter security is mentioned ways begging for donald trump to say is this a joke? and a woman that couldn't secure g mail is going to lecture us on cyber security? those moments were left on the table. i think you saw an image of strength and a defense of the everyman versus yesterday and policies that didn't work. she was very polished. >> it didn't impress me. he kept going back to the record speaks for itself. >> longer experience of fame you're. >> longer experience of failure
9:43 pm
and general reaction -- >> can you hear me? >> yes. >> okay. yes, sir. >> yes. well, first of all, i think that donald trump has been responding to the rumors circulating around him, that he's a wild man, not fit to be commander in chief. he is very controlled, perhaps too controlled. there were real opportunities that were there. >> would you rather him say everybody knew he was capable of saying? did you want him to do it? >> weather not on that issue but when the question of cyber security came up and that would have been a perfect opportunity
9:44 pm
to say is that why you have private servers and exposed our agents to danger? you know? i think she's going to learn a lot from this. >> you're saying that this -- there is a lot we didn't get to. we didn't talk about the deleted e-mails or benghazi. and didn't talk about the clinton foundation. immigration. >> when she brings up the fact that window fitters say you didn't pay them, this, again this, is a learning experience but that is where you just laugh and say wait a second. you got paid $200 million and what did you build? oh, wait. nothing. there are entire buildings with my name on it. >> there are $450,000 speeches she won't release. >> absolutely. >> the corruption, and ben talked about this. the corruption in washington,
9:45 pm
d.c. which the clintons are intertwined. with skrupgs. i think rather than him getting on his heels on the birther issue it has to be prosecuting the case against her and. >> one thing i have been saying and there is a lot of highlights. this is a choice election. on the issue she's admitting she wants to continue. we have 12 million more on food stamps. >> we'll talk a little bit. >> it's talked a little bit about that. but there is just abundant
9:46 pm
opportunities there. and not before 80 or 90 or 100 million people he's going to look at the regulations one by one and everyone that isn't good for the american people. that is a powerful condition to take. challenge her. how is raising taxes upon anybody going to improve our economy? people will say bush cut taxes and we got into trouble. he spent an incredible amount of money. you know? it's a combination of the two. a lot of people don't see economics certainly, you know, things hillary is saying tonight would indicate she's not as deep into division. so those are things that need to be exploited in a way made very, very plain to the public. >> yes. >> in the next race i think you're going to see going on the defensive more, she was not on
9:47 pm
the defensive. and. >> this is a pretty big issue. >> she said stop and frisk ruled un-constitutional? >> wrong. >> district court judge thrown off the case and the case is still ongoing but it's not true. >> good point. good to see you great to see you, sean. >> thank you, dr. carson. coming up, monica crowley coming up next and also tonight, eric donald kelly ann conway.
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. and welcome back to "hannity" here with reaction to tonight's big owe bait. former obama economic adviser. he got us into this horrible economic mess. austan goolsbee, monica crowley, fox contributor. 55-39 trump won debate. drudge report, matter of fact, every single online poll but the clinton news network has trump winning this debate. >> yeah, it is interesting. i was following social media
9:52 pm
during the debate and after the debate. >> how did it look on social media? >> all of the elite seemed to think mrs. clinton won, which is a surprise. she is the status quo, incumbent candidate. >> wall street, that class. >> a lot of the elites, she had command over her facts and she was very self-possessed and so on. normal, average americans who are responding to these instant online polls, they're giving it to donald trump because he was speaking their language. >> by the way, are those the people in michigan he kept mentioning? are those the people in pennsylvania and ohio he kept mentioning? >> yes, and you want to know why? because he talks to issues that directly affect their livelihood, whether it is bad trade deals which disadvantaged the working club face, whether ill liam immigration that suppressed wages in the country, that have taken jobs away to people that want to work. >> right. >> he speaks to those issues that are emotional issues because it affects the ability of american people to put food
9:53 pm
on their table and take care of their children. >> the worst recovery since '40s, lowest participation rate since the '70s. >> no longer true. >> can i finish? excuse me. 12 million more americans on food stamps. >> no longer true. >> 8 million more -- 8 million more in poverty. and -- >> also no longer true. >> and he stumbled. >> you're outdated, all of your numbers are outdated. >> is it 11 million more americans on food stamps? >> all of your numbers -- >> i know you eat expensive stakes a steaks and have a good life as a professor. >> now we're back on this. >> how many more americans are food stamps, are on poverty, because it is millions since obama has been president. maybe you don't care, you're a rich professor. >> no. you are the rich one. and you still owe me money. but separate from that, you and i are friends, and i have been in your shoes. i have been at
9:54 pm
debate preps for primaries and generals and have had to go out and defend the president like in 2012 when he was not up to the job and he didn't do a great job at the debate. you are friends with donald trump, you need to call your man who just got to go through the dunk tank and tell him to get on his game because he was not on it tonight. >> all right. well, okay. so cbs, "the hill," "time magazine." >> the drudge report had a 22 person -- >> can i finish? >> yeah. >> but you just said this. >> they had it that donald trump won. so they're all wrong and austan goolsbee. >> no, cbs had -- >> who thinks the obama economy is still good, you think it went to hillary? >> cbs had -- >> she wants more bureaucracy. >> sean, you have to just pause. cbs had a group of undecided voters, and 16 to 6 they said --
9:55 pm
>> that was frank lunge predicting for a year hillary was going to win, he is biassed. >> there's nothing wrong with a admitting your man didn't do well tonight. he came in with a low bar and banged his head on the bar. >> monica, is cbs -- by the way, cbs is not exactly conservative, "time magazine," "the hill" is not -- >> i will tell you why you're seeing that. 70% of the american people believe the country is on the wrong track which means it is a change election. donald trump is the change agent. more importantly, donald trump speaks like a guy from queens, that kind of raw authenticity because that's who he is and what resonates. >> and she is a robot. i memorized my lines. >> you guys are kidding. >> i memorized what my advisers told me to safety i will repeat everything like hillary clinton. >> sean, sean, you don't have
9:56 pm
to -- spin every outcome. >> i'm no. i'm looking at the polls and your guy lost. i wish she did better. straight asaid h hea destraight ad d d d d d d d d d d you totaled your brand new car.
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10:00 pm
>> overall, take debate night. i thought from just a purely informational, entertainment point of view, i thought it was very informative for the american people. >> yes. >> because there's such a big divide between the two candidates. >> there's a big divide. sean, look, it is another day for donald trump talking about the issues. you've seen him at the rallies. he gives policy speeches. this is brand spanking new for hillary clinton to come out in front of americans and say, here is what i think about a, band c. she crammed her head full of a lot of stuff and wanted to make sure she had every fact and figure. i thought she looked a little smug and glib, which isn't
10:01 pm
frankly presidential. donald trump should be valued for what happened at the end of the debate, which is he exercised restraint. i'm not sure that -- >> as his campaign manager, did you talk about this ahead of time a little bit? >> i'm not sure the rest of us could have exercised that kind of restraint. if someone is attacking you -- >> i couldn't. >> that's right. restraint is a virtue and certainly a presidential virtue. the idea it would have been so easy if someone was talking about mistreatingwoman -- >> by the way, that's what they call a softball. it was sitting on a tee to hit out of the park, he didn't want to do it. >> he said, i was prepared or i could have done stuff to you. >> were you surprised -- she wants to raise taxes. >> very proud. and this is the nut of the presidential debate. what is the world view of these two people? what is the view of the government in our lives. this is so easy. she is for bigger government, more regulations, higher taxes, she didn't deny any of it. she is very proud.
10:02 pm
>> she doubled down on it. >> she doubled down on it. he has a tremendous tax relief plan, create 25 million jobs, renegotiate trade deals, because he is a free trader but a fair trader. he also was able to talk about radical islam, she wouldn't even call it that. he told her, you and president obama left a vacuum when you came out of iraq, and that allowed for the birth and growth of isis and they're denying that. the only way she denied things tonight was go, why am i on the stage with this man. i thought he showed strength and leadership. of course, lester holt and the debate moderators have a tough job. you can only get so many issues covered in 90 minutes. but let's talk about the things that were not covered. she flip flopped on gay marriage from 2008. >> the money she took from the saudis, u waikuwait.
10:03 pm
>> and he had to raise the issue of e-mails. >> and he was wrong on stop-and-frisk because the judge was removed from the case. >> the judge was removed from the case and the current mayor decided not to pursue the policy. terri versus ohio is a united states supreme court decision still on the books. stop-and-frisk is allowed. what happened is in new york is the way it was being used. i think a lot of people in the media are saying unconstitutional. they need to read the constitution. >> when you look at the issues, tax policy, immigration, vetting the refugees, saying radical islam, obama care, energy policy, she wants to put coal miners and coal businesses out of business, i think people coming in to absorb it, maybe it will take three debates. what do you think? >> it will take three debates, but i'll tell you in between the three debates it is everybody's responsibility to be forcing her, smoking her out on the issues. the idea that the voters only
10:04 pm
deserve to hear 270 minutes worth of these two people who would be president of the united states, leader of the free world is nonsense. i hope, sean, the media and others hold her to account and between the debates, it is just not how she performed in 90 minutes. >> here is the question. there was certainly a list of cheap shots she brought into the debate. how did you feel those went? like, for example, she tried to play the race card like she has in some of her ads. donald trump, excuse me, you're the one that used the term super predator. and i asked him about that. he said, well, she said it. the issue of women, he could have gone there, he didn't. he could have mentioned the women in saudi arabia, that she has taken money from a country that treats women horribly and on top of that bill clinton and her enabling aspect but he didn't want to do it in front of their daughter. is that going to become fair game if she keeps up that level of attack? >> possibly. you're right, she came with prepackaged, is that correcty zingers, let everybody remember i said this.
10:05 pm
if you are hillary clinton it looked like zingers that fall flat on the way down. everybody knows she is a very rehearsed person and she took a couple of days off, several days off from the trail to prepare for this. that's fine. but the question is are you prepared to be president. you can prepare for debates but are you prepared to be president. i would argue she is unfit, unqualified to be president. she put national security at risk. she left our guys unprotected in benghazi even after the ambassador begged for protection. you missed those e-mails, even after you deleted them. she has disrespected veterans, being part of the administration where veterans are literally dying waiting for care at the valiarizona. there are many things about her record people knew before tonight and will know long after tonight. i think mr. trump really connected with the people who need to hear his message most, those who say, why did my job go
10:06 pm
to mexico or china. they're been hurt the most and that's why we're up or tied with her in the polls, in the three states that president obama carried handily both times. his message is so different, and the messenger is so different. he is doing well in blue collar areas, guys are saying, you know what, maybe i don't need the four-year college degree, but i'm a welder, a carpenter, i want to work and support my family. >> that's my old job. >> kellyanne, thanks so much. we will see you. >> bye-bye. >> welcome back. >> hour two of "hannity." that was my interview with kellyanne conway earlier tonight after she walked into the spin room. we had to move inside because, you might say, there's some rain outside. geraldo mettle in t
10:07 pm
geraldo melts in the news. i'm sorry. you know, we're two good friends. lisa boothe is with us. >> a big brown puddle. >> host of justice, judge jeanine pirro. friend of mine sent me this, "time" magazine. cnbc, 60% trump. hill had 55, 39 trump. judge was exploding, like 90% trump. the only people saying no are the idiots over alt cnn. >> cnn, right. think about it. >> van jones, dave axelrod and paul begala, the three biggest liberal hacks in america for crying out loud. they make geraldo look like me, a right winger. >> i'm the man in the middle. >> think about it, what did she have to prove? she had to prove she was likable and he had to prove he wasn't a lun tick. in the end he proved he was pretty solid, you know, you knew he could get through an argument
10:08 pm
with her. she was scripted, she wasn't any more likable and she was arrogant at the end. >> it is funny because i was watching her. she is so robotic, so placid. she came in with prepared little words and lines. even at the end i was surprised because i know donald trump pretty well. >> that he didn't go after her at the end? yes. >> he could have hit her so hard that everybody in that audience would have gone, oo. >> could have, would have, should have. >> and he did not. >> should he? >> that's not for me to judge, whether or not -- >> yes, it is. >> i know that he did not. >> that's why you're here. >> on p spot. >> let's backtrack this a little bit to where hillary clinton was going to go out there and vomit and pee in her pants and her legs were so wobbly she couldn't endure 90 minutes. >> who said she was going to vomit and pee in her pants? >> leading up to it made hillary clinton seem she was a basket case. the fact is she stood toe-to-toe
10:09 pm
with the person i think is most caris matter, movie star debater in this country and she matched him at least evenly. i hear these unscientific surveys. i saw it right down the middle. he could have knocked her out. >> he left stuff on the table, i will agree with you. >> where was benghazi, where was the wall, where was the clinton foundation? >> where was saudi arabia. >> the problem is all of the arrows in his quiver remained in his quiver and he was on defensive more than offensive. >> though questions wrnd asked, but donald trump should have directed those questions at her. >> by the way, lester holt was doing a pretty good job at her, you know, flanker debater in this thing, getting everything wrong he talked about. >> sean, i think what we're seeing some of the poll also reflect a win for donald trump is the same thing we saw during the commander-in-chief forum, and the chattering class and the
10:10 pm
political consultants and people viewing the race don't operate in that world. donald trump speaks in a plain, well-spoken language. >> i think she nailed it. >> and hillary clinton speaks like a politicians. >> she came in and memorized her lines. i feel she is scripted, robotic. even the lines, i memorized everything you said, and i'm sitting there saying, it didn't impress me. what impressed me is when he talked about michigan and ohio and pennsylvania and jobs going overseas and record debt and deficit and her being wrong on iran and nafta and everything else. i thought it was more powerful. >> he spoke in a language that americans understood. >> true. >> he said, you know warks you have the experience, i concede you have the experience, but it is bad experience. >> 30 years, what did he do? >> and america gets it. when she starts with, you know what, i have been working on criminal justice reform since the first day of the campaign, what were you doing as secretary of state, what about the super predator.
10:11 pm
>> she didn't seem moved at all when trump was going 3,000 people shot in chicago. >> i think that law and order was one of his strong suits. i really do. but you say that he speaks in a language that america understands. america understands, why don't you release your income tax return. >> america doesn't care. >> america -- >> america doesn't care. >> maybe america doesn't care, but the point that he is not releasing his taxes, the whole birther -- >> the fact that 33,000 deleted e-mails. >> how many were classified? >> i think if you spin it into a trump victory as the drudge poll is -- >> but what is important? >> "the hill," "time magazine." >> but the enthusiasm is for change in the country. you look at the cbs battleground polling, 55% of americans want big changes to the economy, two politics. you look at quinnipiac polls that asked the question of do you want radical change, 70% of
10:12 pm
voters in pennsylvania, ohio and florida want radical change. this is a change election and hillary clinton represents the status quo. >> 82% of americans think the country is going in the wrong direction, and she is the right direction. >> i think what happened tonight was the democrats now see their candidate as an appropriate candidate, and the republicans see their candidate as an appropriate candidate, and the race comes down to the three or four% in the middle. >> that's your take. you have been riding this razor's edge this entire campaign. >> and i'm still there. i'm still there. >> oh, for crying out loud. >> i hate that he brought you into it. >> why? >> because i love you and i don't want you to be fodder for the people that are going to -- >> listen, listen, you know what i do for a living? i dish it out four hours a day, her ald ow. i will take any shot anybody wants to tae. here is the thing -- >> using you as his alibi? come on. >> it is not an alibi. he would call me. we used to have knock down, drag out friendly battles over iraq,
10:13 pm
he thinking i was wrong. >> i think the problem with hillary clinton and we saw this even at the democratic national convention in her speech, and just when she gets her town hall speeches as well, is the fact that hillary clinton is so wired as a politician she doesn't stand for anything. she doesn't stand for anything tonight because she was so methodical about answering questions. >> he said, you've been here 30 years, what have you done. >> yes. >> very effective. >> why are you talking about this now, you haven't fixed a thing. >> and that's the problem. that goes back to the changes americans want, whether you look at the cbs poll or the quinnipiac poll -- >> on defensive, you are a fighter. >> you do mixed martial arts, you know the difference between a guy coming and doing this. >> there were a couple of times. >> he was on the defensive three-quarters of the time. >> mitt romney won first debate and fizzled the next two. we have more debates. >> you're making my case. he lost round one. maybe he wins round two and
10:14 pm
three. >> you just said it was even. >> he lost it, he didn't win. >> he has a chance for a real knock-out. >> and then everyone would have said if he had that knock-out they would have said he was mean to a woman. >> we have to take a break. i got a question, you have to vote right now, you're in the booth, who are you going to vote for? >> i tell you, i am not going to do what i did. i'm in the middle. i'm senior correspondent, i'm staying there. i will tell you the day before the election. >> on this show? >> on this show. i will break the news. >> hold him to it. >> oh, i'm holding him to it. if i have to drag him out of his office. >> drag him to the voting booth. >> a full office. coming up, eric trump, reince priebus, sheriff clarke is here. we are in long island, new york. we will continue. >> you look at the middle east, it is a total mess. under your direction to a large
10:15 pm
extent, but you look at the middle east. you started the iran deal. that's another beauty where you have a country that was ready to fall, i mean they were doing so badly. they were choking on the sanctions, and now they're going to be actually probably a major power at some point pretty soon the way they're going. ♪ is depression more than sadness? ♪ it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ♪
10:16 pm
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10:19 pm
. when isis formed in this vacuum created by barack obama and secretary clinton, and, believe me, you were the ones that took out the troops. not only that, you named the day. they couldn't believe it. they sat back probably and said, i can't believe it. >> we've covered this ground. >> wait a minute. when they formed, this is something this never should have happened. it should have never happened. you're talking about taking out isis, but you were there and you were secretary of state when it was a little infant. now it is in over 30 countries, and you're going to stop them? i don't think so. that was just one of the many big moments for donald trump at tonight's first presidential debate. earlier tonight after the candidates stepped off the stage i spoke with his son eric trump. let's take a look. >> who is more nervous, you, don or your dad? >> believe me, i was a wreck. i think sometimes the family is actually more nervous than the canned. my father was totally cool, all
10:20 pm
great. we were laughing today. honestly, sitting in the front row knowing it is out of your control and you want to protect him because you love your family. i was so proud of him. he accomplished so much in the last 14 months. i was so proud. >> i think one of the things people were thinking what is his temperament going to be like. he kept his cool. >> he was talking about, you know, him calling women names, blah, blah, blah, and he was so, so respectful. i think everybody knows what he could have done and everybody knows the direction he could have gone in. i was really proud of him. i think he took the high road. >> did you know what he was going to do? >> i didn't know what he was going to do, but i was proud he took the high road and i think it was a beautiful moment and one i will always remember. >> i think one of the things becoming clear in this debate is what a choice election this is. she wants to raise taxes, he is going to cut taxes. obama care, foreign policy, labelling islamic radicalism,
10:21 pm
building a wall. this is the single biggest choice election i can think of. >> when she talks about taxes, my father wants to drop taxes for every single american. we are losing jobs like you wouldn't believe. we have 100 million americans out of the workforce. median income hasn't inkreeszed in 15 years, but everybody's expenses have gone up. people haven't gotten a raise in 15 years. >> that's the thing. >> we lost one-third of manufacturing jobs, sean. you know the statistics more than i do. we don't make anything in the country anymore. my father wants to reduce taxes for every american, he wants to bring industry back. >> repatriate the money. >> he wants people back in the workforce, the american dream to be alive and well. the democrats are killing that. they're choking america. they are choking the workforce of the country that made america great and it has to stop. >> eric, good to see you. appreciate it. thanks so much. all right. here with us with more reaction to tonight's big debate are sail
10:22 pm
'em national radio talk show host larry elder and milwaukee county sheriff david clarke. when the law and order portion of the debate came up and donald trump kept saying this year alone 3,000 people shot in chicago since obama's been president almost 4,000 dead, it is like just went right over her head. she didn't seem to understand the magnitude of that. >> she doesn't because she is so detached from life in the american ghetto that she doesn't get it. this year alone over 500 people murdered in the city of chicago compared to -- >> this year alone? >> this year alone. >> since obama has been president almost 4,000. >> since 2013, the start of his second term, 275 coalition forces killed in afghanistan, so 500 people murdered in chicago. >> almost twice as many. >> fewer people on the battlefield. the other thing that struck me was when lester holt about are cops inherently racist and she jumps to this implicit bias
10:23 pm
test. it is faulty science, within the field of psychology people are questioning the validity, the reliability of that test that everybody is racist. she throws stuff out there, knowing most of the people watching tonight don't know that it is implicit bias test is faulty. so i look at that and then i look at this thing with, you know, law and order and, you know, right away she jumps to the criminals and it is a racist criminal justice system. she never says anything about victims of crime and that bothers the heck out of me. >> what was your reaction to that, larry? >> i thought the same thing. i thought victims of crime should have come up, in the 100 largest cities, 25 have seen increases in murder including baltimore, st. louis and chicago. as far as i'm concerned donald trump should have talked about the fact that this demonization of police officers is getting cops to pull back and the victims are the same black people she claims she cares about. i want to make a quick broader
10:24 pm
i saw a lot of whole unused analyst at the end of the debate. illegal immigration doesn't come up, obama care doesn't come up, the birther thing he doesn't make clear it was sydney blumenthal who went the the reporter and said, obama is from kenya, check it out. >> or the mark penn memo. mark penn was very clear, we will be the american campaign. >> right. but, sean, trump said that i'm the one who got obama to turn over the birth certificate, and sydney blumenthal couldn't do that. that's not what blumenthal was doing. he was pushing the rumor obama was from kenya, and i don't think most americans watching on the debate that aren't on top of this the way you and the sheriff are didn't get that. she started it. her waterboy, sydney blumenthal pushed it. >> they didn't bring up the e-mails or clinton foundation or saudi arabia or immigration or
10:25 pm
vetting of refugees. >> obama care. >> dig deep into those things. i think there's a lot of ground to cover, but with that said i will give the list of polls. you have -- let's see. if i can pull it up. i have it in front of me. time magazine, drudge report, cnbc, the hill, cbs, the only one that has hillary winning is cnn, and they have a clinton news network anyway. they only had like 500 people they surveyed. these other ones have hundreds of thousands if not millions. >> i have never seen an opponent more target-rich than hillary, that's all i'm saying. my goodness, he could have nailed her on so many things. and she gets away with this nonsense that the reason obama bugged out of iraq is because george w. bush had a timetable that he had to adhere to. are you kidding me? she went in with a ski mask and went into the bank and robbed it. >> she's not exactly honest and truthful. you know, she can't run -- it is interesting. she wants to double down on
10:26 pm
obama's economy, she kind of justifies iran and iraq, and this boat. she sent the guys to war. we lost 5,000 people, blood, treasure, sweat, tears, these guys lost their limbs. they come back disfigured. she says, oops, sorry, mistake. you know, then she is saying, well, you said on howard stern i guess so. i mean that's their best argument. >> i tell you what i think about donald trump's appearance tonight in the debate, he showed he is a fighter, that he's going to fight for the american people. i want to touch quickly on the stop-and-frisk question she lied about, said it was ineffective. >> it worked. >> criminologist at the institute estimates over 10,000 black males are alive today in new york city alone because of stop, question and frisk. she throws out it was ineffective. all she does is make stuff up as she goes along, knowing nobody will call her on it. >> rudy guilliani was extraordinarily animated when i got to interview him after the
10:27 pm
debate, because i lived in the city at that time, i saw the shift. if you look at the lives that were saved, probably a large majority were black americans, just like in chicago, of the nearly 4,000 that have been killed since obama is president, over 75% black americans. to bring stop and frisk to chicago, how many lives can we save? >> a lot. >> precious lives. >> look at this. murders dropped 80% under stop, question and frisk. all classes of felonies decreased 75%. nobody else across the country experienced that because they weren't doing it like new york was. so it was very effective. >> are you doing it in milwaukee? >> yes. >> okay. >> we need to do more of it. we don't have the officers to do it effectively, but -- >> you're trying? >> yes. >> good to see you both. sheriff, thank you. larry, good to see you. coming up, rnc chairman reince
10:28 pm
prebus, bus dinesh d'souza and more. it is "hannity" on the road. straight ahead. e okay, so what's our latest data say? our customer is a 21-year-old female. heavily into basketball. wait. data just changed... now she's into disc sports. ah, no she's not. since when? since now. she's into tai chi. she found disc sports too stressful. hold on. let me ask you this... what's she gonna like six months from now? who do we have on aerial karate? steve. steve. steve.
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10:32 pm
rnc chairman reince priebus joined us. let's take a look. >> overall picture, who won the debate? zbli thought it was a great night for donald trump. he did what he needed to do. presidential, measured. even restrained, and i thought that was a good thing. i think -- >> did you like that especially at the end of the debate? well, i can go there. >> well, i think what he was saying is i'm not putting thing kind of things in my advertisement. >> there's your guy right there. >> he's saying how great you did. >> thank you. >> by the way, you got 92% on drudge. >> 92%? >> how did you do tonight? >> not bad. >> how is he doing? >> seems to be doing pretty well. >> we're going to make him a superstar if we win. >> thank you. >> you never know what's going -- no. so, you know, one of the things that really stood out to me, she wants to raise taxes, more regulation, tax the rich, that
10:33 pm
old liberal cli say. i'm thinking, we did this for eight years. worst recover, lowest work parents pages, doubled debt, african-americans disproportionately impacted, 12 million more americans on food food stamps and 8 million more in pofrlt. those are not good numbers. >> what he did tonight, he is saying, wait a second, you are shrinking the details about all of the things you are going to do about isis, all of the things you will do with our foreign allies, and you were uniquely situated like no one else on the face of the united states to do it as secretary of state and you didn't do it what makes us think now that you're trying to dazzle us with the plans it is going to make a difference? the other thing i thought it was interesting, with all of the memories hillary has and every word and sentence that came out of donald trump's mouth, she remembered them all. but she couldn't remember 39 times when the fbi interviewed
10:34 pm
her about what she did with her e-mails, whether she went through training, whether she signed certain forms. >> she couldn't remember even being briefed. >> right. >> that's pretty amazing. >> yet she can remember every little snippet interview that donald trump ever gave, whether it was to howard stern or someone else, remembers it all. >> yeah. >> but can't remember a darn thing about when she was secretary of state and all of her employers are now pleading the fifth amendment. pretty remarkable. >> it was interesting for my name to come up. it was a funny story and i was telling it earlier, i was surprised actually remembered it. he brought it up in another interview not that long ago, but we had friendly knock down, draggout telephone conversations over iraq and he kept telling me how wrong i was. to this day i think it was the right thing. the only thing i think we made a mistake on is we pulled out. we won mosul, ramadi, baghdad and we pulled out. then we have to ask why are we sending kids to war to allow her
10:35 pm
to positive lit size it. >> she was the senator that took the vote. >> exactly. >> her finger pressed the green button on the floor of the senate. he was a private citizen just talking about issues. now, i'm not saying that you don't get held accountable but -- >> he said to howard stern there, i guess to. i guess so is not a vote for the iraq war. >> exactly right. so she portrays herself to the american people as an expert in foreign policy, but on this issue that she thinks is a big mistake, she made the mistake. >> i remember the first call wasn't necessarily about the wall. i remember the first, he said, if you have to fight, take the oil. first thing he said, so he's been consistent over the years. here's the big picture though. on the supreme court, on vetting refugees, on building a wall, on tax policies she wants higher taxes, he wants lower taxes, he wants to repatriate on energy, on obama care, on saying radical islam. there's such a distinct difference. this is the biggest choice election from my perspective in
10:36 pm
our life times. >> any time you have a choice election, it is the electorate that measures how much risk to get the change. it is the same thing that happened to ronald reagan, how much risk to get the change. as people see donald trump like tonight, he pulled back, it is true, he pulled back a few punches, he definitely did. but i think he's also showing the restraint to the american people that he's prepared to be president. i don't need to take every shot there is. i don't need to go, you know, ten miles deep on this e-mail story. we all know. he took a shot on the e-mails, but he wasn't obsessed with it. i think that showed the restraint that he needed to tonight. >> reince priebus, thank you so much. >> you bet. >> thanks. appreciate it. coming up, dinesh d'souza, charlie hurt and pat caddell will join us with reaction to the debate. as we continue live from hofstra university on long island.
10:37 pm
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which everybody refuses to call sean hannity. i had numerous conversations with sean hannity at fox, and sean hannity said, and he called me the other day and i spoke to him about it, he said, you were totally against the war because he was for the war. >> why is your judgment better -- >> excuse me. that was before the war started. sean hannity said strongly to me and other people, he is willing to say it but nobody wants to call him, i was against the war. he said, you used to have fights with me because sean was in favor of the war. i understand that side also, not very much because we should have never have been there, but nobody called sean hannity. if somebody would call up sean hannity, this was before the war started, he and i used to have arguments about the war. i said it is a terrible and a stupid thing. >> all right. joining us now, the creator and best selling author of "hillary's america" dinesh d'souza and fox contributor pad
10:42 pm
caddell. it was strange having my name up but it is a true story. we argued about this because he watched the show, why are you supporting this, this isn't going to turn out well, et cetera. from day one he would say, take the oil, but he was passionate about i was now, i still believe i was right at the end of the day. the mistake was after you win mosul and ramadi and baghdad, you don't pull out because, as hillary says, you made a mistake after 5,000 americans died, fought, bled, died, lose their limbs, come back disfigured and say, oops, sorry, mistake, i shouldn't have sent you. >> yeah, and the idea that they put what donald trump told a shock jock offhandedly, i think, i guess. >> i guess so. >> that's their quote, and they're saying it like it is gospel truth. >> and the media allows her to do that, to put it on par with the fact that she voted to send all of those boys to get their legs blown off in iraq.
10:43 pm
>> and politicized it and says, oops, i made a mistake. >> and then she doubles down on the fact, oh, i did all of my homework. you did all of your homework and got the wrong answer according to you, or didn't do your homework. >> he also said it to kneel cavuto. >> he said it to me. >> no, no, but he was saying that when he was arguing with you and i kept arguing about the oil. he kept wanting to take the oil. >> that's somethingly something we agreed on. >> there you go. >> first we talked he said, take the oil and i said, good idea. >> i know it was true because he was against it. >> passionate. >> passionate. you know, i thought it was a mistake, you didn't but, i mean, you know. >> listen, i stand by my position today, it was the right thing to do, but here is the problem, pat. we can't have 58,000 kids die in vietnam, we can't have 5,000 kids die in iraq and afghanistan and hillary say as she did a couple of weeks ago, oops, we've got to learn a lesson. if that's my son or daughter,
10:44 pm
uh, i don't want to learn a lesson from your stupid mistake. >> right. >> because you don't have the commitment to follow through on what you voted on. let's bring dinesh in. dinesh. >> well, sean, i think on the issue of iraq and you and trump, the truth of it is that you're both right. way mean by that is that there are decisions that with the benefit of hindsight we might make differently. but, of course, we don't have that benefit at the time. you're operating with limited information and you have to go with the information you have, so you were right, sean, at the time. obviously looking at it now we might have called, made a different kind of call. i thought that trump won the debate but he won it on points. he didn't have the knock-out i was hoping for. he scored points, he came across as authentic. he dispelled this idea that the left has created about him that he's some kind of a crazy man who is sort of out of bounds and even being qualified for the presidency. i think he diffused that quite a
10:45 pm
bit. >> you know what, that might be a bigger win. yeah, that might be a bigger point than i think you're giving credence to. this was newt gingrich's point earlier tonight, is that it was a false caricature coming into the debate and the myth was pushed aside, especially at the end of the day. he could have taken the shot, he didn't do it. >> well, i think what he didn't do is he didn't expose crooked hillary. he showed incompetent hillary, but really it is the crookedness that defines the clintons, and he didn't really go there. >> what do you think, charles? >> i would argue tonight the onus was on hillary clinton. she is the one who is tanking in the polls, she is the one who has to change the trajectory of the campaign right now. she failed to do that. >> did you think she was robotic, i memorized my lines? that's way got. >> not only that, she also memorized her facial expressions. that one mom where sent where s jiggled her shoulders? >> it was very weird.
10:46 pm
>> it was very strange. >> can i go to a real point because i just finished helping brightbart, just shy of 900 interviews, and it was people who agreed to be interviewed, it is a real sample, not one of these -- >> like cnn's 500 people poll? >> 500 people with 15 point democratic margin and 900. we actually asked real questions. here is the point. she won by about five points on the debate. people thought she did better than they expected, they thought trump did about what they expected. on the question of who would be plausible as president, trump beat her by seven points, by five points i mean. but he won the thing he needed, and let me just finish quickly. he one, cares about people, strong leader. she won best on tishs. guess what? 95% of the people did not change their mind, just like they don't in debates. >> that's what bob schafer said.
10:47 pm
when cbs and drudge and the other polls say he won, did he win? >> new york city i thio, i thin that she did, but he won where he needed to win. >> coming up, more odighizuwa after this. sprint? i'm hearing good things about the network. all the networks are great now. we're talking within a 1% difference in reliability of each other. and, sprint saves you 50% on most current national carrier rates. save money on your phone bill, invest it in your small business. wouldn't you love more customers? i would definitely love some new customers. sprint will help you add customers and cut your costs. switch your business to sprint and save 50% on most current verizon, at&t and t-mobile rates. don't let a 1% difference cost you twice as much. whoooo! for people with hearing loss, visit
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. and welcome back to
10:51 pm
"hannity" as we continue live with hofstra university. leslie marshall, obviously matt married way out of his pay grade. >> i wanted to be married to a fox news contributor. >> oh, i wasn't available, leslie is not available. >> hey, it is legal. >> all right. take on the debate? >> well, i thought donald trump had very strong first 30 minutes, and then when lester holt started talking about tax returns, birther, nothing that has to do with america's prosperity or the new direction in america, i think donald trump was just trying to answer too many of those questions directly. >> i agree with you. >> instead of hitting hard on the e-mails, hitting hard on the clinton foundation. i think there were several missed opportunities for trump on that. >> i think he will come back on that. i also wanted to hear saudi arabia brought up and her taking money from countries that treat women, abuse women, abuse gays and lesbians and abuse
10:52 pm
christians and jews. >> what was the tough question she got tonight? think of it. >> i was reading "the washington examiner" i think there were six follow up questions for tum p, zeer or for her. >> first question she got, zero. i think if you look at all of that, what people like about donald trump and i think people will say tactically why did you answer everybody, but that's one of the things you like about him. you bring something up, he gives you an answer. he is proud of his life. >> listen, if hillary -- i don't know, they must be breaking down. hello, we're here. if hillary wants to bring up what his tax returns, okay, well, release your speeches. >> right. >> i want to hear what you said to wall street. >> that's right. >> companies that paid you $250,000. why would you -- for an hour's work. how much do you get paid for a speech? >> you all were watching a very different debate. i didn't think -- we were talking about this off air. i thought she did better than i expected her to do, to be
10:53 pm
honest. >> wow. >> i thought donald was going to be better. this is what i saw, if i was a teacher and two kids were giving the book report, one did their homework and one was prepared and one wasn't. he was too off the cuff and you can't do it in a debate, it is not a campaign -- >> when cbs, cnbs, time and drudge all say he won -- >> no, 2%, cnn's poll. >> cnn's poll, 500 respondents, by the way, these have hundreds of thousands of respondents and cnn is the clinton news network. >> i see. >> the one poll you can site, that's fair. but he won the other ones. those are real people that don't want the robotic i memorized my answers. >> the online polls, i don't trust -- >> you know what worked, leslie in she has been a politician for 30 years and what solution has she brought. >> that was powerful. >> that was so powerful. that is that agent of change
10:54 pm
that i think works for donald trump. >> wait, didn't talk about the economy and trade, hillary clinton could not defend herself. >> true. >> when president obama debated mitt romney, i'm a democrat who supported president obama, however i was okay to say the first time he didn't win, mitt romney kicked his butt. >> but there's something you're not understanding here. because people said the same thing in the debates with the republicans. oh, donald -- >> that's right. they missed it. >> and donald trump won every poll. >> and in the first 30 minutes for sure. it is all talk, it is all spin, nothing happens beings. >> all talk, no action. >> and what's the number one issue in every poll? jobs and the economy. he answered that question over and over again. >> and she is going to raise taxes. great, raise taxes. >> this is my problem as a voter, okay. i put on twitter, i know a lot of people responded, i want a dollar for every time he said i,
10:55 pm
and that's what he said, i, i, i. as a president we want to hear about us, we. >> he is talking about we're going to lower taxes, we're going to bring jobs back. >> he's talking about i. >> we're going to make america great again. >> we're. >> we're going to make american great again. >> that's right zblu miss. >> you missed it. you don't understand trump. >> you're living in a bubble. >> you like the robot. >> i will exit as hillary. i studied my lines for "hannity" after the break. i have -- oh, and donald trump is sexist. >> do the smile. >> and blink a lot. got to blink a all right. she blinked a lot. >> that means he's dying, he zipped a lot. >> we'll continue straight ahead. this is the all-new 2016 chevy malibu. wow, it's nice. let's check it out. do any of you have kids? i do yes. this car has a feature built in called teen driver technology, which lets parent's see how their teens are driving. oh, that's smart.
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welcome back do odighizuwa. as always, thank you for being
11:00 pm
with us. we are live in hofstra in hempstead, new york. we will have more analysis tomorrow night back at our normal time 10:00 eastern. hope you have a great night. herman cain, laura ingraham, newt gingrich and more. thanks for being with us. the first presidential debate of 2016 is here. the candidates are waiting t's go time. donald trump and hillary clinton will square off just moments from now. good evening, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. >> and i'm bret baier. tonight the debate will last 90 minutes without any breaks, each candidate hoping to make their case with the white house and gain new momentum as we get closer and closer to election day. the reason we're talking a little softly is because the 1,100 people in this debate hall have been told not to interrupt, not to clap, not to really be a part of t


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