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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 27, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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30 years. why are you just thinking about these solutions? >> i have been a senator. i have a plan to fight isis. >> you are telling the enemy everything you want to do. no wonder you have been fighting isis your entire adult life. we have no leadership. that starts with secretary clinton. >> i am to blame for everything that has ever happened. >> why not? >> why not. >> i will release my tax returns against my lawyer's wishes when she releases her 33,000 e-mails that have been deleted. as soon as she releases them i will release. >> he has a long record of engaging in racist behavior. the first was a hurtful one. >> when you try to acted holier than thou it doesn't work. you have seen me. i have been all over the place.
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you decided to stay home. >> i think donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate. yes, i did. you know what else i prepared for? i prepared to be president. >> she has experience but bad experience. >> when a man is provoked by a tweet shouldn't have his fishings anywhere near the nuclear code. >> typical politician. all talk, no action. sounds good, doesn't work. if she wins i will absolutely support her. >> not exactly subtle. what did you just say? passive aggressive. >> we have fox team coverage for you. mike emanuel inside the clinton campaign in the spin room. >> we start with john roberts with donald trump's top moments. good morning to you. >> she is wrong about everything. but if she is elected i will support her.
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that was the tone of the debate last night. more sharp elbows thrown than in an nba playoff game. we knew it would be like that. hillary clinton trying to bait donald trump. he got digs in as well. particularly on isis. he says he is the candidate in the best position to take on isis accusing hillary clinton of giving away the plan. listen to this. >> go to her web site. she tells you how to fight isis on her web site. i don't think general douglas mcarthur would like that too much. >> at least i have a plan to fight isis. >> you telling the enemy everything you want to do. >> no, we are not. >> you are telling the enemy do. no wonder you have been fighting isis your entire adult life. >> go to the fact checkers. >> one thing the clinton was doing was encouraging the fact
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checkers to be working over time. he also got in a couple of good shots. watch this exchange over jobs, nafta and hillary clinton's previous support for the trans-pacific partnership. listen. >> for 30 years you have been doing it now you are just starting to think of solutions. that >> that's just -- >> excuse me. >> i think my husband brought back jobs. >> mu husband signed nafta that is one of the worst opinions. automatic oo that is your opinion. >> you know if you did win you would approve trans-pacific partnership. that would be almost as bad as nafta. >> i know you live in your own reality but that's not the fact. >> mixed reviews from republicans on how trump did last night. how did rance priebus the chairman of t chairman of the rnc think he did? >> playing out the fact that it was hillary clinton who was in a position to do all of these
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incredible things that she is spewing out at 100 miles per hour and it didn't happen. it didn't work. >> one thing the trump campaign didn't want their campaign to do is explain himself. he appeared to do at times. next debate he will get hit on taxes and the birther issue, hit on women's bankruptcies. they know what's out there coming we will see how they respond to it next time around. >> more sharp elbows in an nba playoff game. >> thanks, john. hillary clinton slamming trump. unfit and unprepared for presidency? >> taking aim at his tax returns. mike emanuel is live for us with that. good morning, mike. >> heather, clayton good morning to you. hillary clinton did more debate preparation trump attacked her on it and clinton quickly countered. >> i think donald criticized me for preparing for this debate. yes, i did.
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you know what else i prepared for? i prepared to be president. >> as for being outsider donald trump frequently attacked hillary clinton for being a typical politician. he said all talk, no action. for example, he attacked her on inner cities not getting enough money and for u.s. jobs being shipped overseas. >> i have a feeling by the end of the evening i am going to be blamed for everything that's happened. >> why not? >> why not. just join the debate by saying more crazy things. >> after the debate clinton's aids went on the attack they said donald trump was undisciplined they said he failed to do his homework. >> (inaudible ).
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we have some shocking moments. >> last night was big but it was only the first of three presidential debates. the clinton team is clearly hoping her performance last night will move the needle in what's become a very, very tight race. back to you guys in new york. >> mike emanuel live for us this morning with the debris of the debate. >> securing america, achieving prosperity and america's direction. here to grade the candidates is less me marshall and kathy lynn alow aler. >> securing america. who won? >> i will start with you this time leslie. why? >> because i feel as hillary pointed out that she does in fact have a plan. just double play talking about whether it is wall building or carpet bombing terrorist organizations those aren't specifics, that is not a real
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plan. with her experience especially experience as secretary of state she knows what needs to be done. and i think quite frankly there was just too much of a side line there with that crazy comment that she has been supporting isis her whole life when isis was not in existence since she was 18 years of age. >> what would have been a clever come back line for her. you said that donald trump won the achieving prosperity part. >> yes, he did. he did an effective job on making this conversation very real for america. the challenge last night is there was not a lot of policy substance. there was a lot of ping pong playing back and forth about themselves over who did what. there wasn't a whole lot of substance for the american people. he did a good job talking about youngstown, ohio talking about trade, talking about jobs making it real for people. voters want to know how it
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impacts them he made the conversation about making jobs relatable and she didn't. i give him the advantage on that one. >> chiving prosperity. number 2, who won? who won? >> you almost slipped up there i will let you talk first. >> we have an economy now. wom fewer women were in poverty since she has been in office. school children are living in poverty. she can say she will do a lot of things but she didn't give any specifics. she asked him about his and he answered them with real plans about what he plans to do and he has been doing that through out the campaign. last night she did speak in a much more relatable way to the american people. this is a conversation with the american people. >> wrapping it up now number 3
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america's direction, who won there. who won? >> less leet you talk about this one finally. >> the message, the stronger together is the message of the clinton campaign. that's what we hear from secretary clinton. america is a great nation. we want to make it greater and we want to do that together. we want to fight global terror with our allies. it was more of a unified speech and certainly she had points all along in a message of unity while building those bridges. >> kathy, thank you so much for joining us this morning. appreciate your insight. >> 9 minutes past the hour. 10's of millions of people watched. >> we have no leadership. that starts with secretary clinton. >> blame me for everything that's ever happened.
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>> why not. >> what did the voters think about that? brand new dials just in overnight. >> i have no reason to believe he's ever going to release his tax return, because there's something he's hiding. >> i will release my tax returns against my lawyer's wishes when she releases her # 33,000 e-mails that have been deleted. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet played shortstop in high school, learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. nerve damage from diabetes causes diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is fda approved
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sprint will help you add customers and cut your costs. switch your business to sprint and save 50% on most current verizon, at&t and t-mobile rates. don't let a 1% difference cost you twice as much. whoooo! for people with hearing loss, visit >> an explosive first debate. >> lee carter is with mazlanski and partners. she put last night's debate to the dial test. thanks for coming in. >> any time. >> let's list tone the first sound bite. trump and clinton playing the blame game. >> we have no leadership. that starts with secretary
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clinton. >> i have a feeling by the end of this evening i am going to be blamed for everything that has ever happened. >> just joined the debate by saying more crazy things. >> first trump what grade? >> trump worked well with independents here. they gave them a b democrats the c. >> this was an advantage to hillary. generally speaking she doesn't resinate this much with independents. people saw her as human. seemed sliefkz having a good time. >> she is recovering from mem r pneumonia. people were watching to see how she would look on the stage. stamina for 90 minutes. this is the moment talking being on the campaign trail.
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>> you decided to stay home and that's okay. but i will tell you i have been all over and i have met some of the greatest people i will ever meet within these communities. they are very, very upset with what their politicians have told them and what their politicians have done. >> i think donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate. >> you know what else i prepared for? i prepared to be president. i think that's a good thing. >> you can see republicans and independents gave donald trump an a democrats gave him a c. on the other hand it was for hillary clinton. you can see there's a huge divide depending ob how you use it. the attack on stamina used for donald trump. on the other hand her response not so bad. i was surprised in many ways i
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thought the advantage would go for hillary clinton. this went to donald trump. >> watching the independent voters specifically. >> tax returns. this is what was said. >> you have to ask yourself. why won't he release his tax returns. i think there may be a couple of reasons. first maybe he is not as rich as he says he is. second maybe he is not adds charitable as he claims to be. third, we don't know all of his business dealings, but we have been told through investigative reporting that he owes about $650 million to wall street and foreign banks. >> what do you see there? >> the democrats gave this an a. republicans gave it a d. most people don't dial up a tax. she did an effective rhetorical
2:17 am
style she listed three things i wonder what's going behind those tax returns and the real question is are people going to remember this and is it going to stick? that's something they have to know the next couple days. >> this is one of the words of the night take a look. >> you have so many different things you have to be able to do. i don't believe that hillary has the stamina. >> as soon as he travels 112 countries and negotiates a peace deal, a peace fire an opening of new opportunities and nations around the world or even spends 11 hours testifying in front of a congressional committee he can talk to me about stamina. >> how did trump do on that one? >> it is like a mirror image on each other. trump gave independents democrats gave it a d. on the flip side hillary independents and republicans
2:18 am
gave it a d and democrats gave had a b plus. it is very much like the tail of two debates. on the lens of which you are listening to this. the i don't think the needle was moved last night for either hillary clinton or donald trump. i think most people are going to sit where they were when it started and wonder what are they going to see next that will change our minds for those who don't commit. >> lee, carter thank you for being here. >> debates to come for them to make up their mind. >> is securing a tax on the home land. >> go to the web site. she tells you how to fight isis. >> at least i have a plan to fight isis. >> who will be the best commander-in-chief.
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oi is terror?
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oo would he take the fight to isis? i think his answers to substantive and restrained enough to past that test. the policies you have used have not worked, and the policies you say you would use going forward against isis wouldn't get the job done. he doesn't have many specifics to point to himself. hey, i am not going to tell the enemy what my plan is. which is sound but he didn't had add a lot of details here. >> something else hillary clinton talked about was this intelligent surge and retraining our police. listen do this. >> when it comes to policing since it can have literally
2:24 am
fatal cons against i said in my first budget we would put money into that budget to help us deal with implicit bias by retraining a lot of our police officers. >> if the war comes here it is law enforcement officials who are on the front lines of this war. it came off to me as tone deaf that your argument on police is they need to be retrained to be racially sensitive when we saw this week attacks at home where our fbi and police are the front line of defense for us. i think on law and order and policing the border donald trump always has an advantage because his argument is thin. >> he talked about the border to really drill it home. it is something he has been talking about on the campaign trail that we are the law and order candidates he and mike pence. you think he did a good enough job on that? >> he could have pivoted a
2:25 am
couple of times back to that saying it's not just isis. it's not just whatever approach you want to take on them. it is the open borders. sanctuary cities that hillary clinton has tolerated and perpetuated even the iran deal and other aspects of national security he could have easily pivoted back to for pretty strong arguments to say she has led to chaos through out the world. we will see in debates 2 and 3 fine tuning on that. from libya and benghazi that wasn't even mentioned. just got a sniffle. i didn't mean to use sniffle. >> she brought up lib bau and said you did business deals with gaddafi. >> definitely leaves the door open to discuss it further and in more detail. >> i think he will. the chaos of the world is chaos created the obama clinton foreign policy. he said that but it could be founded home even more. he said bad experience isn't
2:26 am
experience. there's a few more examples he could use to hammer that home. >> it was a trial run. great to see you this morning. thank you. >> the time is 25 minutes after the top of the hour. and donald trump and hillary clinton practically tied heading into last night's debate. >> who gets the post debate bump? how can they sustain it? our political panel with their predictions coming up. >> facts. >> we have taken the home page of my web site hillary and we have turned it into a fact checker. >> she is going to raise taxes $1.3 trillion. >> please. the fact checkers, get to work.
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if it's on a cutrate network. switch now and get our best deal. 20 gigs and four lines for only 160. all on america's best network. >> it is tuesday september 27th. fireworks and punches. that's the first debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. >> both knew the stakes couldn't be hire. it showed last night on the
2:30 am
stage. >> you have been doing this for 30 years. why are you just thinking about these solutions right now? >> i have been a senator. >> you haven't done it. >> all talk, no action. >> trumped up triple down. >> you have no he leader shim. honestly that starts with secretary clinton. >> i am going to be blamed for everything. >> why not? >> why not. >> he has a long record of engaging in racist behavior. the third lie was a hurtful one. >> i will release my tax returns when she releases her 33,000 e-mails that have been deleted. ohw owe>> a man who can be provoked by a tweet shouldn't have his hand near the nuclear code. >> at thathat is getting old.
2:31 am
barack obama and secretary clinton when it was a little infant now it is in over 30 countries. you are going to stop them? i don't think so. >> he tried to switch from looks to stamina. this is a man who has called women slops and dogs. >> i have much better judgment than she does. i have a much better temperament. >> okay. >> we are covering all of the angles for you. >> first let's start with john robertson donald trump's top moments. he has a great temperament himself. >> not to mention the 4 million hackers donald trump was talking about last night as well. a sharp back and forth in that debate. it was everything people expected. donald trump new the sharp contrasts and debate styles. hillary clinton prepared.
2:32 am
very polished and rehearsed. some people might say almost to a fault. donald trump more instinctual ad lib. hillary clinton trying to knock him back on his heels almost from the very beginning. in one area where she did according to dial testing seemed to score a point was when she hit hem on -- she said more than four. the four bank sees donald trump tried to take companies through. >> i take advantage of the laws of the nation because i am running a company. my obligation right now is to do well for myself, my family, my employees or my companies. we are opening up on pennsylvania avenue right next to the white house. so if i don't get there one way i am going to get to pennsylvania avenue another. >> donald trump talking about the opening of his post office hotel. that's where he had the press conference where he finally put to rest he says the whole birther issue. hillary clinton continuing to go after him over his businesses and business practices suggesting that over the course
2:33 am
of his business history donald trump has failed to pay some of his contractors. he says sometimes i don't pay people because they don't do a good job. watch this exchange on how it unfolded you built a lot of businesses on the backs of hi little guys. i have met a lot of the people who were stiffed by you and your businesses, donald. i am relieved my late father never did business with you. >> it is all words all sound bytes. i built an unbelievable company. what she doesn't say is tens of thousands of people that are unbeliefly happy and they love me. >> one point the clinton campaign keeps making over and over again telling it to anybody who will listen is donald trump doesn't have the temperament to be president. he didn't like that too much when she brought it up last nate. watch how he responded. >> maybe not.
2:34 am
>> he had a very good temperament and sited some event where she was backstage and she was throwing her hand around and said that was the worse ever. >> said it's not me, you. >> i loved the back and forth last night. i was checking amazon this morning. >> i thought it may have moved the needle on sales. not high up on the rankings. >> 1 star. not a good review. >> you go to my web site. didn't work. >> we will get the sound bite for you later this hour. we will dust it off for you. >> hillary clinton slamming trump as quote unfit and unprepared for the presidency. >> taking aim at his tax returns. perhaps not a surprise there. >> good morning, mike. >> good morning to you.
2:35 am
one area of attack has been hillary clinton's support over the years. trump's point being that there have been lousy deals. she said she was for the trans-pacific partnership before flip flopping on it. >> she said it's the finest deal you have ever seen. then you heard what i said about it and all of a sudden you were against it. >> i know you live in your own reality but that is not the facts. the facts are i did say i hoped it would be a good deal. but when it was negotiated that i was not responsible for i concluded it wasn't. >> then there was the so-called birther issue when donald trump years ago demanded to see president obama's birther certificate to make sure he was born in the united states. clinton used that to damage trump with african american voters. >> he has really started his political activity based on this racist lie that our first black
2:36 am
president was not an american citizen. remember, donald started his career back in 1973 being sued by the justice department for racial discrimination. >> in case trump was hoping to do better with female voters clinton launched this attack labelling trump a sexist. >> this is a man who has called women pigs, slobs and dogs. one of the worst things he said was about a woman in a beauty contest. he called this woman miss piggy. then he called her miss house keeping because she was latino. >> where did you find this? >> hshe has become a u.s. citizn and you can bet she is going to vote this november. >> okay. >> the clinton campaign team feels like it was successful in pushing donald trump's buttons getting him to take the bait on a number of attacks.
2:37 am
this was only the first of three. two more head to head contests in the final six weeks of this campaign. clayton? >> hold on. we are hee go. >> i was tracking amazon earlier. i was wrong on this. i was looking to where she mentioned her book "stronger together" go and check it out. it is number one right now in the political section of amazon. i guess talking about your work on television works. >> how does that compare to "art of the deal." >> i don't know about comparison it is # 117. it still has one star. the ratings aren't that good but she is selling a lot of them. >> maybe donald trump is the one who reviewed it. >> 17 minutes after the hour. no shortage of fireworks and accusations after the first debate. >> you want to improve trans-pacific partnership. >> that is just not accurate. >> you called it the gold standard. >> true or false? we are fact checking the candidates up next.
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huh... oh yeah, baby. geico's as fast and friendly as it gets. .ng . . . . . >> they were told not to cheer or applaud during the debate. >> clashing on everything frto taxes. >> thanks for having me. >> the term fact checking was there a lot. let's talk about trade. this is something donald trump hit hillary clinton on hard. he said you called tpp the gold standard of deals. listen. >> you want to approve trans-pacific partnership.
2:42 am
you were totally in favor of it. >> that is just not accurate. >> you called it the gold standard. >> you called it the gold standard true or false? >> it is absolutely true. this has been a problem for mrs. clinton for a while. she was for it dozens of times she articulated in public she has been for it. she has been called on that that she was flip flopping yet she still tries to reinforce a different kind of version. what she was doing also was interesting. it was a phrase that was the gold standard. at one point she said i hoped that it would be. that's completely false. these are things we can prove. >> we have tape. here's the exact tape. take a listen. >> this tpp sets the gold standard to trade agreements to open free, transparent, fair trade. >> there you go. >> the global warming hoax last night clinton slammed donald trump for saying that in the past you have said that china global warming is a hoax.
2:43 am
here is that exchange. listen. >> donald thinks climate change is a hoax perpetrated the chinese. true or false did donald trump say that? >> he tweeted it. donald trump noted tweets don't count in a certain way i think he has moved beyond that. he did put out a tweet that the concept of global warming was put out by the chinese to help their merchandising dynamic, their manufacturing. he did do that after he was called on that after that tweet he said it in fact was a joke. this is showing that while mr. trump uses the absurd. he jokes a lot. when you are running for president people take you seriously and literal will i. twitter does matter. that is true, and we do know that he believes effectively that it is not exactly man-made, but in general from that point she was absolutely right. he deserves to have heard that because it was true. >> fact checking on the tax
2:44 am
plans. this was one of the top trending topics. people wanted to know about taxes. here's that exchange. >> independent experts have looked at what i have proposed and what donald has proposed and they said this, if his tax plan which would blow up the debt by over $5 trillion and would in some instances disadvantage middle class families compared to the wealthy were to go into effect we would lose 3 and a half million jobs. >> we would lose 3 and a half million jobs. is that true or false? >> there's one expert. she said some experts that the "washington post" covered who has been anti trump that says that very thing so that is true in what she is asserting. but you can find quote some experts who would assert the opposite that each campaign can find people who say that what they are saying is true or blow up what the other campaign is saying. but that gets even a little bit into the weeds of what she was
2:45 am
doing there. we know mr. trump is proposing a 50 percent tax on businesses. she is increasing taxes on businesses. the arguments are lower taxes on businesses creates more jobs. what americans want to know is, will we have a chance for change in the dynamic that's what they care about more than the -- if someone is in the bureaucracy or the establishment. >> see if that sticks. >> great to see you. thanks so much. >> over to you. >> let's bring in brian kilmeade to see what's coming up on "fox & friends. i understand you were in the spin room last night. >> yes. >> later we love donald trump live and kelly ann conway live and talking about the debate 100 million people most likely watched. at the end of the debate they go to the huge room the spin room every debate has it. it was set up more like i was going to a broadway play or the opening of a major movie. here's a little of what you will see if you stay tuned over the
2:46 am
next 15 minutes. >> i don't think we will see any serious change in the polls. i think the electorate is just too polarized. >> he kept it on the issues. he had a lot of self control. >> she won the first quarter to use a basketball analogy. he won the second quarter and she ran away with the 3rd and 4th quarter. >> she talks about all the things she is going to do. where has she been for the next 26 years? >> donald trump comes out and talks to the press afterwards. we will get his candid comments minutes after he left the stage and so much more. don't miss a minute of the special edition of "fox & friends." >> a little bit of a double take here. >> you know what? can i just say this, clayton, you have never looked cuter. >> i think you all coordinated this morning didn't you. >> we will be right back. >> sorry about him, heather.
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>> donald trump and hillary clinton neck and neck as they head into last night's debate. who will see a post debate bump and how can it be sustained? go pack chairman david avela. thank you for waking up early with us this morning. will get debate bump? >> trump gets the post debate bump. republicans will continue to solidify him. it's the way the direction has been going and momentum is with
2:51 am
him. he keeps the door open for independents to vote for him. if you haven't decided to vote for hillary clinton at this point, you are looking for a reason to vote for donald trump. he has two more debates and the next couple weeks to win independents. you have to feel good if you're the trump campaign. >> he has had that momentum going into the debate. take a look at this bloomberg poll. this one is trump is ahead. 43% to clinton's 41%. of course, there in the four-way race. capri, do you agree? >> i thought it was a draw frankly. i think that hillary clinton frrks everything that i have heard from those, i think that because hillary clinton was relatively successful in getting under donald trump's skin a little bit and he did take the bait every now and again. i think that because of that contrast in demeanor, i think that clinton has a small
2:52 am
advantage coming out of this debate. frapg frankly, neither of them had a breakout performance. i think hillary clinton maybe will have a short term bump. but i don't think it will last. in the world of twitter, social media, the 24-hour news psyche al. >> and snapchat. >> we have a short a tejs span. >> true. >> david, speaking of that post bump, hillary clinton, she did get that post convention bump after the democratic convention. huge bump. she wasn't able to sustain that. how does either candidate sustain this? >> the biggest challenge for hillary clinton is the fact that trump said it. she's been around for 30 years. she's been part of the system. she has to convince voters that what we have been going for the last seven years under barack obama is what america still wants. that's a direction that
2:53 am
americans overwhelmingly said they don't want to continue. if you want to go in the same direction we've been going, go with hillary clinton. if you want to go in a different direction, go with donald trump. >> capri, final word? >> there's no question that there's a changed vibe within the american electorate that's difficult for hillary clinton to overcome. but you know, we still have a few weeks before the election. anything can happen between now and november. >> yeah. opinions change as the spin doctors come out. that will happen today. thank you both for joining us. >> thank you. >> how did you think the debate will impact the polls? log on to "fox and friends first" facebook page after this show for a live debate. #keep talking. 53 minutes past the hour. did the moderator go missing? where was lester holt? why social media is searching for lester. the candidates have spoken. it's your turn. comments and e-mails are pouring in on the best moments from the
2:54 am
debate. you can weigh in. let us know. >> john who you were talking to secretary clinton, but you were totally out of control. i said there's the person with a temperament that's got a problem. >> okay.
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i wanted to know where my family came from. i did my ancestrydna. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american.
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welcome back. "fox and friends first." we asked what your favorite debate moment was. your responses have been pouring in all morning. >> mark an instagram wrote this. he liked this dig. watch. >> you've been doing this for 30 years. why are you just thinking about these solutions right now? for 30 years you've been doing it and now you're just starting to think of solutions. excuse me. i will bring back jobs. you can't bring back jobs. >> well, actually, i have thought about this quite a bit. >> for 30 years. >> right, 30 years. >> and now you have solutions. >> solomon e-mailed, when mr. trump questioned the temperament of secretary clinton and got angrier and angrier. >> right. >> the other day hine the blue screen, i don't know who you were talking to, secretary clinton, but you were totally out of control. i said there's the person with a temperament that's got a problem. >> sherri on facebook enjoyed
2:59 am
the blame game between clinton and trump. >> i have a feeling by the end of this evening, i'll be blamed for everything that's happened. >> why not? >> why not, yeah. >> thanks to everyone who sent in their responses. the debate is still lighting up social media this morning. >> calling out moderator lester holt. we've been talking about this. for being noticeably absent or quiet. >> jeff tweeted this. please report any sightings of lester. >> and then ron posting this, homer simpson disappearing into the bushes. >> this video out with a caption. lester, just chilling while moderating. >> a lot of people trending owe about donald trump's sniffing, of course. you heard that. >> tweeting, could he have caught hillary he's pneumonia. #trump sniffles. >> his shoulder shake going viral.
3:00 am
it just takes a gift. shoulder shake. we're replaying. >> i love the snapchat filters. >> you can do a filter where you look like donald trump or hillary clinton. >> "fox and friends" starts right now. >> bye. i will release my tax returns against my lawyers' wishes when she releases her 33,000 e-mails that have been deleted. >> you know, just join the debate by saying for crazy things. >> she tells you how to fight isis on her website. no wonder you've been fighting isis your entire adult life. >> he loves beauty contests and he called this woman miss piggy. >> i think my strongest asset maybe by far is my temperament. >> whoo, okay.


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