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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 27, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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about a nap. [laughter] >> like an hour sleep last night. >> if you have to run for the tv run for the radio, we have a great show. we'll talk, believe it or not, about the debate. >> "america's newsroom." bill: good morning everybody. debate number one is in the books. did it change the mind of voters. that's what we're looking at this morning. hillary clinton, donald trump showing off in showdown in verbal action, but who came out on top. we say good morning. welcome here to "america's newsroom." off we run. martha: interesting night, right? good morning, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. the night started out cordially. they came out, they shook hands. that was the interesting first moment. pretty much after that the gloves were off for both of them. they argued about trade, taxes, fighting terror, race relations got into ugly discussion. they exchanged their fair share of some personal jabs as well.
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>> you're telling the enemy you want to do. no wonder you have been, no wonder you've been fighting isis your entire adult life. >> i have a feeling by the end of this evening i will be blamed for everything that ever happened. >> why not? >> why not. yeah. i can't not -- why not. i hope fact-checkers turning up volume, working hard. donald supported invasion of iraq. >> wrong, wrong. >> that was proved over and over again. >> i was one that got him to produce the bircertificate. and i think i did a good job. >> i think donald criticized me for preparing for this debate. and yes, i did. and you know what i else prepared for? i prepared to be president. and i think that is a good thing. >> in all fairness to secretary clinton, yes, is that okay, good i want you to be very happy. it is very important to me. >> i call it trumped up trickle
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down. that is exactly what it would be. that is not how we grow the economy. >> i want to make america great again. i'm going to be able to do it. i don't believe hillary will. the answer if she wins i will absolutely supporter -- her. martha: john roberts is live in hofstra university in hempstead, new york. good morning to you, john. reporter: martha, good morning hillary clinton brought a whole bucket of bait fish and chumming waters trying to get donald trump to bite on number of different issues. his campaign knew that would be strategy from the clinton campaign. they encouraged donald trump not to take the bait, feel compelled to lengthy explanations to certain issues when he was attacked on it. over the night he got mired in lengthy explanations on tax returns and war in iraq and "birther" issue. he got in pretty good attacks
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for hillary clinton on the issue of trade and support of nafta and economic policy donald trump feels that the moderator missed a few crucial issues that he should have asked hillary clinton b here is what he said on "fox & friends" just a short time ago. >> we're leaving all of her little goodies out. they didn't ask, i was asked about my tax returns which i told 500 times. so it's, you know, but you think i did, i really did well when we were asked normal questions. i think i did really well answering those questions. but those questions are not answerable in a positive light. reporter: there are a lot of republicans though, martha, donald trump missed a lot of opportunities, particularly asked about cybersecurity. they were all waiting for him to drill down on the email scandal and he didn't. maybe that is something that they will have a little more front and center next time they meet, martha. martha: he has two more shots at this.
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what lessons will he take away from last night? has to be good to get that first one under your belt? reporter: i think they wanted to get one out of the way. you have to make sure you don't leave things on the table. they will encourage him again to not take the debate. donald trump indicated this morning maybe next time he will be a little harder on hillary clinton. here is what he said. >> i may hit her harder in certain ways. i really eased up because i didn't want to hurt anybody's feelings. i may hit her harder in certain ways. reporter: here is the thing they take away from last night's debate though. they know where the attacks will come from. they knew about those going into this. the only problem martha, with hitting her harder, format of the next debate on october the 9th. it is town hall. the questions come from the audience. when you don't have the moderator one-on-one, a little more difficult to get in those attacks. martha: so true. the dynamic is so different surrounded by people and standing up and asking
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questions. that is what keeps it interesting, john. thank you very much. bill: a lot of analysis, we start with byron york, chief political correspondent, fox news contributor. good day to you. >> good morning to you. bill: big picture, how did you score it? >> big picture we know on issues that voters care the most about, jobs and economy, national security, trump was fairly strong. he had a good first half hour. that is when the moderator actually focused on some of those real bread and butter issues. the one thing we also know, it take as week to figure out how voters are really seeing this. they're talking about it for the first time this morning. they will talk to their friends. talk to people at work and finally opinions will begin to harden. but right now, people are still trying to figure out what they saw last night. bill: what about the chum in the water comment from john roberts? she had brought his name up several times in the first 12 minutes. >> absolutely. the trump campaign knew this was
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coming. on one hand you had substantive issues, jobs, national security. on other you have these issues of personal scandal. you have trump and "birtherism. you have trump and taxes. you have whatever trump said about the iraq war before it started, and i think it is pretty clear most people would agree that trump let that get under his skin. talked too long bit and didn't change the subject. can you believe in the debate, nobody talked about obama care. it's a huge issue. it is descending into crisis. if the moderator didn't bring it up, the candidate didn't bring it up. bill: i felt donald trump's introduction could have been better. could have said i'm honored to be here last night. first time i ever done this. he could have set the table for rest of 90 minutes. this is part of what he said going after her length of time in public office. >> you have been doing this for 30 years. why are you just thinking about these solutions right now?
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for 30 years you've been doing it and starting to think of solutions. excuse me, i will bring back jobs. you can't bring back jobs. >> well, actually, i have thought about this quite a bit. >> for 30 years. >> a lot of debate coaches perhaps trump wasn't direct enough. i think people got the idea. one. major, major points wanted to make going in this is a change election. if you want more of the same, fine. vote for hillary clinton. if you want to change things, things are bad, you have got to vote for me. maybe he didn't make it in the most direct way possible. my guess people pot that message. bill: on the topic of change his supporters will stay where they are and so will her supporters. what about the 10 or 12% that is in the middle? >> there you go. that is what it will take a while to find out. we were talking about will people see donald trump as presidential? what do they think of his manner? we don't know. i mean some people, you read
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commentary some people say, clinton people say trump was unhinged. trump people say he was strong and focused. we don't know what voters will take a way. bill: you wrote a piece already, donald trump's missed opportunity. how come? >> well, because it goes back to the topics that are not brought up. you did not have obamacare brought up. you did not have immigration brought up, a huge issue for donald trump. including the border wall. obviously you didn't have the clinton foundation brought up and you didn't have benghazi brought up. here is the deal, the narrator, moderator doesn't do it, the candidate does. that is debate skill trump didn't have. bill: a lot more left on the table for debate number two. good to see you, byron york. martha has more now. >> coming up we speak with the man who hits the debate stage next. vice-presidential nominee mike pence joins us moments away. we'll get his take how his running mate performed. we'll talk to general mike flynn
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from the trump campaign. clinton camp, former governor martin o'malley. we have a packed show ahead this morning. lots to talk about. mike pence goes up against tim kaine. he had to be watching with his notebook out because he likes to study things. bill: that is next tuesday in virginia. martha: exactly. bill: i was in the hall last night. it is not a big place. it is a basketball gymnasium converted to hold maybe about one how people with folding chairs on one level and few others in a bleacher rafter to follow that. so it was not a big space. my sense is after listening to trump complain about audio last night. he had a point in the hall. i don't know on tv if there was difference with the audio. martha: perfectly fine. bill: not every answer, there were several answers i was straining to hear the beginning of his response to that. it seemed like the audio sort of caught up to in time, perhaps he was hearing in his own ear.
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martha: drop the idea maybe there was, somebody was out to get him, that they had messed with his audio. bill: saying no change at home? martha: at home it was fine. how 99.9%, more than that people saw it. yeah it was fine. he did seem a little bit sort of lower than she did in terms of his presentation. she came out there kind of gangbusters which we're used to seeing from him. he came in a little bit softer and built up his momentum. we'll break it down. fascinating to watch though, right. bill: a quarter of the way through if you count vp next tuesday night. we have a lot of ground to cover. trump and clinton trading attacks against each other on multiple fronts. one of trump's biggest hits was her record on trade deals. watch. >> nafta is the worst trade deal, maybe ever signed anywhere but certainly ever signed in this country and now you want to approve trans-pacific
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partnership. you were totally in favor of it and you herd what you said about it and you said i can't win that debate. bill: issue number one we'll talk about that in a moment here. martha: trump accused clinton lacking stamina to be the commander-in-chief. did she convince voters otherwise last night? bill: the fight in the war on terror. who has the better plan on isis. much more analysis straight ahead on a very busy tuesday. the morning after hofstra, 2016. >> we have to knock the hell out of isis and we have to do it fast. when isis formed in this vacuum created by barack obama and secretary clinton, and believe me, you were the ones that took out the troops. not only that you named the day. you they couldn't believe it. r to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts
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♪ >> she's telling us how to fight isis. go to her website. she tells us how to fight isis on her website. i don't think general douglas mcarthur would like that. >> at least i have a plan to fight isis. >> you're telling enemy everything you want to do. >> no we're not. >> you're telling the enemy everything you want to do. bill: that point of debate, on isis strategy. she is accused telegraphing her
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plans and strategy. michael flynn, general flynn is a donald trump advisor. you were there last night. good morning to you today. you say you didn't sleep last night? >> i hitchhiked from hofstra -- bill: you did not go to bed? >> a little bit. a little bit. bill: last night you said she was wonking away. what is that. >> yeah. i just think, what america heard was the typical, standard, scripted talking points from a age-old politician that has been around for nearly three decades that represents the status quo. what donald trump has been talking about and he really, i think went into especially the first half of the debate, economic prosperity he will bring to this country, the change he will bring to the country. you saw two individuals who one in donald trump, very positive in trying to get his message across, versus hillary clinton scripted and i think, she kept saying about fact-checkers. if you check her facts there was
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awful lot of dishonesty in what she said. bill: he said isis was infant and no in 30 country. >> more countries. bill: laid the blame of isis on her. when it came to getting scripted how you destroy it, i did not hear him say how. >> i don't think either of them did. i would tell you in the plans to defeat isis and what is, what is out there, donald trump has been talking about essentially four components of a strategy, and those are good components, military, cyber, financial, and idealogical. hillary clinton like he said, she is posting isis campaign plan on website. trust me the enemy is looking at website all the time. they're looking exactly what it is that they may have to face in fact if she becomes the president. bill: today he said he would be harder on her. >> if people came into the debate is donald trump presidential, can he be commander-in-chief, hand down, hands down.
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he walked away from the debate. whoever watched absolutely. bill: if he were to be harder on him next time what would be your advice to him? >> i think to really make sure that, as he is getting questions from whoever the moderators are, next time i think is town hall-style, so i think it will be a lot tougher particularly for her, the american public is asking questions to her, versus moderator like lester holt. lester asked him about "birther" issue and his taxes but didn't ask her about things like pay for play scandal and global clinton initiative or benghazi or her ideas on illegal immigration and immigrants in this country. so i mean, there was a little bit of an imbalance on some of the things that lester holt brought up but -- bill: in her first three answers she dropped his name before he dropped her name, at least it sounded like that. was she trying to draw him in? perhaps draw him out? >> i don't know what her
6:19 am
strategy was. i know what donald trump's strategy and what he executed last night were really two things for the american public. can this guy be the president of the united states and can he perform as a commander-in-chief. hands down, like i used the phrase, he crushed it, he crushed the debate last night. bill: nothing you would change? >> there is a few things -- bill: got another one coming. >> what has to change the issues american public care about, illegal immigration, obamacare. i think some more specific things on national security need to be brought up, both overseas and what is going on in the homeland. definitely homeland security. look at just, look what is going on in our country today with all isis inspired directed attacks. what is happening to the law enforcement professionals. bill: they touched on it last night but a lot more to be -- >> america's prosperity and america's security, two of points, america's future direction were three categories talked about last night. i think at that, i think moderator, if i were the
6:20 am
moderator i would asked a lot of tougher questions and much more pointed in what i raised about those three topics irk we'll get into that next hour. thank you, general. >> thanks a lot. bill: hope you get some sleep. >> a little bit. bill: mike flynn. good energy. martha: at the attacks kept on . judgment, race, tax returns got very heated. you how does donald trump's running mate thinks he did last night. governor mike pence joins us here in america's newsroom next. >> i will release my tax returns, against my lawyer's wishes, when she releases her 33,000 emails that have been deleted. as soon as she releases them, i will release, i will release my tax returns. attention! did you or anyone in your household work around asbestos-containing gaskets, packing, or equipment? if you or a loved one have an asbestos-related disease, you may have a right to vote on a plan to reorganize and pay claims in the garlock/coltec bankruptcy.
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♪ >> politician, all talk, no action. sounds good. doesn't work. never going to happen. our country is suffering because people like secretary clinton have made such bad decisions. martha: that was clearly one of the biggest themes donald trump had last night, hitting hillary clinton on being career politician. republican vice-presidential nominee indiana governor mike pence joins us. governor, great to have you here. >> good to be here. martha: you and your family were in the front row watching all of this play out. how do you think he did? >> it was a good debate. donald trump had a great night. it was so exciting for me to see him walk on the stage and focus on issues that the american people are really focused on right out of the gate. talking about jobs. talking about the economy. talking about having a president who will fight for kind of trade
6:25 am
deals that will put the american worker first. and i just, i couldn't have been more proud to be there and proud to cheer him on. and i really do believe that, what people saw last night was donald trump really take command of the stage. and in his own unique way. i think he spoke to the american people and i expect the momentum we've seen in this campaign is only going to continue and grow as he heads to florida, i head to wisconsin. i think last night will continue to mine kate to the american people that on one side of that stage you had a 30-year career politician, highly-scripted. on the other side you had a candid leader ready to make america great. bill: you say mission accomplished based on that answer across the board? >> i do. i think he had a great night. tough understand, hillary clinton has been at this level for three decades. bill: i get it. twice she came back to the same line, trumped-up, trickle down.
6:26 am
>> i just remember when they used to demean ronald reagan's tax cuts with the same language. the truth is that what the american people heard last night was two contrasting visions for how you get this economy moving again. hillary clinton literally said on national television that she wants to raise taxes. she wants to grow government. that she wants to continue the war on coal and radical, liberal climate change agenda that is literally helped drive this economy into a ditch. donald trump for his part talked about our plan to lower taxes on working families, small businesses and family farms. to have stronger and smarter trade deals. to repeal obama care and end war on coal. that dramatic contrast that dramatic contrast was a great night for our team and really a great night for the american people that really want to see change. in very real sense, hillary clinton, 30-year career politician, highly-scripted, kind of said if you like your
6:27 am
status quo you can keep it. donald trump said, i'm here to bring about real change. people saw in him the energy, the command, and the temperament to be a great president. martha: there were some moments though perhaps were missed opportunities and then there were somewhere he sort of meandered, got into that rhetorical stem-winder he has been trying to pull back from a little bit. i thought it was interesting listening to laura ingraham who is supporter of his, she felt he needs to sometime take the question and then kind of turn it into what he wants to answer. the "birther" issue for one thing got really down in the mud and ugly at times between the two of them. both of them pointing at other basically they treated the president with disrespect. what would your advice be with him on that? you have been doing some of this longer than he has. >> my advice before the debate and after the debate, keep being yourself. you literally saw hillary clinton again with all those
6:28 am
well-prepared lines and well-scripted, you know debate, call it pivoting in into the debate. martha: you don't think it hurts him with his supporters? >> donald trump was answering the questions. doing it with the candor, refreshing candor that really explains why literally millions of people are being drawn to this movement. i mean he will head to florida today. i expect we'll see another enormous crowd turning out. i just expect this continue to build because he is exactly the kind of leader that relates to and speaks to everyday americans and to issues they really care about. bill: you get round one next tuesday night in virginia. ask you about that in moment. round two on presidential level is october 9th in st. louis. already he is suggesting he will be harder on her next time. in what area? >> i think, look, i think it was very disappointing last night that lester holt in the wake of an avalanche of scandal and controversy coming out of the clinton foundation and her years
6:29 am
as secretary of state never asked a single question about the clinton foundation. there was never a single question about the fact that she had a server we learned in the last week she actually received emails from commanding generals and president of the united states, a server vulnerable to foreign powers for hacking. it was disappointing to us not one question about libya and tragedy in benghazi that happened on her watch, four americans fell at a state department facility. and -- martha: he had a opportunity to bring up benghazi. some people felt when she mentioned 11 hours of testimony in front of congress, that that was a golden moment that hung in the air that he didn't grab. and you can't grab every single one as it comes by. everybody understands that. is that something you like to see discussed in next one? >> the american people want to know the truth. they want to understand what happened in benghazi. literally that was a moment where hillary clinton got the famous phone call that she talked about in her earlier
6:30 am
campaign for president. and in her state department it wasn't that they sent help after 13 hours. they never sent help. four americans fell and hillary clinton said, what difference at this point does it make? but those kind of issues, the clinton foundation, fbi those are all issues american people want answers to. it was disappointing lester holt not press hillary clinton on those issues. bill: john podesta from the campaign, when you blame the refs shows you're losing already. are you blaming lester holt -- >> you asked about the next debate. look, i think lester holt, i think lester holt did his level best in that environment. and i just couldn't be more proud of the job that donald trump did. walking in front of 100 million people, standing on the opposite side of the stage, of a well-rehearsed, scripted, 30-year career politician and being able to deliver that
6:31 am
authentic message he delivered last night. i thought he had a great night. bill: how are you prepping for tuesday? what have you done so far? >> a lot of it is, i'm brushing up on my years in the congress. my focus has not been washington, d.c. it has been focusing on the state of indiana where i am governor to this day. i've been dusting off my 12 years experience on capitol hill. catching up on a lot of those issues. we've been doing a little bit of rehearsal. we'll continue to do that. i'm, donald trump raised the bar for his running mate last night. martha: you have somebody standing in for tim kaine? >> i do, actually. martha: who is that? >> my friend governor scott walker has been putting me through my paces. bill: we'll see you in "farmville," virginia, tuesday night. thank you for making time. bill: donald trump and hillary clinton what he claims going
6:32 am
after her for lack of stamina to serve as president. one much his former opponents with his response. defending claims that he does not have the temperment to lead in this response right here. >> my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperment. i have a winning temperment. i don't know who you were talking to, secretary clinton, but you were totally out of control. there is a person with a temperment that has got a problem. >> secretary clinton. >> whoo, okay.
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♪ >> she didn't have the look. she doesn't have the stamina. i said she doesn't have the stamina. and, i don't believe she does have the stamina. to be president of this country, you need tremendous stamina. >> as soon as he travels to 112 countries and negotiates a peace deal, a cease-fire, a release ow
6:36 am
opportunities in nations around the world, or even spends 11 hours testifying in front of a congressional committee, he can talk to me about stamina. >> the world -- [applause] martha: from last night, donald trump and hillary clinton back and forth over what has become a real issue on the campaign trail, which candidate has the stamina to meet demands of being president of the united states. let's bring in former democratic presidential candidate himself and former governor martin o'malley who is supportings hillary clinton. governor, good to have you here. >> good to be with you. martha: one of the things that hurt hillary clinton over past month or so, were the health issues. question about that. the coughing incident. what happened at the 9/11 museum. did you feel good about her vitality last night? >> i did. that clip you played was one of the strongest moments of the debate. donald trump looked himself if he were running out of stamina and energy at that point in the
6:37 am
debate. so for him to flail at her and for her to come off as so determined, so steady and with the same energy she had walking into that debate, i thought was a real defining moment. she is, she's tough as nails. i will tell you. i had, i had the opportunity to be on that stage and debate her a few times along with senator sanders. and i found her to be, as she was last night, very well-prepared. very self-confident. very much a master of the facts of her case the. martha: one of the things i think you couldn't help but notice last night from hillary clinton how much she was smiling. she had a smile on her face, pretty much every moment and when he would go after her in that two shot, that is little shimmy she did, laughing thing, almost like a little dance she did at one moment up there, you look at a moment that was criticized from her over the course of last week, was this one. let's watch that. >> now having said all this, why aren't you 50 points ahead you
6:38 am
might ask? well, the choice for working families has never been clearer. i need your help to get donald trump's record out to everybody. martha: was that a conscious decision to make her, you know, just more appealing, more smiling, more happy? >> well i thought she was good there. and as far as her being enjoying the moment last night, you know, there does come a time, martha, when you're finally glad to be out there in the ring with somebody who has been taking potshots and doing snarky sound bites at you. so i think, as, i think from, as i know secretary clinton, i think that was sincere. i think she enjoyed finally having the gloves off. martha: that could be exactly what it was. when you look at polls this week, ohio, pennsylvania, florida, michigan, wisconsin, some of those states are looking a little bit tighter as we get into this. you heard what donald trump said about nafta, how he traveled around the country.
6:39 am
>> right. martha: he talked to people who felt their jobs were taken, their companies were closed because of results of nafta. that seems to be a vulnerable point for your party here? >> well, clearly we have yet to figure out how to anticipate the impacts of some of these trade deals. i was critical of that in the primary and was senator sanders and secretary clinton. came out against the trans-pacific partnership in its final iteration. what also happened last night, and this was another critical moment in the campaign, secretary clinton pierced that veneer of donald trump, crying his crocodile tears for lost jobs. by pointing out this is man who makes all of the products, whether his ties or his barware or anything in the trump name on it is manufactured outside of the united states of america. so there is something that people find very unforgiving in politics, and that is hypocrisy. that is what donald trump
6:40 am
practices while on one side of his mouth -- martha: the reason for that regulations are so intense, and so many disincentives to business put in place under democratic leadership it makes it very hard for businesses to function in this country, and that is what he wants to change. what do you say to that? >> i know that is what he says, but people -- martha: not just them. business owners across the country have been complaining about that i think that is why, one. reasons why you're seeing some of these races that are so tight. people feel really bogged down by regulation and piled on and piled on, do you think that is something we need to change. do you think he is right about that? >> no, i don't think he is right about regulations. he is right we need to better anticipate the second and third effects of these trade deals. but if you look at the last six years, we're actually creating jobs because of small business owners. manufacturers realizing america has advantages in terms of the predictable supply chain. and that is why every month for the last 62 months we have been
6:41 am
creating more and more jobs. last year, was the largest uptick in median family income at long last. the things that we need to do to make our country go forward are the things our parents and grandparents used to do routinely as democrats and republicans. invest in our country. invest in the skills of our people. open up markets abroad but make america strong by producing here at home that which we consume at home. the fundamentals are the same. but it is not helped when you have hypocrites and bottom-feeders like donald trump trying to find cheapest labor they can find for making their ties so they can make, more handsome profit. that is not practice of american capitalism. martha: that is very passionate debate going on in this country about the way forward. we appreciate you taking part in it today. governor o'malley, thank you very much. >> thank you very much. bill: racial unrest another topic last night, during this debate when hillary clinton said the following, watch. >> i think implicit bias is a problem for everyone, not the just police.
6:42 am
i think unfortunately too many of us in our great country jump to conclusions about each other. bill: so what then does she suggest to make it better? we will debate that coming up in a moment. also this. martha: we're just talking about this. donald trump went after hillary clinton on issue of nafta, on issue of trade. she pushed back. who did better on that last night? >> called it the gold standard. you called it the gold standard of trade deals. you said it is finest deal you have ever seen. >> no. >> then you heard what i said about it, all of sudden you were against it. >> donald i know you live in your own reality, but that is not the facts. when this busy family...
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6:45 am a cracked windshield... ...their dad went to the new safelite-dot-com... ...and scheduled a replacement... just a few clicks. with safelite you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful! thank you. (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> your husband signed nafta which was one of the worst things that ever happened to the manufacturing industry. >> that is your opinion. >> you go to new england. you go to ohio, pennsylvania,
6:46 am
you go anywhere you want, secretary clinton, and you will see devastation where manufacturing is down, 30, 40, sometimes 50%. nafta is the worst trade deal, maybe ever signed anywhere but certainly ever signed in this country and now you want to approve trans-pacific partnership. you were totally in favor of it. then you heard what i was saying how bad it is, you said i can't win that debate. but you know that if you did win, you would approve that. that will be almost as bad as nafta. bill: donald trump clearly going after secretary clinton on the trade deal. who came out on that on the economy. david goodfriend, hillary clinton supporter and rich lowery "national review," fox news contributor. good morning to you. we have three minutes. score it, rich, on economy, who won? >> first 20 minutes was donald trump's strongest in debates. he drove the discussion on trade. look, hillary is insincere on this she is not truly protectionist the way donald trump is and for voters
6:47 am
in the midwest that he will need to win over, if he actually makes this electoral map work, that is very powerful message. bill: david, did he get the better of her or not on nafta, trade deals and economy? >> yeah. i agree that was his strongest moment. i would put it 11 minutes before he started to fall apart but it was a strong moment. i think the reason is, because there is a lot of disconnection and pain in the upper midwest. i'm from wisconsin. i was born and raised and educated in wisconsin. i know this is true, that upper midwest has been hurting. where he loses people and where he lost on the economy last night in talking about wages and jobs and income inequality. look this is guy who basically said, yeah, i didn't pay any taxes. that makes me smart. that is not going to land in wisconsin. i'm here to tell you. i'm a cheesehead. that dog won't hunt as bill clinton would say. the reason it won't because people are looking for what is going to be policy that helps me get ahead. i don't want two or three jobs. i don't want my wife working, my
6:48 am
son working just so we keep our house. i want people to know we have more jobs. bill: come back to you in a moment here. trump was ready for these answers. he went right to china, right about nafta, right to nafta i should say. right at losing jobs. and he brought up $20 trillion in debt repeatedly. that is something, frankly, that has been lost from the conversation in washington today. >> yeah, well we don't hear a lot. debt really isn't driving this discussion. but, you know trump's general argument that i'm a businessman, i've made a lot of money one way or the other, however much you think it is and i can turn things around, that is very intuitive message for a lot of people. it is why among the issue areas, all the polling shows the economy, which is the most important issue, is his strongest area against hillary clinton. and he built on that a little bit last night. if he had a -- bill: just a little bit? >> rest of the debate he had been as good in the first 11 or
6:49 am
20 minutes however you want to account for it, he would won the debate but he unraveled as night went on. >> that is true. he did unravel as night went on. give him the benefit of the doubt. talk about the trade policy because it is important. there are a lot of trends in our economy that lead to job dislocation. automation is big part of it. technology is replacing a lot of jobs. what do we do about that? i proud to tell you i work with the labor unions, international brotherhood of teamsters, they make a living driving truck. what happens when automated vehicles come on board. what do we do about the jobs. we didn't hear donald trump talk about the jobs, the trends, what he will do it. will he support job retraining or infrastructure spending so we have -- bill: he seemed to suggest that. >> no, i'm not sure. bill: he clearly did. >> wants to spend more than hillary clinton. bill: 30 seconds. trumped up trickle down, did that line work or not? >> no that was hillary clinton at her worse, a canned line
6:50 am
didn't work at all a real groner. bill: david, wrap it up. >> trickle-down economics failed. it is what led to bloated deficits and people don't buy it anymore. whether you like the name you gave it or not, the philosophy and policy has failed. we need to do something better. >> reagan years were pretty good. bill: ready for round two. gentlemen, thanks. martha. martha: irrather than nuclear deal ignite ad fiery debate about judgment on foreign policy last night. right after the break. people, let's just get a sandwich or something. "or something"? you don't just graduate from medical school, "or something." and we don't just pull smoked chicken, bake fresh foccacia and hand-slice avocado. there's nothing "or something" about it.
6:51 am
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6:54 am
♪ >> he said, you know, if they taunted our sailors i would blow them out of the water. and start another war. that's -- that is bad judgment. that is not the right temperment to be commander-in-chief. to be taunted and, the worst part -- >> they were taunting us. >> what i heard donald seay is about nuclear weapons. he has said repeatedly that he didn't care if other nations got nuclear weapons. japan, south korea, even saudi arabia. >> wrong. >> have a good time, folks. in fact his cavalier attitude about nuclear weapons is so deeply troubling, that is the number one threat we face in the worth world. a man can be provoked by a tweet should not have his fingers anywhere near the nuclear codes, anyone with any steps about this should be concerned. >> that line is getting old i must say. >> it is good one though.
6:55 am
well-describes the problem. martha: remember those moments last night? so the iran nuclear deal set off the fiery exchange. sabre rattling in the persian gulf and beyond. she sort of took it somewhere else though, bill. he started going after her about the iran deal. i think there were other points that could have been made about that deal, about the money that was sent over, about the pallets packed with money, all of those exchanges, weaponry that has been bought by iran through saudi arabia, through russia. so there is a lot of issues that he could have gone to there. she went off on the nuclear proliferation side of it. and it got kind of lost in the shuffle. bill: watching this in the monitor now, it is always so different when you're there in person than you watch later in the replay on television. i was getting numerous texts during the night, people say, family and friends, people outside of the industry, how tense this is.
6:56 am
i didn't feel that tension inside the room. martha: really? bill: more like, this is what he should expect or this is what she should expect. this is probably what they both had expected. so i did not get that sense in person. but you certainly do, when you watch the two of them. martha: you do. when you see tight shots of both of their faces, they're in the double boxes reacting to each other with their faces right next to each other the way everybody watches on television, it is a very different experience. both of them were pretty good playing right to the camera. you don't need to play to the room. it's a small room. people that really matter are at home. fascinating to see differences. bill: we'll see ratings later today about 1:00 in the afternoon. martha: i think you will see them sharply focused on iran deal in the next round. we'll see how he does with that. bill: first debate is down. did last night's slugfest change anything? karl rove, chris stirewalt, the judge, all on deck with analysis
6:57 am
from last night. next. >> you look at the inner cities, i just left detroit and i just left philadelphia, i know, you have seen me, i've been all over the place. you decided to stay home and that is okay. but i will tell you, i've been all over and i met some. greatest.
6:58 am
6:59 am
. .
7:00 am
martha: donald trump and hillary clinton hitting the campaign trail pressing their cases after the big debate. you want to come hot off of the debate. a bit of mix reaction. there are polls say he won and she won. of course each won. it's fun to look at these things again and see how they reacted because, you know, their going to be fine-tuning performances and trying to get them sharper. bill: she's martha and i'm bill. sometimes you change view of how
7:01 am
you see it. from the battle of hofstra to battle ground states. donald trump is in florida, hillary clinton stops in north carolina. both bringing their message directly to voters after hammering each other pretty much for 90 minutes. debate number one. >> the kind of plan that donald has put forward would be trickled down economic. i called it trump-up trickled down economics. that's exactly what it would be. >> you have been doing this for 30 years, why are you thinking about the solutions right now? for 30 years you have been doing it and you're thinking about solutions. >> i don't think general macarthur would like that so much. [laughter] >> at least i have a plan to fight isis. >> no, no, you're telling the enemy everything you want to do n. >> no we are not. >> no wonder you've been fighting isis your entire adult
7:02 am
life. >> i will release my tax returns against my lawyer's wishes when she releases her 33,000 emails that have been deleted. as soon as she releases them, i will release. >> we know the irs has made clear there is no prohibition under other -- on release during audit. martha: here is what he had to say of last night. >> hillary clinton, 30-year career politician, highly scripted kind of said if you like your status quo, you can keep it and donald trump said i'm here to bring real change and people saw both energy and command and the temperament to be a great president. bill: we start with senior political correspondent.
7:03 am
what's the mood from the clinton team after debate number one, mike? >> bill, as you know, there's been the whole back and forth over whether hillary clinton has the stamina to be our next president. clinton defended herself last night making reference to visiting 112 countries as secretary of state and testifying for 11 hours before the benghazi select committee. this morning the running mate said it looked like donald trump was the one who looked exhausted on that stage. >> and in the split screen i was watching at the moment, she looked like she was ready for another 11 hours of debate and he looked like he had run out of gas and leebing up against the ropes. that showed a temperament and preparedness issue and really work today hillary's advantage. >> another potential advantage is hillary clinton was not asked about con trigutions to the clinton foundation, was not asked about benghazi terror attack or support for obamacare. bill: are they also talking
7:04 am
about the performance of we are rival last night and if so, how were they characterizing that, mike? >> they were certainly picking it apart, bill, they're expected a more manner gentile donald trump and suggesting that trump did not do his homework. >> he was completely unprepared. it's disrespectful to come unprepared, he dug hole deeper on birther right, taxes, he suggested that the reason he hasn't released tacks is because he hasn't paid any. >> we are six weeks from election day so no reason for either side to celebrate. hillary clinton in north carolina. bill: mike emmanuel at hofstra university. martha. martha: more analyst on this lets bring editor chris and steve hayes and fox news contributor. welcome, gentlemen. great to have both of you this morning.
7:05 am
let's get your take on all of this. let me start with you. >> i trump started very strong, had very good 15-20 minutes in the beginning and flagged as the debate. she struggled at the beginning sort of fitting his characterization of her as a long-time politician, somebody who spent too much time in washington with stale ideas, sort of the embodiment of political culture and she felt victim to that but as got stronger as debate went on. if you have to choose, you rather be stronger earlier than later. martha: such an important point and chris let me bring you in here, yesterday we talked about the fact that most people watch the first 30 minutes or clips the next day f that is the case, that's a plus for donald trump because he was very strong out of the gate although a lot of for polls seem to be favoring her a little bit and there are some that favor him.
7:06 am
yeah, it's good to be better early than late but it's good to be good and he wasn't at the end and he wasn't for a lot of it. she had a pretty good night. she pretty clearly got the better of the evening, but i would say this, donald trump didn't -- the danger was coming in here and making a fool of himself and screwing it up so much that he took himself out of the race. he passed the first bar. he was that tall. he's on board and he's got two more of these things and he will do better next time. martha: you have to be this taller. i would guess she's taller for all the rides. let's watch this. >> why won't he release his tax returns? and i think there maybe a couple of reasons, first, maybe he's not a rich as he says he is, second maybe he's not a charitable as he claims to be or maybe he doesn't want the american people all of you
7:07 am
watching tonight to know that he's paid nothing in federal taxes because the only years that anybody has ever seen were a couple of years when he had to turn them over to state authorities when he was trying to get a casino license and they showed he didn't pay any federal income tax. so -- >> that makes me smart. >> what do you think about that? >> she start that answer and i think this is going to be a bomb because she's announcing that she's speculating. he -- she doesn't know. but the pure nature her answer is speculative. she set him up and trump walked right into her trap by saying, he was smart for not paying any taxes and then giving a series of contradictory responses. i can't release my tax returns and then he said i will release them as soon as i'm done. i've been audited for 15 years
7:08 am
and then release them if she released emails. rather than turning and pivoting and making an attack on her, he engaged that debate on her terms and i thought lost it badly. martha: a couple of moments like this where he opened himself up to criticism, i used the laws of this country to basically get myself to best deal within the law. there have been moments when we all thought, oh, my gosh, that's not going to go over well and never hurt him in the past so did it hurt him last night? >> how do we measure if it hurt him in the past. martha: i'm talking about the primary process. >> well, we are going to have about 140 million people vote in the election, there were about a third of that voted in the primaries. this is a different stage and it's a different setting and trump has to release tax returns, there's no way that he can continue to have this
7:09 am
discussion and debate debate after debate and she opens it up. martha: if she's right that he didn't pay federal income taxes, he found ways around that given rules of business and business taxes he paid, personal state taxes that he pays, is that going to hurt him in. >> he should have put them out in the beginning. that's why you put them out in the beginning, if you have to eat a frog eat it first, don't have ice cream sunday at the beginning. he had a good time in the time now he's going to have to release them at the end and look bad in october instead of february. it was a strategic error. >> i have a visual of donald trump eating frog legs. [laughter] martha: you will never get it out of your head. >> i think it could hurt him. he's basically paid no taxes. he can make his argument that he did what the law allows if he did what the law allows. he wants to make an argument that donald trump is willing to
7:10 am
screw over the little guy to enrich himself, that would fit into the broader picture that she's trying to paint. democrats did it effectively against mitt mitt romney. martha: he wears it as a badge of honor and worked for him so far in a way that it never worked for mitt romney. we will see. thanks you, guys. bill: clearly making a case on last night. we heard a lot about isis, the economy and trade but not much about clinton emails, benghazi, what else was missing? what does either need to do next time? martha: moderator lester holt taking heat for taking a bit of a backseat at moments last night. was he fair? did he do a good job? that's always part of the conversation after one of these? we will be right back (announcer vo) when you have type 2 diabetes,
7:11 am
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you're not a firefighter, if you don't fight fires. or a coach, if you don't coach. and you can't be our leader, if you don't lead. our next president needs to take action on social security, or future generations could lose up to $10,000 a year. we're working hard, what about you? hey candidates, do your jobs. keep social security strong. >> the obama administration from the time they've come in is over 230 years worth of debt and he's topped it. he's doubled it in the course of almost eight years, seven and a half years to be semiexact. i will tell you this, we have to do a much better job at keeping our jobs and we have to do a
7:15 am
much better job at giving companies incentive to build new companies to expand because they're not doing it. par mar the moments from last night about jobs and debt. some of the biggest surprises, though, were the issues that never really came up last evening. carl rove, former deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush. hey, good to have you here. boy, we didn't hear about benghazi, foundation, we heard precious little about the foundation, he had one of the best answers on the night when she said it was a mistake, no, no, it wasn't. what do you think? >> i think that's right. that's the one criticism of lester holt who might not otherwise try today stay out of it and let them go at it. he had opportunities to bring this up. cybersecurity was brought up as a question.
7:16 am
he could have opened it up i'm glad to hear that you're now concerned about cybersecurity. you kernel weren't when you put that server in your basement that probably was hacked by foreign actors and instead he basically said nothing about e-mail server and basically agreed with her as opposed to -- even if you agree with her, find your own way of putting, you know, she had ideas and he had ideas. martha: the other one that i thought was hanging out there, i spent 11 hours testifying in front of a congressional committee and i i had the stamina to do that and also just went by. >> went by. first of all, i was intrigued by two things, he didn't respond to that and intrigued that she brought it up and i wonder if they. >> sort of hoping, we are going to lay this out there and come back and we are going to go back on him. i thought that was interesting. i would have gone back even if she was prepared to give another blow afterwards. martha: what do you think are
7:17 am
the lessons learned from last night? >> interesting question. there's no way that trump was happy. you saw him afterwards. he was unhappy. you know, in fact, that was the problem for him last night was the nonverbal gestures, you remember at the beginning is using open-hand gestures. as the evening went on the gestures got more closed and pointing at her. he was unhappy. question is when they show up at the second debate, is he just going to go straight at her or understand that it's better done lightly and pivot to what it is that he's doing to do. his object is not to simply prosecute the case against her. it is to say, okay, let me remind you gently of really bad things over there and then let me tell you what i'm going to do that's something. he did have the argument last night, i'm the candidate of change. he needs to prosecute that more in the next debate. martha: i also felt that there wasn't a lot of sort of gracious, you know, moments
7:18 am
where somebody took a breath and talk about why they want to be president of this country, what it means to them, how humbled they are by place they find themselves and what they want to offer. those moments, it was pretty much hammer, hammer. they're going to be in a town hall next time. what would you recommend? >> a bigger obstacle for her than him. he can sit there and say like he did on the economy, it ain't great. on the world, it's in flames but he has to pivot to say and here is what i would do differently. she is simultaneously the candidate and status quo and somebody who better not be status quo. she has to picture a future different than today, she has been up there but she has new and different ideas that makes sense to me and that's hard to do given how many baggage she comes in for having been in our lives for 30 years in politics,
7:19 am
first four years of the obama administration, secretary of state. martha: is it harder in town hall environment to prosecute your case on things like benghazi and e-mail. all the people are staring at you and answers. >> so you really are having conversation with an individual and looks bizarre if they answer a question and you take the opportunity to slap at the other person. she was better at this last night because even when she went after him, she tended, she didn't look at him, it wasn't about him. it was her conversation with the moderator, so he's got to figure out how to do that. it con trains your ability to attack. martha: she had absolutely no what difference does it make moment last night. i was marveling at her sort of ability to keep it cool, because he was going at her, interrupting her all of the time and she kept that smile on her face, you look at the likability numbers, favorability numbers,
7:20 am
clearly that was one of her major focuses. >> he interrupts her 51 times and she 17. she came fewer interruptions because hers were gentle. his tended to be like he would lean in the microphone and say, that's not true. and he has this habit of boggling shoulders which is fine but when he gets angry does like this and grab it is podium and looks like he is angry and a lot of this is nonverbal. he wasn't having fun last night. she looked like she wasn't having bun but amused at the evening. martha: fascinating, carl, great to have you so much. good stuff. bill: so we know, carl, donald trump needs to cut numbers with black and hispanic voters. did last night win him support? did last night change anything? martha: hillary clinton server issue, that scandal did it get
7:21 am
enough and did clinton do enough to put it to rest. >> when you have your staff taking the fifth, taking the fifth, so they're not prosecuted, when you have the man that set up illegal server taking the fifth, i think it's disgraceful. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare,
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7:24 am
>> i'm not going to make any excuses, it was a mistake and i take responsibility for that. >> mr. trump. >> that was more than a mistake. that was done purposely. that was not a mistake that was done purposely, when you have your staff taking the fifth amendment, taking the fifth so they're not prosecuted, when you have the man that set up the
7:25 am
illegal server taking the fifth, i think it's disgraceful and believe me, this country thinks it's disgraceful also. bill: so that was trump going after clinton over server controversy. lester holt never asked about it giving the question if she's been given a pass. trump has the option to bring it up himself. you have been very tough on her on this issue in that chair. >> yes, i wish that donald trump had been as tough as her or lester holt had addressed the issue. she has many, but the glaring vulnerability is that she is utterly unworthy of belief. the fact that her aides took a fifth amendment a privilege under the constitution is the least of the argument, the strongest of the arguments is you used an unsecured server to
7:26 am
send hundreds of state secrets through the internet and many of those state secrets you sent to your friends said bloomenthal and hacked by hostile regimes. you were the chief diplomat of the united states of america and you fail today secure our secrets and many colleagues think people died because of it. did you hear that argument last night? bill: you're secretary of state and you set up a server in the basement of your home and the topic was about cybersecurity. it was on a plate ready and willing to be served. >> you are the personification of what's wrong with cybersecurity, but he didn't, he allowed her to escape with that one line and dwelled -- bill: the reason it's important is many americans don't see her as
7:27 am
trust worthy and that's her greatest vulnerability, you would agree? >> absolutely. bill: ties directly to answers or lack thereof on this topic. >> this was the first debate. there are two to come. i don't know what the topics are in the two debates, one is being handled by able colleague chris
7:28 am
7:29 am
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bill: nbc news anchor lester holt taking scrutiny, trump sporters and some media critics he interrupted donald trump far more often than hillary clinton. here is an example of what they say. >> i will let you respond, i want to get the answer here. the birth certificate was produced in 2011 and you continued to press the story 2012, 2013, '14. the reason is what changed your
7:33 am
mind? >> nobody was carrying much about it. bill: howard is the host of media buzz. good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: we had you sunday and monday and you were keyed in on this. overall, what do you think of the criticism that's been leveled so far? what do you think of the performance of moderator. in the first 25 minutes he let them go at it. in the last hour, there's no other way to say it, he was one sided. five fact-checking questions to hillary clinton, you played the birther exchange. three questions on that. follow-up questions on trump's tax returns, follow-up questions on how he couldn't prove that he opposed the iraq war. all fair game, all legitimate but nothing comparable. bill: trump said they were unfair questions, were they unfair or were they just out of balance? >> they were not unfair and had
7:34 am
lester holt chosen a similarly approach with the democratic nominee. i would say he did a great job but that was not the case, on the e-mail scandal, for example, the only time lester holt asked hillary clinton was when donald trump brought it up and he turn today clinton and holt said, do you want to respond to that? no follow-up there. it's easy to go there. the you're going to take the approach that you're going to interrupt and ask about donald trump's stop and frisk policing, for example, when you do that repeatedly, hillary clinton was more aggressive, donald trump was on the defensive the whole night. it's not because of lester holt, if you look at the transcript, there's no conclusion that he was much tougher. bill: did you feel bad in person last night? did you feel that way last night or did it take until this morning for you to develop that thought? >> i felt that way as the debate was unfolding. bill: the reason i ask you is because this is exactly what
7:35 am
trump said earlier today here on fox and friends. watch here. >> i didn't ask her about the emails at all, he didn't ask her about scandals, he didn't ask her about the benghazi deal that she destroyed, he didn't ask her a lot of things that she should have been asked about. there's no question about it. bill: there it is. >> it's an uncomfortable position for any debater, presidential candidate, you come back and say the moderator was not fair. lester high school's questions to donald trump were fair, but as i was watching him, well, there he goes on birther, there he goes on taxes and stop and frisk and i'm not seeing anything on the other side. trump told me before the debate he felt that holt might go tougher on him because of criticism that nbc matt laer had gotten this. i think he's a respected news man, but you look at the transcript, you look at the interruptions, aggressiveness
7:36 am
towards candidate, it is not a close call. he was not even handed in the way that he approached. bill: holt tried to get in on numerous occasions and both clinton and trump talked right over him. it appear today me that he's getting to the last 40 minutes of this debate and he wants to get to material he had prepped for. you told us on sunday and morning, regardless of what holt does, he will be criticized. >> right. even if he had as many difficult and follow-up and fact-checking questions of hillary clinton, he would be getting it from both sides. you don't really hear the clinton people complaining because they don't have much to complain about. time partisans are entitled to say they watched the debate, they a moderator trying to get more questions in the second half, maybe because the thing got out of control earlier, seeing a moderator being harder
7:37 am
on their candidate, they have a legitimate beef today. bill: very interesting, howie, thanks for the analysis. >> you bet. martha: good stuff. here is a moment from the debate last night that sparked quite a bit of reaction. hillary clinton going after past treatment of women, watch this. >> and one of the worst things he said was about a woman in a beauty contest, he loves beauty contests, supporting them and hanging around them, and he called this woman ms. piggy, then he called her ms. house-keeping because she was latino. donald, she has a name. her name is alicia machado and she has become a u.s. citizen and you can bet she's going to vote this november. >> really? hillary is hitting me with tremendous commercials. some of it entertainment, somebody who has vicious to me, rosie oh -- odonnell.
7:38 am
you want to know the truth, i was going say -- >> very quickly. >> extremely rough to hillary, to her family and i said to myself, i can't do it, i just can't do it. it's inappropriate, it's not nice. but she spent hundreds of millions of dollars on negative ads on me, many of which are absolutely untrue, they're untrue and misrepresentations and i will tell you this, lester, it's not nice and i don't -- i don't deserve that. martha: interesting moment from last night. also one of those moments when he's answering the question and answering hillary clinton where i think some more seasoned politicians would have taken off with it. he could have gone to, you know, talking about the women that he employs through businesses, relationships, actions speak
7:39 am
louder than words. he got a little bit drawn into that debate again, interesting that he didn't respond differently, but we will see if it makes -- bill: it is true in battleground states she has outspent him 8 to 1, part of is money and part of it is strategy. he's trying to do it differently and we will find whether or not it works. martha: people spend tens of millions of dollars in new hampshire over course of primary and didn't work out well for them and he's pursuing that strategy in that part of the race as well. bill: clinton and trump each with their own take on how to fix it. we will take that on next. >> in chicago they've had thousands of shootings, thousands since january 1st, thousands of shootings. and i say where is this, is this a war-torn country?
7:40 am
what are we doing? we have to stop the violence, we have to bring lack law and order.
7:41 am
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surround yourself with healthy advantages at >> it was not exactly the knockout fight that we thought. it was a spirited fight. i think in the end it was something like a draw, but i do believe that the draw goes to the challenger in the sense that trump did not go over the line and the very fact that he could go 90 minutes on the same stage automatically elevates the challenger. that's just automatic for any debate of that sort. bill: who are we to question charles? hold onto that comment and we will find out whether or not this is still heading in the direction as it appears to be. martha: more polls we will get a look at.
7:44 am
a lot of polls that show him winning last night and fascinating, right? it's fascinating. bill: thank you, charles. martha: there we go. donald trump comparing inner cities to wars, law and order to help communities but hillary clinton says it's not that simple. watch. >> in a place like chicago where thousands of people have been killed, thousands over the last number of years, in fact, almost 4,000 have been killed since barack obama became president. over -- almost 4,000 people in chicago have been killed. we have to bring back law and order. >> so we have to address the systematic racism in our criminal justice system. we cannot just say law and order, we have to say we have to come forward with a plan that is going to divert people from the criminal justice system, deal with mandatory minimum sentences which have put too many people
7:45 am
away for too long for doing too little. martha: big issues right now in our country. so let's bring in panel, brad woodhouse, president of correct the record and tony, republican strategist and fox news contributor. welcome to both of you. >> good morning, martha. donald trump held the record up to hillary clinton and said, you know, on your watch, on the administration that you have been part of, we have seen racial unrest as a result and he believes that there has to be a new way of tackling the problems that what has been tried is simply not working, brad. >> well, martha, first of all, let's remember, i mean, donald trump took a question about rake relations and instead of addressing that he went immediately to this issue of law and order. he's suggesting that every
7:46 am
african-american community in america, blacks commit crime -- martha: he didn't say that. >> the question was race relations, he didn't one time say we need to fos e greater understanding. he went to fear mongering. he's going try to fear monger. martha: hillary clinton is on her plane. let's listen for a moment. >> i was thrilled that i got a chance to lay out middle-class economic policies and profamily policies that i have been talking about to all the viewers that tuned in. i felt so positive about it and, you know, one of the thought that is popped in my head, was, you know, one of my favorite baseball player banks, i use today get excited about going to play that he would say let's play too.
7:47 am
so i'm looking forward to the next debate and then the one after that. >> what do you think the most critical moment was last night? >> viewers got a chance to compare us on policy. policy gets lost a lot of the time and coverage with the back and forth that goes on and laying out my plans for strong growth and fair growth and dealing with family economic issues like affordable child care and paid family leave and debt-free college with no real response, no real offer coming from my opponent. the tax plan that is we have put forth are so different and his would explode the deficit in debt and it would be a huge gift to the wealthiest of americans including him and his own family and that all began to come into focus for people. >> what about the way he kept interrupting and the way he
7:48 am
answered the question about gender? do you think women would react to that? are. >> well, i think his demeanor, temperament on the stage could be seen by everybody. people can draw their own conclusions and i thought on several occasions he was making charges and claims that were untrue offering opinions that were, i think, a lot of people would find offensive and off-putting. he can run his campaign and present himself how he choses, but the real point is about temperament and fitness and qualification to hold the most important, hardest job in the world and i think people saw last night some very clear differences between us. >> are you concerned that donald trump will not show up for the
7:49 am
next debate? are you concerned that he will not show? >> well, i'm going to show up. i will be there at st. louis and after that in las vegas. if i'm the only person on stage, you know, i'm the only person on stage. >> what if donald trump says he actually showed great restraint last night and he could have gone after you and your husband for personal matters? >> as i say, he can run his campaign however he choses and, you know, i will continue to talk about what i want to do for the american people, lay out specific plans with very clear goals in mind to help us deal with all the challenges we face. i'm excited about where we are in this country. he talks down america every chance he gets, hi calls us name, third-world country, he talks to us in dire terms. that's not who america is.
7:50 am
we are the best problem-solvers in the world. our diversity is a strength. i'm excited to hold country together and set big goals on infrastructure and advance manufacturing and clean energy, to take on climate change, which by the way is not a hoax made up by the chinese, and do everything that i have talked about. you should know by now that when i set my mind on something, i keep going. i don't quit. whatever the incoming is, that's what i will do for the american people and i am looking forward to it. thank you. >> what about his stamina -- >> martha: hillary clinton with energetic message this morning. trying to capitalize what he felt was a good night. most of the polls showing trump winning this, cnbc, mime -- time magazine, fascinating as we sit
7:51 am
there all of this morning, bill, and people weigh in on what they really thought. bill: national security, what's happening overseas. they will continue to be hot topics and we will take them on in just a moment. don't move, we will be right back. martha: be right back.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
mar par we left them to see hillary clinton on the plane, we just want to get your thoughts of what we just watched. tony, what did you think? >> look, this is a big part of hillary's problem. she said in that clip that america is in a great place. well, that's not a position shared by two-thirds of the american people and that's an actual conservative number if you look at the polls. some polls show 75% of americans saying the country is heading in the wrong direction. when she says that, she detaches herself from what a lot of people are feeling.
7:55 am
the other part that's so interesting, martha, i saw this in front line of debates, the political class, pundit class always declare the wrong winner, when you really look at how people respond to the both of them, you named it. the hill poll, time, cbs poll all voter reaction points to donald trump having the stronger performance because he's reaching them in the opportunities he takes to talk about jobs, the economy, security and other things that they care about, not the classic debate. martha: they are leaning towards donald trump and by pretty large margins in most of these viewer poll that is were done. brad, what do you make of it? >> i think it's just not true. you look at cnn poll, cnn declared her the winner by 35 poll. public policy that she won the debate, but you know what i think the real test is let's see where the race stands and also
7:56 am
let's see how the candidates react. you saw a very confident hillary clinton right there talking to reporters, someone who felt like she won. donald trump came out this morning and had to defend calling ms. universe ms. piggy and complained about questions that he got from moderator and all that points to me to someone who believed that they lost the debate. martha: well, how you feel how you did is very important and we will see -- >> how voters feel is more important. martha: absolutely. numbers will come out in next several days. tony and brad, thank you very much, we will see you next time. bill: they appeared to be dead-locked in a very close election. both head to go key battleground states. what is the impact of last night. do not move, more analysis straight ahead.
7:57 am
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martha: you know what? you know what? that is the name of our new show. tell you what. you know what? yes, have a great afternoon, everybody. i will be off a couple days. i will see you. back for the vice-presidential debate. looking forward to it. "happening now" starts right now. ♪ jenna: a historic, fiery first debate is one for the record books. now donald trump and hillary clinton are both back on the road again. hello, everybody, jenna lee and back with us, jon scott. >> back from vacation. we have a debate to warm up with. i am jon scott. hours after facing off first time the candidates head back to the swing states which will decide this election of course. donald trump campaigning in florida today. hillary clinton is in north carolina. as the battleground state polls keep getting tighter. each candidate wants to tap momentum from last night's big


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