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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  September 27, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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glenn? dow having a big day. i asked the fox business network, the dow doesn't like uncertainty and donald trump is uncertain. hillary clinton is seen as more certain in her policies, so the markets liked that the debate went well for hillary clinton and the stocks are up. that in $3 will get you starbucks. here's virginia -- cavuto. did anybody see that debate last night? one down, two to go. [ cheering ] >> so the day after the big debate, still trying to gauge who came out on top. so we're looking at the reviewers versus the viewers. welcome in, i'm neil cavuto. i want to show you something, it is unscientific and hardly reliable. it's more like a gut check that statistically doesn't jive with some other more establishment figures. how average folks who were
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watching last night's debate feel if you were looking at this through the and some of these others, you see donald trump. you see it in variety. you see it in cbs new york. slight in veteran. and new there are others, and i should be up there, inaccurate here. there are others that slrly have hillary clinton doing very, very well. the lion's share, the professional reviewers and the professional crowd says, well hillary clinton did better. but, if average folks watching the same debate had a knee jerk different impression, it would not be the first time that's happened. the former reagan advisor ed rollins, former democratic pollster, pat cadel. what do you make with that? knee jerk, not exactly overly
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statistically reliable, but in enough cases, impressions from average folks, donald trump won. >> well, you know, first of all, i was actually involved in a statistically significant poll last night for breitbart who did it. which was based on almost 900 enemies of people who previously agreed to be interviewed. and you know, it was a slight clinton win in terms of overall. but trump won the big things. on particularly for him, on his -- on being plausible as president, cares about people which is normally a democratic issue, honesty, she won on issues. that's not a surprise. the problem is with the pundits. whether -- and many places is that they have never understood this election year. or the electric. they keep thinking this is over, they've been wrong for over a year and a half and almost two years about how much the american people want change.
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and i didn't particularly think that trump did great last night, but she did not have a great message. she was prepared -- and i think that what we discover is what i discovered in the polling last night is this is what happens in first debates. they are rarely decisive. 95% of the people we interviewed said they does not change their mind, and the few percent that did actually, trump gained a little bit. but it's not a head to head race because so many people don't watch the debate. >> right. >> so anyway. >> i was just asking if you liked it. i didn't think you were getting to the other stuff. i'm kidding, i'm kidding. >> i'm happy to have you back though. >> thank you, my friend. >> let me ask you, ed, about that reaction. you were reminding me on fox business that how the professional crowd feels, could be a little different than how average folks a the home feel. obviously a lot of these folks who were watching maybe didn't care about debating points. maybe they cared about other stuff. a trend, it is not, i just -- i
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wanted to add that, what do you make of that? >> seldom do polls, things ever change. you go in sort of cheering for somebody, and you look at their strong points and coyou basically come out saying they won or didn't win. and in my long history, which is five decades now, i've never really seen a debate change a large number of voters. they changed sometimes small numbers. the snap polls and often cases, you can vote multiple times. sometimes it's a publication that the conservatives read, trump has won every single one of drudge or what have you. i think the key thing is he didn't have a good night as pat said, there are lots of things that he could do better. her supporters are obviously very happy. i think it stops the bleeding that was going on. >> right, right. >> but it's a dead even race. and this is going to go down to a dead even race and she didn't get honest overnight and basically get warm and fuzzy overnight which are two serious things. and she's part of the establishment. i don't think any of her liabilities have gone away. and i think we now have to battle it out.
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the important thing, the important thing for trump is now knows he has to practice and be prepared for a much better performance in the next two. obama lost the first one, did better in the second two. and my sense is trump will do better in the next two. if he doesn't, then it's his own fault. >> we look at debating points. clarity, make your argument concisely. i'm expressing my own reaction that i thought hillary clinton won on that account. but maybe a lot of these folks are watching say they didn't mind that he wasn't as polished. that he wasn't as scripted or whatever. i don't know whether that would hold if he did the same for the next two debates. what do you think? >> i think that may be true. and look, i thought this she sort of won on points. i thought he was defensive at times, i thought he made his points at times. the point ed made is important, people go in rooting for their candidate. and look -- when i first -- 1976 got into studying debates going
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back to '60. it was all a great myth, john kennedy topped nixon in the first debate, everybody said, but the movement and the vote was very small. what it did is it heldle to his image. that's what i'm saying. these debates tend to build up about how they do, about perceptions, and that is a steady process. in that way, debates are a vehicle for challengers. trump just standing there with her, and being reasonable and not becoming totally crazy or something, with some of the undecide, you have unpopular candidates and he did all right. >> all right guys, thank you both very much. interesting split screen on this. i thought i should share that with you. i thought i should share a very big battle over taxes. did you hear this? >> maybe he doesn't want the american people all of you watching tonight, to know that he's paid nothing in federal taxes because the only years that anybody's ever seen were a couple of years when he had to turn them over to state
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authorities when he was trying to get a casino license, and they showed he didn't pay any federal income tax. >> that makes me smart. >> all right. you heard donald trump's comment, that makes me smart. how does all this play out? the taxing? is it that big a deal? we've got fox business network charlie, emily with the young america's foundation, emily, as a young person, not that mr. gaspirino is not. >> i'm not. >> there, you said it my friend. emily, what do you make of that? this is getting to be an issue and further more donald trump steps back from it and says, that makes me smart. if p he paid a little or no taxes. >> yeah, i mean, i think trump con textualized it well. and what the viewer heard is it was smart, and then him saying, it was smart because frankly the government would have squandered my money. now that's a talking ninety i actually think is resonant with the average viewer and voter that the government's going to
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waste all of your money anyway. i don't think it was strategically a terrible move. i also thought it was sort of jarringly honest and he probably gets points with the average viewer for that. so it was an interesting comment. but we'll have to see thousand plays out. i wouldn't be too worried about it if i were him. >> charlie, today on the campaign stamp, hillary clinton said that means he can't be financially supporting, because he's not paying taxes to our troops, the rest of us must be idiots because we are paying taxes. so does that resinate? >> yeah, i mean, and i think i thought that was a horrendous answer. and i think he should have thought about a better answer, like people don't care about my taxes, they care about going to work every day. because any time you bring up the tax issue, no matter how quasi honest you have, it gets back to the point that he's not releasing them. by not releasing them, you're not honest. what could be that bad that's in those taxes that a potential president of the united states is not releasing it? any time, you know, you kind of get into it like that, i think
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it brings up the point that you're not releasing it and you're hiding something. and i think she's going to keep hitting him with this, and she should. because it's probably something he probably should have gotten out of the way during the primaries if he really wanted to do this. because it's going to be an alba tros. every day, what is he hiding and. he doesn't pay his taxes. i heard you talk about those snap polls which sproebl a margin error of 30,000. you know, she looked pretty damn pumped up today, and i don't care what you say, listen, i'm a free market capitalist, i love his tax plan. i didn't hear a lot about his tax plan how much better it was than hers. >> i think he started out strongly, and i think she got the better of him. and i find it interesting that some people, maybe not like us look at these things differently. emily, is it your sense of other young people, look at this or look suspiciously at the wealthy? and that they must be skirting taxes and they should pay their fair share because right now
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with people finding creative ways around doing that, they feel like suckers. >> yeah, and you know, i think that's a pretty common myth about the millennial generation. we've done a lot of polling on this at young america's foundation and we find uniformly that young people are distrustful of big government. they pefr limited government expanded government. and they like to have personal liberty. i think that's a myth that's sort of perpetuated by the vocal minority of the bernie sanders socialists that run around campus and scream their heads off. i honestly think that's true. i agree with charlie on one point which is that i think frankly, donald trump it was a missed opportunity far deflection. he said frankly people care more about what they're paying in taxes than what i'm paying. >> he didn't do that. maybe that owes to the debating points, but quickly, charlie. he could have said that. leaking my tax records isn't near lit as big a deal as you leaking, you know, secure
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national -- >> and listen, how much did we hear yesterday about that, about the fbi director saying about his tax plan versus her tax plan. and he -- and again, we should point out, plinalls voted for barack obama. if they care about personal liberty, i don't know why they vote for barack obama. >> not all of them. >> but they went heavily for him. i will say this, you want to get rid of this issue, you should have let released your tax returns a long time ago. and developed a plan to explain them. he didn't do that. and it's going to be an al baa tros for him. >> i don't think it'll affect him. we don't know. emily, we'll see. thanks guys, very much. well, mark cuban was there, and he was in a front row, and he was staring down donald trump. shortly after staring me down in the spin room. what he said that is still wrinkling the trump folks. when s romantic, why pause to take a pill?
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what do you think were the most critical moments last night? >> what about the way he kept interrupting and the way he answered the question about gender? do you think women would be mad about it. >> were you concerned that donald trump will not show up for the debate? are you concerned he won't show up. >> donald trump says he showed great restraint last night, and that he could have gone after you and your husband for personal matters. >> as i say, he can run his campaign however he chooses. >> anybody that complains about
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the microphone is not having a good night. >> oh no she didn't. oh yes, she did. welcome back, everybody. well that is i guess a pretty complimentary press corps traveling with hillary clinton. what do you think of that? what do you make of the way this was spun the way it was in the eyes of the press? she swept the floor with him, critics agree with that. but when it comes to the role of the moderator, did he help that process along? we've got the federal peyton here, we have democratic strike thattist jessica. i'll only mention, jessica, that lester holt interrupted donald trump, no fewer than five times. maybe for perfectly sound reason, i generally don't have a problem with that, then i want you to interrupt or clarify with hillary clinton, five times. what do you think? >> yeah, i think so. obviously is born out and i've seen that all over the place --
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>> you agree with me? >> the snurm right. whether i agree that lester holt is unfair is a different question. obviously, and that's a fact. he did push back five times. but did you take into account how many falsehoods donald trump said versus hillary clinton. that's where the debate should be about. what -- >> ask one guy tough questions, would it kill you to throw tough questions. >> the trade question, which was the strongest point for donald trump where i thought i was watching and donald trump is going to pull this off. she was totally on the back foote there, you know, he real made the strong argument for protecting american interests. what we lost to china and mexico. and polling up her record on it. i thought he was very strong off of a question from lester holt and we need to consider the fact, lester holt didn't bring up his wall that he's going to make mexico pay for it. he didn't bring up banning muslims. he asked the birther issue, systemic racism. >> yeah, those other issues didn't come up. bree, when you're looking at that, i'm perfectly fine, people don't like moderators in this
1:18 pm
role of having to be fact checkers, i don't think it was so much a fact-checking role as much as all right, i'm going to really dig deep into the answers you're giving me. fine. fine. you risk getting your own facts wrong when you do that, but fine. then do the same with hillary clinton. and there's material there too. material on both of them, what do you think? >> yeah, i think he was cherry picking topics that beltway wanted him to ask. i think he asked a lot about trump's birtherism and his everevolving stance on the iraq war. issues that real americans care about. and social issue would have been nice to hear either of the candidates take. it would have been nice to hear hillary clinton defend and maybe perhaps clarify her extreme abortion stance and nice to talk about immigration. >> all right. bottom line, was lester holt fair? bree. >> i think he was fair in letting the candidates let them go after one another. i thought that that was kind of fun to watch, but i think that he perhaps i don't know if this
1:19 pm
is intentionally or not. i think he left out a lot of topics that a lot of us really do deserve to hear about -- >> i see your point, what do you think, jess? >> no, i think he was fair as well. and there were topics that i'd like to be discussed. i'd love to talk about social issues. i think that's one of the places that hillary clinton is incredibly strong. and on track with the american public. certainly immigration which is why i brought up the wall and banning muslims. there's more we needed to do. i think him getting out of the way and letting them go after each other was hypocrite kag, but also pointing out, there are things that donald trump are saying that is factually incorrect. and i think the american public shouldn't walk away from the debate some seeing these candidates for the first time -- >> i wish we had more time. i'm with you on that, but there are other things she was factually challenged on. >> he could have gone further with the e-mail us, but that's something matt lauer did and the donald trump campaign thought matt lauer was a god, best moderator ever. and he gets push back, and now he's upset. >> but you interrupt her that's
1:20 pm
one thing, not so much donald trump. that's all i'm saying. >> she was interrupted 70 times. he was interrupted far times a lot was donald trump and lester holt interrupted more than hillary clinton. you have to look at the content -- >> at three times the rate. but it is what it is. >> three times the liar? >> three times the rate. >> i know, i was just -- >> you were just being catty. >> trying to say liar. >> thank you very much. bree, thank you very much. meanwhile, we're beginning to get more details on that suspect in that washington state mall shooting. the guy turns out not to be hispanic at all. he's a turkish immigrant and apparently carrying around a picture of a leader of isis. oh boy. did you read every word? no, only lawyers do that. so when you got rear-ended and needed a tow, your insurance company told you to look at page five on your policy. did it say "great news. you're covered!" on page five? no. it said, "blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah..." the liberty mutual app with coverage compass™
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all right. the t word again. terror again.
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fears that another attacker in a united states mall, this one who was targeting about 35 miles north of seattle over the weekend. well, he has ties to turkey and he apparently has pictures of isis figures. not good. former cia director and donald trump advisor, james wool si. what do you think of these latest revelations? >> well, i think that it looks quite clear, the very substantial share, perhaps a substantial majority of attacks of this kind in the united states recently and in europe are islamist terrorists. some are not. one thing that happened a few days ago, some lawyer in houston decided he was mad at other people in his firm and started shooting. people do these awful things for a mixture of reasons sometimes. but, it is important to try to stay on top of the situation and to understand who may move this
1:25 pm
way. and, i think data dealt with in a very sophisticated fashion as we're now able to do can help us do that. >> but ho do you pick up on that? in this case, if he had -- we don't know anything beyond that he had pictures or was very enamored with isis. we know in the case of minnesota mall knife attack assailant, that he did have some, some isis links or at least connections and fixuation on the internet. we're just learning about the new york attacker and the metropolitan area just a little over a week ago. there is a common thread here. should we be worried that we're not piecing together these dots. >> absolutely. and the data analytics would let us do it a lot better. big advertising agencies and companies like google and so forth know a great deal about your and my and a lot of other
1:26 pm
people's habits and what we buy and what we do to entertain ourselves and on and on and on, and you can apply very well, you can apply those technologies to a range of things. and one would be following people who are exhibit characteristics that are similar in the mosque they go to. and the nature of a recreational activities and what their families -- >> should we be profiling? the issue came up in the debate, and there's a leeriness in the part of hillary clinton to do that sort of thing. but i don't know any other way around that. >> there's profiling, then there's profiling. you're using data this way, in order to keep track of what's going on and don't break the law and don't get into material that is not already public, you can still do a great deal, and that's profiling in a sense, but
1:27 pm
it doesn't start from the proposition that if somebody did something horrible, he must be of x race, that's wrong. we shouldn't do that as americans. but you can track a lot of behavior. and get a feel for who may be next in the wings to go crazy and do what some of these men are doing. >> it is a little unsettology put it mildly. certainly good having you again. thank you. >> good to see you again. mark cuban had that prime seat, that front row seat at the big debate. but he really didn't agitate donald trump. he saved that for what when he sat down with us in the spin room.
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i wrecked it. you're ok. that's all that matters. (vo) a lifetime commitment to getting them home safely. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. all right. it didn't break all time records, but as debates go, it broke the one still standing from 1980 between carter reagan, 81.4 million watched the debate last night. all right.
1:31 pm
well look at the guy in the middle there, mark cuban ended up getting that front row seat, how he got from there is label the different from some of the stories you're hearing. he told me last night in the spin room. >> i wanted to bring my 12-year-old daughter, it was her birthday yesterday. and so i was able to get two tickets from the campaign. and so i tweeted that i was going to be there, but i decided
1:32 pm
to add. i didn't have front row tickets. i decided to add front row ticket. i'll be there front row thinking it might upset donald. he took the bait. hook, line, and sinker. >> you did? >> i didn't. i didn't, and so, it turned into such a crazy scenario that they were like, okay, now we're going to give you front row. but to be fair, he, you know, if the idea was to psych him out or whatever it was, well, it didn't affect him. >> look, i wasn't trying to make eye contact. >> did you? did he see you? >> i don't know. i don't know. i think i was more looking at rudy giuliani. i was more curious because look, i knew people would be paying attention. >> who was sitting next to you. >> woman by the name of maxine, has a great story that has been very -- has inspired secretary clinton, and then donna brazil and vernon jordan and then the clinton family. >> are you a democrat?
1:33 pm
>> no, i'm an independent. >> first toying with the idea, you said favorable. >> i was very supportive. so when did you guys close. >> after he got the republican nomination, got to the point where i was like okay, now you've got to learn these things. you have to start understanding policy. you have to understand all these different issues because that's what comes with the job. you know, when that was not of interest to him, that's when i started doing my homework on secretary -- >> how do you know that wasn't it? >> just talking to him, asking him questions like, you know, before one an event just say what do you think about this? and it just wasn't of interest to me. >> you know, it's interesting depending on who you talk to, mark, republican, you think donald trump did well, democrat, you think she did well. she was very much immersed in the issues. but republicans said wait a minute, she got a pass because
1:34 pm
lester holt interrupted and fact checked donald trump a lot more than he did her. >> maybe he did. and i think part of that, it's like in basketball, right, when you play hard. you get the calls from the refs. and she showed a good understanding and depth of all the issues. she directly answered his questions. donald trump didn't answer the questions. he deflected. we're still waiting for a response from him on what he would do about domestic terrorism. and lone wolves. he didn't answer the question. do you think he was much more maybe as his business background? >> i thought when he was talking about the markets and the federal reserve and low interest rates and creating that. he was very comfortable in that. less so when it veered outside of that. >> he's a counterpuncher. when you're throwing and they land, your confidence grows. when they don't land, you get flustered, and he got flustered -- >> but was she almost, you know, too exacting and too -- >> no.
1:35 pm
>> think about what you just said, right, we're talking about two candidates for the president of the united states. they were asked a specific question. how can you be too they were given a time limit. >> a lot of people who listened to the kennedy/nixon debates. he got his facts right, but, on other issues kennedy seemed to reach for the heart. i'm not comparing them at all. all i am saying is that do you think that his pitch to reach out to frustrated people rez nated in that way that this audience or traditional media the way we score debates or not. >> that's a fair point. if you were a donald trump fan, i'm sure you thought he did okay. if you were already a hillary/trump fan, she did great. if you were on the fence and you were more -- >> that's what i'm asking. did he move anyone on the fence? >> i think she did. calm, cool, collected, she dealt with the issues. and she baited him and he took the bait multiple times. you know, she set him up with a
1:36 pm
question about not paying your venders and we have the architect here. and then she came full sucker. >> i'm sure you've had sometimes where i didn't pay if they did a lousy job. that's the way the government operates. that's not the ways i operate. >> no, no, no, absolutely positively not. disagreements, yes, but do i make sure they get paid? yes. if i said you know what, i expect -- >> you did such a lousy job. i'm not going to pay you. >> never, never, never. >> ever, ever, ever. >> never one time. >> who won? hillary won. i think donald, it was tied after the first quarter. the second quarter, donald may have taken the lead, probably went into halftime, hillary a little bit, but in the third and fourth, hillary ran away with it. >> now we could a second debate coming up and there'll be a third. if you had to advise either candidate, what would you tell them? >> i'd say to donald, you have to maintain your composure. you have to own your -- it was
1:37 pm
so easy to set him up because if you contradicted him, whether, you know, what he said about the war in iraq, his bills, his taxes, he won't own the issues. the birther issue. he has to just own it and move forward. >> how would he owned it? what would he have done? >> the bishter issue, i was wrong. because it's created too much of a diversion. again, from me making america great again. it was way too much energy, i was wrong. if he would ever just say, i'm wrong, the perception of him would change dramatically and you might say, okay, maybe he's presidential, but he can't do that and bhaz can't do that, it's easy just to softball after softball back to secretary clinton because you know he won't ever own his mistakes. and you talk about business. if you truly are going to be successful, long-term in business, you have to own and learn from your mistakes. and i think there's ongoing
1:38 pm
evidence that donald trump has not. >> you adviced him for the next debate, it would be. >> give him bobby knight's advice. bobby knight, i love bobby knight, the general -- >> did you guys bump into each other? >> 15 years ago. was the last time. bobby and i how to win in the sport of business. he said everybody's got the will to win, those with the will to prepare that do win. donald trump has not done the preparation. >> bobby knight says he comes from his gut, talking to me about donald trump and she comes from a place of political expediency. >> i mean, i would not say that. i would say donald trump comes from his gut, but at some point, you have to add substance. and if you would combine those two together. that's what i wanted when i first supported him. that's what i expected when i first supported him. you can't just go with gut forever. >> that's when you left him. >> yes. at some point you have to go beyond your gut. >> that's such a turn to go from -- >> we're talking about the future of the world here. we're talking about the leader of the free world.
1:39 pm
i mean -- >> but you were willing to entertain donald trump, and you've gone back to conventionalism with her, right? >> that's one way to put it, but no, i wouldn't say conventionalism. i would say we have two candidates. one who understands or place nit world. one who believes in american exceptionalism. one who's well-versed, come originated policies on her own, and then another who has to be told what not to say and do in order to seem president presidential. >> all right. >> if she becomes -- pretty good. if she wins the presidency, and offered you a cabinet position -- >> i'm going to be clear and 100% of the things here. never a penny to any candidate. i'm never given a penny to a candidate since 1999. nothing, nothing, never a penny to the clinton foundation. i have no interest in giving a penny to the clinton foundation. >> you've got all that. this is an area where you could do improvement. i've invested in over 150
1:40 pm
businesses. i've helped kids from 16 years up to create jobs. i'm good at that. i think the world is changing for millennials now where they believe in social sburp neuroship. not only create jobs, but they want to do good by it and help the world. i think that's good. and that's changed capitalism a little bit. and i think i can be there to support them and help them grow. one time i talked to him on the phone before the cnbc debate. i said donald, why don't you talk to small businesses. that's what you're supposed to be good at. his words to me were mark cuban and donald trump don't do that. we don't sit at a dinner twabl a bunch of people. that's the difference, right. i want to help kids drive businesses. that's why i do shark tank. unlike donald trump, i believe the american dream is alive and well. >> just on the wrong network. >> that could be true. we could work something out. >> mark cuban.
1:41 pm
thank you very, very much. very good seeing you. >> i love, you make it fair, open -- >> we tried it. we tried it. and he's a man of his word. he said he would do the show. not a lot of people say they'll do it, there he is. fair and balanced now, we thought it would be nice to talk to a big democrat. i mean a democrat well-steeped in the democratic party. who's leading that party for donald trump, at least when it comes to deciding the next president. after this.
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you're not a cook, if you don't cook.
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you're not a firefighter, if you don't fight fires. or a coach, if you don't coach. and you can't be our leader, if you don't lead. our next president needs to take action on social security, or future generations could lose up to $10,000 a year. we're working hard, what about you? hey candidates, do your jobs. keep social security strong. all right. well donald trump, hillary clinton, both in campaign trail today right after the first debate. we were showing you there mark cuban. says he's an independent, kind of a liberal independent that the, but anyway, he is supporting hillary clinton and he was formerly republican. i never quite get the story, but when someone like andrew stein, a lifelong democrat is supporting donald trump, i got
1:45 pm
my attention and it was a while. it's very good to have you. >> thanks neil, thanks for having me, pal. >> you know what's interesting about this. i didn't realize your dad was a pal bearer at the funeral. you're well steeped in kennedy politics, former new york governor, liberal. mayor cuomo speaking at your dad's funeral. you're as democrat with a capital d as you can get. you were bureau president in manhattan, elected twice as city council president. so why this? this seems to be die metically opposed to a whole background. >> neil, i know donald since the early 1970s, i know what he can do. i asked him to redo the central park, the city took ten years. they couldn't get it done, i asked donald to do it, he did it in six months and he did it under budget.
1:46 pm
and you know, i think we need a pro growth president. somebody who believes in cutting marginal and corporate tax rates and doing away with the thousands of regulations, the worst of which is obamacare which he promises to undue, then i think we need somebody to build up america's military, which has which has been decimated by sques ration, the obama cuts. and also, i think hillary wants to let in tens of thousands of immigrants into our country. who we can't vet, we can't document, and donald's against it. so, you know, and hillary, when she ran for the senate, you know, she said she was going to create 200,000 jobs upstate. when she left the senate, he had minus 8,000 jobs, and now promising to create 10 million jobs. i think donald will create jobs. i think he'll build up our country and that's why i'm supporting him. >> your father, jerry, was also a big democrat. in fact, i guess you grew up
1:47 pm
with all these big mighty power players and the party who would stay at your place or stop by a place. and now, what do you think he would say of his son abandoning the democratic nominee for this business developer? >> well, my father loved donald trump. and vice versa. and they had a very close relationship. and i think he would be excited about donald's candidacy. he did grow up with humphrey used to stay at our apartment and when i was a kid, i knew bobby kennedy well, you know, i idolized bobby and jack kennedy. this is not easy to do, neil. >> have you gotten any grief from the clinton folks or hillary clinton herself? >> yeah. sure. >> what have they said. >> i've gotten grief from fellow democrats, you know, when i go out. i've got an lot of chiefs about the wall street journal from a lot of people, but i've gotten grief from my fellow democrats, of course, how could you do this, you know. >> all right.
1:48 pm
the debate last night, a lot of people said i'm debating for hillary did very, very well, did anything in donald trump's performance, i guess it depends on your point of view, give you pause on what you were just telling me? >> no, absolutely not. first of all, i think lester holt was very unfair. he asked donald some very questions. he didn't ask any from hillary. the clinton foundation. he didn't ask her about the e-mail server. i think it was one sided. and considering that the moderator was unfair, i think donald did rather well. >> liberal friends say there's more material with donald trump, just deal with it. hillary doesn't have this much. obviously disagree. >> i don't know what you mean by material, neil. >> he has more things those correct and be chased on his record than she does. i find that a speechless argument myself, but that's what you --
1:49 pm
>> i don't think that's true. look, she has a record as secretary of state, she says she has all the experience but her experience as far as i'm concerned is all negative. i mean, look at libya's a disaster. iraq, syria, the russian reset, russia's more aggressive than ever. kmooin is expanding in the pacific, so i think she's got a terrible, terrible record. >> incredible, it's big stuff. >> thank you for having me. >> good seeing you. you heard from sillman who abandoned donald trump, someone else who loves donald trump. i want all of you to take sides in this. scrutinize this closely. mr. stein, thank you. >> thanks, neil. did you catch our fbn coverage? we had a blast. and i want to share some of that with you. what you're missing if you're not getting it. is that ice-t? lemonade. ice-t? what's with these people, man? lemonade, read the sign. lemonade. read it.
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all right. so i missed a few days this past summer. maybe more than a few days. have they been making me sort of make up for that since this latest debate is the best example. but man, oh man, we were ready. . >> all right. you didn't hear it from me but apparently there's a presidential debate tonight. i would be remiss if i didn't mention that my name came up concerning an interview i had with donald trump some 13 years ago. >> i then did an interview with neil cavuto, we talked about the economy. >> if you had to sort of breakdown for the president how much time you commit to iraq versus how much time you commit to the economy, what would you say? >> i think the iraqi situation is a problem and i think the
1:54 pm
economy is a much bigger problem. >> former mayor rudy giuliani on that. it was like that interview never happened. >> well, sean -- >> i'm neil. you like sean better, don't you? >> no. >> it's okay. >> look what the wind blew in. mark cuban. >> unlike donald trump, i believe the american dream is alive and well. >> it's just on the wrong network, right? >> that could be true. >> let's talk about that. >> kennedy is in the spin room. kennedy, i think that is one of the most eloquent descriptions, analysis and reporting on an absent -- >> i'm here with a devout trump
1:55 pm
supporter don king. >> our country has tremendous problems because it's been squandered on so many of your ideas. >> this is a man who has called women pigs, slobs and dogs. >> typical politician, all talk, no action, sounds good, doesn't work, never going to happen. >> i have a feeling that by the end of this evening i'm going to be blamed for everything that's ever happened. >> why not? >> why not, yeah. >> i think it's going to be a decision. >> you had a chance to talk to her. he came into the spin room. >> he did. he made his way around the geometric scrum. we were penned off like veal as to not touch his lordly robes and fortunately he saw the fox business flag on my microphone and was taken and back by the power and the glory of the network which you've crafted with your bare hand.
1:56 pm
>> let's take a look at this now. >> what will you do differently for me in the next debate? >> i want to have the same success. i was very successful. am i right? >> a lot of people asked me, what do they say about -- >> clearly secretary clinton won tonight. >> he did what he had to do tonight. he got across that vision a change that needed to get across. >> she showed a very good understanding and depth of all of the issues. >> i think that donald trump crushed this debate. >> wow, she really, really did well. >> i don't necessarily think that either one of them walks away with a huge victory. >> we're all going to be dissecting thissed ad nauseum s because that's what we do. >> you're welcome, america. we meant business from the very beginning when fox news just started because the interception of your capital and our nation's capital is kind of important whether you're in an election year or not.
1:57 pm
there's a way of covering wall street as only wall street. we try to bring in main street. we think that's important to you. apparently, it is. we're going to keep doing it. thank you very much for watching. the next stage, of course, the big vice presidential debate a week from today and we're there and they are still working me to death. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways
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in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands. hello, everyone. i'm eric boyle along with greg gutfeld and kimberly guilfoyle and dana perino and this is "the five." the first debate is in the history books between donald trump and hillary clinton. more than 81 million people tuned in. as predicted, the most watched debate of all time and what is show it was. >> you called it the gold standard of trade deals. you said it's the finest deal you've ever seen and then all of a sudden you were against it. >> well, donald, i know you live in


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