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tv   On the Record With Brit Hume  FOX News  September 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "on the record" with brit hume starts right now. ♪ ♪ hello and welcome back. i'm brit hume and this is "on the record." tonight from fox news new york on the day after the big debate. donald trump is about to take the stage for his first post debate rally. we may go to that and tonight the real clear politics polling average shows hillary clinton with a 2.4 point lead in a two way race and 1.6 point lead in a four way race. she is now up to 68.7 to 29.6 to win in the betting odds race. >> during the primary analyst hd
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repeatedly had a similar. only to see him poll numbers to climb in the aftermath. so, will that hold true this time? for thoughts on that we turn to guy benson of town and a.b. stoddard of real clear politics. guy, your thoughts on winners and losers last night? >> i do think overall the winner was mrs. clinton. although donald trump held his own early on for the first half hour or so. he was able to drive his message better than she was. she was sort of all over the place. some rehearsed canned line that didn't work quite as well for her. and he was saying she has been at this forever. 30 year politician, nothing changes. then i think she started needling him and baiting him and he took the bait. >> what were the things that seemed -- that she baited him on that seemed to work. >> talking about his business, talking about his wealth. what is he hiding. >> the tax return question. >> absolutely. he started getting very, very defensive. then there was the question about the race discrimination that she brought up at his business that he had to deal with, the birtherrism that whole
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exchange didn't go well. >> looked to me, a.b., that he had been trying before the debate or before this week to put that birtherrism issue behind him, but there it was again last night. >> but he hadn't because he was asked a few days ago about it and he said i just want to go on with the campaign. >> right. >> so he didn't apologize for it, he didn't reject it he was telegraphing to the birthers who are still on board. he knew that question was going to come. >> you would think so. what do you think the chances are that we will all, all of us instant analyzers will end up misreading the electorate again the way we did repeatedly in the primary season, thinking that his opponents had won and it turns out or one of them had won and turns out that people thought he won? >> well, primary debate is very different from last night with the one-on-one for 90 minutes no, bathroom breaks no, talking to aides. just a different setting than him calling people names on stage with 16 other republicans. the situation -- we at this table have to watch all of these debates for our job.
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we look at them differently than the average person. i understand that. the 81 million people that watched last night, hillary clinton is only interested in the people that are republicans who will never vote for trump, but they can't stand her. and she wants to bring them on board. young people who are going over to gary johnson and jill stein and actually could potentially throw the election to trump. that's what she needs to do is bring all those democrats home. i don't think those people were going to fall in love with donald trump last night with the birther, with the miss universe pageant. with his taxes. i don't see an opportunity for him to really grow his vote. his people are going to be with him no matter what. it was her night to try to say to these people i'm not that awful. >> don't go there. >> i'm qualified. >> in terms of the disconnect between the public and people like us who do this for a living, that was stark throughout the entire primary process. there have been some polls, quasiscientific snap polls from cnn and other networks that indicate there was a
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victory for her last night. how that will play out when we get more sort of hard core polling numbers, more reliable polling numbers taken over a number of days in the field, we will get that verdict eventually. did i joke on twitter just a little bit given the track record because she won clearly in my view, that must mean he will gain 10 points. >> so you are a contra indicator? >> and the wall just got 10 feet taller. >> it is worth considering many times in prior debates people will watch. they will have an opinion who they thought won based on what they saw of the debate or all of it, and then they will hear the certain sound bites replayed that they may not have noticed or they will hear analysis that they find compelling that wasn't what they originally thought. and opinion can shift over time. is there a chance that will happen this time? >> >> i think that there is a chance, actually, with the ad for the miss universe winner that that could actually -- that whole
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antidote could worsen donald trump. >> in other words, you think that could be the moment paid attention to. >> if they play it right on social media and stuff. you are right. people have changed their minds according to the 72 hours later. we have more debates. there is more to come. there are email deposits coming from the state department two days before the next debate. hillary clinton is going to have to answer next time on her emails and benghazi. it will change, but the question is did she in a moment when there was a trajectory of momentum for trump, did she sort sort of stop the bleeding. >> >> did she arrest the momentum. one thing that has really struck me throughout this entire cycle is the news cycle moves at 100 miles per hour. we are all focused like a laser on one thing and it's so important and two days later it feels like a distant memory because some new event has occurred. and we are all off chasing that rabbit hole. so did this debate in front of 80 plus million people. maybe close to 90 if you
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count online viewers. >> we don't know about that yet that online viewer number could be huge. streaming videos are much bigger than it was years ago. we were talking about that here today trying to figure out what the numbers actually be. it could be way the biggest ever. we will talk about that in a little bit. >> sure, i was going to say with the huge audience, is this a moment that will have staying power in people's minds as they consider the election moving forward or do we just skip ahead to the next event? >> a.b., guy, stick around. donald trump is about to hold his first post debate rally. there is bad weather in melbourne, florida. that's delaying this rally. for how long, we don't know. when mr. trump takes the stage we will take to you florida. earlier today out on the campaign trail, mr. trump was touting his debate performance. >> well, i really enjoyed it. it was, i guess, the numbers came out over 80 million people watched. so that's one of the biggest shows in the history of television. biggest debate ever. very big moment. very important moment, talking about a lot of important subjects, including jobs.
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including immigration. you folks know more about immigration than anybody. but immigration such an important subject. and our military, our vets taking care of our vets. but it was an interesting evening, certainly. and big league. >> big league. you know, i used to think he was saying bigly when he said that he has been saying big league. big league carl cammeron is down in melbourne waiting for the started of that event. what you can tell us about the mood in the trump camp and the plans going forward? >> the trump campaign has been very excited about what happened last night. they think it was a victory. they think he performed presidentially. they recognize there is room for improvement. one of the things that they think was a big moment last night came at the very end of the debate where they think that donald trump showed restraint when he told the moderator and the audience and hillary clinton that he was going to say something, quote, very tough about the clinton family but decided it was inappropriate. this morning mr. trump on "fox & friends" disclosed what he was talking about
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was going after bill clinton's affairs as an attack on hillary clinton. and he chose not to do it. he was glad that he did. he said it wouldn't have been right because chelsea was there chelsea clinton is a close friend of ivanka trump's and is they think that was an example of him showing that he knows how to withhold some of his attacks. having said that this is only the first of three debates between hillary clinton and donald trump. and given the circumstances of last night, it is likely that trump will, again, self-correct. try to, again, stay loose in the next debate, but also focus a little more closely on his own policy utterance and more sharp and crisp attacks on hillary clinton with specifics. if it gets a little bit louder in here, brit, it's because trump force one as he likes to call it. >> here he is. >> is pulling up in front of the hanger, and mr. trump will be addressing this crowd. he came today straight to florida. it's a must win battleground state.
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he went to miami. went to the famous versailles bakery. he met with cuban americans today and got very, very strong support from them. and this is, again, part of trump's exercise in showing that he can appeal to minorities. cuban americans known to be very conservative in miami. so we will throw it back to you, donald trump will be on the stage in just a minute. >> okay, carl. we will come back to you and that event when it actually starts. thank you. hillary clinton, meanwhile didn't take much time to rest after the debate. a little more than 12 hours afterwards, she held her first post debate rally. watch. >> he made it very clear that he didn't prepare for that debate. [ laughter ] at one point he was kind of digging me for spending time off the campaign trail to get prepared. but just trying to keep track of everything he says took a lot of time and effort. [ laughter ] and i said yeah, you know what? i did prepare.
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and i will tell you something else i prepared for. i prepared to be president of the united states and i think that's good. >> that line got a lot of applause last night. remains to be seen whether it will really help her in the end. fox news correspondent jennifer griffin is there in raleigh, north carolina where that rally was earlier today. jennifer, what you can tell us about clinton camp and its plans? >> well, brit, i have had multiple campaign aides tell me that they think one of her strongest moments last night was getting donald trump to finally admit that he had not paid taxes for a number of years. they think that was a key moment. and she reiterated that point today at her rally here in raleigh, north carolina. >> when i confronted him with the reasons why he won't release his tax returns, and i got to that point where i said well maybe he has paid zero. he said that makes him smart. now, if not paying taxes makes him smart, what does
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that make all the rest of us? >> today in her prepared remarks, again, she mentioned his apparent nemesis, reality tv star and dallas maverick's owner mark cuban who she called a real billionaire. another swipe at trump who she keeps suggesting is hiding something, perhaps his real bottom line by not releasing his taxes. >> so -- >> -- that makes me smart. >> if he paid zero, that means zero for troops, zero for vets, zero for schools or health, and i think probably he is not all that enthusiastic about having the rest of our country see what the real reasons are because it must be something really important, even terrible that he is trying to hide. >> she was asked whether she thought he might skip the next debateds as she was getting on her plane this morning. when she came back to talk to the press with us on the back of the plane, she was asked about it again.
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>> well, i'm going to show up. he gets to decide what he is going to do. but i will be there in st. louis and then after that in las vegas. if i am the only person on stage, you know, i'm the only person on stage. >> trump said that he did plan to show up for those debates. her campaign chairman said he thought trump was thrown off by the big stage. adding that when he was, quote, snorting, water gulping and leaning on the lecturn that it quote, seemed, he was really out of gas. this, of course, is an attempt by the clinton campaign to turn the narrative away from hillary clinton's health, her stamina which trump likes to dwell on and to turn it back on him. back to you, brit. >> jennifer, we got, what, two more debates coming after the vice presidential debate so there will be about a two week interval here. do you know whether she is
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planning to continue the level of debate schedules as she did the first one? ihas there been time set aside. >> that's an excellent question. she can't afford the four day off the trail prep sessions. that is the way she likes to prepare typically. what we know about this week is it's a full campaign schedule. barn storming here in north carolina. she is up in new hampshire with bernie sanders tomorrow. we will be in florida on friday. so they plan a full schedule through friday. she is off -- she is down on saturday. but, and they don't tell us how -- where she will be as of next week. but i can tell you all of her surrogates are going to be out in ohio, florida, pennsylvania, and north carolina. >> one last question, jennifer. we have been noting that she hasn't been in ohio in some time. the polls there have not looked good. it's a very important state. as far as you know, are there any plans for her to go back in ohio any time soon? >> well, it's really interesting. she hasn't been there since labor day.
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that's when she had that notorious coughing fit before her pneumonia. she has not been back. the polls haven't looked good for her there. and we don't know of any plans at this point. i would be surprised if she doesn't head out to ohio. but she may be sending, again, her husband, bill, or daughter chelsea or even joe biden. joe biden has been doing a lot of work in pennsylvania and ohio. rest belt states. that's really where trump had his biggest hit last night when he hit her on nafta and trade deals that he said had killed some jobs. >> okay, jennifer, thanks very much. just about 24 hours after that first presidential debate now, donald trump is off his plane and is about to take the stage in melbourne, florida. first rally as we noted since the debate. let's bring our panel while we waited for mr. trump to take the stage. what do you think donald trump -- you know, it's interesting, when i am covering campaigns in the past and there have been debates in the past that have seemed important. you can sometimes read the candidate. the candidate is never going
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to say i stunk, i lost, i'm sorry. they come out and try to affect a a winner's demeanor. it's interesting to see if donald trump will do that. there was an earlier event today. you couldn't tell. he was sitting down. very subdued event. >> he feeds off the energy in crowds. in that mostly silent room last night. it was not his element. this, that we are looking at on the screen now is his element. huge cheering crowd. he has the home court advantage. i think he will probably parlay that into one of his typical energetic speeches. you are right, brit, i remember distinctly four years ago after that first debate where mitt romney really crushed obama, everyone basically agreed. the next rally that romney held he was -- you could tell there was new wind underneath his sails and new life breathed into his campaign.
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guess i would hold back. >> i didn't get to ask carl that that was the thing he wasn't going to say. >> favorite trick was to say i'm not going to go there. he goes there enough to hang it out so that he has gone there his campaign is literally coming out today, saying boy, that is really
4:17 pm
presidential. he really held back. and that was really one of the highlights. >> he is at the lecturn now. he is speaking. let's listen. [cheers and applause] >> last night was very exciting and almost every single poll had us winning the debate against crooked hillary clinton big league. big league. [cheers and applause] she is as crooked as they come. and, i will tell you what, check out, we put them out today, almost every poll, so that was an exciting evening for me, folks. that was an exciting evening. and it set the all-time record for debates and maybe television. who knows. look at this crowd. look at this. this is amazing. unbelievable. [cheers and applause]
4:18 pm
unbelievable. i will tell you. what is there any place more fun or safer to be than at a trump rally? right? [cheers and applause] right? we're going to take on the special interests, the lobbyists, and the corrupt corporate media right back there. they are corrupt as you can get. [crowd booing] you know, the single weapon that hillary clinton has, i mean, she couldn't even pass her bar exam in washington, d.c. she failed it. the single weapon that she's got is the media without the mainstream media, she
4:19 pm
wouldn't even be here, folks. that, i can tell you. she wouldn't even be here. she wouldn't have a chance. so we're going to create a serves you, your family, and your country and it's going to be the kind of government that you have been looking for for a long time. [cheers and applause] you know, i was in the plane. and i came in and we said wow. but we do have these crowds elsewhere. but they said the fire marshall closed us down, won't let 12,000 people in. but then when i looked at this, i said now i understand. where's the fire marshall? fire marshall, let them in, please. okay? let them in. let them in, fire marshall. [cheers and applause]
4:20 pm
our country is filled with so many amazing people. people who lift us up and inspire us. and, by the way. i have one of them here. where is rudy giuliani? rudy? rudy? [cheers and applause] we love rudy. look at him. look at him. [cheers and applause] he's a good man. we lost one great person in a heart breaking accident on sunday, marlin's pitcher jose fernandez. and he was some pitcher. he died at the age of 24. i just spoke to jeff, the owner of the team who is heart broken. it's a huge loss for the
4:21 pm
state, for the entire sport of baseball and for all of the americans who are so inspired watching him play at 24. just about a good a pitcher as there ever was that age. so we send our deepest con condolences to his wife and family during this very painful time. our country also lost one of our truly great american icons, the king, the king arnold palmer. [cheers and applause] i was always very proud to call arnold my friend. he was a truly great man. his legendary accomplishments on the course are well-known. his fearless style of play, his love of the fans, and his working class charm made him an icon to legions of
4:22 pm
americans, his accomplishment off the field was probably even greater, including his charity work and all of the thousands of lives that he has made better. arnie was a symbol for america and he will be sorely missed. [cheers and applause] our thoughts also are with his loved ones. ours is truly a special country and we must never stop fighting to keep the american dream alive. [cheers and applause] never. never. unfortunately for too many americans, the american dream is now out of reach. it's not working. our country isn't working. so many things are going wrong. last night, when i debated, secretary clinton on
4:23 pm
america's future. [crowd booing] [chanting lock her up] for 90 minutes i watched her very carefully and i was also holding back. i didn't want to do anything to embarrass her but i watched her and she was stuck in the past. for 90 minutes on issue after issue, hillary clinton defended the terrible status quo while i laid out our plan all of us together to bring jobs, security, and prosperity back to the american people. [cheers and applause]
4:24 pm
for 90 minutes she argued against change while i call for dramatic change. we have to have dramatic change. we have to get rid of obamacare. we have to strengthen up our depleted military. it's in such bad shape. we're going to do a lot of great things, folks. november 8th you have to get out there and vote. you know, you have seen all the polls, and if you look, i don't just mean the debating polls. those were things of beauty. one after one. "time" magazine. places don't even like me although i have been on the cover of "time" a hell of a lot lately, i will say. this drudge, first of all is he a fa fantastic guy, drudge, it was 80% to 20% trump. 80 to 20. [cheers and applause]
4:25 pm
but more importantly, when you look at the different polls, we're up two nationally in cnn, most importantly, you look at the states. we're leading in florida. [cheers and applause] we're leading in ohio. [cheers and applause] we're leading in iowa by a lot. we're leading in north carolina. we have states that don't normally think in terms of republican, which is us. it's us. don't call us anything. it's just us. you know what it means. it means common sense. it means bringing civility back to our country. it means law and order and protecting our police and being very careful with everybody else.
4:26 pm
>> trump is now back into many -- the themes that have been so familiar in his rallies and speeches. the one thing that this event certainly seems to prove is that he is -- he seems in good spirits, energized by the crowd as was suggested earlier and the size of the crowd and enthusiasm of the crowd suggest that whatever some people may think of his debate performance last night. look at the size of that crowd. people have turned out for him. and there is enthusiastic about him as ever. you just heard him talk about all the debate polls he won. we will take a look at some of those polls next. also, we are monitoring that rally and if he makes major news, we'll be back to it stay with us.
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side effects may include diarrhea, nausea, upper respiratory tract infection, and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. donald trump, as we have noted, is holding a rally down in melbourne, florida, in front of a large and enthusiastic crowd. let's talk a little bit about the polls that have been so much in focus after last night's debate. here is that cnn poll that trump talked about. 521 registered voters who watched the debate were asked who they thought did the best. 62% as you can see said hillary clinton. 27 percent said donald trump. and in addition there is another poll, another scientific poll. this was by ugov recognized polling organization and it produced a similar result. margin of error there indicated plus or nine news three.
4:31 pm
these are the two scientific polls. however, there were a great number -- nearly a dozen online polls last night that had the opposite result. they are not considered scientific. josh crawsher, politics editor joins us down in washington. josh, we hear a lot about these online polls. a lot of people swear by them. we don't here at fox news. i suspect you don't at national journal. you can explain why? >> well, the key to any good poll is to getting a random sample. getting a random group of voters to see what their opinions are. online polls by their very definition are not getting random samples. they get the most committed support ires of a candidate. >> because anybody who wants to can note an online poll, see it, and vote in it, right? >> donald trump has a brigade of really, really committed online supporters who like to go to these websites and vote on online polls and by and large he does he have well online polls. not predictive of anything.
4:32 pm
showing he has a lot of fans that go online and take these polls. you need to have a random sample in order to have any random poll is necessary. the trump campaign put out a press release this afternoon citing online polls. none of them scientific and taken seriously by any news organization. >> now, let me ask you another question. i see this all the time. a poll will come out, a reader or viewer will look at it, not particularly care for the result, and then they will look at the number of democrats and the number of republicans who were in the sample. and if that number seems out of proportion and doesn't seem particularly if it seems relatively equal or doesn't seem relatively equal. they will say they oversampled the democrats. i'm seeing that criticism about the cnn poll. oversampled democrats. why is that not a legitimate criticism if it isn't? >> it is a somewhat legitimate criticism. a lot of polling experts like to unskew the polls if they think the sample is in one partisan direction or another.
4:33 pm
i'm not a big fan of doing that the cnn poll, one reason why cnn when they were talking about poll results mentioned how democratic of a sample it was. is because usually when you get debate where one candidate does he have well, you tend to in that one i day sample and one night sample to get a lot of supporters of the winner. of the person who seems to be doing well and respond and really show their support. again, it's a one-day sample. i wouldn't read too much even into the scientific one day debate polls. but clearly hillary clinton had a good night. and the scientific polls reflect even if the numbers aren't exact, reflect that she did perform fairly well at last night's debate. well, isn't it also the case that party affiliations and loyalties are pretty loose in this country compared to the past and compared to some -- >> -- yes. >> other country. so that people will often associate themselves when asked by a pollster, with the candidate, whom they are supporting at the time. which is to say if you are supporting donald trump, you would probably declare yourself a republican whether you have ever been a republican before or not. and the same with hillary
4:34 pm
clinton. is that accurate in your view? >> no. that's absolutely right, brit. we saw in 2008 and 2012, there were a lot of new democrats that showed up in polls. a lot of enthusiastic support among key democrat constituencies and a lot of conservatives were like whoa, there is too many democrats in the poll. actually reflected the intensity that president obama received in his two election victories. what we are seeing in some the polls now is it's a white, blue collar vote showing up in high numbers in lot of these national polls. i would not unskew those numbers. this shows there is a lot of intensity in donald trump support. i think we may see an electric for rat that looks a little more like 2004 in its demographic makeup and partisan makeup 2008 and 2012. >> so the lesson, i think, is by all means read polls carefully. check the number of democrats and republicans and others in the sample. and be informed about those things. but, if the numbers seem off. it isn'ts always because the poll is off. jsh, thank you. >> thanks, brit. elections can be
4:35 pm
particularly presidential elections can be highly unpredictable. and few of those can nail the results beforehand time after time. one who has done that is dr. allan lichtman, history professor at the american university in washington who has correctly predicted the winner in every presidential race since 1984. he relies on what he calls the keys to the presidency. he joins me now from washington. welcome dr. lichtman. >> thank you, brit. >> tell me about your system. tell me about the keys to the presidency and how all that works. >> i developed the keys in 18981 in collaboration with a world renown mathematician. and they are based on the study of every american presidential election from 1860 to 1980. guided by the proposition that presidential elections are primarily based on judgments of the performance of the party holding the white house. and based on this retrospective study, we came
4:36 pm
up with 13 key factors which are true/false questions where an answer of true favors the re-election of the party holding the white house. and our decision rule is if six or more of the keys are false, the party holding the white house is a predicted loser. and as you mentioned, that system has predicted every election from 1984 to 2012. >> and, in fact, that means that it's predicted every election since you developed the system, correct? >> that's right. since i was 9 and developed the system. >> that's quite a track record now. tell us now and i know you said this recently but i would rather hear it from you than say it myself whom you have predicted would win this time. >> right. i predicted, based on the system, that donald trump is going to win. or more precisely, that with exactly six keys out against the party in power, they are
4:37 pm
predicted losers. but for the first time ever in 30 years, i have put a big qualification on my prediction. my prediction is based on history. >> before you tell me that, tell me what the six keys are that were out of whack for the democrats. >> absolutely. party mandate. because the democrats took pay sting in 2014. inkepple incumbency because the sitting president is not running. third party because you have that pesky gary johnson polling way above any prior libertarian vote. policy change. because in the second term, and this goes term by term, there is nothing like the affordable care act. foreign policy success. because in the second term, there is nothing like getting rid of bin laden in the first term. and incumbent candidate charisma because hillary clinton is not one of those once in a generation
4:38 pm
charismatic candidates like kennedy or reagan. >> or obama for that matter. >> or obama who had the key in 2008. >> so, based on that, you look at that and say the system has been right every time. trump looks like a winner. now, what about the question mark? >> the question mark is i'm not reading a crystal ball. i'm going on patterns of history. and donald trump is a history shattering candidate. we have never, in modern history before, had a candidate with no public service and a record of enriching himself at the expense of others. he said at least a dozen things that would drive any of the candidate out of the race, including becoming the first candidate in all of history to invite a foreign power to mettle in our elections.
4:39 pm
his campaign set a new standard of truth truly or wellian okay to say holt -- excuse me, a democrat who was against him just because he didn't know what he was. >> all right. now, so, let me ask you one further question. that cast some doubt in your own mind on whether your keys are going to take us in the right direction. did last night's debate affect your thinking about this? >> a little bit. i think donald trump had a golden opportunity to dampen down some of those things that made him a dangerous candidate in the minds of many americans. i don't think he did that. i still think he played fast and loose with the truth. >> got it. >> he demeaned a woman by calling her a lack of stamina. >> got. >>it he didn't really deal with his taxes. >> good. dr. lichtman, thanks for coming on. we will check back with you later on in this election cycle if you would be good enough to come on again. >> thank you, brit. >> and debate mone moderator lester holt got plenty of
4:40 pm
headlines. were they for the right reasons? we take a look at his performance coming up next. you owned your car
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>> i was against the war in iraq just so you put it out. >> the record shows. >> the record shows that i'm right. >> stop and frisk, which worked very well here. way down. >> stop and frisk was ruled unconstitutional in new york because it largely singled out black and hispanic young. >> no, you're wrong. i got him to give the birth certificate. so i'm satisfied with it. >> the birth certificate was produced in 2011. you continued to tell the story and question the president's legitimacy in 2012, 13, 14,. >> yeah. >> as recently as january. so the question is, what changed your mind? >> well, as you see there both lester holt became a fact checker as well as a moderator. should very stepped.
4:45 pm
in with us is joe. your thoughts? >> last night. >> and on lester holt? >> lester holt came in as one of a nonpartisan. one of the last nonpartisan must men out there. now he exited with thinking he is candy crowley 2 point 0. >> fair or not. >> i think fair. look at the numbers. isn't a partisan type of analysis. the fact is he followed up with donald trump, followed up questions, fact check six times. hillary clinton zero. but more importantly, brit, i kept the notebook of all things that are weaknesses and all things that are strengths of hillary clinton and donald trump. and checked them off as the debate went on to see what he would be asking those particular candidates. and for trump, i had not releasing tax returns, birther issue, and temperament. for clinton i had mishandling of classified information, destruction of evidence, clinton foundation and her health. and all i know is with trump, he went three for
4:46 pm
three in terms of attacking those issues and with clinton nothing about the emails and nothing about the clinton foundation and nothing about her health. so, i look at that and i say this was, unfortunately, a partisan job by lester holt. >> so, in your view, the interventions were unbalanced, 6-0. and the questions were unbalanced, both? >> i thought so, yes. >> what about the fact that for the first part of the debate when trump was kind of on a roll and he was being very aggressive and he dominated the stage, and holt let it play. >> he let it play throughout the entire evening pretty much. and i enjoyed that part. and that's when they were talking about taxes and trade and things that you would deem as important topics in a debate. every election season, you know. this it's always about the economy. and it's always about taxes and in this case probably about immigration, which was never brought up and foreign policy, syria, particularly, which was never brought up. >> now, is it your view that because of lester holt's
4:47 pm
performance donald trump was unable then to project strength in areas where he might be considered strong or do you think he could have, despite the moderator, have found a way to get on the issues that might do damage to her on the email controversy, on the foundation, perhaps even on the health? >> to your point, holt letting him go, and go at each other. and basically broach any topic that they wanted to. trump didn't take advantage of that the biggest moment he had to do this was when one broad topic was cyber security. oh my god. so you could very easily pivot to what i saw as clinton's biggest weakness which was mishandling of classified information. instead he talked about 400-pound guys breaking in -- or basically hacking and how his 10-year-old son knows thousand work an ipad really well. let's not place this totally on lester holt why he didn't have a totally good night. he showed inexperience
4:48 pm
topics even when the question wasn't about those topics. >> joe, thanks. first debate in the books but still two to go. so what do mr. trump and mrs. clinton need to do in the next debate? our political panel will be back. if you've gone to extremes to escape your nasal allergies... try clarispray. from the makers of claritin. clarispray provides 24-hour, prescription strength relief from sneezing, runny nose, and nasal congestion. return to the world. try clarispray today.
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donald trump had a great night. it was soaks so exciting for me to see him walk on that stage and focus on the issues that the american people are really focused on right out of the gate. >> she looked like she was ready for another 11 hours of debate. he looked like he had run out of gas and leaning up against the ropes. that showed kind of a temperament and preparedness issue and i think really worked to hillary's advantage. >> that, folks, is what is commonly known as spin.
4:52 pm
our nightly political panel is back. guy benson of town and a.b. stoddard of real clear politics. looking ahead, you're a smart advisor to donald trump. what do you imagine a smart advisor to donald trump would now tell him going forward? >> they should tell him that he needs to focus less on being defensives, because she is going to continue to attack him and instead of defending himself he needs to cut back to her liabilities. and attack back. not in a vicious way. but in a strategic way. he really needs to focus on a couple of things, whether it's bengals or the emails and just stay on her, instead of drowning in the loans his father gave him and the birther and the taxes and all that stuff that really made for a bad night. >> i don't think that his problem was insufficient belligerence last night. because he said today don't worry, i will go after her next time. the issue is the content of what he says. and what i would advise him to do is listen carefully to the answer that she is
4:53 pm
giving. understand what she is baiting you with. and then figure out where she is vulnerable within that criticism, for example, last night she did this whole little spiel about cyber security. it's like the emails. >> open the door. >> get her. >> now, put yourself in the smart advisor, in the shoes of the smart advisor to mrs. clinton. what would you advise her to do. >> i would advise her to do what she did last night in the sense of figuring out what did work and get under his skin and chasing down rabbit holes all night on terrain that sun favorable to him. the other thing is how you can be more likeable and warm. i think that's beyond her competence. >> a.b., what do you think about that. >> she needs to be more prepared on questions on benghazi she got off last night. >> her foundation as well. >> his foundation is bad too. i don't know if you are the trump campaign if you want to go there. >> i took some serious heat on twitter for something i said last night. more mean tweets are straight ahead. men.
4:54 pm
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while commenting on the candidatescandidates' demeanor d trump looked annoyed, put out uncomfortable. hillary said composed, smug sometimes, not necessarily attractive. the twitter verse took that last one as a comment not on her demeanor but the looks. so the attacks poured in on, you guessed it, my looks. brian tweeted: and this folks is what a shar pei well, at least one viewer seemed to get it right:
4:59 pm
please keep the feedback coming, folks. we really do enjoy hearing from you. tweet me at @ elizabeth hume. o'reilly factor is up next with bill's talking points. his thoughts tonight will be on the debate. we leave you tonight with our political quote of the day which some may find relevant from this political year. it's from kenneth galbreath. who said, quote: politics is not the art of the possible, it is choosing between the disastrous and unpalatable. we will be back tomorrow at 7:00 eastern. don't forget bill o'reilly coming up. we will see you in washington right here at 7:00 eastern. stay tuned. ♪ ♪
5:00 pm
o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> this is a man who has called women pigs, slobs, and dogs. >> i was going to say something. >> please. >> extremely rough to hillary and her family and i said to myself, i can't do it. >> donald trump taking the high road last night but did he lose the debate on points? talking points will answer that question. i think in the end it was something like a draw but i do believe the draw goes to the challenger. >> charles krauthammer sticking up for mr. trump last night. wow. charles will be here to discuss it. >> tell me what hillary said last night tha


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