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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 28, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> little blake shelton to get your wednesday morning started right. neon lights out there all night long. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this wednesday. i am abby huntsman. >> i am heather childers. the most watched debate in history with 84 million people tuning in. >> both candidates declaring themselves the winner taking victory in key battle ground states. ed henry joins us with the latest. we expected that. >> ladies, it is interesting because we have gone right on to the debate over the debate. it's not over. both sides are claiming victory as you know donald trump ceasing on the fact that his campaign says they have raised something like $18 million in 24-hours off
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what they believe was a strong debate performance. he's also siting these online polls that suggest he's the winner. they are not scientific polls and the clinton camp is laugh that long off as a barometer to who can claim victory. analysts suggest the first half hour or so was dominated by trump with his change message but clinton stayed herself and really put herself on the defense. >> last night was very exciting, and almost every single poll had us winning the debate against crooked hillary clinton big league. >> did anybody see that debate
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last night? oh, yes. one down, two to go. >> indeed two more presidential debates to come. the debates don'tas who turns o ground states. immediately hillary clinton going to bernie sanders to show they are unified to try to win one of the states that both sides desperately want to have. you mentioned 84 million viewers that does not include those watching it streaming online. it could have been well over 90 million or so when you account for that as well. fox news number one in cable. >> just saying. >> with the final sprint twafz
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november anything can happen. there's one key thing that could mean victory for trump. >> there's a reason we have three debates. the story line can change and the candidates can improve their performance or deteriorate. the thing that helped donald trump and helped him all year ronning is he's the change agent. we had two terms in one party and in modern times we like to switch parties after eight years. that is in part what helped trump prop pell forward. >> as we move forward to the next presidential debate you the voter have a chance to submit questions. you can do that as presidential open what would you ask the candidates? all you have to do is send us an
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email at >> getting grilled again on the hill today. director comey forced to explain immunity deals in the clinton e-mail scandal after saying he is proud of his work in the case. >> jackie ibanez is here with what we can expect. >> james comey is back on capitol hill after defending his decision to not recommend charges against hillary clinton. the fbi director going further than he ever has before clearing secretary of state of breaking any laws using e-mail server. they worked hard to look at obstruction of justice with ybu couldn't find any reason to say they broke laws. >> my goal is to treat people fairly without regard to their rank in life. this case was done in that way. the decision was made in that
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way. i think to do otherwise would have been two-tiered. i am very proud of the work we did. i know it generated controversy but i am proud of the work we did. >> for the first time comey explained why he let clinton's chief of staff cheryl mill off free. >> they can expect more hard hitting questions before the house judiciary committee in the next hour. >> jackie, thank you. breaking news to tell you about overnight. one of israel's greatest leaders has died. former president shimon peres passed away after suffering a major stroke two weeks ago. he won a major peace prize. george bush releasing this statement for the rest of his life he led it with a deep and abiding concern for his people and commitment to freedom and peace.
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the bush family will miss shimon peres and grace, dignity and optimism. president obama, the clintons and prince charles will attend his funeral on friday. he was 93 years old. a deadly officer involved shooting sparking protest in san diego capturing the moment alfredo got into a shooting stance and aimed at officers pulling something from his pocket. police now say it was not a weapon. you can hear the tense moments in the newly released police sound. >> get your handout of your pack pocket. get your handout of your pocket. >> shots fired. send an ambulance. >> the sister calling for help describing her brother as mentally ill. the officers are on leave. >> intense moments when they
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shut down their they found a suspicious box inside. no word yet on who it belongs to. protestors are now demanding the mayor and police chief resign. >> to extreme weather for you now. a devastating storm wreaking havoc overseas. this is a typhoon pounding china overnight killing at least one person. (screams)>> dramatic video showing fierce winds blowing a scaffold right off of a skyscraper in taiwan. that's where four others were killed. it will weaken through out the day. >> back here in the states in iowa thousands are bracing for disaster thanks to this.
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this is cedar river and it has risen to historic levels. 5,000 people evacuating their homes. the national guard on stand by ready to step in. 10 miles of makeshift flood walls seem to be holding whack the rushing river for now which crested yesterday a foot below expectations. >> space x not giving up on the final frontier despite this set back several weeks ago. >> the outer space innovators are saying they want to send someone to mars. they are announcing a 400 foot spacecraft. there are still kinks because the spacecraft will need to be refueled by reusable rockets like the one you just saw explode. >> that was exciting hyesterday though. >> the time is 8 minutes after
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the top of the hour. in brand new includes in an explosion that leveled a home and left a fire chief dead. the shocking reason behind the blast. >> and with the first presidential debate behind us the nominees are neck and neck in the polls, what does each need to do to win in november? a fair and balanced debate coming up next. stick with us. >> you know before every debate the candidates go on stage and do a sound check. we have audio from the sound check last night. set the tone for the evening. first up was hillary clinton. >> testing, testing, trumped up, triple down. applause and nothing. okay. >> that was hillary. >> this is donald trump's sound check.
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>> 13 minutes after the hour. a magnet for illegal immigrants. new orleans' sanctuary city policies are driving up crime. >> sanctuary policies not only jeopardize the ability to protect our citizens but they allow illegals to commit crimes then rome free in our communities. >> police in new orleans aren't allowed to arrest people just because they are illegal immigrants. they argue that leads to people committing more crimes because they think it is okay to break the law. her aids left classified papers on hotel beds and were careless with top secret information. now there may be explanation durifor the glaring issues during her time as secretary of state. they finished mandatory training
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on how to finish classified information. the shocking information coming to light after red flags were raised during clinton's tenure. 41 days until the election and the candidates are in a dead heat. the politics of polls shows a clear lead with clinton over donald trump but both claiming victory. >> almost every single poll had us winning this debate against crooked hillary clinton big league. >> one down, two to go. i got a chance to say a few things about what i want to do if i am so fortunate enough to be elected as your president. i also got to convey my excitement about what we can do together. >> what does each one need to do to lock this up by election day.
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democratic strategist is here to talk about it. lauren, i will start with you. both of the candidates say i won, no i won. what do they need to do moving forward? the spin has certainly begin and that helps. >> we need big legal turnout. it is all about turnout early voting has begun. absentee voting has begun. it is a misnomer because polls are essentially open. this is where the democrats have again regardless the democrats have an advantage because they have a massive ground operation. clinton has full-time stach around the country and trump hasn't invested in field operations. if democrats turnout their base they automatically go in with an
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electoral advantage. trump has to local lies all of his people. he doesn't have the ground game the clintons and democratic party has. >> that's a good point he is really not counting on the ground game but nothing donald trump has done so far has been what traditionally has worked. >> you know, we will go back to the debate the other night. lester hold, trump complained about this for three weeks it would be a biased debate. we had no questions to hillary about e-mails or about benghazi. that leads into how did this debate effect the voters left. the undecideds are the key voting block right now going into the elections the undecideds and those affiliated with third party candidates. they are millennials african american and hispanic voters they are blue collar democrats and upper educated white republicans.
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trump has to win those back. the way he does that is by being anti dc. i have seen polling with my own clients with my own country. the moran tie dc he is the more he improved that's what he has to do going into the final 40 days. >> we have said from the beginning this is the year of the outsider. very difficult for hillary clinton to walk that fine line separating herself from the obama administration but using that to gain votes. >> right. i tell you, probably pretty frustrating to people who support trump that he has wasted time with self destructive lines. regardless of what the questions were he missed an opportunity to prosecute his case. that was a real miss for him. that is why i think for clinton she can sit back and let him continue to distract the voters with silliness around 400 pound
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hackers. he didn't prosecute his case. considering voting has started at this point is turnout for clinton. she goes into this electorally and in terms of the narrative. >> she has spent a whole lot of money she is far behind what president obama was doing at this point in 2008 and 2012. do you see things changing significantly in the next debate? >> early voting in place starting in absentee. in the next two weeks the target states come in play. let's keep something very close to perspective here. just because people don't talk the way we in dc or new york talk abodoesn't mean it doesn't resinate with voters. the reason daybreak is even in the country and has been out spent 100 to 1 he resinates with voters. that's a big, big plus for him.
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he has to continue the anti dc message. >> he has to aalienated women a put himself in a huge disadvantage. >> everything is proved different this time around. 41 days to go. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. now the time is 20 minutes after the hour. beware before you pack lunch for you or your kids. two major recalls including plastic in a popular food. >> and then the 100 mile act of kindness that is uniting this trooper and man forever.
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>> welcome back. you want your right to free speech? you have to pay for it. students groups are subjected to attacks for hosting political discussion. it comes after university administrators refused to let security from a discussion. the fee is to pay for security. critics say the university chooses which campus events satanic temple getting the green light to bring an after school club to elementary school kids. they will teach silence and rational thinking and will not worship any god. it is in direct response to good news bible club which also holds after school meetings. >> that is terrible.
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>> healthy may be getting a new secret ingredients. >> there's a new addition to these bars that makes me feel so good. >> sugar. it's a block of sugar. >> fda is asking them to define what healthy means. they want to know what information should be included such as the type of fat in the product as well as the amount of fat. you can weigh in by coasting comments on regulation dot gov. a major medical break through a jordanian baby has three parents. doctors injected the boy with davos-kloste dna to replace it from his mother. it is banned in the u.s. and is deemed unsafe. the baby is 3 months old. >> beware before you pack your lunch or plan your dinner. >> we have two major food recalls this morning. good to see you.
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>> a couple i have to bring to you today unfortunately. first is tyson chicken nuggets. 132,000 pounds being recalled voluntarily by the company. they got a few reports of companies finding a white metal -- hard white plastic inside some of the chicken nuggets. that is the first recall. the salmon in new york or connecticut that is being recalled as well. they found traces of listeria at the plant but none in the food. still smoke house is saying we have got to be careful. it is nor shipments from september 6th through the 16th. that was after that inspection. it is mostly salmon. pulled. >> you know what i miss in new york city, washer and drier in your a apartment. if you have one of the front
2:26 am
loading there may be money owed to you. >> i missed the washer drier, too. this is against whirlpool, kenmore and sears. it was a class action lawsuit. basically the front loading washers emit a foul owed dorr or there's mold signed of them. after this big lawsuit that has been going on for years if you own one of those products between 2001 and 2010 if that's the manufacturer date the sell date you can get $50 back a rebate for another one or they will pay for repairs for the front loading washer if you are lucky enough to have one. >> we all use facebook. there's a new facebook launching next month. >> facebook wants to launch facebook at work. they are going to charge companies for monthly users in rbs one of the biggest banks in the world signed up for this it will be a feed, a news feed for employees. you are going to have profiles and messaging, put up pictures, videos share ideas put up conversations but it's to do at
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work. the thinking is because we all know facebook for personal use it will be easy to use it in our professional lives and facebook will make money and the stock will go up and everybody is happy. coming up at 5:45. i know you are not happy when you have to get the middle seat on the plane when you fly. coming up i am going to tell you how to find the best seat on the airplane. >> i need to hear it. >> it was one of the most talked about moments of monday's debates. >> he called this woman miss piggy, then he called her miss house keeping because she was latino. ware hearing that woman's story what former miss universe revealed to megyn kelly about donald trump.
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>> the nominees are back on the
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trail after their first faceoff. both declaring victory in the record breaking debate. >> almost every single poll had us winning the debate. >> one down, two to go. >> where the candidates are going after the debate. >> the shocking new claims after extremists monitoring the debate and our election. why they say they are there. >> the stand not involving baseball. the proposal going terribly wrong. flush ♪
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>> there's a song to get you up and moving this morning. love it. live shot times square in new york city. welcome and good morning to you welcome to "fox & friends first." >> i am abby huntsman. it is 32 after the hour. thank you for starting the morning with us. >> the first presidential debate is now the most watched in history with 84 million people>> both candidates declaring themselves the winner and taking victory laps in the state. >> we are live in washington with the latest. making history once again. 84 million people watching after 13 broadcasts and cable networks. it was showing interest.
2:33 am
there is a de wait over who won the debate? donald trump says the online polls show he dominated even though they are not scientific polls and don't really prove anything. the clinton camp acknowledges trump was strong in the beginning but they believe he faded later on and clinton steadied herself and showed why she is prepared to be president. what's interesting is beyond the argument over who won the last one, both sides laid the ground work in their sweechs yesterday over what they hope to get out of the next debate. >> i watched her, she was stuck in the past. for 90 minutes on issue after issue hillary clinton defended the terrible status quo while i laid out hoour plan all of us together to bring jobs, security and prosperity back to the american people.
2:34 am
>> when i confronted him to why he didn't release his tax returns. i got to the point where i said maybe he paid zero he said that makes him smart. now not paying taxes makes hem smart but does that ma-- what ds that make all of the rest of us. >> hillary clinton today in new hampshire with bernie sanders while trump will be going to iowa both wanting to make sure they are going to compete in the tight states where we have seen the polls really close for trump in recent days. what will be interesting the next few days is to see whether the debate has any impact whether it slowed trump's momentum or not. >> the average are only 2 points apart right now. any one's guess. >> the head of the fbi getting director comey forced to explain immunity deals after saying he
2:35 am
is proud of his team's work in the case. jackie ibanez is here with what we can expect. >> james comey is back on capitol hill this morning after vigorously defending his decision to not recommend criminal charges against hillary clinton. the fbi director going further than he ever has before clearing the former secretary of state by breaking any laws by using a private e-mail server. comey saying they looked very hard for evidence of obstruction of justice but could not prove any criminal wrong doing. law americas are highly critical of the decision to grant deals to clinton aids and it specialists who set up the server. >> my goal in this case is to treat people as it is in my entire career fairly without regard toer that rank in life. this case was done in that way and it was made in that way. to do otherwise is two-tiered. i am very proud of the work we did. i know it generated a lot of
2:36 am
controversy. >> he explained why he let cheryl mills off free. the deal got oh they can expect more hard hitting questions when he appears for the house judiciary committee when he appears later this morning. abby and heather. >> is there anything comey can say to change your mind about the clinton investigation? log on to the fox & friends first facebook page and weigh in with the hashtag keep talking. >> a deadly officer involved shooting sparking protests in san diego. a witness capturing the moment 33-year-old alfred alanho got into a shooting stance and pulled something from his pocket. it was not a weapon. you can hear the tense moments.
2:37 am
>> get your hands out of your pocket. >> the man's sister called 911 for help describing her brother as mentally ill. the officers are now on leave. >> an arrest in the explosion of a drug den that killed a new york city fire chief. the blast leveling this house in the bronx. the chief was evacuating homes when he was hit by flying debris. 20 others were injured. police say julianne was using the house as a marijuana drug lab. an alternate source of gas was blamed. former president and prime minister shimon peres if aske a passed away after suffering a major stroke two weeks ago. he won a nobel prize for peace agreement between israelis and palestinians. for the rest of his life he let it with a deep and abiding concern for his people and
2:38 am
commitment to freedom and peace. the push family will miss shimon peres for his grace, and dignity. >> shimon peres was 93 years old. >> here's a great story for you. 100 miles of kindness that will unite a state trooper and grieving man forever. >> an ohio trooper offering to drive ma man across state lines after learning his teenaged sister had been killed in a crash. >> at the end of the ride he drove me to the location i reached over, grabbed me by my shoulder can i just pray for you. he prayed for me. it was like one of the most heartfelt prayers. >> mark ross was on his way to michigan when his friend who was driving was pulled over for speeding. this happened in ohio. his friend had a suspended driver's license so he was arrested leaving ross without a ride and that's when the trooper stepped in to save the day.
2:39 am
>> i love that story. >> the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour. there are brand new concerns this morning about hacking the election how states are now taking action. >> as we count down to election day what do voters think about the debate? >> hillary hit him with a 1, 2. bang, bang. i am saying do something, do something, do something. >> a hill layer russ waters world you don't want to miss. >> we have all been there. the secrets in the sky about how to never be uncomfortable in flight again. >> first a look at the weather forecast across the country
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a oo growing concerns about hackers hitting the election. the department of homeland security says 18 states have accepted the offer to help improve the cyber security system. this after russia is expected of hacking into election data bases in illinois and arizona over the summer. >> wells fargo buying the bullet giving up $41 million in pay. john stump giving a year of salary after calls for his resignation. this is in the weak of a scandal where employees open customer accounts without their knowledge to meet sales goals.
2:44 am
the bank fired over 5,000 employees. before you put yobook your flights for thanksgiving here's tips on how to get the best seats p on the plane. here with tips to make the most of yao you are flight. cheryl we are all waiting for this. >> if you are thinking about flying at christmas book now do not wait. that's another story for another day. it has become a ritual. te it's a competition even a free for all to get the seat on the flight. whether it is an aisle seat or window seat a flight attendant shares her secrets. i was a flight attendant and i agree with everything she writes. first she says she was always asked what is the most comfortable seat on the plane. the answer the exit row. at the back the of the seat may not have as much room. you always hear this. how do i get an empty seat next
2:45 am
to me. she said sit near the back. the least chosen seat is the last row middle seat. people will say if there's a spot with less turbulence. sit near the wings and over the wings which a lot of times is the exit row as well. further away from the nose or tail. that will give you extra security. middle seats and the back have the best outcome in accidents. we seen data that supports that. another question, how can i change my seat? early check in online. the average now is 24-hours before your flight. if you do it 24-hours right then and there you have a good chance of changing seats. i always tell people sometimes you will get more leeway with the airlines. i am sorry to say there's not a seat on the plane that has less effect on ear pressure or nose pressure. if you have a cold and you are flying, i am so sorry. oh oo which i do right now. >> i didn't know you were a flight attendant.
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>> i was a southwest flight attendant for six years. now i do work with the airlines as a correspondent. >> let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> you weren't a flight attendant? >> no, but you flew for delta for 18 years. >> really? >> no. i am making that up. hillary clinton and donald trump both gave america the reasons they should be president of the united states. was monday night when hillary clinton invented a new term for what donald trump would like to do with our money. >> the kind of plan that donald has put forth would be trickle down economics all over again. in fact, it would be the most extreme version, the biggest tax cuts for the top percent of the people in this country that we have ever had.
2:47 am
i call it trumped up trickle down. that's what it would be. that is not how we grow the economy. >> a lot of people think about trickle down economics that would be the reagan years and those years worked out okay. we will be by to examine trumped up trickle down. plus a look at polls mainstream media says hillary won but the online stuff said trump won. >> there is a disconnect. >> you think clinton came up with that by herself, though, that phrase? >> you are funny. no. she is got a team of wrierts and thinkers out there. >> exactly. we will be watching. sounds like a great show, steve. >> stay with us. we will be right back. relook.
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back with this. more than 84 million americans watched the first presidential debate but they were not the only ones paying attention. the taliban was tuning in. a spokesman for the group says they were, quote, very interested and watched from a secret location in afghanistan. in the end, the taliban was disappointed because the candidates did not discuss plans for their country. it was one of the most memorable moments from monday's debate. >> one of the worst things he said was about a woman in a beauty contest. he called this woman miss piggy. then he called her miss housekeeping because she was latina. donald, she has a name. >> where did yyou find this? >> the former miss universe, alicia machado is backing up clinton's claims to our megyn kelly. >> i don't need to share this
2:52 am
story if i don't believe that person is not the right person, then being a president or trying to being a president. i'm ayala tina. i'm from venezuela. and cuba. you know, i need to share my story. i think i can open a few eyes. >> donald trump now fiercely denying that he ever used those terms against machado. the first debate in the books, what do the voters think about what they heard from the candidates. jesse waters hit the streets of new york city to find out. >> did you watch the debate at all? >> no. i was drinking margaritas. >> what did you do last night instead of watch the debate? >> last night, i got really
2:53 am
tired. me and my friends were hanging out we had a fight and i twoent sleep. >> brilliant. >> it was on at 9:00. too much of the -- some of the other stuff? >> that's right. >> do you know where the debate was? >> miami. >> long island? >> hawaii. >> who won last night? >> not hillary clinton. >> trump. >> killed it. >> donald trump. >> who won last night? >> hillary. >> like a boxing match, right? hillary hit him with a one two, binge binge. >> i'm yelling at the tv. do something. they didn't do it. >> he shuts everyone up. >> hillary didn't like stop and frisk. she just went on. she did what she had to do. >> i don't know what that means. >> do you think we should stop
2:54 am
and frisk trump? >> yes, everything. >> trump and hillary battled over isis. >> it was a -- >> what's the most important issue facing you in america? >> i don't have any problems. >> i can't get enough of those. voters will be able to sit and ask questions for the next presidential debate. we ask what you would like to ask. >> ken on facebook asks would either support term limits for our congress members. >> how do we reduce the deficit. >> and bobby asked, how do what is your plan to restore the people's trust. >> five minutes to the top of the hour. what is happening on capitol hill today? setting up a showdown between nancy pelosi and president
2:55 am
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congress set to vote to override president obama's veto of a bill blocking families of 9/11 victims from suing saudi arabia. several democrats, including obama allies like nancy pelosi will vote to override him. donald trump heads to the midwest, campaigning in illinois, iowa and wisconsin. >> hillary clinton teams up in new hampshire with bernie sanders. ready to employ 5,000 people at chipotle. you can apply at all locations. time for the good, the bad and the ugly. an adorable little boy dresses up in a firefighter costume. firefighters taking a break to get his opinion on how to put out the house fire in colorado. so cute. candidates for georgia's parliament duking it out on live tv. things got pretty heated after one called the other scum. losing the en gablgment ring while proposing.
3:00 am
the other fans frantically searching the stands. they found it in the cuff of the bride-to-be's pant leg allowing him to propose. worst nightmare. >> different kind of diamond at that baseball game. thanks for joining us. "fox and friends" starts now. good morning to you and your family. it was wednesday, september 28, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. donald trump taking the campaign trail by storm fresh off this week's debate. >> and we're going to get rid of that crooked woman. she's a crooked woman. she's a very, very dishonest woman. >> and news this morning of a major endorsement that nobody saw coming. >> he's calling her crooked again. meanwhile, capitol hill revealing the identity of yet another clinton confidential assistan


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