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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 28, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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sponsor terrorism. permitting first family members of september 11th victims to sue saudi arabia. the house is expect today vote later this week. both chambers of congress appeared to have the necessary two-thirds majority for the overwrite which would be the very first for the obama presidency. we are watching it and we will bring you the news, the updates as they happen. [music] sandra: this is outnumbered. i'm sandra split. here is harris faulkner. today's #one lucky guy. the editor in chief and managing editor of the wall street journal jerry baker is here and he is outnumbered. welcome to the couch, sir. >> pleasure making my debut. sandra: what are your expectations. you're a big fan of the show. >> i have seen so many men come on the show and be treated so
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well with and struggle so much with so much -- [laughter] >> surrounded by all of this intelligence and elegance and everything else. harris: we like you already. sandra: very good start. >> it gets worst from here. sandra: both candidates touting their perform neans their first debate as they ramp up attacks . donald trump reviving his nickname for hillary after stops in chicago and yesterday in the battleground state of florida. >> almost every single poll had us winning against hillary crooked clinton. i watched her and she was stuck in the past, for 90 minutes on issue after issue, hillary clinton defended the terrible status quo while i laid our plan
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to bring jobs, security and prosperity back to the american people. the only thing she succeeded at is helping her donors and covering up her crimes. sandra: meantime hillary clinton is in new hampshire today appearing to take a victory lap as it would be smart if he didn't pay any taxes, listen. >> did anybody see that debate last night? [cheers and applause] >> oh, yes. one down, two to go. [laughter] >> i'm going to leave it to the fact-checkers to go through all of donald trump's claims. there was a lot of work for fact-checkers last night actually. he actually bragged about gaming
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the system to get out of paying his fair share of taxes. he said that makes him smart. now, not paying taxes makes him smart, what does that make the rest of us? sandra: ah, sounding very confident. you yourself moderated the fourth gop debate. >> just once and they never invited me back. sandra: you did a great job and i worked with you on the debate. what did you make of the performance? just get that out there first? >> i think as people have said donald trump came in very strong, came out, you know, clearly loaded for bear, so did she. the first half an hour was an even debate and i think his lack of preparation, to be honest showed after that. this is what people are said, or our own reporting has said. he boosted to people, you know,
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i'm going to go in there and you don't overprepare and need to be relaxed. he got a little bit -- he rather started said stranger things like the 400-pound hacker. i think he lost to be honest with you. this is issue about tanks is fascinating. sandra: based on that who would you say? >> i'm sorry i'm going to dodge the question. i don't think you can say who won the debate because both -- look, i don't think -- we will have to see what the polls say when we get the ones after from debate. i don't think this is going to move a needle all that much. i think, you know, i think they both kind of did what they had to do. donald trump had to go out there and reassure people that they could see him as president of the united states and with the exception of a couple of odd remarks, he basically did that. hillary went out there and, i think, placed a little doubt in people's minds about donald
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trump and what he would do. so i'd be surprised if there's a big, big shift in the polls as a result of the debate. harris: can i ask you about your own reporting. the wall street, i believe, with nbc did polls of what people really cared about. one thing that really stuck out, they spent amount of time talking about donald trump's taxing. in our reporting it only amounted to 6% of what people say is their biggest concern about him or biggest concern overall. >> she tried to make a big deal out of it. the question is -- people weren't concerned about the issue of taxes. harris: why even go there? >> it's an interesting question. we were reporting on this today. look, nobody like it is irs. nobody likes paying taxes. harris: you got me there. >> everybody tries to pay as little tax as they can, right, within the law. legitimate tax avoidance.
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>> i love that phrase. >> that's a legitimate thing to do. people reduce taxes as much as they can. the question is whether people with donald trump's will has an obligation -- we still don't really know this. we know as hillary point out in the debate, several years he didn't pay taxes f it turns out that the reason he's not disclosing tax returns is that he hasn't paid any federal taxes in recent years, how does that work? people say, good for him, i want to pay more taxes or do they say he has hundreds of millions of dollars a year and not paying taxes and i don't know. i think he believes and some of his people believe, this is what business does, this is what a good business person does. they find a way to pay little tax as possible. they, you know, make sure they're spending money and investing. sandra: he did use that line a
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couple of times, kennedy. kennedy: gerard makes a better case than donald trump. he said that smart but this is where he kind of fell flat. he has to say why it's smart. you know, as she's trying to point out this double standard, that would have been a perfect moment for him to pivot. i'm sure he's watching watching the tape from the debate and analyzing and seeing how he could do things differently. oh, really, a double standard. you mean like the one with you and e-mail server and the fbi and the department of justice, the one that no other american citizen would have been afforded specially brave men and uniform if they committed act, they would be in prison. sandra: he was given the opportunity to then talk about her emails but he brought it back then to his own taxes. do you think donald trump changes strategy as she says one down, two to go? >> she should. the fact that benghazi wasn't brought up, her e-mail scandal wasn't brought up at all and
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didn't get policy specific about isis which i was enraged about. this is one of the underwhelming debates of my whole life. specially hillary clinton, one down two to go. who are you kidding? you are losing with more money, more infrastructure and more legacy to someone by a few points. neither of them should be getting cocky and either of them too far ahead of themselves because quite frankly you're being nicer than i am. i thought they both blew an opportunity to get new voters. harris: off topic and message. >> i think the preparation thing is important and from what i understand his people are saying, you to prepare for the next debate. reminds me, palmer who died this week, he was once asked by interviewer, you know, you're a great golfer and you win a lot of tournaments but doesn't a lot come down between winning and losing, a lot of it comes down
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to luck and palmer says, yeah, you're right. the harder i practice, the luckier i get. that's such importance. we all know that. you can't go into things unprepared. as good as you are on your feet and trump clearly is and as good as billing business an communicating in the way that he does with just basically winging it, you can't go into an hour and a half in front of 90 million people without having properly prepared. he missed those opportunities. unfortunately the moderator didn't ask the question. that's another question. but he should -- because he did not -- they should have been able to talk about immigration, he should have been talking about foundation. >> what about her health? harris: i would say this, again, i doubled down with the statement. we are a day plus away from the debate. it's time to get back on message and he had a rally earlier today and has started to kind of do that with the police talk and crime -- and crime and order,
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order and crime, law and order. but again, missed opportunity coming right out of the gate to stay focused not all is lost, you two more. >> i think his narrative about the debate changed a bit. i thought it was great and tweeted yesterday morning, the moderator didn't ask fair questions and my microphone wasn't working properly. the story seemed to change a little bit as he seemed obviously to absorb some of the criticism that he took. i agree with you, they have to get back on track. they have another, what is it, 12 days before the next debate? he has to get back to the issues. for trump it's pretty simple, actually. and the lesson of the last few weeks when he's closed the gap in the polls is very clear. the more he talks about change, the desire the country has for change and the economy, the better he does. if he gets side-tracked into birtherrism or some of the other issues, people start to think, what is this guy talking about.
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kennedy: sidetracked with unsatisfactory answers. >> right. sandra: more on the fbi director getting grilled why cheryl mills and four others were granted immunity in the e-mail probe. what if anything, is being kept from voters? you are looking live at first lady michelle obama, she is right nou campianing for hillary clinton in philadelphia as the democratic nominee leans on the first couple to help her win the white house. will it work? and after the show you can join our live chat by clicking the overtime tab or go to slash outnumbered fnc and you can tweet us, we will see you there after the show. tweet us questions for gerard br
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harris: it is day two for fbi director james comey taking questions on capitol hill on hillary clinton's emails. he testified before a senate committee yesterday on why immunity was granted to former chief of staff cheryl mills along with several other people. he said it has to do with speeding up the investigation and that it's typical for how they do things but today the
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house judiciary committee is taking a deeper look at that. >> doesn't it concern you as an investigator that your piece in -- chief in the justice department decided to be a immunity machine for many people who would have been key witnesses if there was a prosecution? >> i don't think of it that way. it doesn't strike me there was a lot of immunity in this case. >> there seems to be different strokes for different folks in this case and that's what americans are concerned about. i don't think your answers are satisfactory at all, mr. comey, i do have a great deal of respect for you but i think that there's a heavy hand coming from some place else. harris: and then we are watching this too, the house is expect today vote this week on a resolution holding former clinton it aide ryan in contempt of congress for fail to go show up on hearing of emails.
9:17 am
let's bring in katherine with more. hey, katherine. >> well, harris, in many way it is hearing was a turning point for a couple of months now. privately we have been hearing from republican that is they have deep concerns about the integrity of the investigation, the fbi director's leadership and whether there were, in fact, special rules for clinton and her team and today that spilled out into the open. >> we as congress and the american people are troubled on how such gross negligence is not punished and there seems to be standard for politically well connected particularly if your name is clinton. >> the focus was on the five individuals who received limited immunity deals from the justice department as part of fbi investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail practices. one is a former state department employee who silenced critics within the department who questioned her e-mail practices, two were it specialists including one that destroyed
9:18 am
records and two others were clinton aides, there's a special focus on former chief of staff cheryl mills and what we learned today that her immunity agreement was much broader than originally reported an extended to the destruction of records. >> isn't there a double standard that when you granted immunity to the five individuals, you took them out of the reach of prosecution for crimes committed related to destruction of documents or withholding or other crimes pursuant to congressional subpoenas? >> i don't think anybody was given transactional immunity. >> oh, really? >> democrats try today help fbi director comey make the case but this was all about politics. >> i think that the mud that's being thrown from the other side of the table continue because of ongoing presidential election. in the case in which the fbi decided there's nothing to prosecute, it's over, we all know nobody is talking about it
9:19 am
if hillary clinton weren't the presidential candidate, this is pure political maneuvering. >> you can call us wrong but we are not, this was done the way you wanted it to be done. >> coming out of the hearing today, new information that makes it hard not to come to the conclusion that fbi investigationor turned a blind eye to the investigation because two who received immunity did lie in course of inquiry harris: i'm taking notes on what you just said. we appreciate it. we will get you in on the conversation. that is where we are going to start. i know you have a dog called whiskey. 75-pound puppy. when they run around and they try to figure out how the world
9:20 am
works, they shake their tails. but now there's new information again coming out of this and consistently there has been. sandra: just listening to katherine reporting there, you're extremely uneasy with what is going on and that quite frankly it hasn't hurt hillary clinton that much. and i know that you are constantly asking your readers and subscribers who are the most important issues in this election, why is it that it's not at the top of voters list when deciding to vote for hillary clinton as president, why habit this hurt her more? obviously in numbers this does show up. >> i think that's the answer, sandra. it is a core reason why she has the highers numbers for untrust worthiness that we have seen for a democratic nominee. that's why she's disliked an distrusted. pattern of behavior that people see of someone who
9:21 am
covers up, who appears to be never be straight and honest, i think that's been an important role. i think that said, i think there is also a sense -- i think she almost benefits from scandal fatigue because people have been hearing about this stuff for 25 years, going back to whitewater, you know through clinton administration, bill clinton administration, right through stuff she did as secretary of state. it was like what's new -- i kind of know this. what's new about this? i think a lot of people have made up their mind that they don't trust her. actually they have been doing it for 25 years, it never seems to stick. they kind of get away with it. they tough it out. kennedy: this is what gary johnson referred to. people get sick of, yes, this is
9:22 am
in part politicized but that doesn't mean that she's free from these accusations or wrong-doing. >> clintons have done a very good job of making it seem like it's just politics. so whether it's benghazi and the benghazi hearings, whether it is emails, stuff over the foundation, again going back to 90's and whitewater and foster and all the other things that this whole sort of trail of stuff, they have made a good job of thinking it's politics. harris: breaking news coming in now. 9/11 bill, would the senate vote to overwrite the president? do they have the votes to do it. what we are watching is a live event on capitol hill. they do have the votes to overwrite the presidential veto. now, remember the house will take this up later this week. should this continue to play out like this, though, this is history-making. i'm glad you're on the couch
9:23 am
because i know you at the wall street journal have been watching, have been watching closely what's unfolding here. it's more than just the fact that these 9/11 families have not been able according to the president, should not be able to suecountries like saudi arabia or other participants moneywise in terror at the very least but the perception that the government doesn't have our back. >> that's very true, harris. this is the first presidential veto overwrite that we are seeing. harris: for obama. >> presuming has the votes, it likes like it should do. remember the republicans only have a simple majority in house and senate, not the two-thirds necessary to overwrite a veto. a significant democrats are breaking with the president to overwrite this. it's a very important and historic event. something that's bipartisan which we don't often get in this country. secondly, as you say harris, the
9:24 am
reason they're doing that is people feel disgusted, really, for a long time, for a long time, first of all, the information about saudis, saudi arabia's role was kept secret. there's still stuff redacted. harris: 28 pages. >> a lot was kept secret. more has come out and the more we know, the more legal liability seems to be and perfectly reasonable for people to go out there. harris: megan and i have been talking about this for weeks now. the president vetoes and the senate is overwriting on the screen. by making it look like we would be just open season for everybody to then begin to sue us over drone usage and so forth. you had very strong thoughts about this. >> i very rarely agreed with the president and i agree with him
9:25 am
on this. i worry about the precedent if a drone strikes and kills innocent people. i do worry about the flood gates opening and what this could mean for the united states and we have had a sovereign unity that you can't sue a foreign country and they can't sue us. i think, again, this is history-making, this is changing, this will change our wars are governed. apparently afghanistan can sue us, we can sue iraq, iraq can sue us. it makes me uncomfortable. not that i don't have compassion for the victims of 9/11, obviously. harris: with you, kennedy, what do you say for the families who have wanted to have legal recourse? kennedy: they're absolutely right. the current administration and past administrations plural need to stop shielding saudi arabia. i think it's offensive to the memories of those who perished on 9/11. the helpless victims who were trapped in those buildings and pentagon and in pennsylvania and
9:26 am
there's a reason that this is a bipartisan effort, because we have seen the shielding, you know, cross party lines and, you know what, i also have compassion for people in other countries who are victims of our drone program and maybe we need to rethink that as well. sandra: the vote is still technical open. 67 yes' so far, no no votes so far in this, but megyn, to your point, it was embassador john bolton and michael who wrote the op-ed just last month saying drone strike that kills noncombatants could trigger lawsuits demanding u.s. military or personnel be hauled to foreign courts. he has been warning for this for quite some time. >> i lived near the trade center and reminder every day. it's not that i don't have compassion for the families, but i also have compassion for the men and women who serve in the military who could be held legally culpable for things that
9:27 am
happen in war. yes, there are things that i don't agree with when it comes to this administration and the way that they've handled things in afghanistan and iraq, but i just -- it's opening a flood gate that i agree with the embassador i'm not comfortable with. harris: it's interesting the different of perspectives between you and kennedy. you do agree on you care about the families. it's just how do you get to the point where you have a adjudication that benefits them. it's what they're fighting on capitol hill right now. we will continue to cover it. hillary clinton is leaning more on the obama's to win the white house than ever. the first couple is pulling all the stops for the democratic nominee. will it help her or hurt her? how will that happen? we will talk about it.
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♪ >> hillary will be a president our kids can look up to. a president who believes in our kids and will fight for them every day. that's why i believe in her.
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kennedy: first lady michelle obama featured front and center in new hillary clinton campaign ad. new examples of clinton apparently leaning more and more on the first family to win the white house. right now mrs. obama stumping for hillary in the crucial swing state of pennsylvania. first in philadelphia and later on in pittsburgh. this comes a day after president obama attend ad clinton fund-raiser in washington, d.c. issued a urgent appeal to her supporters asking for donations as the race enters its final weeks. jerry we heard so long acrimony between the clintons and obamas. what happened to allow them to bury this rift and move forward so she can secure his legacy? >> absolutely crucial for president obama that hillary clinton gets elected precisely for the reason you say, kennedy that is the way to preserve his legacy. imagine after eight years with president obama we get president trump.
9:33 am
everything that president trump will stand for. it would be repudiation what president obama has done and his administration stood for. not like specific policies like obama care which has to to be revised or broader economic policies. it is about the legacy, the historical legacy president obama wants to preserve and protect and hillary is his only choice for that. kennedy: michelle obama i thought was the most effective speaker at the dnc i think she may be hillary's best surrogate. because her husband has lost a step. he says whacky things on the campaign trail. when the president goes out he only talks about himself and his legacy. when he was speaking to african-americans, i will take it as a personal favor for me and my legacy if you vote for her. why not? michelle obama seems more gracious and selfless. >> carl bernstein has a line, if hillary wins it is because obama is dragging her over the finish
9:34 am
line. that tells you everything you need to know. michelle obama approval ratings and popularity is enormously high around the country. even republicans to an extent have a respect level for the first lady. this is the only card hillary has to play. they're warm and likeable. shows in their approval ratings. sheave is not. and i think this is all they have gotti point but obama saying this could ruin my legacy. i take it as personal insult especially to african-american voters. says a lot. you're right if trump gets elected it is reverse on everything obama claims to represent. >> think about the numbers. you're absolutely right, meghan. 59% is hillary's disapproval rating. negative ratings. michelle obama is 25, 15. the president 40. these are, they are liked. certainly, as i said even republicans have a lot of respect for mrs. obama and actually for the first family, whatever they think of their policies. they're a good, decent family. in having them out there contrast to be honest somewhat
9:35 am
less appealing family of the clintons. sandra: reminded me of colin powell email leak and all wonderful things we learned about hillary clinton, her thoughts on the obamas there. when you watch this and michelle obama authentic as genuine as she looks it stays in the back of your mind that rift is still there and this is not all good and nice between the two families. so i don't know if the american voter looks at that and can take that to heart knowing the things they have continued to say about each other. >> people distinguish between michelle obama, how they respect her and hillary clinton and frankly the views they have of her. i don't think it makes people think, yeah, michelle obama likes her, i must toot. harris: there is distinguishing element between michelle obama and barack obama with regard to this. remember he pulled her on to the trail. >> very much. harris: he needed her too. she was, they used to caller had the secret weapon. obviously -- >> she has come a long way. if you remember in the 2008 campaign there was that moment famously when she said her
9:36 am
husband's election first time sri ever felt proud to be american. that was damaging and very ill thought out thing to say. she is dramatically, she -- harris: she worked on her branding. she has been able to do that across two terms for her husband without making any sort of policy she can kind of do that. go on cover of this, cover of that, talk about mom and momhood. kennedy: you're absolutely right. she has all the visibility with a lot less politics tied in with that so -- harris: i would think on the campaign trail, you saw the scrum of reporters and photographers. they're not asking her policy questions about hillary clinton. in fact interesting at debate, did we count how many times obamacare came up? >> it was zero. harris: yes. didn't even need two fingers, right. >> touching moment on the weekend. harris: the hug? >> with george w. bush. that was incredibly powerful moment. no pat sawnship.
9:37 am
she is warm, decent human being. kennedy: she sees what george w. bush done in retirement. that fills her with great optimism she will be on a ranch painting portraits. as candidates increasingly focus on crime and police tactics new fbi data shows big spike in number of murders nationwide. the white house says americans are safer than they have been in decades. why don't resident in some cities like chicago, the president's hometown, feel that way? stay with us. ♪
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and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. ♪ harris: growing concerns about our safety as the presidential candidates grapple over crime numbers and controversies with police tactics. the fbi just released new crime statistics showing number of murders nationwide jumped by nearly 11% last year, particularly in some of our nation's largest cities. violent crime overall increased about 4% in that same time period with higher numbers of rapes, robberies and aggravated assaults. we do note this. there was a drop in property crime, burglaries and larcenies but the white house is downplaying all the stats saying americans are actually safer now. >> since president obama took office in 2009, the violent crime rate in the united states has fallen 15%.
9:43 am
and the violent crime rate in the united states is near historic lows. the country is safer under president obama than it has been under previous measurements as measured by the violent crime rate but the president believes there is more we can and should do. harris: jerry, what do you think about this? are we at the point we're focused on right issues here? >> very much. violent crime in particular has been declining in this country thankfully for 25 years. we're in new york city you can tell from my accent. i'm not from here. i came from england. harris: i would have guessed jersey. >> thank you very much. i was here in the 1980s. crime was rampant in new york. there were 2,000 murders in new york city in late 1980s a year. those crime numbers are way, way down. that is great. that has been the trend for 25 years. in the last year we saw with the latest numbers it has started to tick up, violent crime, murder
9:44 am
rate, especially in some america's most, largest cities. harris: why do you think that is? >> there are a number of explanations. i do think that policing has been, become more conservative as a result of some of the stuff we've seen last two years. i just think there has been, you had end to stop and frisk in new york city. you have had a lot of this "black lives matter," anti-police protests. i think that has made police forces more cautious about going in. look, maybe they some problems they have. harris: talk about de-escalating. changing pop sis and de-escalating. >> crime rate in chicago is out of control. it is not in -- this is the tragedy. not in the wealthy or affluent. sandra: doesn't matter. affecting them just as much. >> it is in, it is in the poor african-american, hispanic communities. they are the ones who are really suffering. sandra: i just got back from chicago yesterday. it is all anybody talking about, chicago, murders up 16% last
9:45 am
year. total violent crime by 2 1/2%. this is the by everything that they're trying to do on gun control, rahm emanuel, taking all these measures just announced new ones. nothing is working. but you don't hear the president talking about that. it is extremely uncomfortable situation in that city right now. you just aren't hearing any solutions for it. harris: can i ask you? sandra, last week i brought to our team an article from chicago talked about the de-escalation program that they're going to try out. have police pull back in certain instances. if people are that fearful. we know what is happening on the street, dozens of people getting killed each weekend, why isn't there a national program from the white house? if there is we don't know about it. sandra: i don't know if that is what you want to push for. kennedy will tell you that is the worst idea you can come up with. harris: not getting done at local level, what do we do? kennedy: some places they are. harris: not in chicago. kennedy: chicago is hamstrung by
9:46 am
unions and acrimony -- harris: fewer guns. kennedy: there are fewer guns but maybe there is correlation there as well? harris: interesting. kennedy: we look at some of the research, concealed carry states, where people are able to defend themselves, they feel better when they can preserve their lives and that of their families. you don't have the sense in a place like chicago. when good people can't defend themself, there is proliferation for bad people out there. sandra: just getting back there talking to the people in that great city, when you all of sudden hear the white house say things like that, such a disconnect and it puts the white house, makes them look so out of touch, when you're actually living in it and hear them talk like that in washington, out of touch. meghan: they do that on everything. if this happened in phoenix, arizona, it would be embarrassing for my father. race riots out of control.
9:47 am
watching what happened in north carolina, this isn't first time this has happened, inconceivable this is happening in united states of america. people don't feel safe, especially african-american men. that we have something our first black president and they're doing with. harris: reverend jackson threw criticism the president's way. he has different priorities. based on what he is doing right now. sandra: get on the ground there. spend some time there. harris: we'll move on. after their bitter primary battle hillary clinton said to be reunited with bernie sanders on the campaign trail. listen for it. it is coming. clinton is hoping her former rival can gin up support for millenial voters but why a recent poll could spell trouble. cue the music. ♪ ugh. heartburn.
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sandra: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first let's get to jon scott with what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now." hey, jon. >> sandra, in the next hour, affordable care act turning into a money pit for many americans. health insurance rates rising nationwide is there any alternative? where this monster storm is
9:52 am
hitting and where it is heading. it's a 20-year-old murder mystery. a reporter brings us never-before-seen details in the jonbenet ramsey case. will investigators ever learn who killed the six-year-old beauty queen? the it is all ahead on "happening now." sandra: we'll be watching. thanks, jon? >> thanks. meghan: hillary clinton and bernie sanders set to appear together on the campaign trail at the university of new hampshire as clinton tries to stop bleeding of support from millenial voters. them will talk about the issue of student loan debt. i want to start with you, jerry, when he was at the convention i jokingly said he would rather look like a root canal rather than sitting hearing hillary clinton talking about him. he is not sharing email list with clinton supporters that is a very big deal, because it is outreach. how genuine is this. >> those who appreciate gentle irony there is nice ironic about
9:53 am
74-year-old bernie sanders and 68 hillary clinton going out after millenial voters. chase them down the street. i don't know where my money is on that contest. good point, meghan. her achilles' heel in this campaign she is not getting support of millenials. the last poll we had millenial voters, between 18 and 30, openly getting a little over a third of those voters. barack obama got 60% of those voters in 2012. they're going to, dismissing. some are for donald trump. a lot are going to gary johnson and jill stein the green party candidate. she desperately needs those. bernie sanders got those supporters in droves during the primary. so she needs him. as you say he is not sharing his email list. he needs him to be out there urging his supporters. younger voters love bernie sanders. urging supporters to transfer support to hillary clinton. so far they haven't sealed the deal. that is the biggest weakness
9:54 am
that she has in her entire campaign. harris: i would say it is very important he get that information out that he is not sharing everything with her. can you imagine being bernie sanders supporter and what we saw on convention floor. all that fervor about a man who bucked the establishment and carrying its purse. kennedy: this is group of people fiercely independent. they are politically agnostic. they don't want to be told who to vote for. his supporters, only 43% of them trust hillary clinton. that is a very low number. and i don't think, you know, this is going to do much to endear them to him. which is what he is trying to do. he is trying to solidify his own legacy. after the debate, it just makes gary johnson and jill stein more attractive anti-establishment candidates to this generation. sandra: meghan, let me flip the question. how important is global warming to millenials? came up in the debate. hillary clinton says donald trump thinks it is a farce.
9:55 am
i don't know the exact word. he said i certainly do not but they have pushed him on that in the past saying he is not a believer in global warming. apparently bernie sanders said other day, he will hit hard on tuition and draw sharp contrast between trump and clinton on global warming. meghan: statistically global warming didn't hit top 10 of americans. but millenials, student stuff hits hard and irrational and complete lit out of realm of possibility, logic of bernie sanders proposals. if i was bernie sanders supporter and knew he wasn't sharing his email list that signify as lot. i will not share all my core supporters and send out emails on batch of you. harris: start every speech with that line, so people know. otherwise i think they will lose faith. >> maybe bernie sanders won't share email list with hillary because he figures he will
9:56 am
delete all emails when he wants to run again when he is 78.ble n campaigns. one of the most valuable things you can have. more "outnumbered" this just a minute.
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sandra: many thanks to jerry baker, first timer on the couch, editor-in-chief for "wall street journal." thank you. how was it, by the way? >> i have five daughters. five beautiful smart american daughters.
10:00 am
just like being at home really. with one missing. sandra: you're used to being outnumbered. keep it right here. we'll do outnumbered over time on the web. find us at facebook, that's it for us. "happening now" starts right now. % the immunity deals given to staffers. and plus, a powerful tyfoon leaving death and rev station in


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